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Quick thought about Symbiosis

Dude, now that I have slept and am much calmer (although juuust a little), I think I can write an English post that is coherent in terms of sentence structure. (I think… LOL)

This film is already my favourite so far!! I mean to break it down in the future, but let me put this here as a quick reaction: this honestly has everything I wanted and it even surprised me in the sense that even the parts I thought I would honestly dislike are my easy my favourite of the whole movie now!

I have to admit the rewatch I’ve done recently has helped a lot in that department. This series is by no means something that I could understand just by watching and rewatching a couple of times, because every single time I do it something new  - some new revelant detail - comes up. It’s just that kind of experience. Pretty much the same kind of relationship I’ve had with the classic series and 02 for the past 16 years I never left this fandom. If you are a casual watcher, I can see why you would be confused. But this being a 15th-digimon-anniversary commemoration project and a huge “thank you” from Toei for everybody who has supported the franchise all these years, this is exactly the kind of product I hoped, I honestly couldn’t expect more from them.

As to the theories I’ve had that I wanted answered they are as following:

- Theory that Meicoomon was related to Apocalymon somehow - CHECK! Her funny design so far has left me and some many I talk to on twitter (including @firstagent) intrigued and it feels DAMN GOOD to have that confirmed! Those helix patterns on her fur and her destructive power couldn’t have been just dumb coincidence.

- Dark Ocean and Demon theory - not check yet BUT THE DARK OCEAN IS OFFICALLY HERE oh my God, I am so scared for Himekawa now, she is officially in deep depression just like Ken was once and omg is she going to be possessed?! Is Demon the secret behind the 02 children getting attacked first?! We don’t know yet now with the Lovecraftian vibes around we’re SO CLOSE.

- Theory that the whole fighting between Taichi and Yamato was building up to something bad happening to Taichi - MOTHERFUCKING CHECK I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SHIT SINCE REUNION, I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN, I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT, SEE @cyclone5000 THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO WORK FOR TOEI AND WRITE THEIR CRAP! I am officially deceased, my inner TaiYama fan purrs just seeing Yamato with the goggles around his neck *sobs*

- Hikari standing up to the Homeostasis and REPELLING THEM LIKE A BOSS - CHECK, holy shit, it happened!! IT REALLY HAPPENED! Hikari told those damn selfish bastards that THE CHOSEN CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO GET TO DECIDE THEIR DESTINIES and this happened EXACTLY AS I WANTED SLDKÇFN (@50cyg Remember our conversation on private!?!? It happened exactly like that!!! I can’t wait for the next film, oh my God, Hikari’s trial has just began holy crap, the next film is going to be wild)

- Hikari going dark and unleashing a dark evolution - FUCK YES CHECK!! I’m not going to lie, I was very affraid that they would make her OOC just to answer to that whim of seeing her going “evil” but, oh my God, ADD TAICHI GETTING INJURED TO THE EQUATION AND IT ALL MAKES SO MUCH SENSE (shit son, Me and @yesyoshiposts and @dejitarugeeto02 have been talking about this before tri even existed. How Hikari would flip if something like this happened to Taichi and this is hell of satisfying!! Not only that, if the poster of the next film is any clue, it seems the Wizarmon topic will be brought up next film and oh my God, after what happened to Hikari AND TAILMON, damn! They’re going to slay us hard next time!! GET READY)

- Meiko’s redemption arc which is something I was impatiently waiting for - HELL YEEESSS, CHECK!!! Digimon Adventure tri is Meiko’s story, that has been obvious right and left from the very beginning and I question how much in denial you have to be to not have that figured out by now (lol). I mean, Digimon has a very long tradition of introducing news characters and new stories instead of just recycling old ones, is it really that surprising that tri has decided to walk the same path? Or that it develops the older characters, instead of making them static and boring? But I digress. I think Meiko’s voice actor was incredible in the sense that it really conveyed the growth of the character; Meiko sounds so so honest in this film! After all the secrets the character kept hiding, it’s honestly refreshing to see her open up and being herself around the group of Chosen Children at last. I had some fun listening to her speaking “Tottori dialect” around Taichi, albeit by accident - it really makes me realise how far she has gone to adjust to life in Tokyo. 

I’m SO RELIEVED that I can now say I actually like Meiko, because two films ago I honestly didn’t even like her. This reminds me…back in the day I used to sort of hate Yamato’s attitudes and I couldn’t stand Mimi or Jou for the most various reasons. These characters used to get on my nerves in general, but as the story progressed, as I grew up, after many rewatches too, I started to understand them and to put myself in their shoes. Before I knew - after many rewatches and over the years - I learnt to actually love Yamato, Jou, and Mimi for various reasons. Just like all these Adventure characters, Meiko started with flaws and used to get on my nerves - he has just now started to grown on me, but I honestly feel like her charisma has improved over time, and she is now a solid Adventure character

I respect her a lot for deciding to kill Meicoomon too. Wow! If you think about it, it all comes down to this, and Digimon Adventure tri is basically a serious version of episodes 10 and 11 of Digimon Adventure 02 all over again, except it’s a very long saga of it for the adult audience of fans. Instead of “waking up” with Yamato’s punch to the face like Taichi did (which forced him to realise Agumon would rather die than stay controled by the Kaiser in 02), Meiko had to realise it herself that it was better to kill Meicoomon than to let her live and being nothing but a source of sadness to the ones Meicoomon herself loves the most!

