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hi, elle! can you write about magnus & rain for me? it can be brotp magnus/any of his friends or malec, i don't mind either of them. and congrats on your 500! 💜

hi angel!! i hope you like this 💗 and thank you sm :’)

(once again thank u to @lightwoodlesbians xx)

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As soon as Magnus hears the high pitched cries that pierce through the night, he knew there was no going back to bed. Alec returned home late last night, exhausted from the recent demon attack in Central Park that most of the Shadowhunters fought. Even after the fight, as the Head of the Institute, Alec had to go back to his office and do mountains of paperwork to keep the Shadow World a secret - and Magnus wasn’t surprised to find his husband practically dragging his feet through the door and collapsing in bed.

So, right now, Alec needs the sleep more than Magnus does. Lord knows Alec is up most nights with baby Max anyway, so Magnus pulls himself out of bed after pressing a soft kiss to Alec’s temple, and makes his way towards the baby’s room.

As predicted, little Max is crying in his crib, most likely due to the loud thunder from the storm outside.

“Shh, come here darling,” Magnus coos softly, lifting his son into his arms and rocking him back and forth gently.

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this blog is a pro TEAM FREE WILL blog which means this is a pro Sam AND Dean AND Cas blog thank you this has been a psa

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I just want to appreciate shinee's existence and how amazing they are. No matter what they will be one of the top kpop group ever. There are no other kpop group like shinee and the content they delivery is so unique and interesting. Do people even realize how unique their music and concept is and they don't follow trend but create trend. It's just frustrates me sm and international fans sleep on them. Even so, we shinee world is the still the most steady and beautiful fandom.

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It makes me infinitely happy that the most sexually suggestive caryl photo to date has more likes on NRs instagram than even the r1ckyl ones (still don't understand who cares about their boring 'bromance') like nearly half a million people ship caryl and those are just the ones that follow Norman,

Can u believe Caryl is the most popular pairing ever when it comes to Daryl? *___*

But honestly, it fills me with joy, seeing so many people liking and supporting them. The comments, 90% of them were amazing. This weekend was so great.


AU, where Wirt tried to trick Bill, the demon underestimated Wirt, and both of them ended up sharing one body!

Facts: normal people won’t pay attention to such thing as Birt’s (you guessed it) voice changing, but Dipper and Mabel hear the difference pretty well. It will take a while for Wirt to get used to talking to Bill inside his head. For now, most of the times Wirt just speaks out loud, and Bill makes him feel awkward by talking back. Imagine them bickering in public

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I feel like I might have an executive function problem, but part of me is terrified that maybe I'm just lazy or something. There are things I don't wanna do but have to, and if I sit down to do them, I just find myself doing anything else or even just nothing, instead. It's hard to focus on the thing but idk if it's cause of a real problem or just it's not interesting to me?? I don't know how to tell what my true problem is.

There are many reasons for why you might struggle with this, so it can be tricky figuring out exactly what would be most helpful.

Try to ask yourself:

- Do I actually know what I need to do?
- What do I need to do first (to get started)?
- Do I have clear steps to follow (if the entire task overwhelming)?
- Is there anything ‘indefinite’ about this task, and can I put some time limits/targets in place to give me more direction/focus?
- Is anything about this task causing me anxiety?
- Is it boring/difficult/time consuming?
- Do I have the resources I need to be able to do it?
- Is there anyone that can help me in some way (even if it’s just to prompt me or to hold me accountable for the work I have/haven’t done, if necessary)?

Thinking about these things might help you to figure out what the problem is/what things might be helpful.

There’s lots of information/tips/suggestions here.

You might find this post helpful.

Well then-

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i have nothing against gaa//lee but for me it’s just so…unrealistic? like gaara has been through so much and has a lot of trauma that lee is….really not suited for. i feel like lee is very “love someone enough and everything will be okay” in relationships and that’s really not what gaara needs and i think it would frustrate the both of them. 

and on the flipside, lee has so much energy and is so gogogo all the time. he needs someone who can keep up with that or who can at least slow him down a little. but gaara is exhausted 100% of the time and not only can’t keep up but is not even in the same plane of existence as lee.

i could see them being friends but i still think a little time spent with lee goes a long way for gaara.

Sorry but I do not reply to people who don’t follow me! I also do not give my kik out to people who don’t follow me. I just don’t see why I should give attention to people who don’t even bother to care what I post but! Don’t message me and complain that i’m not answering you because you will get blocked. But the people who do follow me are more than welcomed to message me & there will be some new posts later lovelies 😘😘💓💓

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I already know what I want as my fist tattoo, but I'm just scared to go to a shop because I don't want the artist to think it's stupid/cliche. I don't want to sound stupid either or look like an idiot/poser that doesn't know what they're talking about since I have no experience with tattoos. How do I go about the process of getting a tattoo? You don't have to answer, but I'd appreciate if you post my question so maybe your followers could help me out?

