most of them don't even follow me

Sorry to everyone who followed this blog mainly for Star Wars (which is pretty much everyone lol), and everyone who’s sent me an ask that’s languishing in my inbox.

I appreciate all the asks, and I’m really glad people like Tatooine slave culture and my fics, but I gotta be real with you all: most of them require a lot of thought and time to answer, and I was having difficulty keeping up even before. But these days I’m finding it really difficult to dedicate a lot of energy to fandom when my country is rapidly becoming a fascist state.

I know that stories are important, maybe now more than ever. I know that escapism has an important role to play in resistance. But I also have only a limited supply of energy myself.

So…apologies for my scarcity, and the high volume of current events posts, but it’s probably going to continue that way. If that’s something that bothers you, or you need to be away from it, please take care of yourself. Unfollow as needed. And if anybody needs me to tag anything I’m not currently tagging for, just let me know.

lieutenant duckling || just take my hand

it’s a story of a sailor who fell madly in love with a princess, who loved him just as much as he loved her. it’s a story of dreaming of happily ever after, of secret rendezvous, of stolen kisses and midnight dances, of saying goodbye time and time again, and of following one’s heart to get what one truly desires.

01. to the sea- jenny & tyler // 02. she is the sunlight- trading yesterday // 03. enchanted- taylor swift // 04. sailor & shore- atlas rhodes // 05. secret- angel snow // 06. explore- prince of spain // 07. across the sea- the sweeplings // 08. love is rare- tom day & monsoonsiren // 09. circles- the young romans // 10. on your side- cin3ma // 11. certain things- james arthur (feat. chasing grace) // 12. start a fire- fremont // 13. come to this- natalie taylor // 14. all i want- dawn golden // 15. pieces (hushed)- andrew belle // 16. turning page (piano version)- sleeping at last

listen here

So. I got up this morning and thought I had a great message from one of my friends. There are several on tumblr that I actually talk to and am really fond of. But instead I woke up to this motherfucker porn blog sending me a rotten cake. Like, I don’t follow porn blogs back. And I figure most of them follow me for that google bullshit thing. But not THIS ASSHOLE HERE decided to write me this. 

And I was at WORK yesterday. and their wifi connection is shit most of the time and I could hardly do ANYTHING on Tumblr. It kept crashing on me so I gave up and watched To Catch a Thief whenever I had a chance. 

I know it’s an empty threat. I’m not worried. But just in case. I know how to use a gun. So this fucker will get his ass shot. 

But, honestly, it’s probably my politics and to be honest, I’m rather used to this kind of hate. Eventually people like me just side eye shit like this and sigh because we’ve seen it, either it’s been done to us or to someone we know. *shrugs* 

i can’t believe thousands of people have a crush on a tiny skeleton that loves ketchup and bad puns.
i also can’t believe i’m one of them.