And… damn son, this puts Yamato’s reactions in a rather funny place too. It proves this idea I get that he puts everybody’s feelings ahead of his own and  that he deeply cares for literally everybody, BUT when it comes to Taichi IN PARTICULAR his reactions are almost always harsher, and most times he just takes his frustration out on his best friend even when Taichi isn’t the reason he is frustrated at all LOL. Not that this is news to me but it’s mindblowing to see it applied even to a big picture of this caliber! Taichi and Yamato’s relationship is one of a kind, I’m telling you!

AND I’m so GLAD to see Hikari and Taichi reaching to the same conclusions I did during my rewatch of Confessions recently, oh my God! That we don’t trully understand things before we go through them ourselves and that is the overall message of tri as well!! Like… damn, I’m not always prepared to see the characters I love the most this self-conscious, and it tells a lot about the direction of tri. Staff knows exactly what they are doing!

And by the way, I thought I would hate the whole shipping tease of Taichi and Meiko? But I actually liked it?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME LOL. I mean, had they intriduced this earlier, I am positive I would hate it to death, but now Meiko has gotten the treatment she deserved I’m SHOCKED THAT I LIKE IT. (Taichi and Yamato are still number one in my heart; so who the fuck cares) BUT I LAUGHED OUT LOUD AT THE DIGIMON WHEN TAICHI TALKED TO MEIKO.

Let’s move on to other things I was hoping to see that this film has also covered:

- Human World VS Digital World situation with Chosen Children targeted by BOTH - HELL YES CHECK!! This is one of those situations that absolutely NEEDED to be there so the epilogue of 02 can finally happen in a manner that actually makes sense!!! The idea that digimon and humans started to live together 25 years later is laughable without problems happening first! It cannot possibly happen without a very difficult period of time where both sides clash and have troubles accepting each other! Both Human and Digimon worlds needed to clash first before it even remotely developed to that sort of scenario. And that’s not all: all of this will beautifully explain Taichi’s profession in the future once he decides to work hard for the relationship between humans and digimon to get better! THAT’S what a diplomat does!

And you know what’s fucking genius? It’s that they created Daigo and put him there especifically to allow us to imagine how will an adult Taichi be like!! It helps us understand that an adult version of a goggle-head attending to meetings isn’t necessarily detrimental to his personality or his charisma - it’s actually the other way around! It means Taichi will NEVER let go of the digital world even as an adult, and that it will heavily impact his future life! Just like it does with Daigo even to his days!! <3 It’s brilliant!

- AMBIGUITY IN GENERAL not just some Dark VS Light shit - CHEEEEEEEEECK, this is obviously related to Hikari and Taichi’s attitude towards the Homeostasis and Yggdrasil!! They decided to stop receiving orders and give less shits about them. Now they decided to do what THEY think is the right think to do! I fucking love Daigo yelling and telling the Homeostasis “These children are NOT your pawns to get rid of when they are no longer useful” It’s a topic I have always hoped for this series to bring up, and I’m pleasantly surprised that they have finally decided to! The Chosen Children are now officially ADULTS WHO DO WHAT THEY THINK IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO instead of just being little kids who do what adults tell them to. lol Now, our grown up children are the ones who get to decide what is right! It’s what they honestly want to do that matters. An important step into adulthood.

- MAKI WITH GUNS which honestly I didn’t even know I needed so it wasn’t originally in this list but - CHECK!!!! (LOL) It’s funny because I thought the topic about especial guns created to fight digimon had been forgotten - I can see that Himekawa has been carrying them around. This shit demands MORE FANART of the kids with weapons istg lol It actually reminds me of some fanart I saw many years ago,  where each chosen child carried a different weapon. I wonder if they got this idea from those???? XD

- I wasn’t expecting TAICHI scenes AT ALL but hell if I don’t welcome them, holy crap!! - CHECK, and oh my God they have been lacking so much, to such a degree I was starting to wonder WHEN Taichi would get the spotlight he needed. I mean THE USUAL TAICHI, the protagonist of this series! My precious son that takes a while to overcome his fears and insecurities but when he does he’s so nice to follow on screen. ;.;   He’s been missed so much, and it’s stunning how they even took advantage of him to develop Hikari, holy crap. Now I am certain that Hikari’s moment has just begun and that it’s the next film that will focus on her and Tailmon, holy crap I will even forgive the poster teasing the focus on her for now lçdjfa THE NEXT POSTER HAS WIZARMON’S HAT. We all theorized about Wizarmon showing up this movie, it never crossed my mind that he could only show up the next one instead. LOL

AAAAND and I think I’m going to stop here, even though I have much more things to say and to think about. but I have only watched this ONCE and I need to rewatch before I talk about other things. 


Ray out!

Ok so I know a lot of colleges have already started (unless you are on the quarter system lmao) but here’s another “let’s talk about” blab post. Also kind of in honor of me moving into the dorms again in exactly two weeks :C

Read the one about staying healthy here!

