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The Call of Desire

A/N: Thank you @verdonafrost for this request. I really hope you will like it ^^

Yayyy! Ok so it’s a Steve x wife!reader, where Steve and reader are both sent on a months long mission but they have to pretend they don’t know each other e.g in a Hydra base where Steve is in security & his wife a scientist. They both have never been apart from each other. Steve gets really frustrated and seeks her out, ruining the mission. Fury’s angry he ‘couldn’t keep it in his pants’ but Steve’s not sorry 1 bit. With smut please? & don’t feel pressured to write it, it’s your choice 😊

Like always, feedback is appreciated :)

Words: 7.481

Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x wife!Reader

Warnings: NSFW, some swearing

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“You two are unbelievable! I expected so much more professionalism from you guys. Mostly from you, Rogers!” Fury hissed angrily through gritted teeth, his lips were a strong, very thin line while his one eyes was focused on you and Steve alternating. He looked from Steve at you and back at Steve, because he was talking with him right now but he also wanted your attention.

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Have a Merry early Christmas present (in the form of this little BTS image of the 412 Garage set at MBS)

Source: Paul Grellong’s insta (he wrote the S4 Xmas ep!) 


                    ・゚*。・゚✩ 。*   the  SAFEST  h a n d s
 are  still  our  OWN.   *。 ✩゚・。*゚・
                                                 priv & sel mcu muses. written by berry.
 BY H. ♡

Imagine Your Morning Routine With Jamie

You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock ringing.

“Ughhh!!!” You said, clearly angry at your phone for waking you up.
“Turn it off, please!” Jamie said with his head buried in his pillow.

You grabbed your phone and turned the alarm clock off, looking at the time - 06:30 A.M.

“Sorry babe, I forgot to dismiss the alarm for today.” You said apologetically.

You put the phone back where it was in your nightstand and turned around facing your boyfriend’s cheek.

You two had been dating for only a few months, actually. You met at the bar he usually goes with his partner after work and he was a constant presence in your nights ever since. You two hit it off pretty quickly, his partner advised him that he should start a conversation with you and he did, and you spent the whole night talking to him at the bar. It was actually weird that you hadn’t met before because you both worked for the NYPD.  He is a police officer and you work at the Narcotics Department. Those were jobs that required that you’d wake up early everyday but today you both had the day off so you were both pretty annoyed when you heard the sound that came out of your phone.

Anyways, you stayed friends for a while and then one night a case really took a hold of you and you decided to go to the bar but this time you got very drunk. You’ve never drank so much alcohol and you started saying things that you’d been avoiding to say. As your friend, Jamie assumed it was just the alcohol talking and since you were in no shape to drive home, he took you to his and after puking your guts out, you kept saying those a same things : “I love you, Jamie.” , “I want you.”

Deep down he felt the same way, you two had a connection that most couples aren’t lucky enough to say they do, but he couldn’t take advantage of you while you were drunk.

The thing was, after you were sober, he told you what you’ve been saying and you didn’t deny and gave in, admitting your feelings for him. Not able to contain himself, he pulled you in for a sweet,romantic kiss, leaving you speechless. And basically, you’ve been dating ever since.

“Hey Jamie?” You whispered tracing your finger on his jawline.
“Yes?” He said with his face still down.
“Turn to me, is that pillow really more interesting than your girlfriend?” You teased.
“Yes.” He teased back.
“Alright then….” You said with a smirk, knowing exactly what to do to have him turn to your side.

You started tickling him in his belly and he immediately turned around gabbing your hands to prevent you from tickling him anymore, laughing at your antics.

“It’s too early for this! Stop it!”

“Don’t be a baby, Reagan!”

“I’m not, I just want to sleep!”

“Well me too, but I don’t wanna fall asleep again looking at the freaking closet!”

He let out a chuckle and wrapped both his arms around you ( something he could do very well because you were quite petite ) and pulled you closer to him. So close that you were now inches apart and your whole body was pressed onto his.

“Better?” He asked with a smile.

“So much better.” You replied leaning in to kiss him.

He kissed you back. Softly at first, like all of your kisses, slowly graduating it’s intensity making you go dizzy. He was by far, the best kisser on the whole planet.

After you two had to let go to get some air, you rested your head in his pillow, and fell back asleep, like he also did, just like how you wanted to. In his arms, where you felt safe and at peace. You stayed like that for the next couple of hours and then woke up when you heard him move. He had gotten up and was making his way to the bathroom. You opened your eyes and looked at him. You could tell he was being cautious not to make any loud sounds because he didn’t want to wake you, but yet you did wake up and looked at your view with a smile plastered on your face.

