most of the songs are to high pitched for me d:

BTS songs

Basically a list (with links) of BTS songs of any type (from audition to album…/pro to dorky…). videos are ot mine ! I might have missed out on some but I’m pretty sure I got most of them ~ 

Album songs : 

Wings, You Never Walk Alone : 

Wings : 

Young Forever : 

  • Young forever : MV

Hwayangyeonhwa pt 2 : 

Hwayangyeonhwa : 

Dark & Wild : 

Skool Luv Affair : 

O!RUL8,2? : 

2 Cool 4 Skool : 

Wake up (and other) : 

Namjoon mixtape : 

Yoongi mixtape : 

  • Agust D : here
  • Give it to me : here 
  • The last : here 
  • So far away (Feat. Suran) : here 
  • Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz) : here 
  • Skit : here 
  • 724148 : here 
  • Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie) : here - ft. Jimin : here 
  • At dawn : here 
  • Interlude Dream, Reality : here 

Other songs (covers etc.) : 

Jin : 

Yoongi : 

Namjoon : 

Jungkook : 

Jimin : 

Taehyung : 

Hoseok : 

Collective :

Songs in Bangtan bomb : 

Auditions : 

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Do you have any Faberry or Bechloe fic recs? You write amazing fanfiction, so I imagine you probably also have good taste in them :D

aw thank you so much! as luck would have it… I do have fic recs for both of those ships! And, well, of course I think of myself as having good taste in fics ;)

I have made a few faberry fic recs in the past, and unfortunately, I haven’t found many more fics with them since then? Granted, I haven’t been as much in a faberry-heavy mood for a few months, so… yeah the fic rec lists are the same. You can find them  here and here.

As for bechloe… okay, well the majority of my favorite Bechloe fics are shorter stories/oneshots (which i believe is the majority of stories i’ve really seen) but granted, I haven’t gone through this entire fandom and scoured for fics like i have for faberry. 

Okay, so without farther adieu:

Bechloe Fic Recs

By Redlance

Experimentation - So, about that one little regret… (aka canon divergent from the second movie and Chloe’s tent confession also known as the slowest burn to ever burn)

this is like the classic quintessential bechloe fic, let’s be real. i’m sure you’ve already read it, but… the hands down best bechloe fic i’ve ever seen.

Exception - Chloe is Beca’s exception to most of the rules she’s set herself in life. Which isn’t anywhere near as difficult for Beca to accept as it should be.

Sure Would Be Prettier - There’s an entire world out there for Beca to see, and she does. It’s filled with beauty and music and wonder, and it’s all pretty breath-taking. But there’s always something missing.

By wherehopelies -

You Still Make Sense to Me (Your Mess Is Mine) - “Chloe fills up all of the spaces inside her that she didn’t even know existed until Chloe was there.“orrrrr the one where it takes a fake-engagement and being domestic as hell for these two idiots to realize they’re in love. Set two years after PP2 and mostly canon compliant. Title taken from Vance Joy’s "Mess is Mine”

By Care -

The Sexual Implications of Teleportation - The first time is a complete freak accident.

eliminate the distance between us - Senior year isn’t really going the way Beca thought it would.A Pitch Perfect 2 AU.

You Know Her Breath Will Catch And How Her Fingers Curl - If someone had asked Beca at the end of her freshman year whose idea it would be to do a Bellas reunion tour, she would have sworn up and down that it would be Aubrey’s.

By gilligankane -

reality is a sliding door - There is a theory: every person has a moment in their life where they make a choice to go left or right. From those possibilities, two parallel lines form, running alongside each other; two concurrent realities. Parallel lines never cross; they run forever next to each other without ever meeting.In one world, Beca Mitchell joins the Barden Bellas.In another world, she wasn’t supposed to.In every world, Beca Mitchell underestimates Chloe Beale.

when gravity’s pulling (you’re still holding my heart) - Beca isn’t sure how she got here.Well, she knows how she got here, in this house, with these girls. She knows all about the real estate process too. But she isn’t sure how she got here: Laying on her bed with her laptop in her lap and her legs bent at the knee, feet flat so Chloe can paint her toenails while she goes over the Bellas history with Legacy and answer every question about the Beca-and-Chloe (fake) dating thing.It’s this part of her life she isn’t so sure about.

Song Beneath the Song - Chloe has always followed the music, because music has given her the best, most important things in her life.  It’s never led her astray. Sometimes, though, she wishes it’d give her a little bit of warning about the roller coaster she’s in for.

By sexonastick -

The Party’s Crashing Us - Beca has never been big into high school activities, but sometimes desperate people do desperate things. Like show up for marching band and get stalked by the creepy redheaded cheerleader who won’t leave you alone.

Bulletproof Use of Bullet Points - Nobody values friendship more than Aubrey Posen. (Even her best friend, Chloe, can really only be said to consider friendship equally as important as Aubrey does.) The point is: it matters.But Beca Mitchell might just be the most annoying person at Barden University. (Important note: she most definitely is.) Tolerating smug shitheads for the sake of someone else is surely the True Meaning of friendship.

By eliseboobman -

One touch and I was a believer (every kiss it gets a little sweeter) - “I wonder how many there are.” Chloe says, pointing up with her finger. She starts to count, moving her finger every time she does, and Beca smiles as she watches her. It’s impossible to count every star in the sky, but obviously Chloe tries. It’s such a Chloe thing to do.

You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece - Beca is in love with Chloe. Chloe is in love with Stacie. Stacie is in love with Aubrey. Everything is messed up. (The unrequited love AU that nobody asked for.)

By obstinate_questionings -

This World Is Gonna Burn (Baby You Should Stick Around) - Beca really should have let Chloe know how much she hated ghost stories.[Halloween fic.]

By shitqueen -

Silhouettes -  It’s quite worrisome, how happy-go-lucky, doesn’t know the meaning of boundaries, across-neighbour Chloe Beale doesn’t bother her.  She doesn’t dwell on it though, she just continues on with life and focuses on what’s in front of her. Like, giving Jesse his Chinese food and pushing his legs off her sofa.(or: beca thinks everything is perfect, then chloe moves in across from her. being domestic as hell and secretly in love with each other for two years  come after.)

oh the habits of my heart - Listen, Beca’s not gay.She’s, like, only mildly attracted to German blondes. And, like, half-ish attracted to weirdo redheads with no knowledge on boundaries and how to respect them. So, yeah. Beca’s not gay.

By novel_concept26 -

Storytellers and Legends - Dr. Mitchell has the habit of kicking off his classes with personal stories: stories about a girl so outrageous, she couldn’t possibly be real. At least, that’s what Chloe always told herself. 

(Accidentally) Taking Aim - For Kay’s prompt: “At Barden, the acapella groups are naturally drawn to understanding the world through music. It’s the language they speak, from toners to aca-children, but most of all in the harmonies they make with their mouths. So is it really any wonder that Chloe is falling so hard when Beca is wooing her with her music, even if it’s completely by accident?”

Secrecy - Chloe and Aubrey are best friends; always have been, always will be. Which is what makes this whole thing so weird. Because, see, best friends don’t keep secrets from each other. Most of the time.

Some Kind of Home - Home is where the heart is; Chloe is just better at following hers than most people. Not that Beca gets that at all.

By reliquiaen -

I Am Not Worthy (Not Worthy of This) - Prompt: “I found your tumblr but you don’t know and urg now you’re posting about your crush on this cute person oh wait is that me.”  Got waaaay out of hand.

Jesse’s Girl - “It’s an inner monologue of curses and other assorted expletives coupled with self-derogatory slurs that’s been skipping scratchily through her head for the past ten minutes.” - AU

By lismicro -

this love ain’t enough to leave you - On a one-way trip to Los Angeles, aspiring DJ Beca Mitchell doesn’t expect her world to change. Enter Chloe Beale, photographer and journalist, who doesn’t know how to make hers stand still.

By mooosicaldreamz -

mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel (we got the gift of melody) - Beca is an up and coming producer, Chloe Beale is pop’s newest princess. This is the story of how they fall in love.

By echo_wolf -

Something You Want, Something You Need - Beca Mitchell’s not really sure how, but a copper-haired Cocker Spaniel (who walked into her bathroom while she was singing in the shower) managed to change her life and give her Chloe Beale.  Or the story of how DJ-just-moved-in-down-the-hall Beca and  travelling-private-music-instructor Chloe succeed to be disgustingly domestic with a dog and 5000 miles distance.

By galpalkru -

Don’t You (Forget About Me) - If you drunkenly sleep with your best friend, you’re both just supposed to pretend that you don’t remember, right? Even if you know that she knows that you know that she knows. Yeah.Or the one where Beca and Chloe sleep together and refuse to be the first to admit that they both remember everything.

By lamachine -

embrace the weirdness -  She was working for a sex line. Chloe was a phone sex operator.  Okay. That one, Beca needed time to process.

By theamberissubtle -

Aca-awkward - Chloe gets caught sexting in class by a lecturer who also happens to be the unsuspecting father of her girlfriend.

By chloebeale -

All Apologies - Beca can’t believe it when her gorgeous redheaded neighbor shows up on her doorstep. When she starts crying, admitting that she’s run over what she thinks is Beca’s cat, she doesn’t have the heart to tell her that the feline belongs to the old man next door. And when Chloe locks her keys in her car, she can’t help but invite her in. But even Beca doesn’t expect what happens next.

I’ll stop there for now… I hope you enjoy!

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okay! so i know your a total nerd and i love love LOVE that little "Jokes" fic you've got goin on AO3, but I was wondering if you could do an ironlord/starquill fic??? I dunno if you could fit it into that one, but i'd love something with them-- comic or mcu universe or some combination??? pretty please?

Tony is eight years old when he hears it the first time, sitting on the floor of his mom’s closet, beaming up at her as she sways around and sings along– holding up dresses for his approval.  It’s funny because it’s the middle of July, but his mom looks too happy, her hair a mess of dark curls as she sways along with the jazzy upbeat R&B tune.  

They’re interrupted when Jarvis steps in, mouth quirked in amusement, a tray of water and glasses in hand.  “Forgive the interruption, ma’am.”

“Nonsense, J!” Maria smiles and holds out a hand to him.

He scrambles to set the tray aside on one of the small, fringe ottomans in the vast closet as she pulls him in between the racks, swaying with him, head falling back as he pushes her into an awkward twirl.  Jarvis laughs despite himself, eyes bright and graying at the temples.  Tony laughs too.

“What would my wife say, Mrs. Stark?” Jarvis smiles.

“That I need to keep my whiley hands to myself, Jarvis.” Maria smacks a kiss to Jarvis’ cheek and twirls away, still bouncing on the toes of her feet as she makes her way over to where Tony is clutching a pair of her shoes in his lap.  “Come here, mijo.”

Tony pushes to his feet; he barely reaches her hip, but she takes his hand and starts spinning him around in time with the song.  He ends up standing on the tops of her feet, her hands in his, as she rocks him back and forth, mouthing the words down at him.

“As we danced in the night,” she smiles, all delight and bright eyes.  “Remember how the stars stole the night away.”


When his parents die in a car crash, Tony gets blind drunk and hacks into one of the SI satellites he knows is orbiting somewhere out of atmo and wires an old boombox of Rhodey’s to it and streams out an endless loop of classics and not-so-classic classics as he clutches to Dum-E’s extended strut.  When the first beats of Earth, Wind & Fire start playing, he closes his eyes and smiles.

He shut it down the next day.


The thing about Tony’s taste in music is that it has always had a wide range.  He grew up with a mother who loved classical pieces as much as she loved the blues and jazz.  His father had a more limited musical palate, when he wasn’t working in complete silence, and it tended to stick to more big band sounds that reminded him of older times.  He’d always been very loud, and very disparaging of Tony’s decision to blast rock’n roll in his room as loud as he could, though Tony remembers some very rare, very fond moments when Howard would smile and roll his eyes whenever he spotted whatever new vinyl Tony had brought home with him after the long months away at prep school.

By the time Tony got to MIT, he already had amassed an incredibly stupid collection– the worn Bing Crosby records lining up right next to Led Zeppelin– and it only grew from there.

Tony has mood music.  Certain things he listens to when he needs to get other things done.  AC/DC and Black Sabbath and Aerosmith when he’s sciencing the shit out of something.  Dulcet croons of Freddie and Louis when he’s drowning in paperwork.  Pop when the mood– or the liquor– strikes him hard enough.  

Africa by Toto and Hot Blooded by Foreigner are his go-to shitfaced jams.  

He’s gotten high on more things than he cares to think about in his life– what can he say? He was a product of the 80s.  But these days he restricts it to an occasional hit on a blunt, and Marvin Gaye is always what he grooves to.

But R&B– the Commodores, George Benson, the Temptations– are the artists he’s mourned to since 1991.


It is days after Steve sent him a letter and a flip phone.  He’s sitting with Rhodey and Vision, staring up at the endless sea of stars above the Compound, a bottle passed between him and Rhodes but not Vision, when he remembers that stupid little satellite player and wonders what songs is playing in between the vast spaces of black right now while FRIDAY pipes some indie rock bullshit overhead that Vision likes.

He laughs at the thought and Rhodey lifts a brow.  “Just thinking.  About space.  You think aliens have a favorite Spice Girl?”

Rhodey groans.


