most people find them annoying

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Seriously guys, why don’t you just use your energy and love to create content to your OWN ship(s) and characters you like instead of using it to HATE and talk shit about the others??!!! Please??!! Thank you!!!??

2p Canada Headcanons
  • Bit lazy but actually knows how to get shit done.

  • Can attract more animals than a Disney princess he has an army (and he is the hulk).

  • Cute animals are his weakness but wants no one to know.

  • Poachers are scared of him and don’t go on his huge (unofficial) property.

  • Catches poachers and randomly turns them in to rangers.

  • Builds birdhouses.

  • Likes to play darts.

  • Has difficulty sleeping but not to the extent of being an insomniac.

  • Finds most people annoying and wants nothing to do with them.

  • Loves pie just as much as pancakes.

taye-x  asked:

So I've been thinking a lot about Combeferre and moths lately. Combeferre really loves moths, because he sees how important they are, even though most people find them ugly and annoying. Ugly, annoying creatures that are irrevocably drawn to Light. Sounds a little familiar, right?

“You’re a moth,” Combeferre said, looking at Grantaire with all the seriousness in the world.

Grantaire blinked at him, frowned, and, eventually, let out a barking laugh.

“Jesus, how many did you have?”

Zero. Combeferre survived on coffee, or sparkling water if he was feeling especially festive that day. He kept staring at Grantaire, dead serious.

“You’re a moth,” he repeated. “Drawn to a flame.”

His gaze shifted from Grantaire’s eyes to the spot right above Grantaire’s shoulder, where Enjolras’ blond mane was shining like a beacon, like honey ready to trap careless flies. He should have noticed ages ago, considering how Grantaire looked at Enjolras. He had just assumed it was boundless admiration. Enjolras had that kind of aura that inspired awe and respect.

But it was more than that. Grantaire was one of those who would have gone blind from staring at the sun.

Grantaire looked over his shoulder and a deep blush crept upon his cheeks and travelled down his neck, confirming Combeferre’s suspicions.

“Are you ever going to tell him?”

“The insect is nothing to the light.”

“The insect could be wrong.”

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Do you have Lance hc's????

I have a lot, my good anon. Just gonna ramble right now about my son because god I love him. This is gonna get long.

Lance is athletic. In a kind of casual way. He surfs, he swims, he does gymnastics. He does cheerleading at one point (he claims it’s to get girls, but really he just thinks it’s fun) and for some really weird reason, golf. He dances, too, not in professional kind of way, he just likes to dance. Any music starts playing and he can’t not dance.

He sings, and he’s good, but sometimes he’ll just start singing obnoxiously. He’ll break into Mr. Brightside or YMCA or kpop or literally anything during training, or while cooking, or while showering. It’s not uncommon to hear him walking down the hallways of the castle singing, especially after bad missions. It’s soothing in a weird way to everybody.

He’s got depression. And ADHD. He’s got coping strategies for the ADHD, having learned them at a young age, and Hunk’s been friends with him long enough to know how to help when he gets too stuck in his head, and Lance knows how to help with Hunk’s anxiety, when he starts panicking. Lance hides his depression pretty well, but sometimes he’ll have a bad day and he’ll find somebody, usually Hunk, Pidge, or Coran. Coran always has something for Lance to do, and Pidge lets him sit in her lab as long as he doesn’t bother her. Hunk plays games or watches videos or lets him ramble while doing his work.

He’s a morning person, much to the annoyance of everybody else. He had to be, because he grew up with a lot of family and it was always a battle for the bathroom in the mornings. If he wanted a hot shower, he had to get up earlier than his siblings. The house was always chaos in the morning, with people hurrying around looking for lost shoes and keys and homework that got left on the dining room table the night before and went missing. There was yelling and arguing and occasionally burnt bacon when somebody got distracted, and carpool was a nightmare to figure out every morning. There was never enough coffee in the pot in the morning and Lance’s kid brother liked to use his brush which annoyed Lance to know end. And he misses it. He missed it when he moved into the dorm at the Garrison and he still misses it, probably even more now, because he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get to see any of his family.

