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  • Heather Chandler, the almighty. She is a mythic bitch“ 
  • “Regina George is flawless.” “One time she met John Stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty.”
  • “You are an awful person.” “Maybe. But I’m rich and I’m pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Requested BTS Fake Text: Liking the same girl! (Pt.10)

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It’s 7:30pm and I am heading out of my apartment, and walking towards the subway station which is just 5 minutes away in walking distance. I kept walking until I finally arrived. I grab my purse and started to look inside in order to find my wallet, in which my money card is in. I kept looking but not such luck, until I’ve felt it… “Aha, I found you” I said looking to my wallet. ‘People must think I am the most randomness girl they ever seen’ I thought, but then I shrugged. I took out my money card, and I swiped it where it said to and the gate thing opened and I was walking to my designated train. I arrived and the train was already there, I got in and sat down on a empty seat. After a 10 minute ride, I’ve already arrived at my destination. I walked out of the train and headed straight to the exit, until I felt someone grab my arm. I turned around to face the person and it was J-hope in some disguise. “Y/N…I am so glad I found you..” he said panting.  He seemed that he ran towards me. “Yes” I replied with a soft smile. “Ready?” he asked. “Ready for what?”I asked forgetting the reason why I was here. “For the movie” he said looking into my eyes. A look that melted my heart. “Um..Yeah sure” I said. “Okay” he said as he grabbed my hand tighter to his and he leaded us through the crowd and headed right to the Movie theater. We arrived in 5 minutes, Hoseok bought our tickets and snacks, and we headed into our designated movie room. As soon as we sat down, the movie started to play. 

More than an hour passed and the movie had finished. My stomach was in pain due that I was laughing throughout the whole movie. “Did you liked it?” he asked with the same look he had before in the subway, making me nervous. “Yes” I said gulping. “Look, Hoseok..” I started to say but he cut me off  and said “Was is it that funny?” he grinned. “Huh?” I asked confused. “The movie, y/n?” he asked once more. “Ah…yes…” I smiled wide. “Good, I want to make you laugh like that once in my life” he said. I put a confused look once more, he didn’t asked me why though and I shook it away. “Hoseok..I..” I was about to tell him that I think I like him more like this.. but he got a call from Rap Monster. Hoseok apologized over and over that he had to leave early tonight. I reassured him that it was okay and then he left, leaving me with a sudden confusion once more. 

New Pet | Part 1

Joker x Reader. SMUT

Hey guys, this is my first smut ever so don’t be to harsh. I plan on continuing it if people enjoy it, hopefully you do. :)

Warning: Language, violence, and a little bit of smut (it will get smuttier down the road ;)

Word count: 2,252


I was on my way to the best dinning restaurant in the city. I usually walked most places because I liked the exercise and the way the city felt while walking through it. I would normally pass the Joker’s club on most days without giving it a second look. Not tonight, when I walked past it something drew my attention to the front of his club. It was an enraged man, he was yelling at the guard, “You have to let me in, I have business to attend to!” The guard looked at him, not amused, and said in a calm voice, “The only business to happen in this club is with the Joker.“ The guards slightly leans in closer to the man “I’m positive you aren’t here to see him.”

I glanced down at my watch ‘It’s 6:04! I’m late.’ I say in my head as I begin to walk faster to the restaurant. As I approach the beautiful restaurant I see my fiancé, Jake, sitting by the window. He looks up at me, as his eyes start to glow he flashes a smile my way. I enter the restaurant, my red heels clicking with every step I take. I sit across from him. After talking for a while, I finally brought up what happen in front of the Joker’s club.

“Y/N, promise me you won’t step foot into his club. You have heard the stories from me, it’s not something you want to get mixed in.” Jake grabs my hand and kisses it gently. He slowly looks up at me and flashes me his to die for smile. I try to ease his worries “I won’t go in there. Why would I want to when I have an amazing guy like you?” I smirk and send a wink his way.

“I had a great night babe, do you want me to give you a ride home?” Jake asks me as he pulls away from the hug, keeping his hands on my hip. I smile at him. “No thanks, I think I’m just going to walk home. You know how much I love it.” He pulls me tight, tilts my chin up, and kisses me goodbye. As I start to walk away he sends a whistle in my direction, causing me to blush and cover my face.