In the aftermath of Civil War, Tony throws himself at other projects when he isn’t busy with UN delegations and touring the world, the shiny star of the Accords.  Pepper is shockingly pleased– and probably a bit worried– with the amount of tech R&D start pushing out.  They’ll be set for the next three years and then some, at the rate he’s going, so she gently chides him away from it.

So Tony works on more overarching projects.  Works with the UN on globalizing green energy.  Contacts Gates about cheaper way to make vaccines.  Then, when Rhodey puts him in contact with a woman at NASA named Carol, he starts pushing funding toward some of their space expeditions.

“What about a communicator?” Tony asks her one day, spinning in his chair, the unamused purse of her lips belied only by the bright look of her eyes as she watches him over the video projection.  “Like, we sent out a floaty time capsule and we’ve got some long distance boomers up there, but what about something better?  Bigger?  To catch someone’s attention?”

He’s gotta fill his time somehow.  

Carol tilts her head, considering what it is that he’s offering, and smiles.  “What did you have in mind?”

Overhead, the faint strum of guitar makes a wickedly delighted grin spread over his face.  


Tony doesn’t expect a lot of things these days.  

Or, rather, Tony tries not to expect a lot of things these days.  He’s positive that it’s just sheer dumb luck that things have been working so well since Siberia, that his small team of three has grown marginally bigger over the last six months, Peter and Bruce and Thor and Stephen joining in with the merry band of miserable fuckers that come and go at the Compound like it’s a damn motel. 

Though, admittedly, they all make the place considerably less miserable.  And Tony doesn’t miss the way Rhodey keeps hinting that Carol might be making a “transfer” soon, nor does he miss the way Peter keeps hinting about some heroes he may or may not have encountered in the underbelly of New York on some of his vigilante webbing sprees.  

He just doesn’t expect anything to come of it.  Of much of anything he’s been putting effort into.  Refuses to.  He doesn’t need to get results to know that things are, surprisingly, working out well.

So when he’s working on Peter’s goggles late one night, the faint alert that pops up in front of his face is a minor shock, as is FRIDAY’s soft: “It appears you’ve an update on the SSIMS, boss.”


The Soul Sounds Intergalactic Music System had started transmitting at multiple frequencies two months previous, piggybacking off of one of SI’s most powerful satellites with full approval for maintenance and upgrades– as needed– from NASA’s astronauts up at the space station.  Since then, it has not only been keeping the space stationed entertained, but it’s been shelling out music to the farthest reaches of the galaxy and beyond.  

Tony really hadn’t expected anything to come of it.  Like, really hadn’t.

“Pull it up, sweetheart.”

She does.

“Oh,” Tony blinks.  “Oh.”

“Yes, I believe you’ve said that twice already, sir.”

“We–” Tony frowns down at the sight of a soundwave that had not be transmitted by his own device, but something that had bounced back from somewhere out in the deep.  “We got a reply?”

“As it turns out, boss, music might just be a universal language.  Would you like me to play it?”

“Where’s it originate from?”

FRIDAY goes quiet for a moment, then returns with an estimate, and Tony nearly chokes on his own tongue.  

“That’s– FRI, that’s really not–”

“Would you like me to play it, sir?”


The first notes are garbled, static and messy, not even really sound at all.  Then, it pitches so high that Tony has to cover his ears for a moment.

It’s only when it settles, the first lyrics belt out of Tony’s speakers, and Tony falls out of his chair laughing as Hooked on a Feeling starts playing through his lab.


He’s down in Florida by the next day, a pair of purple sunglasses in place as he breezes through, heading straight for Carol’s office.  She greets him with a surprised blink and a smile, before demanding to know what he’s there.

“I’ve got a phone call to make,” he points upwards with a finger.

She escorts him all the way down to the servers they set aside for Tony’s pet project, watching as he messes around with the wires and hooks his phone into the main system while the engineers fret off to the side.  Arms crossed, she frowns down at him and arches a brow when he starts scrolling through a playlist.

“What are you gonna play?”

Tony grins, all teeth, and selects something in the middle.  The first riff of guitar starts up and Carol blinks at him again before her chin falls to her chest, her laugh lost to the steady thrum of Space Cowboy.


It takes an entire week and a half for any kind of response, but Tony knows that light travels faster than sound, even in space, so he’s not all that surprised.  When it does come, he’s wondrously delighted by the harmony of The Mamas & The Papas.


“Yes, boss?”

“How about we dust off the new place in Malibu?  I think I might have some visitors heading my way.”


Rhodey does not think it’s a smart idea, but he doesn’t insist on going with him the way that Bruce does.  They leave the team in Rhodey’s very capable hands, taking the private jet and knowing that their just a sling ring away from being where they’re needed; if they’re needed.  

The new house on the coast of Malibu is just as ostentatious as the old one, but bigger and a bit more sturdy.  Tony tells Bruce that he turned the property into a safehouse, of sorts, in case he ever needed it.  In case they ever needed it.  

There’s a landing pad on the roof, that Tony sent the coordinates of with his last song about California Stars by some band that died in the 90s.  

They’re there for two weeks when Tony is woken from a dead sleep by blaring alerts and FRIDAY telling him that there is a legitimate unidentified flying object landing on his roof.  He throws his sheets aside and rubs the sleep from his eyes on the way up to the helipad, only to be blinded the second he steps out the door, air whipping around and tugging at his already mussed hair and clothes.  

He holds up a hand to block the glare, squinting between his fingers as he catches the sleek lines of orange and blue, fear present somewhere at the back of his head but mouth stretching into a wide smile.  The hiss of the hydraulics has him practically bouncing onto his toes, something giddy unfurling in his chest as a ramp lowers.  For a moment, he thinks he should’ve brought a boom box and held it over his head like Cusac.  

Maybe next time.

He isn’t sure what, exactly, he’s expecting– though, dimly, he realizes he is expecting something, hopeful of something, and isn’t that a kick in the gut– but when a very tall, very strawberry blonde man comes bounding down the ramp, he’s more than a little dumbstruck.  Though, considering Thor is technically an alien, he knows he shouldn’t be.  

But the music that pours out after the man snaps him back into focus, and Tony chokes on a laugh as he recognizes Take On Me by a-ha.  When the guy falters at the end of the ramp, eyes a little wide and smile a little wider, Tony takes it upon himself to make first introductions.  

“Hey, there, space geek.” Tony greets with a smile, stepping forward and offering out a hand.  “I can definitely say this is the best close encounter of the first kind that I’ve ever heard of.”

Any wariness vanishes, and the man offers his hand in return.  “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting from a musical penpal, but I figured you had good taste, so it would be worth the risk.”

“I assure you, the feeling is mutual.” Tony says.  


Peter Quill, or as he insists Star-Lord, is not alone upon arrival.  When he and Tony are done with their own introductions, a few quips passed between them, Peter insists that Tony meet the rest of his motley crew just as Tony insists they come inside and get themselves acquainted.  

It is refreshing to not be instantly recognized for who he is.  Instead, the crew of the blue and orange ship only know him as the guy that’s been broadcasting Terran jams all throughout the galaxy.  The rest of the crew is, naturally, a bit of a shock to Tony’s– and Bruce’s, when he joins them in the living room overlooking the Pacific– system.  It’s much more what he expected, though he’s still trying to wrap his brain around the talking tree.

And the talking raccoon.

And the very intimidating looking woman and man with skins the colors of jelly bellies.

When they all settle in, some of Quill’s group looking a little less wary by each passing second, Tony offers to order up some food for delivery and Peter jumps on the chance to have pizza.  It’s then that Tony realizes Peter isn’t necessarily an alien; just returning home after a very long trip.

They talk for a long time, the Guardians telling Bruce and Tony their story and how, exactly, they came to carry that name, as well as not-so-subtly letting them know that they have other crew members back up in the deep dark space above that would come looking if anything were to happen to them.  Tony just smiles and offers them their choice of the guest rooms.


He has Stephen bring Thor over the next day, to sit and talk with the Guardians about a few things that include the intergalactic immunity clauses of the Accords that he urges them to sign so that they might enjoy an extended stay on earth rather than a sadly brief one.  

When that’s said and done, it’s Peter that turns to Tony over a heaping pile of bacon, eyes bright.  “So, how long can we stay?”

“As long as you’d like,” Tony shrugs.  “This house is mostly empty most of the time, anyway.”

“What’s the catch?” Gamora asks shrewdly.

Tony grins.  “I’d like a chance to check out whatever tech you brought with you.”

Instantly, Rocket perks.  “I knew y’were a gear jockey the second Quill told us you’d sent a reply, didn’t I, Groot?”

“I am Groot.”

“Shuddap, I did.  After I said he was a loser.”

Tony laughs.


He isn’t exactly sure how he decides to stay with the Guardians at the mansion in Malibu when Bruce decides to return to the Compound, but he knows that he does.  Quill says he’s got some personal business somewhere in the mid-west, and Tony offers up his resources but figures Peter can figure his own way through his little coming-of-age adventure.  Figures he’d rather he and his friends would rather take it on their own.  

Rocket and Groot stay behind with Tony, tinkering around with him down in the basement until they return four days later.  Tony’s more than grateful that they’re back because trying to keep Rocket from taking apart everything that he owns has been bad on his already terrible heart.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Tony asks Peter.

Peter gives an aborted bob of his head, mouth twisted in a way that makes Tony ache somewhere in his chest, and he watches as Peter tries to keep his hands busy with some of the tools laid out over the work table.  The others have already retreated into their respective rooms, but Peter is lingering.  Restless.  

Tony knows that feeling well.

“Didn’t find anything good, did you?” Tony offers up a small smile that Peter doesn’t quite return.

He clears his throat, shakes his head, and Tony watches as his jaw works.  “Just, uh… Dunno why, but I kinda thought nothing would change.”

“Thirty years in space is a long time.”

“Yeah,” Peter croaks.

For a long second, Tony is at a loss as to what to do.  He’s never been great with emotions, his own, or anyone else’s.  But he doesn’t like the distance that grows in Peter’s usually bright, expressive eyes.  

Pushing to his feet, Tony pads over and places a tentative hand on his shoulder, smile tight but earnest.  Peter tries again, and fails again, to return it.

“You know what helps?” Tony asks, catching Peter’s wrist and pulling him away from the table.  


“Well, first answer is always drinking.” Tony winks.  “But considering I have to start taking better care of my liver, the second answer is music.  FRIDAY?”

The music floats in, the jazzy upbeat tune already bringing a small smile to Peter’s mouth.  It takes only a second longer before Peter is laughing and swaying with the beat, right next to Tony, and guffawing out a loud sound when Tony uses his loose grip to push Peter into a lazy spin.  

Tony’s already singing along.  He knows it’s ridiculous.  It’s mid-July.

“Do you remember,” he tosses his head back laughing when Peter retaliates, taking both Tony’s hands in his and spinning him around and around and around.  “Dancing in September?  Golden dreams and shiny days.”


“You should come with us,” Peter says as they’re loading up into the Milano.  

It’s been a month and Tony is sad to see them go.  It’s been a long time since he felt so content, so guiltless, in people’s company.  They’re just like him, a bunch of fuck-ups, but together they’re something more.  Something better.

He almost wishes he could take them up on the offer.

“Can’t,” Tony shrugs.  “Got a world to keep safe.  And you’ve got a galaxy to look after.”

Okay, he definitely wishes he could take them up on the offer.  

“Maybe next time?” he asks.

Peter beams.  “Definitely next time.”

As he’s walking up the ramp, music comes streaming out of the Milano.  Tony snorts, shaking his head and crossing his arms over his chest as Peter thrusts a fist into the air, Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me pouring around him.  


It’s two weeks later, back at the Compound, that Tony gets the alert.  

He pulls it up, smiling at the sight of sound waves, and has FRIDAY start the track.  He leans back in his seat, head tipped back and eyes closed, and lets the dream of stars steal the night away.

Florida Kilos

Second drabble from the song drabble game. You can read the first one here, and here is the BTS request list and the Girl Group request list.

Song: Florida Kilos by Lana Del Rey (drug dealer sana!au)

White palms, baking powder on the stove
Cooking up a dream, turning diamonds into snow
I feel you, pretty baby, feel me
Turn it up hot, loving you is free
I like it down, like it down way low
But you already know that
You already know

Come on down to Florida
I got something for ya
We could see the kilos or the keys, baby, oh ya
Guns in the summertime
Drink a Cherry Cola lime
Prison isn’t nothing to me if you’ll be by my side

Word Count:

Genre: slight smut, fluff

Author’s Note: so I didn’t go by the most voted sequence like I said because I really really wanted to write something for Sana. She’s been on my mind for some time and I can’t resist her :’D

Your eyes travel up the calculated, poised curve of the girl’s body as she leans on open window of a police car posted near the beach, and talks up the officer inside of it. It’s stupidly clear the effect she has on him.

Sana is blessed with one of those innocent faces that make anyone trust her, and she has a cutesy, high-pitched voice that she uses to charm her way into people’s hearts. Those two things, coupled with her natural childish disposition, make it so no human on this earth would be able to resist falling for her.

Yes, when it comes to her face she’s indistinguishable from an adorable little cherub, but her body tells a different story.  Everything from her sexy collar bones that she loves to show off in her endless supply of off-shoulder tops to her long, honey thighs is pure sin. And she knows how to flaunt it.

The clash between her innocent face and sexy body makes the men who leer at her become filled with shame. How could they be thinking such filthy thoughts about such an angelic creature? They stammer and blush and try to hide their ogling but they still look, and maybe that, the blinding guilt and lust they have for her, is what allows her to get away with so much.

