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Hi love! What would you say the top ten sterek fics you've ever read are?

This was REALLY HARD. Mainly bc it’s hard to choose only 10. Because I’m leaving off some great fics (which is why there are more than 10 on here :3)! And some I get mixed up bc I read them so long ago and near each other. (You can always browse my fave fic list here) But I’ve narrowed it to this list. These are the fics that really left impressions on me. They’re all amazing and deserve to be read and loved!!! So…have a TOP 27 FAVE STEREK FICS list :DDDD

1. Cry Havoc by ladyblahblah

In Beacon Hills, the two-year war that’s been raging between werewolves and hunters has begun spilling over onto the civilian population. Meanwhile, in Boston, when the tattoo on Stiles Stilinski’s back is damaged on a late-night hunt he begins to have dreams that lead him across the country, drawn by an inexplicable conviction that he’s needed there. When he discovers that Derek Hale began the war after his mate was killed, Stiles finds himself being offered a strange deal: figure out how to bring the alpha’s mate back, and peace talks can begin.

2. Where the Inevitable Isn’t by Survivah

Stiles has a magical thingamajig that’s supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn’t in the same universe anymore.

“A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, ‘hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?’ and Derek would reply, ‘now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!’”

3. Pack Up; Don’t Stray by the_deep_magic

AU – Werewolves are an enslaved underclass, collared and tagged by human masters. Detective Stilinski’s on duty the night they bring in an untagged stray.

4. Our Memories Are Numbered by rufflefeather

Stiles’ Jeep grinds to a halt, he sees someone running through the rain, he’s not expecting it to be Derek. He’s not expecting a Derek without any memories either, or an Alpha pack that’s coming for all of them. He probably should’ve, because lately nothing goes the way he expects.

5. Ad Astra Per Tentaculum by morganoconner

Space contains a multitude of different species, and Derek has seen and helped a lot of them in his time taking down branches of the slave-trade organization. But this is the first time he’s seen an Aloshrivnik. It’s not the tentacles that draw him in; it’s the goddamn eyes that stare at him without backing down.

“Stiles,” it says to him. “My name is Stiles.”

6. Part of My Melody by hayesgeneration

Derek is a professional classical musician who has found himself lost without a muse, without goal and without even a hint of spark. He’s almost settled nearly contently (if not slightly unwillingly) on having to live his life as a recluse, when his sister finally grows tired of his antics, giving him a Christmas ultimatum.

7. Littlest Alpha by triedunture

Derek and Stiles have taken out the Alpha Pack and pretty much saved the world. Okay, the town. Okay, their remaining friends. But the Alphas left something behind: a baby. And this baby is an Alpha too. Derek is determined to take care of the abandoned child, and Stiles is stuck going along for the ride.

But Stiles doesn’t expect the ride to include seeing another side of Derek, or to find another way to say “family.”

8. Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose

Stiles Stilinski is the best trapeze artist west of the Mississippi, but that doesn’t do him much good without a catcher. Enter one quiet roughneck who calls himself Derek and knows maybe a little too much about circus arts for someone who was hired to schlep tents. But Derek has his secrets, and so does the new girl, Allison. Who’s being hunted and who’s being haunted, and will Stiles ever be able to convince Derek to help him fly again?

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Dating Wonder Woman would include...

The only headcanons I wrote was about Wolverine (here), and since I never received any other requests about head canons…I’m very glad to write another one with Wonder Woman yo ! Though I’m not sure I’m doing it right, I made it way longer than most headcanons I saw around I think, and also cut it in more than one part…I hope it’s ok. So here we go, hope you’ll like it

(My masterlist blog here :


How you met, how you two fell in love, the first “I love you” : 

✶ You first met Diana when your brother, Bruce aka the goddamn Batman, dragged you to the Justice League’s Watchtower (against your will). You were already a Gotham’s vigilante just like him, the next big step was obviously the League, though you didn’t like the idea of being in a little “super club”…

✶ You quickly changed your mind when you met Diana though. She’s the first one who talked to you, and though your brother told you many things about the Mighty Wonder Woman, you weren’t impressed. 

✶ That’s what made her fall in love with you. Because you accept her just as she is. And you couldn’t care less about the fact that she’s a Princess, or one of the most powerful being on Earth.

✶ The way you’re never afraid to tell people what you think, even if sometimes it’s almost rude, is also another reason she fell for you. She loves the fact that you’re independent, and don’t take anyone’s shit, including hers. You keep her grounded when she gets a bit too cocky or something. 

✶ Another thing that made her fall for you : even though you went through a lot of bad things during your life, you always saw the bright side of everything, and Diana understood why Bruce always referred to you as his “personal sunshine”. You didn’t have any super-power, but hey, the ability to make anyone (even the Batman) smile and laugh was even better. 

✶ Your brother shipping you two even before you started to both flirt with each other like crazy. 

✶ Your brother calling you “an idiot” when you decide to not reciprocate the flirting after a while, afraid to bring her in your chaotic life. “She’s Wonder Woman, as if anything could actually hurt her”. 

✶ Diana being somewhat depressed while your avoiding her…And the League having an “intervention” to convince your stubborn ass to talk to her again. 

✶ You not resisting for very long, because…Well, she’s Diana Prince, and if you’re honest with yourself, you’ve been in love with her ever since you first met. Her not being even remotely mad at you for your sudden coldness toward her, on the contrary, being over the moon because you finally came back.

✶ Your brother giving you relationship advices : basically, do the opposite of what he would do. Best advice ever. 

✶ Becoming very close from each other because it seems you two are just hand made for each other. Conversation is always flowing just right, you don’t always agree with each other but always listen etc etc…A match made in heaven. 

✶ Diana knew she was doomed and totally in love with you the day you punched your brother AND Superman in the face because they dared to say you needed protection. “If I can punch you two idiots without you stopping me, then clearly, I’m fine without protection !”. Yup, she was definitely doomed.

✶Her knowing you hate when people protect you, but not being able to not do it…and you letting her protect you, because you love her, and if it can make her happy, then so be it. 

✶ Surprisingly, she’s the one that said “I love you” first…Right before what should have been a “suicide mission”. Needless to say it gave you a reason to fight like Hell to have the chance to tell her you love her too. 

✶ You never even had time to tell her, as when the battle was finished, and you two were still alive, she crashed her lips on yours. The rest of the League applauded when you were finally able to whisper, breathless : “I love you too D”

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Request(s): omg your boyfriend bts rap lines was so good??? it was so detailed and easy to envision??????? i love the little nuances and subtleties each member had…….i enjoyed it so much!! if you can could you also do boyfriend au for the maknae line + jin? Thanks!!!
Bts vocal line as boyfriends!!! Thaaanks!
Hi!! Idk if you’ve done this yet bc you don’t have a masterlist so I apologize in advance if I’m requesting something that is done but can you please write a “bts vocal line as your boyfriend” and/or a “svt performance unit as your boyfriend”? Thank you so much! I just found your blog and I love it to pieces! Have a nice day :)
Members: Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook
Genre: Cotton candy grade fluff
A/N: I was deadass shook my rapline as boyfriends post broke even a hundred notes wtf love you guys,, and these compliments have me crying in the club damn,, I’ll do the performance unit in a separate post don’t worry!! I’ll set up my masterlist when I have a few more posts cause I feel like it’s a little early to set one up???
This took me long not because it was hard but because I just kept taking breaks to eat snacks tbh no shame
Rapline here: x


