most of these are soooo off though

Kaisoo saw my banner!😢❤

Yesterday I went to The Exordium in Mexico and me and my friend made a 카디 banner.
We showed it during the acustic set and I think the first one who saw it was Nini, he smiled and the covered his face like he was shying and then he didn’t stop looking at Soo.
Then Soo noticed it and he didn’t stop looking at our secction.Even a girl ,who we didnt even know ,said that Soo was looking at us. ÑAJDAOHDOAHQ Is2g I could feel his stare at the banner.
I’m so happy.I really didn’t think Kaisoo would notice it, BUT THEY DID😢😢😢❤❤.

And they are so cute together, even though there weren’t many moments, they were rotating eachother and Nini looked at Soo like he were the most beautiful thing in this world, also Soo couldn’t take his eyes off Nini when he was dancing in the acoustic set.

I’m soooo happy I could see them😢😢💕

Being Tom Holland’s best friend would include...
  • Mocking his accent to annoy him
  • Harrison being slightly jealous of you
  • People thinking you two were dating
  • Paparazzi always stalking you two when you go out together
  • Posting him all over your snapchat to make people jealous that YOUR best friend is Thomas Stanley Holland
  • Having soooo many videos of him singing
  • Sharing an apartment
    Getting really annoyed of each other
  • Buying him Spiderman stuff even though he most likely already has it
  • Tessa loving you
    Sometimes more than Tom
    He gets super jealous his dog likes you more than him
  • Putting makeup on him while he’s sleeping and him just laughing his ass off when he sees it
  • You both lowkey have feelings for each other
  • Slowly winning Harrison over and becoming an iconic trio
  • Friendship goals 
  • Prank wars
  • Harrison and Jacob trying to get you and Tom together
  • You becoming super good friends with Zendaya (Z)
  • Z, Haz, and Jacob convincing Tom to ask you out
    “ Come on mate, you like her. She likes you. Just ask her out already.”
  • You obviously say yes
  • Keeping your relationship on the down low for a while 
  • Going on cute dates but everyone thinks you guys are just best friends
  • Going to movie premiers together
  • Him announcing you two were dating at the Spiderman hc premier
  • Overall best friend goals!

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Do you have any fic requests? Anything you want us to read by the other admins or some tumblr friends?

I sure do nonnie! Sit tight and buckle in this is going to be long (maybe) I’ll start with friends and pick some of my favs from them okay? Everyone I’m picking I promise you should read every thing they’ve written all of it is amazing and honestly I personally believe some fics should be turned into movies. Anyway these particular fics have changed the way I read and write fanfiction so you should also follow these blogs (all the admins I’m about to shout out are amazing and kind) If you want me to do another and separate them by groups and genres then I can do that as well. 

By @kpoppantydrop: A Rose Coloured Rogue that has four parts to it. It’s a SHINee fic but features Jimin (BTS), Wonho, and Xiumin written by admin Winter for Rogue’s birthday. A warning though it is smut. 

Another one is Prettiest Pink a Jin (BTS) smut by Admin Lily. It’s filth from start to finish and I love it it’s so great I think I actually blushed whilst reading it. 

Also here’s a cute as fuck Jackson (GOT7) fluff by Admin Desire called Something Good. It’s a birthday fic and it made me smile so hard whilst reading it! 

Of course I have lots of others (Their masterlist is endless you’ll be on their blog forever I promise you wont regret it.)

By @xiuminsm : Here’s a super long Yixing fic that is Royalty AU and omg its so fucking amazing, it’s titled Until Hell Freezes Over  it’s another smut but the smut is rather brief and its easy to skip over if you want to (I don’t recommend it though.) 

Another installment in the Royalty AU for EXO this is for Suho and it’s titled Bete Noir the world that Liv spins in this series is seriously breathtaking. It’s a smut (yet again, I’m sorry most of the fics will have an adult theme) but its soooo worth the read. 

By @smutfictionaddicted (also @kpopthirstaddicted) she’s moved to @writings-by-cl but a lot of her fics are on her old blogs: Crocodiles in Sin City is a fic based off the Sin City universe that became movies how friggin cool is that?! There are heavy warnings with this it’s very mature so be cautious before clicking. 

Strawberry Ice Cream is a drabble by CL based off a series by @chanyeolspout (which I’ll be linking you to as well.) I don’t usually read Chanyeol fics but its so gooodddd

By @chanyeolspout : Here’s the mini masterlist for Breeze as said above a Chanyeol fic of about nine parts you won’t regret it please read! 

In Abstenia really fucked me up like ??? Why did you do this to me??? It’s optional bias and v smutty 

Welcome Back is a Sehun oneshot with exhibitionism, lots of smut, and a fresh from tour Sehun who misses you a lot. (Just punch me in the face tbh)

By @soobadnoonecanstopher : I will ALWAYS recommend The Boxer, I laughed and cried and honestly this whole series was a fucking rollercoaster ride strap yourself in it only goes up (and down very fast) from here. Lori isn’t technically my friend (I feel bad calling her by her first name gah I’m so sorry plz don’t hate me) but I’m friends with her fics because I’ve reread them all like ten times

By the other admins: I’d recommend you read Park It (written by Takara-yeolie its a Jooheon smut and a damned good one at that) and Overlooked (written by Memesol it’s Jimin (BTS) angst lol Memesol is so great at angst I hate her)

by non-friends/tumblr famous people I wish I were friends with:

@duizhangdeluxe wrote a series for OT12 EXO and I recommend it to EVERYONE Blanc et Noir is a smut series playing around with EXO’s “powers” and it is beautifully done. 

@choco-seventeen wrote an amazing Joshua fic called Dreamcatcher and it’s a fantasy series(?) dealing with the dangers of dreams, failed friendships, life away from the city, and love. 10000/10

@versigny wrote this Namjoon smut that I think about sometimes (all the time) called Take Home Test, v smutty and A+ go support this blog it’s quality af 

@thesammtimes ahhh what can I say? Everyone’s req list has something of theirs and for good reason so I’ll just give you their masterlist so you can find out for yourself lol 

This is getting really long (I’ve been typing for two hours) sooo if you want a post about more recs just ask okay nonnie? Thank you!!! - Admin Yuuko

Weight loss and plateaus

I would post this on my main blog, but I have a far larger following here so maybe someone will see this and be able to smile.

