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Favorite Summer Albums of 2017

summer is almost over ;-; but these 10 albums made this summer v special for me and i highly recommend all of them :)

10. Aminé - Good For You

I’m not a big fan of Aminé but this album proved that he’s not a one hit wonder and has a LOT of potential. the album is very colorful, at times it sounds like the band fun. made a rap album tbh. also i personally care a lot about album covers and they actually affect the way i judge & listen to music, and this cover art is absolutely one of my favorite album covers of the year as it perfectly visualizes how the music sounds.

9. Haim -  Something to Tell You

ok maybe this album is not as strong as their first album but it’s the most “dream-girl-californian” type album that I’ve heard in a very long time, it’s like a soundtrack for all these tumblr blogs dedicated to highly stylized pictures of California and California girls and it’s amazing.

8. Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

honestly, i never expected to like this album as much as i do but it’s like literally the definitive American summer album. and like it’s like one of those albums that no matter how much they tried to fuck it up, they couldn’t make it any less good than it is with the list of artists that are featured on it. i mean Frank Ocean on the first fucking track?? and then the rest of the album being equally good? double amazing! “Faking It” is one of my fav song of the year despite the fact that i almost threw my headphone the moment i head Lil Yachty screech at the very end of it to compliment Kehlani, smh.

7. Brockhampton - Saturation

Kevin Abstract is amazing. American Boyfriend is an amazing album and Saturation is like Brockhampton’s take on that album and beyond. extremely fresh sounding, the rapping of every member is unique and exciting, the band knows their audience and so their lyrics resonate extremely well in a genuine way which makes the album very relatable for people in their late teenage years/early 20s.

6. Mura Masa - MURA MASA

the cover art is great but clearly a rip off of The Life of Pablo. but that doesn’t change the fact that Mura Masa is consistently amazing. despite releasing half of the album before the official release, the non singles - particularly “Who Is It Gonna B” , “Nothing Else!” and “Messy Love” - are phenomenal and it has such a London sound, and he even described the album as a love letter to London. every time I hear it, it makes me wanna move to London <3

5. Queens of the Stone Age - Villains

okay i can’t really judge this yet because i only listened to the shit quality leak, but MAN, even with that shit quality, this album fucking RIPS. less accessible and more experimental than “…Like Clockwork” and heavier too. lyrically and conceptually, though, it sounds like it comes from the same headspace that resulted in “…Like Clockwork” but this album to me is like a very epic epilogue to the previous album. “Villains of Circumstance” is a masterpiece and a strong contender for the best closing track of any album this year.

4. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory

i’ve talked about this album before but the more rap albums i heard these past few months, the more amazing this album became for me. i mean just go listen to Mike Will Made-It’s new album (or any other generic trap album from 2017) and Big Fish Theory back to back, and the difference in production and atmosphere says it all.

3. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy

i’ve also talked about this album before but this album this summer is what Blonde was last summer for me. it’s Tyler’s most defining work, and it only makes me excited to see how he will follow it up.

2. Lorde - Melodrama

this masterpiece soundtracked a lot of my sad & happy summer afternoons and nights. every time I listen to it, it reminds me what’s like to be 20 years old, and “Supercut” is the ultimate Lorde song ever tbh; amazing dance beat + intensely emotional lyrics. and that applies for most of Melodrama, every single emotion and feeling that Lorde expresses is actually felt.

1. Arcade Fire - Everything Now

believe it or not, in 2017, it’s unusual to like Arcade Fire. I’m still trying to figure out if the disappointment that this album brought to fans and critics is as a result of power of our absurdly high expectations, or the marketing campaign that pissed a lot of fans and critics off. either way, what matters for me is that I loved both the album promotion and the album itself. this is the best summer album (and potentially my favorite album) of 2017 for various reasons. for me a great album is an album that creates a world that makes me feel like I’m living in it for the duration that it has, and if it’s great enough, it makes me wanna live in that world forever (no matter how good or bad that world is). Arcade Fire are masters of teasing and promotion, and through a genius marketing strategy, they created a world for this album before it came out and after listening to the album few times after my initial disappointment with the singles, everything about it just made sense. the great irony about it is that despite its ridiculously complex and seemingly confusing promotion, the album itself is extremely direct and heartfelt. yes, the songs are extremely well produced and multi-layered, but what makes it amazing is just how personal it is. even in a song as colorful as “Everything Now”, there are some really dark lyrics. “Peter Pan” is about reaching an age when you start losing your parents (Win wrote it after realizing his dad is sick). “Put Your Money on Me” is a song where Win directly references his religious family and the dissatisfaction of his mother at his wedding, since Regine is apparently not of their faith. “Creature Comfort” and “Good God Damn” are both about a suicidal person (Win’s close friend) and why life is always better, even at its worst. and finally, “We Don’t Deserve Love”, an amazing heartbreaker about the simple concept that no matter how much we rely on people of higher status, whether our parents or religious figures, for love and connection, love and connection are inside us right from the start without us even realizing it sometimes. i think this album is the one that makes the most sense to me along with Father John Misty’s “Pure Comedy” - as both albums talk about the absurdity of our modern lives, yet in the end, both albums conclude with the statement that love is what matters the most at any stage of our life.