Or, just read this one. Let’s talk about your life in the dorms (or maybe you sleep in the campus library but that’s on campus housing too, isn’t it?) 

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So I hit 4k followers, I’m so grateful that anyone follows me let alone 4k people so thank you all! Since this is another milestone for me I thought I’d do a little follow forever to show my appreciation to some of my faves on here and to shoutout some amazing blogs that keep my dash oh so lovely. ^.^ (mutuals are all bolded):

special mentions to my all time faves:

  • @rootsameens: One of my favorite people EVER. I don’t know what I’d do without this one. We talk everyday and I kid you not, every. single. day. If we don’t talk, something is wrong. I’ve never connected with someone so fast and easily like it still blows me. Anyways, Kelly > everyone. Facts only.
  • @evocatiio: Oh my gosh, where do I start with Sarah??? Probably my other half tbh, what don’t we agree on? We’re such dumbasses always talking to each other through tags and then get right on twitter and talk there too like…. we’re special lmfao. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, my fave always. Shaw Elitists till we die!!1

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balletfever89  asked:

Hi :) I'd love to hear about your thoughts on the season so far. And also if possible your Worlds experience. Also very cool that you've been skating seriously since you were 7.

Hi! I’m so happy to receive this from you because you’re one of my favourite blogs out there and I’ve been visiting it since way before I created one of my own :) 

Thank you :) Skating has been an absolute roller coaster through all these years but also incredibly rewarding and I am so grateful for it.

I will make a separate post about my Worlds experience because it’s also going to be really long and to separate these two subjects, but I still have to edit that one, so it’ll be up sometime next week :)

Apologies for the late reply, it had been a while since I’d logged in last and then I wanted to write a semi-coherent answer to this because I have a lot of thoughts. I still think this is a mess of a text but didn’t want to drag it out even longer. Also wanted to wait until Cup of China to be able to cover more or less all top skaters. And wow, sorry this turned out so long. 

First of all, I hate how many recycled programs we have this year. I think it’s unacceptable when it comes to top senior skaters and especially medal contenders, because it sets an example of staying in your comfort zone and generally feels like they know they’ve come up with something good once and don’t think they can do it again. 

Now, I think ladies is pretty much clear. Medvedeva will most likely win everything she enters. I don’t quite get her crushing Mao and Yuna’s records, especially her very high PCS, but this is figure skating. I don’t get her hype, but that’s a whole other topic. I am interested to see Medvedeva vs Zagitova at Russian nats and (probably) GPF, though I don’t think Zagitova can quite dethrone her on her first attempt if Medvedeva is clean (or falls once), I see her as the most likely challenger, especially next season. Kaetlyn Osmond is my current ladies love, and I am very excited because it looks like her mental game has become very strong and she looks very confident, which I think is the most crucial part to her skating, because she has lovely technique (swooning over her jumps every time). So if she’s clean, she can definitely be top of [the rest of] the field (I consider Medvedeva currently untouchable, but personally, I would put Kaetlyn ahead of her). I am glad she went back to Piaf because she makes it magical, although I’m always against reusing programs when you’ve been a senior on a high level for more than a couple years. I think the American and Russian nationals will be the most interesting ladies competitions before the Olympics. I would not bet my money on any one of the American ladies to make the team right now, which is why this season is going to be very interesting in that regard. They all look a bit shaky at the moment? Then the Japanese ladies is also a very deep field. I am very impressed with Wakaba Higuchi, she’s been beautiful and very consistent this season. I think she should have beaten Zagitova at CoC. While being only 16, she has very strong skating skills and relatively mature interpretation (I think she lacks that abandon but it’ll come with experience I guess). I am also looking forward to every of Carolina Kostner’s competition. She is one of the most beautiful skaters in history whom I’ve loved for years and I love her FS this year. I am also really looking forward to her getting that 3Lz on board and seeing what she could do vs Osmond if both are clean.

The men’s field this year I think is going to drive me out of my mind. Quads left and right! Yuzuru’s 4Lz I think is going to only get better and better, and if the others (like the jealous type 4Lo lol) collaborate, he might be unbeatable because he is probably the only one who gets PCS equal or even higher than Chiddy’s? Don’t quote me on that, because I haven’t looked at protocols in a while. Nathan Chen looks to be getting more and more consistent and artistic, which makes him such a huge threat. Then there’s Shoma Uno, who is probably the most beautiful skater after Patrick to me, and his speed across the ice and especially during spins is out of this world! Also, quads galore. So these three (in no particular order) so far seem the front-runners to me. Shame about Javi now not having a chance to make the GPF, but at least it’s not a persistent issue he’s been battling (from what I’ve heard he had a stomach issue in China?) Then my baby Chiddy I’m really worried about. I hope he can go out there at the Olympics and lay down two skates he’s content with and handle the quads. I have been thinking that maybe the ISU should reconsider the factoring of the components scores now that the base values have gone up like that? Because the technical now outweighs the artistic, and I think they should be at least equal. Also, really want to see KRey’s quad loop!! Hopefully he can land it the next competitions. Super happy for him at CoC FS. Boyang Jin I feel is the black horse that’ll shine through if others falter? Because of his technical base, because components wise, I prefered his last year’s programs. I don’t like his SP this year yet but I do like the free. I just felt like PCS wise, he was not the same skater I adored at CoC last year?

