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Biotin and prenatal vitamins are supposed to help with hair growth. Also this isn't a supplement, but there's a product called Nioxin that was formulated for cancer patients to help with hair growth. A bit on the pricey side tho, around $20 a bottle and they'd probably want both the shampoo and conditioner. It's sold at most salons if they're interested at all.


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One of my history crushes is Emile Friant, who was a brilliant French painter from 1863-1932. He was born in Dieuze but had to flee when the Prussians invaded. His works were exhibited at the Paris Salon for most of his life and he even received the Legion of Honour. Also he’s really cute and he’s paintings are beautiful :D This is his work ‘Autoportrait’

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I have an appointment to get my hair done for the first time in almost a year, after a massive depressive episode, I'm finally trying to get some self care. I'm very worried I'm too fat for the salon chair. I hate that some spaces make me feel like I'm too fat to exist comfortably, which probably contributed to my depressive episode in the first place. How would you deal with something like this?

first of all, you aren’t too fat for the salon chair. i’m probably way fatter than you and i’m not too fat for salon chairs. most average salon chairs are rated for 350lbs, and barber chairs for 450lbs. i am over 350 and have sat in 350 salon chairs (after i warned the stylist that i was over the weight limit) and i’ve never broken one. being rated for 350 doesn’t necessarily mean that is the absolute maximum weight a chair can hold before complete failure- it just means that that’s the maximum weight they tested and can guarantee in most cases. like, my desk chair from ikea that i sit in every day and am not careful with is rated for 270lbs and i haven’t weighed 270lbs since i was in high school.

but, if you’re really worried, call them and ask them the weight limit for their chairs. you don’t have to give your name or mention your appointment. then you can decide if you’re comfortable going forward from there. 

4. What Makeovers?

Top Model makes a big deal out of the makeover episode each year, but much like this year’s model house, there wasn’t much that was actually made over. Sure, there’s Stefano’s mommy ‘do and a certain mullet (coverage coming on that - be patient, eager readers!), but otherwise, we saw most models leave the salon looking not too different from how they walked in.

Dustin gets his face shaved and has his blonde hair get a little bit blonder. Justin’s existing side fade gets a little more exaggerated. Mame goes from a mass of long curly hair to a long mass of slightly curlier hair. It’s just the hair she wanted, she says. Yeah, as evidenced by the fact that she already had it.

If that’s not underwhelming enough, they tell Nyle he’s not getting a makeover at all. They couldn’t make him feel more included by, like, piercing his septum or painting his fingernails to make his sign language sexier or shaving “ANTM” into his chest hair or something? At the very least, throw interpreter Ramon a bone. Think of how much better his bald head would look with a Bello-esque wig.

Speaking of Bello, who in the right mind would look at Bello’s dreadful weave and think “He just needs more of it!”? Bello couldn’t be prouder of the fact he now has $1,000 worth of hair attached to his head. This hair might look less busted, but good luck keeping it there. If it’s true that he spent his last $1,000 auditioning for Top Model and another $200 on a stupid crown, odds are good that Bello’s going to have to pawn that hair. Some horse going through chemotherapy will probably appreciate it, anyway.

What they should have done is handed Bello contacts for his makeover and watched him panic as he figured out how to keep two pairs of contacts in his eyes simultaneously.

The biggest disappointment of the day, though, is Mikey. For the first few weeks, the judges have made multiple references to how eager they are to chop off Mikey’s long longs. The photographers (well, the one photographer, really) say Mikey hides behind his hair rather than modeling, and the judges think he could be more editorial with less hair. All right then, let’s do this!

For reasons I’ll never understand, Mikey is spared. Aside from a small trim, his long hair remains intact. Would Mikey be a better model with shorter hair? I don’t know/I don’t care. These makeovers are all about fucking with the contestants. Don’t tease us with a dramatic makeover and wimp out.

Something tells me that Hadassah’s hissy fit would look insignificant compared to Mikey’s rage. If the show wanted tears, they should have taken his hair and watched his sob about how he’ll never get laid again. We were robbed.

7 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 4

GOD people always attack viet nail salon workers for speaking in viet because apparently if they’re not speaking english they must be talking shit!!! even though most of these nail salon workers are immigrants that barely speak english but are working 7 days a week to support their families!! and then when they do speak english people mock them for not being 100% fluent lmao. nail salon workers are always disrespected and if they’re talking shit about you (even though they’re probably not) you deserve it.

azthiszemidekenevalami: Sooooo, could you write a solangelo AU, where Will is a hairdresser and Nico is his last ‘patient’ of the day, and Nico is almost fall asleep while Will washing his hair? :D something fluffy and cute trash *.*

Since I got my hair cut off today (all nine inches), here’s this one.

Will had a pretty quiet Thursday, all things considered. He had a few regulars come in and one little boy, but for the most part, the salon was really dreary and dead. He was about ready to pack up and head home when Kayla handed him a receipt. 

“Last one for the night.” 

Will glanced down at the paper. Nico di Angelo. He had a petty name. Will put the paper on his dresser and walked to the front of the salon. He found his last appointment reading a magazine. He was short but lean and muscular, with a deep olive skin tone and longish black hair, incredibly attractive. Will figured he’d get a trim and be on his merry way, allowing Will to go home to his silent apartment and watch Netflix.


Nico’s head snapped up and he set the magazine aside, standing up to confirm Will’s suspicion that he barely hit five foot. Will himself was six foot two inches. Will smiled at him and Nico’s shoulders relaxed. “You’re with me tonight.” He walked him back towards his section. “I’m Will.” 

Nico obediently sat down in the black leather chair and Will threw a cape around him. He pushed the chair up and turned him to face the mirror. “What are we doing tonight?” He pulled a brush out and started to comb through Nico’s hair, which was already silky soft.

“My sister says I need to get it trimmed, get it out of my eyes.” He had a very faint accent that Will couldn’t quite place. 

“Well, I agree with her on that. You have very pretty eyes.” Will brushed the hair out of his face. “You shouldn’t hide them.” Nico turned a dark scarlet and Will smiled to himself. “Alright, Nico,” Will turned his chair around away from the mirror, “we’ll get you washed up and then trimmed.”

Will led him to the sinks in the back, away from where Kayla was happily chatting with her last appointment. Nico laid back in the chair and closed his eyes. Will tuned the water on and began to run his fingers through his hair.

Will got through shampooing before the silence was too much. “So where are you from?” Kayla had already left, sweeping up and starting to close up for the night. Will’s long fingers scrubbed Nico’s scalp and he knew from experience just how good that it felt.

When no response came, Will glanced down at Nico, whose eyes were still shut. His breathing was slow and even and with a laugh, Will realized that he had fallen asleep. Will finished washing his hair, humming quietly to himself. When he was done, he gently shook Nico’s shoulder.

“Nico? I can’t really cut your hair if you’re asleep.”

Nico opened his eyes and he almost instantly turned a dark scarlet, sitting up and muttering apologies. 

“I’m sorry. It’s been a long day. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”

Will wrapped his hair in a towel. “That’s alright. I don’t mind. You looked very peaceful.” 

The rest of the appointment went by quickly, Will cutting Nico’s hair enough to satisfy his sister and to keep it out of his eyes. He printed off Nico’s receipt and handed to him.

Nico looked down at it and his brow scrunched in confusion. “What’s this?”

“My number. Call me some time cutie.” Will smiled and winked, walking to the back of the salon before he could lose his nerve and take the paper back.

I did not want all nine inches off.