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Stony Prompt #44

Anonymous said: “The team is at some kind of event/press stuff where each avenger has their own station to talk with the fans. After some time the team looks at Tony’s station. They see that he’s trying really hard not to cry, while someone talks to him. He’s shaking a bit, biting his lip and sniffing. the team moves towards him ready to kill that person, but when they get there they realize that said person was telling tony how much he means to them and how he inspires them and Tony’s just really moved.”

I’m so sorry I’ve been so slow with writing lately! But here is your Fill - I hope you enjoy it!<3 Tony needs so much love, all the love.

Steve isn’t thrilled.

He doesn’t like press conferences that much but knows they are necessary – yet what happens right here is even worse. Instead of sitting at a table together, like the team they are, each member of the team has their own, separate station right now.

Technically, it’s not a press conference. Natasha explained it to him; it’s a “meet and greet”, as she called it. They’re meeting fans here, not reporters.

But it doesn’t really put Steve’s mind at ease. While their fans are generally less mean and harsh with their words and don’t ask as many hurtful questions as these vultures from the gossip magazines do, they do get pushy at times.

Steve glances over to Natasha, who’s swarmed mostly by male fans. He looks over just in time to see her give them a smile that promises pain before she says something and they all leave quickly. The Captain smiles to himself; Natasha has this handled. He observes for a while longer, watches her talk to a bunch of young girls before his eyes stray away, to Clint and then to Thor. They have fun answering questions.

Clint is busy making faces at the younger fans, even hands his bow around so the girls and boys can hold it once. Meanwhile Thor grins broadly and poses for everyone who asks for a picture.

It’s really busy. Steve gets distracted momentarily by talking to some newly arrived fans, signs autographs and smiles for pictures, answering questions. Suddenly, he is hit by a well-aimed ball of paper and looks around, confused; only to meet Natasha’s glance. She seems tense, all of a sudden and Steve immediately tenses up, too.

He follows her eyes when she nods over to her left – where their last team member sits.

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Project Partners

NSFW - Septiplier Smut Fanfiction

This is my first fanfiction on Tumblr, I have a wattpad but I thought, hey why not share it with other people and spread the sin? Hope you enjoy:)

Third Person POV:

Jack entered hell, early Monday morning… wait, I mean school…yeah that’s what I meant…

Anyways, Jack was walking into class, receiving strange looks from the new freshmen at the two lip rings he wore, his gauges, and, of course, his hair, the colour of freshly cut grass. He wasn’t bothered by the looks because, frankly, he couldn’t care less of what everyone else thought, he was happy, so who gives a shit? Despite Jack looking and acting like a badass, he’s kind of a goodie-goodie. He is a straight A student and he has never gotten a detention. He’s also a teacher’s pet, all teachers like him, and Jack is quite proud of both his reputations.

Stepping through the doorway, Jack arrived at his English classroom, smiling at his teacher, Ms. Suzie, before taking his seat, not too close to either the front or back of the room. He didn’t want to look like a bad kid in front of his favorite teacher, but he didn’t want to look like a kiss ass in front of his fellow students.

After taking out his books and two pencils, freshly sharpened, he waited for Ms. Suzie to start today’s lesson. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Mark walk in, well, shoved in by his friend Wade, both giggling loudly. Letting out an annoyed sigh, Jack watched Mark take a seat in the far back, walking past Jack’s desk, flashing a small smile to the boy before looking away. Confused, Jack just brushed it off. Who gives a shit if the most popular dipshit in school smiled at him, they were probably making fun of him.

*Time Skip To The End Of Class*

Nearing the end of class, Ms. Suzie announced a project out of nowhere, “You will be working in partners, but don’t worry, I saved you all the hassle of choosing!”

Groans could be heard all over the classroom as Jack’s hand bolted into the air.

“Yes Jack?” She asked.

“Can I work alone?”

“No, I’m sorry but this is a partner project, it’s good for all of you to get to know each other and bond over some good ol’ literature!”

Jack sighed as Ms. Suzie began to call out names.

“Felix and Cry, Dan and Phil…” Jack slightly zoned out, almost having a panic attack over the idea of who he might be forced to work with, until he heard his name and he began hyperventilating. “Annnndddd….Jack and Mark! Alright! Try and exchange information and set up a plan for your project in the last 5 minutes!”

Jack’s breath quickened as his anxiety kicked in. ‘Fuck fuck fuck! I have to work with that asshole?!’ Jack thought. A tan hand landing on his desk broke him from his thoughts, the hand, of course, belonging to Mark, a smirk plastered on the red haired boy’s face. His warm brown eyes met Jack’s, stunning baby blue ones.

“Meet me at my house after school, ok?” Mark instructed.

Jack nodded just as the bell rang, and Mark left the classroom.

*After School*

Jack walked to Mark’s house, knowing exactly where it was, frowning as to why. Mark and Jack were best friends in primary school, they were always hanging out, practically connected at the hip, but…something changed. In secondary school Mark started making more friends, and Jack became more and more of a loner. They just drifted apart, and Jack became depressed because of it, but he met someone, Felix, who became friends with him. Now he and Felix are really close, they smoke pot together and hang out all the time, talking about anything. Felix convinced Jack to get all the piercings he loves and just become the person he is today.

What Jack doesn’t know is, Mark was jealous of Felix. Mark absolutely despises the Swede, and he’s become more of a jerk to the both of them. He started picking on them and calling them names all the time. Thus Jack’s hatred for Mark was created. Honestly though, Jack could never hate Mark, he’s always had the smallest of crushes on Mark. Although, he’d never admit it, Jack would jump at the opportunity to  hang out with Mark again, just like they used to. Jack wants to play video games and goof around like the good ol’ days! Sure, he can do that with Felix, but it’s not the same.

