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So I hit 4k followers, I’m so grateful that anyone follows me let alone 4k people so thank you all! Since this is another milestone for me I thought I’d do a little follow forever to show my appreciation to some of my faves on here and to shoutout some amazing blogs that keep my dash oh so lovely. ^.^ (mutuals are all bolded):

special mentions to my all time faves:

  • @rootsameens: One of my favorite people EVER. I don’t know what I’d do without this one. We talk everyday and I kid you not, every. single. day. If we don’t talk, something is wrong. I’ve never connected with someone so fast and easily like it still blows me. Anyways, Kelly > everyone. Facts only.
  • @evocatiio: Oh my gosh, where do I start with Sarah??? Probably my other half tbh, what don’t we agree on? We’re such dumbasses always talking to each other through tags and then get right on twitter and talk there too like…. we’re special lmfao. I wouldn’t trade you for the world, my fave always. Shaw Elitists till we die!!1

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sansa and hot pie + endgame:

i know what you’re thinking: that makes no sense!!! but its more likely than you’d think. they actually share a number of parallels that could be the foundation for a relationship as i will outline in this very serious post 

That wasn’t the hardest part at all; Lommy Greenhands and Hot Pie were the hardest part. (Arya, ACOK) 

To her sister and sister’s friends and all the rest, she had just been Arya Horseface. (Arya, ADWD)

sansa and hot pie’s are introduced to the narrative as antagonists to arya stark. they begin this story in the same exact place. they both bully her and call her names (lumpyhead/horseface) with their accomplices jeyne and lommy. arya is an easy target for both: younger and smaller. (not that it stops arya from kicking their asses) but eventually arya and hot pie become very close friends. to me this suggests that arya and sansa will mend their relationship too. perhaps with hot pie’s help. 

“Why would you want to ride a smelly old horse and get all sore and sweaty when you could recline on feather pillows and eat cakes with the queen?” (Sansa, AGOT)

“Anyhow I’m tired of rain and saddlesores and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it.” (Hot Pie, ASOS)

this is my favorite sansa/hot pie parallel because it show they share the same values! they hate horseback riding and prefer to be comfortable indoors with their favorite baked goods. they’re not wilderness people and which is another thing that puts them at odds with arya. we all know hot pie is a knowledgeable and skilled baker; who better to marry sansa and make her lemoncakes until the end of their days?  

Hot Pie joined in lustily, even bouncing in his saddle a little on the rhymes. Arya stared at him in astonishment. He had a good voice and he sang well. (ASOS)

Sansa would know it, I bet. Her sister had known all the songs, and she could even play a little, and sing so sweetly. (ASOS)

another thing they have in common is songs. this is a motif for both of their characters. not only do they enjoy songs but they’re good singers. hot pie sings the bear and the maiden fair which also appears in sansa’s storyline when she confesses the truth of joffrey to the tyrells. the song is used as a shield of sorts which i think foreshadows hot pie being the one to protect sansa from a society that would use her for their own gain.  

“I was so scared. I don’t think I could have crossed without Lord Robert.” (Sansa, AFFC)

“I’m scared,” Hot Pie murmured when he saw the one-armed woman thrashing in the wagon. (ACOK)

they often feel afraid but are often able to push past their fear. even on a perilous mountain sansa crossed the bridge with a small child and when the battle comes hot pie fights alongside arya with all the rest. they might not be the most overtly brave characters but they have their own kind of courage in times of need 

She knew the hymn; her mother had taught it to her once, a long time ago in Winterfell. She joined her voice to theirs. Gentle Mother, font of mercy, save our sons from war, we pray. (Sansa, ACOK) 

When Hot Pie saw them he began to pray, a thin whispered plea for the Mother’s mercy, repeated over and over. (Hot Pie, ASOS)

despite their bully origins both have quiet gentle hearts. they are horrified by murder and death. again, all they want is to be somewhere safe. and so they pray to the mother for mercy. they draw strength from the same gods. speaking of mothers they were both close to theirs. hot pie sold his mothers pies and sansa was cat’s perfect daughter. 

sansa and hot pie are often seen by the fandom as being weak, cowardly, or mean but they’re so much more than that. they’ve grown from the characters we first met. their parallel arcs from bully to gentle soul mirror each other. they seem different but want and value the same things. and most importantly this ship wouldnt use sansa for her claim or ability to pop out heirs. she could finally be loved for who she is. 

president-frankenstein  asked:

If you had your way, how would you develop Totty and Choro in Season 2?

