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A Broken Spell (Jimin/Reader)

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Genre: Smut -Idol!AU, Sex Hotline Worker!AU

Words: 1.7k+

Author: Admin Roop

Summary: Before, Jimin used masturbation as a way to aid his stress and calm him down after a long day of practice. But now all it gave him was a bigger amount of stress on his shoulders. Jimin thought it was beyond stupid to get someone to help him, especially if it was over the phone.

Tags: Phone Sex, Lowkey Subby/Dom!Jimin

Authors Note: I lowkey have a part two planned out but lemme know if ya’ll want it. This isn’t the best I’ve written but I tried, anyway, enjoy, feedback is appreciated!! :))

You smiled to yourself at his nervousness. “I’m guessing this is your first time doing this, Jimin?” You asked, moving from the chair to your soft, more comfortable bed.

“I-is it really that obvious?”

“It really is,” You giggled, “But it’s fine. I’ll talk you through it. Would that make it a little easier for you?”

Jimin gulped deeply. He was new to all of this, to the ‘talking through the phone’ and to the ‘getting your orgasm when a girl talks sexual to you’ kinda thing.

Too put it simply, Jimin was going through a dry spell. Nothing he did was able to get him to reach his high. Attempting to masturbate didn’t work for him no matter how much he tried, not even porn worked for him. The last two months had left Jimin with two things; anger and desperation. It pained him to go through the day without having to think about his dick not ‘functioning’ anymore.

Before, Jimin used masturbation as a way to aid his stress and calm him down after a long day of practice. But now all it gave him was a bigger amount of stress on his shoulders. Jimin thought it was beyond stupid to get someone to help him, especially if it was over the phone. He found it shocking that his own band mate, Yoongi, had the number of what was called a sex hotline worker - that totally meant he’d used it before, to fix his very own ’problem’. Or he simply liked talking to someone about how he’d wreck them instead of imaging the erotic things a female could do with him.

“Just try it out, it helps a lot, trust me,” Yoongi’s words floated around Jimin’s head as he rested the phone against his ear, contemplating if going through the embarrassment was really worth getting his dick functioning again.

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For me, the most attractive thing in a person is drive – genuine impulse expressed for the sake of it, not for perception. I think that’s hot. Whenever I see someone doing something and it looks like they just couldn’t not do it and they just need to get it out. They need to create. It’s a compulsion, and I share that. These people are cool and mysterious, a little dark and a little elegant. That drive comes from somewhere. It comes from desire, it comes from curiosity, and you can’t fake it. It’s indescribable. It’s just a burn. You can sense it pretty instantly, this innate curiosity, because not everyone has it. That’s what I’m fucking attracted to.

almost every fucking post about depression on this stupid fucking site is wrong and i hate everyone who makes them 

“hurr durr im depressed karen i know what im talking about when i say that depression is just feeling sad sometimes and that self care is a good book and some tea and doing things you enjoy” NO YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP THATS NOT DEPRESSION THATS NOT SELF CARE AND YOU ARE A MORON

“well I am a Proper Depressed™ and I know that depression is all horrible extreme symptoms and no ones ever just an emotionless void watching 20+ hours of netflix and taking 4 hour naps in the middle of the day” NO, YOU ARE ALSO WRONG GODDAMNIT I HATE YOU 


THERE! ARE! LEVELS! TO! DEPRESSION! THEY RANGE FROM “I hate myself and everyone around me and I want to die all the time” TO “I have no joy anymore and I cry a lot but I can get through the day most of the time” AND WHILE YEAH, PEOPLE WHO ARE MOSTLY HAPPY AND ONLY NEED A CUP OF TEA AND SHIT TO CHEER UP ARENT DEPRESSED, GUESS WHAT?



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Can our fandom be any more blessed? I mean, we've been asking for a CS (implied) sex scene and we got it! That pancake scene was totally a morning-after-a-night-full-of-post-engagement-sex scene!! And in 2 weeks, they'll be married! We are one blessed fandom!

Blessed, indeed anon!

While it’s unfortunate that they never pinpointed when exactly their first time happened … in some ways I think they wanted to leave that to the imagination of the viewer. This relationship was carefully constructed to be the ultimate love story between two people who had been burned so badly by love that they weren’t interested in it anymore. So when the right time for pancakes was depends on who is watching.