  • Honestly congratulations on landing a date with that face dude he isn’t Mr. Worldwide Handsome for nothing the man is a god
  • Okay but real talk: if you date Jin he’s gonna flirt with you all the time
  • He likes to boost your confidence when he does it too and just the way he says it is in that extra ass tone he uses like half the time 
  • You: Hey Jin I bought us some fried chicke-
  • Jin, grabbing at his chest over his heart: You got me fried chicken??? Wooow, you’re such an amazing s/o, my heart is fluttering, what am I gonna do, what if your thoughtfulness kills me-
  • Always brags about you and the other members are getting sICK of it
  • They’re like yes jin we know you have the most wonderful s/o in the world you’ve only mentioned the new mittens they bought you 573 times
  • He just thinks you’re so wonderful and perfect??? He can’t help it??? He’s gotta flex
  • Calls you guys the most attractive couple 
  • Takes a lot of selcas with you and then immediately says he can’t show it to the world cause you guys might blind them with how perfect your visuals are together and you just crack up because he’s so serious when he says it 
  • Really likes to make you laugh, you laughing makes him laugh and vice versa cause his laugh is so funny and cute (windshield wipers)
  • Likes to keep you close to his side whenever you’re near him, even if he can’t be holding onto you he still likes to keep you close enough that you’re touching in some way 
  • You guys are totally the couple that gives each other that Look whenever someone near you does something dumb
  • Loves it when you encourage him 
  • Doesn’t matter how you do it, bringing him food or sending an encouraging text or a kiss for good luck, he’s soft for it no matter what
  • Always gets more energy from it and will carry a little smile on his face and remind himself he’s gotta do it for you 
  • When he struggles or gets upset, he knows that he can count on you to be there with open arms,, and he always tries to remind you that he’ll be there for you just the same
  • If you text him that you’re tired or sad he will 100% send u a selfie and a little reminder that he loves you and will come see you ASAP to help make you feel better 
  • Very sweet to vent to, listens attentively while holding onto you and reminds you that you’re better than anything bad coming your way, that you’re his whole world and he’d be lost without you, and that he’s there if you can think of anything he can do to help
  • Likes to just hold you at the end of the day, wrapped up in blankets with lazy hands trailing up and down arms as you both quietly tell each other about your day
  • He tells you that this is when you look best,,, wrapped up in his arms with the evening light trickling in to illuminate your features and your hair a little messy but your features soft and full of love 
  • Wow I can’t believe this man is a literal gift to this planet
  • Likes to take you out on nice dates that he’s probably been planning for a weeks 
  • He knows you guys slay when you dress up too so he thinks it’s really fun to see photos of you guys in nice clothes so he can, you guessed it, brag about how WONDERFUL you are and what an AMAZING couple you guys make 
  • But if you don’t like dressing up then he doesn’t make you do it often because let’s face it he thinks you’re just as, if not more, attractive in sweats and a stained baggy shirt 
  • Probably makes you super cute packed lunches too hehe
  • @ Bighit keep giving Jin more lines 2kAlways


  • A soft sweet baby angel don’t try and tell me otherwise 
  • Jimin is literally such a good boyfriend um take him to meet your friends?? If you dare that is because he’s so good they might fall for him (kidding kidding)
  • Likes early mornings spent with you, lazing around in the covers with limbs tangled up and early morning sunlight hidden behind curtains so your eyes don’t hurt
  • Hunger eventually motivating you guys to slump out of bed and make breakfast together 
  • And he just looks so soft sitting at the counter while you mix pancake batter,,, his bangs messy and his eyes curled up with a squishy smile,,, reader why are you still mixing the batter kiss him??????????
  • Definitely has couple rings with you !!
  • He really likes wearing rings and he spent a long time picking out rings and asking advice from Namjoon and Jin cause he trusts their opinions on these things a lot
  • Was shy when he gave it to you but also really smiley and it makes him so happy to see you wear them 
  • Always giggling over how cute you are because he literally thinks you’re the cutest thing to ever walk the planet
  • Will pinch your cheeks and coo over you and it’s just really cute 
  • Y’all are too cute it’s disgusting 
  • Very attentive to your needs and always keeps a close eye out for how you might be feeling
  • Is there in half a second if he thinks you’re upset, asking what’s wrong and what he can do to help you while holding your hands 
  • You know how I mentioned making breakfast together?? Well he likes to cook with you in general tbqh 
  • He wasn’t super interested in cooking before dating you but when Jin gave him a recipe he suggest that y’all tried cooking together he found it was really fun to cook with someone you love???
  • Like you guys have fun doing something together that isn’t super tiring,, it’s just relaxing and you can talk about your day and flick water on each other and just be domestic 
  • Super kind if you have to study something or stay up late doing work
  • He’ll stay up with you, doing his own thing so he doesn’t bother you but so you still know he’s by your side 
  • Brings you coffee with whipped cream and if you mention needing something, he’s on it in a second, from snacks to an extra pencil to a motivational kiss on the cheek 
  • Big fan of kissing your cheeks btw he likes to put a hand on the cheek he isn’t gonna kiss so he can plant a big ol’smooch on you 
  • Sometimes does that dramatized mwah when he does it just to see you laugh (but he gets embarrassed afterwards dsjkgdfh)
  • Showers you with compliments but half the time it’s over text cause he blushes easily
  • You’ll catch him staring at you ALL THE TIME 
  • And it’s always such a sweet expression that you could never ever doubt how much he loves you  


  • Listen you’re dating my son, please treat him right,,, jokes jokes (sorta not really)
  • 200% a soft boy who loves to talk about his future with you 
  • Will mention it off-hand during the day yeah but for the most part he likes to do it when you guys are pressed close together at nighttime
  • He really can’t see his life without you and he wants to be sure that you know that??? Any future he may have he wants it to be with you 
  • Loves to have fun with you tho 
  • Dating Tae is a really fun adventure cause he’s just such a warm person and it’s so easy to be comfortable around him!! 
  • Goes lots of places with you around Korea, like if he hears of some sort of local event happening he’s immediately on a train with you to go check it out 
  • A lot of his fondest memories are of you guys visiting small towns to check out their seasonal markets and celebrations and stuff like that 
  • Likes to take walks with you in the evenings, just window shopping and joking around and holding hands 
  • Another Bangtan boyfriend who likes to take lots of photos with you, loves it when you guys do matching poses 
  • Most of the photos are really goofy and they make you guys laugh and half the time one of the other members has to take it for you guys cause yes this pose really does require both hands stop complaining yoongi and just take the picture 
  • Changes his homescreen all the time but it’s always a photo of the two of you 
  • Saw on the internet that sometimes couples put cute little post it notes around the house for each other, bulk ordered bright pink post-its in both square and heart shapes 
  • One time set up a trail of compliments for you only to have it lead to a heart shaped one that said “Please buy more milk <3” 
  • Likes to tease you like that lmao he hangs out with the other members of the maknae line so much and they’re just really mischievous when they get together 
  • He’s a sweetie when he’s with you but will not hesitate to prank you if one of the other members of Bangtan gives him an idea basically 
  • Will sing loudly and obnoxiously along to the radio with you
  • He doesn’t care if there’s other people in the car if you want to belt out lyrics he’s right there with you 
  • Takes you to meet his family 100% because you’re so important to him and you’ve already met Bangtan now you’ve gotta meet his family
  • Spoils you with gifts tbh we’ve seen this boy he’s a walking gucci store 
  • He wants to SPOIL you and buy you all the nice things you can ever think of wanting
  • Hacked your amazon account to order you stuff off your wishlist No Chill
  • If you complain he gives you puppy dog eyes and says he just wants to show you how much he cares and buy you everything you deserve because he really does think you deserve all these things!!
  • And you remind him that you care more about him that material stuff and he gets all soft and pulls you into a squishy hug 
  • But that’s not gonna stop him lmao
  • Love and appreciate this boy he’d buy you the moon if he could because he loves you endless amounts and just wants to see you smile


