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Circle Casting 101

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Whether you’re practising Wicca, secular witchcraft or any other type of path, circle casting is often a process that many deem vital information. 

Why cast a circle? Circles can be cast for a number of reasons.

  • Linking together the energy of a group of people for a specific purpose
  • Creating a sacred space for deity worship and ritual
  • Making a safe space where no malevolent energy can pass through
  • Drawing, containing and banishing the energy of something unsavory 
  • Amplifying and focusing your own energy

Do I have to?

Nope. I think this is one of the biggest misconceptions about circles. There’s a lot of reasons why it is a good idea, but it’s down to personal preference. Some people don’t like the formality of it.

What is the right way to cast a circle?

Bluntly put, there is no right way. There are multiple different ways you can create a circle and I will list a few of them here, but it is really up to you.

Why does it matter which way I move around? (Clockwise and Counterclockwise)

It’s a generic and popular belief that clockwise motion is about creation, working towards something, manifestation and positivity. Counterclockwise is considered the action of unmaking things, deconstructing them and sometimes negative energy. As with anything, it’s down to your personal preference.


Cleanse yourself. Pre ritual bath, smoke cleanse or any other method. If you’re casting a circle, you don’t want any lingering energy on your person interfering. This also gets you in the mood to do magical workings. You can use oils and herbs that relate to the intentions of what you are about to do, if you would like to. You might want to spend a few minutes in meditation afterwards and then ground and centre yourself if you feel like it would help.

Gather your tools. Depending on the method you are going with, these will be different. Essentially everything you need while you will be doing your working. Most people believe that stepping outside of your circle when it has been cast will break it.  You don’t want to be in the middle of casting a circle and realise you’ve left your lighter on the other side of it. This is also a good time to go over your game plan. Double check your notes and run through the circle process in your mind to see if you are forgetting anything.

Cleanse the area. Again, for the same reasons you cleanse yourself. I find it best to walk around where the perimeter of the circle will be when I cast it. You’ll typically want to do this right before you start the actual casting, and can say a small poem or dedication while doing it if you would like to.

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XO - Josh Dun


A/N: I intended for this to be straight fluff but Josh has me feeling some type of way while I listened to XO by Beyonce so this was the outcome. Enjoy!


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Fluff/Smut

Warning: Cursing, Slight Smut: Blowjob, Alcohol, i’m pretty sure that’s it!

You float around the flatland, the sun beating down on you in your flowy outfit and strappy sandals, searching on the colorful, thin sheet of paper for the next artist to go see. Since you just recently moved to California, you had no one else to take with you and when you landed a ticket to Coachella, you had to admit you were nervous going alone. However, you had never felt more free in your life. You stopped to get in line for a bar, your hair blowing in the slight breeze. You adjusted your sunglasses on the top of your head, now under some cover and shade. You walk up to the makeshift bar and order your drink, getting it quickly made and handed to you in just a few seconds. You go stand to the side by yourself since all the tables were taken, pulling out the paper again and looking for the next show to go see. 

You walk to get to the show a little extra early to get a god view. You stand a ways from the barricade, but once the concert started, you didn’t mind. As one song starts to play, you manage to get behind a group of extremely tall people. You try to fight your way around them, but the crowd isn’t having that. You resort to jumping like an idiot to see the members of the band, but in vain. You frustratedly try to poke your head around them, but another failed attempt. You look to your side to try to find a space to weave between, but an idea crosses your mind. A few feet away, you see a pretty blonde girl on a brown haired boy’s shoulders, her hands in the air, swaying to the beat on the boys shoulders. When you register the idea, you take a deep breath and look around to see any muscular-looking males in your vicinity. You see a neon yellow-haired boy next to you, and maybe its the alcohol (or the drugs you’ve been inhaling unintentionally all day), you take in a deep breath, tap his shoulder, and shout over the music. What’s the worst that could happen? 

“Hey dude, do you mind if I get could, um, get on your shoulders?” you shout. At first he doesn’t hear you, so you say it again, and a smile crosses his lips.

“Sure, yeah, why not?” He shouts back, crouching down. You climb on top of his shoulders, shouting during the process.

“Sorry if I’m like, fucking fat.”

Don’t worry about it, you’re fine!” he shouts, smiling up at you. You sit on top of this random mans shoulders, steadying yourself. You see the blonde girl a few feet away from you look at the man holding you up, giving him a smile while the brunette flashes him a thumb up. You don’t pay attention to it, and continue to enjoy the music. You lean down to his eye level and shout, “What’s your name?” 

“I’m Josh,” he shouts.

“Cool, I’m Y/N,” you respond, sitting back up.

You dance to the music, enjoying the amazing view you had of the artists. 

When the set ends, you hop off Josh’s shoulders.  

“Do you want me to buy you a drink?” he asks, walking towards the bar with you in tow.

“Sure,” you shrug. Josh hands you your beer, holding his own in his other hand. You clink the two beverages together before you each take a swig. The blonde girl approaches you two, holding the brunettes hand. 

