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I don't want to be rude but you most likely will think I am, what my religion is or if I even have a religion doesn't matter right now. I just wanted to ask you why you tag your posts with #religion. A lot of atheïsts blogs do that and when I subscribed to Tumblr religion was a topic you could subscribe to. Atheïsm is not a religion and it's a bit annoying to constantly get atheïst posts on my dashboard. Why exactly do you tag things with religion, atheïsm is not a religion...?

Ah ok lets break this down. First by saying that you don’t want to be rude you know you in some way are being rude. From this whole thing I just hear some whinny religious person complaining while claiming this is not supposed to be rude. The rude thing about this isn’t how it’s worded but that they think complaining will get them anywhere. I know how people work you aren’t really asking why you are just complaining and want it to stop. I can also ask why I find Christian posts in the atheist tag. It’s not like when we see one we will automatically go praying back to god to forgive our sins. If you’re so butt hurt about this get off the internet. You really want to know whats annoying, people like you. Religious people who think they are privileged. Everyday non believers encounter tons of religious people, posts and other religious things but you don’t see us complaining at everything. We learn to deal and live with it. Scroll past it and carry on with our day. But once somebody religious sees something that makes them question their beliefs or is against them they freak out. We tag atheist posts in religion because it is to make you think. To make you question what you were taught and told to believe. It’s annoying to hear I am wrong and going to hell everyday. It’s annoying to not be able to express my beliefs because of people like you. It’s annoying to see a world brainwashed by the same ideas but never even opening up to the possibility that they are wrong. Even though atheism is not a religion it is under the same topic. When you learn about religion in school you don’t learn about atheism at a different time it’s all together. It’s a general topic. Tags are there to spread the post to the largest audience available so therefore I add the tag #religion. I want people to think even if it’s for a second it still gets them to think. 


Your friendly neighborhood atheist

I haven’t been able to get on Tumblr desktop in 2+ days without browser overheating/crashing. And now Opera is crashing the laptop no matter what website is open. Trying a laundry list of solutions, and realizing it will result in having to reinstall xkit.

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So I’m trying it on Firefox (again?) now with no xkit and I just noticed that all the tags are wrapped (with the ‘see all’ button)?? So Tumblr did that on its own?? Wow. If they add blacklisting that will cover most of what people need xkit for.

Interrupting the pleasantness to say, again… could we please not tag Lin on original posts of bootleg material. He searches his tag to engage with fans, especially fanart and personal messages. A lot of us like having him on here. Putting bootleg material in front of his face when he comes here to talk with fans is an excellent way to make coming here a bad experience for him, one, you know, he might not want to continue.

Not to mention it’s just unnecessarily rude. I know people aren’t used to this in every fandom and a lot of you are new. Lin is an actual personal presence on social media, both including and apart from Hamilton. And I think we’re very lucky to have him. His name in the tags or his handle on twitter is not just a content marker. It’s potentially addressing him. That doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl the fuck out. Tumblr is for fans. It does mean certain things are inappropriate to tag with his full name. Tagging him on bootleg posts is a really crappy way to repay him for everything he’s given and continues to give.

If you have any questions, please check out my #bootlegs tag first.

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Who Should You Fight: Vox Machina Edition
  • Grog: It really depends on how okay you are with being very heavily bruised the next day. He'll have a great time. Your mileage may vary.
  • Pike: You might think the tiny little gnome cleric is a freebie, but she's wearing plate armor, so it's going to be more trouble than it's worth to get any damage in. Don't fight Pike. She's already died once. She's been through enough.
  • Vax: You're probably going to have a dagger in your back before you even realize that the fight has begun, but then again, there's a small chance he'll just do something stupid and reckless instead. Fight Vax. I want to see how it goes.
  • Vex: If you're lucky, she'll forget to hunter's mark you, but even so, if you're threatening her and have any good loot on you, you're probably just going to lose this one.
  • Trinket: WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT? (You'll probably win, but Vex will destroy you.)
  • Scanlan: Please fight Scanlan. He's probably done or said something recently to deserve it. Plus, he's a gnome bard, so your chances are pretty good.
  • Tiberius: On the one hand, you're going to die. On the other hand, you're going to die in a really entertaining way. It's your call, really.
  • Keyleth: Are you kidding me? She's going to turn into whatever large animal you are most terrified of and fight you as that. Good luck.
  • Percy: Just don't.

This is what matters to me. Some days are tense, some days are downright awful. This is what I believe in. The love of two of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful young men who don’t deserve what they’re put through on a daily basis. They are what I’m here for. Every time I start to lose sight of that, I see them and I’m calm.

They made it feel like home.

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Hello. I'd like to thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions no matter how big or small. You've really helped me through both the writing and editing processes. :) But I have a new question. What's the best method of finding a great literary agent? I know most usually work in certain genres, but what if I don't know what my novel's genre even is? Do you have any tips for figuring that out? Thanks

We have a lot on this in the publishing tag, but here’s a few good posts.

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I'm new here but I'm kinda shocked that the fandom seems not to pardon the pun "dig" Diggle that much. I don't know if this is everyone but I actually love Diggle as a character and figured others would too. Surprising

Hey there! Well I can tell you that most - if not all - of the people I follow LOVE (and even ADORE) John Diggle. This includes me. I am a puddle when it comes to Digg. (And David Ramsey for that matter - but I digress).

Dyla, BROTP, OTA, and Delicity are three of my fave tags :) (not a fan of “Quiggle” but I digress - again).

I think part of the problem is that we haven’t gotten much to work with so far in Season 4 as far as interactions, and that coupled with all of the OLICITY probably tends to drown the Diggle love out a bit.

I would go looking for tags and start following the blogs that use them most. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for opportunities to use the above tags more often in season 4b!!

Thanks for the ask, Nonnie!

What say you followers? Who loves Digg?

Unpopular opinion

I love cs ff’s as much as the next person and even well written smut.
But when Killian Jones, the most articulate character on the show, who practically vomits a dictionary, suddenly begins to use modern colloquialism during smut scenes and turns crude, will instantly put me off that ff, no matter how good the story. Even in AU’s, it’s so far off Killian’s characterisation that to such language he would say, “bad form.”