I’ve been trying to drop my depression weight and lean down for like four years (medical probs make my body be shitty at its job soooo) and I’m finally at a point where I have just a littttle more to go before I can start actively building muscle.

They say go by your measurements and not the scale, but

my waist and hip measurements haven’t changed in three months. 

You know what, though? I’m looking leaner and the pound are still slowly coming off. 

It occurred to me today–and I’m sure most fitness people know this, but your home girl isn’t a damn dietician–that at some point, there are no more inches to lose. At some point, your body is at its natural fat/skin storage level. 

I pinched my waist and hips, as we all do, and what’s left is just my skin. There is nothing below it but my hip bones and ribs. There is nothing for me to even squish, you know? There is literally nothing else to lose in this area of my body which is why I stopped losing inches there. No matter how much weight you lose at a healthy level, you can’t lose the inches off your bones.

If you’re at that final 5-10 pounds and your inches aren’t dropping but you can feel the changes in strength or the fit in clothes, accept it. 

You aren’t plateauing; you made it to the top of the god damn mountain and you should be hella proud. 

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hey ray. i have scars from last year and've been wearing long sleeves since, but it's hot and summer now. how do u deal with having visible scars/ knowing people can see them?

um … when i was 18 i briefly moved to berlin where no body knew me and it got to be june and i was like … why am i making myself this miserable? im not trying to punish myself anymore. and then i stopped wearing long sleeves for the first time since i was maybe 13 … many people will be relieved ur not a junkie. people will not stare u down for it as much as u think they will. sometimes the guy at the deli will ask u an awkward question. u might wanna get the jump and tell ur parents,a few close friends that the scars are old and healed because esp if they’re deep people have a wildly hard time telling whether or not they’re fresh and regardless … those people will worry when they see that and it’s better for both of u to have a conversation about it. sometimes someone at a bar or that guy you’ve been talking to for a couple weeks will reveal they find them attractive … stay far away from those people. they’re counting on the insecurities still being fresh and even though they are,don’t lend power to the kind of person who would profit off your mental illness. most importantly,know that in spite of the brief awkwardness and clumsiness in becoming comfortable showing ur skin again … it’s soooo fucking worth it. long sleeves in the summer?fucking bullshit.


Soooo yeah, I’ve had a steampunk itch that needed scratching that sounded less wrong in my head. Seeing as Cosima was so interested in Catrina’s witchy stuff I’ve packed her off to study at Lulworth Ladies College for the Magically Inclined and just look how happy she is!

Lulworth is a bit of a mish-mash (like most of my game) kind of pseudo-Victorian, steampunk, turn of the century type thing. I’m pretty rubbish at keeping things ~on theme~ though, as you will probably see.

Cosima is living in this witchy Greek house madeover by @katatty which is kind of what started this whole urge off. I’ll be introducing the other housemates next.

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henrygansey obv

[screams eternally] 

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

  • dick “cooking fail” gansey

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

  • tbh though he’s soooo thirsty all the time 
  • he will do literally anything for sex
  • a whole SWAT team could be outside his door and he forgot to turn the oven off and he still wouldn’t care 

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

  • this is HENRY
  • he probably has about 8000 vines of gansey just. speaking. usually about glendower or history
  • and gansey always asks him “WHAT DID I DO THAT WAS EMBARASSING NOW” and henry just [looks into camera] 
  • oh gansey. when will u learn that literally everything you do is embarrassing 

who breaks the most phones

  • i will bet you $500 that henry has an instagram feed/snapchat story of just him breaking expensive phones in increasingly creative ways 
  • gansey generally disapproves, but even he can appreciate the aesthetic of a brand new iPhone 6 being dropped into a priceless antique vase full of champagne

who dies first

  • :))))))))))))))))) i decline 2 answer

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant

  • so henry always buys soy ice cream and stuff with the most martyred expression
  • and finishes every vent about almond milk with “…but at least the sex is good” 
  • which leads to gansey swatting him with the newspaper he’s reading
  • pLS

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

  • gansey thinks he’s a good kisser 
  • he’s a terrible kisser. henry teaches him [50 smirk emoji] 
  • he also thinks he can dance. henry can actually dance
  • he tries to teach gansey this too but anyone who actually thinks the scuba diver is an acceptable form of flirting is beyond hope 

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

  • gansey because he always spouts this pseudo-intellectual bullshit at 3 am when henry is trying to sleep 
  • “henry-”
  • “WHaT iS IT nOw GaNSeY”
  • “what is the reasoning behind the forms that a wizard’s Animagus takes? do they get to choose their animal form or is it purely a manifestation of their personality? if so, it is very interesting how the personalization of animals comes into play in light of the psychology of the Animagus themsel-”
  • and then suddenly gansey is in the hall with a pillow and a blanket. he has no idea how he got there 

who uses the computer most

  • henry 
  • gansey is a technological dinosaur oh baby

send me a ship 

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hi! in your last answer you said, "Each of the boys has something about them that makes translating for them either hard or easy.", so now i'm curious about what kinds of speech patterns or pronunciations you've picked up each of the boys commonly using/saying? like, speaking quickly when excited. thank you in advance :D

Hello! That’s a great question haha, and here goes another essay from us lol. They each have a very particular way of talking, whether it’s flow, words, or clauses. In order of easiest to translate to hardest, our order would be Sungyeol/Myungsoo/Sungjong, Hoya, Sunggyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo.

Sungyeol generally speaks in very short and curt sentences. He doesn’t over explain things and gets down to the point, very befitting of his personality. The only problem we encounter with him is that he says a lot of things under his breath and tends to say things while others are talking. He doesn’t need the attention to be on him, but he’ll chime in or talk to other members quietly. In general, it seems like he talks to the members more than the cameras and he talks very casually and informally.

