most perfect being

Good BF Things Elijah Does

~petnames!! (Angel, baby, honeybee, prince charming…)

~offering to carry me places (he’s so strong i’m dead)

~“I wanna punch ur abuser”

~explicitly describes how he’s holding me and keeping me safe when I can’t sleep bc The Anxiety is too bad

~writes gay poems about me

~doesnt give up on me even when I have 10 Bad Days in a row

~lets me imitate his accent and doesnt hang up on me

~once let me nap for an hour on Skype because I was too tired but still wanted to have a date

~respects all my boundaries

~is the most perfect and wonderful human being ever to exist

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day, when I can celebrate the birthday of the most perfect human being mankind has ever beheld: Jung Jaehyun, born Jung Yoonoh, on February 14th, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea, Aquarius, Chinese Zodiac Ox, 184 cm, 63kg, blood type A, whose favorite color is white, favorite author is Agatha Christie, favorite smell is lavender, favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, member of NCT under SM Entertainment, singer and rapper, who has an erotic body, whose smile lights up my entire existence, whose dimples I could happily drown in, who lived in America for four years, that’s why he’s here man-

  • What She Says: I'm Fine.
  • What She Means: Barney and Robin were the most awesome god damn couple ever and they should not have broken apart just because of a simple travel issue. I find it hurtful that the writers would literally spend an entire season focused on these two's wedding and then within the first 10 minutes of the episode directly following the ceremony have them break up (while also breaking hearts) just so that they can put Robin with a half-fast reunitement of Robin and Ted despite Ted already being with the most perfect human being ever. So what do they do? They kill her off, just so they can put these two characters who have had no success in romantic relationships with each other. So not only do they destroy one adorable and beloved couple but two. Yes, I am still bitter over this.

Just to change your and my mood ….look at louis in the mirror… Tiny son always up for some mischief 😍

got7 reaction to you thinking you're fat/not pretty enough

“Got7 reaction to you thinking that your too fat and not pretty enough?”

Hello, long time no write. Sorry for being inactive. I’m going to work on fake texts and snaps :’)  & i’ll do jackson, Jaebum, mark and youngjae for now. I’ll do bambam, yugyeom and jinyoung next time.


Would tell you you’re perfect just the way you are and that he loves you no matter what. He’d be hurt just like the rest of the members would be, but overall he’d try and cheer you up by watching films.

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I see him as the type to be quiet about things like this, he’d let you voice your opinion on yourself before telling you that he thought you were the most beautiful person he’d ever met. He’d cheer you up by taking you to the park or something cute like that.

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Would instantly disagree with you and tell he thought you were the most perfect human being in the world. He loves you just the way you are and wouldn’t change you for the world.

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Would be hurt. He didn’t want you to feel these things about yourself and would tell you over and over again how beautiful and perfect you were. He would tell you that he loved you no matter what.

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someone: you can’t just take the characters and ignore canon? like, canon is where the characters are from, you can’t just be a fan of the characters completely detached from canon

me: *running away with my arms full of ooc characters and ships that make no sense in canon and obscure headcanons and theories* you cant catch me im the gingerbread man


it’s ok to give yourself a break when you feel like a failure and not be so hard on yourself for everything you think you should be but aren’t.

Perfection doesn’t exist. You do.

And you are amazing.

  • me: *moves*
  • all of my friends: we get it. you love the Squip. you think he's the most beautiful, most perfect being anyone could ever encounter. you believe it is a blessing to even be breathed at by the Squip. you love him so much that you would break down in tears, take 273,804 pictures with him, and beg him to sign your forehead if you ever met him irl. we get it. you fucking love the Squip, and the whole BMC cast, but not as much as you love the Squip. we get it.
Moment no.375 where Cassian is the sweetest, most sensitive, perfect being ever!

“You’re Angry” He refused to speak until I started my circuit of warm ups… And only when we’d begun sparring, his hands wrapped against my onslaught of punching did he say, “You and Rhys hid the truth from us. And we went into Hybern blind about it.” 
“About what?”
“That you’re High Lady.”
“What difference would it have made?”
“It would have changed everything. None of it would have gone down like that.”
“Perhaps that’s why Rhys decided to keep it a secret.”
“Hybern was a disaster.”
I halted my punching. “You knew I was his mate when we went. I don’t see how being High Lady alters anything.” 
“It does.”
“I put my hands on my hips, ignoring his motion to continue. “Why?” 
Cassian dragged a hand through his hair. “Because… because as his mate, you were still… his to protect. Oh don’t give me that look. He’s yours to protect, too. I would have laid my life down for you as his mate and as your friend. But you were still… his.”
“And as High Lady?”
Cassian loosed a rough breath. “As High Lady, you are mine. And Azriel’s, and Mor’s and Amren’s. You belong to all of us, and we belong to you. We would not have… put you in so much danger.”

This whole scene is so beautiful. Cassian just has so much love and care and worry for his family. It kills me! He just doesn’t get the credit he deserves for how sensitive, and how emotionally aware he is. He’s so incredibly special and I love him so much!