most perfect love declaration or what

Title: Enchanted
Fandom: Riverdale
Word Count: 920
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: None
Notes: I love my redheaded girlfriend dearly, and this is my first time writing for her, so I hope I did her justice. ❤️

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Cheryl Blossom had never known what real love was. Her parents loved her when it was convenient for them, when they needed a pretty daughter to show off. Her brother loved her the most of anyone she knew, but still, he withheld aspects of himself from her, and she always felt that he didn’t love her as unconditionally as he claimed.

And then she met you.

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Serial Killer AU (End 1)

All my thanks to @queenlypirate for suggesting two endings. Either works, so pick your fave. I know which is mine. Also in this one, Marinette took the ‘Chat needed help’ a little bit too literally.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4| Part 5| End 2|

Tikki opened the door to Marinette’s apartment wearily. Putting the key she found in the potted plant next to the door in her pocket, Tikki entered the house. Everything seemed unchanged, save for the thin layer of dust that appeared to settle over everything. Tikki got a grip on her gun and began to move slowly, taking in her surroundings. Nothing seemed out of place, no sign of fighting or resistance. Still, something was out of place. Marinette called about two weeks ago saying she needs a medical leave. Something about exhaustion and other things that might affect her performance at work. Tikki, of course, approved the medical leave. She didn’t want Marinette putting her health in peril or the sake of working. But when she tried to call last week to ask her about her whereabout the line went dead. She assumed Marinette might just have her phone closed. But after continuous calls for a couple of days, Tikki figured something had to be wrong. So she came to visit. It seems like her instincts were right.

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I'm torn between an emotional "I love you", like a romantic movie, and a confession that turns into a slight argument - "I love you" "I know" "you know? That's all you're gonna say? No 'I love you too' or even an acknowledgement?" "Well, I thought you knew, I said it before" "that's not the point!"

2nd anon: Man every night I imagine so many beautiful ways on how destiel might become canon and I really think there’s no way that wouldn’t make me sob for an entire month. What scenario would you find the most perfect?

Tbh I don’t realistically see it happening in a lovey dovey declaration type way. 

I see it more than likely happening either in the middle of an argument with Dean basically being like “I’m angry because I’m worried… I worry because I care… I care because I LOVE YOU! DAMMIT!”


as a sudden physical reaction, normal intense eye sex, as usual, lulling us into a false sense of security and *oh they’re just doing this again, nothing new here* then suddenly just grabbing a handful of shirt and just kissing the hell outta each other

I think a mix of both is my favourite concept though, the first then the second is most likely for me :)

I mean, 12x01-02 gave us hunter husbands, 12x03 gave us an endearingly cute nickname, 12x07 gave us Sassy back Cas, 12x09 gave us Cas’ devotion to Dean, 12x10 gave us “I’m not mad, I’m worried” and intense bickering, 12x12 gave us “I love you I love all of you”, then 12x19 gave us I’m mad but I still love you and I love you and I have to protect you, 12x23 gave us stop trying to protect me and just stay with me. 

SHEESH it’s really only a matter of time now and I feel like this is the most realistic option based on what they’ve given us.

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Meanwhile Sam is just like…


I’ve been on campus for who knows how long now, but I think it’s time for some COLLEGE AU’S :D

Oh, dog, you have a dog, I must pet dog - MUSE A sees MUSE B walking their dog on campus and well, obviously MUSE A has to jump over there. After that one meeting, MUSE A starts to “coincidentally” show up at the same spot to catch MUSE B walking their dog, and those meetings start to be about more than just the really cute dog.

Academic rivals because the curve is shitty and I need a solid gpa - Seriously, if MUSE B doesn’t stop trying to kiss the professor’s ass in discussion, MUSE A will fly across the room and kick their ass. It’s a cutthroat class, and only the top 10% get A’s. MUSE A and MUSE B have been at it since the beginning of the semester, and it’s only getting more intense as midterms come around. Bonus points for late night library action where they try to distract each other from studying, and it either ends in a cute fluffy montage of antics or hot steamy sex between the shelves.

You are the only reason I pay attention in lecture – whoa, whoa, whoa, who’s that? - Who doesn’t love a good twist on the classic professor/student plot? MUSE A is struggling to attend class because it’s quite possibly the most boring class in the world, but the professor’s ass is enough to keep them awake. MUSE A has already declared their love for their professor among their friend group, but wait a second! Who’s that who just walked in? A guest speaker? The professor’s successful sibling who’s got the voice of an angel (MUSE B)? My, oh my, what a family. Time for MUSE A to get acquainted. Family drama! Inappropriate texts! Oh!