But whoa boy, are they definitely having pancakes now. They are having sizzling hot pancakes that are dripping with syrup and the two of them are most definitely getting all sticky and …

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BTW, did anyone else have some food blogs follow them last night? I did LOL

The Girl From the Journal (Pt3)

Soulmate AU: The Girl From the Journal

Part 1 Part 2 AO3

The waitress set two cups of coffee down on the table in front of the raven-haired journalist and the doe-eyed school teacher, her gaze burning an angry hole into the side of Betty’s head as her eyes danced with jealousy at the sight of her favorite customer sitting with another girl. 

“You don’t think I’m crazy?” Betty asked, leaning her elbows on the surface and nearly knocking over the cup of hot liquid that Naomi had perched dangerously close to the edge of the table. “Most people would have assumed I was the one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest and then just kept going until I fled the whole county.”

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” Jughead assured her, picking up the cup of coffee and taking a sip, his lips curling into a satisfied smirk that was formed partly because of Betty’s incessant ramblings, and partly because of the quality of the drink he had grown accustomed to over the past few months. “In fact, I was kind of expecting this reaction. Although I would have put my money on more frantic arm movements or maybe some mild fainting, but you know this works too.” 

It took a few seconds for the realization to form across her expression, settling into the raised eyebrows and widened eyes that made her look much younger than what she actually was. “You left the journal here on purpose,” she gasped. “You knew it was me all along - god, I knew she had to be real and I knew you had to have felt what I felt when I handed you back the journal!”

“What did you feel?” Jughead quirked a curious eyebrow, that same amused smirk still evident on his lips as he leaned forward to rest his arms on the table. 

“Uh, I don’t know,” she stuttered, her cheeks blushing a bright pink rose color as she reached for the first thing on the table she could find to keep herself busy. “It was like - like there was this spark of electricity and this vague feeling of familiarity. Like we were meant to know each other even though we hadn’t met until now.” 

A moment of silence passed between them just then, their eyes locked on one another as a flood of unspoken words and emotions floated in the space around them.

“I mostly felt cold,” Jughead joked, his gaze breaking away from hers as he reached for his coffee cup once more. “Your hands are like ice cubes you know.” 

“Very funny,” Betty muttered, her tone playful and mocking as she leaned back into the booth and crossed her arms over her chest to quirk a curious eyebrow in his direction. “So when did you realize it was me? There had to have been a moment, right?”

“You were moving supplies into your classroom last year, right before school was about to start back up again,” Jughead explained, the story unfolding as if he had thought about it a dozen times before this moment. “You stubbed your toe on a desk and instead of cursing or crying like most people would have done, you sucked in a deep breath, shook your hands frantically in front of you as if that was going to make the pain go away faster, and just counted to ten until the aching dulled.”

Betty blushed as she thought back to the day that Jughead was explaining. “I found that counting to ten works better than letting my anger get the better of me.”  

“Well about a week prior to that I had written this entry,” Jughead told her, picking up the journal next to him and flipping to an entry that had documented the encounter in perfect detail. “That’s when I knew that who I had been writing about since I was sixteen had to have been real and she couldn’t have been anyone but you.”

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Foam

I don’t usually write long personal posts but today I fucked up and I fucked up badly. It began with good intentions on a beautiful hot sunny day. “Beautiful” might actually be the wrong word, “humid”, “muggy” and “like a locker room with no ventilation” would all be better descriptions. Still though, I decided today was the day to cut and sand a bunch of foam pieces for my femShep cosplay armor. Here’s a picture of the foam for reference.

Like most people of my overly pale complexion, I decided to slather myself in sunscreen so as to not completely burn the moment the sun even thinks about going near me. Realizing just how warm it was, an idea popped into my head. Why not do all the work in my bathing suit and then as soon as I’m done, I can walk right to the pool a few blocks away. WHAT A GRAND IDEA!

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Between cutting with the band-saw and sanding the edges of the pieces, there’s a metric arseload of foam dust flying around everywhere. Since it’s hot and humid I begin to sweat. The sunscreen has also left a film over my entire body that is now making the foam dust stick to me. 

