most of them mean the same thing lol

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Nyo russia!

like super tall n thiccc. Cause like everyone draws shit like “LOL NYO!GERMANY IS SHORTER THAN REGULAR ITALY HAHA” but i’m like “Most of them would fucking step on your ass and still be taller than you, height has literally nothing to do with gender or feminization of a character??? I mean tall girls are the best thing ever in all existence that’s a fact, and I jus need to see Monica and Ludwig face-to-face just glaring at eachother cause tHEY’RE THE SAME HEIGHT OK??



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I myself run a translation blog for a Japanese band, they're only 4 and I already struggle to keep track ... so seeing how you manage to keep everybody informed about a whole show and I don't know how many actors is incredible to me. Thank you for your hard work. Btw I like when you fangirl about kuroken Shouri or takato because they're my fav. I never thought you were biased or anything. I follow some of the actors and some are more talkative which means they'll appear more often on the blog

I mean it’s only like… uhh… 22 actors this time around.  During the Revival production it was 30.  LOL

It’s true that not all of them update all the time so the actual number is a little less, and for the most part, those who update daily say more or less the same things every day: Thanks for the support, today was great, worked hard, I’m tired, etc… XD  While they’re actually running the show it ends up being, thank you everyone for coming to see the show today, it was great, blah blah blah, we’ll be waiting at the theater tomorrow too, that sort of thing.  

We share faves~ <333 Hello friend~

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All these people are sending you asks like, "How DARE you care about accuracy when it comes to your interests?!" Lol. Like somehow knowing the facts of the case means you're "defending" it. And as for the murdering animals thing, maybe people are confused because Dahmer was pretty different for a serial killer? He didn't share the same history most of them do. The closest I can think of him doing to "torturing animals" is learning how to bleach the bones from his dad.

Right… dahmer is pretty well known for being the exception to the animal torture thing a lot of serial killers do

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3,23,26 for the shipping meme

i didnt answer the other ask i got for this cos its so old but i mean since youre that curious and i like these questions…

3 What’s your current OTP? im into like 50 different things rn but i guess im seeking out gladio/prompto stuff the most since i just finished ffxv

23 Which of your ships deserve better writing? same as above LOL there are alot of good fics of them but some dont quite get the grasp of their character. also xander/m corrin need more fics in general, but im sure youve seen me bitching about that for months haha

26 Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to? big bara guy x twinky boy. i like outgoing happy character/tsundere character a lot and big protective man/cute naive guy. i like other shit too obviously but thats the dynamic thats ~*~otp*~~ worthy to me

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tbh i totally get what you mean about some vk**k shippers, and yes it's frustrating bc jik**k shipper get hate for doing the same thing other shippers do, yet its ok for them bc they like the ship more lolol. but pls dont say another ship can't be seen romantically bc that's very subjective (and that's what antis were telling us too, so doing the same thing is kinda hypocrite). also i dont think vk**k is the most popular at all? v*min, vk**k and jik**k are on the same level from what i've seen!

but its my opinion lol. i understand what you mean, i guess it is kinda rude. but considering the fact that the only kpop ship i ship is ji/kook, i feel that way about every ship not just tae/kook. its not a personal attack on anybody or any ship, its just how i view it. and i didn’t say they couldnt be seen romantically, i just stated that they are platonic and have no tension. again, just in my opinion though. i understand where your coming from, but since this is a ji/kook blog, im going to express my love for ji/kook. sorry if i sound rude.p>

tae/kook, yoon/min, and nam/jin are the most popular from what ive seen. ji/kook has been rising (the amount of fans from 2015 to 2017 is startling) but its also the most hated ship (if not one of the most). tae/kook has been popular since debut days and has kept that spot at the top. every ship poll people make, t/k or y/m wins. Also v/min is highly under appreciated and is only shipped as a brotp for most ppl. so i feel like while ji/kook is in the top 5, it’s not #1 for ships. it’s definitely more popular than less appreciated ones like tae/jin or jung/hope, though.


CS + Sincere 

Requested by Anonymous.

Since I already did a gifset with the word “honesty” were I showed CS honest relationship, for “sincere” I decided to focus only on Hook and only in 4B.

I already said a few times that one of the things I was hoping for in 4B was to see Emma supporting Hook in the same way he always supports her. Well, TBH, it’s the thing I was hoping for the most in this half season. But along with Emma’s support, which was something I felt was missing in 4A, I also wanted Hook’s sincerity, which sometimes I felt lacking (Don’t jump on me yet lol, let me explain what I mean).

Although Killian was very sincere with his feelings for Emma, with his belief in her, with what he saw between the two of them, I always felt that he is holding back from her. It started in Neverland when he didn’t want to talk about Liam. I remember thinking about it in the season 3 finale, when I saw Emma’s look after he finally talked about his brother. Although she has just seen her mother “die”, her eyes were sparkling with craving to learn more about him. It was then when I realized that just like Hook wanted to get to know her deepest emotions, she wanted to know his. 

Hook was holding back from Emma because he was afraid to lose her. He didn’t tell her about Ariel in 3x17, or about the deal with Rumple in 4x04. But what I love most about season 4B (so far) is that Hook has opened up completely to her. It’s not that he’s no longer afraid to lose her, he is, we know that. But he is choosing to confine with her his deepest emotions: His fear of returning to his evil nature, his guilt of the things he did, his ugly doing in the past. He is not holding back anything anymore. He lets her comfort him while knowing all the facts. This is a huge step for him and for their relationship. 

And Emma, she knows what she signed up for and with all the faults, this is the man she loves.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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