You annoyed me to death at the extracurriculars fair, now here I am. Impress me. - MUSE B thought MUSE A would be perfect for their club. Naturally, MUSE B went after them and talked their ear off about their club. MUSE A really wanted to smack MUSE B in the face, but how they? They were just passionate, right? Annoyingly passionate. Eventually, MUSE B got MUSE A’s email on their listserv, and now MUSE A’s standing in the room and they’re the only new recruit. Color them unimpressed. Now MUSE B has to keep them around because the club’s desperate. Possible mumu action here.

I have an 8 AM tomorrow and I can hear you having sex above me. Stop that shit. - MUSE A is a light sleeper, and they’re very serious about getting their sleep. With their 8 AM in mind, they went to sleep around midnight to get a solid amount of sleep. Cue the bed squeaks through the ceiling. Sounds like MUSE B’s having a lot of fun up there – oh, there are the moans. Hell no. MUSE A stomps up there to give MUSE B a piece of their mind. MUSE B apologizes and the noise stops. Time skip to next week. Oh, the familiar sounds of bed squeaks and a different person’s moans. MUSE A is back at MUSE B’s door. They’re not so nice this time around. This keeps happening until MUSE A really loses it. Fun stuff.

Library meet and greets - MUSE A and MUSE B caught each other’s eyes when they were studying in the same room together at the library. They never said a word to each other, but just like that, a silent agreement was made. They studied in the same place at the same time as often as they could. Shy glances, cute smiles, warm cheeks. Are they even studying at this point? Nope, they’re just thinking about how nice it would be to hold the other person’s hand. Extra fluffy with a side of awwwwwww.

Mr Perfect

For @alexfierrolover​, thanks for the prompt!

Will is perfect until he isn’t, and Nico’s annoyed until he’s not.


Nico was… not impressed to say the least.

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I would love to go on a date with you! ;)

This was the third note that he’d found hastily shoved inside his locker in as many days. He frowned at the all too familiar writing, as if the words themselves were mocking his entire existence.

Will Solace was not a subtle person. His whole aura shone like the air around him was happy to be in contact with his flawlessly tanned skin. His smile lit up an entire room, and people would stop just to look at it. He somehow managed to make people more friendly and kind just by being in the same room as them. It had almost worked on Nico once. Almost.

Another thing completely and utterly unsubtle about Will Solace was his handwriting. It was messy; practically illegible, and probably the only imperfect thing about perfect, shiny, annoying, beautiful Will Solace.

And now he was sending Nico love letters.

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Sick fic

Summary: john is sick, and Alex is a good (read: not so shitty but still okay) boyfriend.

Warnings: light language? I guess. Nothing really explicit cause it’s literally tooth rotting fluff.

Authors note: this is literally garbage IM SORRY YOURE EVEN READING IT. But yeah I suck at summaries and literally everyone has made a sick fic. But here I am with another one. This is also based on a writing prompt “Don’t leave. Please”. Well enjoy my shitty writing, feedback is always appreciated :).

The clock reads 3:42am. I feel like shit. Think about the time you’ve felt like complete shit and then multiply that by 100. That is how bad I currently feel. It all started with a sneeze and a scratchy throat yesterday. I thought nothing of it. Well here I am now, at 3:43am. coughing, sneezing, and burning up. I haven’t slept at all, and I’m dying. This is it, I’m dying, goodbye cruel world, goodbye art, goodbye turtles, goodbye Alexander.

Alexander. I’m sure he’s still up, he’s always up. Always writing, always busy doing something. He’s not in bed though. he’s probably sitting on the couch writing an essay, Like always. Or he’s writing “hate mail” (as he likes to call it) to Thomas Jefferson and Aaron burr. Maybe he fell asleep on the couch, I should bring him to bed.

I slowly pull myself up, and it hurts to move but I wince through it. Once I’m fully sitting up, I carefully swing my legs over the bed with a hiss and pull myself up to my feet. And once I’m up, I slowly start walking towards the couch and lo and behold, Alexander Hamilton is sitting down, laptop in hand, and headphones on, furiously typing. It’s definitely the “hate mail”. He finally notices me when I stand directly in front of him.

