most of the time it works for a while


Airport bars, thinks Roy, must be among the most depressing and soulless places on earth. The only reason he’s sitting in this one sipping on a ridiculously over-priced beer is that his brother Douglas is running late to pick him up, so he thought that while he was waiting he may as well do some work on his laptop. Bunty could not have picked a worse time to have her health crisis; Roy signed three highly sought-after young talents last week, including hot new 6′ 8″ basketballer Otieno Henare, and he should be spending his week brokering multi-million dollar sponsorship deals with high-powered execs instead of being stuck out here in the middle of nowhere surrounded by dribbling glassy-eyed yokels. But when he opens his laptop the first thing that greets him in his newsfeed is a smirking picture of Alex Deadshit Dunlop, with his greasy helmet of dyed-black hair and sallow skin, under a headline proclaiming him to be the new chairman of some wanky arts board which apparently is some big fucking deal because he’s responsible for a budget of over §500 million, §20 million of which he wants to immediately flush down the toilet under the guise of ‘fostering the talents of exciting new artists.’ 

Roy: Motherfucker. Fuckwitted, queef-eating cockhead-

Cowboy: The fuck did you just say?

Roy: Calm your tits, John Wayne. I wasn’t talking to you. 

Cowboy: You better watch your language, son.

Douglas: Roy? What the hell?

From my one who got away. We met randomly while I was on a work trip & spent 12 hours adventuring in Chicago
& watching the sunrise from the beach. Met up several times when I was back in town & we always just clicked, a soulful friendship. Time passed, we lost most contact & I married someone reluctantly & resigned myself to small town life. We met up on a business trip after awhile of not keeping in touch & that was it for us. We developed a deep emotional long distance relationship. We were consumed with each other for many months. I ended my marriage (it was never right to begin with) & moved to Chicago which actually was for work, he was just a added bonus. We were passionate for only a few weeks, something had noticeably changed in him. He basically weaned me from him while I clung to hope until one day, the communication vanished. After a year of silence, I texted him as I was moving to CO. I told him I was grateful for showing me a new perspective on life & adventure. That I was thankful we met. This was his reply… He did text me 9 months later a few weeks before I was planning a move back to Chicago & he wanted to catch up when I got there. I texted him 3 weeks later upon my arrival & never heard back, that has a yr ago. I’ve since found out he proposed to his ex 2 weeks after his last text…they were married last weekend. I don’t know if I will ever get over this one…consumes me daily. I miss him.

Nefertari, also known as Nefertari Meritmut, was an Egyptian queen and the first of the Great Royal Wives (or principal wives) of Ramesses the Great. The name means “beautiful companion”, while Meritmut means “Beloved of [the goddess] Mut”. She is one of the best known Egyptian queens, next to Cleopatra, Nefertiti, and Hatshepsut. She was highly educated and able to both read and write hieroglyphs, a very rare skill at the time. She used these skills in her diplomatic work, corresponding with other prominent royalties of the time. Her lavishly decorated tomb is one of the largest and most spectacular in the Valley of the Queens. Ramesses also constructed a temple for her at Abu Simbel next to his colossal monument there.

Cheat as you want! You can play in the distortion world.

“Codes that are not found within the game and can be used any time. Many of them are most likely debug codes implemented to help game testers work out bugs in the game quickly. The word CHEAT must be entered at the beginning of each code, and a moo will be heard with each letter of the word CHEAT. No sound effects will play while entering the codes themselves except for a final moo when the code is completed. Remember these will stop working once you save and quit.”


Ricardo Martins

I just drove my sister’s truck from the hospital near downtown Orlando to her house and came across gridlock at 1:30 in the morning.  Flashing lights meant a bad accident.  People behind me were honking as if that’s going to move traffic along.  Spent about an hour waiting while they cleared that section of I-4 out.

Most of the time, I spend my days relatively anxious and depressed, but sometimes I gain a little perspective.  I lead a fairly comfortable existence, I have steady work, I have a family and friends who love me, and I’m pretty healthy for a man nearing middle age, and the truck has AC.  So while the future is blurry and uncertain, I have the certainty of the now and, sometimes, just being in it, stuck in traffic in the middle of the night with the soft hum of the AC and the blabber on talk radio to keep me company, is worth living for.

Blink and you may miss your chance- Chapter 2

Read Ch 1 here:

FYI there is some colorful language in this.

