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Moving on After Fred Weasley Passes Away - Headcanon/Would Include

Warnings: This broke my heart to write):

  • You wouldn’t cry much towards the beginning. Of course when the news hit a barricade of tears fell freely but after that, you learned how to bottle it all up. Everything was so unreal you weren’t even sure if it what was real anymore.
  • Fred was your best friend, your other half, the love of your life.
  • After the Battle of Hogwarts you’d travel back to the Burrow with the Weasley’s.
  • He was buried shortly after the Battle. His casket was a sleek black color and shined in the rain that fell. You placed a flower on the top of his casket and choked on a shaky sob. George stood behind you and his hand found it’s way into yours, giving you a squeeze of reassurance as he cried with you. You had never felt more lost in your life. Your fingers twiddled with the diamond band wrapped around your finger. It felt more like a piece of mockery, there to remind you everyday of what you could now never have.
  • Molly spent an entire week in the twins’ bedroom. She didn’t talk, hardly ate, just stared blankly at the wall next to Fred’s bed. He had pictures of his Hogwarts adventures taped to the wall and she had memorized every prospect of the photos so much she couldn’t rid the image from her brain when she closed her eyes, but she didn’t want to forget.
  • At the end of the week George entered his and Fred’s bedroom for the first time since the Battle. He spent an hour talking to his mother. You never did find out what he said, but you remember the burning visual of Molly exiting the room with reddened eyes full of heartbreak.
  • Ginny spent the nights sleeping in her room with you and cuddled against your chest, silently weeping to herself. Your presence made her feel close to her late brother, like he had never actually left.
  • George, Molly, and you would clean out Fred’s half of the room. It was full of tears and once happy now sad memories. Like the large maroon tie blanket you had made for Fred on your anniversary. Or the book on Magical Creatures that Fred had stolen on accident in Diagon Alley while he spied on you from behind a bookcase. You were shopping for all your school supplies and the redhead had torn from his family, catching glimpse of you in the robes shop and managed to follow you two stores later not wanting to leave you. You eventually caught him as he tripped over a pile of books, the binds of knowledge cascading to the floor with a crash. You smiled and helped him up while introducing yourself. The rest was history.
  • Arthur stood in the doorway of the room watching the three of you clean. Deep aging wrinkles indented his forehead making him appear older than he really was. His face was long, drowning in sorrow. He didn’t say a word, just watched.
  • Ginny cried alone in her room. Harry tried to comfort her but his success was no avail. She locked herself away for three days, lost in a sea of depression.
  • Ron turned to Harry and Hermione who welcomed him with open arms. He was the first to open up after his older brother’s death.
  • You stayed at the Burrow for a almost three weeks before flying to France. You choice was rash but you needed to get away. Molly understood and wished you well. You didn’t know how long you would be gone but you hoped it would give you some time to come to terms with the heartbreak you were experiencing.
  • Fred used to tell you when you were in school together that he always dreamed of going to France. He never knew why. He was rubbish at speaking French and had no idea how he’d survive, but it was a dream of his.
  • Percy, Bill, and Charlie all stayed at the Burrow for a month or so. Their hearts ached at the lose of their younger brother.
  • George… George no longer felt like himself. It was as if a part of himself was missing, torn from his soul. He dragged through the day’s, closing down the shop for a while. After spending two weeks at the Burrow he moved back to the apartment above Weasley Wizard Wheezes that Fred and him shared. The second he walked through the door he broke down. Tears splashed against his cheeks as he finally let all his emotions pour out. He called you, practically begging you to keep him company.
  • Of course you obliged and flew back home immediately. You lived with Fred in the apartment too. It was your home as well and you had been putting off going back to the apartment as much as possible. The home held so many items from your past involving Fred and you. Where he proposed to you, where you had you first blow up fight, where you had you first time together, where you had the million of talks about your future together, and so much more.  
  • This made Molly feel a little better when she heard you would be staying with George for a while. She hated the thought of George being all along right after losing his best friend, his twin, his other half.
  • You left France still clutching a box full of Fred’s belonging. A heavy feeling invaded your heart. You took a train to London after landing then joined George at the shop.
  • The minute the door swung open George’s arms were thrown around your frame as he pulled you into a tight embrace. The barrier you had been working so hard to uphold, crumbled at his touch. Not because you felt you could finally let go of all the emotions being kept inside. No, you cried because George’s embrace reminded you of Fred’s. The way his hold tighten as you sobbed mirrored Fred’s actions identically. Your chest ached as you came to realize you future with Fred was gone. George’s salty tears splashed on the crown of your head.
  • The first week barely any words at all were exchanged. You would mumble a small ‘good morning’ to each other during breakfast but that was usually it.
  • George spent the days in his room and the nights at a bar across the street. This continued on for a week until you confronted him. You waited up all night, worried sick. He stumbled in around three in the morning, eyes brimming red, breath stenching strong from alcohol.
  • “George Weasley, what the hell?” You would screeched. His eyes snapped up at you resembling a deer caught in headlights. His gazed quickly fell to the floor as he shut the house door and brushed past you. You yelled after him making him halt in his path,
  • “George pease just talk to me! I know this is hard for you, believe me I do. He was your brother. You two have never been apart so I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through. George I’m here for you and you can talk to me because I lost him too. You did everything with Fred, you two started this business together and we both know he just wants you to be happy again. Please… just try, George. Try for me, try for Fred. Please. I just want to be here for you. If there’s something I did. If you hate me-” Your voice broke at the end and your knees gave up. Crashing to the floor a echoing cry invaded the air. George stood motionless watching you fall apart before his eyes. He could almost hear Fred scolding him and urging him to act. Fred would want George to comfort you, Fred would want you two to be there for each other.
  • George hesitantly crossed the room and bent to your level. His hand reached out, brushing a strand of messy hair from your face. Glancing up at him you started in to question him but George beat you around the bush. He seemed half sobered up and shook his head.
  • “Y/n… it’s not you, I swear. You’re the most purest human being in the entirety of the world, please don’t think that way. Every moment you and Fred were together I could never shake that from my mind, how perfect you are. But god Y/n every time I see you I think of my brother. He loved you more than anything in this world and I know he would hate me right now for not being there for you. I feel like I’ve let him down and that hurts more than anything. I see Fred everytime I look in the mirror, everytime I see the pictures on the fridge, everytime I walk into the shop, everytime I come home and everytime I see you.”
  • His words took you by storm but for once, it made sense. You had been sleeping in Fred and your bed, helping start the shop back up (mainly by yourself), and it probably didn’t help that you had been stealing items of Fred’s clothing, just wanting to be close to him again. For the first time since the Battle, you admitted the burden you’d been holding inside.
  • “I wish I could’ve saved him. If I wasn’t distracted by the helping that student- if I would have been paying more attention to Fred… he’d still be here.” You quivered. George’s eye soften and he shook his head.
  • “Y/n you know no one could’ve stopped what happen. I’ve spent every night laying awake wondering if I could’ve changed something. I’m not sure what god planned this, or if there even is one, but Y/n we had no control over this.” His arms locked around you pulling you against his chest. His lips planted against your forehead sweetly covering you in a blanket of comfort.
  • You spent the rest of the night in George’s arm. You shared memories of Fred, some sweet, some funny, and some that made you cry again.
  • “Remember the time the two of you enchanted endless snowballs to pelt, well technically, Voldemort in the face and Quill in the back of the head?” You giggled into the glass of cherry red wine you held to your lips. George leaned into the cushion of the couch and shook his head with a smile. 