Arriving at Mark’s house, backpack slung loosely over his left shoulder, Jack rang the doorbell, hesitantly. After a few loud thumps, possibly of someone running down the stairs, Mark answered the door. His hair was messy and he wore an oversized red football jersey and some jeans that, not that Jack was looking, emphasized his bulge, quite nicely. A slight blush appeared on Jack’s pale face while he looked the jock up and down, noticing how attractive he looked.

Smirking at the way Jack’s eyes scanned his body, Mark spoke, “My eyes are up here, Jack.”

The Irishman’s face turned bright red as he cleared his throat awkwardly, looking to the pale grey pavement, “S-sorry, let’s just work on the project, alright?”

Rolling his eyes playfully, Mark led Jack into his house, “Feel free to grab a drink or anything. I figured we could work up in my room..?”

“Whatever you want, Mark. Whatever gets me out of here faster.”

Mark frowned a bit, hurt by the statement before brushing it off and smiling again, “Don’t act like I’m such a nuisance, Jack, we used to be pals, remember?”

“Of course I remember those terrible times,” Jack joked, following Mark up the stairs.

“Whatever, you know you liked hanging out with me,” Mark stated, flopping down onto his bed, leaving enough space for Jack to sit beside him, which Jack did.

Jack pulled out his notes, flipping through, “Whatever, I guess they weren’t terrible memories.”

“You loved me, remember? We were best friends forever?”

“I guess forever doesn’t last very long..” Jack muttered, quiet enough so Mark could barely hear him.

“Remember when we kissed?” Mark asked, looking at the boy’s face turn pink.

“Don’t talk about that…”

“So you do remember, and I do too. I also recall you enjoying it.”

“I think you did too, Mark,” Jack said, trying to turn on him a bit, still flipping through his notebook, licking at his lip rings nervously.

“Maybe a little..” Mark said, noticing Jack’s nervous habit, biting his lip.

'Why does he have to be so cute?!’ Mark wondered.

“So shut up, we both liked it.”

After a moment of slightly awkward silence, Mark spoke up, “Didn’t we agree to do it again?”

Jack’s eyes widened, “Y-yeah..”

“But we never did..”

“No, we didn’t..”

“Perhaps we should then..? I’m a man of my word, Jack.”

Mark sat up, noticing the way Jack blushed, smiling at how adorable and nervous he was, “Would you want to do it again?”

“B-but we’re supposed to be working on the project…not kissing.”

“C'mon Jack, you know you want to..”

“Mark we’re supposed to be working..”

“Don’t be a pussy!”

“Fine!” Jack grabbed Mark’s face, kissing him deeply.

It took him a moment to realize what he just did, making him pull back when he did.

“I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have-”

Mark quieted the Irishman by connecting their lips once again, the cold metal from Jack’s piercings touching his lips, making him smirk. Mark always thought Jack’s piercings made him way hotter.

Jack kissed back, making the Half-Korean boy smirk, moving his lips faster while resting his hand on Jack’s thigh, rubbing slightly on his black skinny jeans. The small boy was the first to break the kiss.

“Mark we can’t, we have to work on the project..”

“I don’t care about the project, I want you.”

Jack blushed as Mark slowly pushed him back on the bed, kissing him roughly. Slowly, Mark inched his hand up the Irishman’s shirt, making Jack shiver from his touch. Mark’s lips moved to Jack’s neck as he began sucking and nibbling on his pale flesh, gently. A small moan escaped the small boy’s lips, making him cover his mouth quickly.

“Don’t be shy, you sound pretty when you moan,” Mark complimented, pecking the small boy on the lips before sucking on his jawline.

“M-Mark…” Jack whimpered.

“I swear to god if you say one more thing about the project-”

“N-no I want you to do something for me..”

“Oh, of course, what is it?”

“I want you to fuck me..” Jack said, softly, blushing and looking away.

Mark grinned, “Gladly.”

Mark pulled off his shirt revealing his honey coloured abs. Jack blushed and looked him over. Grinning, Mark kissed Jack, licking at the piercings on his bottom lip, asking for entrance. Easily enough, Jack granted the red haired boy access to his mouth, feeling his tongue travel his mouth. Deciding he wanted to stop taking his sweet ass time, Mark began to palm Jack through his jeans. Moans and whimpers filled the room, thank god Mark’s mom isn’t coming home for a few hours.

“Fuck, Mark~”

Grinning, Mark pulled away, “Take off your clothes.”

Jack blushed and stood up, noticing Mark watching him, waiting intently. Slowly, Jack pulled off his shirt, dropping it to the floor. Next came his jeans, which he inched down his waist very slowly. Mark enjoyed the show but noticed Jack was still in his boxers.

“Well..?” Mark questioned, in a slightly impatient manner. “Aren’t you going to finish? I told you to undress.”

“A-all the way?” Jack’s eyes widened as Mark nodded.

Shyly, Jack slid off his boxers, in an extremely slow manner. Soon enough, Jack’s boxers hit the floor and his half-hard cock was released, making Mark’s dick twitch in his jeans.

“Good boy, looks like you can follow orders.”

The praise made Jack harder than he was, but why? He loves praise.

“You like when I tell you you’re a 'good boy’? Someone’s got a praise kink, huh?” Mark grinned. “Lay down on you back.”

Jack did as he was told, watching Mark stand up and unzip his pants, pulling them off. Feeling even more turned on, Jack began to slowly jerk himself off. Mark pulled off his boxers, his cock springing free. Then, Mark noticed Jack pleasuring himself.

