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Today in: Pictures That General Hux Would Rather Keep Secret

Years after compromising pictures of Cadet Hux surfaced online, he remains one of the most popular search terms on the First Orders intranet. While the authorities still refuse to make an official statement as to the origin of the material, First Order members can´t seem to get enough of their youngest general. Not even the possibility of imposing sanctions for the possession of said pictures could stop the trend. Rumours have us believe that courageous members of the Order even go as far as decorating their lockers with the forbidden material!

Thanks to @epiccuppycakes who gave me the idea! : D

Redraw of this:

 It was something that I still really liked but I could never get past the obvious mistakes and style issues because I draw differently now. Now it’s much more accurate now. And I like my depictions of McCree and Hanzo MUCH better. These two still hurt my soul

This is by far my most popular picture on Tumblr and people seemed to love it so hopefully this is just as good too ^^ 

Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade from the Pineapple Promenade, available during the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.


All of Wyn’s Warframes, so far. They like the freedom that comes from having lots of options for different sorts of missions, and that definitely isn’t an excuse for me to have a large collection.

Marshmallowfury is a TERF.

As much as i HATE HATE HATE callout culture. I decided i want to make this post, because the current post on this comes off as very child-like, and i worry that not everyone will take it seriously. 

However, the truth is that like that post says. Marshmallowfury is indeed a terf. I had hoped that maybe this was a misunderstanding, but it was not. 

Their new sideblog is this, (however it may change again later)

They had changed their url.

I had a private discussion with them, however i am not going to reveal the chatlogs publicly, i am not the kind of person to do that. I told them i just wanted a conversation. And i will keep to my word. (But in summary, it generally had them telling me that what i told them was homophobic, even though I have a girlfriend myself. And That trans women aren’t real women.)

Instead of using links like most call out posts do, im going to use screenshots directly from their sideblog, of things they have said, that way the links can’t be deleted or break. I’ll started with the first most popular picture of what started this, and the other images will be under the cut. There might be transphobia under the cut, obviously

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Hey guys!

Because I watch a lot of YouTube and I love reading these types of things, I showed my mother about 20 seconds of a YouTubers most popular video, and three pictures of them (The first three that popped up when I googled their names) and asked my mum about them!
She was a good sport and came up with some hilarious answers to my questions. She was a little shy at first, but warmed up and had a laugh at some videos I showed her.

She liked Jenna best, but enjoyed Mark’s videos as well! If she had to choose between them all, she told me she would watch Jenna Marbles the most.
This was just a bit of fun, and I enjoyed showing my mum some people I find very influential.

I asked her about SMOSH, jokingly and she had this hilarious question:

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Have you posted your most popular instagram picture on here yet?

OK, this is my most popular photo on Instagram:

This is the kind of photo I archive on Instagram because of their phobia about nipples.

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Now that we know that Viktor stalked Phichit's instagram, I can only imagine his reaction at some of those most popular pictures. *insert Chris innuendo*

Phichit’s Instagram is a blessing for Viktor

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Just out of curiosity but do you have any more ideas/headcanons about the Paladins and their use of social media in space?