I had been walking for a few minutes when I found myself in front of the Joker’s club once more. I don’t know why, but tonight I just wanted to go in. His club seemed to be calling my name. ‘Jake wouldn’t find out if I just went in and had a few drinks. I’ll be fine.’ I look at the club in admiration and then down towards my outfit in horror, ‘I need to go home and change first into something more, edgy.’ I smirk at myself, excited for the night.

I get home to my grungy apartment and look for the best “going out” outfit I have. I find a tight fitting dress and some black heels to go with it. I brush out my beautiful H/C hair and touch up my makeup, so it stands out more. I’m getting ready to leave when I hear my phone ringing from my bag. I look down “Jake <3” ‘Oh shit, does he know I’m going out?’ I answer the phone hoping he doesn’t have a clue of my plans. “Hey Jake!” I answer in a peppy voice “What’s up babe, what are your plans for tonight?” “Oh, I think I’m just going to hangout in the apartment and watch a movie, why?” I pray he doesn’t hear the lying in my voice. “I was just wondering, well have fun, see you later!” As the call dies my heart starts to race. ‘Does he think I’m going to try to go to the club? Oh well, I’m already ready, I might as well go for a bit.’

As I’m standing outside of the club I start to get an excited and nervous feeling in my stomach. I look up at the big black building with a bright green “J” on top of it. ‘I wonder if the Joker is actually here, that would be an experience!’ I walk towards the doors as the guard stops me. “Sorry miss, we are pretty full right now. You’ll have to come back later.” as he extends his arm towards me, preventing me to walk any further. “I’m the new dancer.” I say, having no idea how those words formed and came out. “Is that so? Why didn’t you use the back doors than?” “I didn’t know I had to, we can go back and ask the other dancers if you would like.” I flash a smile at him.

The guard calls for another to come over and watch his post while he escorts me to the changing room of the dancers. She swiftly swigs the gold door open, “She claims to be a new dance, do you know her?” The guard announces to the room. The dancers look around at each other to afraid to speak. “Of course.” I hear a high pitched voice from the back of the room. The girl stands up and runs over to hug me, “You are late, we need to get you changed into your costume. Thank you so much Logan, we have her from here.” She says as her hand waves for the guard to leave. Once Logan is gone she turns back to me and gives me a huge grin. “Your one lucky girl. We don’t let most random girls dance with us, you have the look though. But, now you have to really dance.” She hands me a costume from the rack. “My name is Megan by the way. This should fit you! Hurry and try it on.” she shoves me behind the changing curtain and pulls it shut.

“Uh, Megan? I’ve never really danced like this before.” I announce from behind the curtain. “Oh it’s alright doll, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.” I hear a smirk in her voice. “And it’s perfect because Brooke isn’t here tonight, you can just take her cage” she pauses for a moment “in the VIP lounge.” “The what?” I exclaim as I rip the curtain open, revealing my newly acquired look. “You have to be kidding me, I’ve never danced before. You can’t just send me into the VIP!” I feel hot as my face turns red. “None of us can switch you, we have to take our regular places, you’ll do great!” she pours two shots of vodka, handing me one taking one for herself, “Take this, it will give you liquid courage for the night.”

As I head up to the VIP lounge with Megan I start to feel the few shots I had taken kick in. 'I got this, let’s just hope that the Joker isn’t here though.’ As the elevator doors open I’m surprised to see quiet a few people up here. 'Wow, I guess there are a lot of very important people in this city!’ I say in my head as I laugh out loud, now knowing that the vodka had really sunk into my system. Megan looks at me confused “Are you alright girl, why did you laugh?” I shake my head “Oh, it’s nothing. Where am I dancing at?” She points to a shiny gold cage with two bright lights on it. “That one, just go step in and let the vodka work its magic!” She winks at me as she steps into her cage.

As I’m getting ready to get into the cage I look around to see if I know anyone. 'Nope, I guess I don’t hang out with very important people.’ I laugh to myself again, pulling myself up into the cage. I didn’t know how to move so I looked over at Megan, she was waving for me to dance. I decided to try out some of the things she was doing. I spun around the pole quickly and dropped down. I slowly brought myself back up, popping my ass out for everyone to see. I turn around, sending a wink towards the crowd when I catch a glance of a familiar face.