He’s smart. It doesn’t always seem like it, because he’s not the greatest with comebacks and sometimes he tries to show off, but he’s smart. He’s intuitive and picks things up quickly, at least certain things. He’s had to learn how to take a step back after too many broken bones and detentions when his impulses got the better of him when he was little. It doesn’t always work and he’s still impulsive, but he tries. He’s a sniper in the original sense of the word as well as the current sense and has excellent aim. He’s always had excellent aim. He learned it from tormenting his older siblings by throwing things at them (on a somewhat related note, he makes excellent paper airplanes).

He likes to be dramatic. He really likes being dramatic. He likes attention. He also knows that Hunk doesn’t always like attention, so he’s quick to make everyone focus on him. When they meet Pidge, it transfers over to her, because my God that kid can’t hold back a snarky comment or not argue and they’re a team, right? Better for Lance, who everybody expects to be loud and in trouble, to take the heat than Pidge, who is likely to set the school on fire or pick a fight with someone twice or three times her size.

He’s also nosey. He lives for drama and gossip. He’s too curious for his own good, always wanting to know what everyone’s talking about. It’s partially because he’s a little brother and constantly wanted to know what his older siblings were doing. He’s not always the most subtle about it. Some people find it endearing. Most of them find it annoying. Lance is somewhat unapologetic about it. He likes knowing things. Generally he just likes knowing for knowing but he isn’t afraid to use it as blackmail material. The problem is everybody has that on him, as well, because he gets into trouble more than he should.

He’s really good at painting landscapes. He can’t for the life of him paint people, but he’s good at sunsets and mountains and trees. His mom has a painting he did of the beach at sunset framed in the living room. Lance considered art classes, then got distracted by the Garrison and becoming a fighter pilot, and kind of forgot about painting, hyper-focused on flying. It happens.

