most of the rest of this map is writing

Questions for developing the biology of a new species or race

Something to remember when developing your new species or races: always remember that your unique race/alien race should not distract from the narrative. It is always fun to experience new and different peoples that can be so similar to humanity while being so different. But you don’t want to create a main species that is so utterly alien that it distracts from your narrative. The details of your race should enhance your story, not needlessly complicate it.

So! With that in mind…

Starting from scratch:

  • What about them says “other”?
  • How are their environmental conditions reflected in their biology?
  • What texture/color is their skin or outer layer? Why?
  • Do they have hair? If so, where and what color(s)? What texture(s)?
  • How many biological sexes are there? How many genders?
  • How many cones do their eyes have?
  • How many limbs do they have? How are they used?
  • How many fingers/toes do they have? How has this altered their number system?
  • Were they the only race on their home planet that evolved to “intelligent?”

For further development:

  • How would it describe its setting?
  • Do they have physical traits specific to their class or caste?
  • What traits do others of their species find attractive? Why?
  • Do they use special tools to enhance or repair damaged/failing physical traits or senses (glasses/contacts, prosthetics, wheelchairs)?
  • What unifying characteristics set them apart from humans? What do they have in common?
  • What dietary needs do they have?
  • Do they use special ornamentation (clothing, jewelry, tattoos) to show rank, occupation, heritage, etc.?
  • How do they relate to temperature or climate?
  • Do they have joints or tendons that move in a way that would seem unnatural to humans?
  • What is their sexual biology like? Is it analogous to ours, or something entirely different?
  • What recreational activities are healthy/positive for their biology?
  • How does their body respond to various types of excitement or emotion?

Creative exercises for species/racial development:

  • If someone were write a wanted poster for a criminal of this race, what features would the notice highlight? Why?
  • What are (or hypothetically would be) the most popular plastic surgeries among people of this species?
  • What is their average morning routine? How do their care for themselves, physically, on a daily basis?
  • Write a short story in which someone of your new species/race attempts to put on a set of human clothes or visa versa. 
  • What is the most popular sport and how is it played? How do the species’ unique traits play into the game, if at all?

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 So, I’ve been getting recently tons of questions regarding my notes, and today I decided to make a post about it. If you find it useful make sure to reblog it! 

First of all lets talk about supplies. 

Should you invest or stick to your regular supplies?

We’re all different and we all have different needs and economy. In my case, I love stationery but my economy right now isn’t that high to buy all of the cute stationery in the world. I’m always trying to find dupes, or products that work similar to expensive ones (i’m also guilty of doing this with makeup oops). Here goes a list of the essentials I keep on my pencil pouch. 

  • Pens in different colors - I like to give a color to every single element on my notes. Kinda like a color scheme. Blue = definitions , Black = general content. My favorite pens are the Pilot G2 Gel pens, they’re just a-m-a-z-i-n-g.
  • Fineliners - Fineliners are by far, one of my must haves. I used to use papermate color pens, but when I bought my first pack of Stabilo’s, It was love at first sight. The two most popular brands are Stabilo and Staedtler. Both of them have their pros and cons, so here i’ll leave you a video of a battle between them. I’ve never tried the Staedtler ones, so I wouldn’t know if they’re better or not. They’re really useful for mind maps, subtitles, decorating, titles, etc. You should totally save some money and buy ones!
  • Mechanical pencils - I stopped using regular pencils because sharpening them was just pissing me off. My favorite ones are by papermate.
  • Markers - this ones to me are pretty optional, but I decided to go for some Crayola ones to make some tabs or titles. I would say they’re useful, but only if you feel like buying them. 
  • Highlighters - There are thousands of types, and thousands of brands. But it’s all about your needs. If the reason you want highlighters is to highlight on books, I would really recommend Sharpies and Stabilos. I have both of them, they work pretty well. And here we go with one of the most popular products around tumblr: mildliners. I have to admit it:  they’re beautiful. They come in different colors and they’re just gorgeous! The only problem to me is the price. They don’t sell mildliners here in my country, so I have to order them from Amazon, and it’s just really expensive. Are they worth it? To me, yes. But if you don’t want to spend that much money on highlighters, you can also try the Pilot Frixion Light ones. Anyways, here’s a video comparing many of these popular brands. 

Now that you have your stationery set and ready, is time to get started with the hardest part : taking notes. One thing you need to know is, I take many of my notes in class time, which means I have to come up with a plan and a color scheme in a matter of seconds to get started when the teacher starts giving class. 

