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     If there is one thing that Naoto has found to be consistent when it comes
to finding information – whether small town, urban city, or something in
between – it is that those who work in stores often know far, far more than
they should. They get the opportunity to overhear conversations from patrons
speaking a little too loudly or hushed whispers traveling a little further than they
should. A flower shop may not be the seediest pavilion in town, but it is a place
where mourning townspeople have likely discussed the recent crimes.

     Naoto hasn’t gotten this far as a detective by ignoring potential clues, after all.
Upon entering the flower store, he scans the room, quickly assessing the area
before catching the eye of what appears to be a clerk of the shop. Naoto quickly
walks over, inclining his head forwards. “Pardon me – I am Detective Shirogane
Naoto, currently working with Inaba’s police force to solve the recent murders
in town. Could I possibly ask you a few short questions?”

Unpopular opinion

I love cs ff’s as much as the next person and even well written smut.
But when Killian Jones, the most articulate character on the show, who practically vomits a dictionary, suddenly begins to use modern colloquialism during smut scenes and turns crude, will instantly put me off that ff, no matter how good the story. Even in AU’s, it’s so far off Killian’s characterisation that to such language he would say, “bad form.”