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CLASS 1-A DOING GROUP PROJECTS! they have to do one of those fucking slideshow presentations and it's a beautiful mess?? u can choose between assigned groups or self chosen groups bc idk which would be funnier

it’s an absolute disaster i love it

  • midoriya, uraraka, iida, todoroki
    • obv dekusquad is together what else did u expect
    • iida is the king of shitty powerpoint transitions
    • uraraka wants them to do poses while they present and they’re all awkward
    • midoriya made most of the powerpoint; todoroki does most of the presenting
  • bakugou, kirishima, kaminari, sero, ashido
    • kaminari keeps changing the font to comic sans. sero is Tired 
    • kirishima and ashido keep adding crappy stock photos to the slides
    • before they know it it’s 2 am and they have to present in like 5 hours and they’re all panicking 
    • bakugou tells them to shut the fuck up and go sleep so they do but they’re still worried
      • bakugou apparently stayed up til 4 fixing everything and making it look decent
        • they present and it goes off without a hitch
        • they all cry and proclaim their love for bakugou
  • hagakure, tsuyu, yaoyorozu, jirou, satou 
    • satou offered to join their group bc mineta kept trying to and satou didn’t want to put the girls through that. bless satou
    • the only group to actually get shit done in a short amount of time
    • yaomomo and tsuyu are Smart
    • the least chaotic group of the four
    • satou makes cake and stuff to celebrate and they all eat it happily ever after
  • tokoyami, mineta, shouji, kouda, aoyama, ojiro 
    • aoyama and tokoyami should nEVER work together bc aoyama keeps trying to add sparkles and pink and tokoyami keeps trying to make it black and sleek and Cool
    • mineta tries to keep it civil but ends up doing nothing but wailing at them to shut up 
      • he yells every hour bc “it’s really late what are we gonna do?!” even though he doesn’t actually do anything else to help
    • kouda and ojiro get lots of research done and are v helpful 
    • shouji ends up putting it all together for the most part and it looks good
    • ojiro, tokoyami, and aoyama present bc kouda and shouji are Quiet and mineta is mineta
  • aizawa is full of Regret by the end
The Kakegurui Anime Ending - Why We’re Salty.

Bring out the fries and pretzels. I’m about to grind up some salt.

It’s been a little under a week since the last episode of Kakegurui aired. Although some people liked it just fine, a good chunk of the fanbase dislikes it. When I say “dislike,” I mean anything from “that could’ve been better” to “what the DUCK was that?!”, and, of course, white-hot rage.

“But it’s just an anime-only ending! Aren’t those really common?” I hear someone ask. Yes, random person, anime-original endings are really common. They’re usually done when a series doesn’t know if it’s going to get a second season, or other constraints apply. Once in a blue moon, you get a manga that adapts so well that you can break it off fine at certain points that satisfy the majority of people. That’s usually not the case, so the anime has to do something different.

TV Tropes calls these original endings “Gecko Endings.” The name is fitting: when a gecko drops its tail to deter a predator, the tail that grows back doesn’t have any bones or nerves - it’s all cartilage. Note, too, that the tail only grows back at all if it’s broken along certain points of the spine, and the lizard does this semi-voluntarily. Adaptation endings are similar: if you break the original material at the right point, you can patch up the wound and continue on, even if it’s not the same as the source material.

Likewise, if you break it the wrong way, the source material is almost irreparably damaged. This is what we’re seeing with Kakegurui.

To truly put this in context, I have to spoil the manga. Even then, I will try to keep it light because it is much better witnessed than summarized. Spoilers below the cut.

So, poker match with Kaede goes as seen in the anime. Sayaka comes onto the stage to do Kirari’s hair. Kirari and Yumeko are about to do it when Sayaka intervenes, calling Yumeko out for being a plague upon the academy. This leads to an arc that people either love or hate (but mostly love): the Tower of Doors.

I will do my best not to spoil the entirety of the game, but I will say that it’s a nice showdown of mathematics that go way beyond standardized testing (who here knows hexadecimal? Not me!) and luck. Sayaka just barely loses to Yumeko, and has to pay the price: pick a door and jump from the tower.

I will not spoil what happens afterwards except this:

Why am I spoiling that? Because you already saw it in the opening credits. Awfully weird that they would leave this in if they didn’t intend to animate one of the most loved arcs of the manga.

There is at least one more big hint that MAPPA wanted to animate the Tower: 

That’s from an official Twitter. Someone made a model of the thing, and one of the scenes from that arc is in the opening. The animation of that final episode also ranges from “off” to “were you even trying?” I wonder exactly when MAPPA realized the Tower wouldn’t be animated?

That’s a shame. We get a perfectly good Gecko point after the Tower. See, instead of the President, Yumeko was supposed to face Sayaka as a sort of mid-boss. Sayaka is a direct foil to Yumeko: unlike the president, who enjoys a good game as much as the protagonist, Sayaka hates gambling.

Wrap your head around that, for a minute. In the anime, Sayaka actually gets a little bit more screentime than in the manga. Despite this, the only role we’ve ever seen Sayaka in for a game has been “dealer”. Why is she there if she hates the one thing that Hyakkaou is known for, again?

Sayaka is in love with Kirari Momobami. This is not a schoolgirl crush - it is unbridled, “are you okay?” love that hasn’t gone away since middle school and won’t go away in the future. Sayaka, the most rational character of the entire cast, has her Achilles’ heel in the least sensible emotion known to man. Love conquers all, even logic and death. Holy carp.

This is made even more amazing by Kirari loving Sayaka back. Kirari knows that Sayaka hates gambling, but makes a secretary position on the council for her anyways. Oh, and the only time Kirari shows a real, nice smile is when she’s with Sayaka.

After the equivalent of a mid-boss is a fine time to cut off the lizard’s tail, so to speak. Will it be perfect? No, but it’ll be an okay place to let things grow back. (Also, sticking to the manga generally makes people happy.) 

The cannon in the manga was loaded for the Tower. In the anime, we still saw the writers piling up cannonballs - even adding a few that the manga didn’t. So, they were loading the cannon, possibly even more than the source material…and then just never fired it.


That is what bugs me the most, personally. There was a lot of baiting for the Tower. They added cannon fodder, then they just did nothing with it. Something must have gone on behind the scenes to make all that work for zip. I would like to know what that something was.

As I mentioned, the Tower also gave us a glut of development for both Sayaka and Kirari. The anime-only people will never really understand Sayaka’s character at all. Kirari does have a nice side, if you prove yourself exceptional to her. The Ice Queen is capable of love. Who knew?

That said, another thing that adds to the fire is the prominence placed on Suzui instead of Sayaka. Suzui has been around since episode 1, and has kind of been switched in and out of his protagonist/audience stand-in slot. Sometimes he’s needed, sometimes he isn’t.

Oh, and he’s also Yumeko’s parallel to Sayaka. Again, the anime went the extra mile by giving Suzui an earthy brown color instead of his manga black - a hint that the animators wanted to make Yumeko x Suzui more positive, if nothing else. Even if it’s something of an inconsistency (Suzui still has a decent bit of Water symbolism), I see what they were going for…but a parallel is only a parallel if you can see both parallel lines. The anime doesn’t give us that chance.

A lot of people also took this as an attempt to “de-gay” Kakegurui. KG is rife with lesbian symbolism, starting with Yumeko’s thumb ring and some general implications. Sayaka, however, is a lesbian with literally no room for interpretation otherwise. The Tower of Doors is sometimes called the “Tower of Gay.” I can see why people are mad on this count. I’m among them, but I also realize that this series has plenty more yuri fodder than most of its ilk. Attempting to “de-gay” KG is an exercise in futility…and even a crappy final episode won’t change that.

That does not mean that we should shut up. Yes, we should be happy that KG got an anime at all. We should also still buy the official manga (either as chapters or volumes), merch, and DVD’s/Blu-Rays. We should also keep posting images of our cosplay and swag, because it lets the creators, all of them, know how much we love these characters. The more we show our love, rather than our hate, the more likely it is that the Tower will see the light of animation. Love is the only thing that will fix this.

So, show your love! Vote on the Square Enix poll that will decide fan book content. Use the hashtag #JusticeforToG, and see if we can get it trending. Make a KiraSaya itabag- I’m working on it, okay?! I can’t guarantee that any of this will work, but we can make it known what we want without putting anybody else down.

Now go enjoy pretzels, caramels, fries, or whatever you put your salt on. You have a number of options and most of them are delicious!

In honor of the100th episode of Supernatural Misha has worked on (He’s worked on 100, only acted in 99 though) - I decided to share with you guys, 100 reasons that I love @mishacollins as a sort of tribute/celebration to him. He’s done so much to change my life and I just wanted to put my love for him out into the universe. I also made this into a twitter thread which can be found HERE.

