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See, the thing is, he doesn’t know what he means to me.
He doesn’t know that every time I look into his eyes I don’t only see the most perfect shade of emerald, I see everything I’ll ever need and want from life.
He doesn’t know that whenever he kisses my nose, my forehead or the corner of my mouth a wave of the most amount of serenity that anyone could ever feel rests itself in my veins. 
He doesn’t know that every time I pass a place we spent time together, even if it was for five minutes, I smile to myself back at the memory and that such a small moment means more to me than my heartbeat itself.
He doesn’t know that without him, every breath I would take, every time the sun would rise, every time I would open my eyes to another morning; it wouldn’t mean a thing.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (M.R)

X-Men Meme: [3/8 quotes]

The Once and Future King is a novel of the legends of King Arthur by TH White, published in 1958. Arthur is presented as a political innovator who uses diplomacy to rule with justice, in opposition to the traditional military hero archetype who uses force to maintain control. It addresses questions of social ethics, such as the correct moral response to the inevitability of war - whether it was acceptable to use violence to attack one’s enemies or if use of force was only justified in self-defense. In the comics, it is a favourite book of both Professor X and Magneto.

Hit and Run Chapter 3

Hey guys, as promised here’s chapter 3 of Hit and Run!

For those who haven’t read the previous chapters yet…


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Thanks @gays-on-ice (aka @peanut-jars) ,  @ppastelderpp, and @peachyviktor for putting up with me <3

Also… considering the new information revealed by the last few episodes… I may need to review my general outline and make appropriate changes.

Chapter 3 : Hospital Stay (2)

Yuuri plastered his most serene expression onto his face and hoped that Victor wouldn’t be able to call his bluff.

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Waterfall is my favorite location in Undertale and might be my favorite location in any game ever. The atmosphere, the echo flowers, the lore, and most importantly the music all turn this into one of the most serene and beautiful areas. I want to live here, let’s face it.
I had a good time attempting to bring some of my love for this locale into this piece. Enjoy!

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[req] Cuddling with Kihyun and Hyungwon...

A/N: @pcybiased Here you go, bby. This request was sweet, plus I really hope you like it, and it at least suffices. Also, wowow thank you for being so kind and for requesting. 


  • Cuddly Kihyun is the best Kihyun.
  • Your cuddles would be the most serene part of your day, because his presence is such a charming point of his.
  • He won’t even question why you’d become so clingy. he’ll just welcome you despite what he had been doing beforehand.
  • Everything is dropped for you…everything and anything.
  • The moment you come over, clambering atop the couch and lifting his arm to drape it over your own shoulders, Kihyun would oblige.
  • He might laugh a little bc it’s so sudden, peering down at you with those sweet, crescent-shaped eyes.
  • But he might also harbor a small touch of confusion afterward, and he’ll breathe a quiet “something wrong, love?”, but rest assured that’ll fade quickly when you explain that it’s chilly and all you want is to rest in bed with him.

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serenity sɪˈrɛnɪti/ 


the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. 

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your ygo vs monopoly hcs were great! tysm!! can i ask for some other ygo hcs from you? it can be random!

You’re getting a few things from a(nother) Yuri on Ice AU because it’s all I’ve been thinking about lately.

Anzu is a skater. She’s gaining popularity quickly and made it to the final in her latest tournament (though she didn’t win, came fourth). Her routines are known for being really pretty and she usually skates to classical music. Anzu’s best quad is the salchow and she’s good at keeping her arms raised for extra points.

Yugi doesn’t skate and has no sense of balance, though he used to skate with Anzu when they were kids (hand holding ensued). He shows up to every rink Anzu skates at to offer support. He was meant to film her performances but always got awestruck and never noticed that he wasn’t pointing the camera at the rink anymore. He is 100% her biggest fan and he’s one of the people that meet and hug her at the kiss and cry.

Mokuba skates. Mokuba skates really, really well. Seto always goes to see him when he does. And if a meeting is on? Isono handles it. (They’re working on making a hologram of Kaiba for meetings that overlap with Mokuba’s skates.) When Mokuba made his senior debut, Kaiba was so proud you wouldn’t believe it. But unfortunately, Seto is famous, so when he goes to see performances, he’s always wrapped up in coats and scarves and stands by a wall somewhere, so it’s hard for Mokuba to see where he is.

Kaiba also has no balance. Just, none. Mokuba takes the opportunities to help his brother out which makes him really happy. Seto usually isn’t very happy about all the lessons he’s getting from his little brother, but Mokuba is important to him so he goes along with it anyway.

Otogi is definitely a skater. Very good and very popular. You know how many fangirls he had in the show? Times that amount by a hundred and you have his fanbase after he first took to the rink. He doesn’t do too many quads and sticks mostly to combo jumps like a triple, single, triple flip. His outfits are just a little over the top: glitter in his hair, makeup, and the weirdest (yet pretty) outfits.