When it comes to the pairs, Sui and Han look like the current favourites. I loove their SP and their FS has this great build up of energy, which is always good. I expected to love Savchenko/Massot’s programs more? Especially after their last year’s programs were such favourites of mine. Nevertheless, I have been a fan of Aljona and Robin’s for so so many years and looked up to her, and I really think she deserves that Olympic gold. Therefore I hope Bruno finally gets the citizenship because I’m getting worried about them being able to go at all! Tarasova/Morozov seem to be scoring high with their elements, so if consistent, they could place really high (not sure if they could beat S/H right now, guess we’ll have to see more competitions). Duhamel/Radford I still look at carefully, because last season they also had a really strong SCI and it went downhill from there. Just feel like their programs this year are not bringing anything new (well obviously, when one is recycled). James/Cipres’ programs also look like replicas of what they did last year (which makes sense, because it brought them success, but is a bit disappointing). I wonder if she’ll land that quad throw this season? Because she seems to be double footing the fully rotated one just like she did one year ago. Speaking of what, SO MANY teams are doing quad throws? I am really interested in this, to see whether it is landed or scrapped.

Honestly, in dance, no one should come 30 points or less in the range of Tessa and Scott. Because they are giving the term GOAT a run for its money, and I honestly have no words to describe how I feel about them. Every littlest nuance, from turns and steps and speed, to interpretation and chemistry and musicality is out of this world. I might be a little biased, but I’ve shown their programs to completely non-skating people, some random, some professional dancers, and they all said the same thing. I am adding the turns bit from myself because oh my gosh nobody will ever have cleaner turns. They can do a three-step and it’ll cover the whole width and half the length of an Olympic sized rink? PC are nowhere near them and everything is unfair and sad. I mostly hate the part about their “artistry” because she is literally making so many faces and it’s pretty disgusting to me that people have the gut to call that good interpretation. It’s very novice-like to me. Also, Papadakis should learn to straighten her knees. And also x2, what on earth is that sd lift?!! It looks so awkward and easy and it’s not even that musical and makes me want to rip my hair out when I see their scores. Their SD makes me cringe so hard (especially the attempts at artificial chemistry) and their FD puts me to sleep. I will never get them. I was a little surprised with 2nd and 3rd place score at SCI. Hubbell/Donohue look so strong technically and constantly improving. I think if clean, they can be real challengers for the bronze. I want to see Weaver/Poje skate abroad to see how they’re scored. I like their SD, but Je Suis Malade just doesn’t do me anything and I wish they’d stuck with Spartacus because I felt like I was going to love that program as the season progressed (but it could be my bias against the music, they’re beautiful skaters). Now this is my most unpopular opinion ever, but I love the Shibs. I go weak in the knees for their technical abilities to be honest. Whilst I am disappointed with them doing the same thing (even down to the costumes) for the third year in a row, I think that Paradise is a very Olympic program. The music is highly audience-friendly and they have a great cut. The build up in energy and music during their twizzles is so powerful. I think this program could be (not counting Moulin Rouge in this because bias lol) a fans’ favourite and by fans I mean once-in-four-years viewers lol. I also will praise Marina as a choreographer every opportunity I get, because I’m crazy for how she uses every nuance of the music on either the man or the woman. I really really love her creations haha. I expected a different Imagine cut from Chock/Bates but my silver lining is that they left a few lines of John Lennon’s voice in it. I like their SD sans the costumes. I am cringing over Bobrova/Soloviev’s FD because of the quintessential Russian pantomime choreography, but I love some of their lifts and they’re great skaters, so interested to see where Russia’s top team plays into this season. Stepanova/Bukin have really grown on me and I loved their FD at Rostelecom. Hawayek/Baker are my babies and I love their Latin and their FD is beautiful. Really interested to see how the American dance nats will play out with all the newly turned seniors and H/B (and the top teams). It’s gonna be a popcorn kind of event. Loved Cappellini/Lanotte’s programs, can’t wait to see them at NHK (add them to the list of skaters I have a soft spot for).

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Inter-caste as in marriages outside of your religion. As in like marrying a non-Muslim in my case. I might have used the wrong term lol.

Oh you mean interfaith lol. Well, for most of us, our religious beliefs serve as a guide for the way we live our life. As a Muslim, I’m going to be praying 5 times a day and fasting during Ramadan etc. these aren’t small details of our life, they shape a large part of it. In the same way that other faiths have their beliefs that guide them. And when the 2 come together, it’s very hard to maintain your own practice. Your spouse is the person closest to you. You eat, sleep, breathe together. Things can get very tricky when you try to balance with two completely different beliefs. What’s the House environment going to be like? For example, I don’t believe in drinking alcohol but there’s nothing wrong with it for Christians, so I can’t exactly ask my husband to not drink (although out of respect he may not). Also for things like Hajj— most would hope to have the support of their partner through that, but they can’t unless they’re Muslim. And not saying every couple wants kids but if you do, that’s a whole other confusing part when it comes to raising them. To be clear though, interfaith marriages are not impossible. There are definitely some interfaith couples that are successful, and it just takes a lot of patience and communication. But there’s no doubt (statistically) that interfaith marriages for the most part typically don’t do well, and it’s because it’s an uphill battle. Marriage itself is difficult and has obstacles, and you add a major difference and it gets even tougher. Just my two cents 🤷🏾‍♀️

sansa and hot pie + endgame:

i know what you’re thinking: that makes no sense!!! but its more likely than you’d think. they actually share a number of parallels that could be the foundation for a relationship as i will outline in this very serious post 