“What are you doing?” Your said, your voice raspy from how sleepy you still were.

He turned around and looked at you in awe. You both had the day off today and you wanted to make the most of it, staying home.

“I didn’t want to wake you.” He confirmed your thoughts.
“It’s okay, I was getting hungry anyway.” You replied with a shrug of your shoulders.
“When are you not ?” He joked stepping closer to you and bending down to give you a kiss on your forehead.
“True.” You confirmed after he let his lips go away from your skin.
“I’m gonna take a shower, wanna join me?” He asked caressing your shoulder.
“Nah, I’ll probably stay in bed a little longer.” You teased rolling over, facing the other side of the room.

Jamie knew you were just playing, fooling around with him, so he decided to give you a little taste of your own medicine too.

“Well, then, I’m going to the bathroom to take a shower by myself.” He said dragging his words as they rolled off his tongue, in a whisper, walking around the bed so he was now standing in front of you and you were seeing him clearly.

“And I’ll have to take my clothes off… by myself.” He said taking his shirt off and throwing it onto your face.

You slightly laughed as you took his shirt off of you, even though you liked having his piece of clothing, with his body scent, right in front of your nose.

“Oooh, Officer, you’re making me change my mind…” You said with a grin, failing miserably at your attempt of seriousness.

“Well, I’m glad, because that was an order… and you’ll be facing some serious and severe consequences if you don’t follow it…” He said playing along a bit more.

“Well, then in that case, I think you’re gonna have to just force me to go. Because this bed is super comfy.” You said as you closed your eyes in peace as you spoke the last few words and held onto the fabric of the pillow case.
“Suit yourself.” He said before tickling you making you move and laugh uncontrollably across the bed you both shared.

He grabbed you gently and carried you, bridal style, to the bathroom.

You took off each other’s clothes before jumping in the shower and washing your bodies while sharing some kisses and private displays of affection.

Later on, after you got dressed in your comfiest clothes, you made your way to the kitchen, both of you cooking breakfast for yourselves. Although it was basically brunch because of amount of food you made and because of how close the clock’s pointer was to 12.

You had grabbed a bunch of different fruits and washed them before placing them in a bowl that was at the centre of the table, while Jamie poured some coffee in two mugs and put them in opposite sides of the same piece of forniture.

He had also cooked a pile of pancakes while you got the honey, the maple and the chocolate syrup ready.

You had went outside to buy some fresh croissants from the bakery across the street and today’s edition of Jamie’s usual newspaper for him , while he had stayed home and put the butter, the cheese and the ham on the table.

This was how your and Jamie’s relationship was. You two were a team, a ,what most people would call, perfect team. You rarely fought, which was something all your friends didn’t almost believe in. You were simply madly and deeply in love with each other, and if you’re being honest, you never thought you could ever feel this way towards anyone, ever. But you do, towards Jamie. And you could see yourself settling in with him in the future, and getting married to him and having his kids. He was someone who understood your job ( like you understood his ) and that was something that mattered a lot to you because everyone knows the risks of getting up in the morning and having a bullet fly through you, being in the law enforcement,  but only someone like him knew how rewarding it was.

You walked back inside your apartment and playfully hit him in the arm with the newspaper that was folded in a roll.

“Thank you. ” He said taking the journal from your hand and kissing the top of your head.

You smiled at him and made your way to the table, sitting down at your seat and waited for him to do the same so you could start eating brunch together.

He eventually did, and the two of you ate together, peacefully, enjoying each other’s company.

Easter Special.

*Religious References*

Lance recalled Easter Sunday, or Domingo de Pascua, at his house as a time to be cheerful, and full of energy. A description that matched the boy perfectly.

If he were to be asked on a personal level, Lance would admit that Easter was his favorite holiday back on Earth.

More so than Christmas, Halloween, all of it.

Easter in the McClain household was that of a spectacle. Especially with as many kids running around as there were.

Lance could remember waking up Easter morning, bright and​ early. The little one would look out his window at the crack of dawn until nearly noon daring a glance for the rabbit that would bring his goodies.

He never caught sight of it, darn thing.

Lance would always be the first downstairs helping his Mama boil eggs for the large family to dye later.

He had never seen so many eggs in his lifetime. It was quite a sight.

The rest of his childhood Easter experience was pretty stereotypical. The prior Holy Week was spent on a vacation, and then on Sunday the Easter began.