1.) He gives me strength to get up and get through my day whether he knows it or not.
2.) He cares about his fans & constantly strives to show just how much.
3.) He cares about minorities that the struggles we face daily.
4.) He cares about the LGBTQ+ community & has gone to far length to prove just how much.
5.) He cares about mental health & the issues that affect those of us who suffer because of our MH issues.
6.) He cares about disadvantaged youths and wants to give them an equal playing field (Free high school, etc)
7.) He cares about disadvantaged groups in general & proves it daily through his work with Random Acts.
8.) He cares about lonely Senior citizens & tried to brighten an otherwise lonely day for them (Valentines Day).
9.) He funded Random Acts - a registered 501©(3) charity on his own because he’s the change he wants to see.
10.) He constantly runs charity events throughout RA & gets his fans excited to donate & put good out into the world.
11.) He runs GISHWHES - the biggest scavenger hunt in the world and most of proceeds from that go to charity too.
12.) His scavenger hunt often encourages others to commit random acts of charity towards strangers.
13.) He cares about the state of our country and how the political turmoil affects the everyday citizen.
14.) He is extremely invested in politics and is not afraid to speak his voice on things that offend him.
15.) He fights for the people. Not just his people, or my people - but all people.
16.) When he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and apologizes even when he doesn’t have to.
17.) He is active on social media and gives us (his fans) peeks into his daily life, which he knows we always want more of.
18.) He is a general friendly person who goes out of his way to be an angel to everyone he meets.
19.) The money from his Castiel photo ops at conventions goes to charity.
20.) Growing up, he experienced the struggle of poverty & goes out of his way to level the playing field for others in that situation.
21.) He’s EXTREMELY humble about his accomplishments and doesn’t brag about his good deeds.
22.) To date, he’s still shocked and made to blush when fans express how he has changed their lives.
23.) He wears safety pins when he can, to let people know he is an ally and will protect people who need protection.
24.) He’s a published poet and has a way with words that speaks to millions.
25.) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and uses his ideas and intelligence for nothing but GOOD.
26.) He is an amazingly talented actor & with that talent has become one of the most loved characters on Supernatural.
27.) He plays himself on Supernatural (an angel)
28.) He engages his fans, even going as far as answering questions other actors refuse to.
29.) He’s selflessly shared extremely personal stories of his struggle at conventions in front of large crowds.
30.) He supports intersectional feminism.
31.) He supports nasty women and acknowledges the world needs us and has talked publicly about it
32.) Even though shippers are historically snubbed in the SPN fandom, he gives us a voice.
33.) He’s gone as far as to physically “Ship” Destiel and that warms the cockles of my heart.
34.) He married his high school sweetheart.
35.) His relationship with his wife is absolutely beautiful and a goal for anyone with a significant other.
36.) The love he has for his wife is visible whenever he talks about her, he softens up and smiles.
37.) He supports his wife’s business endeavors no matter what they may be & defends her accomplishments.
38.) He & Vicki renewed their vows dressed in drag at an Albertsons and that in itself is amazing.
39.) He takes the time to maintain his beautiful marriage & goes on spiritual retreats with his wife.
40.) His family in itself is pure and goals for anyone with a family.
41.) He’s a busy man but still takes time to be a great father to his kids and it shows.
42.) He gives us access to his time with his kids sometimes and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
43.) He brings his kids to conventions sometimes and it’s adorable - there’s NOBODY who doesn’t love it when he does that.
44.) There are tons of instances where he has been seen comforting distressed fans on his own free will.
45.) He encourages fans to say hi to him if we see him out and about.
46.) He takes fans out to do fun things during his meet n greets, something which no other actor does.
47.) He has publicly stated he appreciates fanworks whether it be art, fanfic, crafts etc.
48.) He built his own house, proving he loves to see the fruits of his effort.
49.) He built most of the furniture in his house further proving he’s a hard worker.
50.) He interned at the White House during the Clinton administration
51.) He made the engagement ring he proposed to Vicki with.
52.) He invited fans to join him during his bike ride for E4K this year.
53.) He teaches his kids about healthy eating while teaching them HOW to cook.
54.) He ran over 50 miles for charity & anyone who’s ever even ran 1 mile knows how brutal that must have been.
55.) In 2011, he was named TV’s “Best Non-Human” by TV Guide which proves he’s actually an angel.
56.) His smile is singlehandedly the most beautifully infectious smile I have ever laid eyes upon.
57.) He looks good in literally anything.
58.) When I’m feeling crappy about life, I just look at pictures of him and I instantly feel better.
59.) His charity is in partnership with a crisis support group that has helped thousands of people like me during hard times.
60.) He’s not afraid to be emotional publicly and has even publicly cried before over issues that matter to him.
61.) His hard work and dedication inspire me to want to reach MY own goals.
62.) Seeing everything he’s accomplished makes me not want to give up.
63.) His sense of humor is brilliant and truly funny.
64.) He’s not afraid to make himself the butt of a joke and that kind of humor is extremely attractive.
65.) His humility (that I touched on earlier) transcends into everything he does whether it be his job, family or charity.
66.) He directly helps his fans - ex of which can be helping w/homework, sending them autograph replacements etc.
67.) He has posted his phone number publicly with the sole purpose to have conversations with fans.
68.) He truly regrets working on a movie about sexual assault & openly discourages people from watching it so we don’t get triggered.
69.) He steps out of his comfort zone sometimes to face issues in the fandom that no other actor wants to.
70.) He takes the time away from his family to come to conventions for his fans even when he’s extremely tired.
71.) His smile lights up any room.
72.) He very clearly says “fuck you” to gender norms & constantly does things like paint his nails.
73.) He encourages people to vote, even if it’s not for his candidate.
74.) He acknowledges the importance of white people being allies to minorities.
75.) He is extremely humble about his incredible good looks.
76.) He takes the winning gishwhes team on a vacation with him every year.
77.) He has been known to talk about very personal issues that resonate with fans during his meet n greets.
78.) He is nice to literally everyone (I’m serious, even to the people he dislikes: note, trump)
79.) This is kind of unrelated toa lot of the other reasons but he’s THICC HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS? wow.
80.) He’s an anchor for a lot of people who constantly struggle with depression (such as myself) and he guides us back to a good state of mind.
81.) He’s interested in the environment and he proved that during E4K this yr by bringing a geologist to talk to us about the terrain.
82.) His interactive gishwhes competitions inspire people to think outside the box.
83.) He’s simply beautiful like have you SEEN a picture of him?
84.) Everything he does is to better this world and community.
85.) He is the purest person I have ever come across in my life and I’ve come across quite a few people.
86.) His smiles are always genuine, you can tell by the way his eyes crinkle.
87.) He has struggled so much in his life and even then, came out successful. He is GOALS for all of us.
88.) He understands the reality behind a lot of these online “challenges” such as the ALS challenge & truly cares about the causes.
89.) He is extremely work oriented and has been known to stay on set way beyond what he was supposed to to film & perfect his scenes.
90.) His voice is pretty much the single most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever been graced with the opportunity to hear.
91.) He cares about orphans, refugees & homelessness.
92.) I truly believe that he loves each and every single one of his fans.
93.) He’s an imaginative goofball & that shows through with the items he has for gishwhes every year.
94.) He was the best thing to ever happen to me.
95.) This man is the epitome is what one should strive to be when it comes to their attitude, life & personality
96.) Whenever there’s a tragedy in a foreign country, he tries to tweet his support in their native language.
97.) He continually shows he cares about the fans that go through struggles and need support.
98.) When I first found out about his past, I promised myself I’d stop self injuring & make something out of my life. I am now clean of self injury and have been for a while.
99.) He unknowingly helped save me from one of the worst depressive periods of my 26 yr old life where everything seemed bleak & hopeless.
100.) His love for life saved MY life when I was hellbent on ending it last year and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

So yeah, if you ever want to even begin to question my love for Misha Collins- don’t. I will love him fiercely until my dying breath.

Congrats on the milestone, Misha. We love you.

BTS ‘Her’ Comeback with DNA!

As we all know and are aware, BTS are having their comeback in less than half a day’s time (18:00PM KST), and we have our usual 24 hours to beat our own previous record for Not Today which was nearly 11M views! 

During that 24 hours, the spotlight is going to be pretty bright - people will have expectations for us and we’ll have our own expectations for ourselves to achieve an even better record for our boys right? But I want to put a reminder out there that there will most likely be haters commenting, disliking and trying to stir up a war with ARMYs. So please! PLEASE PLEASE! Do your best to ignore them and not be rude back and try and focus on what matters, and that’s doing this for Bangtan. I know how hard it is not to fight back because antis can say really crappy things about us and the boys and no, we don’t tolerate that shit, but we have bigger things to focus on - things that matter a lot more. 

Don’t let what haters say or do affect you, and just keep streaming the video and don’t forget to like it as well! People are going to nitpick at us and try to find a fault in what we do and what we say especially when we fight back, we somehow end up looking like the bad guys and I don’t think any of us wants that - no one has to listen to me I’m literally just saying this because it’s what I think and believe, but why not just kill ‘em with kindness you know? I’ve seen this go round and people said to use ‘I’m sorry baby’ as a response to haters (yes we’re planning on using Namjoon’s iconic line) and I think it’s an amazing idea, why comment something rude and sink to their level when we can just say ‘I’m sorry baby’?

Let’s keep focus on what’s important to us - and that’s making our boys happy and proud! I don’t think it’s ever okay, under any circumstances to hate on any other Kpop group - so please be respectful! Don’t bash Kpop with Kpop, that just doesn’t make any sense. 

Love Yourself and Love BTS! WE GOT THIS ARMY! LET’S GO!

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Peter Pan Imagine/ Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

“ Is there a part 2 to do you love me? ”

“ Are you going to update “Do you love me?” It’s really good❤️ I don’t want to be pushy and I’m sorry if it seems like it ”

“ Omg!! Part two of “do you love me?” Please??”

“ Part 2 to do you love me!“

“ Do you love me? Part 2 😍 please”

“ Part 2 of do you love me plaseeeee”

“Part 2 plz”

“I must know how this ends”

“Yes yes yesssss part two”

“Please part 2″

“yes pls part 2 woyld be lovely”

“definitely part 2″

“Part 2 please!!!!!!”

“HELL yeah a part two”

“yesss pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Part 1 here–>

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

You arrived on the Neverland, you rub your shoe against the soil, trying to calm down your nerves. It seemed impossible.

“You okay kid? “ Swan asked and you jumped

“Oh shit.” you almost yelled “Yeah yeah yeah I’m fine.” you try to look calm but the group looked at you strange.