'Jake! What is he doing here?’ I get out of the cage and run over to one of the empty booths, following him without him knowing I’m there. He is with five other men, all dressed in black. Two guards from the club open these bright green double doors. The guards, Jake, and the men surrounding him disappear inside. 'What is behind those doors?’ I ask myself, worried that Jake may be getting into something he won’t be able to get himself out of. I try walking over to the doors when a man grabs my ass, I turn around quickly. “Hey pretty, can I get a dance?” Without much thought I slapped him, leaving the loud clasp to echo in the booth. I skurry away quickly and make it to the doors, holding my ear up to the them. I hear a lot of muffled voices, but can only make out a few words, “Months….Guns….Kill….Gone….Fiancé…” 'Was the man talking about me?’

I hear a loud gun shot go off. I run into the room, stumbling over the purple carpet. “Look Jake, the lady of the hour. What is such a pretty face doing in a club like this?” I look up and see a man with florescent green hair standing over me. It was him, the Joker. He grabs me by the arm and yanks me off the ground with full force. Each side now had their guns drawn on each other. Jake with his pointed right at the Joker, who had me as a human shield and his gun resting in my temple. tisk. tisk. tisk. comes from the Joker’s mouth, “What a naughty girl for coming and ruining out meeting.” I grunt as I try to wiggle my way out of his grip. “What was that doll? You didn’t know your lovely Jake was still making deals with me? What a shame. I bet you thought he was a trustworthy gentleman.” I smack my head back, ramming into his, and fall onto my knees. I hurry and worm my way over to Jake, hoping that the Joker wouldn’t hurt either of us.

“You fucked up missy.” The Joker says with his gun pointed at me, “Don’t you know it’s rude to get involved in other people’s business?” With a quick movement he pointed his gun at Jake and a shot was fired. As Jake fell to the ground I fell with him, trying to catch him. All of the men froze in shock, not knowing what to do. Not another shot was fired, in fear of their lives, they all slowly lowered their weapons, that is everyone but the Joker. As the tears filled up my eyes I realized the Jake was gone. My sadness turned to rage as I grabbed Jakes gun out of his lifeless hand. I stand up quickly and point it right at the Joker’s head, all of the men draw their weapons back up to the apposing sides. The Joker slowly lowers his gun and walks closer to me, “You don’t have the courage to pull that trigger doll.” I open my mouth to speak but I stutter over my own words, “Yo- you th-think you know me. Bu- but I’ll do it. I- I swear, to god. I’ll pull the tri- trigger you bastard!” I was going to pull it, at least I thought. I couldn’t though.

The Joker quickly throws the gun out of my hand and grabs a hold of me, “You’re definitely coming with me.” He whispers into my ear as he slides his hand down my waist. He turns to the men that came in with Jake, “If you dare fire your weapons or follow us you will die. Leave. Now!” He shouts at them as his guards open the door, basically forcing them to leave. I try to make my way out of his grip but he tightens up and says back to me, “Oh doll, you’re not going anywhere. You’re my pet now.” Once all the men leave the room the Joker and I are left in his office alone. He looks down at me and says, “I’ll let go now and we will walk outside, not drawing any attention to ourselves. If you try to make a scene I will kill you, do you understand?” I shake my head in acceptance as he lets his go from me. “Alright than, let’s go home.” He smiles, his grill flashing me. He puts his arm around my waist and opens the door to leave the club.

Once outside, a matte black Lamborghini pulls up right in front of us. He opens the door behind the passenger seat and lightly pushes me into the vehicle. I get in, scared that he will get aggressive if I don’t. He slams the door beside me, causing me to tremble in my seat. Seconds later he got into the car, seated right next to me. “Go home Logan.” He says to the man driving. “Right away Boss.” We launch forward, driving at tops speeds. The Joker leans into me, laying his hand on my thigh, “Call me J from now on. We’ll have a lot of fun together doll face.”


Request from anon: Hello I was wondering if you could do a angst/smut of JB from got7? You could write it however you want thank you 

Jaebum, my love. I had a time writing this. I hope you enjoy, anon! Thank you for requesting!