Myungsoo doesn’t talk a lot, so he’s quite easy to translate for. When he does talk, it’s never for too long and he has a very straightforward way of speaking. His voice is always pretty clear too, so we never really have issues with him at all now that I think about it lol. He tries to keep his L cosplay going, but once he’s Myungsoo, his talking does tend to speed up as well. When he’s really comfortable and L cosplay is a distant memory, Myungsoo talks pretty casually too. This is really evident in ‘Flower Bromance’.

Sungjong also doesn’t talk very lengthily. This is why we have the F line tied for easiest. They’re more responders than leaders in talking. Sungjong has a tendency to give really good reactions. Instead of being the one to start something, he always repeats things. He doesn’t speak in long sentences and just chimes in a lot here and there, or reiterates what’s already been said. He seems like a good listener, always giving the proper reaction. However, the boys teasing him about his Korean being bad is pretty accurate. He does make a lot of grammatical mistakes lol. It’s usually when he’s flustered or talking too quickly. More than not being good at Korean, he just tends to slip up while talking a lot. That being said, he’s still relatively easy to translate for.

Hoya is also quite easy. He’s probably consistently the easiest to translate for but since the other 3 don’t talk as often, we put them slightly above Hoya for ease. Hoya always speaks slowly and in full, complete sentences. It’s a subber’s dream lol. As you guys can tell, he tends to go back to previous funny topics. If anything, the hardest part about translating Hoya are his puns and dad jokes. Sometimes they’re kind of out there or he says things that our knowledge can’t back up, so it makes us doubt whether he’s actually saying that or means something else. A prime example was when he told everyone about how his birth name was actually Hodong. No one knew if it was a joke or real until he really confirmed it later. We personally think he’s always trying to think of witty things and he’s also the type to think things through instead of just spitting it out.

Okay, so Sunggyu is really on middle grounds here. The thing about Sunggyu is that he’s a great storyteller. He really lays things out in a way that’s interesting and logical for the listener. We usually never have a problem translating everything he says, it’s just not as simple as the others. However, there are times where he talks really fast, though that doesn’t hurt anything. We can still understand everything, it’s just that we have to listen to it a few times to get every detail. He also tends to use lots of clauses, to make the story interesting. Like he’ll insert other details in the middle of saying something. There are also times where he uses bigger words. Out of all the members, Sunggyu and Dongwoo probably have the most sophisticated vocabulary. Sunggyu’s also really into catchphrases and specific sentence endings like, -뎁쇼, -ㅁ, ~ 제발요, and has lots of catchphrases like ‘I hope you become rich’ or ‘wanna get beat up’ or ‘that’s so fake’.

This is where the line between okay and difficult begins. Woohyun and Dongwoo can be kind of a headache to translate for sometimes. When Woohyun is really riled up, he really likes to chime in a lot. He also says small one-liners as he’s laughing, and with his lower tone, it makes it a little harder to understand. Namu also tends to mumble… like A LOT. We endearingly call him Nam-Mumbler sometimes. He also talks with the most slang and uses internet terms or condensed versions of phrases and such. He talks a lot in incomplete phrases and isn’t the most graceful when piecing clauses together, often saying ‘uhhh’ a lot. He usually says ‘uhh’ when he’s explaining something or talks for a long time.

Last but not least… our Dongwoo. He’s a very interesting case. There are times where he’s soooo articulate and masterful with his words. His ending ments at concerts are also very eloquent, though he flubs it up by mixing them up or something too. This is also seen when he’s rapping or when given a script. We think it’s when he’s going off with his own thoughts, that’s when it gets difficult. First of all, Dongwoo jumps around from topic to topic. I was confused just watching his v app lol. He also tends to mumble his words cause he’s just trying to get out so much at once. Dongwoo does chime in as well, with comments and lots of laughter. He starts off well and then goes all over the place on a tangent but can always tie it all in nicely at the end. It’s just hard to follow his train of thought I guess. Dongwoo also uses internet language and shortened sentences. Both Dongwoo and Woohyun are also the culprits of singing bits and pieces of old songs, which we then have to go look up and sometimes analyze the lyrics to get full comprehension of what they mean or imply. Not to mention Dongwoo’s newest catchphrase 느낌적인 느낌. It doesn’t really mean anything… and he says it quite randomly lol. He’s just… Dongwoo. Cute lovable Dongwoo ^^

We hope this helped! We hope we were detailed enough with our answers. But feel free to ask us more questions~ If only we dedicated this much time and effort on our real lives, we’d be going places lol

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What do you think of that touching scene when toothless brought hiccup's helmet back to him ? ♥♥♥♥♥♥ those baby boos were soooo happy ♥♥♥♥♥♥

I do enjoy that scene. It is probably what people remember most about Gift of the Night Fury, and it is indeed constructed plotwise to be that one impacting scene. 

What is interesting about this scene is that it demonstrates enormous misunderstanding and psychological disconnect. Really, all of “Gift of the Night Fury” is about that. The entire point is that even though humans and dragons have lived amongst each other for almost a year, they still do not understand one another completely. The dragons fly off to do their annual breeding fest on Dragon Island, while Toothless flies off to retrieve Hiccup’s helmet… but all of this is done without effective communication. The Vikings wonder why their dragons have seemingly abandoned them.

And Hiccup has to wait the longest of all of them to find the answer. First he learns most of Berk’s dragons simply disappeared to have babies.

Then comes the moment Toothless finally returns. 

You would think Hiccup could give Toothless the benefit of the doubt for disappearing for three days given that the other dragons have been gone three days for good reason. But Hiccup has not yet learned his lesson. He hugs Toothless… and then immediately scolds him, “Bad dragon!”

That always caught me off guard even the first time watching the movie short. There’s a disconnect between Hiccup’s thoughts and Toothless’. Hiccup cares for his dragon, but he has completely mis-assessed and misread his friend’s motivations.