I think they both got a nice amount of development in season 1 so I don’t know if I should expect either to have a LOT of focus, but:


  • Will mostly be the same as in s1. The biggest difference is that he….. gives up easier? that sounds horrible lol but I mean he drops his pretenses more often
  • More focus on his relationships PLEASE. Even sokudo, which had the most focus, only became super clear to us in episodes 24 and 25. Let them be idiots together like old times more often and let Choro play off other brothers too.
  • I know a lot of people hate the Nyaa chan stuff but I can’t think of a canon moment that felt out of place? The being decked out in merch thing came from hesowars/tabi mostly
  • I don’t have a problem with the fappy jokes but please s2 PLEASE don’t make 700 different jokes/nicknames per episode I’m begging


  • If there’s one thing I’m slightly worried about it’s that it becomes his turn to be stuck in the tsukkomi role and is now the one yelling at everyone else lol. He definitely has the best social skills/acts the most normal but hopefully he won’t be confined to being “the normal one” bc he’s more than that
  • I’d like to see him more vulnerable. Everyone else got their insecurities exposed at least once, but Totty’s low moments always seem to be about his older bros or it’s glossed over
  • I want Miyu Irino to scream more Totty screaming is one of the funniest things in this whole series to me
  • I can’t think of much else I want? Totty was treated really well in s1, so I just hope it continues in s2

Don’t get me wrong I’d love more development! But as a comedy it’s hard to gauge what they’re gonna do with the characters anyway. And with Choro’s little character arc and Totty getting a lot of focus episodes last season, I have no idea what to expect in the future.

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how come you ship uraraka and izuku?

Originally posted by intoastrangeworld

Well here is one post that highlights the moments of izuocha: (some spoilers if you’re not caught up)

I love all of class 1A and I’m big sucker for the Uraraka-Izuku-Tenya trio. But when it comes to Uraraka and Izuku, their interactions just make me go ‘that’s right- I’m shipping that’ 

There is just so many reasons (for me anyways) to ship these two characters. Their backgrounds are kind of similar; neither of them have siblings and even though they have parent(s), trying to become a hero is something they did on their own growing up. 

They influence each other; Uraraka strives to be like Izuku (which is funny because when they first meet she sees him as a plain looking boy) and now she’s developing feelings for her classmate. 

For Izuku, she changed the meaning of ‘Deku’ for him and it opened his world. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but ‘Deku’ is a name that he’s been referred to by a bully for most of his life. To make things worse, Deku is part of his name (I don’t read or speak Japanese but I believe that was what the FUNimation dub said). Being Deku was something bad. But when Uraraka tells him ‘Deku sounds like the name of a hero’ (In the FUNimation dub), it gives a whole new meaning to his name. Being Deku isn’t a bad thing anymore and that’s something Izuku needed to hear.

Its moments like those that make me ship them. (Plus, I love how Midoriya becomes a blushing mess around Uraraka at times. And now Ochako is becoming the same. They’re adorable lol)

I can go on and on but I’m afraid I’ll never stop. Hopefully this helps. Thanks again for the ask :)

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I wish my followers would do this stuff with me. They don't do anything I repost lol I love them, just wish they'd interact with me

Ah you know, I totally get what you mean.

Honestly, I had next to nobody interacting with me until recently - and even then, I think most of it is a handful of the same people (who I love and appreciate a lot - and you’re included here!!)

I think a lot of it comes down to timing and luck. Reblogging a thing while your followers are online is important, and there’s no way to know they’re online. Whether or not tumblr shows your thing to your followers seems to come down to luck. I know some of my friends and followers have told me they haven’t seen something I’ve put up, and the same goes in reverse. Tumblr’s coding is honestly the worst for social media, lol. It’s a disorganized mess, most days! So if what you reblog doesn’t get much response, maybe try later in the day, or another day of the week. It seems to be kind of random, really.

Don’t give up! Keep reblogging things. Talk to your followers when you can, keep on building up that base of followers. It’ll happen when you least expect it!

Sleepover Saturday

The fact that Henry, cautious&paranoid Henry, actually hoped Richkin would take care of his sons and believed no harm would come to them is the most inaccurate thing in the whole series, lol. I mean… Seriously, Henry? “I locked Teddy in the tower bc he was a treat to my reign, can you not do the exactly same thing to my sons despite them being the direct heirs of House Tudor?” SERIOUSLY?!