Let’s be honest I always have more ideas about Altean wifi…

  • NASA (and the science community in general) are all very excited about the scientific knowledge that an alien race as advanced as the Alteans might be able to give them.
    • Space twitter:  ask away! Our science officer
      @coran-the-gorgeous-man is here and ready to answer all your questions!
    • The ensuing ‘conversation’ lasts about 30 minutes and goes about as well as can be expected
  • Lance posts pictures of Pidge on Olkari all with the caption “photosynthesis: hacked”
    • Pidge: When we get back to Earth I’m going to hack a tree, I’ll hack a squirrel, I’ll hack an ibis!
  • Pidge posts several really blurry photos with the caption “PROOF OF ALIENS”
  • The space mice become very popular, especially with kids. Lance knits them different sweaters for all the different Earthen holidays
  • Allura gets really into making moodboards, which are always matched amazingly well for colour, sometimes less so for substance
    • Her most popular moodboard to date has in order: a blueberry, a picture of Slav floating through space, a blue hairdryer, a plastic blue chair, an engagement ring with inlaid sapphires, kaltenecker wearing a blue bow, sonic the hedgehog, a Blu-ray copy of finding nemo and a picture of the blue lion with the caption “blue, the color of our planet from far, far away
      • Lance, holding back a laugh: that’s … really good Allura. I love how well everything fits together
        Allura: thank you, I’m glad you like it
        Lance: What made you pick that quote in particular?
        Allura: I thought it was nice that both Altea and Earth are blue planets. All the pictures are things that remind me of home
        Lance, choking back a sob: oh, that's… really great
      • Coran burst into tears the first time he saw it
  • In response to the spacehoaxers Hunk and Lance make a patreon for “performance art exploring social media from the perspective of four teenagers and Shiro stuck in space”
    • “If we get to one million patrons we’ll tell you how the Slav puppet works”
    • “If we get two million we’ll publish a behind the scenes look at the ‘Altean shapeshifting video’”
    • “If we get to seven patrons we’ll try to shave Keith’s mullet”
  • Lance and Pidge tried to do a prank video where they Rickrolled Coran and Allura. They both thought it was an absolute banger and played it on repeat for close to a week.
    • The meme team has many regrets
  • Lance over twitter: anyone here willing to receive an Amazon package and then pass it through a small wormhole the exact size and shape of the box?
    • Allura from the other room: no
  • Keith likes to make self-defence videos that are all strangely specific
    • Keith: now, if you want to disarm two Galra sentries in a ship of the blueprint J configuration where the guards are following a strict pattern C-alpha patrol and all you have on hand is a Luxite knife here’s what you want to do…
    • The comment section on all these videos are mostly him explaining to people how you would adjust these techniques for their own scenarios (along with comments from Pidge tallying how many times Shiro has made them watch the videos during training)
  • Hunk creates a subreddit for suggestions on how to fix/improve different parts of the ship using the limited supplies they have
    (you can’t convince me that Hunk didn’t have a reddit account on Earth and positive karma to spare)
    • It’s one of the most useful sources of information they have and saves their necks more than once
  • There’s another thread called “unflattering pictures of Lance” that no one finds out about until the photos start making it onto Twitter that Hunk denies making
    • Pidge commissions an oil painting of one of the most popular pictures for Lance for his birthday
Signs as famous Tumblr posts
  • Aries: Let's make [insert thing here] the most popular picture on Tumblr
  • Gemini: That shooting star gif telling you to make a wish
  • Taurus: gif of a cgi bird drinking from a chocolate fountain which drove people mad
  • Cancer: The original 'down with cis' story
  • Leo: The post with the fandoms declaring war against Facebook. [Fandom], grab your [fandom related thing].
  • Virgo: People being offended over the Joker without make-up because they thought it was a real soldier
  • Libra: Tumblr Support's post about how they made it impossible to edit other people's posts in reblogs, which was edited relentlessly in reblogs.
  • Scorpio: original spiders georg post.
  • Sagittarius: do you like the colour of the sky?
  • Capricorn: The colordrop pen post that turned into an endless array of fancomics with humanized versions of the pen and other inanimate objects.
  • Aquarius: the post where artists drew silly faces on handsome bodies and then shipped them.
  • Pisces: tag your gore/pomegranate.

I gotta’ say, despite still being on Hiatus, it’s been really nice being welcomed back so quickly. I’ve missed you guys a lot, and can’t wait to get time to share more art with you!
Thanks for the messages, faves, reblogs, and all the ongoing support even during my inactivity! I really, really appreciate it :’)

When I do get time, I want to redraw one of my most popular pictures! My first ever Cheavy/Medic one seems to be  drawing some attention again so it might be a fun way to really see if my art’s changed, and how much if it has!

