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karasuno first year driving headcanons


  • doesn’t get his license right away even though he wants to because he’s always too busy w volleyballing to learn how to drive
  • is a surprisingly good driver
  • LOUD music, but he always turns it down when someone new gets in the car
  • but gradually the volume knob keeps getting turned higher and higher
  • insists on having a conversation even tho the music is so loud you can’t reasonably hear one another
  • everyone expects him to drive a small sporty thing, but he drives his mom’s old sedan for the longest bc he’s too busy volleyballing to buy a new one + he likes being able to fit all his friends in it
  • one day it dries while he’s driving down the highway and he holds a funeral for it after it’s towed to safety
  • never had an accident until he gets a new car and then he gets in a fender bender on the very first day he has it and is honestly SO MAD about it


  • doesn’t know how to drive
  • is a backseat driver anyway
  • but luckily car rides put him to sleep so that doesn’t last very long


  • gets his license as soon as he can
  • never actually drives because he gets too much anxiety about operating such a giant metal death machine
  • once or twice a year he gets mad about his inability to drive and insists that yamaguchi drive them out to an abandoned country road so he can practice. he spends an hour adjusting the seat and steering wheel and mirrors and a half hour just holding onto the steering wheel with white knuckles and staring ahead while the car idles
  • yamaguchi drives them home


  • the safest driver.
  • follows all the laws, never speeds
  • hates driving tho honestly but figures if he’s gonna drive then he’s going to do it as safely and correctly as possible
  • always has music on just loud enough that you can listen to it and always tries to put on music he thinks his passengers will like
  • mutters under his breath when other drivers piss him off but only if tsukki isn’t in the car with him bc tsukki is nervous enough in cars without angry muttering


  • did not want to learn how to drive
  • hates driving
  • had a panic one day that her life would depend on her knowing how to drive so she went and learned and got her license
  • drives when necessary but prefers public transportation/carpooling/riding w friends if she can
  • is the most nervous driver
  • always yields to everyone, always lets ppl change lanes in front of her bc she’s worried abt making someone mad
  • is actually a fairly good driver but is convinced she’s terrible and the absolute worst
  • always greatly overestimates driving times. she always imagines the worst case scenario and ends up arriving super early. stays in her car anxiously fretting until she deems it socially acceptable to go into wherever she went.