  • YOU’RE DATING A LITERAL MEME OH MY GOD you brought this on yourself 
  • Jungkook is kinda shy around you at first,, he doesn’t want to cross any lines with you or do anything that would make you uncomfortable 
  • Texting is a lot easier for him at first cause it makes him feel like he’s getting to know you better without pushing you or anything like that
  • But when you realize he’s shyer in person because he doesn’t want to do anything wrong you assure him that he’s okay!! He’s your boyfriend and you want to do things like hold his hand and have movie night dates with him!! 
  • He relaxes pretty quick after that and starts warming up to you 
  • Goes from a shy boyfriend to a really dorky one real heckin quick
  • Leaves his stuff just. All over your apartment. Literally who does he think he is.
  • Whenever he comes over he just drops his things wherever he pleases 
  • But hey at least it makes it easy to steal his hoodies hehe
  • Likes the hardwood/tiles/whatever in your kitchen cause that means he gets to slide around it in his socks
  • Will grab your hands and make you do weird dances with him to some song playing on (one of his like 9 christ did you see how many he got for his birthday??) iphones if you’re both wearing socks 
  • Steals your food when you order takeout, will try and kiss you with chicken grease on his mouth
  • You have to scold him and wipe his mouth for him and he’s just giggling with his eyes all scrunched up so can you really stay mad?? No you cannot 
  • Buy him something that isn’t food and he will either proudly display it in his golden closet I mean room or wear it
  • Namjoon: Jungkook it’s like 80 degrees outside take off those gloves jesus christ 
  • If you cook something for him he’ll literally be so happy,, and he just looks so squishy eating and smiling like it’s the best gift in the world,,,
  • Please push his bangs up and kiss his forehead when he’s like this
  • NOSE KISSES!!! Likes to kiss yours and gets all giggly when you kiss his 
  • Likes to tease you and mess with you a lot just cause he’s a playful person but he always knows not to go too far and will gather you up in a big hug afterwards and just kiss on you 
  • Has a lot of inside jokes with you and will reference them at completely random times just to get you both cracking up with laughter
  • If someone upsets you he is def the protective boyfriend that will offer to kick some ass for you before sitting down with you and rubbing your back as he listens to everything that’s bothering you 
  • As much as he loves exciting dates to like amusement parks and stuff, he really likes nights in with you 
  • Nights where you guys order takeout or one of you cooks for the other and you’re just flopped on top of each other and you’re wearing one of his shirts 
  • And movies are playing on the tv and you’re both just complaining about a character you can’t help but hate and there’s an occasional series of smooches that have him crinkling his nose up playfully
  • I’m cutting myself off here love ur memeboy pls and thank u

Requests are open!!

Is That What You Think?

A/N: I know I haven’t written in a while. I wanted to give myself a chance to get back into the routine of school, also I’ve had some pretty bad writers block. Anyway, I’ve had my nose in books all week, going through at least four books in five days. This is an idea that was sparked so let’s see how this goes. 

I hated this night already. 

For starters I was in this super tight black dress that, in my opinion, made me look fat. It was so tight that I couldn’t breathe. 

I was just feeling really insecure at the moment. 

I’d rather stay home in my sweats and a tank top and read one of the new young love novels I bought earlier in the week. 

But Shawn had asked and practically begged I join him at this party for his new single. I only agreed to shut him up. At the time, it sounded fun, not so much anymore. 

Let’s just say I’m not in the best head space. He doesn’t know it but while he was in the shower I couldn’t help but look through some of the comments on a few posts that he made about us. 

It wasn’t good, and I was starting to believe his fans a bit. 

But I put on a fake smile and slipped on on my nude pumps before walking out the door. 

The thing that was making my thoughts worse, was the fact that Shawn hasn’t said like almost anything to me all night, and he isn’t holding my hand like he usually does when he ride in the car. 

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just stared out the window, trying not to look out of it. But in all honesty I just wanted to go back home, and have some ice cream. 

“We’re here guys.” Andrew says looking up from his phone. “Are you guys okay?” He says noticing my gaze. Shawn looks over at me confused and I tried to hide my look but I didn’t get to it in time. 

He caught my look.

“Can you give us a second?” He looked over at Andrew then back at me. 

“Sure thing.” He smiled. I watched as Andrew got out and I sighed waiting for Shawn to speak up. 

“Baby are you okay?” He asked concerned.

“Yeah, why?” Lies. 

“You look off, you didn’t speak the whole ride. Is there something going on?” 

“Nothing important.” I nod. I can feel my throat get tight, I wanted to cry honestly. But I swallowed and nodded again making that feeling go away.

“Okay.” He said opening the door. He got out and offered me his hand, I took it and prayed he wouldn’t notice my shaking hand. I got out and looked up at me and he looked more worried than before. I placed a tight smile on my face and walked towards the entrance

Shawn was pulled away to take pictures and I stood off to the side waiting on him to return. I was trying to control my thoughts and my breathing but that all shattered when I looked over to see her all over him. I looked down and the feeling of tears stung my eyes again. 

I needed a drink to get through this night. 

On my way to the bar I ran into Matt. 

“Hey Y/n” He smiled at me. 

“Hey Matt.” It was forced.

“You okay?” He asks looking over my shoulder and spotting Shawn. “Ooo, yikes. How are you doing?” He asked with a sad look on his face. 

“Is it normal to be this jealous?” I asked feeling my self worth change to anger. 

“Yeah, I mean if I had a girl and someone was all over her like that, I wouldn’t let go of her all night.” He mumbled.

That made me feel a lot better, not! How was I supposed to sit her and watch her practically making out with him in front of all the tabloids and interviewers. I stifled another set of tears and cleared my throat. 

“I’m going to the bathroom.” I said abruptly.

“Y/n” Matt calls, I turn to look at him. “He loves you.” He nods. I frown and meet his gaze.

“You sure?” I ask looking back at Shawn. The smile on his face says it all. He enjoys it. He enjoys her. I don’t even bother looking back at Matt. I head straight for the bathroom and huff once I make it there. 

I stare at myself in the mirror and let the tears fall. I can’t hold it together anymore. Who am I? Two years ago I would punch myself in the face if I were standing in a bathroom crying over some guy.

The difference here is it’s not some guy.

It’s Shawn. 

My guy, but with another girl.

My guy, but with millions of fans that think I’m not good enough for him. Not pretty enough for him. Not skinny enough for him. Not enough for him. 

I let those words replay over and over. It finally sinks in.

Are they right?

A girl walks in and stops when she sees me.

“Hey, you’re Shawns girl right?” She asks smiling. I wipe my tears and clear my throat.

“Um yeah.” I stutter, is that even a truthful answer.

“Awe honey whats wrong?” She asks concerned.

“Um nothing, sorry.” I say wiping my face.

“Don’t be sorry. I’ll give you some privacy.” She says walking out. I silently thank her and can’t help but let my tears fall. 

But then the unexpected happens. 

Someone bursts threw the door. 


“Y/n?” He asks desperately meeting my gaze. “Baby? What happened? Are you okay? Why are you crying?” 