“Did I tell you you could touch yourself?” Mark’s dominant voice made him pull his hands back from his cock, nervously, shaking his head. “Good boy, don’t ever touch yourself without permission, or daddy will have to punish you, baby boy.”

Mark’s warning made Jack bite his lip, while Mark referring to himself as 'daddy’ made him hornier. Jack also enjoyed the nickname, 'baby boy’ was both cute and very hot.

Their lips rejoined, Mark beginning to palm Jack once again.

“F-Fuck, Mark~”

“Ah ah ah,” Mark corrected. “Be a good baby boy and call me 'daddy’”

“Yes daddy,” Jack whimpered. “I’m a good boy, see?”

“Yes you are, you’re such a good boy, Jack.” Mark stated, starting to jerk Jack off while nibbling on the smaller boy’s collar bone.

“Daddy, please~” Jack moaned.

“Mm, please what, baby boy?”

“Fuck me.”

“Only if you beg for me.”

“B-but, daddy,” Jack whined, feeling Mark release his cock.

“Beg, slut.”

“Fuck, please daddy, fuck me! I want your huge cock inside me! Please, I’ve been a good boy for you, daddy! Please fuck me!”

Mark grinned, flipping the Irishman onto his stomach, taking in the view of his perfect little bum, “Do you want daddy to stretch you?”

Thinking for a moment, Jack shook his head. He knew he enjoyed the pain he received while being fucked before being stretched. Sure, he had only fucked a few times, his first time with Felix, but he knew what he liked.

“Are you sure? It’s going to hurt a little..”

“Please just do it daddy, I can’t wait much longer, I need your thick cock inside my tight hole, please!”

Well, Mark couldn’t deny Jack what he wanted. He wanted to please the small punk boy the best he could. Unsure of the next time he’d be able to fuck the boy, Mark decided he’d better make the most of this opportunity. Spreading the boy’s legs a bit, Mark aligned his cock with the his hole, preparing to thrust into him.

Giving a small warning, Mark pushed inside Jack, quickly. Whimpers and winces escaped the Irishman’s lips. Mark gave him almost no time to get used to his size before he began thrusting in and out of Jack, quickly. Jack was overwhelmed by pain, so much pain that it began to seem pleasurable. Soon enough, the punk boy began to moan as the jock thruster faster.

“Daddy! Fuck, faster, harder, please~!”

Doing as requested, the red haired male began to thrust harder and faster. Jack felt he was reaching his high, attempting to warn Mark in between moans.

“Daddy, I’m g-gonna….I’m c-close~”

“Me too baby boy,” Mark said, aiming his cock in different directions, trying to hit that one spot that would make Jack scream for him.

Then, he hit it. Jack came as if on command.

“F-Fuck, DADDY~!”

Hearing Jack scream for him made Mark cum almost instantly. A warm sensation filled Jack’s rear before he felt Mark pull out of him. Both of them were panting and laying on their backs on Mark’s bed, smiling like idiots.

“H-how was that?” Mark breathed out.


“Good, then we’ll have to do t again sometime.”


“I am a man of my word, I hope you are, too.”

“Of course, I would jump at an opportunity to do this again.”

Lost Contact - Taehyung AU

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Lost Contact - Taehyung au- Request by Anon

Parts; Masterlist, |01|

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Fluff

Word Count; 3.980

Synopsis; When Taehyung moved to America you lost all contact but how could you still love him after so many years?

Having a best friend like Taehyung was something you wished everyone, he was everything you wanted and more. When you first moved here you were bullied a lot but that all ended one day. You could still recall it


It was one of those days where everything went wrong and to top it, you just had spilled your banana milk over the most popular girl in class and as you were already their scapegoat you knew this was going to be and when she looked up and locked eyes, you knew this was going be war. “Yah, shouldn’t you take responsibility for this?!”

“I’m so sorry, it just slipped out of my hand, really.” that’s when her hand connected with your face, this was the first time she had hit you and boy did that hurt. “I’m so sick of you, always getting in my way, can’t you just die already?!” You couldn’t contain the tears and as you started to cry about her harsh words, she just laughed. You got up and started to run away but before you had the chance to leave the room, someone grabbed you by your arm. 

“Don’t run away.” you looked up and was shocked to see the most popular guy smiling at you. He pulled you back to Bo Ra, who was looking even angrier. You tried to pull yourself free, which did not work at all. “Bo Ra, shouldn’t you apologize to her?”


“Because you are rude to her.”

“Oppa, why do you care?” she was trying to be cute but when you looked at Taehyung he wasn’t impressed and if it was possible he even looked more annoyed. “She is just a nice girl, you shouldn’t treat her the way you have been, so just apologize.” she was calculating her chances and that’s when he got a creepy smile on her face. “Sure, if you date me Oppa.” His eyes narrowed at her bribe and as he looked at you, he looked apologetic. “Sure I will date you but you have to leave her alone from now on.” She was shocked and as she nodded her head vigorously and that’s when she turned to you and bowed “I’m sorry Unni.” you just nodded and walked away but on the hallway, Taehyung stopped you and hugged you out of nowhere, you pushed him away though. “Yah why are you doing this?”

“I’m so sorry for the way she has been treating you, I should’ve done this way earlier.” you shrugged, you were used to people ignoring you. “From now on don’t shrug like that and be confident because you are really sweet, okay?”

“Why do you care Oppa?”

“I want to be your friend.”

“Really, why?”

“Because you seem like fun.” You narrowed your eyes not sure if you could trust him but why would you distrust him? You didn;t even know he was noticing you at all, with his artsy character, he always seemed to be dreaming away, so this was kind of a surprise. “I don’t think your girlfriend is going to like that.”