“Jack what’s wrong? you look terrible my love” he says concerned as he takes his headphones off. He moves his laptop to the side and pats his lap suggesting I sit. I carefully sit on lap and throw my hands around his neck. “I haven’t slept all night, I have a fever, I feel like shit.” He looks up at me with sad eyes. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better jacky?” He whispers while slowly running his hands up and down my back.

I tangle my fingers through his hair and whisper back “come to bed, I don’t wanna sleep alone” and I know he’ll refuse, but I still try. “I’m busy right now jack.” He says sternly. “Please come to bed, it’s late, we don’t even have classes, it’s Saturday.” I plead, he sighs. I drop my face to his neck, and lay my head on his shoulder. “You know I like to write messages to Aaron and Thomas at this hour” he says as he moves a curl from my eye. And I huff out a breath. “Please lex, for me.” I whisper against his neck.

That sure does it for him because he nods his head and whispers “alright, alright, I’ll go.” I slowly untangle myself from him, and stand up. Alex quickly shuts off his laptop and gets up. He looks me over really quick and sighs “Johnny, my love you look horrible. Come on, let’s get you to bed, you’re not going anywhere in the morning.” I make a small noise in the back of my throat. We start walking to bed, and Alex carefully gets me to lay down and joins me.I turn to face him, I put my arms around his neck, he puts his arms around my middle.

“Alex” I whisper.

“Jack” he whispers back.

“I love you” I declare.

“I love you more” he challenges

“I love you most” I say with a smile.

Alex laughs, a genuine laugh, I can listen to his laugh all day. His laugh can make my day go from horrible to great. His laugh is what happiness sounds like. His laugh is brighter than a thousand suns. He looks at me, his eyes, I get lost in them. His eyes are perfect. He’s perfect. I kiss his nose, and he smiles. “You need to stay in bed for the whole day, but first you must sleep Johnny.” He says. “You gotta rest also lex” i say as I start stroking his hair. Alex’s hair is so soft, and it smells wonderful. I can touch it all day. I remember when i touched it for the first time, it was like heaven. “Sleep for me, please.” I beg, and for once, Alexander nods.

“Can, you promise me something before we sleep?” I ask while Alex slides his hands up from my torso to my neck. “Of course” he says sleepily. I take a breath “don’t leave in the morning, stay with me. Please.” I say slowly. And kisses my forehead. And that’s enough. I know he’ll keep his promise. I yawn and he mimics me, we should sleep. His hands fall to my sides and he holds me close, I wrap my arms around his torso, and put my head in the crook of his neck. “Goodnight my hamilton.” I say into his neck. “Goodnight my laurens.” He says into my hair. I quickly kiss his neck and doze off into a soft sleep.

Alex’s alarm clock go’s off. It’s 7am. Goddamnit. He carefully untangles from my arms, but I hold him close. “Don’t leave. Please.” I whisper in his ear and hold him closer. He stays, and kisses my neck. He unwraps his arm and I’m about to protest until I see him pull up the blanket better. “Hey” he says with a smile, I smile back at him. “I love you” he whispers in my ear. I laugh softly. “I love you most” I say with a smirk. And now he smiles.

We lay together for what felt like forever. Until i realize I’m hungry and start complaining. “You should eat something light and drink hot tea” Alex mumbles. “I’ll make you soup and tea, can I do that for you my love?.” He asks in a light tone. And I nod. I kiss his forehead and he untangles himself from me and stands up. I move the blanket and attempt to stand up to go with him. “Hey what do you think you’re doing, you need to stay in bed.” He protests. I sigh, “I’m going with you, I’ll keep you company while you make soup and tea.” I say while brushing my fingers through my hair “You need to rest, you can’t get out of bed Johnny.” He says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. I huff out a breath and pull the Blanket back over myself. “Fine, I’ll stay here. But be careful.” I reply.

He comes back fifteen minutes later with a bowl of hot soup and a cup of hot tea with lemon and honey on a tray. I thank him and he sits back on the bed watching me. I stare back at him. His hair is a mess, it’s sticking out in every direction, he’s wearing grey boxers and a blue t shirt (my blue t shirt), and he hasn’t shaven in days. He looks good. I on the other hand look like a wreck, my hair is everywhere, I’m wearing black boxers and a yellow t shirt (Alex’s yellow t shirt), and I look like I’ve seen hell.

“You look good in my clothes.” Alex says in a casual tone, and I scoff. “You look better” I protest. And he laughs a little. I drink the rest of my tea and eat my soup. Alex sure knows how to make canned soup. I eat in silence, and once I’m done I thank Alex again for the soup and tea. He takes the bowl and cup to the kitchen area and comes back quickly. “Can you lay with me for the day Alex?” I ask. And he nods and mutters an “of course jacky.” He climbs into bed again and pulls the blanket up, throws his arm around me and pecks the side of my neck. we lay in peace.