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Do you think Jongdae might be homophobic? It's been bothering me since the Siwon thing and I know not all Christians are homophobes but they are labelmates and I honestly don't know how I'd feel since Jongdae is my bias and I'm not exactly straight.

LOL Jongdae homophobic?? His eyebrows are straighter than him lmao

does these scream no homo?? he seems fine with all the skinships I mean most of the time he initiates them??

and this iconic pic

also just because they are labelmates doesn’t mean they have the same opinion/beliefs on things.. and I don’t see Jongdae hanging out with siwon all that much? he is close to Ryeowook… 

hhhhhhh jack as a character is so?? important to me???? cause yeah she can be really funny and she’s off-the-wall and she’s great in combat but like

if you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ve probably at least cottoned on to the fact that i was horribly traumatized and psychologically scarred by past events. i was bullied, abused, and generally treated in ways no living thing deserves. i literally got rocks thrown at my head, shit was messed up. and while i didn’t undergo quite the same level of horrific nightmares as jack, i can identify very strongly with aspects of her character and storyline that relate back to her trauma. i look at how jack is during me2, and i see myself.

inability to express emotions other than rage? check. unbridled fury towards and desire to hurt the people who hurt her? check. deep-seated fear of abandonment and subsequent self-imposed isolation to prevent anyone from getting too close? check and check.

i remember absolutely loathing miranda after her fight with jack in me2. i love her now, but looking back, i can recognize now that her attitude during the fight was reminding me very strongly of what all the adults and authority figures in my life had been telling me for years. there’s no issue. don’t take it so personally. it’s fine. it’s fine. your feelings don’t matter to me. stop complaining. you’re fine.

jack’s appearance in me3 speaks volumes to me as a trauma survivor. here’s someone i saw so much of myself in…. doing okay??? finding her own way to be happy????? helping people???? taking what happened to her and turning it around into a desire to protect other people???????

i doubt i realized it at the time, but when i was playing through the trilogy for the first time, jack and her character arc were exactly what i needed to see. was it maybe handled a little ham-fistedly? yeah, probably. but two years ago, during my first-ever playthrough, i was a lot worse off than i am now. i needed to see jack in me3. i needed to see that she was doing okay, i needed to see that she had started learning to cope with her past in a healthy manner, i needed to see that there was hope.

so yeah, maybe “jack settles down somewhat and becomes a teacher” wasn’t the end people hoped they’d get for the character. but you know what? it means so much that that’s what did happen, that jack was allowed to begin recovery. there are plenty of other issues with how she’s written (most of them starting with a and rhyming with “spableism”), but whether i saw it at the time or not, i needed jack, and if some other poor kid like me can play the games and get the same thing from her, then that’s what matters.

Good Afternoon Everyone,

So I know you guys are probably wondering what is a psychiatric hospital like. Is it what you see on the movies?  Are people walking around with their pajamas on comatose off their meds.  Well the answer is no and yes.  I have to admit that when I was first admitted to the hospital I didn’t know what to expect.  I mean how did I get to the point that I could no longer handle life on my own. Was I a failure?  Were there other patients that thought the same thing?  Was I crazy?  Were they?

For the first two days I was there I kept to myself and slept most of the time. Yes in my pajamas (lol).  You see a patient has to stay in their pajamas until the doctor allows them to dress in their own clothes.  How did I eat you ask? They brought trays of food to me.  So on my third day, I was given the green light to wear my own clothes and it was then that I decided to leave my room and become familiar with my surroundings. 

It was then that I realized that no I wasn’t crazy and neither were the other patients.  I realized that I wasn’t a failure just because I had to take a break from life just to clear my head.  Most of all, I realized that the other patients that came in as strangers would soon be the exact support system that was missing from life and that they soon would become family.  

So to anyone out there that feels as though life is a bit too overwhelming at the moment, please remember that you are not alone.  You are not a failure if you need help to reorganize you life.  I am your sounding board as you are mine.