I go inside to put the finished pieces on my table when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My entire body minus whatever was covered by the bathing suit, is now caked in a layer of foam dust. My arms, legs, torso and neck are coated. My skin was now the color of the Greendale Human Being. 

I am one with the foam. The foam is with me.

I run inside being as careful as I can to not touch anything. I toss the bathing suit in the bathroom sink and jump into the shower. Here’s where I truly understood the error of my ways. 


So now the sunscreen is basically acting like a waterproof glue, making it nearly impossible to scrub the dust off my body. I end up taking a pumice stone and get to work exfoliating the fuck out of myself and hoping there’s still a layer of skin left when I’m done. 

Now I’ve gone from pasty white, to gray to red in the span of a few hours. My skin is not thrilled at what I’ve done to it and I am doing my best to soothe it with lotion but at least I’ve finally freed myself from foam hell. LESSON LEARNED. 

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Ok, time for perhaps the most serious question ever asked of Tumblr. Do you think the Oldtown arc in Winds of Winter will include at least one Police Academy reference? I mean Hightower for crying out loud. Actually serious now. Do you think there will be any light in Winds of Winter or will it be an unrelenting march towards disaster without even the little nods towards people still singing, laughing, sleeping with each other and burning their tongues from hot soup from the earlier books?

1) Yes, naturally, I expect Leyton to have a cousin named Moses. 

2) Naw, GRRM’s an existentialist romantic, the li’l human moments are absolutely vital to the overall pattern. In particular, I’m looking forward to Arya and Sansa reclaiming their Stark identities. Plus, Theon’s gonna get to watch Stannis loose Ramsay’s dogs on the bastard. Triumphant as fuck. 

Another confession by Anonymous!

“Most of the candies tend to be: I’m basically hot and good in every aspect and have dealt abuse! So I cope by drinking but am basically perfect in everything else and everyone loves me no matter what! a mary sue! Like really, it’s insulting as someone who has dealt with heavy abuse and bullying my whole life to see people treat it like a flimsy way to make a character interesting. Like absolutely no one does actual research on mental disorders or any of this shit, nor thinks of anything original “

((Just finished re-watching Jacksepticeye’s Undertale playthrough for like the 3rd or 4th time, and now i had to do this scenario to blow off some feels~))

Scenario: *2P’s as Undertale Characters*


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Punny, lazy dorks with a Brooklyn/New-Yorker accent. Despite how lazy they are, they know when it’s time to get up and take action; when they do, there are results…before they go right back to sleep again. While they’re both badass, with a strong sense of morality and family, their real soft spot lies in their brothers. If they were to lose them…bad times will be had.


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Motherly cuties that love their children with all their hearts; they understand both mercy and tough love,finding benefits in both when raising a child, and will do just about anything to ensure their safety. They are overprotective and don’t enjoy putting their children in danger, but believe that the best they can do for them is teach them how to care for themselves (even if it means they can’t spoil them as much). Plus….they both like pies.


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They come off as merciless, heartless people (or plants) that don’t comprehend love or any warm emotion; but that’s only because they’ve been abandoned in their time of need, and once in their lives being good nearly got them killed. Inside, they’re hurting and don’t want to be alone, but they have a hard time expressing it.


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They are both driven by materialistic things, and things that shouldn’t necessarily be their primary drive for living (money, sex, murder, etc.) but they don’t care about judgement and are comfortable enough in their own skin to accept themselves for who they are, even when others don’t. WHile they are greedy, they do believe in family and relationships and will sacrifice the things they care about most to protect them and make them happy. they are both pretty  impatient, quirky, quick to assume, and….y’know…$$$$$$$~!


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Big oafs that would rather spend their time doing more peaceful activities. They hold themselves up to a certain mature standard, and know when to hold back their strength. they are both reluctant to fight, and are uncomfortable doing it, even if it is what must be done.


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[Note: NOT CHARA…..Friiiiiisk~]

Both determined and goodhearted people who only hurt others when necessary; they’ve constantly been it with the brunt of hate, challenges, and threats, but through it all they rely on those closest to them and their innate ability to fight uphill battles to overcome those struggles. While they aren’t big on talking, their actions more than make up for their lack of dialogue. They prioritize the needs of others over their own, even when others don’t expect/ask for it.