  • “Classic!”
  • George spent the night in Fred and your bed- to keep you company of course.
  • He kept you company for the rest of the nights to follow
  • The two of you began to drift into a weird zone
  • You had always lightly fancied George but it was Fred you loved.
  • He would randomly start bringing you home flowers and other small gifts
  • Some days George would come home to find a bundled up new sweater placed on his work desk. You always claimed the things you bought him were on sale so you just couldn’t resist but George knew better
  • A strong connection was growing and it confused you- George too. You wanted another shot at happiness but you weren’t sure if you were ready yet until another vacant Friday night rolled around and you found yourself laying on the couch in George’s arm talking about the week and before you knew it he was leaning forward.
  • The first time you kissed George you screwed your eyes shut tightly and imagined his lips as Fred’s. You knew it was horrible but you had no clue what else to do. It was like you were cheating on your fiance- your dead fiance, with his twin brother. But when you realized it was George, you didn’t entirely hate it. It was actually quite a fulfilling kiss. A part from inside of you warmed up for the first time in a long time.
  • George had a sickening vibe settling in the pit of his stomach after he pulled back. His heart sped up at the newfound affection the kiss brought although kissing you made him feel like he was betraying his brother. Fred planned to marry you for Merlin’s sake and there George was, making out with his dead twin’s girlfriend.
  • But you kissed him again the next day and he didn’t pull away
  • And the next
  • And the one after that too
  • Kissing you made George think of his brother. Fred loved you and George could understand why. Kissing you, sleeping beside you, comforting you, it all made George feel as if he was somehow growing closer to his twin.
  • At first your relationship with George was based solely on the fact that he was identical to your late lover but as time passed on George made you feel differently than Fred did. Despite you never thinking it was possible, George taught you how to laugh again. He would slowly crack back into his prankster self again. It took his almost a full year after Fred’s passing to invent a new product for the shop or even enter the store for more than passing to get to the apartment. He tested out the product on you during breakfast one morning. Pouring a lilac solution into the base of your black coffee and giving it a swirl, George carried on with breakfast as if nothing had happen. Dragging in, you hugged George from behind before taking a seat at the nook. You instantly sipped on the brewed mixture in front of you and spit it out in shock as the odd flavor set in.
  • George howled in laughed and bent over the kitchen stove pointing towards you. Furrowing your eyebrows you set the mug down and spoke up agitated,
  • “George what the hell did you put in- oh my god!”
  • You realized the change in tone quickly and covered your face in embarrassment. Your voice was as deep as a well making you sound similar to that of a male that had spent over half his life heavily smoking. George rushed over and planted a kiss to your cheek.
  • “It worked!” Although you were thoroughly ticked off at his choice of targeting you, you were happy he was back to his old ways. The bills were piling up by the second and the landlord wanted the shop either back up and running, or both of you to move out. Dumping your infected cup of coffee down the sink drain you started to make a new batch. Smiling to yourself you laughed softly,
  • “Well, I’m glad to have you back, George.”
  • That was only the beginning. George and you spent almost every moment inventing and creating new sale items. The first handful were absolute rubbish but it didn’t matter. Both of you were trying to get back in the swing of things and sometimes that took a while.
  • Within three months Weasley Wizard Wheezes was back up and running again.
  • Sales flooded in and shot straight through the roof steadily for a long term.
  • As a ‘thank you’ present for helping him get back on his feet George invited you out for a fancy meal out on the town.
  • You decided on a Muggle restaurant and dressed to the nines. George’s jaw skimmed the floor when you walked out of your room and slipped on your heels. He held your hand and escorted you out.
  • During dinner you had ntoiced how fidgety and nervous George was acting. You made the choice to question him on it over a glass of champagne right before the main course and he physically stiffened. Tilting his glass back, George chugged down the large intake and wiped his lips on the red amber napkin. His hands clasped together then unclasped at his side. His soft eyes found yours and he darted them back down to the tablecloth.
  • “It’s just- well, Y/n… what are we?”
  • It would get silent very fast and he would instantly fill it.
  • “What I mean is, I like you… I like you a lot but I know how you felt about my brother. I saw the glint in your eyes that would sparkle whenever you saw him and how happy you two were together and Y/n I want to be able to make you as happy as Fred did. With that being said I don’t want you to be with me because I remind you of him or because you can’t stop thinking about Fred. I’m not gonna lie at the start of our, uh, relationship I was hanging out with you because you made me think of Fred but all those late nights and million cups of coffee have made me realize the truth. I love you Y/n- and not because you dated my brother. I love you for you and I think I have for a very long time. What I’m asking is… Y/n would you um, like to be my girlfriend?”
  • You cried, a lot. George’s heart broke at the sight only confirming the love swelling in his heart. His feelings were genuine and it warmed your soul. You lunged across the table knocking over the bread bowl in the process and threw your arms around George’s frame.
  • “Of course I will! Oh my god, George. You’re making me cry like a bloody fool!”
  • George called his mother the second you got home. Molly was hit with a wave of shock at first. She gave both of you long speeches trying to inspect if the love was real or a mask to feign the hurt of bonding over the lose of Fred. She demanded both of you come home to the Burrow for the week so you did and the moment she looked into both of your eyes, it was clear as crystal.
  • “Good lord you are in love!”
  • It was hard for the rest of the Weasley family to accept at first. You understood completely since you had the same weary, unsure feeling as well but eventually they came to accept it. They were all happy to you and George happy once again.
  • But as happy as you were, small memories with Fred would constantly pop up.
  • Like one night when George and you were lying in bed together whispering softly realization would settle in and you’d comment,
  • “This is where he proposed. We were lying right here when Fred asked me to marry him.”
  • You knew how horrid it was to put this on George but you had no control. George thought about this all the time and was reminded of your relationship with his brother at every corner he turned.
  • You would then apologize feeling god awful for saying such a thing but George would hush you saying,
  • “It’s alright Y/n. Just because he’s not around anymore and because we’re together now doesn’t mean we have to pretend he was never alive or your relationship with him didn’t exist. He loved you, and I know how much you love him. I’m not upset- actually I’m more than thankful my brother managed to snag a girl like you. You two were perfect together and he will always love you just like how you will always love him. Fred… he is… was my brother and for a long time I thought he would hate me for me being with you and for a long time I thought my heart tricked me into loving you. That maybe it wasn’t love I was feeling but rather so the relationship my brother and I had and maybe because he loved you so much, being with you would make me feel less lonely about losing him but I know the truth. I love you, Y/n. Hell, maybe I always have but the important thing is I love you now and I will love you tomorrow and I will continue to love you years from now and that’s not because of Fred, it’s because of you and who you are. I love you.”
  • You two learned how to live your life no longer feeling guilty for the love you shared. Fred smiled down his heart warming at seeing his two favorite people in the world relying on each other and sharing a piece of their heart together.
  • He proposed to you in the middle of a busy work day right as you were restocking a shelf. The rest of his family were there to see. Molly, Hermione and Ginny cried a river while the boys patted George on the back. On your wedding day the tears were never ending, though happy ones.
  • You two eventually moved to London- kept the shop but decided you needed more room, well of course your growing stomach demanded that. One cold night in the middle of December George and you were blessed with the birth of your first son, Fred ll. He had a head of wicked red hair and a small mischievous smile toying on his face and you had never felt more complete in your life. George planted a kiss to your head muttering a string of ‘thank yous’. You knew in your heart this was exactly where you were meant to be.