“I don’t care what she thinks but from today on we’re friends.”

*End flashback*

That’s how the bullying stopped and you became friends and it was always fun when he was around, the fact that he was an artist was something you loved about him because he always walked with his head in the clouds and never worried about anything, he was your literal sunshine. When he started dating Bo Ra, you thought he wasn’t going to spend time with you but one day he just walked in your dance studio, just to watch your competition and from that day you spend every day together and always were texting each other. During that time you changed as well, you started to dress better, putting on makeup and your hair was now shiny and soft but to be honest you did this in the hope he would notice you but he never did.

“Y/N, do you have time tonight?” Taehyung asked you in your lunch break and you were surprised that he asked you this in such a serious manner. “Of course I have time, why?” he gave you a quick hug before sitting down, you didn’t even blink your eyes at this, the only thing that went crazy was your heart because you recently discovered that you were crushing hard on him but there was never a good moment to tell him about this, so you just tried to ignore it but when he hugged you, you couldn’t control your heartbeat. “I just need to tell you something.”

“Okay, sure.” you smiled at him whilst stuffing your mouth with rice, he always smiled when you did that and he always followed your example. “Oppa, aren’t you going to sit with me?” Bo Ra asked and to be honest she actually sounded angry but Taehyung was never fazed by it and as he got up, he winked at you and walked over to her table. “Bo Ra, we need to talk.”

“You can just say it here Oppa.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Ah just tell me now Oppa.”

“You asked for it.” Everyone was looking at them including you because you couldn’t help but be curious and you were somewhat worried that he was going to ask her to marry him, which was ridiculous, to be honest, but still what else was he going to talk to her about. “Let’s break up.” It became so quiet that you could hear a needle drop if that was the case and even you felt shocked by this confession and that’s when Bo Ra stood up and aimed her eyes on you and you had to fight the urge to hide under the table but then again you weren’t the shy and scared girl you were last year. “This is your doing, isn’t it?!” she yelled at you before she pushed you and as Taehyung came running back, you stopped him with one hand. “Why would this be my doing?”

“You’re still always in my way!”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about Bo Ra but this is not something you can blame me for, maybe you should blame the 5 guys you have been cheating with.” you had her where you wanted her and as she was quiet you grabbed your chance. “You know I’m not the same person I was a year ago, so you really should mind your own business and stop talking about mine. And stop talking informally to me because last time I checked I’m still 5 months older.” with that you walked away and you couldn’t help but smile when people were actually applauding you.

She never once said anything to you after that, so the school day went by peaceful and as the last bell rang, you took off and made sure you were at your special place so Taehyung could tell you what he was planning.  You were listening to music when he suddenly pulled out the earplugs. “God, you scared me.”

“I know.” He sat down next to you and put the earplug into his own ear and for a while, you just listened to your music but you really couldn’t stand it anymore and turned your body towards him. “Oppa what did you wanted to tell me?” He sighed and you knew this was nothing good and your heart started to beat even faster. “You know I applied to an art school in America right?” You nodded because you had heard him talk about it and a dreadful feeling spread through your body. “I got accepted on a full scholarship and I’m leaving tomorrow.” You blinked a few times and as you let it settle down a bit, you felt as if you couldn’t breathe but you couldn’t let him see how hurt you were, you really wanted to support him.

“Really?! that’s amazing!” you hugged him and to your surprise, he pulled you tightly against his body. “Are you really happy for me?” you nodded against his chest even though you were dying from the inside. “Of course, this is your dream, so go and live it.” You tried to put some enthusiasm to your voice with was really difficult. You couldn’t hide the tears though and as he looked into your eyes, you saw that there was regret. “Don’t cry, please.”

“I won’t, it’s just that I’m so happy for you.”

“I will miss you too.” with that he hugged you tightly again and for once you just let him and as you listened to his steady heartbeat you felt at peace. You stayed there for the entire evening and said goodbye when he dropped you off and as the morning broke, you quickly got up to say goodbye and as you stepped outside your heart dropped when you saw his mother’s car drive away and that was the last time you saw each other.

3 years later….

You were just minding your own business in the cafe you just opened that you didn’t saw the guy who just walked in, what you did hear was the woman as she was giggling in a high voice, which annoyed you immediately but you tried to now show this as you looked up from making coffee and that’s when you got the biggest shock ever because in front of you was none other than Taehyung. He smiled when he saw you looking at him “Y/N, how have you been?” You weren’t sure if he really asked you this but he kept staring at you even after you pinched yourself. “I’m doing fine,” you answered politely and the fact that your heart went into hyper mode, well it just showed that you were still in love with him and the fact that he even became more handsome, didn’t help at all.

“Oppa who is this?” The woman next him asked and this was the first time Taehyung looked uncomfortable and that was also your answer. “This is my best friend.” he introduced you as his best friend and you couldn’t help but raise your eyebrow at this because he never once called you and ignored all your texts and calls, so you didn’t really feel like a best friend.

“Really? She is pretty, hi I’m Park Hae Jin.” she bowed and you had to do the same thing, which you did not like at all but what could you do. “It’s nice to meet you. Do you know what you want to order?” You avoided Taehyung’s eyes and put in the order and asked your employee to make it and with that, you left the couple and walked into your little office and you planned on staying there until they were gone. You know you were being petty but you couldn’t help it, you felt jealous and angry for the fact that he told her you were best friends even though he never once contacted you. You bumped your head a few times against the desk when you heard a soft knock on the door. “What?” you know you didn’t sound nice but your employees knew better than to disturb you when you had the door closed, which didn’t happen that often but still. The door opened and your eyes almost fell out of its sockets when Taehyung stepped in and closed the door behind him.