Shield training facility, The Brick-  2 months, 15 days after

They’re at The Brick, sparring with each other. They’ve been called in for a week of mandatory training and testing. All agents have to be retested every once and a while. It was their turn now. It was a pain in the ass and repetitive, but being able to spend some down time with May has been fun. Most of their time is spent in weight training, cardio training, and weapons training. But when they do get some down time, they spend it together. They eat meals and watch movies together. 

Tomorrow they have their combat efficiency re-testing, so they decided to get a little more practice in before the day is over. What better person to practice with than Melinda May?

They’ve been going at it for 20 minutes now with no sign of stopping. 

May had just thrown a kick to his hip that he was able to dodge easily. Maybe she was starting to lose her steam. No trouble, he knew exactly how to rile her up. 

“That was weak,” he comments. 

“Excuse me???” Her hands drop from their fighting position in front of her face to the sides of her body. She’s clearly offended and shocked that he would have the guts to say that to her. 

Her fake-outrage makes him chuckle. “You heard me!" 

For a moment, he thinks she might tackle him to the ground, yet she just continues to glare at him like a caged tiger. 

Without warning, her fist darts out like a bolt of lightning. She strikes him right in the stomach. He can’t control the pitiful and kind of comical oof! that comes out of his mouth. She knocked the wind right out of him. He bends over, trying to catch his breath. Damn that hurt. That one was definitely going to leave a mark. 

When he’s finally able to pull himself together, he sees her standing unamused with both hands on her hips.

"Oh I’m sorry did I hit a soft spot there? It seems like you need to work on your abdominals, Agent Coulson. Slacking much?”

“My abs are just fine,” he defends. 

She begins circling him, like a shark stalking its prey. “Hmm I don’t know. I’d like to see evidence. Maybe you should take your shirt off,” she suggests. 

“Maybe you should take yours off.” Shit. Why did he say that? He just can’t keep up with her. She’s too witty. He blabbed the first thing that came to mind. Good one, he thinks. A topless Melinda May. That’s the last thing he needs.

“Fine.” She stops in her tracks, steps back, and strips her shirt off with no problem. 

His mind short circuits at her movements. 

She balls the shirt up and tosses it somewhere to the side of them. He doesn’t know where and doesn’t care. All he knows is that it’s off of her body and she’s standing in front of him in a small sport’s bra. It’s black and tight. So tight. He has a clear view of her chest, shoulders, and abs. She’s definitely trying to kill him.

“Come on Phil. Your turn,” she challenges him. She’s smirking so hard. 

He doesn’t think he’s ever seen her so excited. 

“Or are you afraid?” She fake-coughs, trying to cover up her whispered, “scared-y cat.”

Well, she did it, so he’s going to too. He pulls his shirt over his head before he has the chance to think it through. He holds his hands out, putting himself on display for her. 

She didn’t think that he would actually do it. Her face is the perfect picture of total shock. Her mouth had actually dropped open. Now, her eyes run over his body unashamedly. She’s so overt about it that he can actually see the slow movement of her eyes start at his face and end at his waist. It was almost as if she was admiring him, but he couldn’t be sure. 

He can’t take much more of the way that she’s staring at him, so he reminds her of their goal here.  "Let’s go. Or are you afraid of getting close to something so good looking?“ He throws his shirt away from them. 

"Ha!” She exaggerates her fake laugh. Then she moves towards him to attack.

She kicks at his ribs, but he blocks her by elbowing her thigh. 

In response, she spins around and lands a jab on his shoulder. 

He tries swiping at her feet in order to knock her down but she easily jumps out of the way. 

Back and forth they go for more than 20 minutes. 

Punch. Kick. Deflect. 

Kick. Deflect. Punch. 

They’re both getting winded now. Sweat rolls down his face, so he takes a second to swipe at it with his arm. That’s all the distraction that she needs to take him down. 

She kicks the side of his knee and then pushes at his chest with both of her palms. 

He didn’t have time to steady himself. He was going down, but he manages to get the tip of his foot around her ankle causing her to topple into him. 

They both fall comically: him on his back and her right on top of him. 

He groans. She didn’t weigh much, but the feeling of being slammed onto his back with someone on top of him was never a good one. 

They both take a second to catch their breath and get over the shock of the tumble. 

“Okay…..You win,” he concedes. He can’t take anymore from her if he wants to be able to function by tomorrow morning. 

