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So, which one is mine?- Request by Anonymous

Summary- REQUEST BY Anonymous- Hi! I was wondering if I could get a Best friend X Mark were they always have matching hair colors and Amy & Tyler (Readers boyfriend) find it cute and Tyler or Amy posts a pic of the pair while tagging the other (Amy Or Tyler) with the caption “So which one is mine?” Please and thank you!!

Word Count- 778

Pairing- Best Friend!Reader x Mark, Tyler x Reader

Warnings- Fluff, a little angst, breakup

A/n- Thanks, anon, for the awesome request. I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you like it! I don’t usually write Tyler x Reader things, but I tried! And, I gave her ex a cheesy name because I’m too lazy to do anything else. I hope this story does you justice, anon!

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(Only By You) My Heart Always Moves, a BtDS-verse fic by @omgkatsudonplease for @victuurificrec

This is their first birthday together, and he’s already screwing it up by not having a present for Yuuri. Yuuri, who had fought tooth and nail for them, who had traversed the seven seas to return to him, who had taken the words they had shared in the early months of their intimacy and turned them into something beautiful, something perfect.
Yuuri Katsuki, the most wonderful man on earth, will not have a perfect birthday this year because his fool of a partner has spent too many weeks agonising over what sort of present to get him until it is too late.

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(A/N): I’m not even sorry for the Stucky in here, nope, not all. 

Request: Could I request something with being Bucky’s adopted daughter and dating Peter? (I don’t have a fic idea but I think it’d be cute/….)

Warnings: some swearing, protective superdads

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    Bucky had been skeptical about the whole adoption thing, after all, why would Steve Rogers, the most perfect man on the face of any earth, want to raise a child with Bucky, the broken shell of a man he once used to be. Bucky was still dangerous, people still feared him and hunted him, people still wanted him dead and there was no way in hell he would burden a sweet innocent life like that. It was bad enough he was burdening Steve like that but he couldn’t do that to something so pure and so sweet. 

   But Steve had pushed him, telling him that Bucky would be the best goddamn father there ever was, telling him all these tales about how much this kid was going to love him, about no matter what he did they’d always adored him and fuck- Bucky had just crumbled, he was weak and Steve knew that, he knew exactly what to say to pull at Bucky’s heartstrings and the idea of some cute little kid hanging off his arm and telling him how much they loved him was one surefire way to do it. So against his better judgement Bucky agreed, finally stating that he really did want a family, and he wanted it with Steve. 

    The adoption process had been a bitch but Bucky knew it was all worth it when 12 months later they were given a healthy baby to care and love as their own. 

     Bucky had been so mesmerized by their tiny body, their small upturned nose or the way their little hand would curl around one of his fingers but with that also came his fear. This sweet human being was so small and so fragile and meant so much to him and he’d never, ever want to hurt it but he was still part of that thing Hydra created- he wasn’t just Bucky anymore, he was this new thing, a combination of old Bucky and new Bucky and the new Bucky was more than dangerous. But Bucky swore on his life his ever fear dissipated the minute that sweet angel wrapped their small hand around his pinky finger, his left pinky finger. 

   They showed no signs of being alarmed by the texture difference or the fact that it was a few degrees colder than the rest of him, they just squeezed his finger with their tiny hand, small noises of contentment falling from their lips. It was then, with that sweet angel wrapped up in his arms so deliciously safe and Steve pressed into his side, sleepy from the days activities that he knew that he loved this little creature more than anything on this planet and he would do anything, anything at all to protect them even if that meant warding off potential spidery love interests. 

    “Hey Mr. Rogers,” Peter smiled awkwardly as he stood In the doorway of the Rogers household. Bucky folded his arms over his chest, glaring at the young man.