Just want to say that again, Hiccup did not understand what his best friend was doing.

He outright doubts his best friend rather than gives him the benefit of the doubt.

He and Toothless are very close and it’s a good relationship. However, they still cannot read one another’s minds, so there are going to be some errors. In every relationship, no matter how close, there are going to be such misreadings. For Hiccup, it’s actually an enormously incorrect assessment of Toothless’ motivations and desires. He dreams that Toothless leaves because he desires to fly and be free apart from Hiccup… which is the exact opposite of what the dragon actually is doing. Toothless is not making a choice for himself apart from Hiccup, but his choice is all about Hiccup.

That is what makes the revelation Toothless has the helmet so sweet. The dragon never would have left Hiccup except to help Hiccup. It is a teaching moment for human and dragon in how to understand and never doubt each other’s loyalty, and it’s a building point to strengthen their relationship more. The friendship was tested by Toothless flying free… and it grew as a result.

The moment Hiccup is excited Toothless found his helmet, after all, is not at all about the helmet. His exuberance is over the revelations of their relationship. It’s about coming to understand Toothless’ intentions, Toothless’ loyalties, Toothless’ desires, and put that into perspective about what their relationship means from the dragon’s end.

And it turns out Hiccup means a LOT to Toothless.

The fact Toothless slobbers all over Hiccup (and Snotlout and Tuffnut smile when they see that), and that Hiccup runs up to hug Toothless, and on and on, is wonderful in and of itself. There’s a lot of reasons to smile, there’s a lot emotional depth in that, and I feel there is even more once you sit down and think about the nature of the scene - why this is so important. This is not just a fluff scene in their friendship… but something really deep and meaningful for both of them.

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Kanda/Allen :"D

Aw, Yullen, it’s been soooo long! xD

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

- Kanda, but he’s too stubborn to admit he’s made that mistake, so he forces the door open, breaking it off its hinge. Allen looks at him with a wide, knowing (and teasing) smile all the while.

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

- Allen, because when he’s not hungry, the only thing he can think about is Kanda, including in classes. Most of the time, though, he’s hungry. So on his desk there are about 5 hearts with their initials, and 50 food names.

Who starts the tickle fights

- Allen when he wants to play, but he forgets his left hand’s nails are sharp and so Kanda ends up with five bloody scratching marks on his waist. This causes the ‘play’ to escalate into a head on battle.

Who starts the pillow fights

- Kanda. He didn’t mean to start a pillow fight, it’s just that it’s already 10 pm, and Allen has been so noisy and Kanda needs to sleep. So he throws a pillow to shut Allen up, but Allen, the dork, thinks Kanda wants to play and throws back the pillow with a huge grin on his face. Kanda has to say goodbye to his much needed sleep.

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

- Allen, because when Kanda is too tired and can’t play with him anymore, he sleeps like the dead. Well, that just proves that Kanda really trusts Allen, so Allen likes to play with Kanda’s hair and smiles while staring at Kanda’s sleeping face.

Who mistakes salt for sugar

- Kanda, but (again) he’s too stubborn to admit it, so he gulps down the sweet miso soup. Allen happily serves him another and another bowl just to see Kanda’s face become paler by each bowl. When Kanda can’t take it anymore, Allen flicks Kanda’s forehead affectionately and says, “You know I wouldn’t be angry if you just said you made a mistake, right?“ but then Kanda being Kanda, growls, “I did. Not. Make a mistake,” before collapsing on the table.

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

- Allen, but again he uses the microwave at 3am and 5 am too, thanks to his bottomless stomach. Fortunately, Kanda’s used to this.

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

- Allen, because he loves seeing Kanda’s various expressions whenever he says something cheesy. Ranging from disgusted to embarrassed, and sometimes, Allen’d like to think Kanda’s happy.

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

- Kanda, but Allen keeps on messing with his books (or his room in general), so Kanda has to rearrange his bookshelf once every two weeks.

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

- Allen, obviously, before he kisses Kanda. Kanda complains Allen taste so sweet, but really, to Allen that’s a compliment, so he kisses him again.

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

- They both do. Lenalee forces Kanda to do it, because she thinks Allen deserve little surprises from his longtime boyfriend. Allen buys the candles from Lavi because Lavi is a smart salesman and manages to convince Allen to make a surprise for Kanda.

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

- Allen draws little hearts on Kanda’s shoulder before he kisses them softly. In return, Kanda gives Allen similar marks on the neck, but without a pen. Just his teeth.

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

- Kanda, because Allen’s money is all for food. Whenever Kanda buys souvenirs for his foster father, brothers, and friends, he will pick up a magnet for his and Allen’s flat.

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

- Allen, because he has insecurities about whether Kanda really loves him or not, but Kanda always throws the magazine away and starts kissing him to convince Allen that yes, he loves him. Very much.

I’m about 10% into this book… omg… I think the opening would be traumatic for anyone, but let’s just say that as a New Yorker it made me almost jump off of a bus yesterday before it was my stop because I saw someone who looked fishy (I only didn’t because the doors closed). That may be the most visceral reaction I’ve ever had to a book.

Donna Tartt is a ridiculous writer though, she’s soooo good. I read her debut The Secret History in high school and remains in my top 10. I mean, I can nitpick a couple of her style/storytelling choices that she could have executed differently, but at the end of the day she’s that lightning bolt combination of beautiful, clear writer and super imaginative, original storyteller.

So yeah, go read her. I’d argue she’s one of the best modern storytellers, and a rare bestseller who actually deserves to be there.


Leila Hurst Does Chicago, Pt 2: Our favorite surfer girl leaves the beach behind (just for a weekend) and hits up the Pitchfork Music Festival.

I saw the famous bean today, wandered around Pitchfork and, of course, spent most of my day people watching. It’s so funny, I can’t tell you how many people’s feet I stared at today from afar to see if they were wearing Vans. Soooo many cute girls in Sk8-His plus there was some amazing hair today! Thank you Vans for being every girls inspiration to be themselves, to be crazy and everything but normal. And to my Vans family, for taking me places that I would never go. Like Chicago—I might even come back, even though there’s no surf.—xo, Leila

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Head cannon??