“Okay…” Hook said with a confused look

“Listen enough of this we need to get back to what’s important and that’s finding Henry!” Regina stated.

“Hook, you know this place better than anyone else, where would he be?” Swan asked Hook

“Well I guess anywhere his lost boys are, he doesn’t go anywhere without them.”

“Lies.” you said in your head, Pan was always one to wonder off into the night, leaving you naked under his sheets with nothing but his scent lingering the room you stay in.

“So do we just go and find wherever there is noise or?” Mary Margret asked

“It’s not that easy ?” Swan asked

“He’s the only one on the bloody island besides the boys and mermaids, it’s that easy.” Hook stated

“Great should we split up?” Regina asked

“No, that’s very dangerous, Pan maybe be a teenage boy but he is smart.” Hook said

You rolled your eyes, yeah sure he is. You had to do everything for him, he couldn’t even cook himself eggs. You were his eyes, his arms, and legs, you were his “sidekick” the lost boys would call you, you missed the boys a lot actually, they were never the mean ones, Pan was.

You guys start to walk and you start to feel goosebumps rise up, it’s like you could feel his presence against the trees, the wind, the sounds that would go in and out your ear, oh how you missed it all, you start to wonder how it be if you stayed.

Pan’s Point Of View

I start to feel something, something so familiar but something yet so new. What was it? It was such a sweet and beautiful feeling, but then it became sorrow and pain. This was something I never felt before, it was bizarre.

“Pan, want breakfast?” Felix asked as he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming.” I yelled

I open the door and I see Felix.

I nod my head signaling we can walk together. We do so.

The air was ..different, but in a familiar way.

“Hey Felix you feel, like different?” I ask him

“Uh no I mean I’m hungry, but when am I ? Why do you ask?” he asked

“Nothing Fe, just asking, forget I said anything.” I said.

I walk to the camp grounds and sit at my usual spot, waiting for the lost boys to feed me.

“Here ya go Pan.” an older lost boy gives you a plate.

“What the bloody hell is this bullshit?” I yell, its the same shit every day.

“It’s uhm fruit , and uh salad, without the dressing, and the croutons, and the cheese.”

“Ugh!” I yell again, “This is torture, we haven’t had meat, sweets, and barely any bread in forever, someone better learn how to bloody cook fast or else you all are getting banned from this island.” I yell and get up and sit on a long next to the fire.

All the lost boys stare at you, looking confused and scared.

“Pan you’re acting a little weird, you okay?” Felix asked

“Something is up, there’s something,UGH!” I’m clearly frustrated, nobody feels what I feel, there is something up today, it’s different.

“I’m going for a walk.” I say.

I start to walk to my thinking spot, the first place me and Y/n ever kissed.

I remember clear as daylight, I had asked her what she had to offer me, right on top of this hill, and she looked at me dead in the eyes and said “Me.” that was the day she changed my life.

I remember walking up to her, grabbing her face and rubbing my thumb against her soft cheeks, she looked at me with such joy, such a beautiful face, and I kissed her, never have I felt such an amazing feeling, I had goosebumps rising up and down my spine, the way she tasted, oh my, she tasted like cinnamon spices, and she told me I tasted like vanilla, together it was the most wonderful taste you could ever experience.

I snapped out of my thought as I saw something, no someone, as blond women, I became curious, what was she doing on my island, how stupid of her, I’ll have her in my cages in no time, or maybe she will be my slave and cook for me actual good food, unlike the lost boys crappy disgusting food.

Then , but then I see more of them, it was a group of adults , “Oh great.” I say as I roll my eyes. I hate grown ups, nothing but wanna be know it all who are always up your ass about something.

I walk away, I’ll deal with that bullshit later, right now, I just needed to think.

Regular Point Of View

My feet start to hurt, and I become weak.

“Hey can we like chill for a second? My feet are killing me.” I asked

“No we can’t we need to find Henry!” Regina yelled at me.

“We’ve been walking for 3 hours straight this place is going to at least take 4 days to search everywhere!” I yell back

“She’s actually right.” Hook said agreeing with me

“How would you know?” Mary Margret asked

“Oh.. it was just a wild guess..” you try not to blow your cover

“Look maybe she’s right, we do need nutrition if we are going to keep searching for Henry.” David said

“Okay fine, We can eat and then start to search again.” Regina said.

You guys start to make food, you cooked most of it, you were the chef in the family, and you loved to cook, so you didn’t mind.

You all gathered around the fire that the men made.

Enjoying your lunch you decided to hum, hum a song you would sing every time you cooked, Peter would always love when you sang, but of course he would never tell you.

Speaking of Peter he began to smell something, and it brought a smile to is eyes.

“Real food, but where?”  he got up “Lost boys, follow me.” he smiled

They walk to your campfire, Peter only saw the grown ups,”Okay boys, follow my lead.” he said cocky as ever

“Well , well ,well.” he said

Your head shot up like a deer in headlights, it was Peter, it was him in the flesh, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was so tall, and still handsome as hell, he looked so bad but he does it so well.

“That smells wonderful I must say, but what are you doing o my island?” he asked in such a cocky way.

“Shut it Pan.” Hook said

“Oh how funny, you’re going to tell me to shut up when it’s my bloody island.” he looked mad

You couldn’t help but stare, you felt terrible but it was just too hard not to, his arms were so muscular, his eyes were almost emerald green, his smile and the way he ran his fingers through his hair, it brought you back to the good days.

“I however will forgive me, as long as you swear to cook for me and my boys for the rest of, oh I don’t know, your lives.” he smiled.

He started to laugh but then he made eye contact with you, your heart skipped a beat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered to himself, his heart sank to stomach, but he snapped out of it and quickly turned back to his cocky self.

“What are YOU doing here?” he walks up to you.

You then get up and stand face to face with Peter Pan himself.

“Where is my brother?” you asked him

He laughs “Who is your brother?” 

“Henry.” you said

“Oh Henry?” he folded his arms

“Yes Henry.” you never lost eye contact with him.

“Henry is YOUR brother?” he smiled almost in a evil way.

“YES! Now where is he?” you yelled

“Oh Henry isn’t going anywhere now that I know that he s your brother.” he cocked a brow

“You are such an asshole , tell me where he is or else-”

“Or else what ? Huh?! You’re gonna leave again?” he said 

Now everyone is looking at you, and your group starts to ask questions.

“You know him?” Regina asked

“I knew something was up.” Mary Margret said

“Oh Y/n was my “Lost girl.” she was my special princess, sin’t that right?” he started at you in a way you never seen Peter before.

“You think just because you left you can come here and act like you’re all big and bad, pathetic.”  he said

“Give me back my brother and we will leave and you’ll never see my face again.” you said trying to reason with him.

“You’re not getting it are you? I’m keeping you here, forever.” he said

“The hell you are!” you yelled as you run next to your group.

Peter now looked annoyed

“You use to be so good, so obedient.” he shook his head

“I’m not a dog Pan.” you said

“No but you wanna know what you are? You’re fucked.” he said

“Yeah because of you! I’m so fucked up from all the shit you did to me! You  dragged me through hell and I called it love as long as you were holding my hand!” you yelled at him.

“Gosh you try to act so innocent! You wanna know the truth? The real truth?” he said as he backs you up as you try to stand your ground.

“I wanted to fuck you up, I wanted to tear you into pieces, you were so damn pure, and sweet, and nice, and I.” he looked at you up and down. “I just wanted to make your life hell, I never loved you,I don’t understand how you thought I could ever love you. So you know what? I’ll give you Henry.” 

He snapped his fingers and Henry appears, he runs to your family and you jst stand there with tears running down your face.

“Now you have to live with it, bye Y/n. For good this time.” he said as he walked away.


You were all packed to leave tomorrow mornig

You ran straight to your tent and you didn’t stop crying that night, how could Peter say that? After all you’ve been through, that was the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, thing you ever heard and that has happen to you in your entire life.

Peter lay in his bed that night, with tears in his eyes for the first time.

I loved her, no more than that , I was in love with her, as soon as I saw her I wanted her in my arms, and not in my bed, for the first time I wanted to hold her, and not fuck her senseless, she looked so dam beautiful, but I just couldn’t let her do that to me,, I couldn’t let her break me down, and let everyone and her know that I loved her, so I pushed her away, which was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

You woke up and to hollering , your eyes were super swollen but manged to run outside to see what the ruckess was all about.

You see Peter  with the lost boys and other people who you never saw in your life.

“Who the fuck are you?” Peter asked

“What time is it?” you asked David 

“It’s 12 afternoon.” he said

“What?! We were supposed to leave at 8:00am today what happen?” you asked

“This.” he pointed

“These people are trying to fight Pan and his crew but also not let us through the portal we’re suppose to go through. We have to go through soon portals don’t last forever you know.” Hook said

“Well then, let’s fight.” you puled out his sword and winked

You all began to fight off whoever these people where that were getting in yur way, you were clearly winning because you had your group and Pan’s group, you were fighting side by side next to Peter, and it was so weird.

You weren’t paying attention and and you were about to get stabbed by a sword, Peter saw and started to run to your rescue

“Y/N WATCH OUT!” Peter yelled and he pushed you out the way, you fall to the ground but quickly look up to see there was a sword in Peter’s stomach!

“PETER!” you yell and run to his rescue, the lost boys fight off all the rest of the evil people to make sure everyone is safe, so its just you, Peter, the lost boys, and your family.

You began to cry “Peter why?” you asked

“I had to, I couldn’t see you like this.” he said with his eyes heavy

“He’s bleeding a lot.” Felix said , he signaled the lost boys to go get the care package

“But, but you said you didn’t love me.” you were still crying

“I lied, I love, I’m in love with you Y/n, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since you walk on this damn island.” he said as he tried to move but just fell again.