     "Bucky-“ Steve smiled as he looked up from the book he’d been reading. "Stop trying to scare the kid, your intimidating enough as is,” Steve smiled playfully at his husband, his heart fluttering a bit as a smile spread across his cheeks. “I’m sorry Peter,” Steve pressed on, diverting his gaze from Bucky to look at Peter, smiling sympathetically. “He’s just trying to ward off any potential suitors-" 

    "And it’s worked so far, hasn’t it?” Bucky smirked as he interrupted to Steve, casting him a little side glance as he did. Peter looked between the two, obviously very uncomfortable under Bucky’s scrutinizing gaze, luckily he didn’t have to endure it long as (Y/N) came bounding down the stairs, their backpack within their clutches.

     "Okay- sorry I had to grab something,“ (Y/N) stated breathlessly, smiling at Peter with that damn twinkle in their eyes. Bucky gently cleared his throat, raising his brow at the two as he did. 

    "So, what are you guys going to be doing?” Bucky asked, his tone low and methodical. 

     "We’re having sex,“ (Y/N) smiled sweetly, a complete opposite of their words. Bucky nearly reeled back in shock at said words, his jaw clenched and hands fisted at his sides. "I’m just kidding dad,” (Y/N) smiled genuinely this time as they leaned forward to press a kiss to their fathers cheek. “We’re studying for finals and then we’re gonna go out and look for some new books,”

    “Haha, you’re not funny,” Bucky stated bitterly as he smiled, completely betraying his words and tone. “You’re lucky I love you so much otherwise you’d be being shunned right now,” (Y/N) smiles, shaking their head as they grabbed Peter’s hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. 

   "Yeah, I’m sure that would last, you need me too much to shun me,“ Bucky hums, nodding as he does.

     "You’ve caught me red handed,” Bucky smiles softly, now staring at (Y/N) with that same loving twinkle. “Now get out of here, make sure you actually study for finals,” Bucky warns as (Y/N) all but drags Peter through the door, quickly slamming it shut behind them. 

    “You’re going to give that poor boy a heart attack,” Steve smiled as he looked to his book again, his eyes scanning over the familiar pages. Bucky smiles as he plops beside Steve, curling against him while pressing a gentle kiss to his neck.

    “Isn’t that my job though?” Bucky asks, his brows furrowed in the cutest way. Steve merely smiles, nodding a bit. 

    “Remember when I told you what a great dad you’d be?” Bucky hums, nodding as he recollects the memory, well, Memories to be more specific. Time and time again Steve had told Bucky what a great dad he’d make, how loving and kind he’d be, how sweetly he’d take care of their kids. 


     "Well-” Steve whispers as he turns his head, pressing a gentle kiss to Bucky’s forehead. “I wasn’t wrong,”

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if you could spend the night with one of Seb's characters, who would you pick?

Omg this is a tough one …..but I’d have to go with Bucky because not only is he the most perfect man on earth but he’s a total sweetheart too. :’) ❤️

Clay is my second choice, tho!!!

Y'all I’m telling you Magnus is so extra especially when it comes to Alec like he’ll literally run into the Institute and yell dramatically, “WHERE IS ALEXANDER? WHERE IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE?” and Jace and Isabelle are alarmed and worried based on Magnus’ tone and run to him and Magnus takes Jace and Isabelle by the hands and says, “Isabelle and Jace, my good and wonderful friends, wherefore art thou brother? I request his presence immediately.” And Alec suddenly appears and Magnus’ eyes light up and he smiles and pushes past Jace and Isabelle theatrically and plants his feet firmly and calls out, “MY LOVE!” And before Alec can even utter “Hi” Magnus sprints towards him and does one of those slides on the floor until he’s at Alec’s feet, his arms out towards Alec, who is blushing. Magnus seizes Alec’s hands and proclaims, “Alexander, the love of my life, the most perfect man on this Earth, the most beautiful star in the universe, Adonis, my heaven, my angel, my happiness, my existence….” and everyone literally is excitedly expecting Magnus to propose or ask Alec to run away with him or something incredibly romantic after this wonderful and beautiful presentation but Magnus just lets go of Alec’s hands, snaps his fingers, and offers him a coffee cup while still on his knees. “Here is the latte you requested, darling.” And stands up and pecks a shocked, flushed, and laughing Alec on the lips, wrapping an arm around his waist and walking away with him (leaving Isabelle and Jace standing there, gawking) as if he hadn’t just made the most dramatic entrance of all time.