My note taking process:

  1. Set a color scheme - You can make it all pink, all blue, all warm colors, all violets, etc. I always try to alternate and use a different color for every topic, so you should try it out. 
  2. Different fonts - I use cursive for subtitles and my normal handwriting for the rest of the text. I always get asked: What did you do to get such a neat handwriting? My answer is: practice. I used to have a really horrible handwriting when I started high school, but once I discovered studyblrs, I began to copy some of the handwriting on pictures. I came up with my own font and i’m really happy with it! So dont be afraid to copy some handwriting you like, in the end you can always add your style to it. 
  3. Organize your information - Many times teachers ask you to make mind maps, diagrams, charts, etc. Choose the one that fits your information. I’m a huge fan of diagrams, but I also like to use charts a lot. Its all about your personal opinion. Most of the times teachers give me paper sheets with al the information on them, so the next thing I do is to highlight definitions. Once I’m done with definitions, I start highlighting with a different color the rest of the text. 
  4. Start writing - This is my last step, and its pretty simple. Once I have all of my information sorted and organized, I can get writing! I spend a lot of time doing it so I really commend you to find a good and relaxing playlist to have fun while doing it and a bottle of water.

I hope you found this post useful! Love, Dani.

The Astrology of finding Soul Mates

In mythology, Zeus desired to vanquish humanity in some form, and he split them to destroy the power of unity. The result was that two pieces of the soul lost each other, and forever wander in search of reunion and oneness. The spirits that inhabit these two bodies can seem coincidentally similar, like their souls play the same music. How can astrology help find this person, the place where the counterpart of your divided soul rests? Probably not through synestry charts, compatibility factors, or consciously searching for the sign that magazines tell you that you have most potential with. These satiate the needs of the ego, and not the soul, that which reflects something greater.

Astrology refreshes consciousness with divine spiritual agreements. It points to potential brilliance, talents, obstacles, and resilience qualities. This is a personal journey. It requires looking into the self through a lense that society never revealed to you. It writes a manual for the personality and the deeper needs of the spirit. Astrology radiates the individual’s most pure Truth. When they are walking the map of the natal chart, whether this be by astrological knowledge or trusting intuition, bliss overrides the spirit and soul, the co-creator is creating with God, as God. The soul is vibrating to it’s highest frequency, exuding the cosmic talents that comprise the individual’s spiritual heart.

This frequency becomes like a radio signal. One that is true, pure, and genuine. At this point, the constant referral to astrology does not even have to be present. You are the Solar and Lunar, shining the way you have for centuries. This radio signal plays a song of its own. It has played this beautiful song since the very beginning, through many galaxies and lifetimes. This is a secret signal, a channel that can only be tuned by the other half of the soul. When the music is being played, the other soul can hear, it receives the signal. Through the noise, the chaos, the pain of the world, they will find each other, where two oceans meet.


anonymous asked:

any advice for someone trying to write Cranscott for the first time?

Sure?? PFt, I’m slightly awful at writing advice and honestly my method for fanfic is write and pray all the characters are accurate. Movies and TV shows make it difficulte for me to pick up on personality sometimes. :P


Okay so some traits for Billy and Jason that are really essential to their character and could help you trying to write them:

  • Jason says Billy’s name a lot. It’s usually every other sentence and it’s very frequent/repetitive. I try to mix it up by putting his name at the beginning, middle and end of strings of dialogue so it feels more natural.
  • Billy is hyperverbal (ie: he rambles)
  • Billy also has a very linear mindset. He can easily multitask but he’s often very focused on one specific thing (see: him tricking Jason’s ankle monitor, him locating the crystal). When he rambles, you can tell he’s very focused on a certain topic so even it seems like he’s going on another tangent, he’s generally not.
  • Because Billy gets hyperfocused, it’s probably really easy (if you’re doing things from his POV) to ignore the going-ons outside of his focus. You can make small mentions to that kinda stuff though!
  • Jason is very protective of Billy! That’s kinda key.
  • Jason also seems to be the type to obsess on his failures. He failed to maintain his status on the football team, he failed to please his dad, he failed to keep Billy alive. He’s half-way pessimistic and likely has some anxiety issues.
  • Billy also has a shit sense of danger. He blew up his lunchbox, blew up a mountain, (unintentionally) drove into a train, danced on the edge of a cliff (Billy, no!!!!) and WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC BC HE WAS FOLLOWING A MAP EXACTLY. Also he died. Noting that would and pairing it against Jason’s overprotective nature is pretty good because that’s where they clash.
  • Oh, Billy’s natural response in the group is to turn to Jason. I’ve only seen the movie once but if you’re focused, you notice that in most situations he turns to Jason, says his name or speaks to him. I think this is responsive of the fact that Billy is more comfortable with Jason than any of the rest of them.
  • Jason does cut Billy off when he rambles sometimes. This is really helpful to know when you’re writing Billy going on about something and you can’t quite figure out where to make it stop.
  • Jason is very empathetic. He cares a lot about his friends and other people.
  • Jason is also extremely risky and impulsive. Whereas Billy’s lack of danger tends to place him into situations by accident, Jason’s are usually self-inflicted (the opening scene, his slapping the bully w/o hesitation, running away from his house w/o thinking that MAYBE his parents might check on him, talking everyone into fighting Rita even though they hadn’t morphed yet).
  • Due to his autism, Billy struggles with social settings and social situations.
  • Billy is pretty easy-going. Jason is generally uptight.
  • BILLY CLAPS WHEN HE’S HAPPY. They tend to be very rapid and in sets of three. I’m not sure about other stims but you can always ask around or research if you’re not autistic yourself.

And just some personal thoughts/headcanons:

  • Billy strikes me as the kind of person who is both hyper-empathetic but heavily lacks it. I like to consider him in the basis lacking empathy towards individuals he doesn’t really know (he didn’t seem too bothered (except for mild shock) about the bully getting slapped or Rita getting slapped into space) and being overly empathetic to the world as a whole, to people he gives a shit about and inanimate objects (he seemed heavily pained when that bully snapped his pencils).
  • If Billy had told me that he was “on the spectrum”, I would’ve had no idea what he was talking about, even though I’ve been researching the crap out of autism for the last two or so years. This makes me think that Jason knows or has known someone with ASD beforehand because he understood and tried to make a joke of it. It could be likely that his parents tried to get him a diagnosis at some point but I level that Jason has some understanding or familiarity with autism for whatever reason.
  • I also think that Jason is fairly observant about other people’s behaviours and picks up on Billy’s quirks really quickly. He translates situations for Billy that he realizes Billy won’t or will struggle getting (things that seem too literal, certain jokes, sarcasm).
  • Billy is most likely to be nonplussed about a lot of “charged” situations that hold heavy meaning to people (like dates, sex, kissing) but assumes things from what knowledge he’s picked up.
  • To explain that, my general headcanon (if I write them as being established) is that Jason asks him to the movies once to see how Billy might react. Billy assumes it’s a date because it’s just him and Jason and the movies are “romantic” if it’s only two people. He then proceeds to assume that Jason is just slow-going and/or shy when he doesn’t get kissed after being dropped off home and continues to assume that they’re dating. His behaviour doesn’t change and neither does Jason’s but Billy doesn’t think that either one of them have to change, they’re just boyfriends and its that simple.
  • (Fun NSFW fact: I think Billy would be the first one to instigate sex between the two)

Okay, so that’s my ramblings? I hoped it helps in some way. 

It’s perfectly okay to look towards the fandom and ask people about their thoughts on your work or to read meta or other people’s posts and generate the characters from that if you’re stuck.

Just remember that your interpretations of the characters are completely valid, write what you’d want to read and have fun!!

“But how will you make your life meaningful?”

Before we begin, I’ll briefly question the idea that simply producing a child will automatically make your life have meaning. I’m sure that raising happy, well-adjusted children is a wonderful achievement, and gives you a great sense of purpose. 

But just committing the biological act of reproduction doesn’t mean shit on its own. And even parents are vulnerable to that feeling of, “What is the reason for my life? What’s the point of me?”

So, with that said…

I know a lot of people get stuck on this one. How do you ensure that you’ll live a purposeful, satisfying life? 

Here’s something I like to do every few months. I take a piece of paper and a pen, sit somewhere quiet on my own, and I check in with myself. I like to sketch a mind map sort of thing, but you can write it, draw it - whatever feels like it means something to you. I go through each of the following categories in turn and I ask myself, honestly and gently, what would I like to see myself do? What would it feel cool to achieve? And I jot down whatever I’m thinking.

Some of these categories will produce maybe just a couple of ideas for you. Some will produce loads. That’s fine. Let yourself sink into the areas that mean the most to you, and rest in them, enjoying the thought of what those achievements would feel like.

