most people i've ever danced for

the conjuring 2
  • what everyone sees: demons possessing kids, people coughing blood, rotten and disgusting stuff, death everywhere
  • what I see: omg look how ed and lorraine glanced at each other across the room, look how they protect each other as the world falls apart around them. he is so in awe of her, and ed is the only person lorraine trusts and opens up to and what aBOUT THE WAY THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHER. and the last scene where they dance nose to nose catching each other's breath, and then lorraine places her hand on ed's heart I SWEAR TO GOD IT WAS THE MOST ROMANTIC THING I'VE EVER SEEN. TRUE SOULMATES

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okay I'm not sure if I've said this before but Lit Prof Todd. +bonus Dick Grayson as head of the dance team. ++bonus Comp Sci Prof Gordon

lmao this is the best shit ever

-dick insists on people calling him professor grayson, tho he always forgets to answer to it 
-literally a week in, he starts responding to students calling him dick and jason thinks it’s the dumbest shit letting ur students call u by ur first name
-he’s the fun teacher,,, most of the time spent dancing and playing games, rarely takes tests or gives out homework
-also the most sympathetic,,, he’ll let u vent and excuses late work unlike everyone else cough *jason and babs* cough
-would prefer to be in charge of all phsical shit but knows he can’t and that puts him in a sulky mood 
-is actually dating prof gordon and this surprises no one because?? they give each other gooey love-sick looks all the time 

-babs is the strictest teacher u will ever have
-doesn’t give a fuck what u had to do instead of finishing ur homework
-will not hesitate to kick u out if u don’t show up for class (how else will u learn if u aren’t there for her lectures??)
-has favorites, and u know ur a fav when she lets u walk in late with starbucks and she doesn’t throw ur ass to the curb
-loves her job??? a lot??? she’s just a huge dick to most of her students cuz most of them r pretentious assholes who think she can’t teach
-has a spray bottle to spray students with who leave their shit in the walkway cuz it blocks her wheelchair from getting thru

-jason wishes he didn’t work with his fucking family at the one place he feels at home
-(at least damian and tim r stuck in college as students,,, it would suck if jason had to deal with them as staff members)
-dick swings in during jason’s lunch time and eats with him,,, babs skypes them, tho sometimes she’ll show up in person
-if u thought jason would be relaxed with dick around u’d be dead wrong, they wind each other up to the point that jason will shove dick out the window (he’s on the first floor so it’s ok) 
-cold rooms make for wide-awake students or so jason says
-eats his breakfast while grading and has snorted milk up his nose before and will continue to do so

For the people who are hating on johnny saying he’s “talentless”, “worthless”, “can’t sing”, “can’t rap”, “cant dance”, “ugly”, “hideous”. You say that you don’t even know why he debuted and sm should have dropped him. Many of you are telling him to drop dead. Well let me tell you this. YOU DON’T DESERVE HIM OR NCT!!! He is one of the most selfless guys I’ve ever seen. Hes super caring for the fans and for his friends and family. HE DIDN’T TRAIN 9 YEARS FOR THIS SHIT! AND YOU KNOW WHAT!? HE CAN SING! HE CAN RAP! AND HE CAN DANCE! you will see one day, what he is capable of. He will show you haters what he can do. Oh and one more thing. If you can’t love all the members then don’t even bother calling yourself a nctzen.

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I've noticed that most people tend to link the arts with space and not with heart as well and it bugs me. Like heart players would definitely enjoy drawing,fashion,writing,singing and dancing just as much because its a way of self expression. Space players like these things because they get to make something, its a form of creation for them. Nobody ever seems to point this fact out though and always make artistic things purely space related. Your thoughts?

the thing is, Space is linked to Creation in general as one of its core facets, in facts it’s like THE core facet of Space

acts of creation are part of creation, so things of a creative nature naturally fall under Space

Heart players are all about the unique expressions of self, but the thing is, you can use anything to uniquely express yourself, not just creative things like art or dancing/singing (which is actually Time related not Space)

so its like, can you express yourself (Heart) in an artistic and creative Space-y way? Sure, just like you can express yourself in a rhythmic musical sort of way, or in a more intelligent decisive kind of way, or a powerful authoritative kind of way etc the list goes on

but Creative Acts are acts of Space, theyre a core component connected to the Space aspect in a way that they just aren’t to the Heart aspect

its like every single creative act ever is Space, but not every single creative act ever is Heart, they CAN be related to how you express yourself, but not every single creative thing ever is a Heart thing, because you can express yourself in very uncreative ways as well. Routines, schedules, rules, laws and sets of doing things the same over and over are also unique ways of expressing yourself that aren’t inherently new or creative

the Aspects themselves just cover different facets of reality, but this has nothing to do with like, a person’s personal interests and whatnot, creativity isn’t limited to Space players, like your not limited to only enjoy things your associated aspect allows, thats not how that works

To those that seem to think that Namjoon and Hoseok are unattractive and ugly;






I apologise immensely rage/disbelief fueled rage I just had, but it just astounds me that some people seem to think that Namjoon and Hoseok are ugly. Honestly, it shouldn’t even matter if they are physically attractive of not (despite the fact that they are absolute GODS) Their personalities are completely gorgeous and the way they express themselves through their facial features and bodies make them even more loveable and beautiful. I honestly can’t get enough of how Hobi laughs and smiles or the way Namjoon dances his heart out despite not being a good freestyle dancer. It’s those little things that we should appreciate, not just their physical appearances alone. Appearances don’t mean jack shit if a physically attractive person has the most horrible personality and demeanour on the planet. 

Wave your hands in the air
Like you don't care
Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
Do your dance
Do your dance

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ok but Draco being the most transparent kid EVER is my favourite canon thing, like all the Slytherins in his year have known about his huge crush on Harry for years, Narcissa knows, Lucius knows (and cries about it daily), the Giant Squid probably knows, too. And then, when he and Harry finally get together, he prepares a speech and everything, but everyone is like "finally, thanks Merlin for that", and go back to their business, and Draco is like "wAIT, i've never told anyone ANYTHING!!"

omfg yes YES but harry too though he is the same if you think about it?? it’s just that both of them can’t see it in the other and all the other people are like “we’re not going to tell them are we” and watch them dance around each other for years by bickering and fighting uwu babies