Requested by @adar47, @winchester-15, @swimmermya, @anna-jolene-walker

Prompt #22: “I will make you believe that you are lovely”

Prompt #3: “Love, please don’t cry, it breaks my heart”

Prompt thingy: The reader has been dealing with depression for a while and after she discover that Clark Kent, her boyfriend, is Superman, she begins to feel that she’s not good enough for the strongest man on Earth. Clark, of course, greatly disagrees

Trigger Warning(s): Depression, Self Conciseness

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  You couldn’t understand why he stayed with you. Even before you knew he was the most powerful man on Earth, Clark was the perfect person. He was kind, understanding, sweet and handsome.

  You were curled up by the window, staring out across Metropolis, rain pattering softly on the glass. A sigh escaped your lips as you felt tears well up in your eyes. Why did he stay with you? Clark could have any girl he wanted. So, why would he want you?

 The door creaked slightly as it emitted your boyfriend into your apartment.

“(y/n), I’m home!” He announced, his footsteps echoing loudly as he entered the kitchen, looking for you.

“In here!” You called, your voice cracking, the tears leaking out your eyes.

“(y/n)? (y/n), what’s wrong?” Clark asked, concern washing over his face as he placed his hand against your cheek, rubbing his thumb across your cheek bone.

 “C-Clark, I’m fine. Really.” You tried at a false smile but fail.

 “Love, please don’t cry, it breaks my heart. What’s wrong?” His voice was soft and soothing. You pulled away from his hand and buried your head in your knees.

 “What do you see in me Clark?” You asked, your voice quivering and breaking.

  He shook his head, not understanding why you would ask that.                         “I see the most beautiful human on Earth. I see someone who is strong and amazing, who is as lovely and kind as she is clever. I see everything I could ever wish for and more. You are gorgeous (y/n). And I love you in any way, shape or form.”

 You shook your head, pulling yourself closer into your knees. Clark put his hand on your knee. He pulled you into his chest and rocked you back and forth, rubbing your back in a soothing manor.                                                       “You are beautiful. And (y/n), if you don’t know that, I will make you believe that you are lovely.” 

 You cried even hard, but your tears had turned from ones of depression to… well, you didn’t really know. You were still sad, still confused, but now you were also happy.

 Here was Superman, Superman, telling you that you were beautiful.

 “Clark, you don’t have to lie to me. You could have any woman you want. But you stay with me?” You whisper, cuddling closer to him.

 “Because I love you. I love you for you and I love only you. I couldn’t dream of being with anyone else. And if you ever feel like this again, tell me. I want to know when you start believing that you are anything less than what you are.” Clark promised, kissing your forehead.

 “Thank you, Clark.” You kissed his lips, smiling into them.

 If anyone knew how to cheer you up, it was Clark.

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22 Ameripan ;7; i have always loved your stories

for the “how you said ‘i love you’” prompt list!
A/N: this could have been angsty, but I went for fluff instead. 

22: muffled, from the other side of the door;

Today was not like any other day, no - today was the day; the ultimate day for Alfred F. Jones and possibly the most important day in the american’s life. 

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Deep Breath

Pairing: Suga (BTS) x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Length: 722 words

Warnings: language

Originally posted by yooingi

You checked yourself in the mirror one last time before heading out to the restaurant Yoongi had given you directions to. You took a deep breath and wondered. As you did whenever you were about to meet anyone new. You wondered what he would think of you, how he would look at you.

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How would all of bts be holding their baby girl for the first time

Jin - holding his precious daughter for the first time would be the highlight of his life. He would stare down at her tiny self, protected by her daddy’s wide shoulders and strong arms, as he coos sweetly at her with adoration and amazement. Amazement because he helped to create this tiny being of perfection, and adoration because he has found the second love of his life. He might get a little teary eyed out of excitement, but he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He would brag about how beautiful and wonderful she is, even though her life is still so new. He would want to share his feelings with his family, and the members, bragging to high heaven about how he is the luckiest man on earth to have snagged the two most perfect girls in creation. 

