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TalesFromRetail: "Can I sue you?"

I work at a store attached to a pharmacy. The pharmacy hours are different than our store hours. This makes a lot of people very confused, and very angry.

One of the angriest and most confused of them all, was Old Man, who stomped up to my register at the ass-crack of dawn.

OM: Why isn’t your pharmacy open yet?! I’ve been waiting outside forever!

Me: Oh, I’m really sorry for the confusion. But while our store opens at [time] our pharmacy actually opens at [later time]. Fortunately, the pharmacy is opening in three minutes, so you won’t have to wait long!

OM:But [other site] says that you open at [earlier time!]

Me: Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with [other site], so we have no control over what they say our hours are. I recommend using [official site] in the future.

OM: Can I sue you?

Me: …Wait, what?

I saw a nearby coworker bury her head in a shelf to try and hide her laughter.

OM: I can sue for this, right?

Now, the strangest thing was, he didn’t even sound angry. His words were spoken with the childlike enthusiasm of a kid asking if they could keep the stray puppy they just found, or if he could get an extra scoop of ice cream today because it was his birthday.

OM: I mean, if I’m right, and the hours are wrong, that’s false advertising, and I could take this to court, right?

I look around for hidden cameras.

Me: Uh, sorry sir, but our hours are posted both on [official website] and outside, and have been the same since we opened. And even if they were wrong, it’s unlikely the court would take your case, and the process would be very long and very expensive.

OM: Well, I’m going to look it up.

Old Man wandered off, and because I’m petty, I went to look up [official website], to see if he if he was bullsh*tting me our not.

Soon after, OM came back from the pharmacy, and pointed at me as he walked out the door.

OM: Fix it.

Me: Actually, sir…

I pulled out my phone.

Me:I have [other site] pulled up right here. It shows our store hours here, and our pharmacy hours right below.

A long silence passed between us.

OM: I… I was wrong?

Me: ‘Fraid so.

The Old Man stared at me for a moment, then just shook his head, and wandered off in a daze. As if it was the first time he’d ever experienced being wrong in his life.

At least he sort of admitted it.

By: lost__wages

dex, with his acoustic guitar sitting on the grass by the pond on a sunny day serenading nursey: I love you,,,, bitch,,,, I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you ,,,,, bitch
nursey: *tears streaming out of his heart eyes, hand on his chest, heart swollen with love and affection*

So quick question...

Is the mating bond based on power or compatibility? 

Never Easy - Jughead Jones

hi, I fell in love with your writing since “It’s hard enough” and I was wondering could you do one where jughead and betty are together but somehow he ends up falling for reader?

Originally posted by juptern

I changed this a little because Betty deserves to be hAPPY DAMN IT

The day that Betty and Jughead sat you and their other friends down, was the day everything took a turn. They told you, Archie, Veronica, and Kevin that they had started dating. For the most part, everyone was happy for them. Anyone could see that you were all a little shocked, Archie probably the most confused. Veronica just smiled and wished them the best, and told Jughead if he ever hurt Betty she’d snap him in half. Kevin agreed with Veronica, trying to seem hopeful for their relationship. You were glad too, but there was a small part of you that had your doubts. They were so different from each other; Betty was sweet and kind while Jughead was more closed off and cold. Then again, love is a very strange thing, so maybe there was hope for them afterall. You’d known Jughead for most of your life, but you had never seen him in a relationship with someone. One thing you noticed was that he seemed to smile more.

You had been Jughead’s best friend since you were little, so you knew him better than you even know yourself. His choice to date Betty wasn’t entirely out of character, that you knew of. You hadn’t been hanging out with him lately since you’d been helping Archie with his music and helping Veronica study after school. You felt like a distance had grown between the two of you, and him dating Betty only expanded it. One day before school ended you decided that you should hang out with him, to renew your friendship.

“Hey Jug,” you said and the boy turned to face you with a half smile.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” You smiled and fell into step alongside him. “Nothing really, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out after school?”

He nodded, “sure that sounds great.” Despite him agreeing, his tone sounded deflated. As if your invitation stole his smile and squashed it under your foot.