Until next time


“Carlton Banxx”

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

My wife Harmony and I have been married for over a decade, have two great kids and a professional careers. We came to this because we never had any affairs or other issues and are free spirits. For us polyamory wasn’t a fix for a problem or even something we craved before marriage, but was a benefit of a great and loving relationship. We have been practicing polyamory for about four years. It is a little fuzzy because we were probably thinking polyamorously before we had a name for what we were thinking and talking about. But four years is our story and we are sticking to it.

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

We are free to date whoever we want individually, but we do not date many people. Both of us are heterosexual so we each seek opposite sex partners. For us polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean promiscuous. Although we’ve had some crazy and fun sexual adventures, we are a bit traditional in many ways. Sex is a big deal for us, and not something that either of us do easily or without having a real connection with our partners. So we have dated many but the number of people either of us has had a full blown sexual and romantic relationship with is probably low in comparison to other polyamorous people. It has made things difficult in some ways (helping people to understand what we want), but In other ways it has eliminated a lot of issues. By taking relationships slow we miss out on some short term fun with the idea that relationships built over time avoid headaches and actually minimize issues of jealousy and insecurity.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I think I understand the dynamic of my partners fairly well. I have never really had any issues with the metamours of my partners. In part because I think we both do a decent job of putting ourselves in the shoes of our partners and setting expectations. For a single woman, for example, I would always want to be cognizant of her life goals and keep them in mind. If she wants marriage ultimately, I would structure our relationship to make sure that our relationship didn’t keep her from that goal, even if it means that we are better as friends than as romantic partners. My wife behaves the same way. Although we haven’t always been perfect about it in the past, for the most part if things don’t work out it is because we weren’t meant to be together, not because outside issues caused a problem.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

Finding good fits! Lol. Seriously, because we are trying to think about the big picture, I tend to be a little selective about who I really commit to in terms of building a relationship. And that’s meant saying no to relationships with some really good people. But the good part is that it’s not a sprint, relationships (the good ones) are marathons. And the woman that may not have been right for me at one point may be right for me in the future.

And like many people, compersion (finding pleasure in my wife being with others) isn’t really my thing. So jealousy is a real issue that for me will never completely go away. I have the greatest wife on earth. I can’t imagine not having a twinge of jealousy about that. What gets me through it is our relationship and the foundation of honesty and love we have after almost two decades of marriage. We think of this as one of many exciting adventures we are embarking on together. And we always try to keep in mind that everything we feel the other person feels when the situation is reversed. That makes it so that neither of us forgets about the other person’s feelings as we make our choices and decisions. If either of us is unhappy with what the other partner is doing, we really can’t be happy ourselves. Making your partner’s feelings a first priority is hard at times, but it pays off all around if you both buy into that concept.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

Communication. Lots and lots of communication. And complete honesty even though it is hard at times. I think poly relationships work best when each party is getting what they seek in terms of partners and experiences, so when things are unbalanced (one partner is dating and another is not), talking openly about that imbalance can get you through. Talking doesn’t fix everything but having a partner that is a best friend, listens and tries to understand is a huge help.

And self awareness is key. Every one of us has our flaws and weaknesses and insecurities. One of the most powerful things you can do with your partners is to speak openly about your flaws. Worried about measuring up to another partner sexually or financially? Say it. Scared of being able to juggle relationships? Speak on it. When you hide that stuff from your partner you aren’t doing yourself any favors because it is going to manifest eventually, one way or another. So why hide it. Get it out and laugh about it or cry about it or whatever works. But understanding what makes you tick is key we have found.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

Safe sex is mandatory. Condoms are a must. Also, because we tend to move a little slower, sexually, we get to know our partners and what our risk profile looks like with them. Condoms and other safe sex tools are crucial, but one of the most underrated ways of protections yourself is listening and speaking openly about your sexual experience and those of your partners. If someone deceives others in any way, odds are you will be deceived as well. So we listen really carefully when people talk about their safe sex practices with others.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

The worst mistake was trying to force a relationship to happen at a time when it really wasn’t right. If I had it to do all over again, I would have said “we are compatible, but maybe not at this exact moment in time.” But I was too caught up in the moment to realize that outside situations may have created some real obstacles to a successful relationship. If I had that one to do over again, I would have been patient and placed things on pause for a period to allow outside “life” to stabilize. Poly relationships can be fantastic but they aren’t always fantastic at a certain time in the lives of the people in them. And they can be really complicated. Sometimes we have to be mature enough to say “let’s be patient”. What is a disaster today may not be a disaster next year, and really, what’s the rush. We have all of the time in the world.