“Don’t move Peter we’re getting you help.” Felix said

“Only love makes you crazy, but what I said to you yesterday, that was plain stupid Y/n.” he said wincing in pain.

You just si there and cry while holding unto him, “Peter you’re going to make it do you hear me? I won’t let you die.” you yell as you sob

Peer’s eyes became heavy, and he started to breath uneven, you were seeing the signs, he wasn’t holding on unto you like he was, and the lost boys were taking forever.

Everything became a blur until you heard “We got it! We got the stuff!” the lost boys yelled

They came and Felix pulled the sword out of Peter, spilling blood out of him and turning Peter pale.

Sooner than later they get him all stitched up and the bleeding stops, but Peter stops breathing.

“He’s not breathing!” Felix yelled

“What do we do?” a lost boy yelled

“Give him air!” an on other boys said

“How?!” said an other

You push them out the way and start doing CPR.

“1 2 3 “ you start to breath into him and you do this for at least a minute, everyone just stairs at you, hoping you do the trick.

Peter shoots up and gasped for air and your eyes start to water

“He’s alive!” You yell and all the lost boys yell “Hooray!”

He grabs your cheeks on your face and kisses your lips so soft, not rough at all, and it was a different side you seen from Peter.

“I love you Y/n.” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled

Henry and your family went back to StoryBrooke and you stayed in Neverland with Peter and the lost boys, you visit each other once a week.

Peter started to show his emotions and not be scared of him, for every boy, has a soft side, you just have to find it.

anonymous asked:

What proof do we have that Eris is abusive, other than that characters have said he is? Most held a similar opinion of Rhys, what's the difference? That we have a first person narrator who is privy to the backstory of one but not the other? I'm not trying to be aggressive but I want to know your thoughts. I thought showing was more important than telling in storytelling.

Okay then, like, what ‘proof’ have we got for literally 90% of the things in this series???? Feyre is a 19 year old human girl in a world full of immortal fae. You want an eye witness account for everything in this thing, do you?

 How do I know the war happened the way they said it did? Feyre never saw it, she’s only had characters tell her about it. How do I know Rhys actually hated what he did with Amarantha and didn’t just swap sides right at the end? How do I know Rhys’ dad sucked but his mother was a good person, I’ve only heard him tell me about her, I’ve seen it. How do I know Tamlin’s brothers were awful? Never seen them either. How do I know Beron is really that awful either, I mean maybe he’s wearing a mask too and all the characters are just wrong. How do I know Mor is queer? I’ve never seen her with a girl before, I just have her word for it, maybe she lied. How do I know literally anything in this entire series because WE GET TOLD MOST THINGS NOT SHOWN THEM. 

This is what happens when you have a limited first person pov. The character HAS to get told things in order to tell us things like ???? A little bit of common sense please, do you want me to like, historically fact check Prythian for everything that Feyre tells us about it??? 

And tbh SJM has a pretty crappy habit of doing the whole ‘telling over showing’ thing anyway. See: the entirety of the Throne of Glass series, Mor’s powers in ACOTAR (she’s awesome, really, we promise, we just haven’t actually SEEN her do anything), the assertions that Rhys and co are ~the most powerful ever~ have I actually SEEN that? Can I actually see that? No.  Do I really question these things? No. Because I understand that this is the only way I can actually get some information out of this story and if I only went with what I ‘saw’ and disbelieved everything else I’d have literally nothing?? 

And when it comes to the whole Eris thing, like, dude, it’s not just a couple of characters who’ve said he’s abysmal it’s like, wait let me make a list: 

Tamlin: “His father had her put down. Executed, in front of Lucien, as his two eldest brothers held him and made him watch.” That would be Eris. So at best you’ve got conflicting statements here. 

Lucien: “Lucien crossed his arms, leaning against the back of the couch. “I have to agree with Cassian. Eris is a snake.M, yes, Eris, HIS OWN BROTHER. If anyone was going to know Eris was ~not a bad person~ it’d be Lucien. Lucien who lived in that court. Who knew him. Who Eris apparently cared enough to protect/save, according to him. Eris who apparently cares so much about his mother (as we have seen Lucien does SEEN that is SEEN with our own two eyes) Why the hell would Lucien not know Eris was ‘wearing a mask’. Or maybe…Eris really does suck. 

Rhys: “Eris refused to marry her. Said she’d been sullied by a bastard-born lesser faerie, and he’d now sooner fuck a sow. […]Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods.” Idgaf how he tries to spin it later, this is what happened.  

Cassian: “You’re working with that prick,” Cassian cut in, whatever catching-up now over, apparently. He moved to Mor’s side, a hand on her back. He shook his head at Azriel and Rhys, disgust curling his lip. “You should have spiked Eris’s fucking head to the front gates.” 

Amren: “Your whole family is despicable,” Amren said to Lucien.

Mor: At Mor, whose face went white with dread. […]Or at Eris, heir to the Autumn Court, as he strolled into the room. 


And I had the terrible sense that Mor had gone somewhere far, far away as Eris set down his goblet and said, “You look well, Mor.”

The sight of him triggers actual real panic attacks and flashbacks that we can literally see from Feyre’s POV. Five hundred years after the fact and Mor is still traumatised enough by what he did to her to react like this even after all that time. 

Then we have Feyre’s POV herself. Through her we’ve seen Eris laughing alongside his other brothers as Lucien was tortured and nearly killed. 

“I don’t suppose your handsome brothers know, Lucien,” she purred.

“If we did, Lady, we would be the first to tell you,” said the tallest. He was lean, well dressed, every inch of him a court-trained bastard. Probably the eldest, given the way even the ones who looked like born warriors stared at him with deference and calculation—and fear.

 Ah, yes, that would be Eris actively promising help to Amarantha in order to damn Feyre and continue her reign. Then there’s the way Eris hunts down Lucien and Feyre in the Winter Court, actively harms them both. So that’s like…Basically every single main character in this book who’s told you Eris sucks. 

What’s the basis for believing that he doesn’t, out of interest? I mean what ‘evidence’ do you have that he is actually wearing a mask, what do you have that’s so strong it goes against the testimony of multiple characters? Oh I know! You have Eris’ word for it and that’s it. Wow. So unbiased. So convincing. Eris tells us he’s not really a bad guy and that outweighs the half a dozen people who tells us he is! That’s just. Damn. What logic. Can’t argue with that. 

Also, like, I’m sorry, but Rhys’ arc was done properly, Rhys’ redemption wasn’t a retcon it was a followed-through on plan. There were hints UtM that Rhys was not as black as he was painted (He killed the Summer Court faerie outright rather than leaving him to suffer, he repeatedly came to visit Feyre in her cell when no-one else would, he was honest with Feyre about the treatment he received at Amarantha’s hands (a vulnerability on his part), he told her why he was making her dance every night as well as the steps he put in place to protect her, he sent music to her and saved her life, he saved her life and Tamlin’s with the kiss (which Feyre is aware of), he tried to save Feyre’s life while Amarantha was torturing her) 

Rhys was a complex, morally grey character UtM and it’s possible to show a different side to him and a ‘mask’ because there were always hints of him wearing one. What if Ianthe told Feyre she was actually a secret agent working for Prythian but she was forced to act the way she did to keep her cover? What if Amarantha said she’d only dominated Prythian that way to save it from something worse and she too was wearing a mask and working for the greater good? What if Hybern said there was a bigger threat facing them and he had an ulterior motive to this war (and also, I mean, how do you really know Hybern is that awful, we’ve only ever had people tell us about him, maybe he’s misunderstood too!!!!)  @valamerys wrote this out far better than I could in this post, read it too. 

My thoughts are pretty simple, tbh: SJM decided to “”””””redeem”””””” Eris, likely to have him set-up to take over Autumn, now Lucien isn’t an option for that before what with the whole dramatic lost son of Day thing and she did a crap job of it. Like this isn’t some grand morality based character debate that’s going on here, SJM just handled this poorly. In order to make him seem not so bad she had to undo all of the canon that she’d set in place before hand and offer ‘alternative’ explanations for what happened that we’ve never heard about. 

If she planned this all beforehand, if Eris was always wearing a mask why weren’t there hints of it before? Why didn’t she have Tamlin tell Feyre he got an anonymous tip-off the day he saved Lucien’s life from his brothers (which is what Eris claimed). Why wouldn’t Lucien defend him a little, say at least he cared about their mother/was sometimes kinder to him than the others? Why wouldn’t Rhys say that in the arranged marriage that petrified Mor, Eris was as unwilling as she was, that he argued against it? (Eris would have gone through with this marriage regardless of what it did to Mor if she hadn’t slept with Cassian) Why wouldn’t Eris stay quiet UtM or not show up to watch Lucien’s torture (which he does repeatedly)? Why, why, why, why, why would SJM not do something to show us that there might be more to Eris? Unless this was just a sloppy, last minute retcon to redeem a gross, abusive character who still to do this day petrifies his victim? 

Like, if you consider showing to be of more importance than telling in stories….You’ve picked a mighty weird hill to die on here with Eris. Because this is literally the worst example of telling not showing in this entire series. There is no basis for anything that happens with Eris’ character in ACOWAR and the only thing we have stacked against the evidence of two and a half books is what Eris says and how he personally spins the story like ????

 Idk dude, we can have a convoluted, let’s bend over backwards to redeem this guy and show he was misunderstood and has been wearing a mask so convincing it’s never ever ever cracked even once this entire time, to anyone! Even people who’ve known him for centuries….Or we go with the simpler: SJM really didn’t plan or execute this story very well at all. Which seems more reasonable?  

Abuse of Boys In Relationships

I wanted to make a post about this weird culture we have right now where we make it seem like boys are obliged to put up with female abuse.