You knew for a while now that Sana is a drug dealer, to the complete obliviousness of the entire city population and police force. You weren’t any better than them, really. You only knew because she allowed you to know.
You tell yourself it’s because she cares, because she doesn’t want to keep secrets from you… but it’s hard to be convinced when you see her in such short shorts, talking it up and down with that officer who won’t stop glancing down at her body.  Haven’t he ever fucking heard of subtlety?

This shouldn’t bother you so much but it does. Why does she kiss you so tenderly? Why does she let you fall for her only to turn around and do this?

Again you try to convince yourself that she’s only doing that to cover her tracks and keep her image up, but that’s an even harder pill to swallow. A much simpler explanation would be that you’re as much of an idiot as that man in the police car, greedily drinking up whatever truth she offers you. After all, it’s not like she outright told you about her illegal undertakings. You found out when you saw her in the middle of a transaction, and at the time you had thought that the eye contact she made with you and the small smile on her face meant that she intended for you to see, but now you’re starting to think that it was an accident and she’s merely stringing you along to get you to keep quiet. 

Well, you weren’t going to keep quiet, at least not to her. Dangerous drug dealer or not -and she was dangerous, you could see it in those fox eyes of hers- you were going to confront her about it. If she’s concerned about you telling anyone then she shouldn’t be because you’d never tell anyone anyway, but she had no right to play with your emotions like that!

“If you’re going to stare at least be subtle about it.” Jeongyeon, the waitress at the beach bar you are working in, snorts, making you jump. How long was she standing there? 

“I’m not staring. What are you talking about?” You mumble, blushing intensely and quickly averting your eyes from your seductress. 

She only snorts again as a way of reply, and you chew on your lips, your eyes already missing Sana and trying to fight the urge to look over at her again until they break out of your control and steal a glance, only to find out that she’s already gone. 

Disappointment drops like a stone in your stomach because even though you were intensely jealous of the scene you were witnessing just a few moments ago, you still considered it a privilege to be able to watch the divine girl seduce her way out of trouble.

Jeongyeon sees the disappointment on your face and clarifies smugly, “Don’t get all pouty now, Miss Bagel herself is coming over here.” She smirks and quickly leaves before the panic fully hits you. 

Like a deer caught in a trap, you watch wide-eyed as Sana confidently struts over to you. “How’s my favorite cocktail girl?" 

Sana pins you down under her sultry gaze, and you struggle against it but you can’t break free. 

"I’m f-fine.” You curse yourself for stuttering. Can you for once not act like a loser in front of her? 

Sana reaches out and brushes away the hair from your face, a defense mechanism you use to hide yourself away like an ostrich, thinking that if you can’t see the danger then it can’t see you too. 

“I saw you watching me earlier.” She says and you pull away, embarrassment latching onto your body like a fire, but Sana only follows after you. “You know he means nothing to me right? They all mean nothing, only you do." 

She lifts your chin up to make you look at her and whispers, "You believe me, don’t you baby?" 

And just like that, your heart goes into free fall. 

"Hey, stop biting on your lips.” She swipes a finger across your lips, feeling the abused surface and releasing it from the assault of your teeth. “See, you’ve got it all dry and cracked? Luckily for you, I’ve got some extra chapstick." 

She doesn’t give you time to think before she’s closing the small distance between you and pressing her lips onto your own. 

The kiss ends before it even begins. Sana pulls back right away but her face stays precariously close to yours. She uses her thumb to spread the small amount of her cherry chapstick that was now staining your lips. "Oh no, it’s still dry. I think it needs more, don’t you agree?" 

You meekly nod and she dives in again. This time the kiss lasts longer but only slightly before she pulls back again. Each following kiss grows in duration until she has you clutching onto her silky smooth shoulders and threading through her even softer hair. Her lips taste of the salty waves and the pink cherry chapstick she obsessively wears. 

She backs you into the corner adjacent to the bar’s counter so you’re out of sight then you feel her hand start sliding up your thigh and under your skirt. She lightly runs her finger across your slit that was embarrassingly outlined by your wet underwear. Immediately your breath hitches and you break the kiss. You’d never gone this far with her before. Actually, you’ve never gone beyond chaste kisses, light neck carcasses or a hand that lingers on your waist for a second too long. 

"Want me to stop?” Her smile remains seductive but you can see the seriousness in her eyes. She’ll stop if you want. 

Your answer is quick and sure, “No." 

Her giggle floats on the beachy winds and swirls around you as she leans over and kisses you neck. She starts rubbing you more firmly now and soon you find yourself whining and whimpering for more. 

It was wrong, you knew it was. She was bad news and you were a good girl. You shouldn’t let yourself be caught up in such illegal and dangerous things no matter how sexy, how unbelievably sexy, the package was. 

Your mind was free to think whatever it liked because as soon as she eased a pretty, slender finger into you, you stopped listening to it anyway. "Does this feel good?”

“Yes, please don’t stop." 

"I won’t stop as long as you keep moaning for me like that, pretty baby.” She drawls, and you swear you could cum from just listening to her voice.
You don’t know what you did to deserve the attention of such a heavenly creature but it seems like the universe agrees with you because just as you were nearing your end, you hear Jeongyeon yelling for you. 

“Damn it, where are you, ___!" 

You have half a mind to ignore the tall girl but Sana pulls away from you and tells you to go see what she wants. You give her a betrayed look but she just laughs and gives small spank, sending you on your way. 

You try to appear as calm and collected as possible as you step up to the counter as if you didn’t just step out of one of your wet dreams, but it doesn’t fool Jeongyeon. 

"Whoa, what happened to you?” She exclaims before her raised eyebrows quickly settle down into a disgusting pervy look. “Did you finally get that make-out session from Sana that you were pining after?" 

"Shut up!” You throw a washcloth at her, embarrassed by the fact that Sana was a few feet away, hearing everything she said. 

“Oh, please, you are like a little puppy who–” You suddenly stop listening to Jeongyeon’s humiliating rant because, no, Sana wasn’t a few feet away like you had thought, but instead she was crouched under the bar counter with her hands traveling up your legs at this very moment. 

You think she’s going to finger you again but instead, she does something much worse. She pulls your panties to the side and presses her pouty lips to your pussy. You yelp, interrupting Jeongyeon and she narrows her eyes in suspicion. “What’s with you?" 

"Nothing! Is there something that you wanted. You know, besides annoying the fuck out of me?” You snap, your voice coming out shaky and unsteady. 

“Geez, I was kidding. No need to bite my head off. I came to give you these orders.” She starts rattling off a long list of drinks that you can’t even hear because the things that Sana is doing to you under the counter are unmentionable. You can’t help but sneak what was supposed to be a glance down at Sana, your eyes meeting her own fox-sharp ones and the smile she has wrapped around your sensitive clit turns her eyes even sharper. The sounds of the waves and wind are loud but the sloppy sounds of your wet pussy are so deafening that you can’t believe Jeongyeon can’t hear it.

When she’s done recounting all the orders to you, she asks you if you’ve got it, and you say yes. 

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to get the notepad to write them down?” She says unconvinced, and your eyes snap back to her and see the suspicious look back on her face. 

“I said I got it, Jeongyeon. I’m not an amateur.” You snap, hoping the rude tone would make her finally go away. 

She raises both her hands up in mock surrender, “Alright, alright." 

You were so desperate to get rid of her because, despite the fact that you were in public and that you were engaged in a conversation, you were dangerously close to cumming. But again, the universe was hell bent on smiting you, and just before Jeongyeon was out of earshot, your orgasm comes ripping through you like a riptide and an unmistakable moan of pleasure is torn from your throat. 

Jeongyeon whirls around, eyebrows up to her hairline, and you have nothing to do but quickly duck behind the counter. 

"Oh god, oh god, I’m quitting my job! No, I’m leaving the entire city!” You squeak, hiding your face behind your hands. Sana’s laugh floats around you again, seeping through you and soothing you like a magic touch. 

“You’re saying that like I’d let you out of my sight, pretty baby.” Sana smirks and removes your hands from your face, pressing a final, languid kiss to your mouth. She doesn’t taste of salt and cherries anymore. Instead, she tastes of you, and your mind can’t argue back when your heart tells it that nothing has ever felt more right.

Gangnam Style

A/N: FINALLY POSTING THIS omg has anyone seen the trailer of the 2nd Kingsman movie, I’m soooo in, but first I’m flashing back on movie 1 by writing this giggly Eggsy fic. 

An anon asked for a tickle attack by Merlin and Harry on him rly rly long ago (so long that I lost the ask) and I’m finally getting to that. Get readyyy~ action x”D It’s been ages since I wrote for this fandom sorry if it sucks

Summary: Merlin is not a fan of Gangnam Style and Eggsy is ticklish. 

Word Count: 1310

“Then I suggest you make my alias somebody worth kidnapping.”

Eggsy sighed and shook his head at all this bad guy, kidnapping-gala dinner and alias sorta shit, and he freely tapped the clipboard he nicked from Merlin while he was busy talking to Harry.

“So guys! While you two think of that fantastic alias, I’d suggest Donkey Kong by the way, let me lighten up the mood a bit.” Excited to be playing around with the gadget, he smirked when he realized what this could allow him to do.

“Eggsy, hey!” Merlin tried to steal his clipboard back but Eggsy jumped backwards and held it up high. 

“He stole that from me?” Merlin turned back to look at Harry who gave him a don’t-underestimate-my-candidate-shrug, and Eggsy smirked. He gave one last tap to select the video clip he needed and pressed… Play.

‘Oppa Gangnam Style!’ 

… Merlin’s stare was priceless.

“Oh no, you don’t,” he said, and he approached Eggsy and reached for the clipboard. Harry laughed loudly and J.B. barked - or more like squeaked - at Merlin who took big steps to chase after Eggsy with an intimidating look on his face.

“C’mon Merl, you sure know the dance, no?” Eggsy taunted, keeping the clipboard high above his head and taking step after step backwards to avoid him while swaying his hips and making ridiculous dancing moves.

You told him, Galahad?” Merlin huffed as he circled around Eggsy, hands ready to catch the damn boy. Harry gave a calm nod.

“I might’ve told him about your… interest, in the song.” Eggsy smirked at this. Harry had once told him Merlin was not a fan of the Gangnam Style trend, which was clearly an understatement, and he couldn’t have thought of a better chance to test it.

“Eggsy…” Merlin grunted when the song kept playing as long as Eggsy controlled the stupid thing, and Eggsy smirked.

“What’s wrong Merl? Don’t like this song?” he teased.

“Alright, put it off Eggsy, you don’t want him to catch you if you don’t,”  Harry warned, but he was smiling and this only encouraged Eggsy even more. 

“Yeh? Cuz’ then what? He gonna kill me for playin’ a song? Eeeeyy sexy lady!” he sang, dancing and zigzagging through the room, and he twirled around, turned up the volume of the song, dodged Merlin who dove at him to catch the clipboard and then…. he tripped.

“J.B. Woaaaah!” Tripping over J.B.’s leash, Eggsy was lucky to fall on top of the hospital bed. Laughing when Merlin grabbed his leg, Eggsy stretched his arm and kept the clipboard far away, still with teasing Merlin as his number one mission.

“Give it back!” Merlin wheezed, aiming for Eggsy’s underarms and digging in without warning.

FAHhack!” Eggsy suddenly shouted through a desperate squeaky laugh. Abort mission, abort mission! Clamping his arms back down, the clipboard got taken from him right away, and Gangnam Style got turned off again before it even reached the second verse.

“Okahahay okay it stopped! It stopped!” Eggsy giggled when Merlin wouldn’t stop digging his fingers into his twitching torso, fingers wiggling from his underarms down his ribcage and squeezing firmly. Why was he …?! 

Eggsy jerked at the feeling of the continuous tickling and he kicked his legs, but Merlin pinned one of his legs down with his knee and climbed further onto the bed.

“Yeah sorry Eggsy. Might’ve told him a thing or two about you too,” Harry said, prancing around the bed where Eggsy was being attacked by the vengeful agent. Fuck shitty shit hell no. His ticklishness was classified information, it was enough with just Harry wrecking him everytime.

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Percy Jackson Orchestra AU

I recently returned from Concert Festival with my orchestra (we got the highest score of all the orchestras who entered woooo), and it got me thinking about this au. 

  • Although they’re all in different grades, all of the main seven are in the same orchestra class, due to the fact that they all began learning at different times and are now all on (about) equal footing
  • Chiron is their teacher/conductor, and has a small rivalry with Mr. D, the band’s teacher


  • Cellist
  • Senior who has been playing since freshman year. He enjoys the class & being with his friends, but doesn’t care all that much about chair placement or being the best cellist in the orchestra
  • Percy’s relationship with Annabeth is an orchestra romance and as such ridiculously dorky and cute, and everyone in the class had been lowkey shipping them since middle school 
  • They have their first kiss after their orchestra gets the highest score at a competition, beating their long-time rivals
  • He doesn’t continue it into college, but the people he met and the experiences he had always stick with him
  • ALSO PSEUDO SWORD FIGHTS WITH BOWS, which were all fun until Leo’s bow-hair is yanked completely out of the frog
  • Probably learns all the Star Wars themes on his cello because he’s a fuckin nerd
  • Once almost dropped his cello in a swimming pool. It’s a long story that most try to forget.