“Josh, how sick was that show!” the brown-haired boy exclaims. The blonde girl smiles at you before looking at Josh.

“Who’s this?” she asks, smirking at you.

“This is Y/N, she needed help seeing during the show so I helped her out.”

“Well, bring her with you because we’re finishing the night out with Beyonce,” the girl excitedly comments. “Oh, by the way, I’m Jenna, and this is Tyler.”

You smile at them and Josh slips his hand into yours. You blush and Josh awkwardly comments, “So we don’t loose each other y- y’know?” 

You giggle and nod as he leads you through the crowd of people towards the next venue. You are a few feet away from the barricade, so you don’t have to sit on Josh’s shoulders this time. As soon as the show starts and Beyonce walks out, you loose Tyler and Jenna due to the crazy crowd, but you shrug it off, still holding Josh’s hand. You sway your body to the music and maybe the alcohol finally sets into both you and Josh’s brains, because before you know it, your hips move to the beat of Drunk in Love and Josh’s hands rest on your hips. You scoot back to press your backside against his front.

Then XO starts to blare from the sound system and the heavy smell of weed and alcohol and various other drugs hang in the air around you and Josh, but it only intensifies the ambience. You don’t really know what you’re doing and neither does Josh, but the next thing you know Josh lips are sloppily working themselves on your neck and you breathe heavily, the alcohol in your system flowing in your veins like your blood. You run your hands up Josh’s back, and you don’t care people are near, you run your hands up and down his tattooed arms. Josh’s arms come up to palm your breasts and you let out a slight moan. His hands travel up, cupping your face while his lips connect to yours finally, with Beyonce’s heavenly voice repeating the words, “You love me like XO.”

When the song ends, Josh’s half-lidded eyes gaze into your bloodshot ones and give you a sloppy, goofy smile with his swollen lips. You give the same giddy smile, laughter bubbling from your throat. 

When the set finally ends, you and Josh stagger from the stage. You clutch onto his arm and smile up at him in the night air. A large light reflects on his face while his eyes transfix on the big lit up ferris-wheel. Barely anyone is on it because most of the people are making their way out for the day. You and Josh run (the best you can) towards the big circle, clambering into one of the carts. The alcohol, still present but slowly fading, acts up again as the cart goes up slowly. You grab Josh’s face, kissing his lips again. His hands travel your body again, exploring the nooks and crannies like it was his job. You detach his lips from yours and move your hands to the obvious bulge in his pants. You palm him, and his mouth opens, spilling the most beautiful moan you have ever heard in your entire life. 

You quickly undo his pants as the cart comes to a halt at the very top. You pull out Josh’s erection and waste no time putting your lips to the tip, swirling your tongue around the head, tasting him. He moans again, running his hands through your hair, slightly pulling it, making you moan this time. You take him deeper, working your hand where your mouth couldn’t reach around his considerable length. You hollowed your cheeks, taking him deeper until he hit the back of your throat. You gagged around his length, making him moan out again.

“I’m almost there,” he threw his head back, moaning deeply.

You work your mouth around him faster, bobbing up and down until you felt him twitch. The cart started moving downwards and you run your tongue up his shaft. You take him completely in your mouth again, letting your teeth graze lightly on him. That’s all he needs to clench onto your hair, his length spurting and exploding warm liquids into the back of your throat. You sit up as he quickly shoves himself back into his pants, buttoning and zipping them as you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand. You sloppily climb out of the cart when the cart reaches the end and Josh gives you a peck on the cheek, now mostly sober enough to drive. Slipping his hand in yours again, he leads you to the parking lot. Josh offers to give you a ride to your place, which you gracefully accept, and you climb into his car. You would’ve tried to get him to take you to his place to finish off, but you were feeling tired so you insisted he drop you off at your apartment.

When he pulls up at your apartment, you lean over and kiss him on the lips, running your hand against his stubbled cheek. 

“Thanks for today,” you smile.

“This better not be the last time I see you,” he gazes into your eyes.

“Give me your phone then, if you want to get a part two to tonight that is,” you wink. He hands you his phone and you type your number into his contacts, saving it under your name. You kiss him goodbye again as you get out of the car.

When you reach your apartment, you immediately head to the shower, washing your body from the sweat and grime you collected throughout the day. When you got dressed in pajamas and laid down to get some rest, you received a text from Josh. You smiled as you read it.

I have to see you again. Let me at least take you out to dinner, though, before I take you back to my place and have it my way. How’s tomorrow? Sweet dreams baby 

You set your phone down and close your eyes, thoughts of the yellow-haired boy drifting around your mind.

Requests are open.

You know if you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense that no one so much as thinks that Yusaku and Playmaker are one and the same despite appearances.

Yusaku Fujiki is basically, a nobody. He’s a fairly average 16 year old, he goes to school(sleeps in school), keeps to himself and isn’t all that remarkable(he went though Some Shit™ as a kid but who knows how well known that incident is/was). His social circle consists of the guy who runs the hotdog stand(Shoichi), an annoying classmate who keeps talking to him (Naoki), and the tiny cleaning robot at home.