- Daizy xx

anonymous asked:

Hey Chris, hopefully this isn't too personal, but would you be willing to do a more detailed post about your diet change? I know that you've answered tons of questions on it, and you're probably tired of getting them, so maybe you could clear everything up in one post? How has it helped your running – faster/slower/energy during workouts? Body wise – weight gain/loss, bloating/digestion, your skin/hair/energy levels/mental clarity? Judgements from others/dealing with the ethical side? etc.

Hi beautiful. I will honestly just answer it here and keep it tagged in my personal posts :) I have been meaning to make this post for a while so here we go:

Throughout the last 2 years I experienced a lot, as we all do…with life and changes. I guess to put it simply– I have been GROWING and changing and figuring things out on my own as we all should!! Change is good! Change is necessary! When I was injured I discovered veganism and I think in many ways it was a manifestation of restricting food groups from my diet while I was injured…I had lost my identity as a “runner” when I was injured…lots of things. I think veganism and seeing the movement gave me a purpose, something else to focus on, something else to identify with. I don’t feel like getting into a huge explanation because, well, there isn’t one. It was what it is. I am a human being. I don’t realize things until looking back on them you know? I fully stand by the ethical side of veganism but I don’t think veganism is the “perfect diet,” nor do I think ANY diet is the perfect diet. I think the “perfect diet” is what makes an individual feel best. I think eating a wide range of whole foods and nutrient-dense foods and doing what makes you feel good is the most important thing at the end of the day, bottom line.

How many people swear by veganism? Or the paleo diet? Or the keto diet? Or a diet that’s entirely organic? And so on and so forth…there are so many “diets.” It leaves my head spinning. People swear by the diet they feel best on but that doesn’t mean it is the diet that everyone feels best on. I know veganism is not a “diet,” it is a lifestyle– with ethics. And I support it and respect it and stand by it…but as always, I am about doing the best we can…not being perfect. We can still do the best we can in terms of being ethical without giving up animal products entirely. We can still do our best to shop ethically, buy ethically, you get the point. I am entirely aware I may get more hate for this.

I was tired of blacking out on every run I was going on a few months ago. My runs kept getting shorter because I literally COULD NOT see without seeing black everywhere. My blood work came back fine– it wasn’t iron, it wasn’t a thyroid issue, etc. Things weren’t adding up. I listened to my gut. Added in everything in terms of food gradually. Is it coincidental that the day I made a change, I have not experienced any brain fog, dizziness, blacking out, bloating, extreme fatigue, dead legs, feeling paralyzed when running, and so on? Maybe, but I haven’t felt any of those symptoms since.

I didn’t feel these symptoms when I was injured because I wasn’t running when I first gave up eating animal products. But the more I ran, the worse it got. The body is more complicated than we can explain. No one has all the answers…not even the most prestigious doctors. In my opinion, the human body is a huge mystery…and there is not a “one size fits all” diet or approach. People respond differently to different things.

And who knows?!?! Maybe a year from now I will be THRIVING on an entirely plant-based diet while running?! WHO KNOWS???? No one knows! We just need to take it day by day. Our bodies change too! Daily! What works for us at one point in our lives may not be the best way for us forever!

No one needs to know your business about your diet except YOU. It is your body, your life, your health, YOUR CHOICES. That is what matters :) You do not need to justify your decisions or choices to anyone!

I am prepared to get some hate for this, that’s ok. I am happy to share this with others if it helps. Hope this answers you anon :)

Pressure - Jughead x Reader

A/N: I kind of pushed 2 requests into one, and after this I will be working on Addicted 6, and Endgame 3 :)

Request:Hey 😁 could I please request a jughead x reader where the reader is studying for exams and is working hard/stressed so jughead just sort of looks after her? 

- 73 (I love you, I love you, I love you) 129 (Don’t cry, then I’’m gonna cry and I’m supposed to comfort you) 138 (Because you deserve a happy ending)

Warnings: Swears

Word count: 757

Your parents had always been strict on you, you had to have the best grades, the best GPA, everything you did had to be the best.

They nearly had heart attacks when they found out you weren’t friends with the geeks of Riverdale high, that instead you found yourself spending your time with Jughead Jones, and every now and then his mates.

“Remember, Y/N, If you don’t do well on the exams, you will never get into a good college, which means you won’t get a good job and you’ll be a nobody forever.” your mother said as she put some waffles on your plate.

“Thanks I guess” you replied, “She’s right Y/N, you’ll end up like that Jones boy you hang out with, I hear he was living at the drive in before the Andrews took him in” you dad scoffed, you bit your tongue at the sound of Jughead’s name, you hated when they bashed on him but no matter what you did you couldn’t stop it.