“I love you” I say as I drift off to sleep again.

“I love you most” Alex whispers.

“Can’t you stay serious for 3 seconds ?”

Requested ? Nope :)

Pairing : Sebastian x reader

Summary : You’re trying to take the perfect picture of Sebastian but this dork would rather cuddle you.

Warnings : it’s short, fluff

A/N : I just wrote that before bed so y’all have something to read while I’m doing the requests. I know it’s short but whatever :/

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“There. Don’t move.” You said as you were about to click on the camera. You sat on the sofa again, but this time trying to get into a more comfortable position.

It’s been around 15 minutes since you were trying to take the perfect picture of your man to put it as a lockscreen but he’d rather play. You had to admit that his child side was one of your favorites (besides his skills in bed but shh ;)). “C’mon babe, just do a serious look for once !” you begged as he adorably smiled again. You sighed for the thousandth time when he suddenly grabbed your waist to pull you as close as possible to him. There, he snuggled his face in the crook of your neck and left sweet kisses on your warm exposed skin. “Mmh. You smell so good, doll.” He murmured against your neck, giving you goosebumps. You let escape a laugh as you tried to nudge him gently. “Babe, can’t you stay serious for 3 seconds ? That’s all i’m asking for.” you uttered while he pulled you close again, ignoring what you just said. “Mmh. And what do i get in return ?” he mumbled against your skin. “Whatever you want.” you responded on a flirty tone. 

He finally stepped back, sighing loudly. He looked at you, probably trying to seem annoyed but you didn’t care. You were finally about to get what you wanted. You positioned your camera in front of his angel face. “Alright. Give me the sexy look.” He rolled his eyes and gave you the sexy look : frowned eyebrows and lip biting. You smiled as soon as you took the picture. “Perfect ! See. You can be cute when you want.” you stated.Then, all of a sudden, he jumped on you, making you fall, back against the sofa. “I want to be more than cute right now.” He declared as he leaned over your amused face. He drowned his breathtaking blue eyes in yours, making your heart beat faster. Your eyes were running all over his face, once on his eyes, once on his lips. Gosh, he was and is the most best-looking man you’ve ever saw in your entire life. His angel smile is what kept you alive. “I love you, Sebastian.” you delivered as you cupped his cheek and traced his rosy lips with your thumb. “I love you more, doll.” he answered before pulling you into a sweet kiss.


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For me, the first thing that comes to mind is the passage from Fly on the Wall: ch9, where Sherlock tells Molly why he feels for her what he feels. Molly was not the only one ruined by almost the most perfect declaration of love. There is such an ease reading your work, like a spectator watching a lovely match while under the umbrella and sipping cold drink as a cool breeze blows. You, my dear, are fabulous..

Wow (and wow thrice more!) … how absolutely lovely and empowering these generous words are, especially when they come from a writer herself. Thank you so much for such encouragement - it makes a difference!☺

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Matchmaker (Pietro x Reader) (Wanda x Vision)

Description: Pietro x Reader and Wanda x Vision. Pietro does not approve of their relationship and he frequently cock blocks Wanda and Vision. Vision thinks that this is because Pietro just doesn’t know what love is or what it’s like so he and Wanda set out to find him a girlfriend and they meet you and decides that you would be the perfect match and invites you over eat food with them in the Avengers kitchen, hoping that Pietro will fall in love with you and learn to accept him and Wanda.

Warnings: Some cursing. But aside from that just an overprotective Pietro and fluff. Mentions of smut every now and then but no actual descriptions of it. 

“You’re just some fancy tomato that someone attached a brain to!” Pietro insulted Vision after Vision had asked Pietro yet again for his blessing to take out Wanda on a date. 

“Mr. Maximoff I am not even sure if that’s an insult.” Vision says and then he dodges a punch Pietro threw at him. Pietro never actually tried to hit the Android, but he just threw those punches to scare Vision into submission. 

“Don’t you dare insult my insults!” Pietro says and then thinks about what he said for a moment. “The point is that you are just some fancy AI that was created by a doctor that can create life and some fancy space rock that you would be dead without! And the way that you were made, reminds me too much of Ultron, the AI that killed me, and it would have been for good, had Dr. Cho been able to save me. But because you’re not human, I don’t trust you.” He snarls at the Android but before he rushes down the hall Vision gains the courage to stand up to him. 