“Y/N aren’t you going to giving me a hug?” he spread his arms but you stayed where you were and as he was lowering his arms you felt his disappointment “what are you doing here Taehyung?” his pulled up his eyebrow when you didn’t call him Oppa. “Aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Sure but you should’ve called me first.”

“I know but I just wanted to surprise you.”

“I see, well a surprise was it for sure but please don’t tell people we are best friends because this is the first time in three years I’ve seen or spoken to you.” You got up and opened the office door, which he closed. “what happened to you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You seem so cold.”

“I’ve grown up, I guess.” you shrugged and at this, he narrowed his eyes and you immediately knew why he did that, he once told you not to shrug but here you were shrugging. “Tell me the truth, what happened after I left?”

“Nothing much, I graduated and followed Restaurant management at college and after that, I opened my Cafe.”

“What happened in between?”

“Look don’t you have to go back to your girlfriend?”

“She went home, so we have all day and believe me I’m not leaving until you tell me everything.” This made you explode because how dare he come here and demand to know what happened all those years after he broke all contact. “You’ve got some nerve! Why are you really here Taehyung? It’s not like you ever needed me in those three years, so why are you here now?”

“I’m sorry for not contacting you but I thought it was better that way.”

“Whatever, you want to know what happened, well I graduated without any friends and in college I dated a guy and I was even engaged until I found out he cheated on me with my only friend and you know he was my first because I thought we were going to marry but as you can see I’m single so really I don’t need you now, just be happy with your girlfriend.”

“What’s the name of that bastard?”

“Why does it matter, it’s in the past.”

“I can’t just do nothing, he hurt you.”

“He did but so did you, so why would you hurt him?”

“I’m really sorry, if I’d known that you needed me, I wouldn’t have stopped the contact.”

“It’s fine, at least your healthy, how did your education go, did you graduate?” he nodded and smiled genuinely at you and to your horror you felt the butterflies going crazy. you immediately knew why you were so angry it was because you still loved him. “I graduated and I am opening a studio.”

“Really, that’s great, congratulations.” you smiled at him for the first time and he blinked at that and somehow that made you feel better. You heard his phone going off and as he picked up, his face fell for a second and you were surprised that it was his girlfriend and that gave you more confidence. “I have to go but let’s meet again tomorrow, at our spot okay?” you nodded not able to say no even though you were angry and as he left you walked out of the little office when you suddenly locked eyes with his girlfriend and she didn’t look happy.

“Unni, you really shouldn’t hang around him like that.”

“Why not, we’re friends.”

“Friends my ass, I know that you like him and it would be wise if you stayed away because he is mine. We are going to marry next year so you better not come between us.”

“We’re just friends so really you don’t have to be like this.”

“I met Taehyung when he moved to America, we were neighbors and he never once talked about you, he only started to talk about you when his mother sent him a picture of you opening your cafe but other than that you didn’t exist in his thoughts, so please just stop being this pathetic.” You really wanted to hit him but you couldn’t and she really hurt you with her words and the fact that she was probably telling the truth, made it even worse.

“Leave!” you pointed at the door with a trembling finger, which made her smile because she knew she had won. “I will and again stay away from Taehyung Oppa.” with that and a swoosh of her hair, she left and with that your heart crumbled. “Are you okay boss?” You nodded even though you were not. “Let’s close up early today.”

The next day you decided not to go and leave your cafe to your mother, knowing she would take care of it until you got back. this is when you left for Jeju and that’s where you stayed and never once did he contact you, which was for the better, you hoped he would be happy with his girlfriend and in the meantime you just enjoyed your life, putting your feelings away and as two years went by you had to return home, as your mother was really sick and when you walked into the little coffee shop you were greeted by everyone, except for one person and you were shocked to see Taehyung behind the counter looking at you with an intense glare.

“Yah what is he doing here?” you asked one of the female employees and she just giggled. “Oppa started working here a few months after you left.”

“Really, why?”

“He had broken up with his girlfriend and needed something else to take his mind off it.”

“Ah, I see.” You walked up to the counter and smiled at Taehyung. “Hi, it’s been a while.” He nodded and walked around the counter and as he grabbed your arm you were a bit startled as he started to pull you to the back but you knew better than to say something about it. “Why didn’t you show up that day?”

“Your girlfriend warned me not to.” you shrugged because this was really ridiculous, he must’ve known better than to ask me to see him late at night when he had a girlfriend and even though you kicked yourself in the head for doing something like that to him, it was also a bit of karma. “You know what she told me?” you shook your head because how would you know.

“She told me that I was in love with you and that was why I didn’t ask her to marry me.” You couldn’t but stare at him in shock because that didn’t make sense at all. He never once looked at you as he looked at the women he loved. “She must’ve seen it wrong.” the thing that shocked you the most was when he shook his head. “She wasn’t wrong.”

“What do you mean Taehyung?” Your heart was beating so fast that it scared you because even after those years he still was the only one for you but there was no way he felt the same about you. “I’m in love with you. I was just too stupid to recognize it. You think you never crossed my mind right when I lived in the states? but in fact you were the only one I thought about, you are in everything I did. You are in my paintings and even my diary.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

“I won’t stop this time, I should’ve never broken off contact like that because I knew you were hurt even though you tried to hide it. I read every message you send me, I was just the idiot that never send you anything back.” He had come closer and as he was standing right in front of you, you didn’t dare to look up and you ended up staring at his chest. “What I don’t get though, why did you never told me you liked me? Why did you leave me without telling me your feelings?”

