most romantic scene of any film ever

It’s my first time rewatching Harry Potter... after having fallen in love with someone.

Before, I laughed at people who shipped any pair in the series. Any pair that isn’t official. I was like, “OMG, just enjoy the story and shut the fuck up!”

But having finally experienced romantic love… it changed the way I see the characters. Now, I am offended by the fact that Harry ended up with Ginny instead of Hermione or Luna.

Unlike other fans, I don’t think it’s about Ginny being unpretty. Personally, Bonnie Wright isn’t beautiful to me. But I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe is handsome either, so there’s that.

It’s just… Harry and Hermione… that’s a soulmate relationship. There’s unbreakable loyalty there and a deep understanding of each other. They’re like Jon Snow and Arya Stark. It’s the same reason people ship these two even though they’re cousins who grew up thinking they were siblings. There’s a sacred-like bond between them. One that’s untainted by any impurities.

(As for Ron, I liked him when he was younger. But he grew up to be a semi-fuckboy who’s not the most faithful friend one can hope for. Anybody with a mind and a heart as exquisite as Hermione’s deserves someone better.)

And then there’s Harry and Luna… Their unwritten love story could potentially be more iconic than Noah and Allie’s (The Notebook) or Carl and Ellie’s (Up). Every interaction Harry and Luna have is remarkable.

That part when Luna assured Harry that he’s not crazy ‘cause she too could see thestrals… or the way she helped Harry manipulate Ron into thinking he put Felix Felicis in Ron’s cup… and how she effortlessly turned the mood around when Harry and Hermione were trying to recruit skeptics for Dumbledore’s Army… especially when without being melodramatic, Luna comforted Harry after Sirius’s death… all this shows Luna’s understanding of and concern for Harry. Even Hermione hasn’t attained this kind of connection with him. It’s a different level altogether.

Then there’s Harry genuinely appreciating Luna… convincing her they are friends for real… indirectly describing Luna to Hermione as cool and someone he actually likes before inviting Luna to Slughorn’s party… offering to help Luna find her missing things… even assuming Luna was just gonna say something quirky instead of helpful right before that Helena Ravenclaw scene… there’s natural chemistry there. Simple things that show two people have a bond.

Because really, who here would dare tell me that Ginny tying Harry’s shoelaces isn’t the most fucking forced “romantic” scene in any movie ever? (You tie your toddler’s shoelaces, not your boyfriend’s!) Unless it’s the scene where Ginny asks Harry to zip her up… or the scene where she feeds him pie or whatever. As a viewer, I seriously find it insulting. Any bond between them seems so fabricated.

Honestly, I think that Bonnie Wright might simply be a horrible actress. Or at least that she performed horribly in the Harry Potter film series. Because the scenes I described above don’t have to be awkward. Imagine Riverdale’s Veronica offering to tie Archie’s shoelaces… or Vampire Diaries’ Katherine feeding Damon pie… or Margaery Tyrell asking Renly Baratheon to zip her up… it would work! These actresses could have made it work.

And it’s not that there weren’t enough scenes to establish their attraction either. Harry’s fling with Cho Chang was much shorter, but I believed it. Harry and Ginny can’t make me believe in them.

…Maybe the actors simply don’t make a good match, and it’s neither’s fault individually.

And I have read the books, by the way. I cannot recall a single Ginny scene in them. So maybe Ginny was just badly written to begin with for me to find her so forgettable? Because if I simply hated Ginny I would remember why. Trust me, I know a lot about the characters (and people) that I hate. Can’t hate what you don’t know, I always say. 

Look, I’m not unhappy that Harry didn’t end up with Hermione or Luna. I’m perfectly content with his beautiful relationship with either of them staying platonic. Perfectly content, believe me. It’s Harry’s ending up with someone I can’t see him having any connection with that bothers the shit out of me. Everything’s just so abrupt and staged between him and Ginny. One day he just suddenly thinks she has nice skin. Next thing you know they’re kissing in front of Draco’s vanishing cabinet. My gosh, I’ve read stupid white supremacist arguments that are more convincing than that!

The point is… I’ve been an HP fan for over a decade, and I didn’t pick up on any of this before. Harry and Hermione… Ron and Hermione… Harry and Draco… I didn’t care who ended up with whom. As long as Voldemort gets fucked in the end, right?

But now that I know what being half of a couple is like… what having a connection with someone is like… what falling in love with another feels like… I suddenly wish Bellatrix had killed Ginny. LOL JK

Top 10 Days of 2015  to be a CS Shipper  #4

A fun little countdown of what I think were the best CS fan moments of 2015. Other posts in the countdown: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5


August 17th, 2015 - When I asked for suggestions for this project, there was one day that shipmates suggested more than any other. By a landslide. August 17th. On that morning it had been so long since a CS scene had been reported from set that it felt like our fandom had endured a frigid, endless, barren, spoiler-free winter subsisting only on a diet of twigs and berries.

In reality it was summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it had only been a month since we’d had CS filming spoilers. However, without sightings of our precious peas (Peas. Pirate and the Princess. ‘P’s. Get it? ‘P’eas) that month had felt very long and very dry.

Until August 17th came along.

The day dawned like any other Monday. The sun rose, people went to work and school, and then… all hell broke lose. Word came that Jen and Colin’s stunt doubles were on set, together, and on a horse! And not long after, it was actually Jen and Colin on a “horse.” (more starting here)

And that, my friends, was how the day of the most romantic spoilers ever, commenced.  

In addition to brand new costumes and riding tandem on a horse

…there was hand holding…


…and a mildly romantic looking kiss…

And the speculation began. Was this a wedding? A fantasy? A trick? A dream? It certainly seemed too good to be true.

We had no idea, but what we did know was that one way or another our OTP would be sharing one of the most romantic scenes ever on prime time television.

x  x  x  x  x  x

(Other posts in the countdown: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5)