HC where the crew hounds Geoff because they think he’s being grouchy and needs to get laid but Geoff just brushes it off until they go back to one of their safe houses to find a chainsaw-wielding woman named Griffon has made it her temporary home while they were away and when Ryan says “don’t worry, I’ll take care of it” Geoff just says “No” and gives no reason at all

But ever since the woman came at them with a vicious look in her eye, and a chainsaw in hand, ready to protect herself from these strangers, Geoff was just captivated because she’s so fucking beautiful and he wants to see just how far the tattoos running up her arms stretch across her body

And so the crew has to get to know her because Geoff invited her to stay with them at the penthouse (Ryan put up a HUGE fight because “this complete stranger will be in our headquarters” and he’s worried about her hurting his family) and it’s not like she has anywhere else to go and they eventually all end up liking her (much to Ryan’s dismay) because she doesn’t take anyone’s shit and knows how to shoot and use knives but she loves chainsaws and pyrotechnics, she can hold her liquor soooo much better than Michael and Gavin (even though Gavin insists he was just having a bad day), and it didn’t hurt that she carved a badass looking replica of Ryan’s skull mask and blackened by lighting it on fire, which made him crack a smile

And Geoff hangs around her and asks her stuff about herself and at first she blows him off because she thinks he’s just another egotistical leader looking for a quick fuck but after a night of “who-can-drink-the-most-whiskey”, they tell each other things never meant to be said out loud and she tells him that she secretly loves his stupid mustache and his bourbon-smell and how he acts so much different around the people he cares about because the crew is actually his family, and he tells her just how much he likes her half-shaved hair and bright red lipstick and the way she tells him to ‘go fuck himself’ but she does it while she laughs and it’s the most amazing sound he’s ever heard

and so the next morning they walk out of Geoff’s room hand in hand and he starts to make this big announcement that goes something like “well I know you’ll all be very surprised to know…” but Ryan just looks at him dead in the eye and says “we all know, the neighbors know, everyone knows so could you please just shut up I’m trying to clean my gun” but he smiles a little bit at both of them.

(Sorry it’s so long and if I’ve just wasted your time but I’ve just been thinking about this for a loooong time!)

I dearly love Lena Headey so this is nothing against her but I am SOOOO sick of this declawed Cersei. 

I want my fierce, unhinged lioness who murdered a girl when she was 13, who used to pinch baby Tyrion to make him cry, who had a bunch of bastard babies and children killed, who never fully acknowledged what a psycho Joffrey was and who NEVER WILLINGLY SHOWS WEAKNESS TO ANYONE, (USUALLY NOT EVEN HERSELF) 

Cersei would never, ever talk to anyone like that, least of all Margaery Tyrell whose head she wants to snap off her body. 

Cersei is one of the most entertaining characters in the books. I do believe she’s evil (though not entirely unsympathetic) but I love her for it.

I guess I just feel like they’re writing her too composed, too sane and too…not Cersei. I want to fear her. I want to see her sadistic streak. I don’t want to see her talking about her feelings with the last person she ever would. 


I was pretty upset about having no toddlers in Sims 4. I was going to sign a petition and everything and then….I REALIZED SOMETHING.

Yeah, it sucks, but who the fuck cares? Sims 4 has been completely rebuilt and if we didn’t expect even the most uncomfortable of changes, then we are some spoiled little shits. I have full faith in our sim gurus. I have faith knowing that yes, they might have taken out toddlers (and I guess pools that people care so fucking much about. Oh and create a style.) but you know damn well that they added cooler things to do with babies. 

Besides the fact that there are no toddlers, we know absolutely nothing else about the baby life stage. So stop your whining and wait. You’d really think our gurus would take something away just to leave it an empty hole? Nah. They must have done some pretty wicked shit to the babies. Plus, keep in mind that they have legs. 

So first, calm down. I know that your generational gameplay is a bit messed up but here’s the thing: You’ll adapt. Every time there’s a new base game in the series we always adapt. We will make it work. This is not the end of the world. (Even though you guys make it hilarious.) 

Understand that they’ve heard all of the bullshit and will most likely give us toddlers and pools in a patch, OR an EP or DLC. 



If you’re whining about one little aspect of the game, and you completely blow off the amazing new features (Emotions, the world itself, Create a Sim, traits, walk styles, THE FUCKING CLOTHING OPTIONS), you’re sad. I am sorry. Don’t buy the game if you don’t want it now…but your words..kinda are pointless. Being rude to the gurus on Twitter isn’t getting you shit anywhere so knock it off. Also, due to the mass uproar about how Create a style isn’t in the game…You guys realize that these clothes/hair/eyebrows/makeup/accessories are the nicest we’ve ever gotten, right? And each, let’s say, shirt has different versions of that shirt. So it’s not like you have no creative liberties. PLUS, FIRST OFFFFFF, it would create HEAVY  LAG. so STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. 

The Zodiacs in my experience (I'm a scorpio)

Aries: Kind and open minded. They may not always crack up the best jokes, but when they do it’s a moment of pure, raw laughter that lasts for several minutes. They are dedicated people that know their shit and are usually very talented at whatever their hobbies are. Very good friends and are usually responsible. Don’t get on their bad side, though. They are fierce and can tear you down to bits with their facts regarding how much of a piece of shit you are.

Taurus: Very nice and sweet, are always open to new ideas though it may be difficult for them to grasp them at first. Have a nice sense of humor. They are sTUBBORN AS SHIT but they almost always have the best of intentions. Can be annoying at times, but they are still very loyal friends that will be with you through thick and thin. Whatever you do, don’t piss them off. They will rant a very long time about how much of a shit you are and you’ll just have to sit through it.