“I’m okay.” I say wiping my tears and taking a look in the mirror. 

I look awful, red swollen eyes, flushed face. 

“Honey? What’s wrong?”

“Am I enough?” I blurt out looking at him. His face contorts to confusion. 

“What?” He asks. I sigh. 

“Am I enough?” I ask again.

“Enough for what?”

“You?” I drop my gaze. He stops and freezes next to me. 

“What?” He says softly. 

“Stop playing dumb Shawn, answer the damn question.” I snap. 

“Where is this coming from?”

“You stopped holding my hand, and sneaking peeks in the morning. I started reading comments. I’m insecure. I think that I am not pretty enough for you, or skinny enough. I have an ugly smile and thick thighs. You deserve her, out there. That’s who you should be with, someone that can look good attached to your arm, and make you the perfect it couple. You deserve someone that’s not me.” I say as more tears fall. 

He takes a step forwards pulling me into his embrace. 

“Is that what you think?” He asks hurt. I just nod. “Baby that is so not true. Are you kidding? You are the most beautiful gorgeous women in the world. You have the most amazing smile, I do whatever I can to make you smile. Your body is amazing, it’s a wonderland.” He smirks earning a small smile from me. “You are the person I want attached to my arm, you make me look like I won the fucking lottery. You are so amazing and beautiful and pretty and hot.” He smiles at me. 

“Shawn.” I sigh. 

“Stop, I hate that you think that way. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. But since you can’t, then I guess I’ll just have to say it more often. And I don’t know what you’re talking about. I snuck a peek at you this morning while you were getting ready. You were dancing around to Puth. You were singing Suffer. You were only wearing my shirt and it was hanging off your right shoulder, teasing me. And I held your hand when we got here, although I much rather would have held your ass.” He smirked, his eyes becoming dark. 

I blushed and smiled.

“So as much as you read comments because I know you do, and as much as you hate to believe that I am right. I love you with all my heart, and that pathetic girl out there, hugging on my to get attention from the world is not you. I don’t want her. I want someone who makes me laugh at three in the morning. I want someone who wakes up in the middle of the night to get a snack. I want someone who will pretend to watch Harry Potter. I want someone who dances around my bathroom in my shirt singing Puth with her hair in a messy bun. I want to wake up to your beautiful eyes every morning. I want you, Y/n. I want you.” He says serious this time. 

“I want you too.” I smile at him.

“I also want to never again have Matt tell me, ‘Hey Y/n went to the bathroom upset.’ and then some lady I’ve never seen before walk up to me and go, ‘Hey there, your girl is in the bathroom crying.’” He said, a frown appearing on his face. “I don’t want you to ever feel so bad that you have to hide in a bathroom a cry, without me. Tell me next time baby, we wouldn’t even have come if you just would have told me what was going on.” 

“I’m sorry, I thought I could toughen through. But watching you and her.” I was starting to get worked up again.

“Hey hey hey.” He grabbed my hand. “That’s a wrong way to say I love you.” He smiles. 

“I love you too.” I smile back at him.  

Negative Numbers?(Bruce Wayne x Reader -Soul mate AU)

Soul mate AU where you have a number of steps left before you meet your Soul mate. Enjoy~  Possibly thinking of a part 2

Most people fantasized over the day they are going to meet their soul mates. Days and sometimes even a week is taken off from work to get mentally and physically prepared for meeting the love of your life. Their has been encounters from the typical coffee shop to even the more bizarre encounters of meeting in an isolated warehouse, but ultimately ended with a kiss and a partner for life.

-“Y/N!, Have you seen your counter it’s below two hundred!” Your friend gasped as she raised your lab coat sleeves above your counter.

-“Is it now?”

-“Earth to Y/N?, You’re meeting your soul mate today aren’t you excited?”

You stopped sorting out various files stared at your friend. A sluggish feeling invaded your body and you have drunk at least three cups of coffee in an unhealthy amount of time.

-“I’ll be excited when Mr. Wayne approves and continues to fund our research.”

Being apart of Wayne Biotech was filled with fascinating innovations that paved a path towards a better Gotham and a better world. In this facility there was researchers and scientists from all around the world striving towards a better future. Competition was common and only the best projects were fully funded from the man himself, Bruce Wayne.

Being the head researcher of your group held nothing but late hours and multiple days of stress. Every couple years your boss Bruce Wayne would come out to his faculties to look over the projects that were deemed to have the most potential in their field. Your ideals for this project required perfect procedure and a elite group of brains capable of taking on the task. Eventually your supervisors saw how well your project has progressed and chosen it to be presented as the key advancement that the Biotech branch had to offer.

-“Coffee breakdown and work stressed is not how your soul mate wants to see you.” One of your partners piped in.

-“What if Mr. Wayne doesn’t like our project.. Or I’ll stutter… It’s him, his son Tim Drake and a bunch of other really important people in Gotham.” You groaned slumping down to your seat.

-“Y/N relax! You got this, we all do. Your surprisingly a charmer when it comes to research presentations.”

Your friend gathered the needed supplies before pulling you up from your seat. Brushing off your clothes she gave you a big smile.

-“Thank you, Who knows, Bruce Wayne could be my soul mate?” You gave a skeptical grin and picked up your laptop. Your lab coat raised slightly revealing the number on your arm.

79 steps left.

Well lets hope he doesn’t get in your way when you walk towards the conference room. Can’t be late to a meeting even if it includes your soul mate.

Upon entering the room the buzz of the usually chatter lessened. The room was filled with almost all old men too grumpy for anything. Great. It was always harder to convince those types of men to believe in anything.

Scanning the room your eyes meet a younger man also known as Tim Drake, he gave a soft smile while checking some things off his list. Next to him was a taller figure, stern features, and a charming smile, Bruce Wayne.

Taking a deep breath you walked towards him and caught the attention of your supervisor.

-“Ah Y/N!, Ten minutes early as usual” He chuckled while checking his watch.

-“Mr. Wayne may I allow you to introduce the head researcher of this project Y/N L/N.”

Bruce turned around and smiled extending his arm.

-“Hello, I heard about-”

Something inside broke open releasing a feeling of bliss and completion. It swarmed the body with feel good thoughts and utter excitement.

Bruce quickly looked down at your wrist revealing a 0.

Also feeling this you looked at his wrist revealing a 0.

You gave Bruce a look of fear and shock as you realized that your boss, Bruce Wayne was your soul mate. In the worst possible moment ever.

He tensed up and clenched his jaw forcing a now rather grim smile.

-“I look forward to what you have to offer to Biotech Y/N.”

-“Yes sir…” You visibly gulped, “I hope you are satisfied with what my team has to offer.”

Bruce Wayne sat down with a thump fumbling with his jacket revealing the number 0. Tim noticed the 0 and almost spit out his coffee.

-“Bruce, your soul mate is-”

-“I know.”

-“And your not going to say anything?” He harshly whispered.

-“Not yet, Now pay attention.”

It was hard for Bruce to listen as he watched his counter go




-4… And so on as Y/N walked away towards the front of the conference room.

Overall your presentation was a absolute success. With your proof and evidence it quickly persuaded and was approved by Bruce Wayne. Your partners all cheered when you all got back to your lab. Fortunately, they had a brief moment of forgetting your counter.

-“Y/N we did it! Stop looking so sick and pale!” Your friend exclaimed while hugging you.

Politely declining your partner’s celebration with drinks you claimed that you needed to sleep off todays nightmare. They wished you goodnight and parted ways.

