most of them are terrible

Angst November Day 11: “Letters never sent/words never said”

animation meme cringe comps are so unnecessary lmao 

most of the cringe comps are videos made by children. young children do not have much experience with animation. 


putting a child’s work into a cringe comp and telling them that “lol xD this is so cancerous XDDD drink bleach!!!” makes them feel terrible. plus, most of the people who make cringe comps have 0 experience with animation and are mostly grown ass people. 

animation is fucking hard as shit. dont expect a young child to make perfect disney quality animations. instead, give them constructive criticism. tell them how to improve. dont shit on their hard work. 

The Chargiest Charger

On his adventures with the Inquisitor, the Iron Bull discovers a baby hart that has fallen down a cliff. He rescues it, because he is a giant soft marshmallow, and it is making a very sad honk.

he doesn’t mean to do it, but he names it Imekari (because Qunlat has no other words for small things that you want to protect) 

Imekari recovers from her mishap in short order, and decides that the Iron Bull is now her mother. I mean, no one else here has antlers.

He tries to leave her with Horsemaster Dennet. Dennet knows…. animals, right?

Dennet brings her back two hours later, and Bull hears them coming, because Imekari is making the saddest, most terribly tragic, extremely loud, honking. She’s been separated from her mother, what else can she do? She has no other way to communicate her sadness and distress. So honking it is. (you know when you’re riding a hart, and you gallop, and they make that noise? you know the one. It’s that noise, but tinier, and also louder, and much more likely to haunt your dreams.)

She’s discovered that making this noise will cause everyone around her to do what she wants. She decides this is a good noise, and she should make it more in the future.

And that’s the story of how the Iron Bull recruited the first Charger who can actually charge.




Finally finished drawing all of the designs for the Voltron paranormal investigation team AU! Coran was a tour guide on ghost tours in his hometown before joining up the others (he’s a great performer and got rave reviews from patrons). Allura ran (and still runs) popular blogs across a bunch of social media platforms and posts about her solo investigations. After she and Coran are on the team, she handles a lot of the team’s PR and merchandising in addition to helping out with the ghost-hunts!

Keith and Pidge are here and here!

Lance and Hunk are here!

Shiro (and a fkin ghost lmao) is here!


David Singh + his boyfriend fiancé

mbti games pt. 4: Truth or Dare
  • ENFP: They have been preparing for this game for months. They will ask you the most difficult questions and dare you to do terrible things. Avoid them.
  • INFP: Reveals a surprisingly reckless side after accepting a dare. 
  • ENFJ: Trying to keep the peace as the game gets too intense to handle. Their questions are mediocre, but appreciated.
  • INFJ: Chooses dare then asks for it  to be modified multiple times before finally switching to truth and revealing something terrifying. 
  • ENTP: Finds a loophole to all the dares. Some are quite impressive.
  • INTP: Chooses dare to avoid having to answer questions.
  • ENTJ: Asks all the really uncomfortable questions. Everyone’s afraid of them.
  • INTJ: Quits the game halfway through. It’s too uncomfortable…
  • ESFP: Chooses truth, but their so open about everything that nobody is ever surprised by what they have to say. C’mon guys….
  • ISFP: Asks the deepest questions and kills the mood.
  • ISTP: Keeps a cool exterior throughout the game and chooses dare.
  • ESFJ: Started the game of truth or dare, and is probably begging the INTJ to join back in. Chooses a healthy balance of truths/dares.
  • ISFJ: Chooses truth every time just to talk about their crush.
  • ESTJ: Gets into a competition with the ENTJ to see who can ask the most uncomfortable questions. Loses, but is still terrifying.
  • ISTJ: Is only there to make sure the ESTP doesn’t do anything illegal.
every fo4 reaction post like
  • preston: hey, here's a generic and out of character emotionally detached nice person TM thing to say; also, theres another settlement that n- -something quirky about preston being shut up- (lol sorry i couldnt help myself xD!!)
  • x6: "no", "he couldn't care less", "his lawn mower blade arms whir with absolutely no care for the current situation", "x6 didnt like this but doesnt react because hes basically the sole survivors sexbot in my head when i decide to give him the time of day"
Names have power

Look, we all know this. We’ve read Harry Potter. We know about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

And if you look around, you’ll see a lot of names for names for the guy who currently occupies to Oval Office. Most of them aren’t terribly flattering. Some of them are pretty creative. But a lot of it comes down to not calling him by his name. This makes a lot of sense to me- I mean, a guy as big on his own ego as he is, 

Personally? I’m not going to go with anything particularly insulting. I’m just calling him 45.

Why 45? It’s what he is. Not the person. The position he holds. None of his other achievements matter. His name holds no weight with me. I’m not impressed by it. He’s the 45th president. It’s the office he’s taken, and the role he now occupies. He’s not a celebrity. He’s not a billionaire. He’s the president. And that means a few important things. 

It means that he serves the people. It means that he is only one in a long line of public servants. It means that, eventually, he will leave office and someone will be the 46th president.

So, for now? He’s 45. He has to do what he can with that role. And he’ll be remembered for that. More than anything else. So he should be very conscious of that position.

teen wolf logic: have a boy and a girl fall in love, break up in the most terrible way, have them stare longingly at each other after said breakup, have him get taken so she forgets about the boy she experienced every first with, have him randomly and abruptly go back to his first love – randomly forgetting about the girl he would die to save, don’t let them reunite after he’s been gone for three months – even though he’s her anchor, don’t let them interact, make it seem like they were never together.

taurusversant replied to your post “what homestuck things are we thinking tonight”

I read that rosemary ao3 fic you reblogged the choice quotes from yesterday and now it’s on my mind all the time

Damn! I gotta read it; I’ve heard good things so IDK why I haven’t yet. 

Here’s the link for those interested.

Short Fuse

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Growing up, your height never bothered you.

You were constantly around short people. Your great-grandmother, your grandmother, and your mother were all well below average height. Your best friend was average height, at best. Short simply surrounded you to the point that it felt normal.

Being around the AOMG crew wasn’t too terribly different. Most of them were average height for men, Kiseok and Sunghwa being a little taller (but Jay made you feel a little better about that, being on the shorter side himself). But the models that they worked with? That was a different story.

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Hey if u wanna have a mentally ill character in writing/animations/comics you make:

Please research these people and ask ACTUALLY DIAGNOSED people what they feel!! -Know it is constant hell in most moments!
-Know that mental illnesses are not cured by love!
-Know that most pills to treat these make you feel terrible and going off them without it being at a slow pace is even worse!
-Know that these people do not tend to act the ways they do but they do act these ways!
-Know that it is hard for the people around them depending on the illness!
-thank u