JB - Got7
Synopsis: A rift in a relationship, make up sex ?
Genre: Angst/Smut
Word Count: 3062 (my longest one y’all)

Originally posted by sugaglos

(gif rights belong to original poster)


        It started with an article. An article on one of those stupid K-POP news websites that like to start drama. They live off of it. Literally. “Got7’s JB Caught up in Romance Scandal!?” Normally, you would have been fine. Most websites who post articles to conjure up drama have little to no evidence. But this one, however, this one was different. It was very clearly Jaebum and very clearly some girl at a party he attended in L.A. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, if it weren’t for the evidence this one included. Multiple pictures and a snapchat story. You weren’t the jealous type. You knew Jaebum was an idol and he would always be surrounded by other idols, most of who were pretty, slim and talented. Many of those adjectives you wouldn’t necessarily apply to yourself. The woman in the picture though, she wasn’t an idol. Just some random girl. Most likely one of Marks friends. She was beautiful to say the least. Idol beautiful. Her arms wrapped around Jaebums waist smiling as wide as she could. His arm naturally around hers, a small grin placed on his lips. The picture was fine, sure you were a little agitated, but it was tolerable. How could they say he was in a romance scandal when it was just this? Your thumb automatically scrolling further into the post. That’s when the snapchat video popped up. Hesitantly, you hit play.

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The Outsiders Preferences #5: Your thoughts about him

Ponyboy: Gosh even the back of his head is beautiful, you thought in your head. You were sitting behind Ponyboy Curtis in your math class. You two were the youngest ones there because you two had advanced through the other math classes. You’ve seen Ponyboy before but it was when you two were walking through the halls and now in the middle of the school year this is the closes you’ve been to him. You guys had just moved seats and Pony boy was seated in front of you. You never thought you’d have feelings for him, you always thought he was a good looking stranger but since you find the back of his head beautiful you knew you have feelings for Ponyboy Curtis.

Twobit: you saw Twobit come in the class room. You always notice his Mickey Mouse shirt. Everyone knew he was in love with Mickey Mouse, he was teased a little but of course Twobit always had a funny comeback that even the bullies laughed at it. ” hey there pretty lady.” Twobit said to you before he took his seat. He always called you that even though you have told him your name a million times but he just wanted to call you pretty lady. You look at the back of his head, how his hair looks so good swirled back with all that grease. You also surprisingly like his long side burns and you find it cute on how much he likes them too. As you were in a daze when you hear a thud sound and took you out of it. You looked on the floor and saw Twobit’s switch blade on the ground. Obviously Twobit knew it was his because he sat still for once. As quickly as you could you kicked it under your bag so the teacher wouldn’t see it and as soon as the teacher turned his back you have it back to him, knowing that that switch blade was the best thing he owned. He thanked you silently and for the rest of the day you were just staring at the back of his head and blushing.

Darry : why? You thought as you were about to go in the DMV. You hated the DMV, it took so long and it was always boring but stupid you had lost your license and needed a new one … fast. You stood in line to get your number that they’ll call you up by. But of course with your luck something was holding up the process. How could this happen? How can it brake? I mean all you do is go up and get a number! You stood in line trying real hard to stand still and not yell with rage. You weren’t the only one who seemed to being having a hard time not yelling at anyone. The tall , muscular guy in front of you was leaning from his right foot to his left foot every minute. You watched him for a while and noticed how it looked like he was dancing a little, you gave out a small chuckle. Too bad it was a loud enough of a chuckle to have him turn back to you with a smile. ” stupid line am I right ?” He asked you ” yeah” you said back ” I mean I would leave and come back another day but I lost my license and don’t want to risk it” you told him. ” yeah well is I’d like to leave too but today was the only day I could get out of work.” “Oh” was all you could think of saying back to him because to tell ya the truth he was real good looking. There was a moment of silence before someone call out ” Sir, can you please come up and get your number?” You pointed up to show him she was talking to him. ” thanks ” he said and went up to go get him number . You looked at him until he went to go take a seat, you were going to sit next to him but others had come in and sat next to him. As the day went on and you waited all you were thinking is that maybe you two could meet again, one day.

Steve: your friend had dragged you to a drag race. She said her friend was gonna race tonight and she wanted you to come and watch him. Right before her friend went to race she introduced you to Steve. You couldn’t help but look at his muscles. He shook you hand and gave you a smile before he had to go. You stood there frozen and watched him leave. Boy was he a looker. Your friend obviously saw you checking him out. But she didn’t seem to mind because she actually wanted you two to hit it off. All through out the night your eyes and mind was all about Steve. You couldn’t get him out of your mind. You’d never saw a guy who could be such a hottie.

