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Tag Game

Rules: tag 10 people you would like to get to know better.

I was tagged by @wondrgirl , thank you~❤ (by the way if you’re wondering, I’m using your headcanon for a surprise and that’s why it’s taking so long, I’m sorry) I’ve never done this before so I hope I don’t mess up

Name/Nickname: Gary/Gar/G doesn’t matter to me (ha I rhymed)

Relationship status: Single Pringle unless you count my enormous crushes on Yurio and Nico di Angelo they’re cuties 

Favorite color: Grey and purple

Pets: A bunny rabbit named Angel! 

Last song I listened to: Yuri!!! on Ice - Yuri on Ice 

Favorite TV show: Young Justice or Magi: Kingdom or Labyrinth of Magic they are both amazing but at the moment I am absolutely obsessed with Yuri!!! On Ice.

First fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan! I still love these books to this day <3

Hobbies: Drawing, procrastinating, listening to music, and fandoms

Currently reading: Rereading the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan 

Favourite Book: Any book by Rick Riordan  (if you can’t tell I love him as an author) Diversity is very important and I love how he includes it into his books

I tag @normaoliwis , @youngjusticeplus , @lightningbug-lester, @fairywhereyougoin, @spazzydiys, @phangirlofnico, @sohotthateveryonedied , @crawling-through-ashes , and anyone else who wants to do this I’m totally cheating because I don’t know 10 people hahahahha I’m lonely.

I am extremely sorry if I bothered/creeped any of you out because we don’t even know each other. 

Unpopular opinion

I love cs ff’s as much as the next person and even well written smut.
But when Killian Jones, the most articulate character on the show, who practically vomits a dictionary, suddenly begins to use modern colloquialism during smut scenes and turns crude, will instantly put me off that ff, no matter how good the story. Even in AU’s, it’s so far off Killian’s characterisation that to such language he would say, “bad form.”