Aside from maybe teachers, most people would probably go ‘who?’ if you asked them who Yusaku was or showed them his picture. His classmates probably only know him by name and nothing more, if that. He’s an asocial loner and people that might talk to him come away going ‘wow he’s kind of a dick’ (like Naoki did) and probably don’t talk to him again.

Hell, he doesn’t even duel and his duel disk is a rather out of date model to boot. Protagonist hair aside, there’s nothing about him that stands out of the ordinary for anyone to think there’s anything particularly special or remarkable about him.

But Playmaker, Playmaker is the hot new thing. A vigilante duelist who’s taking on the Knights of Hanoi hacker group and taking them out. He’s cool and aloof and ~mysterious~ and to top it off, a rather good duelist.

His appearance is just an avatar, like everyone else in Link VRAINS, and could quite easily look nothing like whoever plays him in the real world. Playmaker could be a woman for all they know.

As the audience WE know that Yusaku and Playmaker are one and the same, and it’s obvious to us. But in-universe, no one is going to look at Yusaku, regular, boring, Yusaku and think ‘yes, he must be Playmaker’ simply because of some passing similarities in their appearance. Especially since, as pointed out, Yusaku doesn’t duel, he couldn’t be Playmaker simply by virtue of that alone.

That’s just silly.

Not to mention, with such a small social circle, he isn’t actively trying to keep it a secret all the time(ala say, Spiderman). There’s no one to notice how he conveniently vanishes every time Playmaker logs on, no one to really look and see how similar they are in appearance or voice tone(which again, looks like you can alter it in VRAINS just like your avatar).

Shoichi already knows so there’s nothing to hide there, and he barely knows Naoki. Certainly doesn’t hang out with him enough that keeping this from him is hard in anyway.

Besides, if a pair of glasses and disguise Superman, then a hair colour/style change and an outfit change can sure as hell disguise Playmaker.

Toast and Furiosa -- yet more parallels

I just wanted to add some thoughts to this wonderful post:

Toast is a loner among the wives, but once the Sisters move from produce hold to War Rig cabin she begins to form her own partnership with Furiosa. This movie is full of parallels/closed circles/pairs, and while Toast beginning to follow in Furiosa’s footsteps is not the most featured of them – it is there. In addition to taking some of the responsibility for Team War Rig’s weaponry, she becomes invested in their strategy and is frequently next to Furiosa or reacting in the same way. They are frequently in shot together, or shown in consecutive cuts.

With apologies, some of these caps are arse because people/objects are moving quickly in the shot.

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Manger des Cochonneries

Ao3 link

Just a cute story about Ladybug and Chat Noir bonding over junk food.

Chat Noir was clearly in a bad mood. He had barely made a single joke since they started patrol and he had a frown in place of his normal smirk. Ladybug had had enough.

“Chat, can we stop for a minute?” She swung onto a flat roof and gestured for him to join her.

“What is it?” He snapped.

“Chat.” She sat down cross legged and looked at him. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

He looked like he was about to say something but instead just sighed. He plopped down next to her. “It’s my father.” His frown deepened. “I know you don’t want to hear more, because it’s normal life stuff.”

“Hey.” She leaned her head on his shoulder, comfortingly. “You’re not the only teen boy in Paris to have issues with his father. I am sure a little venting won’t give you away.”

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Something Beautiful-Part 01-The Beginning

Summary: This is loosely based off of a dream I had the other day. Eventual StevexReader but it’s gonna be a slow burn guys! College!AU Where Reader is looking for a place to live off campus and when she is advised to check out an apartment of a friend of a friend who turns out to be Steve, it leads to a beautiful friendship and so much more.

Please guys, if you haven’t figured this out by now, I am terrible at summaries.  This part is super cute J

Words: 1706

No Warnings, save maybe a curse word or two

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When your friend handed you the ad for ‘roommate wanted’, you’d felt like it was divine intervention. All summer you had been searching for an apartment off campus, but hadn’t had any luck finding a suitable place yet.  You were just about to start your last year as an undergrad and had decided it was time to move off campus.

The dorms were always full of rowdy freshman, yelling and drinking and passing out in the hallways, which made walking through the hallways without being flashed or slipping in vomit nearly impossible.  You were 21 years old, held a pretty steady job as a waitress at an upscale restaurant 4 evenings a week making a livable wage off tips alone so you decided to move off campus; start integrating into the real world.

“You sure this guy’s not a creep?” You’d asked as you took the slip from Nat as you walked away from the computer lab.