Johnny: you had just sat down to watch a movie at the drives in. You were in the second front row because you’ve always hate being in the front where no good boys would come up to you and ask for a wild night, which wasn’t your thing. The movie was about to start when a boy sat in front of you, you got to see his face a little when he was apologizing at people for getting through. He was cute, you thought. He had to sit right in front of you because every other seat was taken, but it didn’t bother you none because he had sunken a little to let you see. You couldn’t help but feel like you need to meet him and get to know him. But you knew his kind, greasers. Now you were a middle class person but your parents didn’t want you to be with a ‘no good bum’ as they have put it many times. But by the looks of this guy, he may be a grease but he was nicer then most plus you know who he was. Johnny Cade. You two use to go to school together but that was ages ago. It’s been a while since you saw him and boy has he changed! All through out the movie all you thought about was amazing Johnny looks and deciding if you should go talk to him or not.

Sodapop : you had to go to DX to get your car fixed. You’ve tried others car repairs in town but they either take so long or they mess up your car even more! You never wanted to go into DX because you knew a lot of girls go in there because of the two young guys working there and well you’ve always thought that they don’t really work on cars just flirt with girls. But your friend when there ad of course the flirted but fixed her car up real well. As you walked in you saw a boy with real nice blue eyes that you sorta got lost in. ” can I help you?” He said. You read his DX shirt, his name was Sodapop ? You decided not to say his name just in case that’s just a joke he does. ” uh yeah my car it’s been broken and everyone else managed to brake it even more, think you can fix it?” You just couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. ” sure thing doll face”, he winked at you which probably made ya blushed real badly, ” just bring your car into the garage and I’ll take a look at it.” You nodded and slowly went to your car and put it in the garage . He pop open your hood and raised his eye brows so high you thought they might fall out. ” is it bad?” You asked afraid to get an answer. ” yeah it is but don’t worry doll face I’ll fix it up real good ” again another wink. This time you didn’t blush quite as hard but you felt your face go hot. ” my name is (Y/N) by the way.” You said just so he doesn’t call you doll face anymore. ” well (Y/N), I’m Sodapop . ” he extended his arm for a handshake. ” Sodapop?” You repeated ” Yup that’s my real name, well (Y/N) just sit right over there and I’ll fix your car up in no time.” You nodded and sat on the chair. You watch him call in someone else called Steve but he didn stick out as much as Sodapop did. You could tell your car wasn’t an easy one to fix but their faces that they keep on making. Sooner or later Sodspop’s shirt came off and you couldn’t help but stare at him even more. Sadly they had fixed your car in an hour and that hour went by fast. You thanked both boys for fixing your car. You then pulled out your car out of the garage and promised your self to come back soon.

Dally: you eyed him as he slid by the bus driver, without paying. You knew who he was, everybody did. Dallas Winston. The guy who got jailed when he was 10, the guy who chased little kids for no reasons, the guy who never likes to do anything legal. You always wanted to know how he looked like, you always heard stories about him and wonder how a guy who went to jail all the time and chased kids around looked like. He sat in front of me but before he did he gave me a wink and cracked a smirk. All I did was stare back and blushed, Dallas Winston was a looker. You faintly saw his reflection from his window. He had an I don’t care and absent minded look on his face which bother you a little. It was obvious that he probably wink at every girl and made them think that a stud and hood like Dallas would actually have a thing for her. That thought made you roll your eyes. Seconds later you heard Dallas chuckle and look at you trough his reflection and smiled at you. That’s when you shyly smiled and blushed a deep red. Dallas saw you roll your eyes and he probably knew it was because of him that you did so. Again he smirked. There was something different about Dallas from any other greaser. Most wouldn’t give a random girl a second look unless they wanted some action for the night but Dallas gave you his time and just left bus after he looked at you one last time. Dallas Winston was different and you like different.

Feelings! (Supernatural One Shot)

Original Imagine Link: “Imagine that you really like Dean, and it hurt you seeing him with a different girl at night, and Sam knows and try to comfort you the best he can.”

Warnings: This is my first submission EVER, so bear with me?

Word Count: 3087

Summary: Dean x Reader, Best Friend!Sam

Check out Dean’s POV of the story!

Links to Fic: | AO3

We were on a typical routine hunt, trying to track down somerogue vampires on a killing spree. So here we were in this godforsaken bar, with the intention of gaining some clue as to who they were. Usually vampires tend to be the rowdy, loud kind of group hell bent on flamboyant debauchery. Obviously, in a town like this, that wouldn’t be too hard to spot, and after that it would be just a short process of retracing them back to their little old nest and chopping their murderous heads off.

So yes, like I said, we were on a typical routine hunt.