That wasn’t the hardest part at all; Lommy Greenhands and Hot Pie were the hardest part. (Arya, ACOK) 

To her sister and sister’s friends and all the rest, she had just been Arya Horseface. (Arya, ADWD)

sansa and hot pie’s are introduced to the narrative as antagonists to arya stark. they begin this story in the same exact place. they both bully her and call her names (lumpyhead/horseface) with their accomplices jeyne and lommy. arya is an easy target for both: younger and smaller. (not that it stops arya from kicking their asses) but eventually arya and hot pie become very close friends. to me this suggests that arya and sansa will mend their relationship too. perhaps with hot pie’s help. 

“Why would you want to ride a smelly old horse and get all sore and sweaty when you could recline on feather pillows and eat cakes with the queen?” (Sansa, AGOT)

“Anyhow I’m tired of rain and saddlesores and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it.” (Hot Pie, ASOS)

this is my favorite sansa/hot pie parallel because it show they share the same values! they hate horseback riding and prefer to be comfortable indoors with their favorite baked goods. they’re not wilderness people and which is another thing that puts them at odds with arya. we all know hot pie is a knowledgeable and skilled baker; who better to marry sansa and make her lemoncakes until the end of their days?  

Hot Pie joined in lustily, even bouncing in his saddle a little on the rhymes. Arya stared at him in astonishment. He had a good voice and he sang well. (ASOS)

Sansa would know it, I bet. Her sister had known all the songs, and she could even play a little, and sing so sweetly. (ASOS)

another thing they have in common is songs. this is a motif for both of their characters. not only do they enjoy songs but they’re good singers. hot pie sings the bear and the maiden fair which also appears in sansa’s storyline when she confesses the truth of joffrey to the tyrells. the song is used as a shield of sorts which i think foreshadows hot pie being the one to protect sansa from a society that would use her for their own gain.  

“I was so scared. I don’t think I could have crossed without Lord Robert.” (Sansa, AFFC)

“I’m scared,” Hot Pie murmured when he saw the one-armed woman thrashing in the wagon. (ACOK)

they often feel afraid but are often able to push past their fear. even on a perilous mountain sansa crossed the bridge with a small child and when the battle comes hot pie fights alongside arya with all the rest. they might not be the most overtly brave characters but they have their own kind of courage in times of need 

She knew the hymn; her mother had taught it to her once, a long time ago in Winterfell. She joined her voice to theirs. Gentle Mother, font of mercy, save our sons from war, we pray. (Sansa, ACOK) 

When Hot Pie saw them he began to pray, a thin whispered plea for the Mother’s mercy, repeated over and over. (Hot Pie, ASOS)

despite their bully origins both have quiet gentle hearts. they are horrified by murder and death. again, all they want is to be somewhere safe. and so they pray to the mother for mercy. they draw strength from the same gods. speaking of mothers they were both close to theirs. hot pie sold his mothers pies and sansa was cat’s perfect daughter. 

sansa and hot pie are often seen by the fandom as being weak, cowardly, or mean but they’re so much more than that. they’ve grown from the characters we first met. their parallel arcs from bully to gentle soul mirror each other. they seem different but want and value the same things. and most importantly this ship wouldnt use sansa for her claim or ability to pop out heirs. she could finally be loved for who she is. 

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ive been reading fandom's huma hcs and sooo many of them mention harry and uma sleeping together (not like that!) for comfort. lots of them say they do when ursula and captain hook are terrible to them but theres a bunch that say its because they get better sleep next to each other and i love it all lol. it seems so fitting :')

{I am also definitely one of those people who are on board for this headcanon. 

They don’t do it often before they’re dating, but there is a specific headcanon that me and @harryohook (who else i mean really?) went over a while ago I think and it was that Uma and Harry have really bad nightmares, and most of the time they occur on the same nights and they’re both generally about the same thing actually (losing each other, but they don’t know that so shh). And so there’s one time that it’s really bad and Uma goes to Harry’s room and they just kind of hold and sleep with each other until morning. And it was cute but also kinda sad because while they are sleeping with each other they weren’t dating so they think everything is gonna go back to the way it was and they don’t want it to. It works out fine in the end I mean they’re together now but still.