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Self-depreciative cuties who love to help, but are constantly victims of their own anxieties and whether or not their help is actually holding their friends back. They both find comfort in activities they can do on their own (like listening to music, or drawing, etc.) and need time throughout the day to get their emotions in order.


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Over-the-top performers that love being the center of attention, and will go out of their way to get it. While they may not initially seem like it, they care deeply about those around them and find friends in the unlikeliest of people. Beware though, they can be your greatest ally, or your most dangerous foe~


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Narcissistic dorks who believe themselves to be the hero of their own story. They can be clumsy, inept, or just plain difficult, but are loved and accepted despite this; especially by their older brothers. They find enjoyment in little things (pasta, puzzles, alcohol, etc.) and enjoy these things all the more when shared with others. They are lovers, not fighters, but this doesn’t mean they can’t fight for those they care about when it really counts.


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Warriors by heart who know how to take charge, kick ass, and do it with a fighting prowess that isn’t found in just anyone. They can be driven my smarts and tactics, just as much as they can be driven by sheer emotion and perseverance to progress. They believe in cowardice even less than they believe in defeat; they’d rather die fighting and without regrets, than cowardly and begging.


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[Note: NOT FRISK…..Charaaaa~]

Some people just want to watch the world burn, y’know…and these two have their hearts set on being the ones who ignite the spark. They are both manipulative people who know how to think ahead and make pawns out of the people they seem to care about most; they take the form of the unlikeliest of threats (human children, hot italians…) and go from likable and seemingly without malicious intent, to already having a knife at your throat. beware, if you value your life, prove yourself useful or have the strength to overcome their sheer tenacity and wickedness.

((Been thinking i should trade out 2P!Spain for another 2P for scenarios….but who???))

Sometimes love can be a match made in heaven, but so often do i light matches for them to just burn out before they light my candles, but love can also be a bonfire, bright and hot and consuming every piece of anything that it’s in contact with. I think humans have the same thing, some people are just meant to burn together, just as fire consumes a wooden shelf. Quickly engulfed in each other and beautifully paired in the most unexpected of ways. I met my perfect match, and for 10 months we burned, but matches burn out just like we did. Now i think I’ve met my bonfire.

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When you see a pack of 12-year-Olds walking out of Hot Topic covered with Invader Zim merch, do you feel all warm inside, or do you want to burn them with a flamethrower and nuke the entire site from orbit? (hey, it's the only way to be sure)

Excellent ALIENS reference!

As for the matter of how I feel seeing the what you described, I don’t think anyone with a decent sense of perspective gives a shit what some kids are wearing. There’s a particular time in your life, usually your teens, where certain people just have to act angry about the stupidest, most weightless things, so that’s understandable and not exactly shocking to see people going on about things that I just shrug at, but you kinda hope that, after a bit of growing up, they move on and use their processing power on bigger deals, like whether Coke commercials are the gateway to white genocide.

Also, I can’t recall ever being near a Hot Topic and seeing kids walk out wearing my stuff for me to react to because A. I don’t hang out near Hot Topics, and B. Kids are invisible to me.

I think a good way to approach questions like these is, before asking, to ask yourself “Is Jhonen a grown man?” If you answer “YES.” then there’s a good chance stuff like kids wearing ZIM shirts probably doesn’t register too high on my list of things I want to change about the universe.

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Hi, I was just wondering why you like samifer so much when it's canon that lucifer has tortured sam more brutally than kylo ren and kilgrave had with their counterparts?

Hi! I’m going to take this as a genuine inquiry rather than the attack on my ship it sounds like due to my comment about Kylo X Rey.

Okay, well, the easiest place to start is on the whole Lucifer torturing Sam part, starting with in the Cage and moving forward across the timeline, okay?

Here’s the thing: Sam is on fire in the Cage. Burning, screaming, whole nine. The major problem with people thinking this is Lucifer torturing Sam is the simple fact that Lucifer does not have power over fire. “Most people think I burn hot, it’s really quiet the opposite.”- as he blows out ice like Elsa on a window and proceeds to draw in it.