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I had some time to listen to RTG and you know what I have nothing against pure euphoric fun and melodies that get you there without a reason (in fact I love them!), but this song brings nothing new to the table. Where are the quirky noises in places you’d never expect them, where are the interesting layers, why isn’t there more emphasis on the heart and soul of the melody and why so much repetition oh my god?? And even with all that parrot talk it’s under three minutes lmao. Also that pre-chorus triple bass noise (or whatever it is anyway) and the melody of the chorus is obviously influenced by Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay. And what are those lyrics even, do they have a restricted vocabulary or something, I don’t get it, this is going on for too long. Plus when he says “like gypsy queen” in that whiny voice I literally want to throw up. Magazine by Daggers is Shakespeare compared to this. They should’ve re-released that one, it’s a killer song of same nature. “Black tattoo” haha I’m cringing. Most people imagine a black one when they hear a word tattoo, so completely unnecessary aka just lyric filler. I’m like come ooooooon, you can do so much, pass the threshold, jump to the other side, push it up a bit, take that melody and remodel it, go weird and wild. I want them to grow and explore, but the point is they keep stumbling while running in circles and losing their original character that is Hurts along the way. Remixes will be sick though, and we’ll sound epic yelling it at gigs, and the video will save the day of course.

death of a bachelor (1/7)

Summary: In which Victor is at the top of the (criminal) world, and ends up falling for the hot bartender that works at a Giacometti speakeasy. 

Alternatively: In which Yuuri is a bartender with a thing for the hot patron which could probably kill him but also wants to have sex with him. To be fair, Yuuri doesn’t mind having sex with him too. 

Inspired by this art and this video and the entire death of a bachelor album

read on ao3 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

The 1920s are a wonderful time all around, with the first world war over and soldier boys returning home and the government enabling people to live and dance as they please - unless you want to drink alcohol, then you’re shit out of luck.

Unless you happen to have connections that run in the same circles as Victor.

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what's this about tea lmao? i've been seeing a couple different blogs talk about a big blog that's problematic/fake/idek and everyone seems to know what's going on, and i'm just really out of the loop lmaoo

as i said before: big blogs all run in the same circles. people’s dramas tend to be shared; group chats and DMs and texting each other and all this shit? yeah most of us are either close, know of each other, know of each other’s drama, or have beef w other users. that’s why it seems like everyone you follow is talking about this.

all i can say is the receipts aren’t as concrete as people think they are. there’s a lot of backstory, conspiracy, and silence that speaks volumes. this is the kinda drama that people have to be hella attuned to in order to understand lol

It seems fairly logical to me that mages in the north are far more powerful than the south. The Circles were formed not to help teach mages how to utilize their abilites (this being a guise of sorts. please keep in mind that a system does not equate to the same as those who work within said system. there are most certainly teachers at the circles who seek to teach beyond the parameters that are given.) They would not grant knowledge beyond that of which the templars could easily control.

Meanwhile the North does have circles here and there (a key one to note would be the cumberland circle in Nevarra). But they are run as a school system; one people clamber to get into. So it goes without saying that both Tevinter and Nevarran mages would be far more skilled and stronger than anyone from the south. I mean even though they’ve probably minimal interaction with templars, I imagine they’re a type of magic far superior that they’d struggle to suppress.

Iunno where I’m going with this other than mages of the south should be in both awe and fear of the north.


Trick or Treat K.M

(It’s halloween and the reader and Kol spend the night having fun, getting candy, scaring everyone and Kol puts on his best face)

I hope you all have had/ are having the best Halloween ever, I know I did and in an alternate universe it would have gone something like this ^

Word count: 1355

“Are you ready?” whispered Kol from the other side of the front door, I smiled at him and nodded as another knock sounded upon it and a bunch of little voices echoed through the woodwork. I stared and Kol and winked- it was our signal for the count down.

“1, 2, 3….Now!” he yelled and with that he threw open the door exposing us to a large group of kids dressed in countless costumes, before they could escape we began blasting them with water. The children erupted in screams, some high and some low as they all ran off down the driveway and to their waiting parents. 

Although I did feel slightly bad for scaring a bunch of little kids I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and Kol couldn’t stop laughing, I wasn’t sure what had spooked the kids more; Was it the water guns or Kol’s bloodied face and torn up clothes? Either way it was obvious those kids weren’t coming back. 

“That was fantastic Y/N” he enthused after he had caught his breath, I turned towards him and smirked while trying to look partially disappointed.

“Should we have done that?” I asked, the excitement I had once felt was now running out. Kol closed the door and walked towards me making me look up from the ground.

“Stop being a halloween prude my dear, it was hilarious” he teased and with that sprayed me with the water gun making me scream and jump back. 

“Oh boy, are you guys being silly again?” asked a voice, as I spun around I saw Tommy - my nephew- dressed in a tiny dracula outfit with black lines all over his face. I tilted my head in confusion ready to ask what it was however Kol bet me to it.

“Tommy, what are the lines on your face?” asked Kol who placed the water gun on the table and kneeled down infront of the little boy.

Tommy smiled and clapped his hands together, “It’s vivid, Do I look scary Kol?” he questioned before scrunching his face and showing his teeth, his actions made the both of us laugh.

“We should probably get going soon…” trailed Kol as he turned his head to me, I nodded and walked towards Tommy.

“Come on little lad, we’ll go fix you up” as much as he refused to go with me, I eventually managed to lead him up the stairs and into my bedroom where my costume was laid out upon the bed.