I also have a ton of headcanons for Uma right now that she legitimately can’t sleep unless he’s there. She definitely gets better sleep with him next to her, even though they have small beds. And I feel like the same goes for Harry. Like it started out as sleeping together (like that lmao) but eventually they don’t have to do that anymore and they can just cuddle and sleep next to each other. They realize they both just need it. It’s a nightly thing. Harry comes into Uma’s room and curls up next to her and she lays on his chest. They’re able to help each other clear their minds for sleep. They ground one another after the day’s events.}

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As a multishipper I c some ppl think that if 2 idols from the same group were to be dating they would be low key & avoid interacting in public (e.g. kai/soo, yoon/min) but to me it doesn't add up like why would they hold back when fan service exists & they can blame most things on it? Like they can travel as "bros", they can go out as bros they can even share a place & pretend it's a way to divide expenses like as long as no one cautches them kissing ppl can't really prove that 2 idols r dating

i mean, idk lol. it could go either way. with het relationsihps, they have to hide and be more subtle, because those are way more obvious to find out about. but i agree, i think with same-sex relationships, it’d be easier to be like “lol fan service!!! we’re just really close bros!” and no one will suspect A THING. that’s why when people are like “jikook are tooooo obvious with the fan service!!” i’m like “that doesn’t mean they don’t mean it.” like, think about it, they can be as affectionate as they want, and they can just brush it off with a quick “no homo” and everyone will believe them. seems good to me. 

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"No one cares if he is gay, straight, bi or whatever, no one cares but the sick fucking larries who will only ever accept or support him if he is gay and with louis." meaning everyone except larries is ignoring and dismissing harry's rainbow love as just being nice, while we know that after years of listening to what he says it's him expressing a much bigger message. het harries are scared. they're angry because to them we're threatening their fantasies, so they blame it on us in tantrums. lol.

Most larries I know would accept and support both boys even if we are wrong and they are not together, can that anti say the same thing if they are wrong and they are together?

me, trying to process how it was possible for someone to perfectly emulate a sweaty ballsack in the limited askbox space:

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Honest to god I think most of the larries left probably don’t even want anything to change? I feel the same thing about the angsty harries who blow their tops about how they’re definitely gonna unstan this time! If nothing changes. They live for the drama. I think a lot of them like thinking it’s them against the world with their martyr louis (and occasionally Harry when he fits into their plans lol). But there’s no way there would be so many of them left after years if they didn’t love it.

not wrong in a lot of cases. i mean kati definitely loves the misery of it. 

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how come you ship uraraka and izuku?

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Well here is one post that highlights the moments of izuocha: (some spoilers if you’re not caught up)

I love all of class 1A and I’m big sucker for the Uraraka-Izuku-Tenya trio. But when it comes to Uraraka and Izuku, their interactions just make me go ‘that’s right- I’m shipping that’ 

There is just so many reasons (for me anyways) to ship these two characters. Their backgrounds are kind of similar; neither of them have siblings and even though they have parent(s), trying to become a hero is something they did on their own growing up. 

They influence each other; Uraraka strives to be like Izuku (which is funny because when they first meet she sees him as a plain looking boy) and now she’s developing feelings for her classmate. 

For Izuku, she changed the meaning of ‘Deku’ for him and it opened his world. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but ‘Deku’ is a name that he’s been referred to by a bully for most of his life. To make things worse, Deku is part of his name (I don’t read or speak Japanese but I believe that was what the FUNimation dub said). Being Deku was something bad. But when Uraraka tells him ‘Deku sounds like the name of a hero’ (In the FUNimation dub), it gives a whole new meaning to his name. Being Deku isn’t a bad thing anymore and that’s something Izuku needed to hear.

Its moments like those that make me ship them. (Plus, I love how Midoriya becomes a blushing mess around Uraraka at times. And now Ochako is becoming the same. They’re adorable lol)

I can go on and on but I’m afraid I’ll never stop. Hopefully this helps. Thanks again for the ask :)

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To me the most prominent moments of gay subtext are when things could have been solved if the two people would have just been married to each other but they weren't due to them being the same genders. Like if Odin was smart he would have just married Loki and Thor to each other? I mean that's super like old school thinking lol, but i'm just saying. Their relationship is so fucking weird and not brotherly at all Odin could have just been honest and done that but noooo! Does this make sense lol

no i totally get you. there’s a reason there are so many thorloki arranged marriage aus lmao i mean it was even revealed that odin intended to use loki as a way of bridging the gap between the two realms and a marriage would have been more efficient than just a brotherhood 🤷‍♀️


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“I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time. I’m sick and tired of…”


Same, Nicole (of course you know which movie in my heart; lol). It’s your blog; just follow your heart; post anything you like and ignore them. People are crazy; when they see your other posts, they will think you have changed but the fact is you’re not. I still see you post about Bones and I remember i saw your tweet about “you can love a lots of things but only one thing that you love most”. So enjoy it, Nicole. Support and love you anyway, even i’m not kind of multifandom , haha

Thank you, Carmen <3 It means a lot. Exactly, you are who you are and don’t change things for anyone.

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Does it really affect you that some people who like undertale or fontcest reblog or like your art? I mean... you sounded kinda rude with them (i don't mean to offend you at all, i apolagise if i did)

answer under the cut because i dont want this showing up on ppl’s dashes lol

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Do you think Jongdae might be homophobic? It's been bothering me since the Siwon thing and I know not all Christians are homophobes but they are labelmates and I honestly don't know how I'd feel since Jongdae is my bias and I'm not exactly straight.

