most of the village is owned by the national trust

this is a post about Bellamy and Lexa...

1. Both of them have had a difficult childhood.
* Bellamy dealing with his sister living under the floor and his mother doing all sorts of things to keep them safe.
* Lexa probably being taken away from her family to be trained a as warrior with the rest of her nightblood generation.

2. Both of them have had to carry a great responsibility at their teenage years.
* Bellamy having to take care of his sister and dealing with their mother’s death after the masquerade dance incident.
* Lexa having to take care of her entire nation and dealing with the fact that she practically killed her childhood friends to take the commander’s position.

3. Both of them have lost some of the most important people in their lives.
* Bellamy has lost his parents.
* Lexa has lost her love and her father figure (aka. Costia and Gustus).

4. Both of them have been in difficult positions and are capable of making hard choices for the well-being of their people.
* Bellamy has irradiated (alongside with Clarke) a whole community, and has wiped out villages (actions which he sees as necessary) to save his people.
* Lexa has let some of her own people die and killed people of her trust for the well-being of her nation.

5. Both of them have had rough starts with Clarke.
* Bellamy with his “princess vs anarchist” situation.
* Lexa with her “you killed 300 of my warriors vs you send them there to kill us first” situation.

6. Both of them have somehow hurt Clarke.
* Bellamy has handcuffed her to a table at the ark.
* Lexa abandoned her at Mouth Weather.

7. Both of them have done crazy things to assure Clarke safety.
* Bellamy has infiltrated into an enemy’s army and onto an almost suicide mission to rescue Clarke.
* Lexa has made a deal with his enemy (and kidnapped Clarke in the process) to be sure of Clarke’s safety (there was a ‘bounty’ on her head at the moment).

8. Both of them love Clarke and demonstrate their total commitment to her through gestures.
* Bellamy is there for Clarke almost whenever she needs him.
* Lexa has put Clarke’s (and Clarke’s people) needs over the needs of her nation to the point of her people wanting her out of her charge.

Basically, Bellamy and Lexa aren’t as different as most people might think, so please… lower the hate a little, because both of them definitely deserve love and it’s obvious that both of them care about Clarke over themselves.