Looking down at your counter it read -34

At this time of night most workers were already done so you decided to walking around while browsing at your counter. It was an awkward sight seeing you walk in circles around the building. Steps to the right only added to the negative numbers, but as you walked towards the left it began to lessen as you reached a stairwell. Walking up the stairwell you opened the door to the balcony.

There was Bruce Wayne peering over the ledge with his hands in the pocket. He turned around when he heard a door shut. You walked up to him, but was unsure of what to say.

-“I-I guess… I’m..” You fumbled out.

He gave a soft smile and placed his hand on your cheek, placing a strand of hair behind your ear.

-“Soul mates. I thought you were going to leave me with the look you gave me.” He slightly chuckled.

-“Oh no, I was just.. you know, trying not to make a big scene right then and there.”

-“Yes, Thank you for that.”

There was an awkward silence for a couple seconds until you broke it.

-“I have two questions Mr. Wayne.”

-“Bruce. Call me Bruce Y/N.” He interlaced his hand with yours as you both were leaning against a wall.

-“Bruce..” You mumbled shyly when he held your hand, but snapping out of the trance you looked at him intently, “As a scientist I must ask, You did not just fund my project because we’re soul mates correct?”

-“Your project was brilliant, no strings attached.”

-“Thank you, now second question?”


You raised your hand that was still intertwined with his.

-“I devoted too much of my life in work and I’m not sure how this soul mate thing works… I’m not really sure how love even works.” You admitted, “So forgive me if I do anything awkward.”

Bruce chuckled and gave a tight squeeze on your hand.

-“I’m unsure of what to do also, but I’m sure we can figure it out together?”


Most people have a couple of scars from childhood playground scrapes; oven burns that never healed; cuts from sports injuries. I have one on my left knee from skidding on the gritty concrete of my primary school playground during a game of rounders, an injury so common that a number of my classmates can boast sporting a similar injury. It’s not my only scar, however. My skin is a perfect pointillism portrait of every cat scratch, chicken pock, bug bite and grazed knee I have ever had. I have excoriation disorder, also known as dermotillomania.

Dermotillomania is an obsessive-compulsive type disorder whereby sufferers compulsively pick at perceived imperfections in their skin, such as spots or bug bites- some people will pick at skin that has absolutely nothing wrong with it. This sets it apart from other mental illnesses in that it is easily one of the more physically obvious ones, yet it’s one of the least well known. 

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Which webcomics do you read and like? (if you read them of course)

DO I READ WEBCOMICS?!? WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? I don’t think anyone can be a good comic artist if they don’t read a billion comics. I feel like this list is just a fraction of good online comics out there, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really good ones, but without further ado, here’s:


Brainchild by Suzanne Geary

I’m so proud to have Brainchild as Witchy’s sister comic because it is SO AMAZING!!! Please read Brainchild if you like coming of age comics, cool mutants, mysterious powers and cute girls dating. Even if those aren’t usually your thing you should still check Brainchild out because Suzanne’s execution of the entire thing is fantastic! I’m so excited to see where it goes. Suzanne has a fantastic grip on colour and her panelling is always beautiful.

Knights Errant: Pavane by Jennifer Doyle

Knights Errant: Pavane is actually a reboot of the original, but let me tell you it is a reboot that WORKS. Jen is a fantastic storyteller and the pacing of Pavane compared to KE is amazing, and I’ve immediately been drawn into the world. Read if you like chivalry, political intrigue and queer knights! Jen’s pages always have this perfect balance to them, and I feel like they get the most out of every panel. 

Best Friends Forever by Mickey Quinn

If there is someone that really knows how to write a good character drama, it’s Mickey. BFF has been running for a couple of years and I swear every update leaves me crying and kicking the wall in sad, horny frustration. Recently BFF has switched from a traditional webcomic format to more of a serial, heavily illustrated story, but that doesn’t make it any less gripping. It deals with the fine line between intimate friendship and romance, sexuality, and all that other good high school drama stuff. It’s also incredibly stylish and cool!

HERO by Hwei

I’m pretty sure Hero is the comic on this list that I’ve been following the longest, and for good reason. I don’t think any comic has ever made me feel sadness and yearning as strongly as Hero has. The dialogue and prose is beautiful, as are the illustrations, and Hwei draws fantastic page layouts. The first time I discovered it I stayed up till 3 am reading it, and it still has a lot of sentimental value to me. This was one of the first comics I read that really made me want to work in comics.

Raedus by Yossra El Said

Yossra is a fantastic artist and I wish more people read her comic! She has such a great sense of colour that immerses me in the world so well. It’s still relatively early on, but the story follows two children and a mysterious man who can commune with the spirits of a long gone civilization, and it’s super intriguing. 

(I’m sorry I had to stop inserting pics here bc the post would be WAY too long and also it was eating up my day)

This Is Not Fiction by Nikki

TINF has travelled so far since I started reading it; back when it was a little high school collab project on Smackjeeves. Nikki has such a unique art style it’s such a joy to see what she does with her pages! It has another high school setting but is unlike any high school story I’ve read, where the main characters hunt down a mysterious author named Sydney Morgan. 

H&J by G.C Houle

H&J is a super stylish murder-mystery type comic where the two main characters, Helvetica and John, run a slapdash private investigation agency. The writing is hilarious, fun, and engaging and I am in love with Helvetica.

Kill Six Billion Demons by Orbitaldropkick

I only read KSBD last week but I was immediately hooked. It has the most beautifully, intricately detailed art I’ve ever seen, great colour, and some SUPER interesting world building elements based on indian and other deities. It’s just super dynamic and interesting and you should read if you love a good blood bath (conversely, avoid if you’re feint of heart. also warning because the first few pages have a bit of sexual cohersion)

Hotblood by Toril

GAY WESTERN ROMANCE WITH CENTAURS? how can anyone say no. Hotblood has a great sense of atmosphere, probably because of Toril’s nuanced colouring and the balance of slow and fast pacing. It’s rare in webcomics that there are just pages that give the audience time to breathe, and I really appreciate that in Hotblood.

Arboreta by Kara A

Another comic that’s still in early stages, Arboreta has begun with a beautiful slow pace reminiscent of a ghibli film. I love that it takes the time to linger on the little details of life and nature. 

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Louis

I have a weakness for magical girl stories, and Agents of the Realm is super promising. It has all the good stuff; magical amulets, scary monsters and weird and mysterious mentors, but at the same time feels more grounded in reality because of the down-to-earthedness of the characters.

Bouletcorp by Boulet

Boulet’s comics are weekly strips, but on a whole other level to what I’ve seen before. Most of it is slice of life stuff, but then he’ll knock you out of the park with a huge strip that keeps you scrolling for minutes, about a man who adventures down into the center of the earth. You never quite know what to expect when Boulet updates, apart from the fact that it’ll be amazing.

Balderdash! by Victoria Grace Elliot 

Do you like slice of life comics about witches and female friendships? then you should read Balderdash! It has a super cute art and some beautiful world building ideas, and a headstrong main character who just wants to bake.

Monster Pop! by Maya Kern

Another slice of life comic with some really great character development. I’m super invested in the lives and relationships of this cool, diverse cast of interesting monsters and humans. A lot of well executed queer relationships!

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nimona just finished up and I recommend that everyone give it a read. It’s just an all around good comic. Great writing, great art, and some really sweet and unexpected character interactions. It subverts a lot of Hero/Villain tropes.