“It’s okay if you have other things going on, I was just-”

“No, it’s good Y/N. I want to hang out with you.” Your furrowed you brow as you walked beside him. This was not how Jughead usually acted, but it was probably best not to question his attitude at school.

“Okay, we can walk to Pop’s after school?”

He nodded, “see ya then.” You stopped walking to watch as your friend walked away. What was that all about?

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Antisocial vs. Asocial | Psych2Go

Do you know the difference between being antisocial and being asocial? You might be surprised! Most people confuse the two, or use them interchangeably, especially when they’re describing themselves to another person. This is a huge mistake! Replacing “asocial” with “antisocial” could have disastrous consequences on your relationships if someone knows the difference in definitions. Educate yourself on these fascinating terms by watching this video, and you’ll never give off the wrong impression again!

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top 5 ninjago ships?

[[ I always try to avoid posting any art of em tho buT YAH –

1) Cole and Seliel – My OTP on the dl I just love them so much???

2 ) Poly Ninjas OT5. Pls…. they all deserve to be each others’ boyfriends…. im a sucker for all ships pertaining these 5 (plasma, glacier, opposite, etc. just gIVE THEM ALL TO ME)

3) Pixal and Zane. Cinnamon roll + cinnamon roll = dozen pack of cinnamon rolls

4) Skylor and Nya. Working more on my breakdancing AU made me ship them bye.

5) Morro and Lloyd. Complicated relationships and a lot of angst = B))))))

Bonus: Jaya is p cute too.

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I'm a licensed massage therapist and the amount of times I hear "do you give happy endings" both in and outside of work is more than I would have ever imagined and I figured I'd hear it A LOT. I've taken to either 1) doing an obnoxious, exaggerated HYUK HYUK goofy laugh or 2) looking them dead in the eyes with the most confused, innocent look I can muster and say "what's that?" if having to explain the joke makes you uncomfortable, maybe making it in the first place should too!

Team Free Will reaction to their s/o being pregnant hc. First headcanon post. My friend suggested this to me and I though “Why not? 

-confused af
-most likely thinking “how did i make them pregnant? what do i do?”
-asks Dean for help…he finds out Dean is no help
-asks Sam for help
-buys a bunch of random things
-scared that other angels will judge him
-watches his s/o all the time and makes sure they are never alone (sounds creepy tbh)
-when the child is born he is the cutest dad ever
-cuddles his son/daughter every night
-the baby can see his angel presence
-cutest dork dad ever
-asks s/o questions all the time
-“How do I put on a diaper?”

-first reaction “OH SHIT!”
-worried at first, because he doesn’t want to raise his kid into the hunters life
-“Don’t touch my baby Crowley!”
-Does not let anyone touch his s/o pregnant belly
-Likes to use his s/o as an excuse to why he buys a lot of pie
-Scared he is going to get his s/o and his baby hurt, because of his job
-Asks Castiel to watch you when he is on a hunt
-Pretends he is 100% cool, but when you go into labour he freaks tf out!
-When he holds his son/daughter for the first time he just has the biggest smile on his face and cries (?)

-Wishes his parents could see this.

-when s/o tells him they are pregnant he has the goofiest biggest grin ever
-hugs s/o tightly, but gets worried he might crush the baby
-buys like 6 pregnancy books
-gets yelled at by cranky s/o about pregnancy books
-probably also bought a “How To Be A Dad 101” book and a “How To Deal With A pregnant Woman” book
-watches what his s/o eats, because “The pregnancy books say you can’t eat that.”
-Cuddles his s/o all the time
-Want’s to feel s/o’s tummy every time the baby kicks
-“Dean don’t swear in front of the baby.” -Sam
-“The baby is not even born yet Sammy.” -Dean
-Can’t believe how tiny the baby really is.
-cries and isn’t even trying to hide it.
-buys too many baby toys, clothes, books, food.

