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You’ve all heard of “Full Boyle,” but have you considered… Full Thorin?

Dwalin having to hold Thorin back as he plans to make the most wild, over-the-top declarations of love to Bilbo inappropriately soon.

Balin explaining why it’s not practical, not at all, to propose marriage (two weeks into their courtship, mind you) in front of a full court, or to have a gold statue of Bilbo in full armour erected in the middle of the throne room.

GTA Ryan loves stickers.

He collect stickers and keeps them in a binder. He has all kind of stickers; gold stars, smiley faces, scented, Lisa Frank, glitter, those square stickers from the doctor’s office, etc etc.

He likes to give them to everyone after heists to make his friends feel better. Most of the crew waves this off as just weird Ryan shit, but Jeremy?

Jeremy /loves/ getting stickers. He /lives/ for those stickers.

The first time he gets a sticker, its after the first heist Jeremy was in. He’s nervous if he did well, making self deprecating comments in his head and nitpicking everything he did that hindsight makes clear he shouldn’t have done.

And Ryan trots up with his binder, flips to a page, and hands Jeremy a sticker with a stupid grin on his face.

Jeremy warily takes it, and sees that its one that is a big, shiny gold star with a smiley face.

And Jeremy goes “!!!!!!”

Jeremy has saved every sticker he has gotten, and when he feels like he fucked something up, he takes the small box out from where he has it hidden away (in the wall behind a fake light socket in his closet) and looks through them.

Mercy’s Job

// A quick little thing i decided to make. It’s different from the original idea, certainly shorter and more quickly made than I normally do, but I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to follow for more fics~ And of course comment down below, because that’s what matters most!

“Ahlan, beautiful,” A fair, Egyptian voice said. My heart fluttered (against my permission, I might add) and I turned to see Fareeha standing beside me. She was wearing her Raptora Mark VI armor, mostly blue with some bits of gold. Her rocket launcher was in one hand, pointing downward. Her helmet rested under her other arm, and her smile was radiant as always. Her eyes seemed to scan me, not with lust or want as others may have done, but with a tenderness and care. I was wearing my Valkyrie suit, staff in hand, but that look- Ah, it made me feel like I was wearing the best dress in the world! She made me feel that way.

“Pharah, we’re on duty,” I chided, despite my joy at seeing her. “Right now we are comrades, not lovers.”

“Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend good luck before a dangerous battle?” She asked, feigning offense. I opened my mouth to answer and she laughed. “Angela I’m only joking, do not worry about how I act, on the battlefield, I will do my job and we shall be nothing more than comrades, I promise.”

“Well, in that case…” I put my staff against the wall, going on my tip-toes and giving Fareeha a soft kiss. She smiled and held me close for a mere second before pulling away.

“Stay safe,” She whispered.

“You too,” I answered.

“With you healing me? I won’t have to,” She laughed.

“Ten seconds for battle.” Athena’s voice rang out. “Approaching the Temple of Anubis.”

“You heard her, quit fooling around!” Morrison called, clicking his visor into place.

“All systems ready for combat!” Diva called.

“What is all this standing around? There is glory to be won!” Reinhardt roared, putting his helmet on.

“Just stick to the plan and we will win,” Symetra reminded.

“Looks like everyone is ready,” I murmured. “Let’s get to work.”

This team had been on several missions together. We weren’t always deployed together, sometimes Lucio would come and I would stay at base, or Tracer would be here and Morrison would stay. Either way, this team was excellent. As always it began with Symetra deploying shields on us. I offered a kind smile and she nodded at me. Reinhardt deployed his shield, and the doors opened. Immediately a hail of bullets hit the shield. Reinhardt cursed in German (he had a very creative mind when it came to cursing) and began to push forward. I began boosting Morrison’s attack and he began returning fire, forcing the enemy to cover.

“Mercy!” Faree- No, Pharah, called. I saw her fly into the sky and immediately flew after her, boosting her attack now. She began firing below at the enemies. I saw Reaper turn to mist, Widowmaker grapple away. They were retreating! Diva cheered and flew after them, followed closely by Jack and then Reinhardt.

“Let’s go,” I told Pharah. She nodded and flew after them, and I flew close by. She landed at the top of the arch and began firing down at the bridge. Poor Bastion never stood a chance, being blown up into a million pieces before he could fire at either of us.

“I need healing!” Diva called. Pharah gave me a nod and I looked down, seeing Diva on top of the bridge. She was currently using her EPM to block Reaper’s bullets, but it wouldn’t last long. I flew down to her, behind the safety of her meka, and engaged my healing stream. Reaper growled and attempted to fire at me, but Diva kept herself between us and began firing. He turned to mist and floated behind her, but the minute he reappeared several of Symetra’s turrets, planted on the floor of the bridge, sprung to life. Reaper howled as they fired to him, and combined with Diva’s fire he was soon the floor. His body slowly disappeared.

