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We love you, Vine

Oh Vine. The joy you brought to the world was infectious and real, spreading far beyond your reassuringly green walls. You made Tumblr a better place, too—the current outpouring of love and lament is a testament to that.  

Some popular Vine blogs, and some Vine blogs we just plain love:

And if you missed our 2015 year-end roundup of the most popular Vines on Tumblr, here you go. Bless them all.

Slightly less popular bts ship dynamics (due to popular demand), a reference.

Jihope: the ultimate bromance duo. those dudes who there’s no such thing as too far with gay chicken. wilin out together. the full body laughter duo. like to tease each other relentlessly, but somehow remain amazingly supportive and judgment free. give each other lots of advice. give each other plenty of space and mutual respect. cuddles and backrubs. unrelenting faith in one another. dancing together x1000.

Nammin: the angelic sinners duo. simultaneously the most innocent and pure, as well as being the kinkiest horny dudes in their squad at all times. using lots of excuses to touch each other. getting each other gifts. size different kings. affectionate smiles @ each other like constantly. very comfortable with one another. can’t help but laugh when they see the other one laugh.

Vhope: the accidentally went overboard duo. the extra wild™ duo. fake almost kisses and pretend make-out session that get a little too real for anyone watching. saying really gay things to each other. finds each other ridiculously attractive. cuddling together when it’s cold. stare at each other to get the others attention. accidentally sleeping in each other beds.

Taejin: the fool4u duo. idiots/nerds/goofballs x2. get each others jokes. encouraging each other even when no one else does. probably have a lot of inside jokes. dancing to cheesy/aegyo songs together. very soft and cute. giggling and smiling @ each other a lot. surprisingly comfortable/natural with skinship. acting bros duo.

Junghope: the golden duo. the meme bros. genuinely close. care about each other 10000%. trusts each other endlessly. embolden each other. skinship everywhere. making each other laugh. sharing inside jokes. staying up late at night together. the comfort zone ship (aka they make each other feel safe and comfortable.) soft yet stable relationship.

Sugamon: the collective mind duo. the easy company duo.  chill af ultra bros. bouncing ideas off of one another. holds each other in high esteem. remembers each others order preference. late nights in the office mixing music together. telepathic #samebro, through eye contact. the uncles/dads of the squad. quiet but comfortable 


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I see that Reylo is the 10th most popular Tumblr ship of the year.

Congratulations, Reylo family.

I’m sure antis are handling this announcement with grace and humility, especially considering they inadvertently helped the ship gain significant ground by refusing to shut up about it. Funny how that happens.

Kudos all around. 🍻

People need to understand sending hate to a ship and his fandom will not made people sip a lighter ship. It will just push them to a darker one.

People have left the Storpilot and FinnRey ship because of very violent hate and turn to Kylux and Reylo (even if Reylo has shipper before). With hate they will not come back to Stormpilot and FinnRey, They will fall in the darkest side of the shipping. If Snoke x Finn or Snoke x Rey became the most popular ship, Tumblr (and ao3 users) could only blame themselves. And I will say “I told you so” and eat popcorn.

I’m serious. Pushing people to the dark side is not a joke. It’s dangerous. They became Anakin Skywalker. They want to stop corruption, slavery and save their loved one and end killing children. They will not became Luke or Leia.

I have see similar thing before. With the rise of Voldemort/Ginny or Voldemort/Harry in the Harry Potter fandom. But now some people try to  justify the houself slavery, or push the “ Dumbledore is worse than Voldemort” theory. The dark side is really a terrifying thing.

Remember this quote from Yoda : “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

It’s funny how films (or books) about a theme as simple as “hate is bad, love save everyone” manage to have a fandom full of hate.  I should say full of Palpatine.

This Secret I Keep// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by silent-micka

Me? Fifth most popular Tumblr for Sherlock imagines? Seriously? I really never did expect that to happen, let alone have nearly 700 followers. You guys keep it up, by my birthday I’ll be at 1K. Unbelievable. 

Here’s Sherlock oneshot 1 out of 3 for the night!

