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Climate Change Is Accelerating Permafrost Thawing. And It’s Destroying Arctic Cities.
As climate change accelerates permafrost thawing, what can be done to maintain the resource-rich hubs Russia relies on?

Global warming has been tied to more frequent forest fires and flooding across Russia, but its impact on permafrost, which covers two-thirds of the country’s territory, is also beginning to be felt. At least seven giant craters have been discovered in Siberia—reportedly caused by thawing permafrost allowing methane to explode out of the ground—and a 12-year-old boy in Salekhard died from anthrax in August after thawing released bacteria.

Cracking and collapsing structures are a growing problem in cities like Norilsk—a nickel-producing centre of 177,000 people located 180 miles above the Arctic Circle—as climate change thaws the perennially frozen soil and increases precipitation. Valery Tereshkov, deputy head of the emergencies ministry in the Krasnoyarsk region, wrote in an article this year that almost 60 percent of all buildings in Norilsk have been deformed as a result of climate change shrinking the permafrost zone. Local engineers said more than 100 residential buildings, or one-tenth of the housing fund, have been vacated here due to damage from thawing permafrost.

In most cases, these are slow-motion wrecks that can be patched up or prevented by engineering solutions. But if a foundation shifts suddenly it can put lives at risk: cement slabs broke a doctor’s legs when the front steps and overhanging roof of a Norilsk blood bank collapsed in June 2015. Building and maintenance costs will have to be ramped up to keep cities in Russia’s resource-rich north running.

Engineers and geologists are careful to note that “technogenic factors” like sewer and building heat and chemical pollution are also warming the permafrost in places like Norilsk, the most polluted city in Russia. But climate change is deepening the thaw and speeding up the destruction, at the very same time that Russia is establishing new military bases and oil-drilling infrastructure across the Arctic. Greenpeace has warned that permafrost thawing has caused thousands of oil and gas pipeline breaks.

“There were problems there before, but climate change exacerbates them,” says Ali Kerimov, an engineer at Foundation Research and Production in Norilsk. “We need to study each case separately to understand what awaits us with climate change.”

Article ends with no solutions, instead, it breezes through a “you’re on your own” doomsday scenario.


The city with the most polluted air

The World Health Organisation ranks Delhi as the world’s most polluted big city. Authorities have tried reducing the number of cars on the city’s roads to improve air quality

DAY 2552

Sopaan, New Delhi              Apr  10/11,  2015             Fri/Sat  1:47 am

Ludmila : my dear happy Birthday from us all … love to you and for you all the years to come … remain healthy and happy .. love from us all EF 

It is a joy to be with my Father’s words .. a joy to know the mind within the mind that worded his words thus ..

He said right … how can anyone ask him what he meant and thought of his words when he was writing them ? How ?

It is not for him to realise or answer, he says .. those that read them and if they enjoy them then they have already answered the question. I guess the same for all creative artists. It is and shall be difficult to explain why a particular paint or rhythm was used in the creation process, and why a particular scene was enacted the way it was .. yes I may be able to do such, but nothing would compare to the original performance of creation, nothing would be with me to adequately explain or describe the moment ..

And so … best to let them the words be .. let the actions of the artists be … let the songs sung be, the paintings made be .. they be discussed and debated by others is a phenomena by itself .. those that make it have been done .. those that pass comment on it , pass comment on it .. what does it possibly have anything to do with me .. in a free world each one has an opinion and the liberty to express it, and so must it be .. it is the job of the critic to pass judgement or his or her ascertations on the product .. asking them that were responsible for its delivery or making is , I find somewhat painful … because, what I am being asked to do or express is humanly difficult .. and perhaps morally incorrect ..

I did what I had to do … now those that do what they have to do, should and must do .. 

Delhi … Delhi … Delhi   !! It has to be said is neat and clean and modern looking along with its history and its culture of the past and its architecture and its vastness of presence .. each morning I read that it is the most polluted city in the world .. I did not find it so … or maybe I lived in protective circumstance .. or maybe I never wanted to express this about the city ..

But yes its sense of aesthetics is superior .. its clientele is too .. the hoi poloi of the city live in an air of supremacy, of style and substance and of high pedigree .. a touch of elitism a sense of betterness and superior culture … quite possible and quite understandable too … but still reverberates with the very loud and obvious sounds of bureaucracy and positioning and relevant uttering of position and status ..

Mumbai … Mumbai .. is different 

It is welcoming and relaxed and comfortable and kind and unobtrusive … chilled out, happier and perhaps in better mental condition .. 

So a wedding in the family has brought together many old timers and friends and seeing them almost seems like a time lapse .. suddenly you wonder what happened to those years in between … for me they were unchanged, as were the people .. 

You almost look in disbelief as one after another comes by and reminds you of the ol’ days .. such a joy … you never want to leave that period, that moment in our history, with so many stories and incidents which we recollect as we associate with the faces of today .. with yesterday …

I want to go back to time then .. possible ??

Please make it somehow … can you !!!!

Amitabh Bachchan

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Toxic Linfen
My home for 9 months, but luckily it wasn’t this bad then. 


Pollution levels are measured by the Air Quality Index, which goes up to 500. Or, rather, 500 is as high as the scale measures: It’s the level at which “everyone” in the city is at risk for serious health problems if they decide they need to breathe that week. On a bad day, Beijing breaks right through that ceiling. At the time we talked with our source, during Beijing’s first official smog “red alert,” he said, “Pollution levels got up to 700 … I’m not even sure how that happened … Today’s the nicest day we’ve had, and it’s 401.” That’s right – a 700 on a scale that only goes to 500. At its worst, Beijing’s air reached levels of bad that the people who measure filthy air for a living hadn’t even contemplated.

If you’re an American and are trying to compare this to anything you’ve breathed recently, don’t bother. The absolute smoggiest parts of L.A. (the most polluted city in the U.S.) hit 130 on a bad day.Most of the city hovers from 40 to 70. In other words, a “bad day” of smog in Beijing is five to 10 times as bad as the smoggiest days L.A. will ever see.

5 Realities Of Smog So Bad It Blots Out The Sun