most perfect scene ever

That was the most perfect first kiss scene I’ve ever watched, it was so beautiful. Kat being all nervous but oh so honest and vulnerable. The way Adena pulls Kat towards her. Scars To Your Beautiful playing on the background. And the fact that they’re both WoC. So incredibly perfect. 


The Exorcist: Believer

by E. Jamie

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What's your fav haylijah scene of all time?

It was the most perfect thing. Ever. 

This was the most intimate we’ve ever seen them…and they have a sex scene. The vulnerability involved with waking up with a lover is unmatched. These are two cold blooded killers and they absolutely melt around one another. 



“We all have a breaking point, Charlie… so I broke him. I poured his demons right down his throat. [..] I hurt him.”


So, because I’m dying to talk about this scene and I don’t know how to take screencaps from a Blu-Ray, here are four pictures I took on my phone of my TV screen while watching the Riker and Troi deleted scene from The Best of Both Worlds.

You guys, THIS SCENE. It’s possibly the most perfect moment that ever happened between these two, and it was deleted.

It’s set during the second half of the two-parter - Will calls Deanna to his ready room to ask how the crew are reacting to the captain’s assimilation.

What’s beautiful about this scene is it illustrates perfectly how their relationship works both personally and professionally, and both actors are really selling it. They’re looking into each other’s eyes almost the whole way through and you can feel how much they care about each other, how worried they both are about each other.

He calls her there ostensibly to talk about the crew’s well-being, but they barely touch on it before she’s moved the conversation around to his feelings, because they both know that’s why he really called her there - because he needs help to do what he’s doing and she’s the person to give it, because of their friendship and because of her professional expertise.

You know what, here’s a transcript:

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 Favorite Tolkien book passages {1/?} 

‘Who is that?’ Frodo asked, when he got a chance to whisper to Mr. Butterbur. 'I don’t think you introduced him?’
           ~LOTR, Fellowship of the Ring, At the Sign of the Prancing Pony