Jou and Honda are both messes and are forbidden from ever stepping on the ice rink again. It’s for their own safety. They stick mostly to bringing out the banners and cheering as loud as they can to Anzu through a TV screen (as they are too poor to fly around the world after her). They throw the biggest parties when she gets back and nearly broke her ribs hugging her so tightly one time because they are so proud!

Shizuka is a beginner ice dancer. Her routines are really pretty, though she does fall a lot. Jou can’t follow her when she goes abroad for competitions, but she constantly listens to him caps lock praise at her over social media. She isn’t a very big contender in most tournamants yet, but she’s getting there!

You have not lived until you’ve seen the Ishtars on the rink. They take to it very easily and look amazing. Rishid and Isis occasionally do pair skating but mostly stick to individual routines. Marik got social media and it is mostly full of him being really excited to go around the world and selfies with his siblings. He smiles in every picture and Isis and Rishid are really happy he’s enjoying himself.

Isis’ routines are flawless. Seriously. It’s like magic. Marik’s are also flawless with a tendency to do lots of jumps; he isn’t big on quads though. Rishid is getting there. He keeps an arm up when he jumps and his balance is pretty much perfect, the audience just thinks he looks scary.

Ryou. Now Ryou is loved among non-skaters and hated by other skaters. He just looks too damn good on the ice and they’re a little (lot) jealous. His fanbase is about as big as Otogi’s and his merch sells the most. His routines always appear really melancholic, and his smiles while on the ice are rare treasures that get reposted on social media about a thousand times before the novelty wears off.


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Rosehill was shady and beautiful, the most serene place I could imagine. It had been closed to the public for years, and sometimes as I wandered alone - and often lonely - through the lush fern beds and long curtains of silvery moss, I pretended the crumbling angels were wood nymphs and fairies and I their ruler, queen of my own graveyard kingdom.”
Amanda Stevens

She had stopped crying hours ago.

Leona had a bit of a practical mind, and what good was crying doing anyways?

It threatened to blind the eye from Papa, and she already was hurting him enough by ignoring the comfort that he was trying to send her.

His comfort didn’t help, but she didn’t want to hurt him by telling him that.

She sighed, glancing at the armor that had fallen off her when she had reverted back to a whelpling, the Crimson Wings tabard that she had been using as a blanket for the last day, the swords, the chewed yellow headband.

Bandages were still wrapped around her head, but loosely, and she scratched them off, revealing the left eye that was a clouded pale red, one that never would see. It was a stark contrast with the right eye that glowed with the fel green light.

She moved the pieces of armor around, making a fort of sorts for her to hide in, on the off chance someone would come looking inside the cave. It’d do for now at least.

What was she supposed to do though?

Vel would be angry at her, she had promised to not lose control, but she didn’t think she’d lose her pendant! Not when she was so careful!

Vaguely, a voice in the back of her mind pointed out that she had kept her disguise even after losing the bloodstone, but she retorted with the fact that she had tried to put it back on, and couldn’t.

Papa was panicked, she could feel that through his eye, and she closed it, cutting off their connection for a moment as she was back in darkness again.

Except for the worry over Captain Killian… she had been happy the last few days.

She sniffed at the yellow headband, then made a face and tossed it aside. She couldn’t go back there. She refused… besides, that would hurt Papa and Mama even more than she was right now.

And the Voices were getting closer… if she went back to that place, they would capture her.

She shivered, drawing her tattered wings close to herself and shrunk under the tabard blanket, reaching with tiny claws to pull the Vrykul swords to her, and opened her eye again.

Maybe I can just stay in the cave, I bet Sunspire Port could use stories of a crazed dragon…

Leona frowned, she was tiny, and normally black dragons didn’t protect… anyone. She doubted that if they found out, they’d even consider the idea.

Well… maybe Rizzy.

If he could forgive her for lying to him in the first place.

Her practical mind couldn’t find any reason for her to leave the cave, and couldn’t find any reason to stay inside it, and finding plenty of reasons to give up and cry again.

I… just wanted to be useful.

The tears were coming back, and she pulled the breast plate down to keep anyone from hearing her sob.

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—  (adjective) Deemed one of the most beautiful words in the English dictionary, serene’s aesthetic and euphony is both pleasing and ethereally beautiful. Defined as calm or tranquil, serene symbolizes all that is peaceful, quiet in an exquisite and metaphysical nature. Serene is usually used to describe the vast, intangible beauty of the ocean and sky.
Sacred Landscape, from Pompeii

This Roman wall painting dates back to 63-79 AD. It was found in either Herculaneum or Pompeii, but most likely Pompeii. It is a perfect example of the third Pompeian style by adding amazing dimensions on a flat surface instead of it seeming like the person is looking into a distant space. This painting would have been on a flat wall in a house or other building. Despite the painting being on a flat wall, the painting itself is extremely realistic and the proportions of distance are very believable.