“I don’t know…it seems like we both went down. I guess we’ll just need to do it again,” she says directly into his ear. Her hot breath seems to travel right to his groin. Oh god, please no. He definitely would never hear the end of that. 

It’s been too long since he’s had a woman this close to him. And she was definitely no ordinary woman. 

She pulls away from his ear to get a look at his face. Her smirk is nowhere to be found. 

Somehow they have gone from light flirting to seriousness in a matter of seconds. 

He watches her closely, unsure of what to say or do. He sees her eyes flicker towards his mouth and back up again. And well, he can’t help himself when his do the same. 

His heart beats a little bit faster, which she can probably feel with her hands resting on his chest. Somehow, he doesn’t even care. All he cares about is what her lips may feel like pressed against his own.

The squeak of the gym doors opening pulls them apart immediately. He can hear talking, which quickly turns into whistling and hollering. And it’s clearly directed at them. 

May turns her head towards all of the commotion. 

Fuck. He was so close. He slams his head back against the matted floor in frustration. 

“Get a room!”

“Oh yea baby!”

More whistles and laughter. 

The laughing and comments were getting louder, which meant that they were getting closer. 

“Who is that over there? Oh! Noooo way! Don’t tell me! It’s Phil and Melinda!" 

Phil internally cringes at that voice. He knows exactly who it is. It’s John fucking Garrett, the worst person who could’ve caught them. Out of all of the people at SHIELD why did it have to be him? Garrett and May did not get along, at all….to put it politely. 

May shoots him a disappointed glare, but he knows that it’s not directed at him. 

She rolls off of him.

He sits up just like May is now in order to face Garrett and his posse. They were all still a bunch of level 2’s because they couldn’t work well with others. They had the talent to move up, but were severely lacking in the personal skills department. 

"Oh don’t mind us. Did you want us to leave so that you can continue?” Garrett stares down at them with the biggest shit-eating grin that Phil has ever seen, clearly proud of himself for walking in on them. 

“Yes, actually. Get out and never come back,” May growls, moving to stand up and most likely attack. 

He grabs her wrist. “May, just leave it,” he warns. 

She hated Garrett with a passion. He always seemed to go after her, yet she always knocked him down. Whether it was teasing or a physical altercation, May always won. But Garrett never seemed to learn his lesson.

“Think you can show me a good time like you do for Coulson?”

“Hey-” he begins, but is interrupted by May. 

“Why don’t you come over here and you can find out?” She quickly stands, goading Garrett. 

“Ohhhhh!” The agents around Garrett laugh, clearly amused and maybe impressed by May’s retort. 

He forgot how much she could handle herself. She didn’t need him to protect her honor. He knew that she was more than capable, but she had also been sparring with him for the better part of an hour. She had to be exhausted and he didn’t want that to affect her performance. 

She turns towards him and whispers confidently, “he’s a dick. I’m going to knock him on his ass in five seconds.”

“Fine. Let’s go,” Garrett says, while moving closer to May. 

They go at each other like caged animals. 

May gets a good punch in right at Garrett’s chest. 

Garrett kicks her knee. 

They continue like that for a while. Garrett is good enough to keep up with May, at least for now. 

After 10 minutes of back and forth punching, kicking, and blocking. Garrett and May are both covered in sweat. Garrett is more like dripping buckets. It’s disgusting. May is somehow just glistening a tad bit. 

“Aright. You win,” Garrett says, out of the blue, while stepping away from May.

He couldn’t actually believe that Garrett would give up so easily. He had a reputation to uphold. There was just no way that this was possible. 

That’s when he sees it, that evil smirk that Garrett has. 

May’s distracted. She’s already picked up her previously discarded t-shirt and is cleaning herself up. She’s got the shirt covering her face, blotting lightly at the sweat. 

And that’s exactly when Garrett moves in. He’s already got his arm cocked back. 

There’s nothing that he can do to stop it now, so he watches pathetically from the sideline. It’s too late. She won’t be able to react in time. 

Garrett makes contact with May’s face, resulting in a sickening crunch. 

“On second thought never mind,” Garrett comments. 

Too little, too late to say that. You fucking ass hole, Coulson thinks. 

He watches in absolute horror as blood starts pouring from May’s nose. 