“Y/N, where are we going to get the candy?” questioned Tommy as he sat on the bathroom counter, swinging his legs back and forth while I applied my make up. It had taken me a while to change and throughout the entire time he had been pestering me with countless questions about Halloween. 

“Well…” I began just finishing the last streak of eyeliner, “we are going to knock on peoples doors and say ‘trick or treat, and they will hand us candy” the once confused look on his face quickly changed into excitement. Before he could ask anymore questions I hurried him down the stairs to where Kol was standing by the front door, his eyes focused on the device in his hands, I cleared my throat abruptly causing him to look up.

His eyes widened in surprise as he stared me up and down, I laughed when his jaw dropped. “Wait to be so obvious” I teased and walked towards the door, feeling his eyes on me the entire time.

“Y/N, you look- you look sexy!” I turned around and chuckled, the blush upon my face exceeded secrecy and became my main feature. The truth was I felt sexy, especially in a very short cut victorian vampire dress, which was complete with many layers of black and red lace and complimented by a pair of fish net stockings and black heels. Although I knew it wasn’t the most appropriate for my nephew to see me in, I knew Kol would appreciate it.

Without saying a word I hummed and opened the front door, “Come on, let’s get our treat on!” I cheered, Tommy ran up beside me as I waited for the zombified Kol to follow, his eyes looked hungry as he licked his lips.



We had been walking for at least and hour and in that time we had managed to hit a couple of blocks worth of houses and gained a full bag of candy much to Tommy’s approval. “Let’s go to the next one!” cheered the five year old as he sprinted away from the recently closed door of a strangers house and onto the bustling road. I turned my head to Kol and laughed.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have let him eat that much candy?” I said as Kol took a hold of my hand and lead us towards the street.

“Hmm I think you’re right” he motioned when Tommy started running in circles like a mad child. I was surprised we hadn’t lost him yet to the busy crowds of people, the turnout this year was bigger than any other, however the costumes were much the same; typical witches, wolves and vampires were the most popular of the bunch but at least these outfits were scary unlike the majority.

“He’d make a terrible vampire” commented Kol, making me snap out of my thoughts and look to the familiar brown eyes. It took me a while to realise that he was talking about Tommy.

“Ugh could you imagine cleaning up after him? It’d be a massacre every night” Kol grinned, however it soon faded when he looked past me. When I looked to see what had gotten Kol so angry I frowned at the sight. It was a small group of guys dressed as jocks who were laughing at poor Tommy. Anger developed within me but I kept it to a minimum.

“Hey Tommy, come on sweetie let’s go” I called making the guys look our way and Kol wrap an arm around my waist protectively. They began to hoot and hollar.

“Hey sexy thing, why don’t you come and join us!” shouted one of them which made me roll my eyes. Kol suddenly lunged towards them but I stopped him just in time and pulled him back by his arm, the frustration and fury in his face would make anyone run for the hills. After a couple of pulls and little persuading Kol came back to me and placed an arm around my waist I grabbed his shirt instinctively. 

“Yea that’s right man, keep walking” they yelled making me hold Kol tighter and try to walk away.

“Kol just ignore them, they’re drunk they mean nothing” I encouraged motioning to Tommy to walk in front of us. Kol’s face was still scrunched in anger.

“That still doesn’t give them the right to talk to my girl like that!” he seethed, it was clear that talking to him wasn’t going to calm him down and although we were slowly moving away from the guys, their obnoxious laughs could still be heard. So I did the thing that I knew would work, I kissed him.

Kol instantly began kissing back and wrapped his arms around my waist while I snaked mine around his neck, “Ewww!” screamed Tommy causing our depart, I held Kol’s face in my hands and smiled.

“You okay know?” I asked with a smile, he grinned and winked at me.

“Karma will be sure to sort them out” he replied before grabbing my waist and following Tommy, I hummed quietly and rolled my eyes knowing exactly what he meant.

The night ended soon after and as soon as we had arrived home my sister was already there ready to pick Tommy up, which meant Kol and I could have the alone time we deserved.

As for those jocks who had pissed Kol off-well it came as no surprise to me when I woke up the next day to see that five men had gone missing at midnight. 

I guess Karma could be real bitch sometimes….

Happy Halloween Everyone! 

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Spinner1999 is hilarious! Someone called her out and she deleted the comments and threw shade. Apparently people aren’t allowed to know the truth. They will delete anything truthful and just keep on acting immature (juliadream looking at you!) and keep on spreading lies.

I know that troll! Out of some of them she is one of the kindest sad isn’t it? Charisma, lol, emma, normans angel, vlinder, justsaying, lucybelacats and we can’t forget this fandoms most delusional troll darylswifey are far worse. They all run in the same circle of hate and viciousness. They can dish it but the second anyone turns the tables they cry and whine like the bitches they are. It is best to call them out when they make public comments but ignore them otherwise. They are not worth the time to address otherwise. (Fyi wifey not against the law to post screennames.)