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The Pitch-perfect Bard: A Cosmere Mix

(Art by @botanicaxu, used with permission)

I decided it was time to share the Fan Soundtrack I have compiled for Sanderson’s works.Well over eighty hours have gone into the booklet alone, in which I take the listener through each song and how I think it relates to the Cosmere. I have included the text from my booklet below the list…the introduction does contain a warning, but just be forewarned that after the listed songs, there will be spoilers for almost every Cosmere-related work. :)

1. El Dorado
2. False King
3. After the Fall

4. Undying Love
5. Never Back Down

Mistborn Trilogy:
6. Protectors of the Earth
7. All is Hell that Ends Well
8. Gollum’s Song
9. Flight of the Silverbird
10. Mountains
11. Clairvoyant

Stormlight Archive:
12. Cannon in D minor
13. Jump!
14. Our Destiny
15. Cry
16. Creation of Earth

Wax & Wayne Novels:
17. Big Sky
18. Starchild

Short Stories & Novellas:
19. Dragonland
20. Strength of a Thousand Men

21. Mephisto Waltz


         If you are reading this there is a good chance you are a fan of the work of Brandon Sanderson. This album has been a pet project of mine for over a year now, and is still incomplete. However, since I’m not sure that it will ever be more than a work in progress, I decided it was time to share it with those who enjoy Sanderson’s writing.  

         The project of finding a ‘soundtrack’ for the Cosmere began when a friend of mine mentioned how perfectly 2 Steps from Hell’s “All is Hell that Ends Well” described the life of Marsh (from the Mistborn Triloyg), both in the title and music.  Since then I’ve kept my ears open for other pieces that fit specific characters, scenes, or emotional moments in the Cosmere.

         My selection process is a complicated one. I am constantly listening to music, and I wait for the moment when a piece reminds me of something in the Cosmere. Then, I listen to it a few more times to confirm that it has the correct feeling, emotionally and musically. Often I will listen to it randomly over the next few days to make sure I still get the same vibe, even when I’m not specifically listening for it. Then I check it with friends who have also read Sanderson and can confirm the overall feeling of the piece. One more interesting note to make is that I try to avoid know the names of pieces until I have set in stone what they correspond with, because I don’t want the name to influence my decision. In light of that, it’s fascinating to see how many of the names are appropriate for their Cosmere moments.

         You will notice that most of the music itself is by 2 Steps from Hell (2SFH). This is because I find them particularly suited to Sanderson’s writing, being epic and detailed, classical and modern, all at the same time. I do try to avoid film scores, because I don’t want to be inhibited by emotional associations that I and others already have with those pieces, but am not completely opposed to using them.

         I have organized this album in the order that I first read the books of the Cosmere. For each book, I put the pieces in the order that they occur within the story. This seemed like the most logical way to organize it, and I hope it makes the listening experience enjoyable.

         While I’m sure you might have already guessed, I think it’s wise to mention that there are major SPOILERS contained within the pages of this booklet. I know having a book spoiled is one of the worst things that can be done to a reader…please proceed with caution. This continues to be an amazingly fun project to work on and I am so excited to share it with you! Thank you for listening to The Pitch-perfect Bard.

The Penniless Author

1. El Dorado (Skyworld, 2SFH) - Vivenna and Parlin entering the Hallandren city of T’Telir
Beginning with the wild dervish of violins was the perfect musical picture of the strict Idrian princess and her woodsman companion entering the colorful and wild city they had been warned about all their lives. Around 0:20, I imagine that Vivenna and Parlin have gone through the gates and are being bombarded by all the sights, sounds, and smells of the foreign culture and religion surrounding them; people hawking their wares in the open market, strange foods scenting the air, and garish colors of all shades swirling in an unending kaleidoscope. At 1:26, the listener zooms out to get a birds-eye view of the whole city. A mass of humanity living in one place, with the magnificent Court of  Gods situated in the middle of the city, high above the common folk. The piece ends with a frenzy of instruments playing, focusing back on the two Idrians and just how overwhelming this new city is to them.

2. False King (Invincible, 2SFH) – Lightsong healing Susebron
We begin in the cell with Lightsong as he realizes why he Returned, and what he must do with his Breath. The overwhelming emotions of pain and loss, mixed with the fresh knowledge of why he must now give his Breath to the God King is represented in the somber but driving melody. Around 0:36 we can hear the triumphal healing of Susebron, and his determination as he rescues Siri from the murderous hand of Bluefingers. The black walls stripped of their black sheen and now reflecting a spectrum of brilliant colors, mirrored by the swirling army of colorful clothes Susebron Awakened, can be felt in the amazing vocalization during this part of the piece.  1:51 to the end is a heartbreaking representation of when Susebron takes Siri down to the dungeon, and they, along with Scoot, reflect on the final selfless act of the man known to the world as Lightsong.

3. After the Fall (Invincible, 2SFH) – Vasher and Vivenna leaving T’Telir together
This piece has the end-of-the-story and characters-moving-on vibe. I imagine this in the background any time I read the Epilogue of Warbreaker. The looking forward, moving toward adventure, and expectation of finding out more about oneself are all felt in the propelling beat and the yearning but calm vocalizations. Vivenna and Vasher discuss his Returned status, as well as the potential threat they are hoping to head off. The musicality of this piece gives the listener the satisfaction of feeling like the story is complete, but there is a possibility for more stories to come, which is what Sanderson’s epilogue does.

4. Undying Love (Invincible, 2SFH) – Sarene discovering Lord Spirit’s secret
The beginning of this piece drops us right into the scene where Roial has been stabbed and Raoden reveals himself to Sarene and all his friends. The swirling, undulating melody of the strings clearly brings to light Sarene’s emotions in this bittersweet moment. The complexity of Sarene’s sorrow for Roial, coupled with joy, confusion, and hesitance at discovering that Lord Spirit is her supposedly dead betrothed, is reflected in the simultaneously major and minor tones of the violins against the backdrop of violas and celli. Around 0:56 we move to the roof of Kiin’s house, where Raoden and Sarene are surveying the city and discussing all that is happening. The soaring melody with the staccato violins behind it gives voice to the calm way in which they talk about the constant upheaval their lives have gone through for the past several months. At 1:18, you can hear Sarene’s request for Raoden to drop the Aon and let her see his Elantrian face, this time knowing that he is the man she is betrothed to.  The single-voice piano repeating the same phrase gives the listener an impression of Raoden’s reluctance to concede to her request, but when he does, the orchestra begins building behind the piano and Sarene reassures him that she is not bothered by his Elantrian features. Around 1:45, the burgeoning melody gives me the feeling that my view has zoomed out and I am getting a 360 degree view of this couple, standing on the rooftop, completely in love with each other. 

5. Never Back Down (Battlecry, 2SFH) – Raoden’s final Journey
We begin immediately at the point in time when Raoden is being held by Dilaf as a trap to lure Sarene out onto Kiin’s roof. Raoden’s need to protect the woman he loves, balanced by his pain and misery, is emulated by the positive violin melody that contrasts with the deep, persistent hammering of the lower strings. Right around 0:32 is where Dilaf runs Raoden through and he becomes Hoed. The melody takes on a mournful quality, incorporating more of the celli and vocal sections to bring out the incredible agony Raoden experiences as one of the Hoed. Galladon and Karata’s trek up the mountain, taking Raoden to the pool, begins at 1:07. The vocals and timpani take over the melody, with the strings in the background, giving the piece a marching vibe. The sorrow is still there, in the melody, and the listener can feel how physically and emotionally difficult it is for these two Elantrians to carry their friend all that way. We switch back to Raoden’s perspective at 1:40, which is when he begins to realize the secret to fixing the Dor. The slow build of the vocals and strings perfectly resonates with his train of thought, and then at 1:13 he jumps out of the pool and starts his dash back down the mountain. We now hear everything we have heard previously, but with something new: Harpsichord. Torn between his love and pain, struggling to stay lucid and resist the Hoed mantra, Raoden gathers enough strength to sprint back down the mountain. The rolling arpeggios of the harpsichord reflect the urgency of his mission, as Raoden comes closer to the end of his strength.

Mistborn Trilogy
6. Protectors of the Earth (Invincible, 2SFH) – Kelsier teaching Vin pushing and pulling
The reason I love this piece so much is that you can feel the pushing and pulling. It starts off a little slow, like Kelsier standing on a rooftop with Vin, telling her just a little about how it works. From there it just starts building. It has a very strong ¾ beat to it, which only serves to intensify the feeling of pushing-and-pulling-and-pushing-and-pulling. Throughout the piece you get bits where I like to imagine they’ve crested a building and are above the city before dropping back down to more street-level.  At 1:31 they get to the city wall and you get the feeling Kelsier is going to do something incredibly stupid. Just before he throws himself into the mist, he challenges Vin to follow. And she does, right at 1:56. The emergence of the brass over the strings gives the listener the feeling of rushing through the mist with Vin, wondering what could be waiting below. And then, miraculously, you come upon the spikeway at 2:15 and use the rush of adrenaline to follow Vin and Kelsier off into the mist.

7. All is Hell that Ends Well (Skyworld, 2SFH) – The life of Marsh
The choice of this piece was not my doing. However, I think it’s brilliant, and totally agree that it perfectly sums up the direction that Marsh’s life takes.  We start off melodic and mournful, emulating how tired and frustrated Marsh is when we first meet him. At 0:35, the timpani starts to pound while the brass builds, still in the beginning stages of taking over. The decision for Marsh to infiltrate the Inquisitors is made, and he leaves the crew to do his job. Becoming the thing he hates is a hug sacrifice for Marsh, and you can hear this in 1:24, with the pounding beat emphasized by string arpeggios, and the melodic but jarring brass. The interlude from 1:53 – 2:10 gives voice to those few, precious moments when Marsh is with one of the crew, passing on information, and doesn’t have to worry about being discovered. The single-voice piano has a hurrying quality to it that emphasizes the secrecy and danger of what he is doing. We return to the infiltration theme for a bit, then at 2:39 we receive Marsh’s communication that he has information on the soothing stations around the city. It is similar to the previous interlude, but has more weight behind it from the strings supporting the piano, which speaks to the importance of his information. And then we hit the dub-step at 2:58. This, of course, is his inclusion into the ranks of the Steel Inquisitors. The unnatural and hellish sounds and rhythms of dub-step are perfect for this affront to humankind and the tortured life Marsh will lead from this day forward.

8. Gollum’s Song (The Two Towers, Howard Shore) – Zane Venture’s theme
I had a difficult time allowing myself to use this song within the Cosmere. Personally, I already loved it, and it has so many emotions I already associate with it, I didn’t want them to color my perception of Zane.  However, I finally decided to include it because it really does encompass the struggles that Zane goes through in our time with him in Mistborn. Not only does the doleful melody speak to Zane’s terrible back-story, but the lyrics express his longing to have what he couldn’t. His fascination with Vin and constant struggle against his father to find himself give the lyrics new meaning, and provide a fresh perspective on what it is like in Zane’s head.

9. Flight of the Silverbird (Battlecry, 2SFH) – Elend and Vin’s Dance
I must confess, I cheated a bit with this piece: it does not correspond with something that happens within the Mistborn books, but rather, with something I wish had happened. Upon reading the ball scene when the Emperor and Empress dance with their enemies, I couldn’t help wishing for an epic Allomancy dance for the two Mistborn. So I wrote my first piece of Fan Fiction, labeled simply “The Dance”. In essence, the soaring melody coupled with the sweet notes of the flute gave me the idea that these two humans with incredible magical abilities, and so deeply in love with each other, would find a way to use their Allomancy to do something they both love: dance.

10. Mountains (Interstellar Soundtrack, Hans Zimmer) – Ruin and Preservation become Harmony
The fantastic thing about this piece is that the entirety of it is spent building up to one, final moment. You can feel Ruin and Harmony struggling through time, push for pull, cause and consequence. The constant ticking within the piece is a tangible reminder that time is marching toward an inevitable showdown. And then you have all the contrasting instruments and methods within the piece. The organ layered underneath the strings, and then coming to the forefront in grand chords gives the listener a sense of the magnitude and power behind the two opposite shards contending for power. I especially love the use of the wooden part of the violin bow starting at 2:34. It is an underutilized method of playing that gives the piece an otherworldly feeling. As the piece continues, the rising chords of the organ and the harmony of strings meld more and more until they are inseparable, and then the last chord is gorgeously divided, both major and minor. This, more than anything, solidifies the feeling that, yes, Ruin and Preservation have become one in Harmony, but there is still a tension there that will continue as long as time itself.

11. Clairvoyant (Classics, Vol. 1, 2SFH) – Sazed heals Scadrial
You can hear them. You can hear the wheels turning in Sazed’s head, as he becomes Harmony and realizes why he learned everything he knows: To heal the earth. The piano within the piece is very circular, while the vocalization fills it out into a melody, giving voice to the divine power Sazed now holds. I like to imagine him planting flowers at 1:01, and then as the melody swells around 1:14, he’s moving the ashmounts and creating the Elendel Basin. People begin emerging out of their underground havens at 1:40, shocked by the new world presented to them.  And then, at the very last, we happen upon Elend and Vin, resting peacefully among the Marewill flowers. 