Most glam rock blogs:

-crying over the attractiveness of Nikki Sixx, Jon Bon jovi etc.

-complaining that there are no bushy haired guys around anymore

-*casually talks about Tommy lees dick*


-calling glam rock band members “girls” or “pretty ladies”

-more crying

-“I didn’t get to see motley crue live and now I wanna die”

-worshiping the fabulousness of Paul Stanley

-“poison is probably the gayest straightest band in the world”


-laughing at the pink, sparkly clothing

-having to search “kiss band” instead of just “kiss” otherwise you are met with gifs of people who are making out.

anonymous asked:

RANGER BAND AU AHHH your addition was on point, and also your tags like what kind of clusterfuck genre bending these hoes are gonna pull, godddd them wearing the ranger colors and just being the hugest little shits about it i LIVE. ITs too good man, it fits stupidly well. p.s. have loved your blog and fics for aaaages now and i am SO HYPE that youve jumped on the ranger train bc its my most recent obsession as well.

LISTEN, anon, I am so into this Band AU I can’t even TELL you. Like good lord, I am 100000% there for it and I have been thinking about it all morning. It would be more accurate to say that the Power Ranger train has HIT ME IN THE FACE rather than me doing any voluntary jumping. (But thanks ;D)

But let’s talk more about this AU and how I am now willing to sell my one (1) soul to someone if they write/draw/manip/WHATEVER it. (Or body swap. I also REALLY want body swap.) Important things to consider:

  • What is their band name? 
    • I feel like every time Zack suggests a name it’s ‘Zack and the ___s”: Zack and the Screw Ups, Zack and the Zords, Zack and the Rangers, Zack and Some Other People and Also Billy
  • Alpha 5 on triangle is inspirational, but I would also put forth Alpha on woodblock a la George Michael in his brief stint in  Dr. Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
    • Alpha: “If you want me on wood block, I can keep perfect time. Some call me “The Human Metronome.” You notice how I’m always on time? I’m never late for things”
    • Like, okay, I’m trash so I’m going to say it: obviously there is shipping. And ship wars. 
      • Trini is a little shit whose totally sarcasm encourages things
    • There are always trolls and the Rangers all get them, but one time someone says something mean about Billy and it is an INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT. 
      • Trini challenges the twitter user to a duel
      • Jason says the band is Cancelled until a formal apology is issued 
      • Kim points out that it would be easy to find the dude’s address and swing by with the zords and everyone worries a little that she might ACTUALLY do it
      • Zack writes a song called ‘twitter user GateGamerGeoff is a dick’ 
      • (A formal video apology is issued to Billy)
  • Everyone knows SOMETHING is up with them and the theories are crazy (aliens, mind control via music (Josie and the Pussycats style), secret agents, etc.) 
    • There’s like one person who is just THEY ARE OBVIOUSLY THE POWER RANGERS and has like… height comparison charts and super detailed excel sheets about the time of incidents and when the band all mysteriously disappeared but everyone is just like OH THAT WEIRD KOOKY FAN who thinks they are Power Rangers how HILARIOUS
  • There is definitely a song called ‘to the moon’ or something and it’s definitely about slapping Rita into space. Everyone thinks it’s some beautiful romantic metaphor. But it is not.
  • Kimberly Hart in an over-sized, slashed, pink tank top, okay?
ID #50757