Sam sat next to me nursing a beer but not really drinking it. Neither of us were the kind to actually drink on the job. Then again, it sometimes felt like we were always on the job. Dean was trying to chat up the bartender, a gorgeous busty blonde, with his usual charming self. Why couldn’t Sam be the one to do that? If Dean did indeed have to do the inquiring, why in God’s name did I have to be here and witness it with my own two eyes?

“If looks could kill…” Sam trailed off. I could hear the laughter in his voice.

“What?” I turned to look at him. Pretend, Y/N. Pretend you have no clue what he is talking about.

“Oh, you know, just nothing.”

I didn’t push him. Sam had suspected of my feelings for Dean for quite some time, even though he never really said anything about it. How could he not know? He was my best friend after all. He and I had gotten so close that I would even go as far as to say he’s like a brother to me. Dean, on the other hand, inspired the least brotherly feelings anyone possibly could. I knew I liked him. I knew I really, really liked him, except I wouldn’t do anything about it. We knew what this life was like. We knew how rare it would be to even find something to care about and not have it ripped away from us in the blink of an eye. Besides, Dean was the kind to get it on with anything in a skirt and I was never the casual ‘dating’ type. So yes, I swallowed my feelings, pretended they didn’t exist and went on hunting with the Winchester. It was better this way. At least that’s what I told myself.

“You know,” Sam said very casually, “You could just tell him how you feel and put yourself out of this misery.”

I stared at him as if he had grown another head. “Seriously? And then what? We would go back to how things were after he laughs at me? No thank you, Sam.”

“Y/N, he is not going to laugh at you. What if he feels the same way? If that’s the case, trust me, you would want to know,” Sam insisted.

I laughed to myself. “I’d trust you with my life,” I said trying to smile about it all, “But not about this.”

“Not about what?” asked a very familiar voice that had begun to even invade my dreams at one point.

I turned around to face him. I was fairly certain that I looked like a doe caught in front of headlight, the headlights being his bright green eyed gaze.

I cleared my throat. “Oh, nothing important,” I said with a nonchalant shrug and I could see Sam roll his eyes at me from the corner of my eyes. “So did you find out what we were looking for?”

I was saved from that for the moment, and we discreetly planned the next move for the hunt. I was glad for the reprieve.


[Lapse in time]


The Impala pulled up in front of the same bar we had patronized the previous night.

I looked at Dean. “I thought we were going to get something to eat, not waste ourselves to oblivion.”

“Oh buckle up, wuss,” he chuckled. “There’s food here too. And I think we all deserve a break after ridding this world of a little bit more evil, don’t you?”

I folded my hands in front of me in what Sam always called the defensive pouting pose. “Right, of course, this is your idea of a well deserved break.”

“That’s right,” he said getting out and slamming the door of the Impala with a cheeky grin. “Burgers, booze and babes!”

I watched him walk in and sighed to myself in resignation. Of course, he’d get drunk tonight. Of course, he’d find himself some random girl, most likely that busty blonde bartender from before, and leave with her. I didn’t know how much more of this I could truly endure. I mean, how long can one watch the person they loved be with woman after woman right before your eyes without going completely insane?

I looked up from my thoughts to find Sam looking at me. I could see the pity in his eyes, and mingled in that gaze was also compassion. “Stop looking at me like that, you giraffe!” I giggled, trying to force some joviality into the moment.

“We could go back to the motel if you want, Y/N,” he said gently.

The offer was sweet, and I had half the mind to take it. But what would I do then? I’d just go back to the motel only to lie awake till I hear Dean coming back from his drunken debauchery and go to sleep crying. I did not need that, not tonight. “Nah,” I shrugged it off. “Let’s go get drunk. He’s not the only one who gets to have fun, right Sammy?”

That of course turned out to be the worst idea I had in quite a long time. A short while later, I was too drunk, too depressed and most definitely too vocal about my thoughts. “I mean what’s wrong with me Sam? Tell me. You know you can tell me, right?”

Sam, as always, was sober even though he had drunk pretty much the same amount I had. “Nothing, Y/N. You’re great. You’re beautiful, smart, and most of all, you care about him enough to put up with his shit.”

“Exactly!” I agreed with a fist to the table. “You’re right! I’m perfect. Which means something’s wrong with him,” I gasped. Then naturally, my eyes found their way to him. There he was flirting with the bartender just like I had predicted. For a very brief moment, our eyes connected and I saw concern flicker across his. At least, I thought I saw that. It must have been a figment of my very wishful imagination because he simply turned away and went right back to flirting with the blonde. “That’s not true, Sammy,” I whined. “There’s nothing wrong with him. He’s perfect. He’s perfect down to the very last cell and that’s probably why he would never feel the same way I do.” And with that solemn, despairing declaration, I slumped on to the table.