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Full Transcript of Sara Ramirez's HRC Speech

Thank you. Wow, thank you so much. Thank you so much. I will admit that after many years of performing in front of thousands of people, I find myself a little nervous to stand before you tonight so bear with me please. I cannot tell you how profound receiving this award is for me, or how grateful I am for the recognition but I certainly will try.

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it seems "life" has become more of a game of who can lie to themselves more.

it seems “life” has become more of a game of who can lie to themselves more. false happiness is always around the corner. getting lost in ego battles with other humans. how fragile the ego is. we chose to forget to have these limited perspective experiences. the experiences that make us “feel.” how humorous it is to spend your life chasing different “feelings” attempting the void of nothingness that has consumed what you believe is you. “truth is” is how I’d like to continue this next sentence but, truth is, I dont fully know what the truth is. from birth to death we are spoon fed belief systems. words carry the power of this dimension. if we didnt have stigmata over death, I wonder what power it would have. the conditioning of the fear of loneliness starts as a infant. if you really put life into perspective. a reason infants cry is because they fear being alone. the mothers energetic bond creates the feeling of another being caring for you. fast forward to being an adult. it seems that very bond is what we search for. the fear of being alone never fades, its just temporarily bandaged by material happiness. material happiness can be anything, relationships included. its why people become addicted to drugs. that feeling of completeness. filling the void. we will continue to fill the void with false happiness until we understand what self love is. that is one of the least taught topics on this planet. most humans are in an emotional deficient. how can we spare love for others and show empathy when us ourselves cant spare love as we look in the mirror. i’ve deleted my fb many times and disappeared because I felt no value in my words. seemingly nobody cares unless you make them laugh with your words. scrolling your life away looking for the next distraction instead of concentrating on whats most important. understand consciousness is unlimited pure potential. we are all stuck in a labyrinth. its not exactly our faults but we have to declare sovereignty at some point and take responsibility for our lives. consciousness is perfection, the ego is not. the easiest road is self destruction. the hardest is self love. free your mind.


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This will forever be the single most perfect corsetting dress. Made by Mikarose and purchased through Pinup Girl Clothing, this light, stretch purple fabric perfectly contours to the shape of a cinched waist. With ruching on bit sides at the waist, it accommodates everything from my natural waist to this little cincher by snowblackcorsets, laced here to about 21" externally. And I know this dress would likely hug something smaller still (though I don’t intend to test its limits), all while still comfortably accommodating my naturally larger hips. Now that I’ve finished declaring my own love for this dress, let me ask, what do you think of it? Do you have a favorite outfit to wear with your corset?

To The Ones Who Are Waiting

I want to encourage my sisters in Christ about trusting God to lead your heart in potential romantic relationships.

No matter your age, no matter your past experiences, no matter where you’ve made mistakes or had your hopes let down; I pray what I have to share speaks to you. If you are single, please listen.

You don’t want to open up your heart to a relationship with a guy based on the fact he gives you attention, he’s interested in you, he notices you, he sees you for who you are, he likes you, he compliments you, he has great character, he has good qualities. You don’t want to choose a guy based on how much you have in common, how attractive he is, how much you admire him, or the way he makes you feel. You don’t want to be in a relationship just because you want one. All those things can be important to you, but you will settle if you choose to be with someone based on those things.

You should be with a man who loves the Lord with all he is, and it’s evident. You want a man who is on fire for the Lord. What do I mean by “on fire”? He is passionately consumed with love for God; you can see his heart burns for Him. His actions and words declare, unashamed, how much God is his life. Not to impress you, not to show off, but only because he cannot contain it. You want a man who is filled with the Spirit of the living God. You want a man who makes his life aim to glorify God.

You could meet the most perfect man, your dream ideal… and if God is not as vital to him as the heart beating inside his chest… I promise you, it’s like polished gold becoming dull iron. (I do not mean that at an insult). It’s like, what is the purpose of having a relationship if you can’t love and glorify God together?

I say this from personal experience. Once I met someone who was practically perfect for me in almost every way possible, who was one of the most wonderful man I’ve ever gotten to know. He was the most quality guy that had ever been interested in me at that point in my life, and a Christian. I could’ve told you an endless list of all the reasons ‘why he was basically perfect for me’ and pretty much everything I wanted in a man. As I got to know him better, I saw a serious possibility of a relationship, but I kept praying that God would give me wisdom and reveal to me if this man was a yes or a no.