CS + Sincere 

Requested by Anonymous.

Since I already did a gifset with the word “honesty” were I showed CS honest relationship, for “sincere” I decided to focus only on Hook and only in 4B.

I already said a few times that one of the things I was hoping for in 4B was to see Emma supporting Hook in the same way he always supports her. Well, TBH, it’s the thing I was hoping for the most in this half season. But along with Emma’s support, which was something I felt was missing in 4A, I also wanted Hook’s sincerity, which sometimes I felt lacking (Don’t jump on me yet lol, let me explain what I mean).

Although Killian was very sincere with his feelings for Emma, with his belief in her, with what he saw between the two of them, I always felt that he is holding back from her. It started in Neverland when he didn’t want to talk about Liam. I remember thinking about it in the season 3 finale, when I saw Emma’s look after he finally talked about his brother. Although she has just seen her mother “die”, her eyes were sparkling with craving to learn more about him. It was then when I realized that just like Hook wanted to get to know her deepest emotions, she wanted to know his. 

Hook was holding back from Emma because he was afraid to lose her. He didn’t tell her about Ariel in 3x17, or about the deal with Rumple in 4x04. But what I love most about season 4B (so far) is that Hook has opened up completely to her. It’s not that he’s no longer afraid to lose her, he is, we know that. But he is choosing to confine with her his deepest emotions: His fear of returning to his evil nature, his guilt of the things he did, his ugly doing in the past. He is not holding back anything anymore. He lets her comfort him while knowing all the facts. This is a huge step for him and for their relationship. 

And Emma, she knows what she signed up for and with all the faults, this is the man she loves.

Send me a word and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

Full “CS + word” list made so far


stage door 16/07/15 

More stage door.

This part of the stage door was insane, this was right at the beginning, it was such a crush, and people refuse to move to let others come forward -.-

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Otomo Keishi×Sato Takeru Cross Talk


To Make ‘Rurouni Kenshin’


It took half a year just to film ‘Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno / the Legend Ends’. How was this huge movie created? Dir Otomo Keishi and the lead actor Sato Takeru will tell us enough of behind-the-scenes.


We both felt expectation and anxiety about making the sequels


They encountered each other in ‘Ryoma-Den’, a long-running historical drama series on NHK TV broadcast ten years ago, where Otomo Keishi worked as a chief director and Sato Takeru acted as the legendary assassin at the end of Edo Period, Okada Izo. They, who have been sworn allies and fellow soldiers since ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ in 2012, will look back on the sequels.

Otomo: Takeru-kun is already the expert of Kenshin, so I was able to trust him (in playing Kenshin). I really think he supported this huge movie. We’re glad we finished shooting safely, right?

Sato: Exactly. To be precise, we may not call it ‘safely’. (lol) I was perfectly all right but it was much harder for the staffs. Team Otomo is really awesome. They want no compromise at all in giving us the OK. Especially, concerning actions, I thought, ‘won’t you give the OK even to this performance!? I see.’ (lol) Particularly this time, they were more relentless than before. ‘The goal our action team aims at has come this far’, I thought, ‘After all, it’s special’.

Otomo: All of them have a strong desire for the chance to do their work as much as they please. All the staffs that gathered wanted to make a serious effort, so we were more and more driven into a corner. (lol)

Sato: Few sites and films allow us to make a serious effort like this. (Action Director) Tanigaki (Kenji)-san was one of those who were itching for a chance, I guess.

Otomo: More than half of the director’s work is done before starting shooting. What matters is whether I can make a container to fill with what all of us are imagining, like 'I want to do it this way’. The invisible exciting struggle and preparation is my big job and once we start shooting, the game is ours. If I can offer a proper environment, everyone will rush in a good sense. The major point this time was how to make the container to accept it. But including the preparation, I managed to complete it decisively, I feel. We’ve got an enthusiastic response at this stage.


Were Otomo and Sato already talking about sequels when the last film was released? When I asked the question, an unexpected but convincing response came back.

Sato: We didn’t talk about the sequel so much. It was made just as a result, I should say. Of course I had a desire to make it, say, ‘If I do it at all, I want to reach Shishio (Makoto)’, I thought. But we made the first film without expecting the sequels in particular. Thankfully, however, many people saw the last film and valued it, and then it was decided to make the sequel, I suppose.