Stormlight Archive
12. Cannon in D Minor (Battlecry, 2SFH) – Secret Bridge Four Chasm Training
Now this is an energetic piece. Boom! It gets you right into the mood for movement, and I think it’s quite the pump-up song. And with that in mind, it’s especially appropriate to be in the background for the training of Bridge Four. We start off with Kaladin organizing the men, setting up leadership, and starting training. Around 1:00, I imagine that the men are doing the spear kata they’ve been learning as a group. The stomping/clapping in this section of the piece really emphasize this, and you can hear the force and ferocity of what they’ve been learning. 1:20-1:33 Kaladin is experimenting with his Windrunning abilities, testing the waters and finding them to his liking. We then get a repeat of the kata melody, this time with added vocalizations, which give an extra punch to the training the men are going through. From 1:53 to the end, my mind goes through a montage of Bridge Four bonding time over Rock’s soup, training in the Chasms, and learning to take care of their fellow human beings.

13. Jump! (Classics Vol. 1, 2SFH) – The Parshendi
I swear I did not choose this piece because of the title.  Now that we’ve established that, we start with the first encounter with the warform Parshendi; terrifying, pounding electric guitars give the listener an idea of just how petrifying it would be to be challenged by a singing warrior in carapace, who can leap seemingly bottomless chasms in a single bound. The battle rages and in between the hammering rhythm, you can hear the furious chanting of the war song in the string melody. Right around 2:27 we get a little glimpse of the Parshendi way of life; the Parshendi in different forms, working together in one community to keep their people going, knowing that they are a minority and are barely scraping a living off the Shattered Plains. You catch the wistfulness of Eshonai’s wish to make her people great again in the beautiful violin melody. Then at 3:15 we return to the ever raging battle for the Plains between the Parshendi and the Alethi.

14. Our Destiny (Sun, Thomas Bergerson) – Kholins betrayed by Sadeas
We begin with Sadeas riding away from the battle, leaving the Kholins stranded in the midst of the Parshendi. The resolute, marching violins give his betrayal a feeling of inevitability, and then from 0:13 till 0:33, we hear Dalinar’s train of thought. He goes from seeing that his ‘friend’  deceived him, to worried about his soldiers and son, with the rapidity of the swirling piano that gives voice to his emotions. At 0:34 Dalinar rallies his troops, giving them a speech to go down in the annals of history. You can hear as the despondent troops gain new courage from the words of their Brightlord, and then they charge back into battle at 1:26. Within the soaring melody, there is a beautiful tension between major and minor, highlighting the fact that every Kholin soldier knows they won’t survive this battle, but still continues to fight the Parshedin, spurred on by love and loyalty to the Kholin household. At 1:57 we get a brief respite from the battle, assessing the wounded and morale of the men, and then we jump right back into the fray at 2:32. The brass and vocals gain more power in the melody here, and we get a feeling of just how desperate this battle is. The piece ends, almost echoing Dalinar’s words: “We fight here because we understand…Other men may debase themselves to destroy me. Let them have their glory.  for I will retain mine!”

15. Cry (Sun, Thomas Bergerson) – Kaladin speaks the Third Ideal
The soft drumming and synthetic bells that we start off with are Kaladin’s thoughts. He realizes that he cannot just turn a blind eye as Moash kills Elhokar, and begins the painful hike up to the palace at 0:28. The listener can feel the urgency of the situation with the constant, driving harmony, but sense the painful slowness of Kaladin’s movements in the tedious melody. Around 0:56, he finds Elhokar and tries to get him out of danger. The tension in the music is building, getting more intense as vocals and additional instruments join the melody till Kaladin is confronted by Moash in 1:56. You can feel the confusion, betrayal, and strength emanating from the two proud men in the wistful yet powerful vocals. At 2:31, Syl’s voice can be heard, pleading with the Stormfather to allow her to return to Kaladin. The insistent vocals coupled with the persistent harmony give us an amazing musical picture of how these two extraordinary characters work together within the text. Right at 3:00, Kaladin, cheered on by Syl, speaks the Third Ideal. The increased intensity of the piece does not negate the fact that the vocal melody and string harmony are still working together; in fact, they are even stronger than they were before. Just like the reunion of Kaladin and Sylpherina.

16. Creation of Earth (Sun, Thomas Bergerson) – Windrunner and Truthless Duel
This piece is more of a big picture than individual moments. Each duelist has their distinct musical quality. Szeth is characterized by the haunting, tormented, yet gorgeous solo vocals. This speaks to his plight as Truthless (as he thought), and his anger at being used for murder. His loneliness, shame, and pride in his own expertise is clearly heard in the vocals that are now major, now minor. The overwhelming fury at the pointlessness of Szeth being Truthless is heard in the wild abandon with which the voice swings between notes, slashing vehemently at Kaladin’s voice, which is represented by the strings and choral vocals. There is a calm rage behind his melody, quiet and deadly. The interwoven voices and instruments can, once again, be heard as Kaladin and Syl working in perfect sync with one another as they spar the Truthless who threatened the people they love. You can hear Kaladin’s melody grow and blossom, gaining the heroic quality we all know he had but he refused to believe existed. In between the musical sparring between the two voices, there are many synthetic sounds, which only add to the landscape they cover in the course of their soaring duel. 

Wax & Wayne Novels
17. Big Sky (Skyworld, 2SFH) – The Roughs
I don’t think you’ll have to listen very long to understand why this song reminded me of the Roughs. The composition of this piece is much like that of an old western soundtrack, utilizing cello, guitar, wooden flutes, and double bass to give the listener a rugged and worn feeling. I can almost see the dusty towns planted in an infertile land, the Scadrial version of a tumbleweed blowing down the street in a forlorn manner. And then to give us a sense of the epic proportions of this particular western, the orchestra and vocals build up behind the traditional instruments. The rollicking melody is a perfect representation of the proud resoluteness of the Roughs and the people who are determined to make a go of it there.

18. Starchild (Sun, Thomas Bergerson) – Wayne’s Speed-bubble fighting
First off, I have to say I think Wayne would be thrilled to hear that his song is called “Starchild”; he’d never let Wax hear the end of it. Anywho, we start in a room frozen in time. The solo piano with strings and vocals layered under it show us just how beautifully creepy the scene is. Just imagine looking around, and everyone is moving at an excruciatingly slow pace. Then, you notice that there’s something odd about one particular table…there seems to be movement inside an invisible sphere, practically dripping with the essence of time. Around 0:49, we move through the invisible barrier and find ourselves in the midst of a frenzied preparation. Two men are checking and loading weapons, removing excess clothing, downing vials of liquid and metal flakes. They discuss the various threats in the room, choosing their first opponents and getting ready for the conflict. The mounting tension of the music shows their anticipation for what is about to happen. At 1:11, Wayne drops the bubble and we are thrown into a time-defying fight. The elevated strings bringing out the melody gives the listener a feeling of zooming about the room, seeing Wayne drop his opponents in slow motion, and, out of the corner of our eye, we can see Wax leaping around the room, mistcoat tassels flying, shooting as he goes. Time catches up and we get to see Wayne’s fighting style up close and personal. We are trapped in a speed bubble with him and one other man, and watch, as Wayne takes him down with his dueling canes. The bubble is dropped until Wayne isolates another enemy and disarms him. And then, from 1:35 to the end, we get an even more amazing spectacle: to watch from outside the speed bubble.  The consistent beat of the timpani gives a voice to real time, even as Wayne’s insane skills ride over it in the voice of the heroic melody played by the brass. We can barely see him, only catching glimpses as he dashes about the room, using his speed bubble to move inhumanly fast. Throughout the piece, you can hear Wax in the background, shooting away and generally being awesome in the bright runs of the violins; the two lawmen, fighting criminals, and doing it with style.

Short Stories & Novellas
19. Dragonland (Sun, Thomas Bergerson) – Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
The thing about this piece is that I think it has all the themes necessary to extrapolate a full soundtrack from if a movie were to be made out of Shadows for Silence. The overall otherworldliness given by the fantastic use of low brass, celli and bass as well as creepy vocals makes it the perfect piece for this short story. So, here’s the basic break-down. 0:00-0:42 is the shades wandering around, minding their own business, 0:43-1:25 is Silence and her daughter (or anyone else) sneaking through the woods slowly, trying not to attract the shades, 1:26-1:55 is the fight with the bandits, 1:56-2:24 is Daggon’s White Fox tale from the beginning of the book, 2:25-3:14 is the escape from the ambush, then their run-in with Red, 3:15-4:06 is Theopolis confronting Silence, and her unleashing her grandmother on him, 4:07-the end is Silence’s memories of what her grandmother put her through to prepare her for fighting shades. And like I said, anything else needed for this story can be tied back into one of the sections I just described. A perfectly haunting piece for the great Cosmere ghost-story.

20. Strength of a Thousand Men (Archangel, 2SFH) – Secret History, Kelsier running to the West
This piece is amazing because you can feel the momentum behind Kelsier as he strives to figure out what is going on and what he can do about it. The drumming, consistent strings, chanting voices, low brass, and violin runs all combine to give the song a feeling of wind rushing past and a persistent doggedness no matter how far Kelsier had to run. We get glimpses of his run, picking up the fire, sneaking up on the Eyree, following through the woods, being himself. Kelsier’s epic run to find out the secret of the shards is immortalized in this pounding and heroic tribute. 

21. Mephisto Waltz (Franz Liszt) – Hoid
I love this piece for Hoid because it covers much of what we know about him, and leaves even more open for speculation. And the fact that it is a classical piece just gives it that bit of irony that I think he would appreciate. We begin in the middle of a hop between planets. The inane bouncing back and forth between the strings is the perfect musical picture of Hoid traveling between worlds. Starting at 0:42, you can hear what I call the “Wit Theme”. The classically played melody defies practical convention, much as Wit does in the court of Elhokar. I can just imagine him making fun of the brighlords while listening to this tune. Around 2:38, we catch a glimpse of some of Hoid’s other roles.: The storyteller in Warbreaker. The beggar in Elantris. The informant and Terrisman in Mistorn. And many more faces I am sure we will see him put on. The conflicted melody speaks to his differing interactions with people, and the ambiguity of where he comes from and where he’s going. 4:24 through 4:38, and then 9:28 through the end is an amazing tribute to the loneliness he must experience. His adventures are many and varied, as expressed by the highs and lows the listener experiences through this piece. A fantastically brilliant piece for an amazingly confusing and awesome character. 

(I’m sorry for the insanely long post…I haven’t learned how to make those handy-dandy cuts in a post. If you made it all the way to the bottom, I wish I could promise you a high-five from Hoid, but who knows where he’s off to now…)

The City is Mine: Ch.1

Genre: gang au, angst, smut (eventually) 

Character Profiles: AOMG | The Outsiders | The 88′s  (Please read these and the prologue before you begin)

Chapters: Prologue1234 /?

*Cookies = AOMG’s drugs

“The City is Mine” Ravi Open

“Ok, ok, quiet down y’all. This one’s from a new song yo boy been werkin on called Vagina Virtuoso” shouted Jay Park with a proud glimmer in his eyes. The sexy gang leader stood in the center of his professional dance studio located inside AOMG’s swag headquarters, surrounded by his devoted crew and adoring groupies.

“Yo, I need a Cha Cha beat boy!” screamed Jay in a high pitched voice as he tore off his shirt to reveal his ripped body, causing all the girls in the room, and Lil Boi, to scream with unbridled enthusiasm.

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Who He’s Not pt.4 [Oh Sehun Scenario]

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: After having dated Sehun for a while you move in together but that decision quickly changes your life.
Pairing: Sehun x Reader (You)
Type: Dramatic, angsty, mafia kinda feels
Word Count: 1238


Ok so he’s in a gang…one of the most dangerous gangs but he’s still your Yoongi right? How different could he be? Are you stupid (Y/N)? He’s totally different now! He’s fucking dangerous, who knows what he might do to you?

You realized you were regaining consciousness again when your thoughts were arguing with each other on how to react to Min Yoongi being in cahoots with your kidnappers, until you heard their voices and you thought against waking up. 

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Jily fluff

When Gryffindor wins their Quidditch match, the after party takes a turn it never has before, but it might not end the way James or Lily had hoped. An extract from a few chapters into my longer fic that I haven’t got around to writing the rest of yet. I was just inspired and wanted to write some Jily fluff, and semi-smut, so here you go! Let me know what you think :D


“You didn’t believe we could do it, did you?” James grinned. His high cheekbones were flushed bright red, and a light sheen of sweat covered his forehead. His maroon robes clung to his chest, and his hair plastered his forehead. Lily laughed.

“I did so believe it! I just said that Ravenclaw had a good team this year!”

“You lost faith! But we won anyway!” He teased. The light of his victory kindled a fire in his brown eyes, and he locked them onto her green ones. His wide smile wavered as he stared at her intently. Her hair was mussed up from the wind, a single red strand flying in from of her face and he itched to tuck it behind her ear. His calloused fingers clenched and unclenched with the effort of holding them by his sides.

She held his stare, a bright blush colouring her face, clashing with her hair. Attempting to clear his throat, James coughed.

“So…you’re coming to the celebration party right?” He choked out hoarsely.

“I…yeah, I guess,” she smiled shyly. Lily wasn’t used to feeling shy around James; the feeling was so alien to her she didn’t know how to act.

Impulsively, James chuckled and lunged to hug her. She squealed, surprised, and laughed, lifting her legs off the floor so he bore her full weight. If he noticed, he took it in his stride, spinning her around right on the pitch. He put her down suddenly, and she stumbled, clutching his arm to steady herself. She let go quickly, realising what she’d done and feeling embarrassed. She needn’t have been. He wasn’t looking at her, his gaze trained instead on the ground.