Also, he really likes lemon cream pie. I don’t know why this is something I think about but I do. I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Your friend group according to Six of Crows.
  • Kaz: Gets into trouble with authority figures (teachers, principles, parents) a lot, but somehow always manages to get out of whatever it is they've done. Hug them at your own risk, and don't you DARE try to touch their face or the back of their neck, because you WILL die. They probably wear a leather jacket and gloves (fingerless or not) in summer, and they probably say they drink coffee without milk and sugar, which is an utter lie. Don't try to have a heart to heart with them. It won't end well. If you do get them to spill their feelings, you do so at your own peril. They'll do anything to make sure their secrets don't get out. Also, they've got information on everyone, so it's best not to provoke them. Will use any means necessary to reach their end goals (good or not).
  • Inej: Did you hear them open that door? No, I don't think so. This friend is quiet as hell. You don't hear them enter a room, you don't smell their shampoo (which should be impossible), and you don't feel a subtle shift in temperature when they stand next to you. They may as well be a ghost. The Inej friend is guarded, but ultimately a good person, though they may not always use good means for good ends, just the means that are necessary (much like the Kaz friend). They know a bunch of obscure songs but can't sing well enough to teach you, so you always end up with one earphone listening to their 3-hour playlist.
  • Nina: Need a hug? Well, you're getting one. Need a heart-to-heart? Too bad, you're getting one. Need a best friend for life who can kick your ass if you step out of line? If you said no, you're lying and you're still getting one. This friend will always be there for you, most likely on the other end of Inej's earphone wire, sharing music and a piece of well-earned cake. This is the friend you go to when you're feeling insecure, because they'll set you straight in a heartbeat. Somehow the Nina Friend always knows exactly what you need to hear (not necessarily what you want to hear) and is not afraid to say it. Usually this comes with cake, though, so you won't mind hearing what they have to say.
  • Matthias: The friend shrouded in mystery. They've got a complicated history with Nina Friend and they don't want to talk about it. Once they work this out, though, you've got a friend for life. Just remember that you don't have to give up Nina to be friends with Matthias or give up Matthias to be friends with Nina. (So if you're currently struggling with that, do what's right for you, not what's right for "other people." Put yourself and your needs first and be happy.) When you least expect it, this friend will make you laugh harder than you've ever laughed before. The things they say are worthy of yearbook quote status. They've also probably got a notebook covered in wolf stickers, and you've probably caught them binge-watching Game of Thrones in math class more than once.
  • Jesper: Okay, this friend is a whirlwind. They bet on EVERYTHING. Seating plans, lunch options, what the expiration on the milk cartons in the cafeteria fridge is. Everything. If they get it wrong, they'll probably comfort themselves by making darts out of paper, glue, and glitter (necessary, really, since it gets everywhere and is hard to get off). They'll also flirt with anyone, but their type is smart, shy, and easily flustered. They've probably got an entire drawer full of glitter-and-glue darts, so be careful if you want to go up against them in a fight. They don't call glitter Satan's Lip-Gloss for nothing. They've also got a whole bunch of cool things they made themselves, like miniature ships and working miniature catapults with all kinds of cool settings.
  • Wylan: Smart, shy, and easily flustered. Good at math and drawing, bad at literary arts (not for lack of trying), and all around adorable. If you need to copy the homework, Wylan Friend has your back. But that doesn't mean they won't complain about it the whole time. They also play a musical instrument that most people find annoying or useless, so don't piss them off if you don't want an impromptu concert. This friend is easily underestimated, and they easily underestimate themselves, so make sure they know how vital they are to the group. It sucks feeling like all you can contribute is nothing, nothing, and more nothing. They've got a whole notebook full of sketches that they only let their best friends look at. Their phone lockscreen is probably a picture of their cat. If anyone would drink coffee plain, it would be them, mostly because they're so busy running around that they forget to put anything in it.
WQA PSA: A Word About Clichés

One of the most frequent questions I get here at WQA are concerns about clichés, especially wanting to know what clichés to avoid when it comes to a certain character or subject.

The fear of clichés is becoming cliché. True story.

I’m certainly not suggesting that you shouldn’t be mindful of clichés, but this current climate of Cliché Terror seems to be grabbing focus away from more important elements of writing. Before you worry about clichés, you should worry about making sure you have a strong plot, a well thought out story structure, well developed characters, conflict and tension–the list goes on and on. Clichés, to be honest, are one of the very last things you should be worried about. Worry about writing the novel or story you want to write, the way you want to write it. Worry about clichés when you re-write it if you decide to share it with anyone or publish it somewhere. Otherwise, don’t worry about it–move on to the next story or novel and focus on improving your writing skills.

Also, if you have to ask what clichés to avoid, chances are they're not an issue with the subject you’re writing about. Clichés exist primarily with subjects or character types that are so overdone that they are a living, breathing part of the public consciousness–like pirates, for example. If you were to write a pirate character, you would know to avoid peg legs and eye patches, shoulder-perched talking parrots and x-marks-the-spot treasure maps–everyone knows that those are pirate clichés, because we’ve all seen them a thousand times. But if you’re familiar enough with a subject or character type to endeavor to write about it, and you’re not aware of any particular clichés, there’s a good chance there aren’t any. If you want to be doubly sure, just do a quick Google search and see if any blog posts or articles come up about it.

And–I just want to point out–some of the best stories in the world involve clichés, and some are even rife with them. Clichés are not the soulless fang-toothed baby-eating monsters they’ve been made out to be. They’re more like that frigging moth who keeps thumping against the inside of the lamp shade. Some people can’t tolerate them, some people find them a bit annoying but tolerable, and most people won’t even notice them.

So, let’s all take a big collective breath and then release our fear of clichés so that we can focus on more important aspects of our writing. :)