“I need a doctor!” Morrison yelled. I couldn’t see him, but from the sound of ithe was on the point and he was in trouble. Diva gave me a playful salute then continued off her own way. I jumped off the side of the bridge, floating down to the ground. I flew towards him and immediately began healing. We both ran around, trying desperately to avoid Junkrat’s projectiles, until finally Morrison grunted and fired his rockets, landing a direct hit on the junker. A bullet whizzed next to my head and I felt my heart nearly leap out of my chest. Another crack of the rifle, and I expected myself to be dead. But the shot never came, I turned to see Reinhardt in front of me.

“Don’t worry my friends, I will be your shield!” He yelled. “Little gremlin girl, ATTACK!”

“Will you stop calling me that!” Diva complained, flying over us and towards Widowmaker.

“Don’t let them on the point!” Morrison ordered, firing at the staircase as Junkrat reappeared.

“Mercy!” An Indian voice called. I saw Symetra hiding behind a pillar, Junkrat’s grenades pinning her. He had returned quite fast, hadn’t he? I flew over to Symetra, yelping as an explosion grazed me, and began healing her. She sighed in relief and stood up.

Everything seemed to be going a bit too good. We hadn’t lost anyone yet, we were already on the point, we hadn’t even taken much damage. I frowned, looking around the area. Something was wrong, I could feel it. My team was on the point, the five of them now, fighting Reaper and Junkrat. Wait, we had faced Reaper, Junkrat, Widowmaker and-

And no one else? There should be at least six members, yet we’ve only faced three.

“Apagando las luces!” A Mexican, female voice said.  In that one instant, I knew everything was going to hell. Sombra, a hacker working for Talon, suddenly materialized out of thing air in the middle of our group. She fell to the ground and disappeared, and the rest of the enemies charged forward. Widowmaker grappled to a roof, firing down, Reaper materialized under the bridge, on their left now, Junkrat was behind a building, firing grenades over it and down on them, and then- Roadhog ran down the staircases on the right. They stood no chance.

They can if you keep Reinhardt alive. The more reasonable part of me thought. Yes, if I kept Reinhardt alive to defend us we could still win this! I prepped my staff and prepared to fly over there. My feet had barely left the ground when something yanked on my wing, pulling me back. An arm wrapped around my neck and the barrel of a gun was pressed against my back.

“Hola, amiga,” Sombra whispered from behind, her voice full of malice. I was such an idiot! Assuming she would stay on my team, helping pick them off. She must’ve spotted me and decided I was too much of a threat. I watched as Roadhog hooked Morrison, blasting his body full of junk. I hated this, being helpless as my team died, and I would’ve screamed but it was muffled by Sombra’s hand on my mouth. I tried to elbow her but she shot a bullet through my side, injuring but not killing me. No one heard my scream, and I clutched my staff so hard my knuckles hurt.

“Tsk, be quiet and watch your friends die,” Sombra purred. Diva yelled in frustration as her meka finally gave in, ejecting her. She backed up into Junkrat’s trap and her face only had a split second to register panic before a bomb blew up. I felt like a dagger was painfully and slowly entering my heart. I shook in the Mexican’s arms, trying in vain to pull away. Symetra was the next, trying desperately to give everyone shields and fire at the enemy. My eyes turned to Widowmaker, and I saw her smirk. I closed my eyes as another bullet left the rifle, and this one found its mark. I could practically hear her body hit the floor.

“I WILL AVENGE YOU ALL!” Reinhardt roared angrily. He stopped going on the defensive, he knew it was useless, and charged Junkrat, smashing him against the wall with his armored body. He looked up and swung his hammer, sending a huge flame towards the sniper, who barely dodged it.

“Looks like they need help, adios,” Sombra said. My heart pounded against my ribs and I closed my eyes once again. But suddenly I felt weightless, flying through the air, I immediately extended my arms to float still, and I heard Sombra hit something and curse. I looked to see her by the bridge, getting up from the floor with a pained look, and then I turned back to see my savior.

“Get down!” Pharah yelled. Oh Pharah. She must’ve used her concussion shot to push us away, and me out of Sombra’s claws. I didn’t hesitate and dropped to the ground. A rocket zipped over my head and I heard Sombra yell as it exploded. Without hesitation she boosted herself into the air, facing the enemies. Reinhardt had just smashed Roadhog-

“Sheib” I murmured, covering my mouth as he fell to the ground, lifeless. Roadhog yelled in anger and fired at him again for good measure.