“I don’t see why you surround yourself with that- that filth” you mother said, “That’s it” you yelled, standing from your seat. “Jug is the best person in this town. He helps me study and keep my grades up to your insane expectations, now if you don’t mind, I have a study date with him at Archies. Goodbye” you grabbed your books and walked out of the house, leaving your parents stunned.

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An English Blizzard- Part 6 (final)

Warnings: Little bit of angst

A/N: FINAL PART!! 😱 thank you again to everyone and thank you for over 1000 followers (I can’t quite believe it) anywhoooo enjoy the sixth and final part of my ‘thank you fic’ I hope you have all enjoyed it!

Chapter 6

“No, no, no, no, no!” You repeated over and over as if it were a mantra as you stood in front of Greg defensively.

“You have some serious explaining to do! Both of you!” Sebastian snapped.

“What is there to explain?!” You exasperatingly tossed your arms in the air “He’s not my professor he just happens to be a professor at the university I am studying at. There’s nothing wrong with it and we’re both consenting adults!”

Sebastian narrowed his eyes and shook his head “Oh so you think because you’ve found a slight loophole makes this okay? Your dad’s going to be furious!”

Sebastian was about to walk off but you grabbed him again “No please! You can’t tell him Sebastian!” You pleaded.

He turned on the spot and angrily huffed “You expect me to keep this a secret from him? That will be right Y/N, he deserves to know!”

“And he’ll know soon enough…” Greg interjected and you turned to look at him with wide eyes “Y/N and I will tell him. When we believe it’s the right time…”

You nodded at Greg before turning back to Sebastian “Please Seb,” you pouted slightly with sad eyes “At least give us until after New Year and then I’ll tell him myself.”

Sebastian thought for a moment, the silence was crushing and antagonising. “Fine,” he gave in “But the day after New Years you tell him or I will.”

“Thank you,” you wrapped your arms around him and he let out a defeated sigh.

“These violent delights have violent ends…” he whispered in your ear and you pulled back with narrowing eyes.

“Don’t use Shakespeare against me…” you trailed off and broke away from the hug, returning to stand next to Greg and intertwining your hand with his. “Thank you, Sebastian I really do mean it and I promise I’ll tell him the day after New Years.”

“Okay,” Sebastian nodded “See you in a few days, take care of her Greg or I swear!” Sebastian’s warnings were not something to take lightly and Greg frantically nodded his head, uttering over and over that he would.

You let out a sigh and placed your head against Greg’s chest “I knew we’d get caught…” your voice was muffled by his jacket.

Greg placed his hand on your back and soothingly rubbed it up and down “It’ll be alright,” he kissed your hair “Let’s get you home.”

It felt as if it was Christmas last week. Time flew faster than you would have liked and yet again you were sitting in an empty flat on Christmas Eve with the living room smelling like cinnamon from the burning candles as you watched Christmas movies on the couch.

Everyone was away back home for Christmas, like every year. You were always stuck in the flat because 1) Someone’s got to keep an eye on it and take care of the place and 2) your dad lived down the street so you’d go and spend Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve with him and Sebastian…you were welcome to stay at theirs for the whole break but you enjoyed your own space and the peace and quiet.

That was until the door knocked.

You let out a sigh while rolling your eyes and answered it only to receive an early Christmas on the other side. You smiled seeing Greg, he was looking up with an arm above his head. You followed his gaze and saw his fingers holding a bunch of mistletoe above the both of you. You playfully rolled your eyes and leaned in to kiss him.

“Merry Christmas,” he smiled and handed you a box.

“Thank you, I have yours. Come on in and get it.” You stood aside and he walked in. You leaved down and picked up the box you had neatly decorated for Greg and handed it to him “Merry Christmas! Um I was going to say, if you aren’t busy do you want to watch ‘A Christmas Carol’ with me? It’s just about to start.”

“I’d love to,” Greg smiled and you both cozied up on the couch.

Watching a film soon turned into a very heated makeout session and Greg was lying on top of you, teasingly grinding his hips against yours.

“Knock knock! Sorry for coming over unannounced sweetie but-”

You and Greg sat up, gasping at sight of the two people by your door and gasping for air “Dad!” Your voice pitched.

Jim blinked and shook his head, letting out an unamused laugh as his fist tightened, Sebastian remained behind him with an uneasy look on his face “Please, please, PLEASE tell me this isn’t what I think it is…”

“Dad…I…I can explain..” you stuttered out with tears welling in your eyes as you and Greg stood up holding hands.

“DON’T!” He snapped and you flinched.

“Jim, they were going to tell you…” Sebastian tried to calm him down but by saying that, made it worse.

“Oh you knew?!” Jim hissed.

“I found out a few days ago! They were going to tell you after New Year because Y/N didn’t want this to happen right before Christmas!” Sebastian raised his voice and a tear slipped down your cheek. Greg wrapped an arm around you in attempts to comfort you.

“Don’t you touch her!” Jim attempted to lunge for Greg but Sebastian held him back.

“Come on Jim,” Sebastian struggled to hold him as he wiggled about in his arms. He dragged him out of your apartment. You let out a huff of air and turned to Greg who wrapped his arms around you as you lightly sobbed into his chest.

“I didn’t want it to be like that…” your voice broke.

“I know…” Greg trailed off before an idea came into his head “Why don’t we lie down for a while?” He suggested and you agreed. You took him to your room and lay down on the bed with him, you soon drifted off to sleep from the soothing stroking motions Greg was making against your temple.

He slowly got out of the bed being cautions not to wake you. The professor quietly made his way down the hall but froze when he saw a photo of you with Sebastian and Jim one Halloween. You looked about five or six at the time, wearing a fuzzy monkey costume, Sebastian was wearing a tiger costume and Jim was wearing a zoo keeper outfit. He smiled to himself before leaving the apartment and making his way down to Jim’s house.

Sebastian heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it as Jim ranted and raved about what he had just seen.

Sebastian opened the door and let out a huff of air “What?”

“Can I talk to him?”

Sebastian let him in and took Greg though to the kitchen “What’s he doing here?!” Jim snapped.

“Jim please just give me five minutes to explain…”

Jim looked at the floor, keeping his mouth shut in a silent protest “Jim,” Sebastian spoke up “Don’t do it for him, do it for Y/N.”

Jim was still silent but finally admitted defeat “Five minutes.”

The three sat by the dining table and Greg explained what had happened and how the two of you had eventually fallen for each other. He explained that it just happened out of the blue, that neither of you planned this, the two of you couldn’t predict who you’d fall for. “Jim…Y/N is the most perfect human being I have ever met. She makes me smile and appreciate everything so much more than I did. She’s so talented and brilliant in every possible way, she’s incredible and I swear to you if I do something unintentional and it upsets her you can punch me all you want.”