nice to see that ian and chad have finally managed to weed out the idiots who should never have become ‘fans’ of either of them to begin with. what confuses me the most is that they knew what they were getting into. ian and chad have never shied away or tried to cover who they are and what they do. they’re literally famous for their controversial edgy humor. there was never any grey area here for someone to be confused or conflicted about the type of content they make or the things they say/do once they’re playing the role of their youtube/social media personas. and yes, this includes the things they say purely for ‘shock’ value too. i mean, look at chad’s youtube name. ‘Anything4Views’. the clue’s in the name, right?? so being an overly sensitive, easily offended person who was brought up on tumblr-’education’ and ‘morals’, and then choosing to become a fan of either ian or chad is kinda like having one limb and then choosing to fucking sAW IT OFF…… but once they realise that it’s fucking painful they stop halfway and decide that maybe sawing your own leg off isn’t such a good idea after all. like why the fuck did you do that to yourself??? lmao. idk… maybe now they’ve finally learnt a lesson from this. lesson #2: don’t forget to subscribe to tyler oakley :)) 

She's Like The Wind - Part Three

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language.

Everyone in the large cafeteria stood silent. You swore that you could have heard a pin drop. You, a blind woman, had just decked David straight in the face and likely broke his noise. You could feel the eyes of everyone piercing into your back, along with confusion radiating off of them. Jesse was most likely smiling and silently cheering in satisfaction.

“You stupid bitch!” David growled out at you from his position on the floor. You heard shuffling as he stood back up carefully onto his feet. “You probably broke my fucking nose.”

“Whoa!” You heard a deep and familiar voice yell out. A door slammed shut right after, indicating to you that Negan had just arrived.

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BTS Reaction || Falling In Love With Another Member’s Girlfriend And She Feels The Same
Similar Reactions:

| Got7 |


I feel like he’s way too romantic to let you stay with a guy you’re not into. If you agreed, he would talk to his bandmate. He would feel really bad about it, but would he just leave it be?


He would be confused, because he knows this isn’t right and it actually makes things harder that you like him back and he can’t just ignore that feeling he has. He would wonder how to explain it or if he even should


He would first talk to you about it. Since you like him back, it would be natural for you to be with him, but he wouldn’t stop feeling horrible about the other member who will be the one left heartbroken


Out of them all, Kookie will be the most scared and confused one. I’m sure he didn’t have many relationships before, if any, and this would just mess with his little inexperienced mind

Rap Monster

If you like him, then of course he would go for it. He would feel bad and upset, but it would mean nothing if you were with the other member if you were in love with Namjoon?


Awkward that he is, I don’t think he would do anything about it. He would just keep it all in in order to not hurt anyone


He would think about it for a long time, but in the end he wouldn’t take any action. His little soft heart wouldn’t survive doing something like this to his bandmate. It would be up to you if you decided to break up with him, and even then, it would take a while for Taehyung to accept you for the plain reason that he’d hurt another person