It depicts a tower, trees, statues, and human figures, which when combined forms something called a sacred landscape. Shepherds are shown around their sheep as they wander through the serene landscape, most likely of Pompeii (before Vesuvius erupted). The light brush strokes allow for it to seem airy and fresh. Overall, this painting is a perfect example of Roman paintings and also the third Pompeian style.

The Signs as Dragons

Aries: Scales ranging in the pinks and reds but if needed can change the scales into a fur as soft as you could imagine, able to breathe the hottest fire of all the dragons. Difficult to find but easy to train.

Leo: Scales ranging from light purples to ones almost deep enough to be black, with gold accents on claws that can be activated to create a protection spell that can only be used for good. It’s wings are one of the most powerful and serene, very easy to like and form a bond with if you have good intentions.

Sagittarius: Scales come in colours of the sunset and greys but it depends on their mood to see how bright their colour is. They have very strong opinions on people but once they form bonds it is forever. They have an ability to communicate with their one true chosen rider through thoughts.

Piscies: These dragon have a very wide range of talents but their true special ability is narrowed down to what their rider and the dragon become the strongest in over their training together, they have the option to harness the power of Athena (war strategy), Aphrodite (love) or can become the fastest of all the dragons. They come in different scale colours depending on their special set of skills and can sometimes be found with a few feathers. Loyal to their rider but not very social.

Taurus: They come in stronger builds and have nude shades but can camouflage their scales into their surroundings making them hard to find. They seem to not enjoy the company of people except for one, these dragons only want one rider who they form a strong bond with. Very loyal.

Virgo: Determined dragons that come in dark colours but have bright eyes that can be used to hypnotize anyone. They are on the fitter side of the dragons and with lots of training are some of the best you can take into battle.

Capricorn: Comes in mellow colours but in moonlight have a sparkle to their scales. They are able to harness the power of the moon and can read the thoughts of others. Has many friends but also many foes.

Gemini: The only dragon known to have 4 wings, scales are most commonly seen as the colours you would find in a Forrest, deep undertones with splashes of bright colours. Difficult to ride as they are very independent but with time they can become good companions.

Libra: A usually calm dragon that comes in lighter shades like white and blues that shimmer likes stars. Very sociable and try their best to be friends with everyone. They become very attached to their rider and would do anything for them. If they are separated from their chosen rider for too long there scales become dull.

Aquarius: Usually only found in the spring time, they can be spotted quickly as they come in bright colours like flowers. They are not violent or good in fights but they are some of the most valued dragons of all as they have the powers of healing.

Cancer: They are very much like the story book dragons you might see, but there are also plenty of differences. These dragons are ones of riches and wisdom that breath fire, they are very protective of their riches and will kill on sight to whomever tries to steal from them but also their close friends and family. They come in shimmers of whatever their chosen gem is at birth. Very intelligent dragons who’s personally ranges from whatever their rider is like.

Scorpio: A dragon who’s scales change shades of blues that can be sparkling or matte depending on their surroundings. They are extremely protective and caring of their rider and have a unique gift of shape shifting. They are the only dragon who cannot breathe fire but they are able to control the element of water.

as much as my characters will frequently side-eye the fuck out of him (even my most serene jedi wanted on several occasions to sit him down and explain in the smallest words possible the atrocity on ziost until it sank in), the bile that sections of the playerbase/fandom feel towards koth is genuinely scary

i’m quite certain that a large chunk of it is that he doesn’t just defy a DS outlander, but he does so while black. cause, let’s face it, DS characters and choices tend to be tailored towards power-trippers and edgelords, and for all that the playerbase bleat about choice and consequence (and the lack thereof), they’re super quick to complain when those choices and consequences bite them in the ass - even if, narratively, all of the relevant arcs complete regardless (the gravestone is still available where necessary for the plot, most of koth’s crew still bail on him in favour of the murderous outlander who they’ve known, comparitively, for about five minutes, etc) and nothing much changes when the credits roll

and the fact that koth has the nerve to react to the player’s choices negatively is bad enough, but add in racism (which, let’s not try to pretend that’s not a massive factor here) and it just gets eleventy times worse.

the frustrating part is that - naratively, yes, a DS outlander is going to want to punish koth for this, and BWA offering that option does, for once, almost live up to their choice-and-consequence mantra, but the gleeful manner in which they do so is really quite gross, and the way that BWA’s community team dismisses the character and his fans, even in a ‘joking manner’ (musco, in the last stream: ‘koth rules?’ tait, ban that guy!) is super super gross

tl;dr protect koth vortena from the devs and fandom at all costs, he is precious and deserves so much better