It’s your tattoo so you should never care what anyone else thinks, not even your tattoo artist. Most artists don’t even want to know the meaning behind your tattoo because they have so many clients and most say they have heard every story. A lot of them have years of experience in tattooing and have seen some shit and a good artist does his job without being a dick. They’re usually cool people with a good sense of humor, they tattoo for a living and they’re professionals about it.

They also don’t care if you don’t know what you’re talking about or if you don’t know anything about tattoos as long as you cooperate and communicate what you want with them. You can tell them it’s your first tattoo and they’ll walk you through the whole process because they understand.

Step 1 - Some shops allow walk-ins while others require appointments and you can just call around (get some recommendations from people in your city) to figure that out.

Step 2 - Discussing what you want with them. For me, I will text my artist what I want and he’ll shoot a text back a few hours later or the next day (if he’s busy) of what he’s drawn up based off of my ideas, I’ll tell him whether or not I liked it and sometimes ask him to make a few changes, he’ll do so accordingly, I’ll tell him what day and time I am coming in, he keeps that spot open for me. For you, if it’s a walk-in: Depending on what you want and if any artists are available, they’ll most likely tattoo you the same day if it’s a simple tattoo. They’ll ask what you want (it helps to bring some reference photos as a visual aid but never steal someone else’s tattoo, that’s disrespectful towards the original tattoo artist and the original person who thought up that tattoo), they’ll get something drawn up, tell them if you like it or not, don’t be afraid to speak up because this is going to be on you for the rest of your life so make sure you’re in love with it. If it’s not a walk-in: Usually you end up emailing back and forth about what you want done, they’ll get a few things drawn up for you to see when you come in. Sometimes they ask you to come in to plan out your tattoo instead, just depends on the shop and artist. You’ll set a date for the appointment, you’ll get it done that day.

Step 3 - Getting the tattoo. You come in, you show ID, you sign some forms, you discuss the tattoo again to make sure you’re on the same page, they transfer the stencil onto you, sometimes they’ll reapply the stencils one or more times if you don’t like the placement, they get their workspace ready and PUT ON GLOVES, they set up their machine, they pour out the ink colors needed, they ask you to sit or lay down, they start tattooing you, they’ll ask you if you’re doing okay or some other random stuff during if you two aren’t friends, they finish tattooing you. They also might take a break, depends on what you’re getting done.

Step 4 - Pay them for the tattoo and TIP THEM GENEROUSLY. If the artist does not own the shop, part of what you paid him goes straight to the person who does. The only time you shouldn’t tip well is if they didn’t listen to anything you wanted (there’s a difference between them doing their own thing and you not telling them what you wanted though) or if they did a shit job. Other than that, be nice and tip them because they really appreciate it.

PS - If any of you live in Florida, check out and follow my artist because he’s one of my best friends and is rad :

  • boyfriend: when are you seeing those two youtubers? dan and phil?
  • me: oh, end of the month in cardiff. shit i need to pre-order their book 'the amazing....' (i trail off)
  • boyfriend: the amazing what?
  • me: i'm not saying, you're gonna laugh
  • a few seconds later
  • boyfriend: 'the amazing book is not on fire' what the hell
  • me: shut up man, it's awesome leave them alone
  • boyfriend: i've never really looked into these guys, i'm on their shop, is this why you bought a galaxy rucksack? that phone case, what's phansplosion? wow
  • me: what? you have a weird look on your face, what are you thinking?
  • boyfriend:, you're gonna have a go at me
  • me: you think they're gay?
  • boyfriend: well they're definitely not straight come on!!!
  • *he then turns his camera to face his computer screen and shows a photo of them in cat whiskers*
  • boyfriend: i mean especially him, *points at phil* come on, although even the other one too, they're not straight lily
  • me: do you think they're together?
  • boyfriend: i don't know but they're definitely doing stuff together most likely
  • me: *laughs and claps like a seal* YES HARRY YES YES YES I NEED TO PUT THIS ON TUMBLR
  • boyfriend: what so you can tell all twenty thousand people that follow you that your boyfriend thinks they're gay? like they care?
  • me: oh BELIEVE ME, they'll wanna know
  • boyfriend: do what you gotta do, lily

( i also forgot how much i loathed being a new/un-established blog. aside from not showing up in tags ( grrrrrr ), there’s that whole “can i send you things? i swear i don’t suck! please let me love you, you flawless human being!!” thing. and being part of a fandom that’s on the dead-ish side kind of sucks too. not ff, obviously, but xiii itself. 

also i swear i won’t post this much ooc that often. getting my promo to show up in the ff rp tags would be ACES and i forgot how long it takes for new blogs to show up? and how? lololol it’s been 3 years since i made a new blog oops. )

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Hey I found u through the sugar daddy tag. I really have been considering getting a sugar daddy but I have a few questions. how do I make sure I'm safe? Also I'm a little chubby and I have a scar from a tummy tuck I had. How do I know if they don't mind? I'm also not v comfortable with showing my body right now. How do I start?

