most perfect person to ever exist!

i think one of the most important things i’ve ever learned is this:

they could be the most perfect person in the world. they could be your soulmate and the match could be made in Heaven. the two of you together could be bliss and you could be the most compatible two souls to ever exist. they could have everything you could ever want in a partner, and more. you could see yourself with them for life. 

and yet still you may have to say goodbye. relationships will end, for better or for worse. you may search a million possibilities as to why you could not be together. but in the end, you’ll simply realize that no matter how good two people are together, you will not have forever if it was not meant to be. 

Dear Future Wife...#664

That moment when we’ve been making out and we pull back to take a second…to check in or catch our breaths. The way you look at me and you’re not really smiling, but your eyes are sparkling and I get lost in how many colors blend into each other…I feel you holding my face or scratching up my sides softly. You might laugh at my hair sticking up or just sigh like you’re the most relaxed and happiest person in human existence…That moment wraps me up in a safe bubble and nothing else matters but how warm you are against me and how perfect it feels to be with each other.

So I reached a huge follower milestone the other day and I also found out that this blog is 5 years old today (whattt) so I thought I’d do a little follower forever to thank my favs. Thank you to all my mutuals and others for following me, liking and reblogging my edits, leaving nice comments, and speaking to me from time to time, it means a lot to me. Thank you!

First up, the greatest people ever:

@perksofbeingafanboy Teach me ur ways Liam, ur blog is perfect and I love talking to you. 

@thominho Love you Mads <3

@hermicnes Jojo is the sweetest person in the world, thanks for existing tbh

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@pathrochilles Theo we talk so much and yet ur so far away :/// Love u

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anonymous asked:

I think of my beautiful girlfriend who has short soft blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes to ever exist, they're so amazing!! She has really soft cheeks that are perfect for kissing and her smile makes me melt. She sings and writes her own songs and she's incredible!! She also paints and writes poetry and draws like wtf she's so talented. She's the nicest most gentle person in the world. she's my bean and I could talk to her forever, she's so fascinating, I want to explore her mind

Omg I want someone to talk about me this way

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OMG!!!!!!! Your new Shizaya art killed me *Ç* Please don't ever stop drawing them, I need more and you're the only one who can give proper justice to the most mindblowing, intriguing and perfect ship ever existed ♥

Oh anon, my anon. I’m falling dawn the rabbit hole of this pairing, flailing helplessly and screaming bloody murder. Holy shit. It’s one of those pairings/fandoms that’s not about what it is at all but what you can do with these personalities, and ohmygaaawd the potential. I’m lost on lj and ao3 in their tag bc the range between hilarious lighthearted fluffy crack and really dark disturbing fucked up shit with these two is insane. I’m a sucker for quite a number of some particular dark themes/dynamics and it has it all and I’m just

seok-jinie  asked:

a daily reminder: “you are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person i have ever known—and even that is an understatement” (f. scott fitzgerald)

… you’re… too much.. in the greatest sense possible, I swear.

[immediately fetches a marriage contract and 10 pens]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO @barrisshh literally the most angelic person to ever exist shes like worli seaface during sunset but also like chembur sabzi mandi on a saturday but also like tastings every shaam bc thats our spot and i love walking around church w her and i love messaging her everyday and reading her messages every night and listening to her TEN MIN LONG VOICENOTES and sending TWENTY MIN LONG VOICENOTES back shes literally april from parks n rec and im andy and its perfect and shes so hardworking and funny and kind and inshallah she gets everything she deserves in life bc she = an actual breathing live 🐉 fiery and protective and i love Her :) also did u know shes the human form of all the flower emojis ? :) and i cant wait to see her SOOOOOON 🎉🎉🎉🎉

The signs as cliché romantic lines
  • Aries: "I need you to live"
  • Taurus: "I did not know perfection existed until I met you"
  • Gemini: "You had me at hello"
  • Cancer: "I love you more than anyone has ever loved anything"
  • Leo: "I love you to the moon and back"
  • Virgo: "I wont give up on us"
  • Libra: "You take my breathe away"
  • Scorpio: "I would never do anything to hurt you"
  • Sagittarius: "I would walk forever to get to you"
  • Capricorn: "You are the most beautiful person in the world"
  • Aquarius: "We are made for each other"
  • Pisces: "We are meant to be"
Jupiter Ascending is not trash

The more I think about it, the more the hate and scorn that have been poured upon Jupiter Ascending anger me. The film is beautifully made, remarkably imaginative and, for the most part, well-realised. It radiates passion and you can see the Wachowskis’ fingermarks all over it - it’s probably the most personal and eccentric mega-budget sci-fi film ever made.

Although JA isn’t perfect, I’d argue that its imperfections make it more interesting than your average film - characters drop out of the film entirely (Kalique and Titus being particularly noticeable examples of this), sure, but that only sends my imagination into overdrive. What did they do next? Will Jupiter ever encounter them again? The editing is abrupt and crude in a few places, but that only makes me want to see a director’s cut (it’s an irrefutable fact that a longer version of the film exists, though exactly how much longer it is is disputed). Most of the criticisms I’ve seen levied against the film (which usually revolve around particular scenes or plot points being ‘ridiculous’ or 'stupid’) have in-film explanations that make sense in the context of the crazy, expansive world set out for us.

I really like Jupiter as a heroine, and she behaves exactly as you would expect a poor immigrant housemaid elevated to interstellar queendom to - she’s completely overwhelmed and confused but she does what she needs to do to survive, even though she makes mistakes along the way and occasionally trusts the wrong people. Ultimately, she proves herself to be kind, compassionate and brave - she puts the greater good ahead of the well-being of her immediate family, and she takes the moral high-ground by refusing to cave Balem’s skull in with the crowbar. She’s flawed and genuine, and while I certainly wouldn’t have minded her being a more active participant in her own story you can tell that she’s got bags of potential and will become something more given time. Although Jupiter goes back to cleaning toilets at the end of the film, there’s absolutely no reason to believe she remains a maid for long - she only resumes her duties with gusto because she’s relieved and grateful to be returned home, just as Dorothy was at the end of The Wizard of Oz.

The 'villains’ are bizarre, mad (literally, in Balem’s case) and unique to the film. While you get great space dynasties in books like Dune etc., Balem, Kalique and Titus all come across as fully formed characters with their own distinct histories and complex motivations. Heck, I’d kill to watch a film (or films) of the backstory of Jupiter Ascending: I want to see what went down with Caine attacking an entitled, and I want to see how Seraphi evolved from all-powerful queen to a defeated, ruined woman who begged her own son to murder her.

The criticisms that the film is 'derivative’ because it has clear outside influences are ridiculous. If anything, it’s astonishing that the film takes as many influences as it does (Gnostic theology, the Wizard of Oz, Jacobean revenge tragedies, the Matrix, Snow White, Cinderella, Dune, Brazil, anime - I could go on and on) and blends them into something like a coherent narrative. The audacity of it is to be admired, not mocked.

This is a bit rambly and unfocused, but I’d like to sign off with this: Jupiter Ascending is not trash. Sure, it’s bombastic, corny and silly at times, but that does not make it trash. Jupiter Ascending is a rare, rare film, and we should consider ourselves lucky that it even exists.

I fall in love with someone full of flaws yet I still look at him like he’s the most perfect person ever existed. Someone who knows how to cut me deep but the only person who knows how to fix them. He breaks me with the sound of his voice in a cold and chilling midnight, yet glued the pieces back together with the way he tells me he loves me.

it doesn’t have to be like this
it doesn’t have to feel like this
but then, why does it?