most of you probably knew this already but idk i've never seen a tutorial for this

How to reply to asks in a post and tag them as you go

I feel like a lot of people don’t know this, so this might be useful. With missing e this works of your main and secondary blogs, without it it only worked for me on my main blog

First, go to your ask box and hover over the top right corner. You’ll see a hover text that says “view post”. Click on the corner!

Now, it will take you to a fake post in your blog, with only the ask on it:

Click on edit 

It will open our usual pop up window, like if you were making a text post:

So write your reply as you would usually do, and you can add pictures or a read more cut as in a normal text post. You can also add tags and the usual stuff. And like a normal text post, you can put it on queue, save to drafts, etc. 

Click “save post” and your reply will be published! 

I have missing e enabled, not sure how this works without it on the new tumblr (it worked fine for my main blog without it, but not on the secondary one)