He jumps up in surprise, ready to…….ready to do something. He doesn’t know what he was even planning to do. Nothing. She didn’t need saving. He would only embarrass her. 

That bastard doesn’t even give her a chance to collect herself. When she’s stunned and turned around he comes at her again like a coward! 

“May!” Coulson yells, trying to give her a little warning this time.   

She meets his eyes for barely even a second and he just knows exactly what she’s thinking. She’s thinking of murdering Garrett. Her face is completely made up of disgust and rage. 

Garrett’s arms wrap her body from behind, effectively trapping her in a bear hug.  

His forearms encircle her arms, squeezing them to her chest. 

“How do you like this, baby?” Garrett cackles directly in her ear. 

May doesn’t need to use words; instead, she uses her actions to show Garrett exactly how she likes it. 

Her elbow smashes into Garrett’s gut. Then, her fist flies up in an uppercut directly colliding with his chin. 

His arms loosen around her own from of the pain. She’s able to spin around and hook her arm around his neck, putting him into a chokehold. 

Her grip is so tight, that Garrett quickly goes somewhat limp in May’s arms, so she releases him and he tumbles onto the mat. 

“Fhaauuck,” Garret whines. The way he said it made him sound like a drunk. 

“How did you like that, baby?” May throws Garrett’s smart ass question right back at him as she walks away.

God he loves her. Seeing Garrett on the ground like that was so satisfying. He doesn’t even know how she had the strength left to do that.  

He quickly follows May out of the practice area and into the locker area.

There are rows of lockers and metal benches in this hallway, along with a couple of mirrors and sinks. This SHIELD facility was equipped to house thousands of SHIELD agents at a time. 

May lets her gym bag back drop onto the nearest bench and immediately moves to one of the mirrors. 

“Son of a bitch,” she mumbles while inspecting her face in the mirror. 

He hasn’t been able to get a good look at her yet. 

“Let me see your face." 

She turns around to face him and he cringes at the sight. The bridge of her nose is already swollen and has an angry red tinting to it.

"At least it stopped bleeding,” he comments. 

“It’s fine,” she dismisses. 

“You’re going to have a hell of a bruise.” He reaches a hand up to move the hair from her bangs that had fallen in front of her eyes. 

Her breath seems to catch in her throat for just a second. There’s a hunger in her eyes, similar to the look she had when they were twisted together on the mats. 

As soon as he spots it, it’s gone. She blinks and her eyes are back to having their humorous glint in them. 

“Only because he hit me with a cheap shot. What a little bitch,” she mutters, still very much pissed off and rightfully so. 

“I know. You’re right. But you embarrassed the hell out of him.”

He puts his gym bag on the bench in front of them and unzips it. His hand fumbles around with the contents in the bag, searching for a little blue packet. He knows for a fact that he tossed it in there earlier. Last time he sparred with May it came in handy. 

His hand makes contact with the squishy bag. He grabs a hold of it and begins crushing it in his fist to activate it. It begins freezing up fairly quickly. 

“Here,” he says, holding out the ice pack for her to take.

She laughs lightly, “Thanks." 

He didn’t want their time to end. Having her around him was just too much fun. "Maybe….,” he hesitates. He grabs the back of his neck, feeling the tension there. Just say it. Just say: May, let’s go out for some drinks. He opens his mouth to say it before he can lose his courage, but is interrupted. 

Her phone rings with that absolutely awful ringtone that reminds him of the hotel room. Which means….It’s the shrink that’s calling…..What was his name? 

“Umm. Sorry,” she quickly apologizes and then reaches for her phone. 

“Hey. Yea I’m just getting cleaned up. I’m all sweaty. I know. Well of course,” she says into the phone, followed by a throaty chuckle.

Usually she only laughs like that with him. Hearing it while she’s on the phone with another man, makes his heart feel like it’s deflating. It’s stupid and his own fault, but he can’t help feeling that way.

May continues to laugh loudly in response to whatever the shrink is saying to her. 

He can’t even listen to her for more than 30 seconds. He feels so awkward right now, like he’s intruding on an intimate moment. “May. I’m gonna go." 

"Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the ice pack,” she says quickly. 

“Sure.” He turns around and the fake smile that he had on slips right off of his face. 

He feels a little bit of a loss this time. 