Humanstuck AU; Caliborn and Calliope centered

Ok, consider this; Humanstuck. Both Calliope and Caliborn are diagnosed with brain cancer in their mid teens ( 15 y/o ). They are given two years of life expectancy. Both of them go bald within an year span or even earlier because of the chemiotherapy. Caliborn’s puberty had just begun so his voice only slightly changed and his face is still quite childish, and the tumor slows his growth down to a point where it nearly stops. Callie, on the other hand, had finished growing from a strictly physical point of view, and since she lacks hair, she doesn’t use makeup and she constantly lays in bed so her body isn’t really visible under the sheets, her and Caliborn are nearly identical if not for the eye color, a red-ish brown/bordeaux for Caliborn, and a bright green for Calliope. Most of the nurses, which constantly switch between hospital lanes, constantly confuse them, profusely apologize right after when they correct them. Caliborn, constantly fueled by anger and short temper because of the pains, reacts badly and screams constantly or ignores people when they ask him things or to do stuff, while Calliope takes the name thing and the whole ordeal in general better, always kind and smiling with everyone, correcting people politely when they misgender or misname her, tending more to hide her feelings and her sadness. Now consider this; Dirk, Jane and Roxy all do volunteering as “animators” for hospitalized kids. Dirk draws for and with them, Janey reads them stories, Roxy tells them jokes and just generally talks to them. They all know that most of the kids they make friends with are terminal more often than not, and it’s not rare that sometimes some of the kids get moved to the emergency patients section, sometimes never seen again without even being able to say bye. They know and they hate it, but they keep doing it because it brings them happiness to see the children smiling while waiting for the eventual worse. It’s sad. Jane cries sometimes. Roxy too. But they go through it with their friend’s help, Dirk before everyone else. This goes for two years until one day in their seventeens, these three meet Calliope and Caliborn. Dirk is intrigued by this weird kid, always pissy, tiny, has no idea what changed in their age span because he’s been confined in the hospital for two years and a half by now and he has a passion for shipping, claiming it to be impure while really, it’s just precious. He makes friends with him, despite Caliborn’s claims of absolutely *hating* him, and spends more time with him than any other kid. On the other hand, Roxy and Jane immediately bond with Callie; they start hanging out a lot, Jane regularly bringing board games over, reading both Roxy and Callie stories, while Roxy sometimes brings her cats for Callie to see and cuddle with. Callie smiles a lot more than she did, which was already quite much, both sides growing quickly attached to each other. Roxy and Jane avoid thinking that Callie might die, and so does Dirk with Caliborn. They know it, but they constantly push the thought back, enjoying the time with their friends while it lasts. Both Callie and Caliborn have down times every once in a while where they feel worse, they cough a lot, their head aches, and other symptoms, but they always manage to get through it, the kids being the for them respectively. Unnoticed, both Calliope and Caliborn start feeling better, the fits becoming less gradual until hey disappear. Roxy, Jane and Dirk don’t get their hopes up; they know it happens. Sickness are rarely to never regular and it could very well be just a phase. One day, Roxy, Jane and Dirk get to the hospital and a few nurses brought the twins a few slices of cake. They reached their eighteens. The three didn’t know, and all of them tear up, because that’s one year more than expected. They spend the whole day with them, celebrating, hugging, talking and having fun in general. Caliborn even smiles. But when dusk approaches and Roxy, Jane and Dirk are about to go home, a doctor enters the twins’ room and drops the bomb; both the twins are given the okay for the operation, which is going to be held in two months from then. Dirk, Jane and Roxy are shocked. They spend all their free time from then at the hospital, neglecting school even sometimes. Caliborn gets particularly angry at Dirk when this happens and then at himself for caring. Callie gets worried and Roxy and Jane regret neglecting anything because instead of making her happy they make her worried and they don’t like it. It’s a tense two months, filled with melancholy and happy times, despite Cali’s attempts at shutting people out because he “doesn’t want to care if he even dies.” He says having no friends will make his death less painful. Dirk hits him. Eventually, the fated day arrives. The operation is held while the kids are at school. Dirk bombs a test and Roxy is sent to the infirmary for nearly throwing up, while Jane skips a few lessons for her first time. After school they run to the hospital. The operation was successful. Some months later, the twins get dismissed, and Callie and Caliborn, that lived in an orphanage before ( their mother died of childbirth, their father blamed it on them. Clichè stuff, I might make a post about it. ), have nowhere to go, and Roxy, that in the meanwhile celebrated her birthday, Jane and Dirk likewise, takes in Callie temporarily, while Dirk offers to take in Caliborn, that claims to be strictly against it, but accepts nonetheless.


What if team free will found an abandoned baby? And he’s just a normal human baby, nothing supernatural, and they decide to keep him.

Castiel names him Jimmy.

Just imagine:

Jimmy bringing Cas to career day.
“Now class, would anyone like to see Jimmy’s father smite the wicked?”

Sam teaching Jimmy how to read.

Cas telling Jimmy to not worry about the bullies, most of them are going to hell.

Jimmy getting confused when people say they only have two parents because he has three dads.

Dean trying so hard to be everything his Dad wasn’t, trying so hard to be a good father.

Cas coming home from a hunt late one night to see Dean sitting on the couch, looking pissed. “The teachers sent a note home. Apparently Jimmy’s been threatening to smite other kids on the playground.”
Cas gazing down at him, innocently saying, “Well I didn’t teach him that.”

All of the other angels being disgusted by Castiel raising a human at first until they meet this cute little boy with big brown eyes and then all these terrifying soldiers of heaven just melt.

Gabriel spoiling Jimmy rotten and competing with his brothers to be the favorite uncle.