“Justice rains from above!” Pharah yelled, strong and triumphant. I looked around for my staff, which had fallen when Pharah saved me. I needed to help her. I grabbed it and turned around, my feet leaving the ground once more as I flew towards her. I only made it halfway there when I heard a gun spinning up. A stream of bullets came from my side. I heard Bastion beeping happily, and I screamed as blood sprayed out of Phar- No, Fareeha, and her body fell lifeless to the ground. But it wasn’t over, no, it’s wouldn’t over. I was the doctor; I was their angel. My eyes could see what others couldn’t, golden flames floating over their corpses. Their very souls, too stubborn to disappear and pass on. I could still save them.

Roadhog turned to me, preparing his hook, but he wasn’t fast enough. I flew to Fareeha’s soul, standing right above it. My hand shifted through it. That previous fear was no longer in my body.

“Heroes never die!” I yelled, as loud as I could, and a golden light overtook everything in sight.

Speaking names in the Professor Layton games

 It was worth doing more research on this! :) 

  • origins/ related words
  • possible further associations
  • interpretations/ personal comments 


  • angel
  • She’s mild and meek and the most desired girl, nearly idealized from Randall’s point of view


  • hag = live fence, rihhi = mighty/ rich, Heinrich = keeper of the realm
  • Henry keeps Angela and Monte d’Or safe until Randall’s return. Also he’s the richest and most influential man in town.


  • or = gold, le = the, de/ d’ = of, dorer = to gild. Ledore = the golden one
  • adore
  • Friendship is the real treasure, not the Azran gold that Henry found.


  • wolf/ shield
  • Randale = riot
  • Not much to find here, unless you are German and think of riots when you hear that name.


  • hruod = glory, lant = land, Roland/ Orlando = famous all over the country
  • „No risk no glory“. A whole town was built for him.


  •  ascot = ascot (duh!) 
  •  Randall likes to wear ascot-like things around his neck.


  • Raymond = guardian/ warden 
  • Raymond watches over Descole. He might even have been his warden, especially if you take Sycamore’s original Level 5 name into account.


  • foster care = something like adoption but a little less 
  • He might have named himself Simon Foster when he became Raymond’s foster child. Or he was foster dad to himself. Poor little boy.


  • des = prefix that negates whatever follows, col = collar
  • désolé = I’m sorry/ disconsolate, heartbroken
  • Descole calls himself a husk and claims his former self to be dead. All he has to live for now is revenge. What other prefix would such a man choose than the negative “des”. The meaning of “désolé” puts the focus rather on his tragic fate and sorrow before he tried to kill all pain by creating the persona of Descole. Maybe he’s even sorry he put his family to such a risk by challenging Targent. Nice extra that a word for collar can also be found in the name, since Descole wears a very special “collar”. “Jean” then only matches the French last name, it’s one of the most common names there, appropriate for someone who has seized to exist. Or maybe he liked a reference to Jeanne d’Arc, the rebel? Jean Valjean? 


  • ermana/ irmin = mighty, superior, universal. Emmeline/ Amaline/ Amalindis = brave shield holder
  • almost the same meaning as her last name


  • alta = tall, superior. Altava = ancient Roman-Berber city in present-day Algeria
  • Emmy is a tall woman and superior to anyone who challenges her. May it be in wit or muscles. But especially the ladder.


  • dawn, northern light
  • aura, warship “Aurora” in “Stargate” which is supposed to get to “Atlantis”
  • Aurora is found way up North and her waking up is like another dawn. Also she has a very luminous aura, quite magical and sensitive.


  • ewe (mother sheep)
  • Old Testament: Jacob’s favourite wife who died early. She had two sons. The elder brother protected the younger one.
  • Rachel Bronev’s part in the story is the beloved mother and wife. She dies too young. Her elder son, at a young age at least, protects the younger one.


  • lion
  • Well, look at his mane ^^


  • bronevoy = ironclad/ armoured
  • Leon Bronev is ironclad both physically and emotionally. World’s worst dad.


  • flower
  • She was held dear but isolated and now she’s ready to blossom. Also both versions of her mother, Viola and Dahlia, are called like flowers.


  • rein = pure, hold = meek
  • Flora has a very innocent appearance, even when she sneaks into expensive trains and kidnaps pets.


  • clarus = bright, shiny
  • For Layton she’ll always be the brightest memory and while dying for the second time, she’s shining.


  • Foley = pirate, folly = folly, crazy
  • Okay, she was involved in reckless experiments. But maybe Level 5 just liked the sound of the name here. 