Suga - I think he might be a little afraid to hold her at first, just because he is unsure and a little overly conscious of her fragility. But once he finally has the little angel in his arms, he’s never letting her go. He would stare down in amazement at the little being, thinking about what it means to have this child. He would think about all the things he wants to teach, and maybe share things with her that he loves. He will pick out the features that resemble himself, and all the other ways that she looks like you. He would immediately get protective of her, watching her closely as the nurses check her, and then making sure that she is immediately returned to his arms. He will also be right there when it is feeding time, watching his little girl already gathering her strength to take on the world. 

J-Hope - He would have happy tears gathering in his eyes, but try his hardest not to cry on his little creation. He will consider himself the luckiest man alive, holding the one thing that is most important to him. He would just stare in awe at her beauty, and smile at her until his cheeks feel like they are going to crack. He would tell you how proud his is of you for all of your hard work and love, because he knows you are the main champion who contributed to the prize in his arms. He would be extremely gentle, always aware of how light and fragile she is, and hold her close to his heart so she can hear her fathers strength beating in his chest. He will always be the one there to keep her warm, protect her, and provide her with everything she may ever want or need. One thing though, once he has her in his arms, there is a very slim chance that you will be getting her back anytime soon. 

Rap Monster - He is another one that I think will also be nervous holding her. He is the Destruction King after all. But he would sit on the edge of your bed, and gently take her into his arms. He would be more the type to talk aloud about his amazement, talking about how for such a fragile creature, she would probably grow into a strong woman that will do great things, just like her mother. You would be rolling your eyes frequently, cheesed out by the corny, philosophical stuff he spouts. But it will be something that your daughter grows to recognize, and even appreciate about this strong male figure. He would hold the baby close to his chest, and talk to her about how beautiful and wonderful she is, how is so happy to meet her, and with her ear pressed against his chest, she will be lulled to sleep by his deep timbre, much the way you are at night. 

Jimin - He wouldn’t be able to stand still. He would be so excited, so ecstatic, to be a new father, that he wouldn’t be able to contain himself. He has some of the most perfect arms for holding a baby, so strong yet so gentle and affectionate. He would coo at her as she watches him with big eyes, taking in the sound of his soothing voice, and he walks around, maybe to some beat that is playing forever in his head. He would hum to her some music, and tell her how lucky she is to be born to such wonderful parents. He would also talk to her about things like his family, telling her that he wants to make sure that she gets to spend plenty of time with her family, but also about the 6 wonderful uncles that she also acquired. He would explain to her the quirks of each of them, but say that despite it all, she will love them just the same. When she finally smiles at him for the first time, he will feel his heart nearly stop, and the tears gather in his eyes, before complimenting her to the heavens, and kissing her precious little face. 

V - This kid was made to have children. The way he handles things is already so adult, so holding and handling his daughter for the first time would be no sweat, except it kind of is. Even though he has experience with precious children in his life, this one is the most important of them all. The one that carries his genes, and even some of his features, watching him with big eyes as he makes funny faces at her. His hold on her will be expert, but he will always stop to check himself, just so he knows that she is absolutely safe. He will walk her around the room, showing her things, maybe even letting her get a look outside for the first time, and tell her all about her life. All the things that he wants to do with her, and all the important people that she will be surrounded with. She will be lucky, because her uncle’s will always be there to love and support her, no matter what, and he will vow to protect her with everything he has. He will also probably have a stuffed animal to give her, her very first toy, one that she will keep with her and sleep with for a long time. 