1) Contribute to family.

‘Family’ isn’t restricted to just you, a heterosexual spouse and 2.5 children. 

Would you love a close relationship with a sister or brother? Do you maybe want to prioritise looking after your parents in their old age? Does your cousin always keep inviting you to stay with her in the city some time?

Go ahead and note down some Long Term Things you’d like to experience. “Make sure my niece knows I’m always here if she needs me.” Or maybe, “Take my dad on that fishing trip he always talks about.”

And if they come to mind, jot down some Short Term Things - these are little acts that wouldn’t take a few minutes, and you could do even this evening. “Call my aunt and see how she’s feeling after her operation”. “Send my brother a good luck card for his job interview. Tell him I’m thinking about him.”

You don’t need to create a family to have a family.

And make your friends into family, too. Anyone you love can be family. Is there someone you lost touch with? Is there someone you want to be in touch with, forty years from now? No, they are not biologically related to you; that doesn’t mean their life means nothing. Pick up the phone. Send them a postcard, even if you see them everyday. Next time you see them, hug them and tell them they mean something to you. Then their life will have meaning, and yours.

2) Contribute to your community.

You’ll be amazed how many groups of people out there would love your help - how much your contribution would mean to them. Even just a few hours of your time can make a huge difference, especially when they’re combined with the hours of others.

Have you always thought it’s sad, all that litter in the park? Have you watched that little old lady struggling up the road with her shopping bags for months now? Is there a local charity looking for someone to help organise a fundraiser?

You can do so, so much good. You can make someone’s whole life a little better. You can really mean something to somebody who needs you.

3) Contribute to animal lives.

When I was growing up, whenever I read about rescue animals who’d gone from an unhappy existence to a safe and loving home, I would get the hugest lump in my throat. That’s a good clue something means a lot to you. 

Honestly, just go put ‘rescue dog’ into YouTube. Get some tissues first. Watch for a while and see how much your life and your actions could mean to a lonely or mistreated animal. 

So many animals out there need a person. You’re a person. And wouldn’t that say a lot about you? You loved, and not just within your own species. Someone didn’t even need to be human for you to know they deserved love and safety.

If you’re like me, and this is a big one for you, go ahead and make your notes. Long term, you might want to regularly foster all manner of rescue pets. Short term, when did you last walk your dog? Have you been meaning to clean out your rabbit for a couple of days now? Is there a local shelter asking for donations of newspaper for litter trays?

Kindness is always meaningful.

4) Contribute to knowledge.

This doesn’t have to stay within the structure of schools and universities. You might like that idea, but you don’t have to be a student to study.

There are so many interesting things out there. And there’s so much room in the world of knowledge - more than enough for all of us. 

It doesn’t matter how obscure or specialised your interests are. You could start a blog, right now, this evening. All you need to do is tell yourself, “Hey - I’m going to stop beating myself up about the things I find interesting. I like what I like. I’m totally allowed.”

So Long Term, you might write down that you’d love to write an article for that magazine you buy sometimes. You might even want to get a degree or teach a class. (Did you have a teacher who meant the world to you? I did. That means her life had meaning, and I will always remember her.) 

Short Term, nothing too big. Nothing you couldn’t achieve in a small slot of time. Maybe you’ll just have a look around for pre-existing blogs on your subject, or nosy at Amazon for a nice new book.

Back when I was at university, I always found it thrilling in the library - all those old, dusty books, written by people who were long gone. Yet here I was, still eagerly listening to their voices, processing their opinions.

5) Contribute to ‘art’.

I’ve put ‘art’ in scare quotes here. No, you don’t have to take up oil painting and live in a filthy flat in Paris with no curtains or food in the fridge. You just have to make something that means something to you, put it out into the world, and I guarantee you will bring meaning to someone else as well.

It doesn’t have to be a grand, traditional art form. Maybe you love making badges. That’s fine! Make your gorgeous, colourful little badges. Look into having an Etsy shop, or maybe just give them to people for their birthdays. Perhaps you like making your own clothes, or woodcraft, or writing, or playing the drums.

It’s all good. 

So, Long Term? For some of you, that might mean seeing your name at the top of the bestseller lists. That’s fine. Dream big if you like. Or maybe for now you just want to paint your dog’s face onto a mug, and you feel like that would be meaningful. That’s fine, too. 

The trick here is to amass lots of ideas - big ideas, little ideas - that will all add up to meaning in your life.

6) Contribute to a political cause.