Okay, well, Lucifer has power over ice, okay, big deal, he still could torture Sam somehow. Ah, yes, but we are also shown in canon, who his opposite is that HAS power over fire, and can burn someone from the inside out in flame with a single touch: Michael.

And wow, that is pretty freaking brutal and sadistic. Keep in mind: Anna is trying to SAVE Michael and Lucifer, trying to protect them. And of all the options available to him to stop her, Michael chooses to kill her. Horribly. Till she a charred husk and then ash. When he could have, idk, ripped out her grace and made her human. Or sent her to another location far away or another dimension. No, he kills her. Again: HORRIBLY.

I’m assuming that means Gabriel and Raphael have power over wind and earth respectively, but we never got to see it because it wasn’t plot relevant.

Then, we have Soulless!Sam, and then Broken!Sam. Broken Sam whose mind is shattered and traumatized- and steadily fracturing. Who does he see? Lucifer. Lucifer who is the physical manifestation of a broken mind- but not actually present- there to torture and taunt him and keep him from sleep or peace until he dies of exhaustion, malnutrition, etc. Lucifer isn’t trying to kill Sam. No one is. Sam’s brain is a broken organ unable to function properly and THIS is how it is manifesting itself as it shuts down.

Back to the torture: Hallucifer uses flames on Sam- which, one, makes no sense since he doesn’t even have the ability to, but is more likely Sam’s brain is just manifesting memories from Hell in physical form like it did with the flashbacks, and associating them with Lucifer, even though Lucifer is not the responsible party. Just like he wasn’t in Hell. We also know angels can change appearance, especially when in a place like Hell or a in a dream or something. And though he has no body, Lucifer later appears to Sam as his Nick vessel when Sam goes to the Cage to talk to him about the Darkness. So it makes sense that as MICHAEL tortured Sam, he appeared like Nick!Lucifer under the idea that it’s Lucifer’s fault Sam is being tortured to begin with.

To go a step further, Lucifer is still possessing Sam when they fall into the Cage, so it’s quiet possible Michael wasn’t just torturing Sam, but was also torturing Lucifer- up until Cas separated Sam from his body, and later when Death retrieved his soul. Because after ALL THAT why would Michael or Lucifer bother with SAM when they could be fighting it out unending in the Cage? They wanted to fight EACH OTHER. And they are, but Lucifer and Sam are still sharing the same space when it happens, and Michael is making Sam see what he wants.

Okay, so all the hell Sam went through with Lucifer in S7 ISN’T really Lucifer. Sam is schizophrenic. It’s not real, despite how very, very real it seems to him.

Now, moving on down the timeline. S11! Sam, in a desperate ploy to stop the Darkness, goes and talks to the very person who stopped her in the first place: Lucifer. We know Sam has been receiving visions from- he assumes- God. And over the course of the episode, Lucifer refers back to the “fun” they had in the cage, then reveals he’s been lying and manipulating Sam all season to get him down to Hell, and that yes he can help, but Sam has to say “Yes” to him again.

Here’s my problem(s) with this: 1) Lucifer lies to Sam, which given canon we know Lucifer never does, and promised never to do, since the truth is much more powerful. 2) The idea of Lucifer hurting Sam, when we have already seen in canon that Lucifer is weirdly protective of anything he deems his, which included anyone who tries to hurt Michael-the same brother he is wanting to kill. Lucifer traps Castiel rather that be forced to fight him because while Cas is working against him, he is still also Lucifer’s brother, and Lucifer doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Lucifer again and again offers for anyone, including Gabriel, to just stay out of his way and they won’t get hurt. Gabriel only dies because he won’t stand down. And Lucifer knows that stopping his own actions won’t stop Michael, inevitably forcing Lucifer back into action in a vicious cycle. 3) The episode was written by BUCKLEMMING who are terrible freaking writers who DIDN’T WATCH SEASON FIVE and are therefore basing their version of Lucifer off a Lucifer that WASN’T REAL. 4) Because of point 3, Lucifer is being horribly out of character. Fun, but OOC.

I ship it based off of Season Five and the fact I still have hope for Lucifer and don’t actually believe he’s completely evil, and given canon we learn he was driven insane because he was the original holder of the Mark, the same one that drove Cain and Dean insane- until Dean got rid of it, and then immediately went back to normal.