“I was scared that you didn’t feel the same” you mumbled and that’s when he lifted up your face and locked eyes with you. “I need to show you something, will you please come with me?” you nodded immediately because there was no way you could resist him now and as you followed him, you stopped in front of a big house and as he pressed in a code the door opened. He pulled you inside and as he led you to a room, you were wondering what it was, that he needed to show you. “Taehyung what?” he didn’t let you finish as he groaned. “Stop calling me Taehyung, just call me Oppa, like you have always done.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, it’s my own fault.” he walked through the house until you reached a dark room and as he pulled you inside you were getting really anxious, as you didn’t like dark rooms “Close your eyes for a second.” you did as he asked and waited patiently and when you felt the light on your face you wanted to open your eyes but you waited for him to give you permission. “Okay open your eyes.” which you did but when you did that your eyes almost fell out of its sockets as you were surrounded by paintings of yourself. The entire room was filled with your face and it was as if you were dreaming. “What is this?”

“This is you, this is how I’m proving to you that you never once left my thoughts, just look at the dates.” You walked to the painting who looked the oldest and you were shocked to see that this was from when you just met and the years went up from that moment and it did prove everything. He suddenly stepped behind you and put his hands around your waist. “ I’m really sorry for losing contact but please can’t you take a step towards me now or am I too late?” you turned in his arms so you were facing him and you know you were crying. “Please don’t cry.” he wiped away the tears with his sleeve and that’s when you know, you had to let go of your damn pride. He suddenly pressed his lips against yours and at first, you were shocked but soon you kissed him back, which felt like you had finally come home. “Please meet me tonight at our spot,” he mumbled against your lips when he pulled back and the only thing you could do now was nod.

You dressed a bit fancier than you normally would, but you wanted to look good for him and as you decided to let your hair hang over your back, you stepped out, what you didn’t expect were all the torches at the side of the path and when you arrived at your spot next to the river, you were surprised to see Taehyung standing in a suit at the end of it. You followed the path until you were in front of him and as he smiled you had a feeling but you just looked at him. “Y/N, I know I realized it way too late and I regret a lot of things, but I don’t regret getting to know you. I’m sorry for the hurt I’ve cost you and the only thing I can do is promise you I will never hurt you again and also that I will never leave you again.” he knelt down and as he pulled a little black box out of his coat, your heart skipped for a second.

“In order not to lose you again, I can only see one solution and that is to marry you and please don’t think this is a rash decision, I have been thinking about this for a couple of years now. This ring is the first thing I bought when I realized I loved you so please accept my offer to marry you so I can love you until I die and even after.” You felt speechless for a few seconds and as you stared at him you knew he was being sincere and you could actually feel the love, so you nodded. “Of course I will marry you Oppa.” With that, he put the ring on your finger and hugged you.

“Thank you for loving me all these years and for letting me come home.”







she has GOT to be the most AUTHENTIC female idol rapper in the entire industry and i wish somebody really would try to tell me i’m wrong. 

that performance was FIRE. i am SO impressed. i dont even care who ends up winning on this show—based on that elimination performance ALONE—IMO, yezi is the winner of unpretty rapstar season 2.

“Sasuke Uchiha!” The blond teacher’s voice snapped, awaking Sasuke from his daydream. The giggles from the classroom filled the room. Sasuke had once again spaced out, his thoughts only centred on his blond teacher. Sasuke’s face heated up as Naruto’s ocean blue eyes bore into his. Sasuke could only look down.

“Sorry, Mr.Uzumaki…” He muttered, hating that he had gain a reputation in Naruto’s class as ‘the kid that always spaced out’. Being completely unaware that Sasuke’s thoughts were always on him. Naruto just sighed.

“See me after class, Sasuke” Naruto shook his head, Sasuke’s eyes widened. He’d…be alone with Naruto? The thought made his heart speed up. He walked back over to his seat after nodding. He sat next to his best friend, Suigetsu, who was snickering at him.

“Ooooooh, sir’s mad at ya!” Suigetsu teased, Sasuke rolled his eyes and looked forward. Dreamily placing his face in hand, paying full attention to his teacher. Naruto Uzumaki. His-too cute to be a teacher-English tutor. Sasuke still remembered the first time he laid eyes on him. Naruto goofily walked into the room, cracking jokes and greeting the pupils as if he was one of them. Well, it served him well, he was by far the most popular teacher. His smile, his friendliness, his good-natured heart. Sasuke wanted it all. It frustrated him to no end that he was too young for his handsome teacher.

Being thirteen really sucked.

Though he’d never come onto Naruto anyways, he cared too much about him to get him into that sort of trouble. As if Naruto would be ever interested anyway…but that didn’t stop Sasuke’s heart beating wildly whenever he drew near. Or making Sasuke’s face burn bright red. Or…the dreams. Sasuke just hoped, begged and prayed that Naruto would still be ‘available’ when he was legal. It was wishful thinking, but it was all he could think about.

Staring at Naruto, he wanted to run his hands through his golden hair and for Naruto to encase him in those muscled arms. Sasuke nearly fainted the day he came in with a short-sleeved shirt. Crushes always seemed so ridiculous to him, the idea of being so fixated on a person who would never return your feelings was pitiful. Boy did he feel embarrassed when he realised his feelings for his teacher…


Sasuke jumped slightly at the bell, had he really spent another lesson focusing on nothing but Naruto? Somehow, he wasn’t surprised by this point. He silently waited for everyone to leave, feeling the butterflies rise in his stomach and the warmth to his face increase as Naruto’s footstep became louder. Sasuke’s eyes averted down, not wanting to see that disappointed look in his adored teacher.

