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Picture Noodle coming home in tears as a child because some jealous asshole kids won’t stop calling her ugly. She goes into 2D’s room and crawls into his lap to cry hard into his chest. After a few minutes of him just holding her and letting her get it all out, he asks what’s wrong and she explains the situation. He wants to find the right words to let her know that it’s not her problem if people can’t see her beauty and that she doesn’t owe the world prettiness in this first place, that her actions and personality matter the most, but he starts to panic because she’s crying so hard that she’s shaking and her wails are echoing in the room, so he accidentally blurts out “It’s okay to be ugly, Noodle!”, making her cry even harder.

She stomps out of his room, screaming for Russel and Murdoc so she can tell on him.

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so Im a really young kiddo (14) and I wanna start an art blog and I was wondering if you could give me some tips/pointers?? I just think it would be kinda fun but idk what to actually do, and if It's even a good idea. I don't have a tablet or anything and I'm a bit self conscious but I think it could be fun, so thanks for the help when/if you see this :)

-make a cool url B) (that actually doesn’t matter but i dont have any ideas so :’))

-if you don’t have a tablet, maybe try traditional art?  and just post pictures of it :O

-remember that first 5 tags under the drawing are the most important

-be kind to your followers! remember they are people behind the screen!

-if anyone points out a mistake in your art, apologize and fix that mistake and try not to do it again (to avoid tumblr discourse and such)

-have fun and remember that having an art blog is a great way of saving your art for the future, that you can look back on!

-do it for yourself

-if you really want to capture attention, focus on fandom stuff for now, and then move onto original characters and such, people are usually more drawn into fandoms so ya

-crop your drawings!! 

-reblog those drawing request memes, with emojis or color palletes!

-be patient, tbh this is mostly abt luck, my art was overlooked most of my life until i started making animatics so idk, it might take a while before your art gets noticed

-if you’re insecure abt your art (like me) shitpost with your art and some fandom characters! it usually gets notes!! ppl love a good chuckle @ a meme

-try new ideas! practice a lot so you can improve and follow a lot of artists, including the smaller ones! seeing other people’s artystyles can really influence you!

-have fun! and remember it’s not a race

Interrupting the pleasantness to say, again… could we please not tag Lin on original posts of bootleg material. He searches his tag to engage with fans, especially fanart and personal messages. A lot of us like having him on here. Putting bootleg material in front of his face when he comes here to talk with fans is an excellent way to make coming here a bad experience for him, one, you know, he might not want to continue.

Not to mention it’s just unnecessarily rude. I know people aren’t used to this in every fandom and a lot of you are new. Lin is an actual personal presence on social media, both including and apart from Hamilton. And I think we’re very lucky to have him. His name in the tags or his handle on twitter is not just a content marker. It’s potentially addressing him. That doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl the fuck out. Tumblr is for fans. It does mean certain things are inappropriate to tag with his full name. Tagging him on bootleg posts is a really crappy way to repay him for everything he’s given and continues to give.

If you have any questions, please check out my #bootlegs tag first.

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I don't want to be rude but you most likely will think I am, what my religion is or if I even have a religion doesn't matter right now. I just wanted to ask you why you tag your posts with #religion. A lot of atheïsts blogs do that and when I subscribed to Tumblr religion was a topic you could subscribe to. Atheïsm is not a religion and it's a bit annoying to constantly get atheïst posts on my dashboard. Why exactly do you tag things with religion, atheïsm is not a religion...?

Ah ok lets break this down. First by saying that you don’t want to be rude you know you in some way are being rude. From this whole thing I just hear some whinny religious person complaining while claiming this is not supposed to be rude. The rude thing about this isn’t how it’s worded but that they think complaining will get them anywhere. I know how people work you aren’t really asking why you are just complaining and want it to stop. I can also ask why I find Christian posts in the atheist tag. It’s not like when we see one we will automatically go praying back to god to forgive our sins. If you’re so butt hurt about this get off the internet. You really want to know whats annoying, people like you. Religious people who think they are privileged. Everyday non believers encounter tons of religious people, posts and other religious things but you don’t see us complaining at everything. We learn to deal and live with it. Scroll past it and carry on with our day. But once somebody religious sees something that makes them question their beliefs or is against them they freak out. We tag atheist posts in religion because it is to make you think. To make you question what you were taught and told to believe. It’s annoying to hear I am wrong and going to hell everyday. It’s annoying to not be able to express my beliefs because of people like you. It’s annoying to see a world brainwashed by the same ideas but never even opening up to the possibility that they are wrong. Even though atheism is not a religion it is under the same topic. When you learn about religion in school you don’t learn about atheism at a different time it’s all together. It’s a general topic. Tags are there to spread the post to the largest audience available so therefore I add the tag #religion. I want people to think even if it’s for a second it still gets them to think. 