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what makes you choose to follow someone back?

uhhhhhhhhh tbh i follow back people who have nice urls bc i’m terrible and judge blogs by the url

i also follow people who like send me messages or talk to me or say rly nice things when interacting with me

ummm also if u make cool edits or gifs, i’m more likely to follow u

but i unfollow people if (1) they’re no longer a mutual ‘cause i follow 400+ people - most of whom run in the same circles - so i see a lot of duplicate content so some people i only continue to follow if they’re mutuals, (2) they post a lot of drama that i don’t rly care for (and my blacklist is pretty extensive so if your drama gets past my blacklist, then you’re uhhhh gonna get unfollowed), (3) you post a lot of non-1d things that i rly don’t care for that gets past my blacklist lmao like if i get spammed with 2394872934 riverdale gifs in a row and u leave that all untagged, i’m like 98% gonna unfollow just ‘cause i don’t really care for riverdale (but that’s an example of one piece of media out of the MANY in my blacklist), or (4) you just go inactive… like i said, i follow a lot of people so i always try to whittle down my following list when i can lmfao

Blood in the Water (You x EXO Kai) [Star Wars!au] PART 2

I’m back with part 2 of the Star Wars scenario! I’m not 100% sure where it’s going to be honest, but we’re going to roll with it! You can read part 1 here if you missed it! 

[RATED: for language and situation!]


“Sorry I got you into this, Baek.”

You swallow hard as the entire subway tunnel clears out, leaving only the two of you, an unconscious Kai, and four beefy-looking guys with sabers and a grudge. He grumbles under his breath, taking in the scene. “I think we can take them.” One of the men steps forward, and Baekhyun tenses. “Maybe.”

“I’ve got somewhere to be.” The man who seems to be in charge glares at you. “Let’s finish this quickly, shall we?”

Pulling out your saber had been risky, and now hot, anxious regret pulses through your veins. Although you had a license, you had never actually engaged in combat with anyone other than your instructor. I was too confident. You swallow thickly. Out of the two of you, Baekhyun definitely had better training. How could you have been so stupid and impulsive? If you didn’t step up, you’ll have put all of your lives at risk for nothing.

“Kyaaaaaaa!” You lash out as the men charge, your saber cutting through the stuffy air. The electric pop of saber meeting saber cuts through the yelling. You tighten your grip as you bring down your saber above your head, narrowly avoiding being split in half but the assailant’s yellow beam. After only moments of fighting, you already know the outcome.

You were going to lose.

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Despite all the warning I gave out about this teaser…Can I just say how nice this scene is. 

THIS is where Spider-Man SHOULD be at right now had Marvel not done what they did in the 1990s and brought back Aunt May instead of Baby May.

Look at the image. I’m sorry but…it works.

People have claimed Spider-Man being a parent is anathema to what he is, i.e. the hard luck superhero or the hero who’s about youth.

Except none of that is true.

Spider-Man ultimately is, and always was, about Power and Responsibility. 

The whole “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” thing wasn’t just a catchphrase like “HULK SMASH” or “FLAME ON!”. It was the life philosophy which defined this series and this character.

Yes, being a parent might be contradictory to what Spider-Man was in the 1960s, a teenaged superhero, or to all those times he had bad things happen to him. But Spider-Man wasn’t ABOUT those things ever.

Stan and Steve both WANTED him to evolve, WANTED him to eventually get married, and given what happened with Franklin Richards in the Fantastic Four, i.e. Stan’s favourite creation exempting Spider-Man, Stan probably wanted his favourite character, the one who in many ways represented a real person whom Stan poured quite a bit of himself into, to ultimately have children too.

The Peter Parker in the above image most assuredly isn’t the one from Stan and Steve’s run, but guess what, the Peter Parker of the Master Planner trilogy isn’t the same guy from Amazing Spider-Man #1 either. This was a Spider-Man who had a never say die attitude who knew the right thing to do and would not be buried by anything in pursuit of that right thing, a Spider-Man who cared far less what other people thought of him.

The Peter Parker of the Stan Lee/John Romita era wasn’t the same guy as the one from the Ditko run. There Peter was more outgoing, had a social circle and cut some of the apron strings from Aunt May by moving out and in with Harry Osborn and was a young man truly considering marriage.

The Peter Parker after Gwen’s death is not the same guy as the one before her death. That Peter Parker knew all too acutely the true price that his heroism would cost and saw a darkerside of life than he was truly aware of. He was a man who’d learned what true heartbreak was but also how hope (possibly in the form of a certain red head) can still prevail.

The Peter Parker of the 1980s was not the same man who attended Empire State University as he wanted to end his education and work to support himself and play the field with his love life, whilst making an important adult step in confiding his worries and concerns, specifically about being Spider-Man to his friend Mary Jane.

The Peter Parker of the 1990s was not the same guy as we saw in the 1980s. He was a more adult man who dealt with mental and emotional traumas the likes of which he’d never experienced who did his best to support himself and his family whilst also realising he could let some things go and let his family members either look after themselves sometimes or help him.