Jim glanced over to Sebastian and the room fell into silence.

You stretched arm out expecting it to collide against a warm body but it extended out into nothing but coldness. You slowly sat up in the bed “Greg?” You sleepily called for him. No response. You lightly furrowed your brow and searched for him.

You froze when you reached the living room and found your dad, Sebastian and Greg sitting having a cheerful, civilised chat. “What’s happening? Why aren’t you killing each other?” You asked raising a suspicious brow.

The three turned to face you “Hi darling,” Jim smiled “Greg came over and explained everything.” Jim stood up and walked over to you, placing both hands on your upper arms “If he makes you happy…then I’m happy and Sebastian’s happy too. I know I can never rule your heart, I mean if I did you’d be doing maths right now instead of English literature-” You rolled your eyes with a half smirk “It’s going to be weird at first but if Greg’s the one that makes you happy-”

“He does,” you cut your dad off with a sincere smile “He really does…” you glanced over to Greg who was smiling from ear to ear.

Jim nodded “Well we should be off. Greg, you’re welcome over tomorrow for dinner with us.”

“Thanks Jim, I’d like that.” Jim sent Greg a thin lipped smile and a curt nod before turning you and kissing you on the forehead goodbye before leaving with Sebastian.

As soon as the door shut you ran into Greg’s arms with a delighted squeal “I told you we’d be okay,” Greg smiled before passionately kissing you.

A year later Greg woke up in an empty bed, he looked up to the window he smiled. A masterpiece in his very own room. There you were sitting perched on the frame, wearing one of his shirts with nothing else but bright yellow fluffy socks that could bring sunshine to even the gloomiest of days, frantically writing as if your life depended on it.

“I didn’t want to wake you…” you softly spoke while still writing “But I thought of the perfect ending to my book…you were very inspiring.” You smirked and finished writing. “I can’t wait to publish it,” you stood up and joined him back in the bed again.

Greg glanced out the window and saw a flurry of snowflakes rushed passed his window, another English blizzard.

“What did you write for the ending?” He asked bursting with curiosity.

You smiled and pecked his lips, reciting the words you had just written “'And they sat watching the snow fall from their window. No blizzard was ever the same. The girl turned to face the man sitting with the dog sleeping on his lap with a smile 'You’ll never die’ she whispered. The man look at her and laughed 'Whatever do you mean?’ She slid a book into his hands and he read the words that perfectly described him. 'You’ll never die because my love for you has been spilled onto crushed and flattened pieces of wood in jet black ink. You, my dear, can never die.’

You turned and grabbed something from your bedside cabinet. “Here you go, an early Christmas present,” you smiled.

Greg carefully opened the beautifully wrapped package. It was a manuscript for your book; 'An English Blizzard’

The End
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Do your thighs expand 3 times their size when you sit down?
Does your tummy form rolls when you bend over?
Do you over eat sometimes and eat unhealthy foods?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, I want to personally congratulate you for being a NORMAL HUMAN BEING. If you think that any of these things makes you less than perfect, please seek help because I swear that what you eat and how you look does not make you any less beautiful than anyone else.

More Then Just Friends- Matthew Espinosa

Okay this one is for anon I hope you like it! If you want one just request and I promise that I’ll have it out!

Request: Can I have a Matt imagine to where your just best friends but everyone else knows that you like each other but Matt and (y/n) don’t realize they like each other and he gets really nervous when he does tell (y/n) please? Thank you and your blog is amazing 😍 and sorry this is so long

[Matt’s P.O.V]

I couldn’t help it, she was always on my mind even if I didn’t want her to. I could swear she was the most perfect human being in the world, but it hurt so much knowing she could would never look at me that way, she could never love me the way I loved her. Me and her were friends, stuck in the friend zone forever. Everyone knew that I liked her, I’m surprised that she didn’t. She could be so oblivious sometimes.
“Mr. Espinosa.” My math teacher said snapping me out of my train of thoughts. “The answer?” He said waiting for me to respond. I quickly looked up at the board and said an answer.

She turned around a gave me a smile. I turned and gave her a slight wave.

[Your P.O.V.]

You looked across the hallway at your best friend Matt. The two of you had been friends since you were born and you always had a little crush on him. Everyone knew that you liked him everyone except him. You were surprised that he didn’t know but at the same time.

“Hey Matt” You said walking over to him. “Hey Y/N.” He replied “Are you okay?” You asked. “Yeah, why?” He asked. “You look sad, you know you can tell me whatever it is right?” You asked brightly hoping he would tell me what was bothering him. “I’m fine” He shrugged “Do you want to go and eat something?” He suggested. “Yeah, of course.” Yo said. In less than ten minutes we had gone through the drive through at McDonalds. We pulled over into a parking spot and started eating our lunch. There was a very awkward silence that kept bugging you, so you decided to try and break it.

“Hey” You said smiling. “I heard that Chloe thinks you are cute. And she is like one of the prettiest girls in school” You said. “Not interested” He shrugged. “Why not?” You asked. “Because I’m not” He said. “Seriously Matt what the hell is wrong with you?” You said loudly. “I can’t. It’s really nothing.” He continued.
“Matt we have been best friends forever, of course you can tell me” You said. “That’s why I can’t tell you” He said taking a bite out of his burger. “I don’t get what you are saying.” You said.
“God Y/N you can be so oblivious to certain things.” He said. “I’m still not seeing what you mean.” You said shaking your head. “Really?” He said getting annoyed. You shook your head. “I fucking like you! Okay? And I can’t stand looking at you everyday and knowing you don’t feel the same way about me! I hate hearing you talk to your friends about the hottest guys in school and how you would have sex with them if you could. I can’t stand it”

You were shocked. You looked at him and tried to say something, but you just couldn’t. “Look Y/N.” Matt began. “No wait let me talk” I said, “Ok, this may be weird but I DO feel the same way.”You said. He opened his eyes widely turning to you. “What do you mean?” He asked. “I mean you like me, I like you.” You said laughing. “So if I asked you out right now would you say yes?” He said. “Yes!” You replied still laughing. “Good to know.”

It Only Takes One Time (Part 33)

TBH I feel like trash right now, but I have a new computer and that makes it easier for me to write more. It’s technically Friday and since it is my most famous, I’m doing my first piece of writing on this with IOTOT. So, here.

Warnings: Swearing, there’s also smut but it’s not smut but it still is???