“I’d better go get my broom,” he said, not quite looking at her. “I’ll see you at the party.”

“Uh, okay,” she responded, surprised how the conversation had turned awkward so abruptly. She turned, and ran off to meet Dorcas and Marlene.


“Ow, get off my hair!” Dorcas screeched.

“Sorry!” Marlene said. “It’s not my fault it’s so damn frizzy. Sleakeazy’s can only do so much!” She wielded a hair brush menacingly in Lily’s direction. “And don’t you dare ruin your makeup. Don’t touch it, you look great.”

The trio had turned Lily’s bedroom and bathroom into a dressing room, spreading makeup and hair products all over, and various clothing items were strewn haphazardly over the bed. Marlene and Dorcas had forced Lily into a green dress and wrestled her red hair into soft waves framing her petite face. Dorcas’s hair refused to be tamed, but even so her curvy silhouette was brought out beautifully by her shift dress. And Marlene – Marlene as always looked stunning with her sultry almond eyes and porcelain skin.

“I give up,” Marlene sighed. “It’s a lost cause even for my talents.” Dorcas poked out her pointy tongue to Marlene’s reflection, and turned to face Lily.

“Are we ready?”

“I guess, yeah.” Lily fiddled nervously with her hands, not sure why apprehension tied into her stomach.

“Okay. Let’s go.”


A few floors up, James’ head was already hazy from one too many butterbeers, but he was by no means the most intoxicated in the room. The chandelier was out, and the stone walls of the circular Gryffindor common room glowed with the light from the fire and the few sconces that were lit, casting dim shadows onto peoples faces and bringing out the best of people, dimming imperfections. An air of victory hung in the air, everyone proud and happy, even the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws that no one minded letting in that evening. Music played loudly from an old gramophone in an alcove, and most of the usual furniture had disappeared somewhere to make room for a dance floor, only the armchairs and sofas by the fire remaining. One or two people had already collapsed into them, either relaxing or passed out, James couldn’t tell. He didn’t spare too much though for it.

In the dark corners of the room, where the faint light didn’t reach, couples explored the deepest recesses of each other’s mouth in an intoxicated stupor, and James assumed that Sirius was somewhere in there. Remus had already been missing for around an hour, and Peter had passed out upstairs after his third butterbeer.

Every few minutes, the portrait opened, the Fat Lady having taken a night off, and the door was on a figurative latch. James barely took notice of the comings and goings until he caught sight of a flash of red hair in the firelight. Unhindered by his usual inhibitions, and the alcohol giving him the push he needed, he followed the trail of red. Forcing through the tight throng, he found her by the beverages. Before he said anything, he picked up a shot of what he assumed was Firewhiskey and downed it in one. The bitter liquid ignited his throat and he coughed, before picking up another. Satisfied he was sufficiently inebriated to carry out his intentions, he moved towards her, tapping her shoulder.

She turned, her green skirts swirling, and her hair whipping across her face. As it had earlier, a strand of coppery hair stuck to her lip, but this time he had the nerve to gently move it. He reached out his hand, oh so delicately, and moved the strand.

“James,” she breathed.

“Hi,” he smiled lopsidedly. He offered her the second Firewhiskey shot to her. “Firewhiskey?”

She hesitated. “I…sure. Thanks.” With a proficiency that betrayed her straight-edge image, she downed it. “Bluergh,” she blanched. “Why do people drink this stuff?”

James smirked. “Not for the taste, that’s for sure. Listen, Lily? Do you want to dance?”

She looked taken aback. “Okay.”

He boldly took her hand, and led her to the centre of the room as an up tempo song blasted from the gramophone. Within her, Lily could feel the effect of the Firewhiskey, combined with the butterbeer she’d had, taking hold, dulling the lines of her vision and making colours brighter, and ideas seem better. She held tightly to James’ hand, not realising how much he’d been keeping her balanced until he let go.

She stumbled, putting out her hands in front of her to right herself on the nearest available surface. Only when she looked up did she realise she’d planted her palms directly onto James’s chest. Intoxication fumbled her thoughts, but she could distinctly feel his taut muscles beneath her fingers; she didn’t move her hands. Instead she traveled her gaze upwards from James’s chest to his face, only to find him looking at her intently. He looked at her hungrily, his hazel eyes tracing over every eyelash, each freckle, past the blush of her cheeks, the baby hairs at her temples, all the way down to the curve of her Cupid’s bow and the pink of her lips.

“Lily…” He whispered.

“Mm?” Lily could feel her composure slipping, gliding peacefully along down a butterbeer river, towards a drop she knew would come soon. And she couldn’t quite bring herself to care. She was a legal adult, after all; no one in the room that night would give a second look to a drunk head girl as long as she didn’t embarrass herself too much. Besides, Lily was quite enjoying letting go for once, and dancing with James.

“You look beautiful.” The way he said it was so matter of fact that it took Lily a full few seconds to realise what he’d said. She flushed. Embarrassed, she looked away from him, at her feet, and took her hands off of his chest.

James felt his cheeks colour up, realising he might have gone too far, pushed her too soon. But before an apology, or even another thought, could formulate in his head, he felt a soft pressure on his lips. He tasted butterbeer and bitter alcohol and smelled vanilla perfume all at once. Lily, too short to reach him otherwise, was on her tiptoes, and her mouth pressed against James’ for just a second, a short second. But to James, as he would later relay to Remus, it felt like the accumulation of millions of moments and glances and daydreams all brought into one perfect moment. Though if you’d asked him at that very moment what his thoughts were, they would have been far less coherent and much less poetic.

In shock, James broke away, and the first thing he saw was the hurt in her eyes. A glint in the green from the sting of rejection, and she turned, horrified, and ran. He slapped himself.
‘Why? Why did you pull away?’ He thought viciously. He followed her. He chased her red hair through the crowd, pushing and pulling and forcing his way through, desperate to get to her and not lose her. And he did, for a moment. She disappeared, her normally red vivid hair invisible in the red glow of the fire lit room and the colours of Gryffindor pride all around. He looked all across the room, spinning helplessly, his eyes searching and raking the crowd desperately. Only in his periphery did he see the portrait swing shut, and followed his instinctive Evans-radar out the door.

Once he was out there, the corridor was empty, but a small tapestry on one wall was tucked up at the bottom, and he knew she’d be behind it (though he couldn’t have told you how). He pulled it aside, and ducked under the intricate thread work. As he’d known she would be, Lily was there. She was leaning against the wall, drying her eyes surreptitiously, and looking at him expectantly. As if she’d known he’d follow. Frankly, he thought, she probably did know he’d follow. Unpredictability wasn’t James’s strong point, especially in matters concerning Lily.

“Yes?” She said.

“I’m sorry—I didn’t mean—I…” He mumbled, trailing off, his coherence hanging by a thread, aided both by the copious amounts of liquor in his bloodstream, and his proximity to Lily. When he let the tapestry drop back to hide them, the only illumination was a single candle in a holder on the far wall.

“It’s fine. I shouldn't—I’m a bit tipsy,” she said slowly, taking care over the words as if trying them out in her mouth, rolling them over her tongue. “I’m never drunk. Well, hardly ever.”

“Mm,” James took a deep breath. He stepped closer to her. She could feel the intoxicated heat coming off of him, smell the sweet scent of his sweat and the clean cotton smell of his shirt. She moved from the wall, closing the gap between them slowly. Five inches. Four inches. Three. Two. One. She looked up at him, placing her hands on his chest once again. She looked at his eyes with a careful, measured gaze. His pupils dilated more and more the closer she got, his breaths shortening each time. “We should set an example. You know, Head Boy, Head Girl.” She titled her head up.

“Maybe you’re right,” he whispered. He leant down. Their noses brushed, leaving Lily’s freckled nose tingling from his touch. “But I don’t care.” His eyelashes fluttered on her cheek, and she gasped. Her breath felt hot on his neck, and she could feel his hands on her back like feathers, his fingers running over her spine like water. She pulled him closer, the inch between them too much, her hands bunching in his shirt to get a grip on him.

His lips were soft and plump and on hers in a second. She could feel his tentativeness, and tiptoed even higher to deepen the kiss and get closer to him. She opened his mouth with her own, and tangled her fingers in his hair. His calloused Chaser hands ran through her hair, gripping her like she was about to disappear forever. He pressed her back against the wall, the rough stone scratching at her but she didn’t notice. All the could comprehend was the pressure of James’s lips and the fact that he was the only thing keeping her legs from buckling underneath her.

He ripped his mouth from hers and traced butterfly kisses up her jaw, and down her neck all the way along her collarbone. Lily took in a sharp gasp of air, and wrenched his lips back to hers again, furiously kissing him, her hands running up and down his arms and chest and back. Her hair tangled in between them, getting in the way of their mouths. She pulled away reluctantly, tucking it behind her ears. When she turned back to him, he had moved back slightly.

“What? What is it?” She said breathlessly, breathing heavily and trying to regain composure.

He looked pained. “You’re drunk, Lily. And so am I. This is a bad idea.”

Lily looked down at her shoes. An unexpected anger, and something else, bubbled in the pit of her stomach. Refusing to look at him, she replied bitterly. “I suppose.”

“I’ll go.” He turned, reluctantly, to duck out of the alcove. He turned back, the tapestry held in one hand. “Lily?”

“What?” She said, a little too vehemently.

“I…” He seemed to change his mind, wrestling internally. “—nothing.” He left.



Everything I Could Never Tell You (Ziall)

hey guys this is based off of that thing with the CD and all that jazz. i literally had this idea for it to end with niall finding zayn again and suddenly i was writing it as a short story for my fiction class (their names are Noah and Dylan, lol) anyway, I really really REALLY like this one and i hope you do too! kisses!

“Here,” Zayn said, holding out a CD sleeve with a CD set in it just as they were walking out of their very last English class, the very last class at all, actually, of their high school careers. “Think of it as a graduation present.”

Niall turned and looked at the CD, held in his friend’s fingers with a grip a little too strong for just a casual, graduation present, but at the time, he didn’t really take notice of it. He just grinned at him and took the sleeve from his fingers. “Aw, thanks, mate!” he said, turning it over, even though the case was blank. “We can listen to it on the way home. I-“

“No,” Zayn snapped suddenly, drawing Niall’s eyes up to his in confusion, because Zayn was one of the most quiet and laid-back guys he knew, and he’d never seen him this tense in all of the four years he’d known him. Even as the single syllable left his mouth, Zayn seemed to wince apologetically. “Sorry, just… No. Don’t listen to it. Yet. Wait until after graduation, okay?”

Niall raised an eyebrow, at him, glancing back down at the CD case with curiosity. The front cover had a white sheet of paper slid into the front of it so the front side of the CD wasn’t visible to him at the time, but even then, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it. “Um… okay.”

“Seriously, Niall, I mean it,” Zayn said, again with a commanding tone in his voice that almost bordered on desperation, but just like the stiff, trembling fingers, Niall didn’t really notice this until later on. “You have to promise me. Don’t listen to this until after we graduate.”

Niall laughed, more out of the discomfort of his good friend suddenly acting so strange than anything else, but he nodded. “Okay, dude, I promise,” he said, sticking his pinky out for emphasis. Zayn glanced down at it, then back up at him with his dark eyebrows raised, as if to say, Dude, we’re graduating tomorrow. Niall just shrugged. “It’s just strengthening the promise, bro, there’s no harm in it.”

Zayn smiled ruefully and nodded, reaching out and linking his own pinky with Niall’s outstretched one. “Thanks, man. I promise, you’ll understand once you listen, but for now, please wait.”

“Okay, D, sure,” he said, grinning and carefully placing the CD sleeve in the outer pocket of his backpack before throwing an arm around Zayn’s shoulders. “So, graduation, huh?”

“Yeah,” Zayn replied lowly, eyes lowered to the ground, winding his own arm around Niall’s waist and squeezing just one the right side of too tight. “Graduation.”

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Guess who? - Brett Talbot

“I need to show you something. It might change how you feel about me, but know that I still love you.”

“Hey, nothing would make me change the way I feel for you.”

He smiled and stepped back. He took a deep breath and his face began to change. His ears elongated and his face got hairier. He lifted the corners of his mouth and you saw his fangs. His eyes changed from their beautiful blue that you looked into with love and admiration to a fluorescent yellow.

“I’m a werewolf.”

“Stay away from me you freak!” You screamed

“Y/N please,” He stepped closer to you.

“Stay away” you cried, backing away.

“It’s still me its still Brett.”

“No! You’re a monster! Do not come near me ever again.” 

You turned and ran, hearing Brett call after you. You didn’t stop until you got home.

“We need to leave. we need to leave now.” You explained hysterically to your parents. 

“What? You’re not making sense.”

“We just need to leave.”

“Explain what-”

“No, we need to get out of this town. People here are monsters.”

They kept asking you what was wrong but you ignored them, shoving all of your things into different bags. You finally managed to convince them that Beacon Hills want safe and they booked you a flight out of Beacon Hills for the next morning and you went to your grandmother’s house. 

Your life in Canada was great. You were living with your grandma for a year until your parents decided to join you. You were away from the supernatural and you fit in very well in school. Your life was great and it made you forget about the horrors you had seen in Beacon Hills.