I am so thankful I gave it over to God and asked for Him to give me discernment. I am so thankful I didn’t go with it based on all the good things I knew about him, or how he treated me, but instead I surrendered it to God from the beginning. I told God, basically this: if it’s not Him, I don’t want it. I do not want to step for a moment out of His will. I will give up anything He asks, no matter how good it seems, because my life belongs to Him. My heart belongs to Him. And I trust He knows what is best for me.

God answered my prayers. I came to discover and discern he did not have a close, intimate, growing, vibrant relationship with God. It just became evident to me all of the sudden. In that moment, I lost all attraction that had been there. It was like every other reason that I felt attracted to him -and there were LOTS of them- just fell away.

If someone does not share the love of my life -Jesus Christ- he can’t be the love of my life. Because Christ is central to everything I am, everything I do, everything I live and breathe for.

There are a lot of reasons to choose a man who loves God passionately and fully, but I just want you to realize that when it comes down to being with someone, please don’t let other things override this one vital part that you can’t ignore. I know the danger of meeting someone amazing and the drive-you-crazy time where emotions get in the way and can cloud your judgment. And I don’t want you to settle just because you meet a guy who is great or makes you feel special or desires you. I want you to be wise.

Passion without passion for God will turn into a disaster. It will fall apart. If you want to be in a relationship, you should look to God to direct you. In a relationship, you both should share your heart’s greatest passion in life, and it should be Christ. Do not settle out of want. Do not settle out of allure. Be with someone who loves the Lord more than anything.

And listen, I am not saying that every man expresses his passion and love for God in the same way, some people are more reserved or show it differently (that should always be taken into consideration; don’t just write someone off without getting to truly know and see their heart); but you can tell with the light in their eyes is not there when (and sometimes only if) they mention God. And honestly, God will reveal it to you. He will.

I am not trying to make men feel inadequate in their passion or love for God. I hope in fact if any men read this, it will challenge and encourage men to realize that the most attractive and valuable quality they could have is to love the Lord completely, and to be passionate about Him. This is not about raising your hands during worship or even being a big talker. It’s about your heart. It’s about what evidently consumes it and moves it.

When someone’s love for Christ is alive, it spills over into others and it changes everything about how they are, how they live, how they see things. You can’t see the same things the same and be on the same page if your hearts are not in unison; one of you just won’t understand the other. There is a deeper bond in loving God together than any other commonality you might share.

I understand some people are going to scoff at this, criticize it, reject it, or say that is too harsh. It’s not. I would rather be single the rest of my life than be with someone who does not love God with everything in their being. I want someone who is passionate about Christ and will spur me on. I am not setting an impossible standard for men or expecting perfection; I am just making clear it isn’t wise to get into a relationship without the love of God giving life to the heart of the person you are with.

Be with someone who has a love that is alive for God.

I used to be afraid at night. Afraid of the dark. Afraid that just beyond the point my eyesight allowed me to see that there was something lurking. Afraid that the darkness itself would somehow surround me and swallow me up, as if darkness were anything more than simply absence of life. I used to be afraid of tomorrow. Afraid that who I was would continually dictate who I am and that who I would be might be someone who I didn’t like very much at all, as if there was no such thing as being made new. I used to be afraid of opinions. Afraid that though words would not break my bones, they certainly would shatter my dreams, as if I started doing this for the approval of many rather than the glory of One. I used to be afraid of failure. Afraid of losing. Afraid of falling. Afraid of being wrong, creating busts, and looking absolutely stupid because who am I to think that I could ever actually make a difference? As if those setbacks were anything more than stepping stones on the path to success. I used to be afraid. Used to.

But then I did a little research. And by that, I mean I re-searched, and I re-searched, and I re-searched, over and over again, and through all of my re-searching, I kept coming up with the same exact question: What room does fear have? What room does fear have when I cling to trust? What room does fear have when I lean on hope? What room does fear have when I search for something more, when I discover what’s good, and when I stand in awe? When I run with perserverance, when I walk by faith and when I rst in comfort. What room does fear have when I sing with praise, when I take hold of inspiration, explore the possibilities and step into freedom? What room does fear have when I discover strength, embrace courage, remember peace, declare truth, choose joy, experience life and conquer death? What room does fear have when I find perfection in the one place I never thought to look? In weakness, when I’m saved by the most unlikely heroes. By grace, when I’m invited into a relationship more loving and intimate than I could ever imagine as a child of God.