Part 32

 I knew it was wrong to feel so tempted by someone I was completely undeserving of, but in that moment I could care less. Phil was a beautiful human and I was blessed by being able to stare at him-so perfect and half naked made me think things I shouldn’t.

I’d be lying if I were to say that I wasn’t still in love with Dan. No amount of sexual frustration or infatuation with Phil could change that, at least not yet.  Dan was something mystical and what I felt towards him was something indescribable. I would never choose the right set of words in order to explain how I felt when I simply thought about him.

However, that was a dream that wouldn’t happen. I could no longer afford to let myself fall back into Dan whenever one of us was lonely. Everything about us together screamed unhealthy and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see that.

 Anything involving non-platonic actions should’ve been off the table the second Waverly mentioned the possibility of another pregnancy. I didn’t want another child, especially not with Dan after we both decided we needed to try and put the whole fiasco behind us. Liam was everything and more and as parents we both agreed that it would definitely be enough to keep him as an only child. That included that Dan wasn’t planning on impregnating anyone else, either.

Everything else aside, I knew that I definitely wanted to stick around Phil’s room a little longer. I was under his affect and it was like cocaine; I wanted more.

“What if instead of taking a picture, I sit around and you can explain to me why Dan is moping around on the couch and won’t explain what made you guys get into an argument.” I strutted over to Phil’s bed and sat down. Tonight had been a long evening and his bed was so comfortable, it felt wonderful. I could have melted into the bed.

“He won’t?” Phil ran his long slim fingers through his hair and let out a lingering sigh. “Ah, shit. Maybe it’s good that you don’t know yet. You should relax for once. Or, at least try to.” Phil’s voice sounded thicker and deeper. It was mixed in with a slur (probably from the drinks he previously consumed) and sleepiness.

“That’s not fair. If it’s about me I should have a right to know.” I slightly began to frown. The fact that neither of the two men would answer my questions made me feel so peeved.

“How do you know it’s about you?” Phil walked over and sat parallel to me on the bed. His contacts weren’t in so he had his glasses on. On many occasions I’d seen him wearing them, but I was never fully able to appreciate how cute he truly looked. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue and if you stared long enough it was like you were swimming in a well lit ocean. Of course, I would never say this out loud to him because there was no way I could say any of it without wanting to implode and self destruct.

“If it’s not, then telling me would do no harm.” I urged on, playfully twirling my hair around my finger and giving Phil a sweet smile. He returned the favour by grinning ever so slightly.

“Nah, it’s pretty gross actually. It shouldn’t concern you. I feel more bad for Dan, but he won’t listen to me when I give him an opinion about it and we fought.”

“You both argue like I did with Catherine. Except, our friendship ended far more dramatically.” I shrugged. “But considering Dan and I have a child together, you should tell me.” I smiled and grabbed one of Phil’s pillows, hugging it close to my chest.

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” I groaned, throwing my head back like a 3 year old walking out of a candy store.

“I promised Dan I wouldn’t. He said it would freak you out and I happen to agree with that. You shouldn’t have to worry more about anything else than you already do about-everything.” Phil looked me up and down and gulped back. “Can you just wait it out, please? He’ll come to you when he’s ready. I hardly support anything he does anymore, but this is more personal to him than me.”

“Fine. But if he doesn’t tell me by tomorrow night, will you? It’ll stress me out more not knowing than if I did.” I knew that I should have just respected Dan just because it was a huge sign that I needed to leave him be when I had Phil telling me. At that particular moment, I had my own secrets and I didn’t want anyone going off and telling Dan either.

“Okay,” Phil stretched for a second before turning back to me with a little side smile. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Shoot.” I nodded.

“You never told me what you want to do with your life,” Phil mumbled. “Like what are you studying?”

“I want to be a doctor but I’m getting just a good ol’ science degree first in case I change my mind before Med school. That’ll be harder now that I have Liam and I have drama with his dad… Okay. Now that I’m saying this out loud that sounds stupid and maybe I need to see a therapist.” I chuckled right after my last few words. It was hard to find humour in the sequence of unfortunate events within the previous months, but if there was something I could find; I’d take the shot.

“You saving people’s lives? That’s hard to believe you’d want to do that,” he sounded amused, and normally I would feel more insulted than charmed, but it was nice to not freak out over everything. I was my calmest around Phil. I would probably wake up with lingering distress over my life choices but either way, taking a break from it fell good.

“What? You don’t think I’d be a good doctor?” I gasped and placed my hand over my chest, pretending to be offended.

“Well, what kind of doctor?” He relaxed himself more on the bed, laying on his side and holding his head up with his hand.

“I’m pretty fascinated with a psychiatrist.” I nodded, laying the same as him. This made him laugh louder and lean forward, pressing his forehead against mine.

“I support you 100%, but you should focus on yourself instead of others.” If I’m honest, that one stung a little but not because he said it. It hit me a little because it was absolutely true and it seemed better that it came from him than anyone else. At the time, that is.

“Maybe you’re right,” he was so close to my face that I could feel his breath hitting my face. That normally would be a cringe moment, but I chose to enjoy it.

“We haven’t kissed in awhile…” Phil whispered, diverting his eyes to my lips. “Kissing you is really nice.”

“Hmm… Nice to know…” I responded, leaning in and softly pressing my lips against his. I don’t know why I bothered to even consider trying to gain some self control, but I was engulfed in pure bliss. This would be the hardest kiss to get away from because I wanted to keep going. This kiss transported me to a whole new universe.

A universe that didn’t involve Dan.

Phil didn’t seem to be anywhere close to being ready to stop. His lips were attacking mine and they weren’t staying in one place. He was moving from my lips to my jaw and then to my neck.

“Y/N…” Phil whispered, sucking on one spot lightly on my neck.

“Mhm?” I responded, not intending for it to come out as a moan but not preventing it. It felt amazing and I wanted to keep going. It was so wrong, especially the Liam was upstairs and it wasn’t even his dad I was rolling around with.

“Can we keep kissing?” He responded, continuing to kiss down my neck, meeting with my collarbones and eventually the valley of my breasts.

“Can we do more?” I countered, carefully starting to unbutton my blouse for him. Whatever few left that I couldn’t be bothered to open, Phil ripped open.

Things continued to escalate until it was just us between the sheets, letting all of our problems go together. We both were in heaven and it felt fantastic to just let go. This wouldn’t help my pregnancy scare or my aching heartbreak over Dan the man who tore out more heart.

But it sure as hell made everything seem great. And, we used protection.

Once it ended, I cuddled up to Phil and fell asleep. It would cause some speculation when I would leave his room early in the morning, so we made sure to set an alarm for 5:30, so I could sneak and waddle to Dan’s room and sleep peacefully before waking up and facing the music.