Whilst some key aspects of his character remained the same and those are things we love him for, Peter’s character was (at varying speeds) ALWAYS evolving and changing organically as he moved through life, and that was an integral part of what MADE him so realistic and relatable. Because HE grew and changed just like EVERYONE does.

And the other side of what made him realistic was that he was subject to the same human indignities and bad luck we all are. That ‘Parker Luck’ really is just a word that sums up how for Peter, he feels nothing seems to go right for him. But how many real life people feel EXACTLY like that? It isn’t that they really are genuinely unlucky or have hard luck.

It’s just life. Shit happens is all.

To define Peter Parker as someone who is perennially plagued by bad things as if he’s cursed is what’s truly anathema to who the character is. Killing him and maiming his family after his lover leaves him and he’s made bankrupt ISN’T what Spider-Man is about. That ISN’T what the Parker Luck is, but so many, so many, so many people seem to think it truly is something along those lines.

But in truth the Parker Luck really just amounts to an elevator door closing just as you get there. It’s TINY mundane crap that goes wrong which we ALL have to deal with is what Spider-Man’s ‘hard luck’ amounts to.

So with all this said, giving Spider-Man a family like in the above image doesn’t go against what he is/is supposed to be at all. He was always changing, aging, evolving, and growing so he wasn’t about youth and having a kid wouldn’t make him ‘too happy’ to go against the Parker Luck because the Parker Luck was never some curse that prevented him from being happy.

Quite contrary to going against what he is all about, Spider-Man as a parent is possibly the single most logical story you could ever tell with Spider-Man because he is defined by responsibility and parenthood is perhaps the greatest responsibility any one could ever have.

It’s not a story that ‘doesn’t make sense’ for Spider-Man, it’s goddam tailored     to him.

We’ve seen the soap opera/human drama that comes from Peter being Spider-Man and the strain it puts on his studies or dating life, how much more compelling human drama would it be if in saving the world he doesn’t simply miss a date or not study but he has to miss his daughter’s birthday or something. THAT would be heartbreaking. THAT is a true moral/emotional dilemma. THAT is untapped drama that should be accessed for Spider-Man.

I look at that image and I frankly see what should have been. No…what should be NOW.

P.S. Roy Harper can have a daughter and be a single parent for like a decade, Luke Cage can be married with a kid, but Spider-Man can’t have kids at all? WTF?


An Honest Review

Hey, some of ya’ll may remember me as the girl who had to wait three hours in line and still didn’t get a ticket. Well … 

Guess who finally got a seat~ (note: I regret this picture)

Okay, so first things first, if you’ve been convincing yourself this movie is shit because of reviews, stop.

I would recommend not taking those at face value because A) Antis always have louder voices, and B) I’ve been looking at a lot of the reviewers who gave low stars – English usernames – and many of the low reviews written are written in either English or rudimentary/nonsensical Japanese (which makes me think people are screwing with Google Translate to fool others into thinking they’re Japanese).

As for 2ch? In Japan its users have the same reputation as users of 4chan in America do- which is not good.  In the circles I run with, the users on 2ch are known to be internet bullies – not saying that they all are – but if you’re going to find the most hated internet site in Japan, it’d be 2ch.  It’s overwhelmingly dominated by teenage/college age guys who, from what I’ve seen, display some pretty misogynistic tendencies. So it’s understandable that if you find a review from 2ch it’s gonna be a guy who’s pissed that the movie is more “feminine” and a love story rather than a straight shounen film. Take the opinions on the movie you find on there with a grain of salt.

As for people boycotting the movie? Yeah, that’s so not true. Like … where did y’all even find that … Anyways, The Last opened #1 in the box office, and on Saturday, broke 2 billion yen (a record for the franchise). Overall it’s doing 156% better than its predecessor.  

When I went to go see it on a Tuesday school night in Shibuya, the theatre was about 90% full. So I would personally say that it’s doing pretty well.

Also, there are a lot of people spreading around false information about the movie - many who haven’t even seen it themselves. 

- Naruto and Hinata weren’t bffs in their childhood. Hinata had one flashback about Naruto which was significant to her. 

- When you see them running around as kids - that’s a genjutsu. 

Naruto is still Naruto - like what the hell, he isn’t even remotely out of character? 

Plus dozens of more I don’t have the time to address. It’s fine if you hate the movie, but don’t spread lies about it just because you’re unhappy. 

Okay, so on to the review.


Crowded Plot: The movie tries to fit in a lot in an hour and a half, and you can tell. Sometimes it’s even a bit convoluted. While this is a story about love, it’s still a shounen. And it seemed that the writers tried to unsuccessfully balance both action and romance. But also, if you look at in context it doesn’t seem to strange. Most shounen manga have ridiculously convoluted plots.

Also they tried to fit in fan favorites, but there wasn’t any time to show them properly, giving us a tantalizing peek but leaving us ultimately unsatisfied. They tried to do too much with too little time, I think.