I can’t believe we got an episode where the story is told from the point of view of two maintenance workers who are just trying to do their job while Another Alien Attack™ is taking place.

Babylon 5 is a gift.

List of Important Steve/Tony Moments in Avengers Assemble - S01

This got long, I am sorry.

1x01 The Avengers Protocol Pt.1
Tony sees Steve’s (hot) body disintegrate in front of his chocolate eyes, he’s like “Noo!”
Tony assembles the Avengers to help him avenge his (boy)friend there’s a scene of him uncovering Cap’s statue as e does that.
Tony leaves his newly assembled team the moment he figures out where Steve is being kept, Skull, who’s in Steve’s body comments on it.
There’s a cute moment (after Steve’s back in his own body) where Tony gives Cap his shield back, there’s cute smiling and shoulder touching (I’m no vidder, but IMO that’s vidding gold).
Skull and Modok ruin everything by taking away Tony’s suit and arc reactor (great for h/c purposes)
Steve has the most worried look on his face at the end when Tony asks him to save his butt (Actual butts were mentioned, not kidding).
The end scene with the entire team gathered around Tony and Steve appears in 02x19 as, and this is for real, not even kidding, the subject of Steve’s epic painting.

1x02 The Avengers Protocol Pt.2
They manage to save Tony with some cables and lots of electricity, Steve starts with his husband routine pretty early in the series by thanking Sam on Tony’s behalf (b/c Tony’s “bad with thank you’s” (or does he really just like to watch Steve take care of his business?)).
This is also the episode where Steve is super enthusiastic about having Tony boss him around “You lead, I’ll follow,”  "Keep leading like that and we might actually stick together.“ "The real question is, if we follow, will you lead?” (We get it Steve, you want to get behind Tony, enjoy a good view :P)
There are also moments of Tony angst and insecurities because he’s not sure he can lead.

1x03 Ghost of a Chance
Not Stony heavy at all. But if you are making a horror vid, the Avengers’ doppelgangers display some cool eye effects.

1x04 The Serpent Of Doom
Not much but there are some cute moments after they capture Ulik the troll, if you’re making a vid where Steve and Tony are acting like dads to other Avengers (Thor in this case).

1x05 Blood Feud
This is the vampire episode, it has very little Steve/Tony but there’s a scene where Steve’s boxing in a tight T-shirt, and Tony being attacked by vampire brides and shaking them off by spinning like a top.

1x06 Super Adaptoid
This one has so many moments!
Tony showing Steve a holographic projection of his butt getting kicked (literally, there’s a beam of light aiming for Steve’s ass, this cartoon sometimes…)
The banter in this episode is legendary! “Gosh Mr. Big Brain!” “Is it coal power or A MIRACLE?” “If any of the math looks complicated that’s because it is…”(this is the moment where Tony has this trolly smile on his face and Steve is annoyed and turns around on his chair)
Steve jumping in front of Tony to save him from the Adaptoid while yelling “Iron Man!” I say jump but it’s more like Assassin’s Creed level parkour.
Cap being awesome, first in the Avengers Tower, drawing the Adaptoid into his trap, then in space! He also uses some of Tony’s gear (helmet and a gauntlet) while in space!
Tony tells Cap he’s worth keeping around while in space!
End scene of the episode has both of them looking like shagged-out boyfriends. Steve blows Tony’s mind by using his tech and Tony blows Steve’s mind by showing him a simple notebook.

1x07 Hyperion
This one has the “I’d hate to be on the other end of that grunt” moment.
Cap explains to Hyperion that as good guys they’re not judge and jury and need to follow the law. A moment that got compared to MCU!Tony’s stance in CW. (If you’re doing a crossover)

1x08 Molecule Kid
This one has cool molecular city effects, only a few lines spoken between Superhusbands though.

1x09 Depth Charge
This is the episode with Attuma.
Not much Stony but Tony has a suit he calls Rubber Ducky and he uses it to, together with Falcon, pull a “high-tech whamma-jamma” and save the city from a big wave.

1x10 Doomstroyer
The one where Avengers have to clean up Doom’s mess.
A few Steve&Tony exchanges, and Steve borrowing Tony’s shtick for a second to put Loki in his place (“You’d get your butt handed to you…”).

1x11 Hulked-Out Heroes
Everyone except Widow turns into a Hulk. Interesting visually.
Steve’s uniform gets ripped at the end (that happens surprisingly rarely and every instance needs to be documented).Cap and Tony have a blink-and-miss-it heart-to-heart about Hulk at the end of this episode.

1x12 Avengers Impossible
The one with the green goblin-looking alien. Very little Steve/Tony content.