“I’m going to get you some water,” I heard Sam laugh and get up.

I was humming ‘She Will Be Loved’ by Maroon 5 to myself when I heard the chair scrape back warning me that Sam was back. “Is Dean gone yet?” I asked without even looking up. Right now the design on the little wooden table was far more interesting than Sam’s look of pity. “I bet he already left with that bimbo. We should probably go to the motel then.”

“Actually you know what?” I rambled on, “I do not want to go back! Not yet! I don’t want to hear him get it on with her. I don’t want to hear him get it on with anyone. He’s mine, Sammy. He should be. He would be if he could get his stupid little head out of his ass and see how perfect we could be together!”

“So my head is in my ass?” asked a voice that definitely did not belong to Sam.

“Dean!” I piped up instantly. “How long have you been here?”

“Long enough,” he grinned. I looked around suspiciously at the bar to see where Sam was. “If you’re looking for Sam, he went to the men’s room,” he said as if he read my very thoughts. “So you were saying?” he prompted.

“What?” I squeaked. “I wasn’t saying anything!” Except, he and I both knew I had said way more than I ever should have. I had said more than he wanted to hear.

“As I remember, you were telling me in quite vivid detail that you didn’t want me to leave with anyone.” I groaned. Ignoring me, he continued right on with an annoyingly cheeky grin on his face. “You also said that I was yours and something along the lines of me getting my head out of my ass?”

He was laughing at me. This was exactly what I had hoped to avoid in the first place. Him laughing at my feelings was worse than watching him flirt his way into other women’s beds. This was much, much worse. I glared hoping to swipe that smirk right off his face.

“Well, Y/N, I didn’t know we were open,” he said, the smirk still very much in place. “If I knew, I wouldn’t be here flirting with anyone. I’d be back in the motel room with you.”

In my drunken haze, it took a couple of seconds for the meaning of his words to truly sink in. He was suggesting that he wanted something to happen between us too…except I knew it was not in the way I truly wanted. He wanted a meaningless entanglement whereas to me, it would mean everything. I couldn’t help the tears that sprung to my eyes.

“Y/N,” he whispered. The smirk was gone, replaced by an intense gaze bearing into mine.

I laughed trying to downplay my natural reaction. “I don’t want to sleep with you! Are you crazy? Why would I ever want to sleep with you?” I asked him, still laughing. Maybe, if I joked about it all, he’d forget this entire thing to be of any serious nature.

Except he wasn’t laughing with me. His intense gaze still bore into me, and now it was mingled with confusion and anger. “Then what were you saying just a few seconds before? About how you were jealous of the other girls…”

“Oh that? That’s just a little joke between me and Sam. You took that seriously?” I laughed some more. The lies kept piling up. How easier it would have been to just tell him the truth but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t bear it all to him only to have him crush it all with an ignorant laugh.

“Hmm. Right. You and Sam. Of course,” he muttered.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” I jabbed his arm with righteous indignation.

He looked at where I had hit him and then back at me. “So that’s it then, right? You have feelings for Sam, and you were talking about liking me to make him jealous or something?” He closed his eyes in what seemed to me like regret, except I couldn’t really understand what he had to be regretful about.

It would have been so easy to agree. I could have just let him believe that I had feelings for Sam with a simple ‘yes’ and he would have let this whole conversation be. Yet I couldn’t do it. A little white lie here and there was within my code, but I couldn’t lie to Dean. I couldn’t lie to him about this.

Maybe his unexplainable look of regret had something to do with it too. Maybe, just maybe, it gave me the tiniest bit of hope that he didn’t exactly like the idea of me falling for his little brother. Which is probably why I said, “I don’t have feelings for your brother.” He looked up at me questioningly. “Dean, the only person I have feelings for is you.”

I waited for him to react but all he did was stare at me. It wasn’t quite disbelief but more like surprise. “I have feelings for you,” I continued. “I don’t want to watch you get into bed with other women, that’s true, but I also don’t want to just hook up with you. I mean I have feelings for you, Dean. I can’t just hook up with you and stay friends with you or something.”

Again, I waited for him to say something, anything at all. He didn’t. Abruptly, he stood up. “I have to go. There’s something I have to do somewhere,” he muttered and rushed out before I could even wrap my head around what was happening.