Jungkook - He will be the most outwardly calm of the group, but will have the most going on in his head. He will smile down at her and tell her that he is so glad to finally meet her in person. He would point out all of the things that are beautiful about her, and kiss her softly until she coos beneath him. He would seat himself in the chair next to the bed, where you can see her well, and hum to her softly. He would pick a song in his head, or maybe even make one up, that will become the soothing melody she comes to love and recognize in the future. It will be something she sings to herself in the future when she needs strength or comfort, and it will be the first important connection he makes with the precious little creature. You would smile as he slowly rocks and sings her to sleep, feeling blessed to have created the most important thing in your life, and knowing that he will always bet here to love, and protect her with everything he has. 

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All I Want for Christmas is You \\\ Luke Hemmings Imagine.

Description: Christmas angst turns into Christmas fluff.

N/A: I was going to post this earlier, but Christmas stress me out terribly and I wasn’t in a good enough mood to type this. But it’s here now! (Better late than never).

 Word Count: 1607.

“I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is you”


The Christmas Eve sky was upon their heads and Luke’s arms held her in a hug so tight it could fit all the love in the universe inside it (and maybe it did). Her eyes were closed and her face hidden so deep in his chest that they could be one and no one would be able to tell them apart. His worried blue eyes were gazing up at the stars while his fingers ran through her brown hair in a soothing manner, trying to calm her down and make her safe again in his long arms.

And, after what felt like ages, she lays her head on his chest where she hid before, the pretty face still tainted by the tears she miserably cried not long ago. Her breath slowly goes back to the normal rhythm, that calm sound Luke got used to hear in the mornings, like a serenade to the first minutes of the day. He strokes her back swiftly, trying to get her attention.

“Feeling better?”, he whispers, not wanting to be blunt when she’s so fragile.

“Not really. But I’m really glad that you’re here. You’re the only thing that can make my chest less of a mess just by being by my side. I’m just sorry you had to rush here on Christmas. You’re supposed to be home”.

“I don’t mind, really. If you need me, I’m here. That’s how it works with us, right? Whenever you call me, I’ll be there. Same way that you always come when I need you”.

“Some would call it symbiosis. But we know better, and this is simply what love is like”.

He smiles, and his fingers trail down her neck, making her sigh.

“You know you’ll have to go back down and face your family at some point, right?” She freezes between his arms, her eyes terrified. “I don’t mind staying, babe, but Christmas is about family. You shouldn’t be apart from yours. They’re worried about you down there. That’s why your mother called me”.

“I don’t want to go back there and be judged by them all night. I’m so tired of being a disappointment and having to take all those disgusted looks”.

“Don’t talk like that, please. Nobody’s going to…”

“You know they will”, she interrupts.

Not without effort, she disentangles herself from his hug, putting some space between their bodies. For a second they stand still, paralyzed by the force of their own stares (it happens all the time). She’s now sitting a few steps away from him, dark eyes deep into his much lighter ones.

“They just created this idea of me in their minds… This absurd alternative version of reality where I have to be great, impressive and fail proof. And I’m not any of those things. I’m this little shred of nothing, this completely lost little girl that doesn’t have any great future waiting ahead. I don’t have any plans or skills. I have nothing to show them. And I don’t wanna go down there and hear that I should already be making them proud by now. That I should have graduated already, that I should be pursuing a proper career, that they’re wasting their hopes on me. I don’t want to pass through that all again, not this year. So I’m staying here, just me and you and the stars. And everything will be just fine”.

Luke lets a tired sigh fall through his lips, his eyes looking at her with care.

“You demand too much of yourself, babe. You’re great already, you’re wonderful. Fuck, if you could just see what I see when I look at you…”

“You’re too sweet, Hemmings”, she says, and her fingers draw a line along his profile. He closes his eyes slightly, giving in to the familiar touch. “But you’re wrong. You only see me like that because you love me”.

“They love you too, Y/N. They are your family, after all”.

“I was born in the midst of them and they chose to have that new life. And when it was obvious I was a wreck it was too late to change that. It wasn’t like they had a choice or anything”.

“Don’t be ungrateful, babe…”

“No, it’s really just that. They are the reason why I am here, sure, but that’s all that bind us. They have the genes and probabilities that made me who I am, but this doesn’t make what we share sacred or anything”.