When tfw goes on hunts, different angels take turns babysitting.

When Samandriel babysits, he gets so nervous because human children are so fragile. He never puts Jimmy down, because whatifhefelldownthestairsareyousurethiscribissafewhatifhechokesonsomethingohmyfather. He baby proofs the house twice. Once with bubble wrap.

Michael is asked to babysit, and though he makes a big fuss, and complains about having to watch a human, he absolutely loves it. His fondest memories are of when he was raising all of his siblings in heaven, and childcare is so familiar and easy because he’s been raising fledglings since the beginning of time. Human children are slightly different, of course, but he catches on fast.

Balthazar babysat once. He spiked Jimmy’s baby formula with wine, thinking it’d taste better for Jimmy. He wasn’t asked to babysit again.

Just imagine tfw raising a child with help from the angels.

-Book of Beau 1:4-18

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Full disclosure, I didn’t really notice how sad this one was when I reblogged it. I just saw that there weren’t any questions I was glaringly uncomfortable with on here. Ah, well. Here goes!

  • who gets overwhelmed by small acts of kindness? Definitely Julian. Did you see the way he stared at her hand on his? He’s not used to small, gentle acts of kindness, and they nearly bring him to tears each time. 
  • who flinches at sudden movements? Honestly, this could go either way, between her experiences with Zoom and his with Savitar. They both get used to it, because of Barry, but neither of them are huge fans. 
  • who is most confused as to why their S.O. is still with them? Caitlin, probably. I mean… “I kidnapped you. And lied to you. And broke your heart.” 
  • who has to constantly check their S.O. still loves them? Julian, but this one isn’t actually what it sounds like. Any time Caitlin gets worried about Killer Frost taking over, he gently talks her through a list of questions. “Do you still love me?” “Yes.” “Do you want to hurt me?” “No.” “Do you want to hurt the team?” “No.” “Do you still care about our friends?” “Yes.” “You’re okay.” 
  • who says the other/s would be better off with someone else? Caitlin. She thinks he deserves someone who hasn’t kidnapped him, who hasn’t betrayed him and lied to him, someone he never has to fear. He tells her every time that he isn’t afraid of her. “And besides,” he murmurs into her hair, “I live for danger.”  It would hurt him far more to lose her than to risk it. 
  • who gets surprised when they are given gifts? Julian. This goes along with the small acts of kindness thing. In his family, gifts usually come with strings attached, so the first time Caitlin gives him something, not in exchange for something, or even for a holiday, but just because she felt like it, he can’t believe it. 
  • who is most likely to break down on the other and how does their S.O. attempt to calm them down? Going to go with Caitlin on this one, especially with everything she’s going through right now. And Julian softly tells her how beautiful, strong, and brilliant she is, holding her close when she lets him. He may also fix her a warm beverage, and wrap her in a blanket.
  • who is most self conscious in public? Julian. He’s a bit awkward, and he knows it and he doesn’t want Caitlin to be embarrassed to be around him. Of course, she isn’t, but he’s had it happen before, where he embarrassed dates and family members in public. 
  • who is more likely to apologize a million time for a tiny mistake? Caitlin. When Julian found out that she kept a piece of the Stone, she thought he’d never forgive her. Bt somehow, he did, and now, she apologizes for everything, because she knows she messed up, and she can’t stand the thought of losing him again. He tries to reassure her as much as possible that it’s okay, that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. 
  • who admits they’re scared only when they think their S.O. is asleep and how does the other react? Julian, most likely. He tries to keep up a strong facade around her, but when she’s asleep, he admits that, “I’m worried, Cait. I… I love you, and I trust you, but I… I know that battle going on inside of you. It isn’t easy, and I-if you-you’d never forgive yourself if you hurt someone. Trust me,” a humorless chuckle, “I know. Besides, I don’t.. I don’t want to lose you.” 