Requested by Anon: There aren’t many people that Sherlock Holmes finds himself extremely protective of, let alone drawn to. When you leave 221B for a date, he can’t help himself to plant a bug on you. We all know that never goes well. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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roane72 replied to your photo “I’m crying, he’s such an old dad lmao”

Pretty sure ‘shade’ is AAVE, not tumblr vocab. ;)

You are of course correct, like most popular phrases used on tumblr it’s been filched from elsewhere and turned into “internet slang”. I remember it being used in the 90s after Paris is Burning aired, so technically I think we can attribute it to the Black and Latino LGBTQA+ community.

Same with the expression “salty”. It entered popular vernacular in the 1930s to denote someone who was angry or upset—usually a reference to drunken sailors who after months at sea would snap and let out all their pent up frustration in a bar fight. I’ve read lots of pre-world-war two journals that talk about Irish sailors coming to America as being “salty”, and yet I’ve witnessed entire threads on tumblr talking about the term being appropriated from this that or the other, which I mean, yea it became popular again due to hip hop in the early 2000s, but it’s a little more interesting than that.

Sorry. My linguistics nerd is showing I’ll put it back.

Sam and “the airport drama”...

Ok, now I’ve lost patience! (sorry it’s a bit long)
I’m a great passionate about cinema, I love movies, actors, directors, everything.
And I love the TV series, I love lots of series, not only Outlander. I look forward to the awards season, I look forward to seeing the Golden Globes, I can not wait to find out the nominations at the Oscars. Since I was a child I love all this.

I love fantasy, I love adventure, I love science fiction and even the great love stories. Sure. My book and favorite movie is Lord of the Rings. I see advertisements for Outlander: love, adventure, history, Scotland, time travel. Ok this is for me. I watch it and I fall in love

Outlander unlike the most popular series, here on tumblr, has few fans blog about the show. (Some of the best are Outlander Online, Starz Outlander, Outlander Italy…)

So, in December last year, I decided to open a blog about it. My blog is a blog of information, my blog is intended to inform fans about events, news, behind the scenes, the actors’ careers. I realized that the fandom is not composed of teenagers. So I decide to keep my followers also aware of the cast tweet, on the photos they publish on instagram. I publish even the fan pics. It is a nice way to see the availability of the cast towards the fans.

Yesterday I decided to post 4 photos, absolutely innocents, on Sam at the airport. They are not selfies, but photos taken by fans. No different from those of the paparazzi, or photos of Sam at the airport in Japan last year. Are respectful photos, innocents photos of two people walking. No PDA or invasion of privacy. We have to realize that many fans are shy and not everyone has the courage to approach and ask for autographs or selfies

Today I wake up and find it under my post, the usual acid comments, aggressive, full of hate. Now I ask you, please let !! Do you want to spread your acidity on the world?
You have your blog to do this. Don’t use my post to spread poison, not reblog me, I will not answer you. I don’t know Sam, I don’t know anything about his private life (and not even you). I should decide if Sam is in love based on what? The back of his head? His suitcase? His walk? Or by his smile?

I’m not interested in this endless war between shippers and anti-shippers. I don’t want to read these bad things about Sam and his friends. I’M TIRED!

I want to enjoy my blog. And I want that my followers enjoy my blog too!

I don’t want to be forced to close the blog. Sam doesn’t deserve it, Cait doesn’t deserve it, Outlander cast doesn’t deserve it, I don’t deserve it, and my followers don’t deserve it. Be respectful of my work, thanks

Hey guys! Welcome to POC witches. I created this blog after realizing how utterly underrepresented POC witches were on tumblr, and wanted to make a blog dedicated to us.

The typical, famous witch on tumblr is usually a Caucasian witch, and while that in itself isn’t bad, I think it sets standard for how witches are supposed to be. White. Live in beautiful places. Have neat magik. A ton of crystals. Etc. And again, that in itself isn’t bad—but I think it’s harmful for other aspiring witches due to the lack of representation. Especially POC witches.
Most popular witches on tumblr are all white, and I find it hard to come big POC witch blogs.

So I made this one in hopes that we could get out there.

I’ll primarily be rebloggng POC witch things and generic witch content.

Since this blog is for the POC community on tumblr, I’d love it if you could tag me so I can reblog your things—only if you want me to though.

