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Top 10 Days of 2015  to be a CS Shipper  #4

A fun little countdown of what I think were the best CS fan moments of 2015. Other posts in the countdown: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5


August 17th, 2015 - When I asked for suggestions for this project, there was one day that shipmates suggested more than any other. By a landslide. August 17th. On that morning it had been so long since a CS scene had been reported from set that it felt like our fandom had endured a frigid, endless, barren, spoiler-free winter subsisting only on a diet of twigs and berries.

In reality it was summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) and it had only been a month since we’d had CS filming spoilers. However, without sightings of our precious peas (Peas. Pirate and the Princess. ‘P’s. Get it? ‘P’eas) that month had felt very long and very dry.

Until August 17th came along.

The day dawned like any other Monday. The sun rose, people went to work and school, and then… all hell broke lose. Word came that Jen and Colin’s stunt doubles were on set, together, and on a horse! And not long after, it was actually Jen and Colin on a “horse.” (more starting here)

And that, my friends, was how the day of the most romantic spoilers ever, commenced.  

In addition to brand new costumes and riding tandem on a horse

…there was hand holding…


…and a mildly romantic looking kiss…

And the speculation began. Was this a wedding? A fantasy? A trick? A dream? It certainly seemed too good to be true.

We had no idea, but what we did know was that one way or another our OTP would be sharing one of the most romantic scenes ever on prime time television.

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(Other posts in the countdown: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5)