 I think a lot of people look past it but there definitely are a large amount of people who think things like girls kicking or punching their boyfriends is okay and that the solution is to have him ‘pull her closer’, or that girls demanding that he not talk to other girls is okay, or that a girl asking for his password to everything is fine, or that if a girl says “leave me alone” and he actually leaves her alone and gives her space, the guy is the one being the asshole. I think a lot of people genuinely believe in the whole ‘hard to get’ thing or the ‘testing’ thing (ex. “I just said I was breaking up with you to see if you’d beg for me back but I guess not, asshole! You don’t really love me after all!”), and a lot of things that I see in mainstream relationships tend to be super abusive and manipulative. 

So that being said, boys, if a girl is abusing you, or a boy, or anyone for that matter, do me a favor and leave their ass if they aren’t willing to effectively communicate and fix the situation. A relationship is about being happy- contrary to popular beliefs, it isn’t about sacrifices, it isn’t about how “if you TRULY loved them, you’d never leave them!” and while love is a big component, and sacrifices may happen, the most important aspect is that you feel loved, safe, and like you both put equal effort into it to create a healthy balance.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request an unnecessarily fluffy fic about Tim and Damian being reminded that Jason is also one of Dick's little brothers and maybe at the end Jason using that fact to his advantage?

I promised you I’d get this fic out after Batfam week and here it is! I planned on writing this fic a completely  different way, but sometimes fics write themselves. It is fluffy and fun and I hope you enjoy it. : )

Also, for everyone who submitted for my anniversary post, I am working on those fics as well! This was close enough to being done that I wanted to get it out before pushing it behind anything else. 

Quick note: This fic is written in 1st person and done a bit differently than my usual stuff. It’s actually a bit of an homage to @whore4batfam​‘s Tim fic of a similar style that you can read here. I loved it then and have been dying to try one of my own for a while. 


Words: 3,647

Rating: Gen (one instance of language because Jason)

AO3 Link

It all started when Golden Boy was chewing me out after patrol . By chewing me out I mean yelling at the top of his lungs about Being safe, Jason and Think before you shoot, Jason, and  If you keep this up you could get killed again, Jason. Normally I don’t care when Dick’s chewing me out. When he uses words it usually means whatever it is I’ve done (I tune him out most of the time, if I don’t I get it from him, Bruce, and usually Tim so it’s nice to miss at least one of the three) wasn’t all that bad.

It’s when Goldie gives me the silent treatment, that’s when I knew I’ve royally screwed the pooch. You know the look, that stupid kicked puppy, how could you Jason, I’m your big brother and I worry, look? The one that means you’ve actually hurt him instead of worrying him, and his sunshine-y mood will be dampened for a few hours? Yeah, that one. And when he adds silence to that, the kind that’s cold and hurt and makes you wish he’d just yell so someone could feel better? That’s when I have to worry.

So when he’s yelling at me I usually don’t care. Except today. Today he’d pulled the death card, which if you’ve spent ANY time around me at ALL you’d know is kind of my thing.

Dames can use it if he wants, but the Demon Brat’s usually got his head somewhere else and doesn’t bother, which is basically why I let him use it. But Dick? Golden Boy, never-done-anything-wrong, faked-my-death-and-caused-my-family-untold-sadness-and-didn’t-actually-die-so-he-has-no-experience Grayson? He doesn’t get to even touch the thought.  

I tuned right back in at the words killed again and went off on him. Don’t ask me what I said, I can’t remember. It’s always the same between us anyway. Something about Dick only ever being an overbearing older brother when I’m a screw up and not being able to live up to his Golden Status in Bruce’s eyes, and him yelling back that I don’t get it and I never have.

Somehow screaming turned to fists flying and we were really fighting. I’m talking black eyes, bruised ribs, and a few good knocks to the back of the head. It was amazing in a cathartic kind of way.

That is until Dick starts crying. Right there, sitting on the floor of the cave like some kind of four year old whose tantrum’s devolved into the kind of tears that tell you the fight was about something a lot deeper than a torn doll or broken car.

And listen. If you’ve never seen Dick Grayson cry, well count yourself lucky. It’s damn near heartbreaking.

You try to stay together when your older brother, a man whose emotions consist of unbridled optimism, fierce anger, and the tendency to be deadly serious only when the situation calls for it, breaks down in tears.

I thought so.


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Thrift Shop Shenanigans

I haven’t been working at this place long at all. I’m already becoming jaded, however. And this is gonna be a long one, good and bad.

On my first official week of work, I had a horrible falling out with a friend the day before I had to work again. So I was already on edge, and had been pestered by small children all day. Well a half hour before closing a mother, father and their (bratty) daughter came in. Brat hid in the clothes. I sternly and somewhat loudly asked her not to. But I did not yell. That’s important: Because the dad, who was on a different side of the store, complained that someone had yelled at his daughter.

Sir, if I had yelled at your daughter, the whole store would know: when I’m yelling, it isn’t a secret at all. :’)

And get this: dude’s own wife works retail, just like I do. So I’d assume this guy would be more understanding? Nope. Brat can do no wrong. :“)
And I got a soft discussion since I was still new to the job.

Random things I find: BINGO lottery balls, shoelaces, random Legos, small things that kids have​ dropped, ect.

Customers: I can tell when people steal our clothing. Hun, it’s a thrift store, our clothes are already cheap. You ain’t that slick. Double hangers on a shirt? Stolen. We once found 48 hangers on the floor. 48 items stolen. Some customers are good about putting things back where they found them, or kindly giving them to an employee. Some customers will begin fixing things once an employee comes over. Some just don’t care. Just yesterday, 9/21/17, gal and her boyfriend had two shopping carts. One devoted to clothes, another full of shoes of all kinds. They bought only 25% of their clothes, and NONE of their shoes. I wanted to scream, but the most I could do was a polite smile as they said they couldn’t buy any of the shoes and if I could take care of them, but I seriously wanted them to step on a Lego. They made so much extra work for us.

Advantage of working at a thrift store though? You know where all the cute clothes are. You know what you put where if you wanted to buy it on your lunch break. You get 20% off as a store employee too. You get cheap clothes even cheaper. Makes up for all the crappy customers you deal with. Especially on Saturdays. I’m gonna buy something (or ten) for myself tomorrow, hahah!

A Mess- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by willynylanders

Ok so after some careful thought and a lot of how this should go, we’re just going to say… Enjoy!

Warning: A couple of cusses, fluff

@schmerbach201110 Request: A one where Mitch marner messes up proposing


              You honestly thought Mitch was going to pee his pants.

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Ultraman in Texas

In February, I went to see the Ultraman Double Feature that was touring American theaters in a limited engagement.  It featured dubbed versions of the Ultraman X and Ultraman Ginga S movies. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dub but I still enjoyed the movies quite a bit, especially the Ultraman X film. 

As many of you might know, I live in Texas.  Right now I live in Austin but I spent a good many years in the Dallas/Forth Worth area and I still go back from time to time because that is where a lot of my family resides. As you might expect, given its Japanese nature, there isn’t a lot of Tokusatsu that uses Texas, or Dallas in particular as a setting. 

Well, low and behold during part of the Ultraman X movie, what city should appear on screen?

Hey, those buses have the Texas flag on them and some of those buildings look familiar… no, it couldn’t be.

Holy crap!  It is, there’s an Ultraman movie that has scenes set (and shot) in Dallas!

OMG!  I know exactly where that is!  That road is IH35, which is a major interstate Highway running from Minnesota to Mexico!  It’s a crappy and congested roadway that’s sometimes a Nightmare to drive on. Also, that ball in the center of the screen…

Yeah, that one, right there!  That’s Reunion Tower, one of Dallas’ most notable skyline landmarks.  There’s a hotel connected to it that I used to be the site of an anime convention I attended.  That’s so cool!

Oh crap, that’s not going to help traffic any.

Fun fact, when I was really bored and living in Dallas, I would sometimes fantasize about what it would be like to have a giant monster attack the city.  Apparently someone in Japan had the same idea!

So, who is going to save Dallas?

It’s Ultraman Ginga!

And Dallas is saved!  Yeah, this probably isn’t that cool to anyone else, especially if you live in a place often used in science fiction/monster movies but I so rarely see Dallas get a giant monster or a tokusatsu fight so yeah, this made me like the movie even more!

I guess my biggest problem with people shipping thor//ki is not even The Incest™ itself, BUT the fact that most of them try to, idk, justify it with this crappy “they are not related by blood so it’s totally ok!! uwu” argument like?? adopted brother = not a real brother????

it’s 2017, just… admit to yourself you are into shipping two brothers with each other, you fucking pussy

4th of July with Grayson

Originally posted by infinitygarner

Request:  could you do a fourth of July imagine for grayson. Where the reader and gray throw a big party and all their friends and family come and they have a great night xx

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,376

Grayson Dolan x Reader

A/N: I couldn’t find anything w Grayson and fireworks so here is a good looking gif. ;)

“Gray, I’m pretty sure I don’t feel safe with you blowing up fireworks.” 

I watched as my boyfriend of 3 years shuffled around through the firework section, asking me which one looked more cooler every other second. 

“Babe, it’s not a 4th of July party without some fireworks!” He picked up three boxes of sparklers, tossing them into our buggy.

“Gray, we’re here for food, not fireworks!” 

Grocery shopping with Grayson was difficult anyways but knowing that our party tomorrow was going to be huge, and the fact that Ethan was coming along, makes me a thousand times more nervous about buying fireworks.

“I’m going to get hamburger meat.” I mumbled walking away from him.

“Baby stop. Just, we’ll get the sparklers tonight and then maybe I can get E to grab some real explosions.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m gonna die.” 