I’m thinking of having small events for witches—perhaps selfie-parties and things like that (I’m open for suggestions)!

Anyway, I want this blog to get out there. So please like and spread this message.

Big Bang reactions to their idol gf catching him rading fanfics about her/fanboying over her

[GIFs not mine]

[I’m sorry if this isn’t as good as the others I posted but something really sad happened today and I feel really sad -_-]


You entered the living room and he was on his phone reading something. You thought it was news or some artistic web page, but he laughed weirdly so you looked at his phone and saw the title: Y/N young teenage years with her bf. You didn’t even know there were fanfics like this. You asked him why is he reading this. He laughed and told you, you were one of the most popular fanfics girl on tumblr. He told you to read some and asked you if he should request a scenario for you.

“I didn’t know your first kiss was in Paris, you should’ve told me about this~”

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You just happen to visit him work at the studio and as you entered you saw a fanfic page opened on his computer. When you entered he tried to explain himself,but he couldn’t help smiling at the fact you went to his concert and you were in first row and he fell in love with you immediately in fanfic  He told you he found way too much tumblr blogs about you and saw some inappropriate things. He warned you not to read them and said he has to work now to avoid more scolding by you because he got caught.

“I promise I just… Well I just happen to see this page and I had to click and read it because it had your name in it…”

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As you were cooking in the kitchen you heard weird noises from the living room so you checked why was he making those weird squeaky voices. You saw Taeyang standing on couch and dancing to your hit song. It was really embarrassing and he was a bit embarrassed when you saw him. He couldn’t stop saying how cute you looked in your costume and how your voice is beautiful. He kept dancing and at the end of the song asked you if you have the costume home and after you said yes he wanted to see it by himself

.“OMO! Really? Let me see it! You’re gonna wear it for me right?”

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He always had your songs on replay on his phone and he didn’t usually sing along with your songs, but your group’s new song was on his replay list for 3 days straight and when you got home you heard him singing your song on karaoke mode on TV and dancing to the choreography you taught him. You unplugged the karaoke microphone and TV and he suddenly stood still looking angry at you. He would stop after a minute and asked you for the 10th time today to dance on this song for him and said it in aegyo voice.

“Jagiya ~~ Don’t do this to me~~ Please dance it to me.”

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You knew Seungri liked to read fanfics and you know he read a few NyongTori fanfics, but when you saw him reading a fanfic about you, you were really surprised. He told you how good they describe you, but they don’t get all the things right. He was telling you all this as a fanfiction expert reader and you listen to him as a student but he ended up telling you about the smut scenes that were and at that moment you had enough of him and banned him from reading any fan fiction about her ever.

“Babe~~ Come on~~ Why not? I read all of the NyongTori fanfics already! I don’t have any choice but to read fanfics about your members then…”

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crash bandicoot: tumblr edition
  • crash: immediately got hacked after making his blog. it is now run by a scam bot
  • coco: geeky aesthetic. loves superwholock and is the most popular fandom blog on tumblr. she is also under another alias known as "the xkit guy"
  • crunch: posts really weird fitness memes all day. also spends the rest of his time making posts on his positivity side-blog
  • tawna: beauty blog. loves making diy and self-care posts, and her selfies all get 10k+ notes. also loves reblogging other's selfies to spread the love. the tumblr mum
  • cortex: constantly vagues about crash and how much he hates his guts. he is somehow the tumblr daddy and owns a secret daddy kink blog
  • nina: anime horror blog. loves tokyo ghoul and elfen lied. she's also crushing on whoever is behind that geeky fandom blog
  • n. brio: science blog. makes posts about how to do really dangerous experiments that you should not try at home. his blog is a mess and he never tags anything
  • n. gin: shitposter. nobody really knows what his posts mean but they all get 100k+ notes and are always tagged as #relatable or #me
  • n. tropy: runs an anti-SJW blog. his url is timemasters-4-real-justice and he composes really long formal arguments which make no sense if you actually read them
  • victor: owns a callout blog which keeps a record of everything terrible that cortex has ever done. also posts petitions for mutants against animal testing
  • moritz: food blog. reblogs graphics that say "fries before guys" etc. co-owner of the cortex callout blog and always spreads misinformation about him for fun