TJ & Amal by E.K. Weaver

TJ & Amal is another comic that finished recently and it was so, so amazing. I had been reading it from the very beginning and while I hated to see it go, it ended wonderfully. It is seriously one of the most subtle and wonderful comics out there, and E.K. Weaver has such a knack for small character details. I don’t know what you’re doing if you don’t read this comic!

Cucumber Quest by Gigi D.G.

If you’re into comics and you’re not reading Cucumber Quest hurry up!! do it now!!! It’s one of my favourites and has amazing art, hilarious writing and reminds me of my my favourite nintendo game so it feels cozy and comfortable and nostalgic to read. If you’ve ever played the Mario & Luigi RPGs or the Paper Mario games, I can bet that you’ll love this comic.

Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran

Another one of my faves, another one of those “how are you not reading this if you say you like comics” kind of comics. There are a lot of stories about young people living in New York but I want to say this is the best of them. Super hilarious when it wants to be, super poignant when it wants to be, the story about the mysterious visitor legit made me cry. One of the few things where I care about the straight characters smooching.

So SORRY this turned into a colossal post, I hope everyone who’s interested in broadening their comic horizons will take a look! each comic here is gold.

Cuddling with Draco would include.

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•correct me if I’m wrong but this boy is one of the neediest people you’ll ever meet.

•since he never really had someone to hug or love on he would fulfill his desires with you.

•like he always wants to be touching you.

•doing homework in the commons room? Well I bet you you’ll have a certain Malfoy sitting next to you making sure your legs are draped over his lap.

•or that you were tucked under his arm.

•Post Quidditch match cuddles are one of the best kinds.

•Draco would usually opt to skip the after party and instead he would use a few locking and silencing charms on his dorm so he could spend time with you.


•like he’d be all tired and tired Draco is even needier Draco.

•he’d lay himself practically on top of you and wrap his arms around you so you couldn’t leave him.

•and he’d love tucking his face into your neck and peppering it with kisses while you ran your hands through his hair.

•unpopular opinion: Draco is usually the first one to fall asleep.

•but on the other hand he can be one of the most caring partners when you need it.

•bad day? Well you can count on Draco for comfort food and cuddles.

•in those situations he loved being the big spoon.

•wrapping himself around you and feeling like he was able to protect you form the world, keeping you safe in his arms.

• just cuddles with Draco would be one of the best things ever.

•his idea of the perfect night is a cool fall Saturday in Hogsmeade maybe a couple drinks at Three Broomsticks, a little shopping and then heading back to his dorm for a little alone time.

•in the fall Draco would love layers!

•two blankets and each of you in a warm hoodie or shirt.

•absolutely perfect

•in conclusion I really need someone like Draco in my life because like I want.

I still don’t get why some people see Molliarty as a dark and awful ship. Compared to other couples Jim and Molly are freaking weird and hilarious. I mean, just imagine two characters like Sherlock and Irene being so perfect and graceful and sophisticated, while they sip expensive wine on a yacht, and now imagine Jim “the-most-dangerous-criminal-of-the-world” Moriarty and a screaming Molly Hooper driving a stolen car with a furry and puffy cat aboard and running like crazy from the cops

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BTS song reaction to "Outlaws of Love" by Adam Lambert.

I love this song :’) the meaning behind it gets to me. It’s about not being accepted for being gay (that’s how I interpret it anyway). I will make this reaction BTS ships. It will have repeated names since I ship a few of them with more than one person lmao. I’m just doing my favorite ships so if there’s a ship I didn’t do that you want me to do, please request~

BTS: Reaction to being unaccepted

♥Jin x Namjoon: Another unfair night. He never seemed to live the perfect life he imagined since he came out to his parents. He was so happy with Namjoon and he was hoping his parents would be too. 

He sat in his room that he shared with his boyfriend, thinking of everything that made his life a living hell. And it all started with loving Namjoon; that was the most painful part. He was so helplessly in love and he wouldn’t give that up for the world. 

“Hey baby what’s wrong?” Namjoon spoke gently while sitting on the chair next to Jin’s. He rested his elbow on the table and look at his beautiful boyfriends face. 

“I just… I wish my mom would stop calling me to tell me how disappointed she was in me. I want her to leave me alone…”  Jin spoke while looking up at the ceiling to fight his tears. That’s when Namjoon wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed his forehead gently. 

“She misses you. But she isn’t worth crying over baby.” Namjoon said with a sensitive smile. “Come, let’s cuddle.”

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♥Yoongi x Hoseok: Hobi was conflicted. How could he be so disappointing to his own sister? The one he looked up to most in life? As he sat there and thought about everything, he felt a sudden weight pressing against his back. The weight was something that made his heart flutter but it wasn’t enough to make him smile now.

“Are you ok..?” Yoongi asked in a rough voice, resting his head against the back of his neck, and trailed his fingers up and down Hoseok’s arms.

“I’m alright…” Hobi spoke in monotone. A few seconds of silence went by before Yoongi softly sighed and tapped his fingers on the younger’s shoulder.

“I want you to talk to me. You know I’m ready to listen to you anytime…” He turned Hobi aground to face him, and pulled him into a tight, heartwarming hug. “Because I… I love you…” His confession was the key to Hoseok’s smile. 

Light chuckles erupted from the younger’s throat and it made Yoongi get all flustered. “I love you too Yoongi.”

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♥Yoongi x Jimin: Jimin was a soft squishy bean that was very shy when it came to his relationships. He wasn’t necessarily accepted within his family so that was really hard for him, especially since he wanted to get married and have them all be there.

Today when Jimin and Yoongi were out in public, grocery shopping, they were holding hands. It was all fine until people started to give strange looks. Even the cashier got a little overly rude. 

“You shouldn’t be so open about it.” She said. Yoongi just pulled Jimin into a very tight hug and glared at the woman.

“At least I’m not a grumpy old cashier now do your damn job.”

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♥Hoseok x Jimin: Cute selfies together were their thing. Everyday they would take at least 20 new pictures together. Funny faces, serious faces, adorable faces, and even pictures of them kissing and making out. 

Today was just another one of those lazy days that the boys craved. They loved having alone time. While they were taking pictures, Jimin’s phone rang. It was a text from him mother whom abandoned him when he came out of the closet. He licked his lips and set his phone down, but Hobi gave him no time to negatively react.

“Jiminie look at me, kiss, kiss.” He puckered his lips and poked the younger’s sides to get him to laugh.

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♥Jimin x Taehyung: In public they weren’t the most affectionate couple. Mostly because Jimin got shy with stuff like that, especially since it wasn’t very sociably acceptable. Taehyung didn’t mind of course, but at the same time he just wanted to show his world off to the outside. He wasn’t to show off his perfect boyfriend, and the reason why he kept smiling.

So one day in public Taehyung got ballsy. “Chimchim.” He spoke while giving a suggestive look to his boyfriend that was picking out bananas.

“Yeah?” Jimin looked at his taller boyfriend with big eyes that made Taehyung weak.

“I dare you to kiss my cheek. Right now.” Tae said loudly. Jimin got all tense and looked around quickly.

“Tae, n-not now.”

“Fine, then we’re not cuddling tonight.” Taehyung shrugged while looking at the watermelon. Jimin contemplated in his head and sighed heavily before growing the balls and kissing him on the cheek in front of everyone.

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♥Jimin x Jungkook: Jikook was the type off couple to wear clothes that compliment each other. Jimin would wear black while Jungkook wore white. They’d argue with each other about who looked sexier. 