“Sasuke” Naruto sighed, running his hands through his hair exasperatedly, “You’re a smart kid, I’ve seen your grades, they’re the best this school’s ever had” Naruto began, Sasuke didn’t respond, “So I don’t understand why you have to daydream all the time in my class, your other teachers don’t have this problem” Naruto pointed out, Sasuke remained silent, Naruto frowned before sitting in front of him, “Is there…anything wrong? Anything you want to talk about?” Naruto asked in a concerned tone.

“No, sir” Sasuke answered, how was he supposed to explain that he wanted nothing more than to kiss the living hell out of him?! “I’m just tired from studying” Sasuke lied, Naruto raised an eyebrow.

“Hm, still, maybe I should give you some private tutoring” Naruto suggested, Sasuke’s head shot up.

PRIVATE?! Is he trying to kill me?!

“W-What?!” Sasuke squawked, his face now engulfed in crimson. Naruto was a little caught off guard by his reaction. Though Naruto could put two and two together. Naruto was quiet for a moment, taking in the new information before getting up. Sasuke hated this. He hated feeling like this. He just wished that he was normal! He wished he wasn’t so-

“Here” Naruto’s kind voice spoke, Sasuke saw the worksheet in Naruto’s hands. “Do this at home and we’ll forget about it, okay?” Naruto offered, giving a sweet smile. Sasuke realised that Naruto knew. Making his feelings of embarrassment fly through the roof. Sasuke quickly thanked him and took the sheet, rushing out the room to where Suigetsu was waiting for him. Giving a smirk.

“How’d it go?” Suigetsu asked, Sasuke stormed past him.

“Fucking kill me” Sasuke said, causing Suigetsu to howl in laughter.

The heiress and the prince part 2

The second part of my Klaroline au week day seven Drabble. Where the Mikaelsons are king and queen of England. And Klaroline have been hiding their relationship from the people for five years and decided to reveal to the nation in a very un royal way.

For @caritobear and @mscaroline-forbes who when I was giving them a summaries of a couple Drabbles I have to finish they were really excited.


Caroline rolls over from snuggling with Klaus and feels someone watching her. She has become accustom to the feeling living the life she leads but she doesn’t like it when she’s asleep and a little bit hungover from last night. She cracks an eye open and sees two five year olds looking at her a blonde and a brunette. “ Hi.”

Caroline squints at the five year olds “Hello.”

“ Are you a princess?”

“ I’m an heiress.” She points to Klaus asleep next to her “ He’s a prince. Princesses are down the hall go wake them up.”

“What’s an heiress?”

“Why isn’t he wearing his crown?”

Caroline stretches in bed still keeping the covers over her naked body. “ Too many questions this early in the morning. I’ll answer your questions if you give me that shirt and those shorts.”

The twin girls nod and go and pick up the items Caroline pointed to. “ Thank you.”

Caroline manages to get the shirt on with out them seeing anything. She nudges Klaus in the side “ Nik put this on.”

Klaus still asleep mumbles “ Usually you ask me to take something off not put on.”

“ Wake up and put this on we have company.”

Klaus still has his eyes closed “ Tell Tyler he’s fired for being a creep.”

Caroline smiles down at him she’s glad she isn’t the only one who thinks Tyler is a creep “ No it’s not Tyler wake up and look on my side of the bed.”

Klaus opens his eyes and looks over at the two five year olds “ Those are kids.”

Caroline caress his face “ It’s a good thing your pretty.”

Klaus glances up at her and she pecks him on the lips and hands him his boxers. “ These kids have questions for us.”

“ This early in the morning.”

“ I know that’s what I said.”

“ So what do they want to know.”

“Why you are not wearing your crown and what’s an heiress.”

Klaus looks over at the twins again with sleepy eyes “ It’s too pointy to sleep in.”

Caroline doesn’t really know how to explain what an heiress is to them “My parents work with diamonds and when they leave this world I get their money and business well my brothers and I do.”

“ Do you have a crown?”

Klaus stretches in bed “ Yes it’s with the other Crown Jewels we only bring them out on special occasions.”

“ Is he your Prince Charming?”

Caroline looks over at the equally hungover shirtless prince “ I guess so yeah.”

The twins satisfied with their answers go to leave when Caroline leans up on her elbows “ What are your names?”

“ Lizzie and Josie.”

They go past the table and see bottles of alcohol from last night “ Is that soda?”

Both Caroline and Klaus jump out of the bed “ Stop, that’s poison the evil aunt who is trying to steal the kingdom sent it don’t touch.”

Both blondes sit on the couch still tired “ Are you sure your a prince?”

“ Yeah I’m pretty sure. Why?”

“ You don’t look like a prince.”

Klaus looks over at Caroline with the same expression i am so done with these kids. “ Ok… That’s it come with me Josie and Lizzie in the palace.”


Both blondes lead them out of the room a couple minutes later they find Tyler “ We found these in our room. What part of security detail don’t let anyone in didn’t make any sense.”

“ What am I supposed to do with them?”

Klaus has his arm around Caroline’s shoulders her head is on his shoulder they were out last night at a club with the others and didn’t get in till late. “ That’s not our problem your the security try asking Alaric.”


As they are walking back to their room Esther, Alaric and Ayana come out of the Queen and kings wing. “ I see your not getting dressed today.”

Caroline looks down she’s just wearing one of Klaus shirts and Klaus is in his boxers. “ We are but we were awoken by two five years olds who found there way into our room. And kept asking us questions.”

“ Your highness where are my children?”

“ We left them with Mr. Lockwood who I am firing for being a terrible bodyguard. Plus he keeps staring at Caroline’s breasts.”

Esther looking up from her day planner Anya is holding “ Niklaus you can’t keep firing bodyguards. Your going to have to put up with him he’s not hurting anyone.”