Gemini: Ultra sweet, very quirky, but can also be shy at times. Always up for something new to learn and will usually judge with their brains instead of their hearts. They will always try to help you out or go on hangouts with you because they’re just amazing friends. Tbh I’ve never pissed a gemini off so I can’t say much about their bad side. This zodiac is the shit and everyone should have a gemini in their life.

Cancer: ily so much my babies ugh <3 Though they can be awkward at first, all cancers I’ve met have ended up being best friends with me. They are quirky, funny, kind, and are up for whatever challenge faces them if they know there won’t be terrible consequences later on. They are creative and talented, honest and loyal, thoughtful and caring. They are also very forgiving, so if you get in some deep shit with them they know how to handle it and let you vent, then they’ll proceed to guilt trip you/forgive you.

Leo: I honestly don’t know how you guys manage to be in your level of awesomeness ugh. They are rad, nice, open minded, and are always up for wild adventures. Talented and creative, they are usually very good people to ask advice for because they have a good balance between judging both emotionally and rationally. They are loyal friends that put a lot of work into whatever is their passion and all I can say is I think they’re stunning individuals. But please for the love of everything holy do nOT BE RUDE, I REPEAT DO NOT. bE. rUDE. They will screw you over big time and basically that’s just their warning of “don’t mess with me again imma fuck u up”

Virgo: Kind and compassionate, mature beyond their years. Their sense of humor is gold and usually clean. They are classy, quiet irl, loud on the internet, and clever. Though I’ve encountered many virgos across my life, our friendships didn’t last long because we would cut off communication, but they are still very good friends while the relationship lasts. Their bad side isn’t so bad because they are tolerant of your bullshit, which imo makes them very admirable and good role models.

Libra: Adorable and extremely sweet. They are passionate but are sometimes lazy, which pulls them back from what they want to dedicate themselves to. They know how to lighten up a mood and they know when to do so which is what makes them so likable and admirable. Don’t get on their bad side, please. They might forgive, but it’s hard for them to move on, and deep down they will most likely have a grudge against you even if they don’t know it (But they know. Oh boy, do they know.)

Scorpio: (ironically I can’t stand scorpios though I am one soooo) Fierce, loyal, masterminds. They are downright sarcastic and hilarious which makes them very popular among large crowds. Extremely talented, extremely intelligent, and to top it off, extremely sensual. Everybody loves them, but secretly most scorpios detest each other (and that’s not just me, that’s every other scorpio I’ve asked this). They may be hard to befriend, but once you do, you’ll have a friend for life. Call them at any hour, they will make sure to get back at you ASAP. bUT PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO JUST DO NOT TRY TO HAVE AN ARGUMENT WITH THEM THEY WILL TURN IT INTO SOMETHING PERSONAL AND GO TO YOUR VERY CORE AND DEMOLISH IT. These fuckers are great with analyzing your every gesture, word, and they will turn it against you. They have the ultimate grudges so please watch what you say behind their backs or they wiLL FIND YOU. (I just want to note that scorpios are great we just don’t like each other but plz don’t be afraid of us we’re super sweet and fun to hang out with ^~^)

Sagittarius: Super sweet, super compassionate, all around adorable and they are complete cuties. Lovely jokes that are usually puns. They are super shy when you first meet them but they will be open with who they are once they take a liking to you. They are talented but they don’t like to show it off, it’s their secret that they’re better at whatever you do by 10x. I’ve never gotten on a their bad side, but I do know that they are super forgiving (the kind of people that will say sorry for even the smallest of their clumsy actions).

Capricorn: Chill and really nice. They are the most open minded of them all and are not afraid to try something new (as long as it doesn’t get them killed). They are creative and quirky, and are very good friends. They may not say much from time to time, but when they do you’re guaranteed to have a great conversation with them. Don’t underestimate their chill and easygoing nature, though. They know how to screw you up big time if you dare defy their awesomeness.

Aquarius: Very kind and attractive personalities. They know how to light up a room and their sense of humor is bound to get at least a chuckle out of you. They are deep, sentimental people and they know how to communicate their feelings with ease for their friends but not their love interests. They can sometimes be conflicted, but they usually know better than to hurt themselves or others in the process, and can resolve their issues by themselves. They are fierce and competitive and if they feel like you are attacking them in any way, they will be quick to react and will usually call you a piece of shit and that almost always guarantees their victories in arguments.

Pisces: Cuties, adorable, sweetie pies, just plain lovelies. They are very bubbly and love a good happy ending. They are talented and very open to criticism. Also, I find them to be the funniest of the zodiacs. Genuine human beings that are never afraid of the truth. They are very good at picking their fights, however I’ve never actually gotten in trouble with one so I can’t say if they are nightmares.

OUAT Thoughts - Emma Swan CAN LOVE AGAIN

Alright. I keep seeing comments, quotes, gifs, hell even the actors say Emma is closed up and it might take a charming pirate to help her feel love again.

Excuse me?


Emma Swan does not need anybody to coddle her and “help” her open up to love. She can do it just fine by herself thanks.

Let’s go in chronological order shall we?

She found friendship with her friend Lily even though she felt like an unwanted nobody.

She let herself fall in love with Neal even though her friend Lily betrayed her.

She let herself open up to Graham even after she thought Neal abandoned her.

She came to love Henry after just spending time with him, even though she’s felt lost and abandoned multiple times at this point

She let her parents into her life after feeling abandoned by them and even brought them together as a family through the hard times.

She got herself to fall in love again with Walsh even though she was hesitant about him because of her past betrayals.

So the idea of Emma Swan needing Hook to hold her by the hand to open up again is quite ridiculous because in all these instances she had the capacity to do so without anyone’s help or intervention. It just robs her of her most important asset in an attempt to make Hook somewhat important (when it’s really not necessary) and try to make him relevant to the story. Frankly it weakens her character to use Hook as her walking stick because she’s “soooo closed off that only he can help her break down those wall”. *cue eye rolls*

Sure most of Emma’s relationships were short lived but the beauty of that is, is that Emma Swan manages to pick herself up, dust herself off and get right back on the horse so to speak. I think it’s a testament to her strength of character that even in the face of tragedy (or in this case several) she can still love again. She just needs time.