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- Meliorn has a famous aesthetic-blog where he posts pictures of plants, sketches, poems, pictures of himself (+ plants) 

- He mostly earns his money through the blog, but also works at a small flower shop for some extra cash

- Jace owns a coffee shop (it’s actually owned by his adoptive parents, but he’s running it)

- He’s never admit it but he loves Meliorn’s blog with a passion

- He often scrolls through it when he’s stressed/close to a panic attack, because the nice pictures calm him down (+ Meliorn is really pretty and Jace is in awe of his beauty)

- Meliorn is friends with Magnus (who’s a fashion/beauty blogger) and Raphael (who works as their photographer and has his own grungy insta): They live together in a huge ass flat

- Magnus tells Meliorn about his boyfriend’s brother’s coffee shop and how it has the perfect aesthetic for his pictures

- Raphael agrees to check it out with Meliorn and look if they can get some nice pictures there

- When they get there Meliorn is amazed, because the place is basically perfect for his blog and every aesthetic lover (little does he know that Jace actually gets the inspiration for his decorating ideas from Meliorn’s blog)

- They order coffee and Raphael asks the (cute) barista with glasses if they could speak with the owner

(- Simon nearly drops Raphael’s coffee, because holy shit that gorgeous guy is actually talking to him, oh god)

- He hurries to get Jace, who comes out of the kitties with a flushed face from the heat and his hands full of flour

- Meliorn is in awe the second he sees him and Jace nearly chokes when he recognizes him

- Raphael goes full on business mode and asks if they could take pictures of and in the place, and Jace agrees and even offers them to stay in after closing time, so they could take some pictures without customers around

- Meliorn thanks him cheekily and then they sit down again with their coffee and Raphael starts to take pictures of Meliorn, the coffee and Meliorn + the coffee

- Meanwhile both Simon & Jace are wondering if Meliorn and Raphael are boyfriends (because that would be too bad)

- After Jace closes the shop, Raphael starts to take some more pictures and Jace is amazed by Meliorn looking so effortlessly beautiful while posing

- Jace finds the courage to tell him that he loves his blog just before they leave and Meliorn smiles at him and suddenly there are butterflies in Jace’ stomach and everything is spinning and holy shit Meliorn is so beautiful 

- Meliorn visits the coffee shop again a few days later without Raphael; instead he brings his sketchbook

- Simon shyly asks where he left his boyfriend and that’s how they find out that Meliorn and Raphael are not together (it’s also how Meliorn figures out that Simon is crushing on Raphael)

- The next day Meliorn posts abstract art of a pretty blond boy in an apron surrounded by plants on his blog

- Jace nearly has a heart attack when he sees the sketches on Meliorn’s blog that evening and actually spills his green tea everywhere

- The next time they see each other is at the flower shop Meliorn works at, because Izzy dragged Jace there (she needs a bouquet for her anniversary with Clary)

- Meliorn asks Jace out and gives him a orange rose (Izzy tells Jace later that they represent a mix of friendship and love, basically a crush)

- Jace says yes with an adorable blush on his cheeks

- Meliorn takes him to central park for their first date and they sit in the grass and Meliorn braids flower crowns for them while Jace talk about his job at the coffee shop and how much he loves him

- They later on take pictures with the flower crowns on (they happen to be the most popular pictures on Meliorn’s blog in the matter of a few hours)

- Their first kiss is during their fourth date at a public garden

- Jace was braiding flowers into Meliorn’s hair and Meliorn just kissed him, because he looked so damn cute

- The kiss is very soft and gentle and careful (like everything in their relationship)

- After that they are official boyfriends and Meliorn’s blog is now full of couple pictures and poems about love and sketches of strong jaws, shining eyes and bright smiles

(- Meanwhile Simon got up the courage to ask Raphael out and to everyones surprise he said yes - Raphael’s dark and grungy instagram turns a little less dark after that and the images of thunderstorms, dark streets and leather get accompanied by pictures of fingers laced together, rough kisses and Simon in general (often playing the guitar with a soft smile on his face or in the morning with his hair sticking up in every direction))