This one holds a special place in my heart. There’s just something about imagining those two sparring that makes my heart soar. So much sexual tension. And yes, I made The Brick up. Also, I know that John Garrett is like an extreme ass hole in this, but I kind of figured that he’s hydra so maybe the whole time that he was with shield he secretly did all that he could to fuck with them. It’s probably early for him to already be in hydra, but oh well. And yes this rivalry doesn’t match with the canon relationship between Garrett and Philinda, but that will be addressed in a later chapter.

A New Blog!

So it’s been a while and I’ve been reading all your lovely additions to my post about creating a more serious place for angelkin to talk about kin related things without fluff getting in the way
There are a couple of discord servers up now and although activity has been a little spotty because of all the time zones it seems to be working fairly well :)
However discord isn’t easily accessible for everyone. The two most popular suggestions were a blog here on tumblr and a forum elsewhere. The forum’s a work in progress but as for a blog, we could get that up and running with a little help pretty quickly!
This blog would be a place where you would find discussion starters about angelkin related things, advice if people ask questions, a place to encourage different perspectives and let people be different or unsure or still figuring out who they are/were without trying to make them fit a mould
@angeligloriae and I want to get this started up but we’re both pretty busy and would need some other people to help manage it
Anyone interested/able to?

@eldritchsmuttybarmpot replied to your chat “someone: imagine if dragon age was really a d&d game! someone else,…”

how do u think he’d play then?? idk how dnd works exactly but i bet he’d be a charisma/dexterity guy w some perception & luck thrown in for good measure. do u think he’d play up this trope he’s been branded w?? bc ofc he knows. he knows & he uses it at the most inopportune times bc fuck u guys honestly. the only time its legit is when he’s wooing the dm while keeping it sneakily behind the 4th wall somehow bc he would.

also he’d never. fucking pick locks. ONE TIME he rolled a nat 1 in an important moment & no one will let him forget it so now he’s just like oh a lock?? huh i’d better KICK THE FUCKIGN DOOR IN DON’T YOU THINK

okay so i know this whole au thing is a joke but i take characters in aus very seriously so if we’re saying the whole of origins is a dnd game then. zevran is 100% playing a rogue w the assassin specialisation, with high points in dexterity and charisma but also high points in wisdom. so he’s very light & quick on his feet, quick to act, good at charming ppl to get what he wants, & hes v practically smart, like his instincts are v v good. he’s probably proficient in perception, acrobatics, persuasion, stealth, & insight. (which, incidentally, doesn’t really leave any space to be proficient in lockpicks.)

i absolutely think he’d play up his high charisma, & he’d flirt with ppl to get what he wants. but. theres a big difference between being sneaky & flirting for a reason & just being like ‘lol flirt with everything!! haha roll to seduce! im gonna fuck a dragon’ u know? like. zevran is a charmer, absolutely, but he’s not a charmer for no reason. when he first has any meaningful interaction with the warden, when he’s on the ground begging for his life, he offers two things: his skills as a fighter, and his skills as a lover. he never flirts because ‘lol’, he flirts as a survival mechanism and/or a way to get what he wants

so im not saying a dnd zevran wouldnt flirt with people, because he absolutely would. but his player would flirt in order to achieve some kind of goal, rather than just ‘haha flirting’ u know? which is why it bothers me that ppl say hes the ‘roll to seduce’ guy bc thats not really something zevran ever really does. ‘roll to seduce’ is what the joker in the party does; ‘roll to seduce’ is purple hawke more than it is zevran

& @ the lockpicking thing, tbh zevran in origins & therefore in dnd is specced out as an assassin. like, in dnd the rogue class has two subclasses: thief, and assassin. so zevran as an assassin isn’t a thief, he’s not as good with thieves tools and abilities as a thief would be u kno? so just like how in origins if you actually put points into zevran’s lockpicking skill he is just as good as any other character, if zevran’s dnd player levelled up lockpicking he’d be fine with it. all the lockpicking jokes come from the fandom, rather than the other characters in the game, so i dont think it’d be a joke in the dnd game u know?

anonymous asked:

Not necessarely a Sonic question. Haven't you ever felt that most of the time when a character has a canon love interest, he/she most of the time seems to have less touching moments with said love interest than his/her friends (i.e: the hero spends most of the journey doing everything for his/her best friend while he/she barely shares some blushing or flirting with his/her love interest)? In short, designated love interest.


But that’s mainly because a lot of the fictional works that I’m invested in don’t see fit to ram romance into center spotlight.