Emma Swan needs nobody pushing her and telling her what to feel, how to feel, and when to feel

Especially not from some clingy one handed pirate.

I’m sorry but just cut that bullshit out writers…

That’s my take and I’m sticking to it.

GIFs are not mine

Read More OUAT Thoughts here:


hii I was thinking about how Zayn would be the biggest bad boy in the hole high school, how girls would be all over him and how boys would be so jealous. and he would reject every cheerleader just because he was madly in love with y/n, a slightly overweight and not so popular girl. and how he would get all shy and cute when he’s making courage to talk to her omgggg the feels are killing me and I’m writing this to you because the stuff you write is the most amazing thing on tumblr I promise ily

Hi. So this is part two–as you all probably know, I flew off the fucking handle with this one and wrote more than I probably should have, but anyway. Enjoy. Because everyone was soooo excited about it. so here it is. And if you haven’t read part one, you may read it here: Part One

Zayn’s heart pounded every time he saw you. You did not make eye contact with him. You willed yourself to not leave him more notes even though he checked every place you left soon after. You knew he wanted to talk to you. But you knew he was too…shy. For a bad boy, he sure did defy what he was supposed to do. Perhaps that’s why you liked him more.

He went to class and didn’t take notes even though the teachers asked him too. After a while it was obvious he was going to appease them and he had a notebook flat on his desk—drawing, doodling whatever came to mind.

The cheerleaders found him gorgeous (it was one of the very few things you and the barbies agreed on). The popular guys found him intimidating even though they were mostly jealous that Zayn got all this attention from the girls they desperately wanted. Did it faze Zayn at all? Of course not. His heart belonged to the girl who continuously wrote in notebooks and scraps of paper. He was truly fascinated by you because one day you substituted a notebook for an actual book and you could read it while walking, avoid people who crossed your path and still get to class on time.

“Mr. Malik, we have a strict smoking policy,” one teacher said knowingly as they entered the school building only to find Zayn smoking just outside the door. “You cannot do it on school property.” Zayn sighed as if it was the most trying thing of the day and stubbed it out with his toe on the stone steps. Zayn had no idea that that was going to be the last cigarette he ever smoked.

He entered chemistry class, overly-aware of where you took your seat in the back of the room near the lab benches. He sat three seats over so he could admire you without looking like a creeper. But at this point he didn’t really care. Your messy scrawl, for the fourth time in one minute, resurfaced in his mind and he wished with all of his heart he could just blurt to you that he loved you and wanted to make you happy and see what the hell you were writing all the time.

“Mr. Malik, if you’ve quite finished ogling the girls in class, I would be appreciative if you could ogle me,” your teacher snapped.

Zayn smirked shyly because he felt everyone to turn to see who he was looking at—the girls anxiously hoping it was them. You knew who he was looking at. Your cheeks warmed at the thought turning a deeper red. “Sorry, sir, but you’re not my type,” he said coolly. Your teacher laughed at Zayn’s banter and saluted him playfully.

“Not to worry, Mr. Malik, you’re not mine either,” he said as the class erupted into more giggles. Zayn continued to not take notes and instead, sketched you on the inside cover of his notebook—filled to the brim of doodles that reminded him of you.

The hour was soon gone and Zayn sighed heavily as he slowly got up from his desk. Zayn never rushed to class—and if he ever did manage to find the courage to speak to you, he wondered if he would be early, or if he would make you late. He couldn’t imagine making you late; he feels that you would hate being late. So he would sacrifice his sweet old time to get you to class early. Holding your hand and listening to you chatter about the plans you had for afterschool or three weeks from now.

He almost missed it. He was grateful that he was implicitly trained to check your seat for notes—just in case. Picking up the scrap of paper he felt the familiar pounding of his heart like he had the first time. You shouldn’t smoke; it’s bad for you.

Zayn took a deep breath as he saw you at your locker sifting through your textbooks. They looked so heavy and you were so fragile. He didn’t mean you were weak—somehow he kind of figured you were the strongest girl he’d ever encountered. He wanted to know what made you so strong.

Zayn watched as three cheerleaders passed by you and you watched them walk away almost longingly. Like you were missing something that they had. He wondered what you thought you didn’t have. You were a million times more gorgeous than them, no matter what anyone secretly thought about you. Zayn couldn’t keep his mind off of you (obviously) and all he wanted to do was hold you. He knew you would hate it, but he knew you had curves. Perfect ones that would perfectly shape to his hands. He wanted to touch you and never stop touching you.

“Zayn,” your principal said. He sighed practically groaning at the tone of his voice.

“Aren’t you sick of me yet?” Zayn asked with a smirk, like he was talking to a dear old friend, and not his superior.

“Terribly,” he winked at him. “You skipped class today.”

“Yes I did,” he nodded.


“I didn’t want to go,” he shrugged casually. His principal stared at him with a straight face.

“Go to class Malik,” he shook his head. “This is your last warning or you get detention.”

Zayn walked outside heading to his bike to drive home and bit his lip when he saw you walking to your car with a stack of books that he never ever took home. His texts sat in his locker from the day they were assigned to the day they were needed back.

Zayn never did homework. If he did, he probably would make all A’s. But instead he ranged in the B minus to B area because he absorbed everything he was told in class. He wondered how you consistently did homework and still had time to write and be a person. You had a couple friends—they went to a different school and Zayn sometimes lost his breath when he spotted you in a setting other than school, your hair done just so and your head thrown back with laughter with your two friends.

He wanted to be the cause of your laughter, listen to the sound of you breathing when you watched movies curled up on the couch, and wonder if you knew you hummed sometimes while you worked. There was nothing that Zayn wanted more than to be the reason you smiled so much and showed your teeth and make your eyes water from sweet words and perhaps telling a lame joke that he learned from his friend Harry now and again. Zayn wanted to shower you with love and he didn’t know why. He couldn’t figure it out—he was only almost 18. He wasn’t supposed to fall in love? Was he? Most people never ended up with a high school boyfriend or girlfriend.