1x13 In Deep
This episode is full of Steve/Tony!
They’re dressed as Crossbones and Reaper for the great part. The good thing about it is the Crossbones shirt puts Steve’s guns on display they deserve. The bad thing is that they wear masks. The good thing is, not for long.
There’s banter, Steve and Tony end up in air-shafts, Steve compliments Tony’s brains, they work together against Skull’s robots.
There’s also a moment where Tony gets wrapped up in a watery Hydra tentacle and Steve’s like “Tony!”
And of course Tony saves Steve, or tries to, from a huge sea vortex.
In the end there’s a cute moment on the Avenjet, ruined by Hawkeye.
And that’s just a small part. This episode needs to be watched and re-watched and studied.

1x14 Hulk’s Day Out
Tony saves an oil-tanker all by himself
There’s a moment where Steve and Falcon end up in a less than dignified position and they both agree never to tell Tony (who’s miles away) about it.
While they’re on the moon, near the end, there’s a blink-and-miss-it Steve/Tony hand-holding and flight.

1x15 Planet Doom
The one where Doom changes the timeline and becomes a global dictator
A few scenes of Steve on ice, and Tony looking like a proper mad scientist (still cute as hell, naturally), not much more.

1x16 Bring on the Bad Guys
Tony saves Steve from Skull in a very boss flashy way.
Later on, Skull ties Cap to a large circle… thing and drops him from the sky, Tony saves him once more. There’s a great visual of Iron Man speeding after his beloved husband, who’s plummeting to the ground.

1x17 Savages
Another episode full of Steve/Tony moments. The great thing about this one is that Tony’s mostly dressed as a normal guy, because he bet Steve that he can survive one day in wilderness without technology and his suit.
There’s a lot of banter, one-upping and so on…
Most importantly, there are dinosaurs and Steve and Tony take turns saving each other from them.
Like In Deep, this one needs to be studied in-depth and constantly rewatched. IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT! I could make a list just for this episode BUT I WON’T BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE MADNESS!

1x18 Mojo World
This one is mostly about Hulk and Hawkeye but there’s a short moment of Steve and Tony being dads at the beginning.

1x19 The Ambassador
The episode where Steve saves Doom from the Cabal, repeatedly. Doom repays by trying to steal his husband’s tech, but he didn’t count on Superhusband Telepathy.
Not much Steve/Tony screen-sharing time until the very end.

1x20 All-Father’s Day
The one where Odin visits. Minimal Steve/Tony content (like, they fall on each other once, and there’s a moment where Tony’s hand looks to be touching Cap’s butt, maybe), can be skipped.

1x21 By The Numbers
They play dodge-ball, Tony seems to know all about Steve’s weaknesses (his legs mostly, sure makes you wonder…), Steve’s not amused.
Cap’s uniform gets ripped (this really is important).
Tony has a moment of crisis and Steve acts as his rock. There’s shoulder touching and smiling.
At the end Steve comes to Tony’s lab with a cup of coffee in his hands, it looks as if he’s bringing it to him.

1x22 Guardians and Space Knights

This one has Tony acting as a special flying servant of Galactus. He earns one of Steve’s grunts at the start of this episode by going rogue instead of listening to Cap’s plan.This time Tony gets seemingly disintegrated in front of Steve’s eyes.The rest of it is mostly Avengers against/teaming up with the Guardians.At the end there’s a moment where they look as if they’re hugging (Steve’s helping knackered Tony stand upright. In sickness and health k?).

1x23 One Little Thing
Falcon’s mom and Ant-Man visit the Tower in this one.
Not much Steve/Tony content, but there’s a moment where they fight pym particle-enlarged nanobots, it’s pretty badass.

1x24 Crime and Circuses
Where the Avengers get turned into clowns basically. Visually interesting but not much Stony stuff.

1x25 Exodus
This one has a lot of Tony sad-facing because (in his guilt-ridden mind) he almost got Falcon killed.
Steve otoh, is mostly pissed off because he needs Iron Man who has benched himself.
Tony uses all his suits, that’s cool.
There’s a moment where Steve and Tony hold hands in this one, Hawkeye ruins it. Again.
Tony ends up horizontal in the end, courtesy of Red Skull.

1x26 The Final Showdown
Steve is holding Tony up at the beginning, almost carrying him to their medical room. Then he watches as robots replace his arc reactor.
Tony used and busted up all his suits in the previous episode so in this one he uses the Tower as his suit and defeats the Cabal. He looks pretty cool while doing it, wearing goggles and tentacle-looking cables that connect him to the Tower.
At the end Steve and Tony rest as close to each other as they can without arousing suspicion and compliment one another on various virtues and attributes.