I mean, yeah it’s true that it could be done a lot better. That is, delegating due development to a romantic relationship that’s been set up but often time I do worry that when this is done, it often results in romantic plot tumors.

Whatsmore, I don’t really feel that romantic love is always superior or has more merit than platonic relationships like between friends.

anonymous asked:

OMG. I was wondering why your art looked so familiar and then I realized I've read your comics! I really admire your work. Do you have any quick tips on character design, color choices, and/or making art that is more "dynamic" and less "stiff"? Thanks for your time!

Thank you! it’s been a while since I’ve done comics but it’s cool to hear there are people who remember them.

I put off this q for a bit thinking about what to say. Most of what I do is a just result of testing a bunch of different things and seeing what both looks OK and is also easy/enjoyable to draw. If you will take dubious tips…

  • don’t be afraid the hammer the saturation and contrast tools. lowering the settings can be as valid as raising them
  • a simple gradient can stand in for shading if you’re losing motivation on a piece
  • a stiffly standing figure still makes a dynamic picture if the props around them are flying wild (wires, clouds, fire, leaves)
  • re: characters, just draw them a lot and whittle down (or bulk up) to something enjoyable and can complete sort of consistently. When details on their person become super familiar, you can spend more time thinking about pose/composition/interaction etc

anonymous asked:

you know what I dont get? most ppl i know have had their first time at around 15 with partners one to three years older than them. what is it with ppl saying everyone has to wait til they're 18 when that's not how it works in rl and its not pedophilia wtf. if they cant tell fiction and reality apart while shipping why do they ignore how things go in reality??

exactly! it’s completely normal to start doing it when you’re a teenager. i mean look at lance and the way he’s always talking about girls! it’s just normal teenage behavior. antis are so disconnected from reality they don’t get that the outside world considers pdophilia a very serious topic and not just a word you can throw around because you don’t like a fictional ship

The Signs as Mythological Creatures
  • Aries: Chimeras that fight for their pride, their honor, for what they believe is right. Despite being hot-headed and impulsive, they have a strong sense of justice and will do just about anything for what they believe in.
  • Taurus: Brownies that are not necessarily lazy - they will do work, usually in exchange for small gifts like food. They do not like to be seen and are most productive at night, and while they are not prone to conversation, they are affectionate with each other (and other earth signs), and hate when their work is misused or their time wasted.
  • Gemini: Mermaids that can flip between being playful and affectionate to insensitive and apathetic with disturbing speed, although it isn’t always intentional. They are flighty and somewhat scattered, intellectual and conversational, but it’s hard to get to know them as they can be emotionally detached and can run away at the first sign of confrontation.
  • Cancer: Kelpies that are solitary and seek human companionship, that appear attractive but will later turn on those they no longer trust or need. They can be cordial if the other party has something they want, but they are not benevolent creatures and will not do something for nothing.
  • Leo: Fae that are proud and playful, charismatic and benevolent, although they will avenge insults and forget their sorrows quickly. They are very caring and return kindness with favors of their own, but they can be prone to mischief and are lighthearted, as they tend not to realize the consequences of their pranks.
  • Virgo: Dryads that are reserved and stoic, with a temper that is slow to burn but vengeance that is swift. Despite their tendency to be antisocial and hard to get close to, they are very dependable and loyal to those they are close to.
  • Libra: Incubi that are full of charm and love making connections - are beautiful and flirtatious, however unintentional. However much they enjoy receiving affection, they dislike giving it back, and hate when people dislike them.
  • Scorpio: Sirens that have an intense magnetism about them whether or not they want to, they are beautiful but more often than not, malevolent. They are very secretive and possessive - they want all of a person and never want to let the person go once they have them.
  • Sagittarius: Nixies that lure people in with artfully crafted words to mask their loneliness, that are very intellectual and have a way with words. They tend to grow despondent if stuck in one place for too long, and although they may appear malevolent, they are generally harmless and friendly.
  • Capricorn: Dragons that are very grounded and quietly condescending, their anger is a slow burn but when their temper does flare, they explode. They can be stingy and protective of what’s theirs, but they have a great deal of wisdom due to experience.
  • Aquarius: Selkies that are intellectual and clever, but are not all there and are usually emotionally detached. They have many acquaintances, but few close friends and would rather save themselves than handle conflicts.
  • Pisces: Naiads that are extremely loyal and very jealous, that are loved by many although they tend to be dependent on others. Although they can be considered kind and giving, if pushed to the point of anger, they can be vengeful.