A good way to figure this one out is to ask yourself what makes you really angry. You can guarantee that it makes someone else angry too. A whole bunch of someone else.

You can find them with a simple google - and there are petitions you could sign too, this very day. Have you got some spare change in your bank account? That could mean the world to a small charity. Have you ever wanted to protest something that meant a lot to you?

Write it down! It’s fine. You don’t have to do all these things we’re dreaming up. All you’re doing is giving yourself some ideas, some sense of direction. Maybe you get fired up thinking about chaining yourself to ancient trees, standing there in front of the heavy machinery. Maybe you want to search for feminist quotes and scrawl them all over your favourite notebook. Maybe you want to respond to that newspaper article that made you angry. You’re allowed! Do it! Say the thing you want to say. Don’t die with your song still inside you.

7) Remember what you’ve already achieved, and take it day-by-day.

It’s easy to panic and worry that your life isn’t ‘going anywhere’. I’ve been there. And I’ve come to realise it’s pretty normal to go back there now and then, just to reassess, to make sure everything’s in order.

But don’t be hard on yourself.

Now you’ve made some jottings on what it might be meaningful to achieve, what things you might like to pursue, make sure you take some time to list your achievements so far. 

List everything that makes you proud to be you. Nobody has to see this list except you. If it makes you feel proud, even just a little, screw it - write it down. List the things you own, the things you did, the things you survived. Gather together all the meaning you have found so far in life, and sit with it for a while, like a dragon with your treasure hoard. Watch your gems sparkle. Be pleased with yourself.

And most important, as you go forwards in life, take each day by itself.

If the only meaning you can create for yourself right now, in this day, is that you take a shower - that’s fine. That’s where you are now. You are trying. And you’re caring enough to try, damn it. That’s a hell of an achievement right there. If the only meaning you can conjure up today is that you read this blog post, that’s perfect. Well done. Today, you made meaning in your life.

And don’t ever let someone convince you that just because they had unprotected sex, and conception happened, they’ve got the meaning of life all sorted. 

They haven’t. Parents struggle as much as anyone. There’s just a lot of pressure on parents to state publicly (and loudly) that their children make them wholly happy without condition and that they are absolutely fine thanks. Dissenters are often treated with outraged anger by the parent community. But all parents worry, and they all cry. They fear making wrong choices. It’s not all roses and rainbows and delirious sunny days crammed full of meaning.

So don’t worry - your life is wide open. There are many sources of meaning out there, waiting for you. Sometimes it just takes some quiet time and self-care to figure them out.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for picking the topic of & planning an essay in a short period of time (1.5 h)? i have a test like that next week (english class) & always do horribly on them (aka never finish the essay) bc it takes so long for me to pick a more specific topic & plan it (bc bad planning & time managent & indecisiveness etc..) i don't have time to write. the topic in the instructions is always very broad (like "what is a good life") & hard for me to break down nto something manageable. help?

Broad questions are the worst! I’m sorry your teacher makes questions like that! Make sure you have a watch or an easy view of the clock when you write. Double space so that you can easily add things to the essay during the revision stage. I’ve included some buffer time at the end just in case, but really, you shouldn’t spend too much time hyperfocusing on any one section of the essay.

  • Minutes 1–5: Read the prompt and brainstorm. Make a mind map about different possible directions you could go.
  • Minutes 6–10: Pick one of those ideas. Only one. Commit to it. Remember that your teacher is testing your writing skills, not asking what your deepest, most honest feelings are on the topic. If you change your mind halfway through writing this essay, lie for the rest of the essay. Sticking to your topic is much more important than writing about what you really believe.
  • Minute 11: Compose a thesis statement–one sentence that states your opinion or idea.
  • Minutes 12–15: Outline your essay. Decide on three main points and evidence for each point. (If this is an argumentative essay, plan to make your third main point a rebuttal of the opposing side’s viewpoint.) If you can’t think of evidence, make some up! (Remember, your writing is being tested, not your honesty.) If they question is What is a good life? and one of your main points is that a good life requires helping others, write an anecdote about an imaginary neighbor who regularly invited homeless people to dinner and about how that neighbor wasn’t rich and never traveled the world, but he had a good life.
  • Minutes 16–20: Write a short introductory paragraph. Start with a startling statement like, “Everyone wants a good life, but most people’s idea of a good life—celebrity, money, and power—would only bring them misery.” Write a couple general sentences about the topic and then write your thesis statement.
  • Minutes 21–40: Write your body paragraphs. Just go for the next twenty minutes, following your outline.
  • Minute 41: Brain break! Close your eyes and do some deep breathing.
  • Minutes 42–43: Check in! Read over what you’ve written so far. Are you following the outline? Have you deviated from your thesis statement, and should you revise it? How far have you gotten? If you’re still on your first body paragraph, this is your time to finish it and move on to the next body paragraph. You should probably make the next two paragraphs shorter.
  • Minutes 44–60: Finish your body paragraphs!
  • Minutes 61–65: Write a short conclusion. Restate your thesis statement and say something about how your idea relates to the wider world.
  • Minutes 66–70: Add transition phrases to the beginning of your paragraphs, things like, although, on the other hand, furthermore, etc.
  • Minutes 71–75: Edit. Comb through your essay, fixing your tense, word choice, and punctuation.
  • Minutes 76–90: Relax. This is buffer time. It’s more important that your essay be complete than anything else, and your essay is complete! Congratulations!