A few years later you were walking home from your friends house. It had got really late and you didn’t have enough money for a cab so you had to walk home. You stayed to main roads but for some reason they seemed as deserted as the back roads. Your anxiety began to bubble and you patted your pockets to call your one of your parents to pick you up. From out of nowhere you were knocked to the floor. A man circled you. He looked familiar.

The man lunged at you. He pulled your wrist to his mouth and bit down. 

“It is a gift, not a curse” were the last few words you heard before you woke up in the hospital. 

“It’s amazing how she has recovered from this. Her head wounds were extensive, but they’ve seemed to have healed over night.” You overheard. 

“But she’s okay right?” Your mothers worried voice asked.

“Yes, we want to keep checking up on her with fortnightly appointments.”

You stopped listening into the conversation and looked at your wrist. There was no trace of a bite at all.

Your parents signed a few more forms and you were fine to go home. The car ride home was pretty silent. You didn’t take much notice of it until you got home and your parents asked you to come downstairs.

“Y/N, we need to have a conversation.”

You sat on the sofa opposite them.

“Why? Why now?”your mum asked.

You were confused.

“What are you talking about?”

“We noticed you’ve been going out more”

“With glasses of champagne on the dance floor?”

“She’s drinking too!” she exclaimed

“What are you guys talking about?”

“The drugs Y/N. The drugs!” You dad exploded.

You laughed.

“You think I’m on drugs?” you said still laughing.

“You were passed out in the middle of the road with a blood soaked wrist. The doctor said you lost 2 and a half pints of blood through it. and now here we are less than 24 hours after that and you’re fine. How else do you explain it?”

“I’m a fast healer.”

They kept going on and on at you about your ‘miraculous recovery’ 

“Just drop it okay!” You yelled walking out of the room. 

“We’re going to lose our baby girl” Your mum said to your dad, her voice breaking.

That was the first time you realised something was different. You managed to hear into the conversation from the doctors office and now you heard your mum from downstairs.

It was a few weeks later and you were out again. out at night, only it wasn’t quiet, rather it was a busy night with you and your friends. One of your friends had stolen a bottle of vodka from her parents and was sharing it between your friends. 

“You should take a sip Y/N”

You showed her your car keys and made them jingle.

“Ugh I forgot. I’m going to crash at yours so my parents don’t find out.”

After the whole drug thing your parents decided to go and pitch some new business idea abroad, they said the didn’t know how long they would be away for.

A car drove by playing a beyonce song and that was when your friend decided to put on a little show for you. She sang, horribly, and danced in the middle of the pavement. You were all laughing and snapchatting until she was off the pavement and in the middle of the road, in front of on coming traffic.

You yelled her name and ran into the road, pushing her out of the way and waiting for the impact. Luckily the person driving had stopped and you weren’t hit. The near death experience sobered her up a little. 

“Y/N, your eyes. Why are they red?”

You blinked a few times and shrugged it off. Everyone agreed it would be best if you ended your night, once you got home you locked your self in the bathroom and tried to get your red eyes back. You kept trying and trying but they weren’t coming. You got so angry you threw a bottle of perfume to the floor and watched it shatter and that was when you saw the claws. Great long pointy talons, slowly you approached the mirror and you saw your bright red eyes. Your face had turned a little wolfish. You had seen this change before, Brett.

While you were clearing away he shattered glass you came to the decision that you needed to go back to Beacon Hills, there were people there who could help you. 

A few weeks later you approached your parents with the idea of returning to Beacon Hills.

“I thought you needed to get away from them?”

“Well, I think I may be like them.”

“You mean you might be a-”

“That was why I was healed fully after the whole incident. The man who attacked me turned me.”

“And you want to move back there because?”

“I want to get help from  them.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to go back there when you cant control yourself honey”

“But that’s the point, I’ll learn how to control myself.”

Your parent’s kept quiet.

“There’s always the people argent-”your dad said.

“No way”

“What people?” You asked.

“Your mother-”

“Y/D/N no-”

“No, let him speak.”

“We spoke to a man, Chris Argent, while we were getting settled. You kept going on about these monsters in your sleep and we wanted to know what you saw so we found a few people from Beacon Hills online. He told us about the wolves and gave us a list of wolves residing in our part of town so we knew who to avoid. You can go to them and if you still want to go back to Beacon Hills we can go back.” Your dad told you.

“But you need to understand that you can’t keep changing your mind every few years. This move to Beacon Hills will be permanent whether you like it or not, is that understood?” Your mum said, sternly.

You nodded. A few days later your parents took you to a family of wolves. A mother father and two sons, all of them werewolves. You stayed with them for an entire month. While you were there they taught you how to shift on command, how to use your enhanced abilities and even how to stop the shift on a full moon. the entire time you were there all you could think about was how you left Brett. You needed to see him, to apologise. He had been your best friend but you two ended up falling for each other even though you were only fourteen.

You packed all of your things up, sold the house and said goodbye to your friends and grandma all within a week of you finishing your ‘training’. Your parent’s never sold the house in Beacon Hills, they said that there were too many memories there plus it would make for a good holiday home in case you ever went back to visit. 

As soon as you landed in Beacon Hills you felt like you were home. Sure Canada was great, but Beacon hills was where you grew up. 

Most of your things were getting shipped over, you only had necessities packed. Before you got to your house your parents decided it would be a good idea to get food and cleaning supplies first so that it would make cleaning a whole lot easier. While you were taking in the groceries you used your super hearing to listen in on your neighbours.

“So, what’s going on with the neighbours?” she asked

“Well, the Greenberg’s either have a new child or their son got a girl pregnant. but it think its the first option. The Walsh’s are the same as before but they’ll be out of town this weekend so their daughter is throwing a party. and I think the Lewis’ have moved out since I can’t hear anything”

“Our first weekend back and we’re on noise patrol”

Your dad came into the kitchen and gave your mum a stack of forms.

“You need to sign these and I’ll drop them off tomorrow while I go and see Argent.”

“What are they?” You asked.

“Admission forms for Beacon Hills High School”


“We didn’t think you wanted to go back to Devenford.”

“Not it’s just that why do I have to go to school?”

“Because it’s called keeping up appearances.”


Your dad shoved cleaning supplies into your arms.

“You have a bedroom that needs cleaning”

You rolled your eyes but decided it would be a good time to clean up. Your room was a mess. Your drawers were all over the floor, the cork board that had pictures you and Brett took was on the floor and the pictures were ripped up. You picked up the pictures that were still in decent condition and put them in your bag. You vacuumed the floor, wiped down the walls, cleaned the windows and cleaned your bathroom. Four hours later you were exhausted and hungry. Your parents asked you to go and get some food and you got the idea of printing out some mementos from your time in Canada. You hooked up your phone to your laptop and copied some selfies you took with friends onto a USB. There was a printer you remembered was near an Italian restaurant so you would take the photos to her while you got the food. 

You queued up at the restaurant behind some really annoying teenagers making out, the guy who had brown eyes stepped away from his girlfriend who looked like she was Japanese. He stared at you before the guy at the till asked him to give his order. They finally left and you went to give your order.

“No way! Y/N Y/L/N?”

You looked at him blankly.

“It’s me Dillon? We used to sit next to each other in like every single class before you left”

“Oh hey”

“Wow, that so weird. anyway what would you like?”

You gave him your order and paid for the food, twenty minutes later you left with two large pizzas, some pasta for your mum and ravioli for yourself. The woman at the printers only charged you $20 for the pictures and you returned home. 

You took all of your food into your room and ate it while laying the pictures onto the cork board nicely. You left the pictures of Brett up too, it was a way of putting two parts of your life together, even if they didn’t end the way you wanted. But leaving Brett meant that you would meet some of the most amazing group of friends and leaving them meant that you would be able to finally apologise to Brett.

The next Monday was your first day of school. Ever since you had mastered your werewolf abilities you were a lot more confident, you wore black all the time with fierce eye liner and red lipstick. Your dad sorted his car that was left in Beacon Hills and let you use it to drive to and from school. Armed with tinted windows and a beautiful stereo system you drove to school. 

Going to a new school was always a scary thought, there were people you didn’t know and you were always going to be an outsider until you fit into a clique, maybe they had a supernatural clique you could join.

You made it out as if you were this amazingly confident person so you walked into the school witch your head held high chewing a piece of gum. You went to  the office and got your locker number and code, a map of the school and your timetable. You had chemistry with a Mr. Harris. The bell rang and you followed a bunch of people complaining about Mr Harris assuming that they were in the same class as you. When you informed him you were a new student he huffed and sat you next to Lydia.

“Hey alpha girl”

You rolled your eyes at her.

“So my friends want to meet you”

“That is great but I’m not sure i want to meet them”

“Trust me, you will”

You ignored her for the rest of the lesson after your second period lesson she grabbed your arm and lead you to the lacrosse fields, standing there were a bunch of people.

“Hey, you two were the ones sucking each others face of at Nonna’s” You yelled, remembering them.

“Guys, this is Y/N. You should show them your eyes”

You changed your eyes so they were a blood red.

“You’re an Alpha?” The brown hair asked, his eyes wide.

“I don’t know, I guess so. My eyes have always been red.”

“Well I’m Scott. This is my pack.”

They all introduced themselves. You were all having a conversation when Liam exclaimed ‘no’. You all turned and saw the Devenford bus. They all got off single file and you finally saw Brett.

“Look, I need to go. I’ll see you at lunch” You said, staring at Brett.

You followed him around the school, you had seen a supplies closet while you were walking around the school.You overtook Brett and his friends and hid in the closet. Using your hearing you managed to grab him at the right moment and pull him into the closet with you. You saw two yellow orbs looking at you. Without thinking you pulled him closer and kissed him. At first he was as stiff as a board, however, it was like something had clicked in his head and he kissed you back with equal passion. His hands found their way into your hair getting tangled. He pushed you against a wall, turning the light on. He pulled away and looked at you.


you looked at him sheepishly.

“Hey Brett.”

“What are you doing here?” He snapped, his expression changing.

“Oh honey, please don’t act like you didn’t enjoy that kiss.”

“I didn't”

“You’re lying. your heart rate peaked ever so slightly.”

“How can you hear my heartbeat?”

You flashed him your alpha eyes. 


“After all that you became a werewolf?”

“It wasn’t my choice. but as soon as I found out what I was I had to apologise, so I returned to Beacon Hills to do exactly that.”

“You came all the way here to apologise to me?”

“Yeah I did I couldn’t stand the fact that you hated me, especially since I know how you must have felt.”

“Hey I didn’t hate you, I don’t hate you now. My feelings for you haven’t changed from that night.”

“You still love me?”

“Of course I do.”

You kissed him again, over come with emotion.

“I’ll take that as an I love you too.”

You rolled your eyes playfully.

“Let’s get out of here.”

“I can’t I have lacrosse practice.”

“Fine, I have a free period anyway so I’ll watch like a typical girlfriend.”

“So I’m your boyfriend huh?” he asked, an eyebrow raised

You went to speak but didn’t know how to answer to it.

“I’m kidding. let’s go.”

You went to the field and sat at the bleachers while Brett changed into his uniform. There were some girls seated behind you.

“Oh my god, the new Devenford boys are soo hot!”

“Yaas! The captain, Brett, is mine. Back off bitches. By the end of the year we will be Beacon Hills’ ‘it couple’.”

After hearing that you blood boiled slightly however you came up with a revenge plot.

Once Brett walked on the field you signaled for him to come over to you. He smiled and began to walk over.

“OMG, guys he’s coming over here. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Show these Beacon Hills High boys what you’re made of baby!”

You grabbed him and practically sucked his face off. After a few minutes, the coach blew his whistle and you and Brett pulled apart.

“Jealous much?” he asked, breathing harder.

You scowled at him and he gave you a final kiss before running back onto the field.

“I guess Brett and I will become Beacon Hills’ it couple. I’ll tell you how it goes.” you sassed, smiling fakely

Hidden In Plain Sight

So I already uploaded a chapter this week and I might not write the next one for at least another week (because I too have my limits and two chapters per week is good enough). I’ll try to finish it quicker though because this AU is too good to not write for. I’ll also be writing a prologue because I intended the festival scene to be a oneshot and ended up writing more so now the story lacks a prologue and the start of the festival.

@piku-chan and I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for this. I also might write a crack chapter based on something said in this chapter. (See if you can spot what). (That pun was totally unintentional but intended).

Ao3 Link

Enjoy :

Marinette heard the sweet music drift on the light breeze a mile before she actually got to the palace. Her mouth was wide open as they came to a stop before the gates and one of the footmen held out a hand to help her out of the carriage. She gulped slightly. She was incredibly nervous. She already knew the Bourgeois won’t recognize her but this was her first time attending such a high class party. What if she tripped and made a mess ? What if she ruined her dress as well as the ballroom ? She wasn’t always the best with words, what would happen if she accidentally insulted a foreign noble ?

The lizard seemed to notice her distress and in a slightly lisping voice reassured her of herself.

“I’m sure you’ll be the loveliessst at the ball Misss Marinette. You’re too wonderful to dislike by anyone. Pleassse, enjoy yourself and worry about nothing.”

“Thank you, Monsieur Lizard,” Marinette relaxed a little, “That is kind of you to say. I-I hope its everything it is known to be.”

“I’m sure it will be Madam.”

