most of these are (repeated) recommendations from my followers

500 Follower Thank You

I seem to fail to understand how 500 people, decided i’m worth a follow. There’s plenty of better blogs out there. I see blogs that Tag every post, or fill their Queue every day. I haven’t even queued anything! I rarely tag my post. But… the fact that 500 people, decided i’m worth a follow, only makes me even more happy, because i’m not professional, i’m not special. But 500 people seem to think that i’m worth it, so thank you. thank you so much… Well, this has happened four times before, lets get into it.

Now something a little different, I want to acknowledge my “Biggest Fans” (Hate that btw, because you guys are more than fans to me, but you know, tumblr shall call it whatever it wants)

1. @r3vooo

2. @hexagon431

3. @darkfox695

4. @i-jw-i

Thats all for them! Thank you guys for all the support!

These are the blogs that I post the most from, so clearly if you like my blog, and don’t follow theirs already, check them out!

@darkrai10 11% (Mutual)

@astolfo-official 8% (Mutual)

@lewdest-lounge 7% (NSFW)

@aoiikawaii 6% (Mutual)

@120xp 5% (Mutual)

@alphaikar0s99 4% (Mutual)

@toomuchmoe 4% (Mutual)

@hexagon431 4% (Mutual)

@maddie-neko 4% (Mutual)

(Just noticed all of them but one are mutuals… lol)

Now I will personally recommend some blogs, because I like the people who run them, or the content they post! (Some repeats from above, sorry, they are that good)


















@i-post-nsfw-anime-girls (MY NSFW BLOG, ITS NASTY THERE)

And of course I want to thank all 500 of you again! This all started as a joke, but because of the blogs growth, I couldn’t just leave you guys! I love doing this, interacting with you guys is fun! I cant wait to do it more! I answer every ask and message I get, so feel free to send away! I’m almost always available!

Thank you so much!

5,861 Notes in the last month

10,962 Post

And of course, 500 (and 12) Followers!

Until next time! Feel free to message me or send some asks!