“It’s me.” Jimin said as if it was the most obvious thing.

“What? I mean, have you seen me??” He purposefully asked a woman who seemed to be extremely homophobic-just to piss Jimin off-a question. “Miss, who looks better? Me or my dumb boyfriend who thinks he’s better than me because he was born in Busan first?”

Jungkook was very open about the relationship. He was super proud, and slowly that started to rub off on Jimin.

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♥ Taehyung x Jungkook: This couple was the openly gay couple. Gay festivals, gay parades, count them in! They were very proud to have each other, considering that’s all they had. Their parents disowned them because they made the “wrong” choice. So Vkook took this as a positive thing. Now it was just them against the world, and they knew they could easily win.

Taehyung was one to get openly mad when someone judged. When a lady made a rude comment about them in a grocery store, he grabbed the nearest item and used it as a microphone.

“Do you see this? This guy is mine. Mine!” Taehyung said loudly into the stuffed giraffe. Jungkook would just look at him like he’s crazy, but he’d end up laughing and kiss his cheek when he was finished with his rant. 

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Misunderstood : Reggie Mantle

request: Can I request a Reggie Mantle imagine maybe where the reader is his gf and friend with the og 4 and they keep talking bad about him but she always defends him and then one day he like sits with them at lunch and they realize he isn’t really that bad of a guy

requested by: anonymous

A/N: I AM THE WORST!!! I am so sorry it took so long. I really really hope you love this. xx, aubree. 

warnings: none :)

word count: 730

(gif not mine)


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Reggie Mantle. Tall, handsome as hell, and one of the most misunderstood people in all of Riverdale. There was only one person he ever opened up to. His best friend turned girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N. She saw the side of him that he hid from the world. To everyone else, Reggie was the douchebag jock who was a little too full of himself. To Y/N, he was the boy who was pressured by his father to be perfect; to be someone he wasn’t.

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Ashton’s so up Calum’s ass it literally gives me heart palpitations like he
1) probably went shopping with Calum for hours tryna look for the perfect costumes to wear together
2) probably had to pick Calum’s costume out for him bc lbr Calum would be like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but Ashton would be like babe no we have to do The Most™ and have the best couple costume there
3) literally cannot go more than five (5) days without publically and affectionately reminding all of us how in love!! with Calum he is like he is physically incapable of restricting himself he needs to let the whole world know that he loves!! Calum what a loser I love him

Right Here All Along

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Surprise…?! Here’s the Dick x Reader soulmate fic! Hope you guys like it!! Tell me what you think!

Tagging: @jadedhillon


It felt like you had known Dick Grayson your whole life. As it was, it had almost been a decade since you had met the boy wonder at a Wayne Enterprises gala. Your father worked on the board of directors for the company, but at the age of nine this had been your first time attending. As it just so happened, this was Dick’s first rodeo too, so to speak.
You could hardly remember it now; other than that your mother had made you wear a disgustingly frilly dress and shooed you off to ‘play with the other kids’ almost as soon as you were in the door. At events like these that pretty much meant sitting in the corner and being on your best behaviour. You opted to hide under a banquet table instead, and that was where you met Dick, hiding out with another kid and making stupid videos on a camera. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

At present, you were lounging around together in your living room, only half paying attention to the movie playing on your parents huge flat screen television. You’d both seen it a couple times already, on account of it being your favourite, so it wasn’t really essential that you give it your full attention. Instead, your attention was focused on dick, who was sitting cross legged on the sofa across next to you and was currently attempting to teach you how to juggle. So far your attempts had been pretty disastrous.
You had three going at once now, and if you concentrated you could keep them moving. It was after that you started having trouble. “Okay, hit me,” you commanded, sparing a glance at Dick, who nodded. “Three, two, one..” He tossed in the fourth ball, and for a second it seemed to fall seamlessly into the pattern. Then it all fell apart. You cursed as the first ball slipped from your grasp, the rest soon following after and skittering across the floor. Dick just laughed, grinning at you when you threw him a dirty look. He knew you couldn’t get mad at him for real. “I give up. I hate this,” You announced, getting up to retrieve the balls from the floor. Dick pouted at you. “Aww, but you were just getting good! C'mon, I’ll show you how I do it again,” His tone was gently persuasive, and you could already feel yourself giving in. “Fine, but this is the last time. Clearly I have no coordination,” You sighed, flopping back down next to him. “Eh, I mean, you could be worse?” You just rolled your eyes, dropping his props back into his waiting hands.

You could never say no to Dick. Well, you might have been able to, had you ever wanted to. That was the real problem. From the moment you had met the two of you had just clicked. There was a certain chemistry there; like the two of you were designed to fit together effortlessly the way that you did. Your friendship was the most important thing in the world to you; without Dick to depend on you knew you would never survive the dog-eat-dog ways of aristocratic society. Or your parents, most likely. Dick was always there when you needed someone to turn to, or just needed to vent about your problems. He was the perfect friend. You were almost ashamed to admit that it just wasn’t enough.
You had never been as excited for anything as you were for getting your soulmark. But that all changed when Dick got his a couple months before your thirteenth birthday. He was three months older than you, so it made sense that his would appear first. You hadn’t even realised you’d been wishing that the words would be yours until he rang you on the morning of his birthday and told you that they weren’t. You’d have felt worse, only sympathy for Dick had won out. When he’d woken up that morning there had been only one word on his wrist. “Lame”. You winced when he told you, and a couple minutes later managed to convince your parents to drop you over to the manor early.
Your words were a little better, but no less obscure. They read “You too huh? This thing sucks,” You figured that at least when you met your soulmate it would be obvious who they were. For now though, you just had to focus on not being head over heels in love with your best friend. Easier said than done.

You had just worked your way up to three when your mum walked in. Your concentration wavered and you messed up, dropping everything back onto the floor. “Drat,” You mumbled, glancing up at your mum to see what she why she had come in. She spared a disparaging glance at the juggling balls on the floor before walking over to you. You knew she hated Dick’s ‘circus tricks’, but she tolerated them for the sake of your friendship. Needless to say, having you make friends with Mr. Wayne’s newly adopted son had thrilled your parents. Dick greeted your mum with an easy smile, not at all phased by her obvious disapproval of your chosen pasttime. You hated that her only interest in your friendship was business based, but Dick had never been bothered by it. He was just glad that it meant you got to spend as much time together as you liked. It made you love him even more than you did already.

Your mum held out her hand to you, and in it was a flat square box you hadn’t noticed when she walked in. “That West boy came by to drop this over. He said to tell you he found it yesterday, and that you two might be interested in it,” She raised an eyebrow. You ignored the way she said Wally’s name, taking the box from her, intrigued. “What is it?” Dick was leaning in towards you now, curiousity plain on his face. “He didn’t tell me. You know you really should consider more carefully when choosing your friends dear. That boy…” She was gone before you could even start an argument, out the door in a flurry of silk and grace.
It was only when Dick placed a hand on your shoulder that you realised you were clencing your fists, your jaw tight. “Ignore her. And open the box, I want to see,” The distraction worked, and you didn’t hesitate in tearing open the seal on the lid, flipping it open. Inside was an unmarked dvd. Dick peered over your shoulder to get a look at it. You glanced at him, your eyes questioning. He shrugged. “No idea. Only one way to find out though,” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully, and you giggled, shoving his shoulder gently.