I can got further into my headcanon about this and the apocolypse and what the prophecy of Michael vs Lucifer was originally meant to be if anyone is curious.

But yeah, I ship Samifer. They’re nothing like Kylo X Rey or Jessica Jones x Killgrave, even while very unhealthy to start with.

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there's probably at least one biography about Steve that gets famous bc it's like POSSIBLE HOMOSEXUAL FEELINGS FOR SGT BARNES??? OR JUST BATTLEFIELD CAMARADERIE?

The relationship between Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes was one that began far from the battlefield and instead in the slums of Brooklyn where they met in their youth. While it’s left to speculation entirely, it’s been questioned in historical circles as to the extent of their relationship which has been sourced as being “extremely close” and “affectionate”. Betty Dinges, a neighboring resident who knew the boys personally, spoke in an interview in 1955 in a government-wide documentation as to commemorate our fallen soldiers. In her recollections she recalls overhearing several things through the thin apartment walls, thing in her words that were “particularly obscene and sometimes downright ridiculous” at times depending on the evening. Barnes was known for being cavalier in his relationships with the other sex but wouldn’t put it past him to be interested in things beyond such, even insighting the possibility of a large-scale cover up. Rogers, meanwhile, she says “would do most anything for Barnes”, hinting at the possibility of a deeper relationship than simply soldiers on the battlefield. “They’d go to dances together all dressed up in whatever they could put on and not come back until late in the night. Always laughing, always close.”

Rogers was known in his years before the Super Soldier Serum to have been highly involved in the fine arts, often using Barnes as a subject of art as found in sketchbooks recovered from his home and put on public memorial display. [Photographs on the right are from the National Archive located in Washington D.C circa 1936] While pages have been extracted and unrecoverable, the evidence is suggestive to at the very least an infatuation that has roots long before the beckon of war.  

Corporal Timothy Aloysius Cadwallander Dugan, fellow Howling Commando and close friend to both Rogers and Barnes, provided little comment when the question of romance was proposed first-hand. “Nothing unusual to see them doing a little shoulder leaning or hand touching, it was a way of coping and we all did it time-to-time. I’m not denying the possibility but not imposing it. It was war and we did whatever we had to in order to survive. Two men sharing a smoke and hell, even holding hands? Nothing out of the normal. Closer to each other than the rest of us? Sure. But when you’re laying in the sub-zero cold with nothing but your bare comrade next to you, you do what you gotta do. We mourned Sergeant Barnes together and to this day the Captain as well.” Dugan refused any further comment after numerous efforts of requesting a personal interview.

they had told him numerous times over that the modern world was more open than it had ever been before but steve was beginning to think that was a bunch of bullshit. the book on its own was acclaimed by television shows and cited in countless different places, spurring multiple film documentaries and websites dedicated to understanding an inkling of whatever it was they believed to have a darker and even problematic subtext.

of course it made no difference if they were right or not — hell he didn’t even remember speaking to betty dinges on his floor but maybe a few times in his whole life and knew she smiled more than she spoke. should have been more quiet though dammit,  they had been rather careless and bucky just didn’t care. of course it didn’t matter now, a book was dead weight in his hands, and steve simply sat with his shoulders back reading the words on the cover over and over again.

Roger That: The Untold Love Story.

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“Dude! Your fingers are dead!”

Dean grimaced and squirmed closer to the edge of the mattress. Sam’s fingers followed after him, buried into Dean’s flesh in an attempt to find warmth.

“It’s not my f-fault you went for the one house that d-d-didn’t have some form of heat attached to it,” Sam mumbled back, voice slightly muffled  and teeth chattering even as he began digging his cold nose into the joint of Dean’s shoulder and neck.

With a hiss Dean shuddered and shifted away again, managing to detach himself from Sam’s freezing body.

“Man, I’m cold enough without you touching me with your frozen ass,” he called over is his shoulder, pulling the blanket tighter around his shoulder.

Burrowing further into the pillow beneath him, Dean attempted to let sleep take over him. One hand was curled against his chest while the other automatically tucked itself beneath his pillow, ready to grab the handle of his hidden knife at any moment.

Letting his eyes slip shut, Dean allowed himself to drift.

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