Otomo: Also, part of me wanted it, but somehow, part of me didn’t want it, you know. (lol)

Sato: I understand you. (lol) It would require quite a lot of preparation and resolution, right?

Otomo: When I do that out, I’ll have to do a hard task. As for this sequel, Shishio’s visual was the first thing to challenge. ‘Wow! The sword is on fire!’, for example. (lol) In the frame of Japanese cinema now, how far I could do was the problem. I had both feelings: ‘I want to do it’ and ‘I’m not sure I can do it’. So I think both Takeru-kun and I were testing each other’s feelings.

Sato: Wondering how he will move.

Otomo: I was just happy many people saw the first film and enjoyed it.

Sato: Very happy indeed.

Otomo: Hearing what viewers had to say, and given a supportive push little by little, I said, ‘Takeru-kun agreed to do it, right? He nodded his head, right? OK, let’s do it!!’ Then immediately I called to the staffs, but I was afraid to make a move before I got the OK one by one and the stage was set for the next step.

Sato: As things turned out, it was good we did it. But we had really not been sure. Some sequels make you feel it would have been better if it had not been made, right? Ours might have been one of them. So we had been really nervous until we started shooting. During the period when even Shishio’s visual had been taking a long time to decide, there was nothing but anxiety. This might turn out to be a crap, I thought. But everything went well and I can say it was good we made it. It’s a miracle.

Otomo: Just like a role playing game, a variety of troubles and problems came out one after another, you know. No, is it easier to understand if I call it a whack-a-mole game? (lol) We cleared them away one by one. The most awful thing is to make it at the same level as the last one. Since it is the sequel, the battles were scaled up and the character of Kenshin became more complicated than the last one, as well. So what I required of everyone was a little higher level. The problem was how we could create something improved. I didn’t want to regret what I created, I mean. Only I had a sense of having taken terrific scenes I had never seen before.

Sato: It was substantial, wasn’t it?

Otomo: Amount of heat was terrific. Every day I actually felt we had taken something terrific. These days we can watch rushes on iPad, so (while we were on location) the staffs remaining in Tokyo saw them and got excited, you know. We got kind of stuporous at the shooting site, but what we had taken was surely something that could make those who saw it objectively, away from the shooting site, think it to be ‘terrific’, I realized.

sorry about these random life anecdotes that have nothing to do with art lol. my intuos broke and i’m thinking about selling my yiynova to replace it. i have some hxh doodles i’ll probably post in a sec though.

anyway i’ve been on a groupon-binge lately to sort of “say goodbye” to new york. yesterday i went to spa castle with karina and today i got a facial and lash extensions.

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anonymous asked:

Are porn sites safe? Growing up porn has been pretty much the "devil" but.... I still watch it on tumblr all the time. I just.. limited selection to things I want to watch and the same favorite 3 videos get boring lol

Do you mean safe for your computer or safe for yourself? 

Porn has some major problems, mainstream porn like other forms of media are very prejudiced and sexist, racist, and every other kind of form of oppression. There is porn out there that caters to oppressed groups instead of oppressing them but generally speaking they’re not free to view. Really, like it comes to any kind of viewing of any media, keep in mind it’s not based on the real world. Most of porn is staged, not showing actual pleasure, and uses camera and make-up tricks. If you’re aware of the oppression in our media, likely you’ll be aware of it in our porn; women and other oppressed groups are treated like objects and not treated like people. Porn generally caters to dyadic, cis, straight or gay white guys. Not only that but there is a lot of abuse and rape within porn, specifically to actors who are already within oppressed groups. It is definitely a part of rape culture, consent is rarely a part of mainstream porn. Actors can also be working in very dangerous conditions. The way that porn is created and the messages it sends is a huge problem that I’m really hoping will change. You may want to invest in some good porn, the main Fuckyeahsexeducation tumblr does have a porn list. Supporting “good” porn and not supporting the dangerous and abusive porn companies is a great step towards ending the abuse. Unfortunately with a lot of free to view porn we don’t know the conditions they were made in, unless it is from a site that is known to be open and honest about the conditions Here are some websites I know of: Cyber-Dyke Sex Network, For The Girls, Queerporntv, Good For Her,,

As far as safe for your computer, a lot of porn sites do carry viruses. That’s one of the reasons why tumblr can be helpful, because you can see or watch things without actually going to the website.