most ready when the nation is least ready

anonymous asked:

Ok this isn't a request but a question. How do you know when you can come out? Its safe for me to come out as in my family won't hate me. But I'm young. I don't want to figure out one day that what I said I am isn't true. I guess I just want some closure on how to know when your ready to come out. Not really age but mentally and knowing that your ready.

So it really does depend on both you and your family dynamic. For some people, they wake up and they know it’s the day. For others, they pick a day like the National Coming Out Day and do it then whether they’re ready or not. I think the most common situation, however, is never truly being ready. If you’ve been identifying a certain way for a decent amount of time (I, personally, would say at least 6 months) and you feel confident and comfortable identifying that way, then you are at least mentally ready to come out. Even if you do change how you identify later on, that it completely okay; the path of self discovery is never fully over and people can change over time. If your family will be at least somewhat supportive and you are confident in your identity then you should go for it! But that’s just my experience, anyone else can add on if they have other advice! (-Mod Luna)