Lance always really liked the fireworks and fiesta that followed. He had never understood religion, but knew that this was a holiday to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection.

Now that he was in space, away from his biological family and with his ‘new’ one, Lance wanted nothing more than to be able to share this experience with them.

For all he could see, none of the other Paladins were aware that the holiday was upon them.

Lance was especially excited to introduce the holiday to Coran and Allura, who weren’t accustomed to such things.

And even if they were, they didn’t show any signs of knowing today was the day either.

Lance had been up all the next night, freezing space goo into egg shapes, making rabbit ears, and even had the mice dress up a little.

Lance had stashed some interesting space candies from a trip to the mall about a month ago.

He didn't​ mind sharing what he had left, just for this occasion.

The Paladin even had a little piece of chocolate from the Earth store, which he decided would be in a ‘Golden Egg’ sort of deal.

The boy was so excited, there was no sleep to be had. There was too much to do!

When morning came, Lance was exhausted. He hadn’t slept a wink, but was still able to maintain his energy.

He had hidden the little space goo eggs all throughout the castle, and had even devised a game with teams out of it.

Keith and Coran.

Allura and Hunk.

Shiro and Pidge.

The perfect, most unlikely teams.

It would bring everyone closer too, he hoped.

There would be a mouse assigned to each team, keeping everyone in check and dropping subtle hints here and there.

Whoever had the most eggs, or found the Golden Egg, by the end of half an hour would be deemed the winner.

Campeón Oficial de Pascua!

Lance was bubbling. To say the least.

As he started to hear his friends and teammates moving around in the castle, he decided it was time to let the festivities commence.

Fully dressed, Lance bolted from his room and to the dining area, full of energy and enthusiasm. Just like Lance.

Everyone was staring meekly into bowls of goo, or talking quietly with each other. Pidge was sleeping on her hand.

“Good morning, everyone!”

Shiro looked up, sighed, and offered the blue Paladin a small smirk. “Morning, Lance.”

Keith grumbled, casting the other a dirty look. “Seriously, how do you have so much energy this early in the morning? Did you find an equivalent to coffee in space?”

That interested ​the group, but only minorly.

“Nope! But I have so many fun things planned for this special holiday, that you all will be up and awake in no time!” Lance exclaimed.

Everyone gave each other a mutual look, before it was Hunk who spoke. “Lance, buddy. We all just woke up, we don’t want to play games. And, we’re a bit old for that don’t you think?”

Shiro and Pidge nodded in agreement.

Coran and Allura exchanged a look.

Lance glanced around at his friends, biting his tongue nervously for a moment. “Well, it’s not just a game. It’s a celebration. Didn’t you guys celebrate back in Earth with your families or friends?”

Pidge shook her head, “We didn’t celebrate random days for no reason. Especially not this early.”

The blue Paladin frowned further. They didn’t know what today was, did they?

“But it’s—”

He started to pull out the piece of parchment he had written the days plans on from his pocket. “I made a—”

Allura stood up, “Lance.”

He looked up quickly, blinking at the girl. “Yes, Princess​?” A flicker of hope was lit in his chest.

“We don’t have time for your silly games, celebration or not. Pick a day that’s more accustomed to everyone’s schedule, not just yours. Why don’t you go get yourself something to eat?”

Lance frowned, “But, Princess​, today is—”

“She’s saying shut up and leave, Lance.” Keith spat towards the boy, glaring.

No one defended Lance.

His enthusiasm was dropping drastically.

“I made plans, I stayed up all night. I—”

Lance started to take out the sheet, wanting to show it to the team. “Hunting, and… and dye—”

No one was listening. They’d started discussing plans for their plans to infiltrate the next enemy warship, another step in the defeat of Zarkon.

So none of them knew.

Lance bit his lip until he tasted crimson metal, not daring to blink because if he did the hurt that was welling in his eyes would be seen.

“Okay…. Okay …”

He gave everyone one last look, before slowly turning around and making his way back the way he had come.

Back to his room, where he would stay.

Lance caught sight of a little space goo egg on his way back, hidden around a corner.

The sight made a year escape, and he walked over to the thing and picked it up. It was starting to grow soft and melty.

It was an awful reminder, and it hurt him to stand here and hold this thing. What he had stayed up all night to create, to do for everyone.

And it was all thrown out to space.

He hurled the 'egg’ at the wall with a scream, watching as the goo splattered. He hated that stuff.

Lance’s day had been planned out, he had been so excited. This was going to be his one good day, his favorite day.

It was his one reminder of home.