“Don’t be pragmatic. Not now and not today, of all days. Of course they had a choice, and they chose to love you and to take you in even with all of your flaws and slip ups, because you’re you, and you’re one of them. And they do love you still, even if you don’t believe it. But it’s Christmas night, for God’s sake, and I don’t wanna fight with you about this - you’re wrong, anyway. Today is about being thankful and spending some time with your loved ones, and that includes your Family. And this is sacred enough for one night”.

“I rather just be with you, whom I chose to love”, she shrugs, and her eyes are sincere.

“I love you too, Y/N, but it’s not the same thing, and you know it”, he mutters.

“It is for me”.

“But it really isn’t. We’re not a real family. Not yet, anyway”.

And the silence that falls between them drags itself for a whole minute. And then it hits her, and all she can do is smile.

“Not yet?”

“Oh, shit”, he hisses, knowing he said a bit too much.

She comes closer, her face radiating an energy she showed no sign of having 30 seconds ago. He loves how only he can do that. He loves the effect he has on her.

“Now, don’t do that. Stop it. Don’t do the eyes”, he begs, because her eyes are so happy she could probably throw a party inside of them. “I still don’t have the ring, so you can’t stop with the happy face. You’re not making me propose right now. I ain’t gonna be the guy that asks you to marry him without a proper engagement ring on his pocket”.

But she bites her lips, looking up at him expectantly, and he knows it is too late, because he could never deny anything to that stare. He shakes his head, frustraded, knowing very well he’s completely defeated.

“I love you. I love you so much, you don’t even get it. I need you, and I want to be with you forever; So, why not? I want to have the pleasure of saying that we, together, are something else. Sacred, if you want. We’re more than a chance, more than the simple choice of being together. We are love, and that is what’s going to make us family. Because that is exactly what family is supposed to mean”.

Her eyes water and her breath hitches, and she never felt so happy before.

“Love. Family. You and me?”

“Yeah. You and me, just like it has always been”, and she laughs, a single tear running through her eyelashes. She’s content. “And this was the worst proposal ever made, because you couldn’t wait a couple of weeks ‘till I had your ring”.

She shrugs, obiously not caring.

“It was perfect”.

He rolls his eyes, holding her hand and pushing her closer.

“You don’t have a single romantic bone in your body”.

“There’s enough of romance for both of us in you, Luke Hemmings”. And he blushes, because she’s right. “Yes, by the way”.


“Yes, I’ll mary you. I’ll take the whole Family thing with you. I’m down for the loving you forever part of this relationship”.

He smiles.

“In this case, making use of my recently granted position as your fiancée, I’m forcing you to go down there and spend the Christmas night with the people that love you”.

“What, no”, she begins, but he shoves her up and push her in the direction of the stairs.

“Family. You, me and them”.

She stays silent for a second, lips pursed.

“Ok, ok. It’s Christmas. It’s supposedly time to love and forgive”.

“And what exactly are you forgiving, love? The behavior you think they would have?”

“Precisely that”.

He rolls his eyes again, knowing very well he’s doomed to always be worried about those lapses in judgment and what suffering they could bring to his, and he loves to spell it, bride.

“I’m also sharing my immense happiness for getting married with the most perfect man standing on this earth”.

“Which is me, I imagine”.

“Actually, Ashton dropped by earlier, and he also proposed. I said yes”.

“Shut up”, he says, pouting, but she’s laughing. He kisses her, unable to stop himself, and she lets her head rest on his shoulder, feeling peace rush through her.

“You’re my safe heaven, Luke. And you’ve been family to me for so long now that I can’t even begin to tell how happy it makes me that you asked me to be yours as well. And if that is what Christmas stands for, then I’m going to live every bit of it as it should be lived”.

“Thank you, I guess”, he says, and she chuckles, her face hidden on the crook of his neck. “So, you’re changing your mind about this Christmas business, huh?”

“What I can say about it… If we are proof of anything, is that love is important and family is more than just a blood bind. I guess this turn tonight sacred enough for me”.