Tyrus Wong, whose watercolors helped define the look of Bambi, died Friday, Dec. 30. He was 106.

Like most animation fans, I first heard of Tyrus Wong via his work on Bambi. Legend has it, that’s the first time Walt Disney heard of him, too!

Okay, so the story goes…

Walt was chomping at the bit to make Bambi, only he was having trouble finding the ‘look’ he wanted for the film. He’d tried ultra-realism, but nixed it. He switched to super cartoony, but again, nope. It was beginning to look like the film would get shelved until late one night, while wandering through his studio, Disney happened upon a small stack of unusual watercolors. They were by a fella named ‘Wong,’ and they were…well, different.

What do I mean by ‘different’? Well, for one thing, these watercolors were tiny. Most of them measured no more than 4″ x 5″. And where the rest of the studio’s painters tried to pack as much detail into each picture as possible, Wong’s paintings were sparse, vague — almost suggestions. Wong would later say, “I tried to keep the thing very, very simple and create the atmosphere, the feeling of the forest.”

It worked. Walt was so impressed with what he saw that the very next day he promoted Wong from his job as an in-betweener (kind of like an animation line cook) to concept artist (think: Michelin rated chef)! Not only that, but Wong’s watercolors came to define the look of Bambi‘s backgrounds, providing the film with its sensitive, poetic and often ethereal mood.

After working at Disney, Wong moved on to Warner Bros. There he provided production art for quite a few live-action classics, including Rebel Without A Cause, The Wild Bunch and Sands of Iwo Jima. He also did freelance commercial work, where his gorgeous watercolor and calligraphic art came to adorn everything from greeting cards to high end pottery.

After retiring, Wong began making kites. Not your typical, four-cornered diamond shaped kites, but HUGE, ornamental, multifaceted kites in the shape of dragons, centipedes, flocks of birds and swarms of butterflys.

Upon first discovering Wong’s work fifteen years ago, I wrote him a number of gushing — and probably pretty embarrassing — fan letters. Wong responded to each and every one of them graciously.

I still have the envelope from his first response, where he drew a small, singing bird in pastels, sitting atop my name. (See above.) Another time, I literally teared up when I opened my mailbox to find a Christmas card that Wong had designed decades earlier. It was a winter scene, featuring a mother deer and her young buck. Inside, Wong not only signed it with his English name, but also embossed it with a red stamp bearing the Chinese characters for his name! Needless to say, I treasure both of these items to this day.


All of this rambling is really just my way of honoring a man whose work has meant so much to so many. I hope he knew how truly appreciated his wonderful work was.

R.I.P. Tyrus Wong  (Oct. 25, 1910  - Dec. 30, 2016)

still your gushing fan,

Ju-osh M.

As much as I would love Beyoncé to be the most awarded female at the Grammys I hope that with her next music project she snubs the Grammys completely. They are not worthy of her time, as incredible as she looks I can tell she’s tired and she has put in 2 months of solid hard work while pregnant with TWINS for an award show that doesn’t appreciate her and lets keep it real just use her for ratings

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: What spills out when you lose control? That’s who you are.

Taurus: The most powerful engines must sputter die. Flowers are beautiful because their blooms are temporary.

Gemini: Sadism is great for stress relief, provided you have the stomach for it.

Cancer: The stars drew you a lovely picture of a house! A work worthy of the fridge. Accept beauty where it can be accepted.

Leo: The pit in your stomach is your common sense trying to tell you something. Keep away from strangers for a while.

Virgo: Something deep and old calls for you.

Libra: You’ve been saving something for a rainy day. The stars think it’s time you got it out.

Scorpio: Dishonesty comes back to bite the dishonest. This can be frighteningly literal sometimes. Make sure your shots are up to date.

Sagittarius: You dont have to eat a meal, just eat something. A banana, some dry salami, that sort of thing. The tiny big eyed things in the walls are worried about you.

Capricorn: Woo her. She is terrifying isn’t she?

Aquarius: Know that the pieces do fit together. You have all the time in the world.

Pisces: Pain is not guilt. Guilt is not pain. Your heart is so full of love. Let it be so.