    And when she blinks up at him sleepily, and he realizes she heard everything, she kisses him, (maybe a little desperately, but he kisses her the same way,) and tells him it’ll be okay. That THEY will be okay. 
  • who never thinks they’re good enough for the other? Again, I feel like this is both of them, but Julian doesn’t let it stop him from pursuing the relationship. Caitlin is more likely to hold back, because “He could do so much better.” 
  • who takes a bullet for the other? Either WOULD, but I think I’d like to see Caitlin take a bullet for him, (and NOT die,) so that he could see that she really does care about him. 

Thanks for the ask! Send me ships, and I’ll answer questions! :D


While the Avengers are getting ready one morning, someone FINALLY asks Natasha how she makes the towel hat thing.  She explains, while brushing her teeth and not fully awake, “flip, cover, twisty twisty, up over and done.”  Most of them look more confused than ever but Thor nods like the secrets of the universe have just been revealed to him

If The Taming of the Shrew took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Everyone is scared of Kate. Even her teacher. Especially her teacher. 
  • Bianca is that kid who every single person loves but is probably up to no good (and never gets caught). 
  • Petruchio and Kate have one of the most confusing friendships in the class. Their teacher has caught them: 1. Hitting each other 2. Pushing each other 3. Biting 4. Screaming 5. Stealing each other’s food and 6. Keeping each other awake during nap time. BUT THEY STILL ALWAYS SIT NEXT TO EACH OTHER??? 
  • Their teacher keeps confusing the kids in the classroom and calling them the wrong name. Lucentio? Trainio? Cambio? Who knows??? The -io’s are too confusing….. Was it a trend the year they were all born???

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I have that 'issue' that I ship Sheith, but in a BROTP way, but is it even correct to refer to a 'ship' by its shipping name when Im talking about a platonic ship? Im confused because most people think I ship them in any kind of romance when I say 'Sheith', but I didnt mean it that way. Why are BROTP shipping names not a thing? Does this make me 'pro Sha//adin' for liking that? goddamn I dont understand that (be Salt™ if you want to)

Pro-sha//adin only refers to those who ship those pairings romantically/sexually.

And there are separate brotp tags! I’ve noticed it in a couple of fandoms, but for Voltron the brotp tag for Shiro/Keith is “broganes” (Takashi Shirogane + Keith Kogane + brotp = broganes).

It’s actually pretty sensible to have two separate tags, so whoever wants to see romantic content can go to one tag, and fans who are only interested in platonic content can go to the other tag. But it also allows everyone to make clear how they see the relationship whenever they tag it.

Personally I just make up cute nicknames for the other pairings when I ship them platonically, so Meme Team (Pidge & Lance), Nerd Squad (Pidge & Hunk), Conspiracy Squad (Keith & Pidge), Team Orange (Keith & Hunk, cos red plus yellow lol), Bee Team (Shiro & Hunk, black and yellow lol) etc etc.

Chula Pils (Novo Brazil)

Brewery : Novo Brazil
Beer : Chula Pils
Style : Pilsner / Pilsener / German Pilsener
Variance : Dry-Hopped with Cascade

8.5 / 10

Good ol’ Chula Vista. I’m not sure if you knew this, but Chula Vista literally translates to “donkey breath” which is strange considering how beautiful it is. Oh wait, I’m being told it translates to “beautiful view” which makes a lot more sense. Thanks a lot google! My sister was lucky enough to live there for 4 years so I got to visit pretty often and even though I wasn’t old enough to drink, I knew it was someplace special. When I went back to San Diego last year I actually drove through Chula Vista just for fun and the only mistake I really made was not checking these guys out because so far they have proven how awesome they are with these amazing brews. Pilsners seem to be the most confusing style to me because breweries either make them taste like fancier versions of commercial offerings or they pump up the flavor to the max and create something special. Luckily these guys went with the second choice and brewed up one hell of an example of the style and made my tastebuds smile more than if Amy Schumer actually moved to Canada because she’s the only one I’d be happy to see go. This has a nice malted sweetness to start before some bright hop flavor mixes in with only a slight bitterness and bite before ending with a nice hearty bread-y malt flavor to close. If you have the chance to get your hands on these cans that are more colorful than Harvey Fierstein (you know what I mean) you should definitely take it because this really is one delicious brew regardless of your experience in the craft beer community. That is all, now leave me alone so I can finish this brew. Peace!

Written by: Steve B.