Gray laughed at me, giving my ass a quick slap, making me blush. We got the rest of the items and left the grocery store. Gray kept talking to me about how he wanted huge fireworks but all I see when I imagine him and Ethan shooting fireworks is fire and maybe someone getting hurt but I’m not hoping for that.

Gray pulled into the driveway of the Twins apartment, giving me a quick kiss before getting out. 

“Ethan!” He screamed making me roll my eyes.

“That is why you two get evicted from your apartments so much!” I hissed, grabbing a load of bags.

Grayson laughed and started handing Ethan bags when he came to the car. I trudged up the stairs, feeling Grayson hitting my butt with his bags.

“Can you not?” I yelled pushing their door open. 

“You were going slow.” I rolled my eyes, sitting all the bags down in the kitchen.

Grayson and Ethan left the apartment to go film for their new video tomorrow, leaving me there with peace and quiet. I truly don’t think I could’ve survived another long conversation about what kind of fireworks to get. I started putting groceries up, groaning at the sparklers. 

“Hey y/n!”

I looked back an saw Cameron sitting at the bar, looking gorgeous as ever.

“Hey Cam! What’re you doing here?”

“Grayson texted me saying that you were cooking some of the party food for tomorrow and told me to come help.”

“I’m actually not. The only things that really need to be cooked tomorrow is the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.” She rolled her eyes making me laugh.


Cameron stayed over, helping me put up the rest of the groceries. I decided to tell her about how Grayson wants to do huge fireworks tomorrow at our party but she agreed with me and said that one of them would probably get hurt. Which, when they do get hurt, it’s typically Grayson. 

“We’re back!” 

I felt arms snake around my waist, making a smile appear on my face.

“Did you two not cook?” Ethan asked throwing his hands up.

“No you idiot. You don’t cook hamburgers the night before.” Cameron pushed him away from her, causing Ethan to trip over a pair of shoes.

“Quit messing around Cameron.” Ethan mumbled pushing Cameron.

I leaned my head back onto Gray’s chest, earning a kiss on the top of my head.

“I’m actually gonna go to bed. Good night.” 

I pulled away from Grayson grip giving him a kiss on the cheek and headed to his room. I kicked off my shoes, crawling into my side of the bed. 

“Good night Baby.” I rolled over an smiled at Grayson.

“Good night.”

“I love you.”

“Love you.”

“You can only buy $200 worth of fireworks. Okay?” 

The boys nodded their heads, leaving me at the apartment once again. They suckered me into letting them buy fireworks knowing good an well there was going to be a firework show in Los Angeles tonight. 

Cameron was in the back cooking the food because they boys couldn’t even figure out how to turn the grill on so Cameron had to teach them. 

The party started at 6 tonight and it was currently 4. I wasted half the day sleeping but I could care less honestly. 

“Here’s the first batch.” Cameron sat the plate down.

“Thank you so much, Cameron.” 

She waved off my gesture and went back outside. I don’t know how they boys even survived without Cameron. I really don’t know. 

“We’re back!!” 

I looked over, my mouth dropped open.

“That is so not $200 worth.” I mumbled.

“But it’s a lot!” Ethan took the fireworks outside

“What the hell, Grayson. There’s gonna be a firework show down in L.A. tonight.”

“I know but this was way cooler.”

I let out a big sigh, earning a kiss on the cheek from Gray. I ignored them for the rest of the hour so I could actually cook. Their friends started rolling in around 5:30. 

However, what the boys and Cameron don’t know is that I flew out their parents. 

“Hey baby, everyone is loving the party so far.” Grayson wrapped his arms around my waist.

“It hasn’t even started though.” I laughed putting the plate of toppings over on the island. 

“I know but they already love it. Thank you for cooking everything.” 

I turned around and smiled up at him, pulling him down, leaving a kiss on his plump lips.

“I love you, Grayson.” 

“I love you, y/n” 

Grayson left once again. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages. 

From: Mrs.Dolan

‘Hey y/n! We’re coming now! :)’

I shoved my phone in my back pocket, leaving the apartment when no one was looking. 

“Hey!” I pulled his mom into a hug. 

“Thank you for inviting us out here. It means a lot.” Mr.Dolan rubbed my back, pulling me into a hug as well. 

“Don’t thank me. I know the boys miss you. Okay, so let me go in and tell them that I have to show them something.”

They nodded their heads. I jogged back to the door, smiling when Grayson came into my view. I walked over and laced my fingers with his.

“Hey baby.” He kissed the top of my head making me smile.

“I have a surprise for you and Ethan.” 

He looked down at me and motioned for Ethan to follow me. 

“Okay, close your eyes.” 

The boys closed their eyes, making me smile. I opened the door and motioned for their parents to come in.

“Is it going to hurt us?” Ethan yelled, covering his balls.

“I doubt she’d do that, E.” Grayson mumbled.

“You can open them!” 

The boys eyes widened, pulling their parents into them.

“We didn’t know you two were coming!” Grayson yelled, squeezing his mom.

“We didn’t know either but y/n invited us down here to celebrate with you two and Cameron.”

Grayson pulled me into a hug, swaying us back an forth. 

“Thank you y/n! you’re the best!” Ethan joined our group hug making me laugh.

“No problem boys.”

Ethan pulled back and took his parents out to the backyard, leaving me there with Gray.

“You’re literally the best, y/n. I couldn’t ask for a better girlfriend.” 

Grayson pulled me into a kiss, wrapping his arms around my waist. I pulled back and laced my fingers with his, earning a kiss on my hand. 

I stayed with Grayson the whole night, chatting with his friends about their new youtube ideas, their new tattoos,and what they planned on doing with their future. They were truly blessed with some amazing friends. 

I walked over an stood beside Cameron, watching the boys set up the fireworks. This was what I was fearing the most about tonight but luckily their dad was out there helping them. 

“Who’s ready to watch some fireworks!?” Ethan yelled. 

The whole party cheered, even me and Cameron. Their dad set off the fireworks, making Ethan and Grayson give each other high fives. Everyone was recording the show but I was too busy amazed by how beautiful they were. Honestly expected them to get crappy ones. 

“Thankfully my dad was here to help them.” Cameron laughed, elbowing me.

“Oh, I know.” I laughed and watched as Grayson walked over to us, wrapping his arm around my waist.

“Thank you for tonight, baby.” He mumbled, kissing the top of my head.

“Don’t thank me.” I mumbled, leaning my head against his shoulder.

“I do.”

We watched the rest of the fireworks together. Grayson was slowly rubbing my back, giving my ass a squeeze every couple of times. 

“Happy 4th of July, baby.” 

“Happy 4th of July.” 

The real omniscient being is the friends we made along the way

Guys, I’m ¾ of the way done with my 50 plushie sewing order that’s due at the end of the month.  I have one week left.  I’ll answer comments in August -_-

We were watching Origins, Pt. 1 and my husband brought up a Very Valid Point. 

Hawkmoth/Papillon creates an akuma to get Master Fu to activate the Ladybug and Black Cat Miraculous.

Ladybug and Chat Noir meet.  Adrien makes up his super hero name on the spot.

Marinette doesn’t even get to say her name before she clonks him.  

They go to fight the akuma without completing introductions.  Then, this happens.

WTF psychic Hawky below the cut

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Broduce 101: Episode 9 (Quick Livestream Recap)

Firstly, I want to apologise for the lateness of this recap. I’ll try to be more timely for the remaining two episodes, I’m sorry.

This episode is all about the concept evaluations and the live performances for the next eliminations.