LOL Jongdae homophobic?? His eyebrows are straighter than him lmao

does these scream no homo?? he seems fine with all the skinships I mean most of the time he initiates them??

and this iconic pic

also just because they are labelmates doesn’t mean they have the same opinion/beliefs on things.. and I don’t see Jongdae hanging out with siwon all that much? he is close to Ryeowook… 

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My best friend is trying to kill me because I'm shipping Salphys. I'm hiding now bit she's chasing me *~*. What should I do and how to protect myself??? PS You're best Salphys artist in the world :3

Welp, but why should she kill ya because of shipping thing? XD  o.O;

Hey, when you watch a movie, read a comic, play a game you love the most, you’re given the freedom to do whatever you want, and you have the right to do any fan stuff you enjoy the most. We don’t live in Hitler’s ere.

I’ve had some similar incident before, it’s probably because they prefer to choose ‘canon’ (So they can become the part of group? Be easily accepted? Or for their good sake?) and think it should be “respected” but that’s overly silly. Toby Fox gave us the opportunity to expend our imagination, share lots of love and be inspired to do something productive, or pass fun-stuff to our next generation. Plus Toby Fox NEVER demanded anyone. But when comes to shipping characters like that, or accidental / crack ships, I simply don’t understand why people tend to overreact like that? lol I mean it’s not that hard to ignore or keep this for themselves but they let it slip and intoxicate this wonderful fandom without thinking in the first place, huh? Sad!

I’ve had enough people spamming me with “WITH WHO YOU SHIP?!?!?!”. Not very civilizing, yanno, right? If there’s two best ships you love the most but you’re forced to choose? Why shouldn’t we have them equal? Any argument will only make you hate the same thing and it’s not cool at all. >_<;

Forgive me if I don’t have best tips but perhaps you should try to talk with your friend that fighting over who’s being shipped is not okay. Starting a war is not okay either. When you mentioned “chasing” hopefully you’re referring to the internet and not outside. o.O; 

Last of all, it’s okay if your friend dislikes your favorite ship, but….. You know all characters, random ships and game are nothing but fiction. So, despite having the different preferences, she shouldn’t hate you in person for liking something like that. XD lol

hhhhhhh jack as a character is so?? important to me???? cause yeah she can be really funny and she’s off-the-wall and she’s great in combat but like

if you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ve probably at least cottoned on to the fact that i was horribly traumatized and psychologically scarred by past events. i was bullied, abused, and generally treated in ways no living thing deserves. i literally got rocks thrown at my head, shit was messed up. and while i didn’t undergo quite the same level of horrific nightmares as jack, i can identify very strongly with aspects of her character and storyline that relate back to her trauma. i look at how jack is during me2, and i see myself.

inability to express emotions other than rage? check. unbridled fury towards and desire to hurt the people who hurt her? check. deep-seated fear of abandonment and subsequent self-imposed isolation to prevent anyone from getting too close? check and check.

i remember absolutely loathing miranda after her fight with jack in me2. i love her now, but looking back, i can recognize now that her attitude during the fight was reminding me very strongly of what all the adults and authority figures in my life had been telling me for years. there’s no issue. don’t take it so personally. it’s fine. it’s fine. your feelings don’t matter to me. stop complaining. you’re fine.

jack’s appearance in me3 speaks volumes to me as a trauma survivor. here’s someone i saw so much of myself in…. doing okay??? finding her own way to be happy????? helping people???? taking what happened to her and turning it around into a desire to protect other people???????

i doubt i realized it at the time, but when i was playing through the trilogy for the first time, jack and her character arc were exactly what i needed to see. was it maybe handled a little ham-fistedly? yeah, probably. but two years ago, during my first-ever playthrough, i was a lot worse off than i am now. i needed to see jack in me3. i needed to see that she was doing okay, i needed to see that she had started learning to cope with her past in a healthy manner, i needed to see that there was hope.

so yeah, maybe “jack settles down somewhat and becomes a teacher” wasn’t the end people hoped they’d get for the character. but you know what? it means so much that that’s what did happen, that jack was allowed to begin recovery. there are plenty of other issues with how she’s written (most of them starting with a and rhyming with “spableism”), but whether i saw it at the time or not, i needed jack, and if some other poor kid like me can play the games and get the same thing from her, then that’s what matters.

“Carlton Banxx”

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

My wife Harmony and I have been married for over a decade, have two great kids and a professional careers. We came to this because we never had any affairs or other issues and are free spirits. For us polyamory wasn’t a fix for a problem or even something we craved before marriage, but was a benefit of a great and loving relationship. We have been practicing polyamory for about four years. It is a little fuzzy because we were probably thinking polyamorously before we had a name for what we were thinking and talking about. But four years is our story and we are sticking to it.