Standing up from your perch on the sofa, you walked over to the television, pressing the eject dvd button and swapping out the discs. You hit play on the remote, returning to sit next to Dick. You leaned your head on his shoulder as you waited for the disc to play.
Once it began you immediately knew what it was. It was the video Wally had made the day you had met him and Dick. Bruce had offered to bring Wally along so Dick would have some company for the night. At the time, Wally had been obsessed with making home videos. You had tons of them on the shelf in your room, most of them were of the three of you, but a couple had a few of your other friends in them as well. They’d stopped not long after you discovered that Dick was Robin, although you couldn’t remember why.
The scene on the tv was instantly familar, but in the nostalgic way you usually only felt in dreams. Wally had edited it to start just before you crawled in under the tablecloth in all your frilly, pink glory. You cringed when you saw yourself. “Ohmygod,” You covered your eyes with your hand and Dick laughed, patting your knee sympathetically. On screen, little Dick Grayson started to talk. “You too huh? This thing sucks,” You froze, your breath catching in your lungs. You felt Dick go statue still beside you. You watched in shock as the you from the past replied with that one fateful word. “Lame,” she agreed, sitting down beside the boys and offering them the candy she had stolen from the table and stashed in her dress pockets.

The movie carried on playing on the tv, but neither of you were paying attention anymore. Slowly you pulled back, turning to look at Dick, fearing his reaction. You saw your own doubt reflected in his eyes. And then, unexpectedly, he laughed shakily, breaking out into a huge grin. You breathed out a sigh of relief, giggling a little unsteadily. You were starting to feel extremely lightheaded. Dick was the first to speak. “Oh thank god,” He gasped, shaking his head in disbelief. “Dick?” You didn’t understand what he was talking about. He just smiled a little uncertainly, reaching over to lace his fingers with yours. “I was so worried I’d gotten it wrong, and that my soulmate was someone else.” He paused, forcing himself to look you in the eye when he continued, “It’s just, I’m kind of in love with you,”
You gasped, and the next thing you knew your arms were around him, squeezing tightly and holding on for dear life. You were laughing and crying at the same time; tears streaming down your cheeks as you laughed, hiccuped, and buried your face in his shoulder. He held you back just as tightly. “Dick, I love you too,” You stayed like that for awhile, and when you finally pulled back it was with great reluctance. Still, you were both smiling, fingers remaining interlinked in your lap. “We’re both idiots,” You stated, shaking your head fondly. “Remind me to get Wally a really expensive Christmas present this year,” You nodded in agreement.
When Dick leaned in to kiss you it felt as though your heart stopped beating for a split second. And then his lips were pressed against yours, slow and sweet and just so him that you couldn’t believe it. When he pulled back he rested his forehead against yours. You whispered, “Wait until my mum finds out,” He paused. “Well shit,” You just laughed, pulling him in for another kiss.

lunathewolfwarrior  asked:

Can you do a klangst fanfic where Keith had cancer and he is spending his last days with his fiance (they were going to marry but the cancer messed up their plans) and one day Keith just cuddles with his fiance, kisses HIM then falls asleep but when Lance tries to wake him up, Keith is cold and has died in his sleep. Lots of feels and crying and sad Lance

I finally got around to writing this, its also posted on my wattpad! So much Klangst and I cried so much!!! Thank you so the request, despite how evil it was!

This is how it should be.
The two of us enjoying each others company, looking through our old memories.
Despite being under several large blankets Lance could still feel Keith shiver in his arms, which encouraged the older boy to pull the smaller closer to his body.

At the moment the two were looking at photos from back when they had fought in the war and were awarded medals of bravery for helping their country win. They had already seen pictures of when Lance first asked Keith out back in the Garrison where they first met. And then pictures taken from the courtesy of Pidge, Hunk and Shiro of their dates and cute moments they had together.
Both boys laughed at the one where Lance had fallen asleep at the table and Keith was about to pour water on him.  Keith moved his head slightly and brushed his cold lips on Lances warm neck giving him a few loving kisses.

Lance turns his head slightly allowing both of their lips to meet. Though Keiths’ colder lips didn’t go unnoticed by Lance as he played with the ring that was on Keiths hand.   The next page was covered in hearts and cheesy quotes. You see the next page was of Lance proposing to Keith just over a year ago. A single tear slipped down Keiths face as he let out a weak cough snuggling closer to Lance.
The two had planned to get married, but just under a month after the proposal Keith got very sick. Lances arms tightened around the 24 year old in his arms, wishing that this was all just a dream.

As they turned the next page Lance attached his soft warm lips to Keiths chapped cold ones, for the next page of pictures were of Keith in the hosipital and Lance by his bedside smiling. This was a time where the both of them thought Keith was going to be better. But boy were they wrong.
Lance just couldn’t understand why his baby deserved to go through all of this pain. He had lost his hair, lost so much weight, could barely hold down a meal, was always tired and was cold to touch. Yet the world still wanted to cause him pain, wasn’t fighting in a war to protect millions for five years enough to earn a happy life? Why did the world decide to take such a beautiful brave person and break him. What did he do in a past life to deserve such a thing now? If Lance could swap places with him he would, but he can’t dwell on that. Instead enjoy the time he has left with the boy he loves.

Pidge, Hunk and Shiro had already said their final goodbyes two days ago, not wanting to miss out on the chance to let Keith know how much he means to them. But Lance just couldn’t let go of his other half. Keith had kept him alive through his darkest moments and kept every promise he made, though Lance knew that one promise would be broken soon. The promise to ‘Stay together forever.’

Keith body shivered within Lances arms and his breathing slowed slightly. Lance left his train of thought as he began to sing quietly to Keith the song of their first ever dance together. “Wise men said only fools rush in” …………………………

Keit felt like te weight of the world was slowly lifting off his shoulders as his body started to feel like jelly and and darknes started to overtake his vision.  "Like a river flows surely to the sea, Darling so it goes, Some things are meant to be.“ Keith could no longer see anything around him but he held onto Lances voice as he sang. When they say you’re life flashes before you die they were right. Keith kept having images of Lance appearing ad dissapearing in his head. From the day they met until this very moment where the 25 year old is singing him away with the words of their greatest love song.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too.” Keith could feel his mind slowly shutting down and the world as he knew it fade away like a dream.

“For I can’t help falling in love with you.” Were the last words Keith herd before his body went completely limp and he was free of the pain this cruel world bought him…………….

As Lance finised singing he felt Keiths still body and a single tear rolled down his face, followed by another and another until it was like a rainpoor down his face. He let out a heart wrenching sob as he pulled Keith closer to him wishing he would just wake up, life without Keith wasn’t worth living. Keiths body was fozen and his beautiful once full of life features were now a pale grey ad his lips gaining a slight blue tinge………………………..

“Goodbye my love” Lance said as he gave Keith one last kiss.His world became clouded with tears and he turned the next page to reveal the first picture the two ever took together as a couple. A funny looking selfie with their face squashed together, Lance sticking his tongue out and Keith winking at the camera with the most beautiful smile on his perfect face.

*BANG*  Lances eyes shot open as the room around him began to spin. He blinked a couple times before opening his eyes to reveal a white colored room and a bed next to his with a figure in it. Lance jumped out of the bed that seemed familiar to him and clumsily walked over to the bed next to him. There lay Keith, his Keith. Then it all came back to him.
Voltron, the mission, the explosion, is team mates, and Keih. His beautiful alive Keith.
The boy bellow him began to stir and as soon as his purple eyes opened both boys of 17 engulfed each other in a bone crushing hug and began to sob.
It seems that both boys had the same sad dream that day.

I hope you liked it!! And not to many tears!