“ Mother he pulled a gun on Caroline.”

“ I will talk with him. And you and Caroline have that interview at 3 to properly announce your relationship.”

Klaus groans he doesn’t like talking to the press that’s more Rebekah’s thing. “ Why do we have to do the interview we already told the nation we are dating. That’s what the garden party was for.”

Esther sighs and rubs her temple “ Niklaus for the last time the garden party was for the people to meet us, shake our hand, and for us to mingle. I am still getting calls everyday a week later about what each of you did at the garden party. You made a fool of yourself and Caroline for your little performance last week.”


After his mother leaves Klaus turns to Caroline “ What do you want to do my love. Go back to bed, sex in the throne room, have a little vacation of our own, or go prepare hours before a interview neither of us want to do.”

Caroline smiles up at him and kisses him and she wraps her legs around his waist and he begins walking to the throne room.


An hour later as they are coming out of the throne room with missed up hair Katherine comes around the corner “ Oh honey don’t you know sex in the throne room is so last week.”

Caroline laughs and turns to her best friend “Meaning last week you and Elijah were in there.”

“Right before I heard you were here. It’s one of his favorite spots.”

“ I knew something was up when I saw you last week your hair was messed up You would never think that Elijah likes to get down in the throne room he’s always so proper and gentlemanly.”

Katherine smiles at her best friend “ Yeah my Elijah is kinky which is why we work so well together. Also I want you to be my maid of honor.”

Caroline squeals and throws her arms around Katherine’s neck “ of course, I’m so excited.”


They return to their room and the room is spotless “I see mother sent the housekeepers to clean the place up. I’m surprised she didn’t lay out the clothes she wants us to wear for this ridiculous interview on the bed.”

Caroline laughs and pulls him towards the bathroom.


Two hours later

Klaus and Caroline both showered and changed for the interview both of them don’t want to do. Esther arranged for the interview to be in their bedroom on the couch.

For the interview Caroline choose a white sleeveless dress with a black beaded neckline that stops mid thigh and her thigh high boots there is a little gap between dress and boots. Klaus is just in black jeans and a dress shirt.

“Your highness it is a pleasure. Thank you for inviting me to the palace and sitting down with me.”

Both Klaus and Caroline nod. “How long have you and Caroline been a couple?”

Klaus and Caroline are holding hands looking very civilized and proper looking very Royal, Caroline has her legs crossed at the ankles. “ We have been together for five years.”

“With both of you leading very public lives how did you manage to keep this a secret for this long.”

Klaus and Caroline both look at each other before Klaus answers. “ Being a prince and and an heiress you get a certain reputation that we are out of control, like to party a lot but when you would take pictures of us in the clubs dancing with each other it wasn’t just because it was Tuesday and we were bored so we decided to go out. Whenever you took pictures of us we were on dates.”

“Caroline you have two older brothers how do they feel about you dating England’s most popular playboy?”

Caroline smiles at Klaus they came up with cover stories to hide their relationship from the public Klaus’s was he was England’s most popular playboy, hers was she was a ditzy partying heiress. “ They are fine with it. Klaus, myself, my brothers, his siblings all grew up together. So when we started dating he was already accepted by my brothers.”

“So after being together for five years is there wedding bells in the future? Caroline are you ready to become a princess?”

Caroline and Klaus share a look they’ve have never talked about marriage. “ I’ll let Klaus answer the first question but as for the second question if he asked me yes I would be ready to become a princess and if I had any questions I would ask Rebekah and Freya who I love like sisters.”

Klaus looks down at their hands “ Maybe some time in the future but right now we are just happy being together plus I don’t want to take the spotlight away from my older brother and Katerina’s upcoming nuptials.”

“While we are on the topic of the upcoming nuptials of Prince Elijah and soon to be princess Katerina do you each have a role or are you guests.”

Caroline smiles she is so happy for her best friend she couldn’t be more proud of her. Katherine has been her best friend for as long as she can remember before her parents moved their children to the palace (Caroline’s parents were friends with Mikael and Esther) Katherine was her next door neighbor. Katherine lived in the estate next to theirs and they would always play together. Then when Caroline and her brothers moved Katherine asked her parents if she could visit Caroline at the palace Katherine would visit three times a week and become friends with all the Mikaelsons.

“ I’m the maid of honor”

“Best man.”

“That was all the questions I had thank you for sitting down with me. I know you both are busy.”

Caroline and Klaus nod and the reporter let’s herself out.


Klaus leans his head back against the couch and Caroline lays her head on his shoulder “ That went well even though we both hated it.”

“I hate reporters.”

Caroline looks up at him “What do you want to do Nik? Have a little vacation of our own, go tell your mom that the interview is done and that it went well and we didn’t start a crisis, hangout with the others?”

“ All I want to do is this.”

Klaus leans down and passionately kisses her.

BTS as kindergarteners!

Hoseok: The loudest but the teachers love him because everyone is happier with him around!

Jungkook: the shy but cocky kid who can’t decide if he wants to fight or befriend the kid with the box smile

Taehyung: The kid with the box smile, most popular, comes yelling inside “let’s take the trash out” and takes the trash bag out

Yoongi: sleeping peacefully in the trash bag.

Jimin: the kid who draws beautifully and who Taehyung favours over everyone. No one knows why

Jin : The prettiest of them all. Played the role of Snow White in school play.

Rapmon : The nerdy kid with a cult going and some parents are members too.

Chiharu's tour (Closed RP for the-dwma-assassin continued)

“You’re welcome. We have a short walk and we’ll be in East Austrium Park. It’s the most artistic park in the city and one of the most popular places.” I smile as I give a little information about it.