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

We are free to date whoever we want individually, but we do not date many people. Both of us are heterosexual so we each seek opposite sex partners. For us polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean promiscuous. Although we’ve had some crazy and fun sexual adventures, we are a bit traditional in many ways. Sex is a big deal for us, and not something that either of us do easily or without having a real connection with our partners. So we have dated many but the number of people either of us has had a full blown sexual and romantic relationship with is probably low in comparison to other polyamorous people. It has made things difficult in some ways (helping people to understand what we want), but In other ways it has eliminated a lot of issues. By taking relationships slow we miss out on some short term fun with the idea that relationships built over time avoid headaches and actually minimize issues of jealousy and insecurity.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I think I understand the dynamic of my partners fairly well. I have never really had any issues with the metamours of my partners. In part because I think we both do a decent job of putting ourselves in the shoes of our partners and setting expectations. For a single woman, for example, I would always want to be cognizant of her life goals and keep them in mind. If she wants marriage ultimately, I would structure our relationship to make sure that our relationship didn’t keep her from that goal, even if it means that we are better as friends than as romantic partners. My wife behaves the same way. Although we haven’t always been perfect about it in the past, for the most part if things don’t work out it is because we weren’t meant to be together, not because outside issues caused a problem.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

Finding good fits! Lol. Seriously, because we are trying to think about the big picture, I tend to be a little selective about who I really commit to in terms of building a relationship. And that’s meant saying no to relationships with some really good people. But the good part is that it’s not a sprint, relationships (the good ones) are marathons. And the woman that may not have been right for me at one point may be right for me in the future.

And like many people, compersion (finding pleasure in my wife being with others) isn’t really my thing. So jealousy is a real issue that for me will never completely go away. I have the greatest wife on earth. I can’t imagine not having a twinge of jealousy about that. What gets me through it is our relationship and the foundation of honesty and love we have after almost two decades of marriage. We think of this as one of many exciting adventures we are embarking on together. And we always try to keep in mind that everything we feel the other person feels when the situation is reversed. That makes it so that neither of us forgets about the other person’s feelings as we make our choices and decisions. If either of us is unhappy with what the other partner is doing, we really can’t be happy ourselves. Making your partner’s feelings a first priority is hard at times, but it pays off all around if you both buy into that concept.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

Communication. Lots and lots of communication. And complete honesty even though it is hard at times. I think poly relationships work best when each party is getting what they seek in terms of partners and experiences, so when things are unbalanced (one partner is dating and another is not), talking openly about that imbalance can get you through. Talking doesn’t fix everything but having a partner that is a best friend, listens and tries to understand is a huge help.

And self awareness is key. Every one of us has our flaws and weaknesses and insecurities. One of the most powerful things you can do with your partners is to speak openly about your flaws. Worried about measuring up to another partner sexually or financially? Say it. Scared of being able to juggle relationships? Speak on it. When you hide that stuff from your partner you aren’t doing yourself any favors because it is going to manifest eventually, one way or another. So why hide it. Get it out and laugh about it or cry about it or whatever works. But understanding what makes you tick is key we have found.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

Safe sex is mandatory. Condoms are a must. Also, because we tend to move a little slower, sexually, we get to know our partners and what our risk profile looks like with them. Condoms and other safe sex tools are crucial, but one of the most underrated ways of protections yourself is listening and speaking openly about your sexual experience and those of your partners. If someone deceives others in any way, odds are you will be deceived as well. So we listen really carefully when people talk about their safe sex practices with others.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

The worst mistake was trying to force a relationship to happen at a time when it really wasn’t right. If I had it to do all over again, I would have said “we are compatible, but maybe not at this exact moment in time.” But I was too caught up in the moment to realize that outside situations may have created some real obstacles to a successful relationship. If I had that one to do over again, I would have been patient and placed things on pause for a period to allow outside “life” to stabilize. Poly relationships can be fantastic but they aren’t always fantastic at a certain time in the lives of the people in them. And they can be really complicated. Sometimes we have to be mature enough to say “let’s be patient”. What is a disaster today may not be a disaster next year, and really, what’s the rush. We have all of the time in the world.


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Requested by Anonymous.

Since I already did a gifset with the word “honesty” were I showed CS honest relationship, for “sincere” I decided to focus only on Hook and only in 4B.

I already said a few times that one of the things I was hoping for in 4B was to see Emma supporting Hook in the same way he always supports her. Well, TBH, it’s the thing I was hoping for the most in this half season. But along with Emma’s support, which was something I felt was missing in 4A, I also wanted Hook’s sincerity, which sometimes I felt lacking (Don’t jump on me yet lol, let me explain what I mean).

Although Killian was very sincere with his feelings for Emma, with his belief in her, with what he saw between the two of them, I always felt that he is holding back from her. It started in Neverland when he didn’t want to talk about Liam. I remember thinking about it in the season 3 finale, when I saw Emma’s look after he finally talked about his brother. Although she has just seen her mother “die”, her eyes were sparkling with craving to learn more about him. It was then when I realized that just like Hook wanted to get to know her deepest emotions, she wanted to know his. 

Hook was holding back from Emma because he was afraid to lose her. He didn’t tell her about Ariel in 3x17, or about the deal with Rumple in 4x04. But what I love most about season 4B (so far) is that Hook has opened up completely to her. It’s not that he’s no longer afraid to lose her, he is, we know that. But he is choosing to confine with her his deepest emotions: His fear of returning to his evil nature, his guilt of the things he did, his ugly doing in the past. He is not holding back anything anymore. He lets her comfort him while knowing all the facts. This is a huge step for him and for their relationship. 

And Emma, she knows what she signed up for and with all the faults, this is the man she loves.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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stage door 16/07/15 

More stage door.

This part of the stage door was insane, this was right at the beginning, it was such a crush, and people refuse to move to let others come forward -.-

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