  • We start off in the Produce prison mansion, where BoA visits the waiting trainees. They’re always a bit starstruck with her lol
  • She reminds them this is the last elims before final 11, casts a degree of doubt about whether the cut off will be the top 22 ranks, then explains the voting system and benefits.
  • Although at this stage, these godawful live voting stages are increasingly important for the rankings, they continue to be stupid and easily manipulated in favour of the popular trainees regardless of their performances. I know this is supposed to be a true reality show or whatever, but the idea of giving a young audience more organised than Mnet so much power gives me a stress headache.
  • Anyway. The team that gets the most votes for their performance gets a 20,000 vote benefit and the trainee with the most votes gets a 100,000 vote benefit. The team with the most votes gets to perform at M!Countdown.
  • Each song has to have 7 members, and since Mnet’s crappy planning meant the trainees got split into teams before elims, they have to be reshuffled so every song has the same number of performers. 
  • In true Lord of the Flies fashion, the boys have the privilege of kicking out their own teammate by ranking their group from first to last. This means a chunk of them have spent a week rehearsing for a song they won’t perform 
  • The teams short of members pick from those trainees in order of highest ranking. Open, which has the most missing members has Kang Daniel pick first, followed by Showtime’s Yoon Jisung and finally I Know You Know Kim Taedong.
  • The kids from Oh Little Girl and Never get together to beg appeal to not be kicked out from their song
  • Never has Haknyeon saying he’ll work hard to keep his spot and not hold back the team
  • Minhyun says, flatly, ‘Yes. Hwaiting.’ 
  • Dead.
  • Most of them want to vote themselves as best to help their odds lol
  • Yoo Seonho, who is self aware: I don’t want to be first, I just want to be 7th. No wait. 6th? I should be confident.
  • Open has lost most of their team. They went from having Kim Seonglee to not having any main vocals to carry the song. They retained Baekho and Yongguk, so still not too shabby. 
  • Sidenote: Little Lee Woojin is so smol amongst his hyungs with that little yellow beanie. 
  • Oh Little Girl keeps their visuals and token singers Sewoon and Gunhee, which is smart considering how average the song is. They’ll need their fanvotes to win the Mnet performance so they kick out Moonbok. 
  • Sacrilege but c’est la vie.
  • Never retains their strengths with a good mix of popular and talented boys. This group had way too many competent trainees so it was a closer battle, I reckon. Emperor Hwang Minhyun’s picks in almost the exact order stay. 
  • Sungwoon and Lai Guanlin tie for 7th, and the top 6 vote between the two.
  • It ends with Sungwoon joining Seonho, Haknyeon, Youngmin for the cast out kids.
  • He’s embarrassed because he’s efficient and skilled but I’m significantly more bitter. As much as I like Guanlin, this is a bit disrespectful for someone like Sungwoon, who’s literally known for having everything but height. Even though Never doesn’t need too many vocally adept trainees, it’s the bandwagon song and therefore likely to have public appeal.
  • He’s cute though, straight up pandering to the Open team when they have to pick their new members by singing the song.
  • Open picks up Im Youngmin, Seonho and Hakneyon leaving Moonbok and Sungwoon for the next team.
  • Disrespectful, straight up.
  • Showtime has Yoon Jisung doing a startlingly accurate impression of Daniel before they chose Sungwoon for the high pitched vocals. 
  • Moonbok makes his way to IKYK’s practice room to join the underdogs, who’re excited to see Pocahontas hyung.
  • Oh Little Girl has a mournful bgm at rehearsals as they have to decide on final positions after eliminations. 
  • Minki has to work to secure broadcast minutes that Mnet has carefully avoided giving him by trying out for centre, and his teammates vote him in place, unseating Jihoon. 
  • Main vocal has Gunhee and Sewoon battling it out for the position. They’re both good choices - the demo singer even sounded like Sewoon, who hasn’t been main vocal even once despite strengthening the background vocals every mission. The team does pick Sewoon this time, fortunately.
  • Bae Jinyoung wants to be sub-vocal, and is worried about his falling rank. He’s not ambitious enough to try to be main vocal at least, but those vocal techniques confuse me with that inherent smooth tone. The kid is young, and can be easily improved though, maybe a few months of SM styled vocal boot camp?
  • Showtime has a still (rightly) pouty Sungwoon want to be centre in his new team. His whole team laughs, with co-HOTSHOT member Noh Taehyun cackling particularly loudly at his sheepish announcement. 
  • Auntie Jisung references Jessi from Unpretty Rapstar, yelling, ‘THIS IS COMPETITION,’ and pinches his nose bridge like the drama queen he is.
  • Centre nominees try the guitar stringing ‘killing part’ to appeal for the spot and Brave’s Samuel wins the spot. 
  • Sungwoon tries stealing the sticker out of sheer desperation OTL
  • Ah, I don’t like the song so much but this group has so many of my faves.
  • They actually start rehearsing and come to a realisation.
  • Noh Taehyun: The centre needs to be able to sing well too.
  • Kim Samuel, who is an extremely competent dancer by anyone’s standards, can’t sing above his speaking range. Again, easily fixed by a year or two of concentrated training. He’s only sixteen and his voice must have dropped like a summer ago
  • IKYK’s Kwon Hyunbin wants to be leader. The team votes him in over BNM Donhyun and he does Auntie Jisung’s clapping in celebration
  • Mnet, how many kids are you going to give the Sohye edit, this is getting out of fucking control.
  • Picking centre is particularly sad with most of the contenders well aware they’re going to be eliminated. They vote Taedong in, displacing poor Donghan.
  • Open team has Kenta, Seonho and Haknyeon do expression acting to appeal for centre. Kenta pulls a face to loosen his facial muscles before trying, and is embarrassed although he’s not bad. Haknyeon is good too.
  • Seonho can’t hit the notes and tries a vocal trick Shin Yumi taught the kids. This sort of stuff about the Cube chicks impresses me because they’ve really absorbed every learning opportunity on this show like sponges. They’re still far from debut ready and I wouldn’t want them to debut in BOI over the older trainees but it appeals to my Asian sensibilities to see them working hard if nothing else.
  • Baekho: You can’t ask someone to press down on your forehead on stage.
  • So it comes down to Jeju pig boy and Japanese puppy. 
  • Joo Haknyeon gets voted as centre and then struggles with everything. 
  • Pledis Dongho gets GodJonghyun edit, practicing with the kid to help him improve. He points out that Haknyeon’s confidence is far from being at par with his skill level.
  • Never team votes Emperor Hwang as centre over Guanlin. Not shocking, considering the difference in ability. 
  • Ong-ssi hits the nail on the head as always as they practice, pointing out that they don’t really have to deal with shuffling and learning of the song so rehearsals are smooth and quick. It also helps that most of them are highly competent.
  • There’s a bit about Ong Sungwoo being Mnet’s human slate. Cute. 
  • Also cute is Brand New Music’s Park Woojin finally being comfortable enough to be the kid he is, surrounded by hyungs. I found a subbed cut, which you can see here because I can’t do justice to this positive filler bit that I would be happy to see more of @mnet. 
  • Important takeaway - Sweet puppy Park Woojin and gang are being taught variety by Ong-ssi
  • Final concept performance day!
  • Far out, look at the bank the show is making with those crowds. Girls are easily the backbone of capitalism. It’s amazing considering how much effort the industry puts into putting women down.
  • Anyway, kpop legend tiny Queen BoA looks fire emoji in her red pantsuit.
  • Aw seeing the eliminated trainees always makes my soul ache. 
  • The composers are attending too. You gotta have all those unnecessary reaction shots am I right ha ha HA
  • The composers visit during rehearsals for a check in. Not many women there either lol Hashtag bitter female tears
  • Showtime gets primarily positive reactions at the check in. They have high energy while performing which suits the song’s up tempo disco vibe. Samuel’s vocal get a boost because his voice doesn’t waver.
  • The team’s live performance is enjoyable. The average skill ability in this group of trainees is also rather high. It looks very polished, and they all look like they’re enjoying the stage, which always makes me happy to see. 
  • Sanggyun, who receives his usual amount of absolutely no screentime, is memorable in my opinion. So handsome.
  • The choreo is fun more than complicated. Easy standouts are Auntie Jisung dancing Pick Me and the inclusion of RBW puppy Dongmyung’s warming up limb flapping dance. Samuel does well with the dance break, the Ardor and Able trainees remain excellent performers as always.
  • They all keep calling it their possible last stage and Auntie Jisung looks like he’s going to cry again. It hurts because it could be true. 
  • Probably the shortest screentime for the group with my personal faves. Deeply grateful as always, Mnet.
  • Next up is my top song pick for Concept evals, I Know You Know.
  • Their wardrobes are particularly pretty. Thank you stylists for Moonbok’s look.
  • At check in with the composers, they get a bit of shake down because of their lack lustre initial performance. I’m not surprised because Joombas is really high profile, someone who works with famous singers. The team has competent but not excellent trainees. 
  • Hyunbin’s been getting a good edit as he makes up for the effort for the first evals where Mnet basically shoved him off a cliff, with a GodJonghyun inspired leader attitude. 
  • It’s a bit annoying because good god don’t we have enough Brohyes. 
  • Still, I’d rather this than kids being thrown sacrificed to the netizen flames.
  • Product placement.
  • The final performance is good. Kim Yehyun’s voice wavers out of place at parts but sweet boy Seo Sunghyuk is unexpectedly very stable considering the very energetic choreo. Donghyun, Donghan and Taedong remain reassuringly good and completely ignored. Hyunbin’s voice doesn’t sound as out of place as it did last mission while Moonbok proves he’s capable of idol rap with his smooth delivery. The choreo is exhausting but none of their voices are strained (they also probably have their studio recorded tracks playing so this may not be a matter of skill)
  • Open is next up, with the boys looking unreasonably good in their black suits. 
  • Well, Daniel, Dongho and Kenta anyway. I take a minute to pray to the wardrobe team again. I’m not a Daniel fan in particular but my word, the boy looks fine
  • Haknyeon messes up with typical Mnet camera focus at pre-performance check in. The composers can’t even pick one standout trainee.
  • The team convene to re-discuss centre with Haknyeon not being about to live up to his desire and confidence. Again, lack of training and age comes into play here, but wanting to take on things he can’t handle yet is not helping him.
  • Center swaps to Kim Yongguk, who doesn’t even get a clear shot of his face for the occasion.
  • Haknyeon gets Sexy Bandit’s thumbs up of approval at recording, after working hard for his second consecutive redemption arc. 
  • It could be the editing, but Daniel hasn’t been a very effective leader this mission either.
  • Product placement.
  • They come to check out the stage during dress rehearsal with the bed and slick set.
  • Kenta: It’s rather adult (as far as I know, the word can mean dirty or sexy depending on context but I think adult sounds appropriate here).
  • I agree. Seonho’s too young for this one. 
  • With the song and choreo being handed to them being what it is, this performance was looking to be one of my more anticipated ones, but the boys do a great job too. Daniel comes off more as centre than Yongguk but I can’t fault him because he does a really good job. Kenta is a visual standout too
  • It could be the editing, but Yongguk fades among the others although he keeps up well enough. Seonho’s vocals are satisfactory considering where he started out, there are bits where his dancing is still slightly awkward though. Same with Haknyeon, which is strange because I thought that was his strongest field. He’s visibly out of sync at times, even to my tired eyes. Maybe he doesn’t practice to beats, because he had the same issue in Right Round
  • This may be Sexy Bandit Pledis Baekho’s stage though. He’s beyond reproach. I’d call him oppa if he wanted me to.
  • They get an encore chant!
  • Fully deserved, because both the song and their performance of it was debut group level.
  • Oh Little Girl next
  • A lot of visual hype kids here. Costumes are terrible though, bits and pieces from earlier performances and maybe Park Jihoon’s personal closet?
  • That song name though….
  • Jihoon does the aegyo I’ve seen from the cute Monsta X rapper. It’s cringey on him too.
  • At performance check in, the producers acknowledge that the song may well have been tailored to Sewoon. Bae Jinyoung makes a few mistakes though.
  • Cue mournful music and cuts of his confidence issues.
  • Sewoon helps him practice and he’s better at recording. Kids like this usually are. He definitely could be a competent idol singer if someone gives him focused help. 
  • In the practice rooms, Minki has some issues while rehearsing, and there’s friction between him and the younger kids. Jihoon leaves the room with a door slam that freezes the others, and they have to gather to talk because Jihoon feels like Minki is upset with him. 
  • This time Minki slams the door behind him as he exits.
  • Sewoon is getting visibly worked up at this conflict.
  • Is Mnet finally getting genuine drama footage without manipulative editing? 
  • No. It’s another one of those birthday camera pranks that Korean variety producers still think are entertaining. 
  • Gunhee comes in with a cake and you can see the tension melt out of Jihoon’s face and he smiles the most genuine smile I’ve seen since his first time ranking first. 
  • Lol Sewoon thinks the cake’s just for Jihoon and starts clapping until the trainees sing his name too. Cute.
  • Minki does his shoulder expanding thing for dress rehearsals at coach Shin Yumi’s request. Sewoon gets well deserved praise for his vocals and Bae Jinyoung gets his confidence boost since this is probably his team mission individual edit for the season.
  • The final performance is cute, easily carried vocally by Sewoon and Gunhee. The others are also good, no visible mistakes. The song is still rather average, the choreo elevated by the boys performing it. They’re all adorable, their good looks helping save the tragic outfits. Minki was an appropriate centre. Hyungseob pulled out a rose out of nowhere mid performance, which seems perfectly in character for the kid.
  • I wouldn’t seek the song out to listen to, it’s one of those throwaway b-sides on mini albums, but watching it this one time was really fun. This truly was Sewoon’s performance, it fit him well.
  • Kahi: Ai, cute~
  • Pretty much.
  • We get to the final performance, Never.
  • Hyuna visits the team to cheer them up at rehearsals and the boys are instantly distracted at the sight of her. Minhyun keeps practising while the boys start to greet, but later reassures the camera that he was excited too. 
  • He’s probably seen all of SNSD and other prolific girl groups while promoting the last few years, it makes sense for him to be less fazed. He’s also from the company that (miraculously still) houses Nana.
  • But its Hyuna
  • Meanwhile, the trainees outside gather outside, pressing their faces to the glass door to stare at Hyuna. 
  • Baby chick Seonho: Oh, they’re from our company! :D
  • She turns to look at them and they almost faint in excitement. She cutely greets them as she exits, leaving behind an echo of longing sighs as she tends to do
  • At check in with all the composers, they do well enough. Kenta in particular is appreciative. A lot of trainees proceed to hype them up.
  • There’s something awkward about the blond Pentagon kid talking like an authority in front of the Nu’est members. I’m not the kind to go in for hierarchy over achievement but I’d be annoyed, like who are you brat lol
  • They go to visit Cube, and see Guanlin’s untidy locker with his Korean books 
  • Why didn’t they? I loved it! I’d have rooted for them earlier on!
  • Guanlin’s excited to practice a routine that requires skills he didn’t have earlier, at his company with his hyungs, who coo at him. 
  • Every time Hyuna says something nice at studio recording, the boys flush with happiness. 
  • Daehwi’s smile spilts his face when she praises his tone
  • The words “Guanlin sounds like a native Korean” are said, which make my eyes roll out of my head. I’ve said multiple times I love how much the chicks improved and it’s clear that Guanlin is finding his groove as a trainee, but let’s not exaggerate because he’s handsome. It is, however, true that his words are getting clearer and less obviously accented.
  • Jaehwanie can rap too! I look forward to seeing him get signed to a good company after this (@Starship, you don’t have any worthy female groups anymore so you might as well add to your male talents)
  • Park Woojin’s rapping is really good but he can’t sigh?? It’s endearing too. He re-tries at his interview. A true cutie. I hope he recovers quickly and gets to debut. This episode has made me triply fond of him.
  • The final performance begins after this extreme hyping and screentime allocation.
  • Three seconds in, Sunghyuk, calmly: It’s over (for us).
  • I’ve said multiple times I don’t like the song (I still can’t remember it as being anything special and the fuss around it makes me resent EDM even more), but I can admit that the performance was great. The collection of talent and visuals make the choreo work smoothly, a stage that could easily be an M!Countdown performance. Jaehwan and Woojin were particularly spectacular, specially considering that Woojin was ill. Daehwi and Minhyun deliver, as always. 
  • The only negatives I have are that the while the costumes looked nice, they seemed ill suited to the concept and not the colours you usually see on broadcast performances. Beige? Come on. How do you work lighting for something like that? Green or a dark red would have been so nice.
  • We see a shot of Mnet staff counting the votes. Don’t worry, we don’t suspect you of anything here, Mnet. I’m blaming the live audience. 
  • The results bring over the sheer shameless fuckery of the last mission. 