Well, that was the plan until we were awoken at 5:32am to loud banging on the door.

“Phil! Turn off the alarm! It’s too loud! Liam’s going to wake up!” Then, the door handle started twisting.

More Than Best Friends?- Matt Espinosa Imagine for elishaespinosa

(there’s a change of narrator or point of view in this imagine. First it’s Matt and then y/n and it separated by “……” anyway hope you like it it’s a bit crappy but well) 

Requested by elishaespinosa: Heyy could you please write a Matt Imagine for me? Love your blog btw


“I remember that it hurt. Looking at her hurt.” – Stuck in Love

I couldn’t help it; she was in my mind even if I didn’t want to think about her. I stared down at her, analyzing and contemplating every inch of her being. I could swear she was the most perfect human in the world. But it hurt so much knowing she could never look at me that way, she could never love me the way I loved her. She thought of me as a friend and nothing else.

“Mr. Espinosa” the teacher said in an annoying tone while he called my attention. I quickly shook my head trying to come back to the sad reality.

“Sorry” I exclaimed. He just rolled his eyes and continued to write in the board whatever he was writing before I interrupted him.

She turned around while she and her other friends giggled, curving her lips into a wide smile and waving enthusiastically to me. I waved back. So, that’s how the whole hour went by. I just stared at her and again, I found it so difficult to look away.


“Hey Matt” I said running awkwardly to one of my closest friends. I put my scarf and my bag back to the correct place before I sighed heavily trying to recover the air I had lost.

“Hey y/n” he said in an unusual tone.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

“You look sad, you know you can tell me right?” I asked brightly hoping he would tell me what was bothering him.

“It’s fine” He shrugged and turned towards me, “do you want to go and eat something?”

“Yeah, of course, I’m starving” I exclaimed grabbing his arm and dragging him to my car. In less than 5 minutes we were in In-n-out Burger. We sat down and started eating our lunch. There was a very awkward silence that kept bugging me, so I decided to break it. I noticed how Matt was sad or whatever so I thought I would cheer him up a bit.

“Hey” I said smiling. He looked up at me and made me a ‘what’ sign. “Andrea thinks you are cute. And she is like on of the prettiest girl in school” I raised my eyebrows repeatedly but the only thing I got as a response was a shrug.

“Not interested”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not”

“Now, Espinosa what the hell is wrong with you?” I exclaimed a bit loud making some faces turn around to see us.

“Can you shut up please?”

“Not before you tell me what’s going on”

He sighed, “I cannot tell you and it’s nothing really”

“We are best friends, of course you can tell me” I said a bit frustrated given the fact it seemed like he didn’t trust me enough to tell me.

“That’s why I can’t tell you” he took a bite of his burger, “we are best friends” he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t get what you are saying, would you mind, maybe, being a bit clearer?”

“God, you are so stupid sometimes, like you don’t notice a thing, all the signs…”

“Still not getting” I said shaking my head.

“Really?” he was definitely annoyed.

“Like you are kind of mysterious today, Matt. Go straight to the point please?”

“I fucking like you! That’s the damn point! And I can’t stand looking at you everyday and knowing you don’t feel the same way or hearing you talk about the hottest guys in school and how you would fuck them if you could. I can’t stand it”

This was definitely a surprise, a really unexpected and weird surprise. “Wow” was the only thing that came from my mouth.

We stayed in silence for some more minutes, in that time we both finished our burgers and we were looking everywhere but our eyes. So awkward.

“Look y/n…”

“No wait let me talk” I said, “Ok, this is really weird but I don’t think it’s exactly a bad thing”

He opened his eyes widely, “wh…what do you mean?”

“I have no idea” I giggled “but I’m sure it’s not a bad thing, I actually think it’s a very good thing”

“Really?” he said looking up to me, something new in his eyes.

“Yeah” I nodded while I looked in his eyes. “It’s a good thing”

And for everyone who wants to know, that was the beginning of everything. In that moment I realized that I had always had a soft spot for him but I never had the guts to tell him. Everything that was required was to give a step forward. And he gave it.


Since it’s Ellen birthday here in New Zealand, I thought I would just write a wee message. 

I hope Ellen has an amazing birthday because she absolutely deserves it! She works so hard just to make everyone around her, and around the world happy and today deserves to be just all about her. Ellen is the most perfect woman to ever step foot on this earth. I swear she has saved so many lives around the world including my own. I’ve struggled so much over the last 3 years and Ellen has been the one person who has always been able to make me smile. I am so thankful of her, I really don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for her. 

I didn’t realise that there was a human being that was actually pure perfection, but there is and that’s Ellen. I mean look at her. She’s beautiful inside and out. That smile, that hair, those blue eyes, that personality, that comedic side, that loving/caring side, and that everything. 

She really is an angel on earth.

I’m so thankful and honoured to have been alive in her lifetime. To see her accomplishments and the great things she has done for animals and equal rights and many more things. I just hope one day I’ll be able to tell her how thankful I am of her in person. 

I could write so much but I’ll just leave it here, 

Thank you for everything you have done, for us all. I love you, so much!

Happy Birthday Ellen DeGeneres.

So, I got caught up on s5 of TW and actually am quite enjoying it! 

Spoilers Ahead for Season 5, Episode 1 and 2.

Primarily, I feel like everyone is really, really IN CHARACTER. I realize that this is canon and obviously they are sort of in character by definition but, you know what i mean. For example:

  • Suspicious Stiles. I have always been a HUGE proponent of suspicious, overly organized, obsessive Stiles. A Stiles who keeps maps of where everyone should be and lists of people he doesn’t trust and does whatever necessary to back up his claims and get proof.
  • Trusting Scott. I mean, Scott believing the best of everyone is just wonderful. But the fact that he also doesn’t really get mad at Stiles for being suspicious. Like he thinks Stiles is wrong and encourages him to stop but so far we haven’t had an angry “god you are just WRONG” mean moment Scott. I hope the show continues like this. I don’t want Scott to choose Theo OVER Stiles at any point. 
  • Insecure Scott. I think I just really identify with this- but Scott not telling anyone he wants to go to UC Davis because he’s afraid he’s not good enough… I do the same thing with important goals! So i think that’s awesome.
  • Badass Scott. Scott owning that werewolf dude in Ep1 is like… just ugh. Flashback to Scott owning that assassin chic from last season. I hope villains never stop underestimating Scott McCall because seeing them just get pwned like effing n00bs is my jam. like… umad bro?
  • Paintaking Scott. Obviously there are not enough words in the universe to tell you exactly how I felt about this scene. 
  • Parent Scott and Stiles. The Scott/Stiles/Liam relationship is just really well done I think. Like I just got gooey feelings of joy whenever the three were on the screen together. But both of them giving him advice in seperate scenes ALSO made me squee aloud. Like you two are such good co-parents. And now its not even because ive written fic of that. It is canon. open a werewolf orphange, you two.
  • Lil Baby Liam. So Liam has never been my favorite character but I think he MIGHT BE this season. Just Liam following orders and being a teenager (oh one earbud. the youth) but also like… Stiles needs me to check out Theo with him. Okay! Stiles needs me to turn the ignition of his car? Okay! Stiles needs me to get out of this hole? Okay! Oh, the girl is bullying me but i deserve it but also I DON’T DESERVE THIS, head-on-locker Liam is too cute.
  • Oh No the parents are Fighting Liam. So the car scene mentioned about with Perfect Scott and Losing His Temper Stiles? It was HONESTLY MADE EVEN MORE PERFECT by The cuts to Uncomfortable Liam. Like… I swear, that is honestly what kids look like when their parents fight. Just: please stop, oh my god, this is so awkward, oh god, please work, Jeep, please work, pls, pls pls….
  • Protective Puppy Liam. I just LOVED when Theo found Stiles and Liam and Liam stood protectively in front of Stiles. LIKE AH. Stiles being the pack’s most valuable human and Liam will NOT let anything happen to his Alpha’s Second. Or his Alpha’s Co-Alpha. And then Liam shifting to save Mason.
  • Liam and Mason. Mason who has researched all summer. Liam who is afriad to tell him. Liam who encourages Mason to check out the soccer players as a supportive bro. Pimp out that soccer team, Liam. Pimp it on out. And, of course, Mason who goes and checks out soccer players and then works out nonstop and texts nonstop waiting for his friend. Like I am here for this friendship. 
  • Blunt Wonderful Malia. A Malia who talks openly about how hot Theo is and then offers to torture him? Yes. This is the Malia I know and love. A Malia who challenges Stiles but still loves him but also seems much more secure in herself, even if her parents are CRAZY people. She knows that. She also knows she is still a badass. LET ME JUST LIFT THIS TREE FOR YOU KIND CITIZENS. 
  • Gonna go get what she wants Lydia. Yup, Lydia is on the Marrish train. I am on the Marrish train. Lydia is driving that train you better be all aboard. I also like that her flirting seems much more geniune and sweet than it did in previous seasons. Mature Lydia is my jam. 
  • Benevolent Goddess Lydia. A girl is having trouble? Lydia will take care of her. Lydia will see to it that a cop is watching the house all night. CARING LYDIA IS SO WONDErFUL She’s that totally popular girl at school who seems too cool for you, but is not. I bet Lydia is just the nicest if you are brave enough to talk to her. But If you’re not brave enough and you’re having trouble, she will come fix it. Oh and dear god, if you are mean at this school, she will destroy you. Bullies watch out. Lydia Martin runs this school and she does not like your kind.
  • The Lydia and Kira Dream Team. Give me all the silent communication between the two smartest girls in class. Give me even more of the Kira slinging one arm over Lydia as they walk away. I am very happy with this. VERY HAPPY. 
  • Wearing a Belt that Turns into  A Sword Kira. Not sure about the logistics of that belt but I loved it. Kira is actually just WONDERFULLY funny this season. IMMA GO WALK- wait. no it’s raining. Nevermind. OOPS, I just got too excited and blew up a lamp. Let’s continue making out anyway. Kira is a wonderful ray of sunshine and I love her and Scott togehter very much.
  • The Yukimura Family. Especially Ken. Adorable dorky father who is just too nice to everyone. I declare cinnamon roll. Re: Driving Scene with Malia. Badass Ghost Story Telling Noshiko is also a plus. Didn’t really follow the story or why she felt the urge to share but I appreciated that she did. You tell those cryptic myths, ma’am.
  • Ready to Mingle Sheriff Stilinski. The wedding ring is off, secret conferences about protecting Parrish are ON and I see a Melissa/Sheriff takeoff in the near future.
  • Supportive Sheriff Stilinski. He doesn’t really believe his son but… wait his son is a genius. Alright. HAVE SOME COP ADVICE AS YOU STALK THIS OTHER TEENAGER, SON. ENJOY POLICE WORK. (meanwhile, let me keep my lil parrish bb safe from the world…)
  • Slightly Scatter Brained Melissa McCall. i swear this is EXACTLY how i picture her. Is there food in the fridge? Nope. Does she have cash? rarely. Is she really aware of where her son is? Not always. Is she still the best mom in the entire unvierse? HELL YES. Give me all the realistic single, working Moms, please. ALL OF THEM. That reminds me…
  • Note-Leaving Scott McCall. Incredibly Powerful True Alpha Werewolf that Runs his Own Pack and protects Beacon Hills against Alpha Packs, Hunters, Assassins, and Giantic people wearing skulls on their head who ALSO LEAVES HIS MOTHER A NOTE TELLING HER WHERE HE IS AND WHEN HE’LL BE HOME. Like honestly. Just drown me in the fluff already.
  • Evil Theo. Okay, I really love that Theo is evil. I love it because Stiles is right and he’s so wonderfully slimey and i LOVED the last scene of episode 2. A bad guy who (at least rn) seems to be fully aware of his evilness and who has kidnapped people into playing his parents? Yes. This is a bad guy I can get behind. Smart, age-appropriate, a very good liar. My slytherin self respects the hell out of him. USE THAT DEAD SISTER ANGLE, THEO. REALIZE THAT STILES IS THE IMPORTANT ONE YOU HAVE TO WIN OVER AND TRY TO MANIPULATE HIM TOO. Like, honestly, this season is looking to be a head-to-head between Stiles and Theo and I think it’s going to be glorious. Two Slytherins going head to head is always awesome. So much trickery! So much backstabbing! YES!

Okay, I should stop there. But basically, I am VERY pleasantly surprised by this season. Obviously, it’s not perfect and I reserve the right to change my mind but so far… good stuff, TW. 

I shall now tag this OUTRAGEOUSLY so that every possible combination of blacklisted works comes up and people are not spoiled if they have not watched it…

I swear Ashton Irwin is the most perfect human being in this world like have you heard his laugh/giggle and how his face lights up when he talks about the band and the other boys and how grateful he is. Have you seen his smile and how he’s such a lovely person and how he’s always there for the fans and he is genuinely an amazing human being and I need an Ashton Irwin in my life so I can hug him forever and ever.