Season One   Season Two   Season Three

Helpful links: Giffed Steve/Tony moments on @smthgavengersassemble blog, in chronological order.


Now go forth and make some AA vids!

So that’s that for S1. If you think I forgot a moment, or idk, have any other opinions on how to improve this list, feel free to send me a message or reply to this post. 

SURVEY: No Mercy

I am one of the leaders for a tabletop gaming club at my school, and we’re setting up a series of death match, one shot, dungeon crawls called “The Gauntlet”. Players choose one of their favorite PCs and submit them to this crucible of adventures, with a chance to win gold, XP, magic items, and glory a thousand fold if they survive. However, The Gauntlet is not for the faint of HP, those who enter should beware of the dangers, and know that once you die in the Gauntlet, your character is destroyed forever (EVEN IN YOUR OWN GAMES!!!)

We’d like to here from YOU, fellow Dungeon Masters! What are your most cruel, unforgiving, terrible DMing tricks that you use to give players the most challenging encounters, brutal combats, and lingering effects that will forever scar their PCs!

COMMENT BELOW with your most dastardly and devious DMing traps, monsters, and curses!

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love that alternate cast you made of Dev Patel and Aja naomi. They are totally sma steroline

I’m so in love with the idea of those two playing any romantic pairing, tbh, but they really do fit my vision of SMA!Steroline so well. Dev’s so fucking charming and eloquent and funny and sincere and humble and THAT BRITISH ACCENT GOODBYE like his voice is legit heaven, and I just feel like he’d nail Stefan. I mean he’d nail anything but ugggh. 


And don’t even get me started on Aja as Caroline, man. She’s so so so so so good at the frosty exterior with the vulnerable heart of gold, and she’s such a talented beautiful actress and yeah, man. Bye. WHAT I’M TRYING TO SAY IS I AGREE :)

Edward and Philippa spent Christmas 1360 at Woodstock with their sons and daughters and the King of France. Here Edward wore a coat he had specially commissioned. It was made of black satin embroidered in gold and silk thread with the image of a woodbine – a climbing plant, such as ivy and honeysuckle – and bearing the motto in gold lettering Skyer as ye Wodebynd (Clinging like the woodbine). This is the fourth and last of Edward’s known mottoes, and in many ways it is the most mysterious. […] Without further evidence, it is impossible to be certain, but it seems that this motto is Edward’s on comment on himself and his queen: a reflection on his career and the part she has played in his success. She had been the tree around which he had climbed, twisting like ivy. She was like a pillar to him, a source of courage and self-confidence despite his wanderings and adventures, and had been ever since the day they married. His open appreciation of her loyalty and support after more than thirty years is touching, and inclines us to see the kindness and gratitude of the man. But the motto is also interesting in that Edward clearly compares himself to the searching, questioning woodbine. This is apt; since that frightened, lonely boy-king under Mortimer’s dominance, Edward had been feeling his way like the climbing ivy. […] He had always been searching for the way to be a great king, and now that he was one, he realised that it had only been possible due to the consistent and devoted support of Queen Philippa. She had been the strong emotional foundation for his experiment in kingship.

– I. Mortimer, The Perfect King, p. 344.  

For all the children who lived and loved her, Philippa never forgot the dead babies who had gone straight from her arms to heaven: and from the death of little Blanche one notices immediately a more sober gravity in her demeanour, no lack of tenderness to all dependent upon her, but an acceptance of middle age, and an increased determination to fill her days with work and thought for others. Her characteristic Flemish motto, Ich wrude muche (I work hard), seems to have inspired her greatly about this time, and the further sadness brought upon her by the news of her mother’s death worked a good deal of change in Philippa’s mind. In a sense Edward may be said never to have grown up; he remained more or less a boy all his life; but Philippa’s love for him, like that of all good and wise women for the men who adore them, became more and more protective as the years passed on.

– B. C. Hardy, Philippa of Hainault and Her Times, pp. 135-6.  

Do not say anything. I know I’m corny. But… who cares.

Philippa of Hainault + Edward III + personal mottoes

SU Olympics Headcanons

Garnet- olympic boxer, one of those kids whose (tiny) parents supported them every step of the way, the camera pans to Sapphire & Rubies worried/ecstatic faces during the round. She’s definitely gotten gold, as well as makes very obtuse statements to the newspapers like ‘too much fist. Not enough punch.’

Pearl- a professional fencer who recently retired to become a coach, a very supportive dorky one who is known for giving out stickers and snacks to the competition, but will also yell loudly ‘crush them!!!’ during round.