I’ll ask you again: what room does fear have when I step out of the darkness, and I bask in the light? When I let the past be the past and the future has no limit. When they can talk they want but their opinion doesn’t matter. And when failure is nothing more and nothing less than the road by which I walk my path to success.

I’ll ask you one last time: what room does fear have when in His Word, He tells me three hundred and sixty-five times, depending on the translation, do not be afraid. As if I needed to hear that every single day. And as if that’s how many times I needed to hear it before I finally believed it.

What room does fear have when I make room for love? What are you afraid of?

—  Jon Jorgenson, What Are You Afraid Of?

I rewatched Luther Braxton pt. 2 last night, and the thing I love about rewatching an ep after some time has passed is, I suddenly notice some amazing little things, nuances that give me all the feels. And for me this happened last night with those few scenes before Liz and Red begin the memory session.

That session itself is so important and beautiful and heartbreaking as its aftermath is gut-wrenching and painful to watch. But those three minutes before all of this happens are also so, so telling. Really, if anyone doubted that Red, despite all the Concierge of Crime badness, has a caring, loving heart under this three-piece suite of his, or that he genuinely loves and cares for Liz, all I can say is, please watch those three minutes again.

Shameless, feels-induced overinterpretation beneath the cut.

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Every night you and Cal go to bed together. He’d shower you with kisses before you’d slowly drift to sleep.

What you don’t know is, for a week now he sneaked out of your flat when he was sure you’d be sleeping deeply and made sure he was back before you woke up so you wouldn’t notice.

But one night you had a nightmare. You woke up in the middle of the night, screaming and needing Calum’s touch to calm you down.

But he wasn’t there. He wasn’t lying next to you. You called for him, your voice weak. You had sat up, expecting him to be running in your shared room any minute now. but there was no answer from him and he wasn’t coming for your rescue.

You let out a deep sigh. Cal’s soft touch and his calming words were everything you needed right now. You let yourself fall back into the pillows. you wanted to wait for him to come to you and calm you, but eventually you fell asleep without him.

When you woke up the next morning Calum was lying next to you, an arm around you, his head turned to you as if he had watched you.

You had asked him that day several times where he was, but he kept saying he was right next to you the entire day. You started to wonder if this had all been a dream. A nightmare in a dream.At the end of the day you don’t care much about it anymore.

You kiss him goodnight and go to bed. Again you slowly drifted off to sleep. But you weren’t deeply asleep when you felt Cal’s lip press to your forehead and his warmth disappearing from you.

As soon as you heard the click of your bedroom door closing you opened your eyes. Calum really had left. Now you were sure, it wasn’t a dream.

You decided to see what he was up to. You quickly changed into jeans and a comfy sweater of him when you heard the flat door close too. You slipped into your favourite pair of converse and followed him.

As you left the apartment building you two were living in, you saw him quickly disappear. You followed him around some blocks before he came to a stop.

He met two hooded people, following them inside a shady pub. Congratulating yourself for bringing your purse and keys in a little bag you followed them inside.

You saw them gathering around a little stage and sat yourself in a dark corner, hiding behind a plant or the menu card. as the three were working on the stage you noticed he was here with Luke and Michael. soon they were finished and settled down, each of them with their instruments.

“Hey, we are Luke, Michael and Calum … and … ummm …” you blocked out what Luke was saying, you were focused on Calum. He hasn’t seen you yet and looked nervous.

You listened to them singing their first songs, focusing mainly on Calum. You loved his accent when he sang. Minutes later Calum cleared his throat, his gaze darting through the shady pub. his eyes grew wide as he finally spotted you, sitting in the back corner, eyes on him.

Luke punching his arm woke him from his rigidity. He cleared his throat once again, before saying, “The next song is dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend. I’ve written it a few weeks ago and this is the first time I’ll play it in front of people”, he said, adding “besides my wonderful band mates” after a few playful coughs from Luke and Michael.

What you heard then was the most perfect declaration of love you have ever heard. He was singing about how happy he was to have you by his side, how happy he was to be with you, to wake up next to you. You were so in love with this song and Calum at this moment.

The moment the boys finished their little gig Calum was walking straight up to you. Nervously he scratched his neck. “Hey Y/N… how … how did you know-”

“You left even though you said you don’t. i’m mad at you”, you said as serious as possible. But as soon as you saw his sad face you broke out into a grin. You attacked him with a tight hug, kissing his cheek over and over again. “I love you”, you whispered.

“I love you too”, he said before kissing you lovingly.