I was still staring at the empty space left in his wake when Sam walked in with a bottle of water. “What’s wrong?” he asked, noticing my dumbstruck face. “What happened?”

I slowly looked up at him. “The world ended, that’s what happened,” I told him solemnly.

“I wasn’t gone for that long, was I?” he laughed. Then just as swiftly, he turned serious. “What happened, Y/N?”

His familial mockery I could have withstood, but faced with his kindness, the tears silently welled and rolled down my cheek. “I did what you said, Sammy. You were wrong, though. And I was right. He laughed in my face and left.”

“Dean?” Sam asked as if to clarify. I nodded. “But Y/N, he told me…”he trailed off.

I wasn’t really listening either. The silent tears were turning into sobs and I desperately wanted to cry at my stupidity. “Don’t mind me,” I sniffled. “My face is just leaking.”

“Come on, let’s get you home,” he said, enveloping me in a big Sammy hug.

I didn’t remember reaching the motel. I did vaguely remember that Dean wasn’t really there, and that made me cry even more knowing that right after I confessed how I truly felt about him, he went and hooked up with some random woman. And soon enough, crying I went to sleep.

A little while later, something woke me in the middle of the night. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was but my hand swiped under my pillow to reach for the gun that wasn’t there.

“Looking for this?”

I looked up to see Dean holding my gun in his hand. “Knowing your reflexes, I had to remove it before waking you up in the middle of the night,” he said like it was the most obvious thing to do.

“Yeah,” I squinted up at him. “About that. What are you doing here, Dean?” I looked over at my phone to check the time. “It’s freaking three in the morning.”

“I had to talk to you, Y/N,” he said kneeling down in front of my bed to bring his face to the same level as mine. As I stared up at him in confusion and mild distrust, he continued, “I shouldn’t have just taken off like that. Sam pretty much gave me hell for it. But I had to take a walk. I had to think.”

By this time, I was very much awake. My gaze softened along with my resolve to stay indifferent towards him. This always seemed to happen around Dean Winchester. I always found myself turning to mush in his presence. “Thinking about what?” I asked even though a part of me was too afraid to ask.

He reached out and I warily watched as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear. All this time I had fantasized about moments just like that but now that it was happening, I couldn’t figure out why. “I had to think about what to do, Y/N. I mean while I thought it was just me falling for you, it wasn’t that much of a big deal but knowing you feel the same way about me, made things get serious a lot faster than I could have imagined. I mean, Sam told me you felt the same but I never believed him. I never dared to hope that someone like you could ever love someone like me.”

“Sam told you?” I shrieked.

“Seriously,” he raised a brow at me. “I’m trying to declare my intentions towards you and that’s your biggest concern?”

I couldn’t help but giggle. This conversation was going down a path that I could be happy about. “Sorry,” I apologized sheepishly. “Carry on. So what are your intentions towards me, Dean Winchester?”

He smiled. It wasn’t a cheeky grin or an all-knowing smirk. It was a genuine smile, a rarity for this Winchester. “I’m in love with you, Y/N.” My heart skipped a beat with that declaration. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I almost had the mind to pinch myself but I resisted. “I am in love with you and it terrifies me,” he continued. “I’ve lost too much. I’ve given too much. I’m scared to love you and lose you too but it’s all too late now. I’m already in love with you. It’s been driving me crazy for months!”

“Months?” It was my turn to raise a disbelieving eyebrow at him. “Is that why you screwed everything in a skirt all the way from the East Coast to the West?”

“A part of me wanted to make you jealous. And another part of me wanted to fight it, Y/N, because I had never felt anything like this. It’s scary.”

I reached out to touch his face. The feel of him was real. This was really happening. He leaned into my touch as if he had been craving it. If what he was saying it was indeed true, maybe he had. “Dean,” I whispered, with every intention of putting him out of his misery. “I love you too.”

He smiled that special little smile of his. “Yeah, I realize that now.” He looked at me with all the promise in the world. “I can’t promise you a perfect life, Y/N. Heck! We are both hunters. Our lives are everything but perfect. But I promise you this…no matter what happens, I will always fight for you. I will always love you no matter what.”

I grinned up at him. “A promise huh? Is the word of a Winchester worth anything?”

He grinned back. “This word is,” he said solemnly.

I reached up to him and laid a gentle kiss on his lips. “Okay, then it’s good enough for me.”