Questions for your developing magic system


  • What is the source of the magic? How is it accessed?
  • Who has access to the magic? Everyone? A select few (chosen, trained, holy)?
  • What is the relationship between magic/non-magic people? Why?
  • How are magic spells performed? Does one have to do something specific to access it? Why?
  • What are the limits?
  • (If relevant) Why haven’t magic users taken over the world?
  • How does magic interact with the world?
  • Can it realistically be used in combat? Can it be defended against?
  • What are the effects of use over time?
  • Do you want to focus on using familiar terms or original terms in association with your magic? Why?


  • How did it evolve from the world as we know it?
  • Is it as practical as it is fun?
  • Why was it needed?
  • Does it accomplish its task in the most efficient way? If not, why?
  • How available is this tech for the common person?
  • How much training does using/repairing/creating/improving this tech require?
  • Does this tech require an element or advancement that doesn’t exist?
  • Has this technology truly improved quality-of-life for the people?

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In this moment, I’m sitting at the office. It’s drizzling outside and there’s a funeral going on across the street. There are people loitering the sidewalks of the town, hoping for something I’m not sure of. My mind is not with them, nor is it with the family grieving over a lost loved one. My mind is with you. With your lips and the feeling of them on my neck. Your fingertips scratching soft patterns into my back and hardening with the heavy gasps from your throat. It’s with the feeling of lying between your legs with my back against you, your knee hung over my stomach as I trail maps into the skin of it. There is nothing but peace and comfort, and I feel at home. I feel content and safe with the thought of doing basically nothing aside from touching you in the most innocent of ways.
—  ARH - I want to be as close to you as I can when I rest
Cactusgirl329′s Author Interview

Next up in our series of Author Interviews is Cactusgirl329 also known as lordtubprivateeye here on tumblr!  Probably best known for her current WIP, Dovekin, she’s also completed a few previous multi-chapter Brittana stories and some nifty one-shots in between.  We highly recommend checking out her fanfiction page and getting lost in the worlds she creates!  Thank you again, so much, for taking the time to answer these questions for us, Cactusgirl329!  We hope you all enjoy!!!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

As a writer, I take a lot of pride in my plotlines and vision. I spend a great deal of time thinking about choices and consequences for characters and actions that will echo throughout a story. (My gf read through this before I submitted and yelled at me for I guess short-changing myself on plots) When I say I spend a great deal of time, I spend most of my time thinking and talking about plot points and mapping out the direction of the fic. She (my gf) says I only talk about 3 things – Brittana, Brittana in my fics (at the moment she’s learning all about Skyrim, it’s a big change from Sirens), and volleyball.  Before I even start writing, I normally have an end written or a final scene. From there, I plot major events and turning points for the rest of the fic. For me, it’s a challenge to take an idea or a scene that will be at the end of a fic or a great moment of struggle for Brittana in future and then piecing my way to that point. It all comes together when I feel as though my readers care as much as about the story and plotline as they do about Brittana. When they forget they are reading a glee fanfiction and they get wrapped up with whatever world I’ve created, I think that’s when I’ve succeeded as a Brittana writer.

I think this fandom has some incredible writers and I don’t just mean story-wise. There are some really interesting, and frankly, unique writers throughout the fandom with some beautiful prose. There are times I am reading something and I just have to stop and roll the words around my tongue because their positioning, word choice, and context are just are so beautiful that it makes me want to live inside their fic. I would love to really work on the flow and syntax of my own fics.

Keep reading