Damsel-in-Distress-Disease: Okay, so we all know Naruto at this point is as powerful as a god. So they made the villain, Toneri, equally god level. And with these god-tier powers, Toneri can specifically telekinetically restrain Hinata with a look or a touch or a weird ball of green light that you’ll find out about later, which essentially makes her a damsel in distress in need of saving.


Hinata: Hinata is very much in love Naruto, yes. But that’s not all she is. We sometimes have a hard time remembering this because Studio Perriot and Kishimoto have recently been showing her life revolve around Naruto. In this movie, the Hinata we know from part one – the one who wanted to heal her family – returns. Essentially, she sacrifices her love for Naruto to go behind enemy lines to save her little sister and stop Toneri’s chaos as its source.

*+10 to Hinata for personally removing Hanabi’s eyes from Toneri’s head.

Supporting characters: It was a nice to see how Naruto and Sakura’s relationship solidified into something akin to an older sister and her dumb kid brother.

Love Story: All shipping aside, this love story was believable and cute and emotional. There were a group of high school girls in front of me sniffling. And I’m not gonna lie, my eyes were watering.  People say that Naruto is out of character in this movie – he’s not. He’s the same as he’s always been. Happy, simple, oblivious, and passionate. Characterization is spot on I think.

It’s very natural in how it shows the progression of their relationship. Friendship, realization, and then finally, love (albeit a little bit cheesy), but still good.

Favorite things: Sakura and Hinata’s relationship. Incredible animation. Note, it’s also incredibly creepy/disturbing at times in the best way possible. The opening sequence. And several other things.

Overall: I’d give it a solid 3.75/5 stars. What made this movie great was Hinata and Naruto’s budding relationship, but it was hindered due to messy writing  (which is a tradition in the series it seems).  

flamingrainbowzofawesome  asked:

Weighed 295lbs, now 185 1.5 years later. I eat healthy & workout but also can eat a cookie and not freak out. I'm happy and confident now. Why do most gays seem uninterested in guys who are in shape and have muscle but aren't super defined?

The problem isn’t necessarily that “most gays” are attracted solely to that (even though there are quite a few that are). The problem is that most gays that you’ve interacted with likely have that mindset. And the good news is that there are a LOT of gay guys out there who absolutely LOVE guys who are more on the beefy/chunky side. They just don’t run in the same circles as the ones who love washboard abs. The fact that you’re healthier and more confident is great, but it sounds like you might also need to surround yourself with different people who possess a different mindset. But that’s just what I can gather from the few sentences you wrote me.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad you said that thing about knowing people that run in their same circles. I admit I knew very little about 1D, and basically laughed at the idea of them being together. I have a cousin that goes to school with one of Louis's cousins though, and apparently it's not really that big of a secret, antis just choose to deny it. I mean, if random people like my cousin are finding these things out, obviously it's most likely true. Yeah I know it's like 3rd hand info but..

it’s literally not that big of a secret… i have friends who live in cheshire and know harry and yeah… and i have also heard similar things like you say about people who go to school with louis’ sisters… it’s not made up. like… i dont get it.. why would millions of 1D fans all suddenly just start believing the same thing… haha like there are SO MANY larries.. and even if you dont know someone whose given you any info, you can literally see it… and like.. we didnt all take a pledge when we made our larry urls and all swear on the larry bible that we can only think like others do and be brainwashed into the larries.. like i know thats what antis think we did but ffs WE DIDNTTTTT… there are literally that many larries out there all thinking the same thing… we didnt conjure up this belief out of thin air and then decide to swear by it for years to come… like theres gotta be truth behind it for that many people to believe it

also :) about the cousin thing

deartruelovepsitsme  asked:

Hello! I was just wondering, do you think people of the same MBTI type are more or less likely to be compatible?

More compatible. Often they prioritize many of the same things. Introverted Sensors value security the most. Extroverted Sensors often enjoy the same externalized hobbies. Intuitives of all brands enjoy chasing new things. Usually, we are closest to the people with whom we have something in common and the circles we run in increase our likelihood of meeting people of similar or the same type, due to the different types having unique interests.

BUT … and this is huge … everyone is an individual. Their subjective opinions and growing up period will shape them with different values, belief systems, etc, so even though one person of one type might be similar in their information processing to someone else of the same type, they’re not clones of each other and will have areas in which they head-butt.

I know a bunch of SFJs who are alike in their manners (politeness, being protective of each other, valuing history and being hesitant to leap onto new trends as soon as they arrive) but nothing alike in their personal lives or belief systems. They play well together … except when subjective opinions rise to the forefront and then they will defend their likes and dislikes as strongly as they’ll protect their loved ones. As friends they get along well; as intimate partners there would have to be some give and take, because some are more open-minded than others, some are more nostalgic, some are more adventurous.

Basically, we get along well with our own type in terms of functions alone but that does not always guarantee long-term compatibility or a similarly of perspective on the important things in life. In friendships, being the same type is great … but in a romantic pairing, you might want to seek someone with whom you are compatible but helps balance you out in some way, or has a strength you do not, so when the hailstorms of life hits, you have all your bases covered. :)