Your friendly neighborhood atheist


okay i can’t find any pics that my parents have taken in the mountains of north alabama, but most of my vivid memories both distant and recent where in southeastern tennessee with my father, brother, aunt, uncle, and two younger cousins (pictured above).

the air is almost always dry, even in the fall when the ground is damp and the leaves squelch just as much as they crunch. the moss never dries, no matter what time of year it is. there are giant, natural rock formations breaking up the landscape and making all the hills especially jagged.

the tree are mostly thin and tall, thick foliage blocking out most of the sunlight. it leaves these areas in an odd shadowy haze. never dark, but it’s like the atmosphere is tinted like an antique photograph of the woods.

the land is broken up by dozens of rivers that split from each other like spindly fingers. the only add to the moisture, but even then the air is still dry. it’s the kind of air where it’s not exactly cold, but you still wrap yourself up in a hat and scarf out of sheer intuition.

there are waterfalls scattered around various parts of the mountains. all those rocks and water and hills, it’s always flowing over itself. they’re always fairly small. the tall ones have thin streams, a spray of water no more than six feet across. the shorter ones spray no more than twenty feet. tiny lakes pool at the base of each one. too big to be a pond, but easy to swim all the way across. but be warned. no matter what time of year, the water is always ice cold. the waterfalls keep the water moving too much for it to warm up, and the thick canopy of damp leaves keeps the suns rays from touching most of the water in the first place. but people will always swim.

some days you might mike four miles into what some might call a miniature valley, some may call it a canyon, just to swim. squelching, crunchy yellow leaves the size of your hand shifting around you. damp rocks slick with moss making it difficult to keep your footing at times. but it’s worth it. stripping off your hiking gear, all the way down to your underwear, and throwing yourself headfirst into 45° water. waiting for your skin to go numb so you can swim to where the falls meets the lake, letting the water slap your skull. it’s an odd hollow sound you can’t hear anywhere else.

and once it starts to cool off even more, august turns to september and september turns to october, the air is too cool to swim in the falls. so you migrate from these tiny valleys, further up in the hills. to where the water starts. you cross makeshift wooden bridges and use sticks to pull sludge from streams.

i used to bring a notebook with me, and i’d use it like a folder to hold amber colored leaves i wanted to take home. every once in a while, my uncle would stoop to a small sprig of leaves sticking out of the ground and break one off. he’d hand it to me quietly and i’d crush it in my hand to smell it. wild sassafras. it’s everywhere. i’d stoop as well, to press a fresh leaf in my notebook so i could smell it again when i got back home.

we used to throw rocks and small tree nuts from the ground at the trees, booing when we missed and hollering to each other when we heard a solid thump against the trunk. it was like an unspoken game, but without an objective.

we’d hop on rocks and stones to cross creeks while our parents shouted at us to be careful. don’t get your shoes wet, it’ll soak through to your socks. we’d hike the rest of the way back to the gravel lot where the car was parked.

sometimes we’d wander up to the woods behind my cousin’s house, where someone had stretched low-hanging trapeze wires between the trees. there used to be a broken swing hanging from one tree. just a single rope with a loop at the bottom, no wider than four inches. my father would look around for a short but sturdy limb to slip through it. he’d lift me up to sit and balance, squeezing myself around the rope while he swung me around.

when my mind started to slip and the fear of falling left my mind, i’d hold the rope tightly in both hands and arch my back, tilting my head behind me. tangled red hair swinging behind me as i hollered and my father laughed from his chest.

when it was late and cold, my father and my uncle would light the wood stove. my brother and cousins would argue downstairs, yanking toys back and forth like toddlers. i’d sit upstairs with my aunt, knitting or reading, writing or drawing. we’d have long, engaged conversations in the kitchen overlooking the back porch. you could see the trees around the house turning yellow and red. we’d sip spiced ginger ale together and laugh while old bluegrass music played in the background. my father and his brother would stand around by the wood stove or out on the back porch with locally brewed beers, talking and laughing.

things were different when i was much younger, and they hadn’t renovated their house yet; back when my youngest cousin hadn’t been born yet, the eldest was still a baby. i’d sleep on the pullout couch in the foyer by the front door. my aunt would take bedsheets and staple them to the ceiling, pulling them over a coffee table to make a fort around my makeshift bed. i had a big window to myself in that fort. an egg crate camping pad let me sink into my bed when i was tired, and she always left books on my table for me to read when i couldn’t sleep. i had the whole space to myself.