Connie- coached by Pearl, but too young for the Olympics yet, just tags along with Steven and makes snarky comments about other peoples form, as well as loses her voice cheering for Pearl’s students

Amethyst- was a wrestler, but then switched to ping-pong because she found it more entertaining. She has natural talent and is mostly there for the Olympic village (ahem) and free travel, her hobbies include making fun of water polo, making goofy faces at the camera people & showing them her butt

Lapis- beach volleyball, she has a lot of pent up emotions she wants to get out through spiking the ball really, really hard, she’s small but is said to be able to ‘fly’ on the court. Her pastimes include hitting Jasper in the back of the head when she sees her and looking bored throughout the entire game

Jasper- a professional weight lifter, used to do shot put but Rose used to beat her every year and she quit. Met Lapis at the Olympic village one year, and lets just say she gets hit in the head with volleyball a lot now.

Peridot- Sports photographer and social media reporter, hired to keep an active twitter and not ogle the girls too much. Most her photos can get pretty blurry when she gets excited (a lot), but she’s funny and her feed is full of ‘dang! Shoot! Dem shorts!’ plus Lapis flipping off the camera

Steven- trained for the Olympics from birth, he is schooled in the shot put but mostly he just wants to support everyone and look at their nice opening-walk outfits and all the countries cool looking flags (the Seychelles is his favorite)

Greg- Olympics dad, trying his best, has no idea how Mayor Dewey got the olympics to come to beach city, has 12 Go Steven! Shirts and still lives in a van somehow

Personally, I think there is a high chance of the show being renewed for one more season and I do think that the cast will sign on for it except RC–given his comments, along with Channing Dubgey, I think season 6 will be the last season for RC and his character, with maybe season 7 including him for flashbacks (I doubt that, but you never know).

I also think EdR might be leaving as well–her character was heavily tied with RC’s character, and the writer’s never seemed interested much in Belle outside her relationship with Gold.

Based on what JMO said, I do think she is interested in a season 7, but nothing more. She seems ready to move on, and most of the cast seem to feel the same way.

Imagine if there was a show that centred around two guys saving lives. The main guy can be selfish and you may want to punch him on the odd occasion, but he stays good. The other is a trained killing machine with a heart of gold and an actual cuddly lion.

 Throughout the show no derogatory comments are made and the male never shows interest in taking advantage of the female victims that he saves. Then enter the majestic assassin who has a character arc that stretches over 4 seasons and comes full circle (Imagine if she was also gay).

Imagine if a QWOC was introduced and she was quite possibly the most badass character you had ever seen. Her ethnicity is never ignored and she speaks her native language. She has a personality disorder which leads her to be unable to show great amounts of emotion, but they do not use this as “she’s a sociopath and a monster”. What if all these dysfunctional characters were a family, who joked with each other and loved each other. It would be great if we could have the white straight males saying they love one another without any “no homo”. Let’s make it even better and have the two leading female characters have one of the best romantic story lines on tv ever, where the relationship grows organically and stays true to the character’s individual personalities. 

The final scene of the whole show is the QWOC walking with her adorable dog. The phone rings beside her and she picks it up. It is her “god” girlfriend with a mission. She puts the phone down, looks up and gives a smirk even god would squeal at. The camera pans out as these two characters start a new life together. Taking over the roles of the two straight white males. Taking out bad guys and saving the world with their dog at their side.

Imagine if that was a real show! Oh wait!


Alright so I had a theory and tested it, and I think I’m spot on so far.

Klaus and Nadi liked the black glasses, and black is the color they like for wrapping gifts so I made yellow glasses and spoke to Raeger (one of his colors is yellow) and he loved them.

Thus if you craft items in the colors bachelors/bachelorette like most they’ll comment on them! In older games they got additional FP/LP

Here’s a list of the colors:

Raeger: Yellow/Red
Fritz: Green/Orange
Klaus: Black/Blue
Nadi: Black/Green
Kamil: Blue/White
Mistel: White/Purple

Agate: Orange/Red
Angela: Blue/White
Elise: Gold/Pink/Red (ooh! She has three!)
Iris: Black/Purple
Licorice: Green/Blue
Lillie: Red/Yellow

Hope it helps! I’m not sure if the same works for outfits or not.

