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The Phandom in a Nutshell
  • Person: Your show sucks.
  • Danny Phandom: Heh heh, I mean kinda. A lot of it is really good, but a lot of it sucks.
  • Person: Yeah, and Danny is a horrible character!
  • Phandom: (Brings out ecto-guns, dissection knives, claws, bats, and other various extremely dangerous looking weapons) You say that about our son again and we will use these to their full extents. We have destroyed and re-destroyed our precious child countless times, what makes you think you're safe from our wrath?

“the gems’ palettes are so oversaturated and gross looking now !!!! it’s terrible show design !!!” 

steven universe is actually great with color design and utilizes a lot of specific color palettes for specific SETTINGS. it does so much better with varied palettes than most shows out ive watched (and there’s a LOT). 

what you’re complaining about here is the day palette or “default colors”. don’t quote me on the terminology there. this is what they look like without specific lighting hitting them it’s just white light that;s the point of the day palette i’m sorry charlie please stop crying 


“peridot’s warp tour palette ????????”


CASI ÁNGELES MEME (in cooperation with @ca-gifs)
13 of 70 scenes ★ 4x32 “nunca volveré a amar”

I love you. And if it’s necessary to die to get rid of this love, then I swear that’s what I’ll do. I will get rid of it… and I will hate you, Mar. Until I forget about you. And when that happens, when I feel nothing for you anymore, I swear I will never love again. Never again.

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Animation question: What software do you use? I've used Flash in the past, but recently am trying to learn After Effects. The tutorial I followed has me rig the 2D artwork and use controllers to animate vs Flash where I draw or use movie clips. What does the industry use and how do they animate? I want to learn the right tools to get into the industry.

Most shows that are animated in North America (as opposed to overseas which is what we use) are done in either Flash, Toonboom Harmony, or Maya. A few use After Effects in addition. It’s good to know all of those, but I’d say to focus on Flash if animating a 2d show is what you really want to do. If you want to go into features, you have to know how to animate in 3D.


Ayachan’s regular weekly schedule:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Friday: “Keyaki Hill’s NEWS” (Abema TV)
  • Tuesday: “The Hit Studio”( MBS Radio)
  • Thursday: “AbemaPrime” (Abema TV)
  • Friday: “Shibata Aya’s Friday TheNIGHT” (Abema TV)
  • Saturday: “Winning Keiba” (TV Tokyo)
  • Sunday: “Masters e Tsureteitte” (Radio NEO)

INCOMING NEWS SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! yoongi is literally the prettiest, softest, cutest, loveliest, most beautiful, most gorgeous, most breathtaking, show stopping man in the entire world!!!!!

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I'm the same. The spoilers themselves are fine but the flailing always gets a bit unbearable.

Bless you for commiserating. I am not a flaily person in general, and the way this fandom overreacts to pretty much every little spoiler that comes out seriously tests my patience. I try not to harsh people’s squee, so I keep my trap shut (at least here on tumblr), but the way people get spun up about information either good or bad seriously diminishes my enjoyment of the show and participating in fandom. I blacklist a whole lot and I block anyone who regularly uses hyperbole, all caps, or feels the need to “die” at every turn. Still, shit gets through and I find myself exhausted from the bleed through of high levels of others’ emotions.   

I wish those of us who don’t enjoy that level of emotional feedback for spoilers could chill together in a low key way. In the meantime, this is pretty much me during spoiler season:

“They were our connection to gem controlled planets all over the universe.”

Gems aren’t just travelling the universe because they can. And they seem to have no problem staking claim to planets that already have inhabitants. The big question is; why are they doing this?

1. They believe the number of planets under their control equals the amount of power they have. And there is a universal contest to grab the most planets. (gotta show those Irkins who’s boss)

2. They need resources. While they could be getting it from the Earth I feel there’s a chance that Earth may have been seen as a rest-stop of sorts. Since we haven’t been shown the full technological progress of gemkind we can’t really tell exactly how they’re getting the power they need. They might be a type one civilization only taking from energy from the galaxy next to them. There’s really no telling of the kind of energy the gems need and use.

Taboo was a complete waste of time

Another show that promotes itself as different and bold and it ends up being just like any other show. The most interesting female character gets killed off so the main character gets his man pain. What was the point of the Zilpha/James storyline? It had no pay off. If you remove all of their scenes most of the plot still makes sense. They included the incest to make the show seem edgy but they had no plan following it through. Complete waste of storyline and potential. 

I’m done with this show. The writing was awful for the last two episodes and I’m done with shows that only include stuff to shock the audience and kill off any female character that isn’t 100% pure and nice. 

Zilpha, Helga and Winter were all interesting on their own but of course lets kill any female character that isn’t 100% perfect. 

I swear sometimes I accidentally go in the KS tag and I get so mad because unless make only the most popular posts show up first you get a shitton of fucking ~*~antis~*~ talking about how much they want to kill all KS fans or have us kill ourselves (lol the cognitive dissonance is astounding) and but also pissing their pants over things like “I saw a someone with a KS URL today omg you guys!!!!!” 

Sorry I love to yell and scream about this I’m just… so tired… of these people making my experiences as an abuse victim/queer person/mentally ill person part of their monolithic conception of what *everyone* who identifies a certain way or has had a certain experience *must* feel… like don’t lump me in with you or imply that I *have* to feel the same way you do or whatever the fuck

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I agree with you about the timeline for Barry and Iris's relationship. Most CW shows (even the really good ones) only last for about 8 seasons /at most/ and that depends entirely on the fanbase and key characters staying constant. So I do think Barry and Iris will be married by next season. I just hope they don't rush it and that they give the wedding and the process the justice it deserves.

I think they may get married in next season, I don’t think they are getting married before next season. I’m sure their wedding will be a huge production. 

It’s always The Worst OCs you wind up loving the most let me show you some examples 

Ronan: Whores around and smokes a stupid amount of weed solely for the aesthetic. Total sarcastic dick. Would probably be a frat boy. He is my son.

Tamara: Self-entitled brat. Pretentious priss. That one bitch in class who NEVER stops talking. My angel. 

Malcolm: Literal garbage can of a human being. Steps on the people that try to help him. Would listen unironically to MCR in this day and age. My beautiful boy.