My first ‘ask me’ question! YAYYYYY :)

First of all, it is very responsible to try and learn about being the safest you can be. In sugaring, there is always an element of risk - though if you’re careful and cautious you can reduce most of the potential danger by following these steps:

- Talk to a POT online for a while before meeting them

- Get their full name and info and check every photo they have on reverse image search. Look up name on linkedin, Look up their email, username, anything you can think of to make sure they’re legit 

- When you meet them, give this info to a trusted friend and instruct that they go to the police if you go missing for real

- Take a quick (and stealthy) photo of their licence plate when you meet them, and send it to said friend

- Have them come to visit you for your initial meet, in a public space

-  Use fake information (name, email, even address)

- Conceal your identity (by blurring out faces in all pictures remove geo locating the photos taken with your phone, flip the photo in editing mode and never use any photos that you have elsewhere on the internet) 

- Look for important red flags (Such as talking about sex too much, refusal to give a photo, asking for excessive numbers of photos or asking for nudes, asking for your banking info, getting you to come to them without giving you the funds for both ways upfront)

- Ask them for a small gift or sum of money (200-500 dollars or a gift card or shoes or something) to receive when you meet them, to show that they are serious

- Alone time only after your allowance is given (and safe at home/safety deposit box etc) 

If you choose to pursue a sexual relationship with an SD, ALWAYS use a condom to protect both of you EVEN if he says he’s clean/has a vasectomy and that he’s not sleeping with anyone. 

In sugar, you’re going to get rejected sometimes. A Sugar Daddy might think you’re too chubby, too skinny (even if you think you’re chubby), too opinionated or not opinionated enough. Everyone is different and SD’s are no different. Rejection in this line of work is normal and it happens to everyone- even the seasoned sugar babies making upwards of 10k per month. You just have to try again until you find a good match.

The best way to reduce instances of this happening is by trying to describe your body and personality accurately (though in a charming and confident way). As I’ve read in other Sugar blogs, confidence is what you need, and no SB will do well unless they act confident (but not arrogant). 

To get starting with sugaring you should make a fake sugar name, and use the same one from site to site. Nothing is worse than not realizing a POT or SD is calling your name from across the room. Get used to reacting to your sugar name!  

Collect good photos of yourself, such as

- hiking with pet

- in an evening gown

- cute selfie

- professional looking photo

There’s no need to have any photos that are even partially nude. Often it can look low brow, and a full body photo will show POTs what your body looks like anyway. Don’t edit your photos, unless it’s to add privacy for yourself or someone else in the photo, as an SD might not know what to expect. 

After you have your photos join Seeking Arrangement, Sugar Daddy for Me, and Ashley Madison. There are other sites, but lots are pay sites (even for girls) and you should have enough on your hands with just 1-3 to start. 

I hope this helps!!! 



So, September 9th marks the one year anniversary of this blog (but because I start school on the 6th, I figured I would make this now) and, before I get into the rules of the drabble game, I just thought I’d type up a little thank you message to all of you (feel free to skip this bit if you really want)!

Starting this blog a year ago, I had quite a lot going on that I was struggling to deal with. But this blog, and bangtan, have made my days a little bit brighter and I am forever thankful for the year that I have spent here. I never once thought my blog would grow to over 10k+ followers, not when I am a trashy awkward bean who can hardly write, and yet here I am. I’ve met numerous of friendly people on here and, despite there being some drama in this fandom (which happens in every fandom), It’s a little community of people similar to me with similar interests and I feel so comfortable here. I have befriended so many people that have lended me their time to be memes online, let me cry to them when I’m drowning in feels, have let me vent to them when no one else would, are always there to comfort me, and support me! I love you all so much and am so grateful to have met you all! ♡

So, in lieu of a simple celebration and short thank you message, I figured I would do something more that would help me connect a little better with all of you which is that I will be opening my inbox to accept drabble requests only tomorrow!

R U L E S ;

► I will be writing for bangtan only (and only member x reader).

► You can submit:
↪ au prompts + genre + member,
↪ three word prompts + genre + member, 
↪ give me a sentence + genre + member.

► Please try to give me as much detail as you can, only because it helps with my inspiration!

I would love to write all the drabble requests I get but I am going to only choose somewhere between 15-20 requests to write about. I might accept more depending on my schedule but please keep in mind that these requests may not be done right away, as I do start school soon but I will try my best.

I will be accepting requests for the drabble game for 24 hours starting tomorrow (September 1st) from 12pm to September 2nd, 12pm EST !!!

Thank you for participating, thank you for taking the time to read my stories, to like them, reblog them; thank you for following me, for sticking around with me even when I am trashy at 3 in the morning; thank you for giving me a place to write and express myself. Thank you for a lovely first year! ♡