5. I Know You Know 83 (Did I not call this?)

4. Showtime 135

3. Oh Little Girl 398

  • Totally warranted considering the number of popular trainees in each team.
  • BoA references Ong-ssi’s hyperbole speech when asking about his chances about winning, and he uses every single adjective again to express his confidence about his team placing first.
  • She then asks Baekho, and he one ups Ong-ssi by adding the Japanese adjective for ‘very’ (cut to Kenta laughing) as well as the Mandarin.

2. Never 443
1. Open 552 

  • So there is some sort of fairness in the world! Thank you, good lord in heaven!
  • ….female fans really like sexy concepts. 
  • Kenta and Seonho’s handsome faces reach new levels of meme
  • Daniel is stunned. Getting banned from Never was an act of god for him and his fans.
  • Nation’s Leader Angel GodJonghyun makes an appropriately congratulatory comment.
  • Live vote rankings without benefits for individual trainee rankings are below:
  1. Unrevealed
  2. Maroo Park Jihoon
  3. Brand New Music Park Woojin
  4. Pledis Hwang Minhyun
  5. C9 Bae Jinyoung
  6. Unrevealed
  7. Cre.Ker Joo Haknyeon
  8. Brand New Music Lee Daehwi
  9. CUBE Yoo Seonho
  10. Chun Kim Yongguk
  11. Brand New Music Im Youngmin

Next week, feel good fillers and third eliminations before heading into finale for top 11! Man, is this nonsense getting increasingly, unpredictably intense. 

So the district manager of the company I work for wants to promote me and have me go work for him. This means I won’t have to customer service anymore! Yay! However, the reason I have not been able to receive this promotion is because of the store manager. She will NOT let me go. She keeps telling me “Oh it’s because you are so good at customer service!”. Nononono. I know why she won’t let me go. The particular location is small and we don’t have a ton of employees. Even smaller amount of them work customer service. Of all of them, excluding the manager, I have the MOST open availability. So that means she can give me all the crappy shifts that no one else wants. I get that my other co-workers have school and other priorities. However, one co-worker, is someone my manager has become good friends with. This co-worker only does school part time and has a lot of availability otherwise. So the manager gives HER most of the good shifts and gives me the crappy ones. The manager herself has availability do work the crappy shifts too, but she never does. I know it’s not because that’s a requirement for manager to have M-F Morning-Midday shifts because I’ve had to help out at our other stores before and the managers at those stores work some nights and weekends. This is so stressful, my anxiety has only gotten so much worse from working customer service for almost 10 years. This promotion is my way out. I’d just quit but my partner & I barely make enough to pay our bills so I can’t afford to be without a job, not even for a little while.

TL;DR: District manager wants to promote me. Store manager won’t let me go because she needs me to work the shitty shifts, gives the good ones to herself and her friend, and is too lazy to hire and train another person to replace me. FML

angst-jammed  asked:

I know you've been getting this a lot, but I really love your comic- best part of my crappy sick week was finding it! :D I love how dynamic your panels are, and -in the most recent one specifically- how you present such interesting points I haven't really seen in a reveal story... And I read a lot of them xD It's so good it's the only one I can't help but read in the voices of the original cast without even thinking about it! Keep up the amazing work <3

Wow thank you, that seriously means a lot! I tried to write these characters like they are in the show (and I think Adrien’s gone a liiiiiiittle bit out of character, but only because we’ve never truly seen him get super pissed).

And I’m glad you mentioned the interesting points, that’s what I was going for - meaningful conversations that fans may or may not have thought about. I do hope the show gets deeper, I still feel like we’re only seeing the surface of a lot of these characters.

I discovered Elsewhere U completely by accident and I love it.  I’m not even close to done with all the neat reading, but already I have such a firm picture that I’m gonna have to drag my crappy writing skills out and try and put them down at some point.  I’m curious how the Gentry react around Art majors who aren’t creative: most folklore and mythology I know involves -creative- types, not just skill.  A musician who is technically skilled but has absolutely no creative touch is typically not attractive, versus someone who composes, for example.  The thing most people forget is that to make any sort of living as a musician in earlier times?  You had to create.  Because anybody could sing the tavern songs and news……poets make poetry, and there are plenty of English majors who write well but couldn’t come up with a limmerick if you asked them to, and don’t have quick witty tongues.  Likewise the Good Neighbors typically steal children, beautiful youths (college age), or people with specific desired qualities (bards/poets/artists).  So the Uni might be safer for older people, say, people coming to get a degree later in life after military tours or being a houseparent and now dealing with Empty Nests.  All I’m sure of is my character is safe from the Fair Folks’ meddling, because even the Sidhe won’t mess with cats.  Especially the Fae cats.  They’ll eff you up, and they have dibs.