I think what really upsets me the most about the elounor breakup is the fact that really El was the only person that reminded me of the old One Direction. The funny, charismatic and foolish group, she was the only reminder, for me, that 2011 was really good start for them to now. But in a another way I’m glad they did break up, El is finally free of being called a beard, backpack, gold digger, and many other disgusting names that people clearly don’t measure how much it hurts. I’m proud that El lasted so many years hearing and reading those awful comments, I guess that’s one of the reasons I like to consider her my role model. Whatever the real deal was, I wish for Eleanor to have success on her path and for Louis to be happy doing whatever he wants.


gemstone/crystal themed adoptables were requested, but i’m getting hand cramps so i’ll just post the rough sketches i have so far and anyone who’d be possibly interested in any of them, comment with which one(s) so i know which ones are most worth drawing finished version of :0

Emphasis Formatting

An author, teacher, and mentor of mine once told me that I should be able to eliminate 95% of emphasis formatting in any piece I write if I have successfully written a sentence that can hold its own.

This individual told me this at a time in my life when I thought most of what I wrote was gold. I almost never edited or redrafted anything I wrote, and almost always got top grades on it all. I was one of the lucky ones. One of those people who drafted and wrote and never looked back, all the while receiving comments in critiques like, “I can tell you really worked hard on this. This must be its third or fourth draft.” My replies were always played off with some kind of shock, though inwardly I was proud as a five-year-old with a crayon drawing: “No, that’s its first. Took, like, an hour.” This individual was the first to truly give me good, concrete feedback on things I could improve. This tip on emphasis formatting made me think, especially since I relied pretty heavily on emphasis formatting instead of narration or dialogue tags or anything else. What did they mean, exactly?

So what is emphasis formatting? You know how when we’re talking to each other we give emphasis to certain words in a sentence? “You know she was kidding, right?” “I can’t believe you would do that!” “Where do you think you’re going?” Things like that are what I call emphasis formatting. Some people use italics, some bold, some even underline. We do it without thinking because that’s how people talk, and we’re trying to be as real and true and lifelike as we can–trying to paint the picture, if you will. We do it thinking we’re portraying a character’s voice through speech patterns and emphasis tendencies, but this is considered a childish and invasive way of doing characterization.

There is so much more an author can portray of a character, their voice, their personality,and their morals through action, reaction, and narration than simply using emphasis. How are they saying it; vocabulary; what’s their body language like; does their sentence (question, comment, exclamation, etc.) convey what they’re really after? Your sentence should say all that’s needed. The emphasis formatting becomes redundant if you’ve done your job characterizing the speaker throughout the piece.

If you’re doing your job as a writer, where the reader places the emphasis in a sentence won’t matter. At some point, you need to decide how much work you’re going to do as the writer and how much you’re going to let your reader do. Your audience can put a lot of meaning into your work for you–they’re a lot smarter than you think. When releasing a piece to an audience, especially an audience of the same cultural background as yourself, the cultural speech tics of things like commonly-placed emphasis will automatically be read into the sentence. Having it formatted for them can make the printing appear sloppy, childish, and unnecessary.

Now, of course, as with all writing guidelines, there are times you’re going to break this. Emphasis formatting can be extremely important. There’s a post circulating around Tumblr that has the same sentence several times with a different word emphasized. It illustrates how the meaning of the sentence changes depending on where the emphasis is placed. That’s important! When you’re tempted to put in that emphasis formatting, take a good, long, critical look at the sentence and determine if it makes a difference if someone reads it “Where do you think you’re going?” or “Where do you think you’re going?”

Places special formatting is appropriate:

  • When the sentence meaning would change without it
  • Differentiating thoughts from speech
  • Children’s literature (phasing out in young adult lit)
  • Blog posts (and other informal writing)

Deja Vu

First of all, I believe the final rankings of the AA competition is valid and agreeable, but not necessarily the scores. I’d just like to comment about the system that brought us the result.

The final outcome of a competition has always been predetermined with the group you start with even before the competition begins; especially when it comes to close scores like today.  The judges might or might not be aware of it, but Group 1 has been and always will benefit from slightly inflated scores. Generally, most of the medal contenders compete in Group 1.  Judges tend to intentionally (or unintentionally, you be the judge) award these top gymnasts; sometimes for the effect of a little drama and suspense (**insert commentator remark ”x number of gymnasts vying for the Gold/Silver/Bronze, too close to call, who will come out on top?”**). Today, it happened again; history has a way to creep back and remind those who forgot about it. It is not to say that Aliya Mustafina or Zhang Nan were not deserving of their medals, they absolutely do!!! But they should probably win in a tie-breaker way than the decimal point differences that we saw in the competition.  They system is flawed, and presently there is no fix.  My heart goes out to Shang Chunsong and Anna Pavlova; they both did so well and gave their very best to the world.  Fans will remember them and their efforts won’t be forgotten; their performance will stay in the memories (and YouTube) of all those who love this sport and cherish the said gymnasts.

Finally, for all that are still restless about the results; calm down. If you have to vent, blame the system, not the gymnasts; for all are fantastic in their own pursuit of success.