He watched you let out a yelp when you almost slipped on the ground and then giggle to yourself about it.

Zayn knew he wasn’t most people at that moment.

Sitting on his bike, he waited for you to get into your car, buckle up, and safely make your way out of the school lot.

Zayn found himself with Harry and Louis walking into the stationery store just down the road from Zayn’s house. “I’ll never understand how there is a whole store for this crap,” Niall muttered.

“It’s not crap,” Zayn said defensively. He was oddly protective about pens and paper. But he knew how much it meant to you—somewhere deep in his mind he knew it meant something to you.

“Ooh! Harry look, this one matches your shirt!” Louis shouted from across the store—a loud flamingo print.

“I’m trying to be inconspicuous,” Harry rolled his eyes dramatically at his friend.

“It’s a notebook,” Liam deadpanned at Harry. The two had a small stare off and then finally Harry added the notebook to a small basket he carried filled with a million different pens he wanted to try out.

Zayn was wondering what kind of notebook you might like. They had a million different patterns and sizes and shapes and he knew you probably had a million and still favored the ratty old composition notebook. “Hi, can I help you?” Zayn almost knocked over three hundred pens that were displayed near the front counter when he heard your voice speak to Niall.

“No, I’m good,” he promised. “Thanks, love, but I’m not much of a writer, I’m just here with my friends,” he gestured to the other boys. Zayn was the last one you saw and you almost melted to a puddle right there in the middle of the store.

The boys were well aware of how smitten Zayn was with the girl working the store here.

He should have known that you would work in a paper store.

“Alright well, let me know if you need any help,” you said kindly and fixed a nearby. Louis and Harry were conspiring near the monogrammed paper and Liam walked up to Zayn.

“Go talk to her,” he said softly. “There’s no one here but us, we’ll keep busy for a bit.”

Zayn took deep breaths scanning the shelves of the cute little paper place. He wondered how long you worked here. He took deep breaths trying to calm his nerves before he took three items to the front counter. His mouth felt dry, his throat tight. He didn’t want to blow this. “Find everything you were looking for?” You asked kindly, methodically, it was part of your job, but the line met your eyes. You were truly curious. Part of you hoped that he would say something cheesy like not quite, and ask for your number.

Zayn nodded taking another deep breath. And then, ever-so smoothly he blurted. “What are you always writing?”

He could practically hear Louis roll his eyes at the lack of suaveness his friend had.

“A story,” you answered quietly, your cheeks flushed. “It’s stupid,” you mumbled.

“No its not,” he said quickly. “What’s it about?”

“Um…that’s kind of personal.”

“Oh, right of course, I’m sorry.” Fucking idiot.

“No, it’s cool,” you shook your head. “Just…uh…it’s really lame and girly. I’ve been trying to write a story so I could have like…one of those best selling teen novels. You know?” You asked. “I figured if I start now, then in my twenties I could publish it maybe.”

“You wanna be an author?”

You laughed—like there was a joke he missed. “No, I don’t. Not at all. I just want to write one book. I’m probably going to be a chemist, actually.”

Of fucking course. Brilliant.

“What about you? Are you going to be an artist? You’re really good, your work is always hung up in the office and it’s really great,” you said sweetly.

Holy shit she likes his work. “Oh…um. Maybe. Probably an art teacher or an art consultant—it’s hard to get into that.”

“I can imagine,” you smiled softly and Zayn swore he had never fallen so hard for anyone in his life.

After paying Zayn bit his lip looking at you and you simply looked right back at him with your gorgeous eyes trying to hold his gaze without fainting. He was so beautiful and sweet. You could hardly stand it. “I might try my hand at writing,” he said softly.

“I’m sure you’ll be great at it,” you nodded with an encouraging smile.

“My friends write songs mostly so…might give it a go as well.”

You grinned. “Sounds great, Zayn.”

And first thing was first, he had to find the music that matched your voice when you spoke his name.

The next day you arrived to chemistry on time. As you always did. Zayn was already there. You found that surprising. You wanted to wave to him now that you had actually spoken to one another. As you sat down you bounced up a bit picking up the notebook Zayn had bought from you yesterday. You felt your cheeks warm and your skin prickle. Oh wow.

You opened the cover. You found a sketch of you on the first page. You looked beautiful and you were stunned that Zayn could draw you—and probably from memory at that. You were stunned he drew you at all. You flipped to the next few pages. It was filled with personal doodles and cute little quotes and things he liked that reminded him of you.

Then came the lists—a full one and a blank one. One for you to fill out and give back to Zayn. And then toward the end of the book he left a note in his perfect handwriting.

I’m not the best talker. I’m going to be a pain sometimes. I would love to take you on a date sometime, if you want.

And maybe, I was sort of hoping we could write the story of us?


You looked up immediately finding his eyes and wondering how in the world the school’s bad boy had wormed his way into your heart. The smile that spread across your lips was enough to make him pass out.

He smiled back and you flipped to the first empty list and began filling things in between taking notes. Zayn continued to watch you. His heart tumbling over itself as he fell deeper for you.

When the bell rang you left class—leaving a note of course.

It can’t be a story…stories have endings. I don’t want this to end <3

Zayn had never read such a sweet poem.

anonymous asked:

piss off feminazi. you are the reason people hate feminists. ''HAAAA MALES, SOOOO WEAK AND SHODDY WITH TERRIBLE BODIES.. YET THEY CAN LIFT, CARRY AND DO MUCH MORE THAN MOST FEMALES CAN...... OOH...... OH WELL THOUGH WOMYN ARE BEST!!!111'' Fuckin piece of shit lmao.

Ladies and gentleman, here you have a fine example of the maturity and eloquence of your average man. Too cowardly to come off anon, doesn’t know how to use punctuation and thinks writing in all caps makes him somehow more likely to be taken seriously.

This is the internet equivalent of smashing a beer can on your forehead to prove you’re manly.