late at night after they had sent me to bed, i could hear them up the staircase by my fort, laughing and talking.

i remember helping my aunt dig up the front yard to plant the garden that’s still growing strong, ten years and one child later.

sewannee will always be sewannee. and no matter what happens in life, it will always be my favorite place. when i think of the south, i think of the mountains. i think of the sassafras leaves pressed in my notebooks. i think of judy moody in my little sleeping fort. i think of spiced ginger ale and bluegrass music. i think of tree thick, cool aired tennessee.

5 people you would like to kiss/hug

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  • on the forehead: Eren, probably all the kids tbh 
  • on the cheek: Everyone? it’s a common way to greet people in my country if you are close with them…
  • on the top of the head: Annie 
  • on both cheeks: Probably Hanji
  • on the lips: No one lol tbh i’m attracted to most of the characters in a very platonic way, even Eren for that matter and all the other kids… i think it all has to do w/ the fact that they are younger than me, as for the older ones like levi etc i just don’t see any of them in that way haha (i ramble a lot sorry pfft)


  • big ol’ bear hug: Levi, he needs one big hug honestly, let him catch a break… sdghasgd
  • lingering embrace: Eren, i want to hug my son so badly and then tuck him in bed and give him hot chocolate and let him catch up on sleep and ajksdgksaj you get my point haha
  • side hug: All the girls in this series yo
  • ardent embrace, including swinging around & laughing: Hanji :’3
  • group hug:  With all the kids then a pat on the head haha

idk if i was allowed to answer w/ other fandoms so i didn’t haha but it was fun so thank you lots ♡

Who Should You Fight: Vox Machina Edition
  • Grog: It really depends on how okay you are with being very heavily bruised the next day. He'll have a great time. Your mileage may vary.
  • Pike: You might think the tiny little gnome cleric is a freebie, but she's wearing plate armor, so it's going to be more trouble than it's worth to get any damage in. Don't fight Pike. She's already died once. She's been through enough.
  • Vax: You're probably going to have a dagger in your back before you even realize that the fight has begun, but then again, there's a small chance he'll just do something stupid and reckless instead. Fight Vax. I want to see how it goes.
  • Vex: If you're lucky, she'll forget to hunter's mark you, but even so, if you're threatening her and have any good loot on you, you're probably just going to lose this one.
  • Trinket: WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT? (You'll probably win, but Vex will destroy you.)
  • Scanlan: Please fight Scanlan. He's probably done or said something recently to deserve it. Plus, he's a gnome bard, so your chances are pretty good.
  • Tiberius: On the one hand, you're going to die. On the other hand, you're going to die in a really entertaining way. It's your call, really.
  • Keyleth: Are you kidding me? She's going to turn into whatever large animal you are most terrified of and fight you as that. Good luck.
  • Percy: Just don't.

This is what matters to me. Some days are tense, some days are downright awful. This is what I believe in. The love of two of the kindest, most generous and thoughtful young men who don’t deserve what they’re put through on a daily basis. They are what I’m here for. Every time I start to lose sight of that, I see them and I’m calm.

They made it feel like home.

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Hello. I'd like to thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions no matter how big or small. You've really helped me through both the writing and editing processes. :) But I have a new question. What's the best method of finding a great literary agent? I know most usually work in certain genres, but what if I don't know what my novel's genre even is? Do you have any tips for figuring that out? Thanks

We have a lot on this in the publishing tag, but here’s a few good posts.

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I'm new here but I'm kinda shocked that the fandom seems not to pardon the pun "dig" Diggle that much. I don't know if this is everyone but I actually love Diggle as a character and figured others would too. Surprising

Hey there! Well I can tell you that most - if not all - of the people I follow LOVE (and even ADORE) John Diggle. This includes me. I am a puddle when it comes to Digg. (And David Ramsey for that matter - but I digress).

Dyla, BROTP, OTA, and Delicity are three of my fave tags :) (not a fan of “Quiggle” but I digress - again).

I think part of the problem is that we haven’t gotten much to work with so far in Season 4 as far as interactions, and that coupled with all of the OLICITY probably tends to drown the Diggle love out a bit.

I would go looking for tags and start following the blogs that use them most. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for opportunities to use the above tags more often in season 4b!!

Thanks for the ask, Nonnie!

What say you followers? Who loves Digg?