Let’s kick off the insanely unpredictable world of 2017 with the most insanely unpredictable cartoon cast of all time! Yes, INVADER ZIM!  Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (Gir), and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) reminisce, talk shop, and break into musical numbers while discussing the iconic series. What was it like working for the legendary Jhonen Vasquez? What is Zim’s favorite episode? And, why was there bacon in the soap, Gir?! SILENCE! Zim’s empire of podcast doom begins NOW!

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The Positive Influence of Yuri on Ice

Ever since Yuri on Ice became popular, many of us have been busy battling haters, homophobia in the anime community and people who mistakenly call it queerbaiting but let’s take a step away from that and consider the good that Yuri on Ice has done.

I work on a pretty large anime page on Facebook (over 300k likes, at the moment) and while Yuri on Ice was airing I used to do one or two posts a week on it. They got tons of positive feedback but what struck me most was that every time I would see comments from different people, mostly males from South East Asia going more or less like this:

“I never liked seeing gay men/couples in my anime/TV shows, but Yuri on Ice changed my mind. The natural, healthy relationship between Victor and Yuuri made me realize that true love doesn’t depend on gender. They are the first gay couple that I like and support and I would definitely like to see more of these in anime.”

Sometimes they pointed out how they would like Victor and Yuuri to get married, sometimes they mentioned how they never liked the idea of homosexuality but Victor and Yuuri changed their minds and made them understand, sometimes they talked about trying out yaoi anime and really disliking them but really really enjoying Yuri on Ice because of how well it showed the same-sex romance aspect.

I’m not sure whether you guys realize but Yuri on Ice literally changed the world-view of some people.

And the fact that this is coming from straight males (many of them highlighted this in their comments) from countries like Malaysia and Indonesia which aren’t exactly big on gay representation or even support (from what I understand, I’m European so I only have second-hand info), this is huge.

Even my own mother who after seeing episode 7 told me that “she’s not really into seeing two guys kiss”, called me on the phone after watching episode 9, saying that Victor and Yuuri are a beautiful couple and she hopes that they can stay together and be happy forever.

While we are busy fighting over whether Victuuri is canon or whether the anime is queerbait, there are people out there, who are taught by Yuri on Ice that homosexuality is normal and that gay representation is good.

Yuri on Ice is that powerful.

And of course, it won’t save the anime community, it won’t convince everyone, it won’t destroy homophobia. For all we know, the people who are convinced to support gay couples by YOI are a minority.

But the sheer fact that Yuri on Ice was capable of that is amazing and really shows the value of the anime as a piece of gay representation. Because this is progress, this is better than most of what the anime industry ever offered us.

So for all the cynicism and hate we get, here’s some positivity - Yuri on Ice had the power to change people’s views on homosexuality and made straight cis men unconditionally root for a gay couple.

I don’t know about you, but I find that beautiful.

it’s the fact they have been through so much that makes it so hard for me to stop crying tbh. 

it’s the fact that they went through so much as trainees in such a competitive world such as kpop where some managing labels go so far as to physically abuse or even mentally abuse idols into acting a way they want (and it’s the fact that this very well most likely happened to bts with that mishap with their one manager last year). it’s the fact that they’ve been told they wouldn’t make it, the fact that they’ve struggled so hard to prove them all wrong and to deliver each comeback with such precise choreo; the fact that they’ve literally worked big hit from the bottom up, going from having to use their manager’s car while filming mvs to exploding cars and hiring hundreds of extras in only a few years time; the fact that, the one time in kobe when they couldn’t perform, yoongi was so physically hurt and depressed that he had let the fans, that he had let us, down that he went back to the stage in kobe; the fact that he cried and then said that he knows crying is losing only to burst into tears tonight for winning artist of the year because he hasn’t lost, because he’s won something he’s been striving for for so long; it’s the fact that namjoon, the smart leader who always knows how to carry the group through thick and thin, was physically speechless and started crying even before he could talk because he’s talked about being depressed and feeling useless and now he’s won such a huge award; it’s the fact that these boys have been with each other through literally everything with awkward and shy trainee days, to becoming family when they can’t even have the chance to see their own biological family, to encouraging jungkook to come out of his shell and for consoling taehyung when his grandmother passed away. it’s the fact that they’ve tried so hard to win a daesang and they’ve finally did it and it’s only the beginning of more wonderful achievements to come, 

and I couldn’t be prouder.  

When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single