His one reminder of the Earth he’d been forced to leave.

The others wouldn’t know it was Easter.

The others wouldn’t know all the planning and thought Lance had out into making this the best holiday away from home he could for the others.

But they’d simply brushed him off.

Keith had yelled at him.

'Shut up and leave.’

Lance felt a tightness in his chest, finally getting back to his room and sat in his bed.

This was the one familiar thing he could have.

He thought back to his childhood Easter again, thinking if everything they used to do together.

Dinner, Egg Dyeing, Fireworks.

Oh, Lance loved the fireworks.

Later that day, in the midst of battle, Lance flew Blue out from the rest of the crew. He shut her down.

Lance watched from Blues eyes, the explosions that erupted around him from defeated drones.

The sounds of his friends hunting down the tiny rovers like Easter eggs. The Golden Egg when the Galra ship exploded and blasted them all way.

Lance loved the fireworks.


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

(psst. pls read their nuzlocke)

But imagine Dean and Cas negotiating how to hold hands.

They’re walking down the street in a much bigger city, on the hunt for a decent looking burger place. Sam is on Dean’s other side, talking excitedly about something or other. Dean is too busy trying not to spontaneously combust every time he feels the back of Cas’s hand brush his. But he doesn’t just put his hands in his jacket pockets because he really does want Cas to hold his hand. But neither of them are going to say anything, so they just keep walking and thinking and brushing.

Sitting outside of the police chief’s office means they’re crowded onto a wooden bench that may have been a church pew in a past life. Luckily it’s just the two of them so they’re not being crushed even more by Sam’s broad shoulders. It’s deserted in this part of the building and the chief is still not back, so Dean and Cas are actually enjoying a moment of peace and quiet for once. That is if Dean would just stop jiggling his foot for goodness sake and no Cas that angle hurts my wrist let go okay fine Dean just let me move your arm like this— ouch!

They’re in the Impala and Cas is riding shotgun. He extends his left hand towards Dean, resting it on the seat palm up, an invitation. Dean notices out of the corner of his eye and grins a bit. Slowly he releases his right hand from the wheel and curls his fingers around to brush Cas’s knuckles. They both keep staring out the windshield and smiling their own private smiles.

Laying in bed together side by side, breathing hard from exertion, their hands meet somewhere in the middle. They can’t even be bothered to flip one of their hands over to embrace palm to palm; this is a lazy exchange of fingers, one digit overlapping another and another. It’s good, though, simple, in a way that neither of them believed that anything about their relationship could be. Dean thinks of children’s pinky promises and Cas thinks of an eternity of interlocked pieces.

Let it be known that Breezango have been working as faces for the last two nights in Spain (incidentally winning their matches too, as part of a 6 man tag with the other gentlemen above). Now of course this could mean nothing, as it’s a live event and canon isn’t typically acknowledged here. But, if we look at the behavior of them and The Vaudevillians during their match on Smackdown this week, it’s definitely possible that the WWE are testing the waters for a potential face turn (or at the very least tweeners) for our boys in the near future. I wouldn’t be complaining either way. ^__^

A Wedding Dance

I don’t even know what this is…. but I couldn’t watch last night’s episode without thinking about a wedding between a princess and a pirate. Just a short thought that came to my mind while watching them dance… 

                It was the scandal of the century that had rocked the entire kingdom.  The darling and beloved Princess Emma of Misthaven had eloped with no other than the notorious pirate: Captain Hook. Every scholar and scribe had scored through all the legal documents on matrimony that resided in the castle of Snow White, only on the command and order of her husband and Prince consort. No loophole could be found. No wrongdoing could negate the harsh truth. The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, the heir to the kingdom, had gone off and married a pirate.

Tears of reunion flowed freely when Emma was reunited with her parents. It had been almost a year when they had lost contact with her while aboard the Lady White, the ship that would escort her on a journey  home from a summer holiday with her friends, the two princesses of Arendelle.  A summer storm swept the royal ship off of its route into a sand bar.  After running aground and being stuck for days, the Lady White was stumbled upon by one of the most notorious pirate ships that sailed the seven seas: the Jolly Roger.

Charming was going to kill him.

After he detached his daughter from the scoundrel of a pirate, of course.

Snow had adjusted and acclimated with the situation much quickly than him. After the tearful reunion, Emma had reached out her hand to the darkly clad pirate standing next to her. “Mother, Father, this is my husband: Killian Jones.”

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“Chance, you’re easy. You don’t have any identical twins… Not that you know of”. (x)