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Post show fun (Harry Styles) (requested) (smut)

I giggled as Harry thrusted his hips into the air as the beat dropped heavily, the fans around me doubling over with shrieks. I was standing in the VIP section at one of the bands shows in London, enjoying the music alongside fans and other family and friends of the boys. What I enjoyed most however, was seeing my boyfriend getting so into doing what he loves, undoubtably turning me on in the process. And by the time the final notes of best song ever had been played, I was more than eager to surprise Harry with some post show fun.

I practically dived into Harry´s arms once I´d tornadoed my way backstage. “Haryyy” I called out in a high pitched voice once I landed in the arms of my sweaty boyfriend. Watching him sing live always made me excited, but this time, it had clearly left marks of excitement down my entire body.

“Did you have fun babe”? Harry questioned once I let him out of my breathlessness causing grasp. “You were perfect” I stated, running the tip of my finger over his prominent dimple. “As always” I added, leaning in to playfully peck my way down his neck. “Thank you” Harry murmured with a slight chuckle, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.

“You were kind of killing me out there” I half whispered, toying with a button on Harry´s already nearly undone t-shirt. “Oh is that so”? Harry murmured back, his parted lips ghosting over my forehead. “So much so, that I´m not sure I can contain myself back to the hotel”, I whispered, raking my nails further down Harry´s body. “Well then, sweetie, we have two options, bathroom, or unlocked dressing room”. 

Instead of forming a reply, I simply smashed our lips together, grabbing onto Harry´s shirt as I started pushing us to the more private option, the somewhat spacious toilet. I hastily locked the door behind us before reattaching our lips, in what quickly turned into a needy make out session. Tongues battling for dominance, bodies pressed close together, and fingers harshly tangled in each others tousled hairs.

Harry pushed me back against the sink, firmly holding onto my hips as he started grinding against me. I whimpered at the teasing feeling of rough denim rubbing against my tingling clit. Harry left a string of wet kisses down my neck as he started unbuttoning my ripped jeans, pulling them down my legs, me stepping out of the material as it pooled by my ankles. 

I placed my hands on either sides of Harry´s neck, once again resuming feverish kissing. Harry trailed one of his hands down to the rim of my panties, slipping his warm hand under the white lace fabric as I started squirming. Harry flicked his forefinger over my clit, the contact instantly making my eyes flutter shut with pleasure. “Yes, Harry” I let out as he started dragging his finger up and down at a steady pace. He then inched his hand under my shirt, slipping his hand under my bra, wrapping two fingers around my nipple, making me arch my back as the pleasure intensified.

I leaned forward and buried my face in Harry´s neck as I felt my orgasm steadily growing in the pit of my stomach. Harry could clearly sense I was on the edge, as he suddenly slipped two of his long fingers into my soaked heat. “Fuuck, Harry” I panted, my eyebrows furrowed as my stomach clenched, causing me to dig my nails into my, amongst other things, finger skilled, boyfriend´s shoulders. Harry rapidly picked up his pace, the feeling of his warm fingers massaging my g-spot finally sending me completely over the edge, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as I practically yelled out Harry´s name.

I heaved a blissful sigh before slowly fluttering my eyes open, locking gazes with Harry, who was looking as if he was about to burst with lust. “Damn I love seeing you like that” he breathed, his structured jaw tensing as he spoke. I cocked an amused eyebrow at how turned on he was, before sliding of the sink and dropping to my knees, starting to fiddle with Harry´s belt.

Once I had his jeans undone, I wasted no time and instantly pulled them down his legs, along with his boxers. Harry let out a rather unsteady breath as I wrapped my hand around his erect shaft, giving it a few rough pumps. I grabbed one of Harry´s hands for support, before leaning forward and softly wrapping my lips around his tip, swirling my tongue as Harry let out a groan, me feeling my own arousal building again.

I pushed some hair behind my shoulder before starting to bob my head up and down, not bothering to take it slow, as I had a feeling this little session wasn´t going to last long. I felt Harry squeeze my hand as I started going faster, putting more power behind every movement as his moans and grunts grew louder. I pulled away momentarily, teasingly licking a wet stripe up and down Harry´s entire length, before returning to my bobbing movements, Harry tangling his fingers in my hair. After two more bobs, I could sense Harry´s entire lower body tensing, his grip on my hair tightening as he released into my mouth. I swallowed dramatically, before locking eyes with Harry as I helped him pull his pieces of clothing back on and getting back to my feet.

Harry shoot me an amazed look before grabbing my hips and pulling me against him, me wrapping my arms securely around his neck. “You´re amazing” he murmured, before placing a gentle kiss to my smiling lips. “Hope you have something clever on your mind that we can tell the boys we were doing for the past 15 minutes” I smirked, affectionately running my thumb over the skin of Harry´s neck. “You also might have to carry me cause my legs are still shaking” I informed, leaning closer as if to prove my point. “Oh, job well done then” Harry teased with a playfully cocky smile. “Yeah I guess you did alright” I played along, before leaning in for another lip lock, looking forward to getting the real deal once we arrived back at the hotel.

the-money-dog  asked:

Freezerburn prompt: Yang is famous, and she's Weiss' celebrity crush.

Alex I love this AU and it’s your idea so I really hope I’ve written something that lives up to it!

So this is a new AU we’ve been discussing and I already have a few things I want to write for it but if any of you like this let me know or request more in my askbox.

Yang is a famous rapper (with a hilarious stage name courtesy of alexander-the-amazing of course) and Weiss is a fan with Blackvelvet being another ship in this AU.

Warnings: There’s mild language (yeah even the word ‘boob’ :o )

Freezerburn (of course)

1872 words

Just Browsing

It had been a normal Tuesday for Weiss. She’d been to her horrendously early lecture on business management, and decided that instead of rolling back into bed she’d attempt to tick off ‘buy groceries’ from the long list of chores she’d neatly written out and stuck on the fridge of the flat she shared with a handful of other Beacon college kids. If she wanted them to do chores she supposed she’d have to set an example for them to follow.

She found herself, mid-morning, morosely pushing a squealing shopping cart along the linoleum of their local store, pleased at the lack of other shoppers and intent on being home by lunch. That was until she approached the music section of the store, enticed by a song she knew every word to and possibly hummed in her sleep on occasion.

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Choosing an Audition Song

I’ve been auditioning for musicals ever since I was in about 5th grade (I’m now 25), and over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about how to pick an audition song, and figured I’d share some tips with those of you who could use some help. What I hope to do here is basically “teach you how to fish” by giving you some guidelines to help you determine what songs would be good audition songs for you, and how to go about finding them.

There are really two main things that you want to focus on when selecting a song for your audition. These are the style of the show for which you are auditioning, and your voice range.

Style of Show: You want to find an audition song that is written in a style similar to the show you are auditioning for. So if you are auditioning for a more traditional show, (i.e., Rogers & Hammerstein, Bernstien, etc.), you probably aren’t going to want to pick an audition song from Hairspray or Wicked, and vice versa. You want your song to resemble the style of show, because you want to show the director(s) that you not only can sing, but that you sound good singing the type of songs found in their show. If the show is one by a big name composer/lyricist, like Rogers & Hammerstein or Andrew Lloyd Weber, then this becomes even easier. In cases like this where you have a large number of shows written by the same people, I try and find a song from a different show by the same composer. This guarantees that your selection will be as close as possible to the show, without actually pulling from the show itself. *Note: I do not suggest picking a song from the show you are auditioning for, unless the directors specifically ask for it. Why? Two reasons: 1) It looks like you’re sucking up to the directors (imo), and 2) you’re selling yourself short. If you decide to sing your favorite song from the show because you really want that character, but that song isn’t actually the best for your voice, you’ve just pretty much guaranteed that you won’t get in. Because now the director knows exactly what you’ll sound like in the show, so if it isn’t perfect, you’re outta luck. Which brings me to the other most important thing to take into consideration.

Your Voice Range: This is definitely the most important thing to consider when choosing an audition song. Get to know your voice, and be honest with yourself. It’s always good to know the full range of your voice (being able to list specific notes is always a plus, but voice part works too), but what is more important is that you know your comfort range. I’ll use myself as an example here. My full range (on a good day) is roughly D3-E6 (that’s the D below middle C on a piano, and the E 3 octaves above that, otherwise known as the “Christine” note). But I never write that on an audition form, unless the show has a role that requires high D’s or E’s (like Phantom or Seussical). I will usually write E3-C6 instead, because this is the range that I can hit with certainty on just about any given day, and have it sound good. The outter limits of your range are never going to be as clear as the rest of it, so it’s not the ideal place to show off your voice. Now, taking my range of E3-C6, I could literally write any voice part from Alto II to Soprano I. So how to I know how to identify myself?? Go with what you do best, and what you like to do most! I always put that I am a Soprano I, because that is really my strong suit, and is what I almost always sing in choirs or shows. But this is also why knowing your note range is helpful, because it allows the director to see that while you prefer singing one part, you are able to do others if needed. More flexibility = higher chances of being cast. Now that you know what voice part you are, look for a song that is written for that part. The easiest way to do this is by using song books that are sorted by voice part (I’ll talk about some of the ones I use at the end of the post).

Those are the two most basic things to look for in selecting a piece. But at this point you will most likely still have a lot of options, so there are a few more things that you can take into consideration to help you in your selection process.

Song/Voice Style: I’m sure you already know this, but within every show there is usually a wide range of song styles. The best way to pick which type of song you should sing is by knowing which type you sing best. So once you know your range, figure out which style(s) you sing best. Do you do better with something wordy and fast paced? Or is your voice better suited to smooth melodic lines? Know your strengths and weaknesses, and use them to your advantage. Work with your voice, never against it. Remember your ultimate goal is to show off what your voice can do best. While we’re on this topic, it’s time I address the topic of belting.

Belting, when done correctly, does not damage the voice. The problem is all too often it is done incorrectly. There are many precautions you need to take in order to keep your voice in prime health.  General rule of thumb to live by: if it hurts, DON’T DO IT. This seems like it would be common sense, but sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case. In belting everything rides on the support - you don’t want anything to feel forced. Because let me tell you, if it feels forced, it sounds forced. And directors will right away see that as someone who doesn’t really know what they’re doing. Incorrect belting often results in pitch issues as well. It is far better to sing a note in tune than to belt it and have it come out flat. So if you have a high belt, great! If you have a powerful middle belt, also great! If you can’t belt, still great! The key is knowing what you can and can’t do, and not trying to make your voice do something it shouldn’t.

Now, going back to song selection. Pick something that you really shine on. Like, I can belt, but unless the show/role I’m going for specifically calls for belting, I’ll usually go for something a little more lyric because that’s just what suits my voice better.

Acting the Song: Whatever song you pick, you want to make sure that it is one you are able to connect with, and act the part as you sing. Vocal auditions are really just like a monologue set to music. You want to show the director that you’ve put the same amount of work into developing your character as you would for a monologue. Just singing the notes isn’t going to help you. After all, this is musical theatre. You’ll notice some songs are better suited to this than others. Some will read just like a pretty love song. You’ll probably want to avoid those, but really it’s still up to you. I tend to try and find songs that tell some kind of a story, and allow for some range of emotions and expressions in performance. The best way I’ve found to really help develop the character and the mood of a song, is to literally turn it into a monologue. Speak the text just as you would if it were a monologue. Forget the rhythms. Read it and let the words tell you what inflections to add, which parts to emphasize, and so on. Now go back and sing the song, keeping that in mind. Your goal here is to add in those same inflections while you sing it. Try it. I guarantee you’ll not only hear a difference, but you’ll feel it too. 

The last thing you want to keep in mind is phrasing. Most auditions call for 16 bars (which is usually to 8 bar phrases, roughly one verse). So when you find a song you like, you want to make sure you can easily isolate 16 bars (or close to) that are melodically interesting and will show off your voice. This can be rather challenging. The only way to really know is to look around, and see which songs work and which ones don’t. You probably want to avoid songs in 2/4 or cut time, because 16 bars of an uptempo cut time song are going to be much shorter than 16 bars of a 4/4 lyric solo. And if your audition doesn’t call for 16 bars, then great, no need to worry about it!

So now you should have a little better idea of what to look for in an audition song. If you are planning on pursuing theatre or even just continuing to do it as a hobby, and will therefore likely be attending many auditions over the years, it may not be a bad idea to create a small binder of audition songs. Find several songs that you feel are good fits for your voice, make copies and keep them in a binder. This way they are all in one place and there’s no need to panic when audition time comes. I would strongly suggest picking songs from as many different styles as possible, so that depending on the show you are auditioning for, you will more than likely already have a song that you know ready to go.

So that’s pretty much all there is to picking a song. Beyond this, it’s pretty much a matter of getting out there and learning songs - listen to sound tracks, get some sheet music, go see shows. Familiarize yourself with what’s out there. The more songs you know, the more options you have to pick from. It’s also always a good idea to learn which songs have become taboo in the audition world, and stay away from those ones. (If you’re not sure what I mean, I’m talking about the songs that are so over done that every director is sick of hearing them already.)

If you’re looking for a good collection of songs sorted by voice part, I highly recommend The Singers Musical Theatre Anthology series, publish by Hal Leonard. They have books for every voice part, male and female, and have selections from all kinds of shows. I’m not sure how recently they were last updated, so you probably won’t find many of the newer shows in them, but there’s still tons to pick from. And if you’re just looking to purchase individual songs, there are plenty of websites where you can purchase them. I hope this helps!