2 AM: Lucaya Fanfiction
  • Maya's 16 birthday party. Late night. At the rooftop of her appartment building.
  • Maya: you know that saying "nothing good ever happens after 2am"?
  • Lucas: Yes
  • Maya: Well I don't think is true
  • Lucas: how come?
  • Maya: For starters, you're here with me. The city is calm and the sky is beautiful.
  • Lucas: I think the saying has more to do to making poor choices. Your brain is tired and most probably drunk.
  • Maya: yeah.... Maybe. But I'm not drunk.
  • Lucas: Yes you are. But I'm not. And I won't let you make poor choices. I promiss. That's why I'm here with you...
  • Maya: oh... Thank you Huckleberry. You are so sweet. But I don't need a babysitter. I'm all grown up now.
  • Lucas: I've noticed. Believe me.
  • Maya: About growing up... Where's my present? You said you'll give me my present after midnight...
  • Lucas: You want it now?
  • Maya: duuuhhh That's why I'm asking... Where is it?
  • Lucas: its right here.
  • Maya: Give it to me!
  • Lucas: wait a little longer.
  • Maya: No. I want it now (aproaches him ans starts to search in his coat pokets)
  • Lucas: Maya stop it. You wont find it like that.
  • Maya: You lied. You said you had it.
  • Lucas: I do have it.
  • Maya: then give it to me.
  • Lucas: I wanna wait a little longer.
  • Maya: for what? What are you waiting for?
  • Lucas: for you to sober up a little.
  • Maya: I'm fine. Since when do a gift requires a low alcohol blood level?
  • Lucas: this does. Trust me.
  • Maya: this is ridiculous. I'm fine. What do you want? Should I walk in a straight line to proove it to you? Or what?
  • Lucas: just wait a little longer.
  • Maya: No. If you won't give it to me, I'll take it. (Starts searching all his pockets and when she reaches to his pants back pokets he stiffens)
  • Lucas: ( grabs her wrists) Maya, stop please. You are making this very hard...
  • Maya: but I want my gift. Is it in your back poket?
  • Lucas: No...
  • Maya: yes it is. That's why you don't want me to reach it... Give it here! (And she puts both her hands in his back pokets and finds nothing, except that Lucas is very serious now)
  • Lucas: Maya, stop it.
  • Maya: I'll stop when I get my gift (keeps moving her gands now in his front pokets)
  • Lucas: if you keep doing that you'll find something else... Stop it!
  • Maya: no! Give it! I can't wait any lon--
  • Lucas: (cuts her midd words and kisses her in the mouth, both hans on her face. Then he stays looking in her eyes and says happy birthday).
  • Maya: (is so startled she can't move) who told you? (Removes her hands from his pokets and backs away)
  • Lucas: who told me what?
  • Maya: why did you do that? Did Riley asked you to kiss me? Is this a bad joke?
  • Lucas: what? No!
  • Maya: then tell me please, because I don't understand how you knew...
  • Lucas: knew what?
  • Maya: that I liked you...
  • Lucas: I know because I see your smile when we are alone, like right now. How we play around eachother pretending to hate and tease eachother. I don't want to pretend anymore.
  • Maya: you like me?
  • Lucas: (walks to her and kisses her again pressing her to him) Does that answers your question?
  • Maya: (smiles) No. Where is my gift? (Joking cause she knows the kiss and love declaration were the most perfect gift)
  • Lucas: oh... You don't wanna keep looking? I have more pockets you know... Search a little deeper...
  • Maya: You are a pig sometimes you know...
  • Lucas: oh come on, I'm kidding... Here it is (starts searching his own pockets in the inside of his coat) I thought it was more fun when you had your hands all over me. (Hands her a little box)
  • Maya: (surprised) I tought you were just being a pig. I'm sorry!! (Opens box and finds a bracelet)
  • Maya: Is so pretty. Thank you.
  • Lucas: you are wellcome. Gladd you liked it.
  • Maya: I loved it!
  • Lucas: Good.
  • Maya: this is the best birthday ever. Good party, great gifts and ... What are we?
  • Lucas: wanna be my girlfriend?
  • Maya: Nods. And a boyfriend. All in one night. And all after 2 am.
  • Lucas: you forgot you got to 2nd base...
  • Maya: oh... Yeah, sorry about that... You know what they say about 2 am...
  • Lucas: yea... I think you just proove them wrong (winks)
  • Maya: You're a pig...
  • Lucas: You're a tease...