Name: Sara
Age: 20
Country: Italy

Hi there!
Sooo I’m not really good at this stuff but I guess the main things you need to know about me are that I basically live for music (indie rock, post-punk, shoegaze, dream pop, post rock… I mean I could list my favourite bands but I think I’d break down this site) and my guitar.
I spend most of my time trying to write songs and getting obsessed over bands and/or tv shows (mainly Wynonna Earp, Shameless, Stranger Things, OITNB, Westworld).
I love autumn and winter while I’m basically dead during the hot months.
I study in Turin at a thing called DAMS where you basically study cinema (which I’m getting really passionate about), music and theatre.
People say I’m a good listener.
Also I’m gay…if that is of any relevance…

I’d like to meet somebody who shares my interest in music or just someone to talk to and get to know.
I mean these are just my interests but what I’m also looking for is someone to share thoughts, problems or doubts with. It doesn’t really have to be a “oh I like Pinegrove too” kinda conversation, but it can be a “hey I’m having a rough day” or “hey I’m really excited about this!” or “do you believe in aliens?” kinda conversation you know?
Something that I guess people would call “a friend” :)

Preferences: Someone around my age so I guess 18 to 23? I’d really love to meet other people from the LGBT+ community but it’s not fundamental obviously. I prefer social media to communicate. No homophobes, racists etc.

DAY 3350

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 30/31,  2017              Tue/Wed 2:00 AM

Birthday - EF - Nadou Youssef / Rina Rajpal       Wed, May 31  … and our wishes go out to our dearest Ef Nadou and Rina .. wish you all happiness !

A splash of the cold aqua .. a widening of the ocular .. swift and composite visits to the other platforms and back to our home  .. The BLOG

At times I wonder if I would be capable of writing or composing a tale of say 500 pages or several multi thousand words .. a just desire .. a thought among many thoughts .. and then .. smash ! …

Its gone .. the desire the will the all .. all gone .. to come back again .. doubtful .. its like so many other thoughts that plague the mind in an instant and then rapidly disappear .. never to be brought to thought again ..

Hmmmm .. the word ‘thought’ has entered the writing quite a few times .. wonder .. !!

Thought .. I thought of declaring a war on my desk and my room, to a clean up exercise, but did not .. or rather could not .. but do I must .. it shall clear the mind as well .. a clearance much desired and needed ..

So ..

The visits to the other 2 platforms is now a ride into the artistic world of our own Ef and their immaculate attempts at how to paint form another picture with the picture they already have .. and the artistry that accompanies it is simply remarkable .. I do hope this stays, for t gives me sufficient material to attach it to many of my comments, in general .. 

And so yes .. QUIT .. !! quit the habit of smoking .. it is injurious to health .. aarrggh .. sounding like those adverts that come before the screening of any film …

But look what I found ..

These are the generous inputs of dear Ef on the podium of the Twitter brigade .. and one that I have no recollection or documentation of .. this is most positively the stage performance of the recitation of my Father’s works, in Paris at the Theatre des Champs Élysees and the most generous meeting with the Ef that came from different parts of the World for this union .. there has been no record of that evening .. one that was most historic for me .. the prestigious location .. the recitation of my Father’s works and the enthusiastic reception of it among the audience .. never ever expected that in the city of Paris, there would be an audience for Hindi poetry …!!

An unforgettable event .. particularly, the rain of roses on the floor of the stage by the audience after the performance was over to the strains of ‘Madhushala’..

Yes it is time to revisit that evening and the event and perhaps to design another and many other in other locations and cities .. to relive the beauty of the written poetic word .. to live and dream the world of rhythm and rhyme .. of the visions of elevated philosophy .. of life and love and longing and fact .. far removed from the realities of everyday existence .. of the mundanity of our thoughts .. to enliven them with the beauty of untold sentiment .. to draw out to us another picture, another world filled with the melody of our breathing life !

Moral responsibility .. social causes .. remain the prime movers of the time .. they are necessary as well .. their worth for us as a nation and a people is most needed .. and hence I join another campaign for the thrust to eradicate open defecation in cities in villages in towns everywhere  .. 

The campaign is called ‘Darwaaza Bandh’ .. shut the door ! and at its launch this evening there is appreciation of my contribution ..

A few moments spent with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis ..

There is undoubtedly great satisfaction for being involved in the initiative .. but even more to see feel and hear the efforts made by those that work towards it ..

They are the true winners ..

My Father wrote these words in one of his works .. as an introduction to him as a person :

‘Mitti ka tan  … Masti ka mann … kshan bhar jeevan …mera parichay’

“मिटटी का तन
मस्ती का मन  
क्षण भर जीवन  
मेरा परिचय”~

a body of mud of the earth ; the exuberance of an elated mind ;  a life of a moment ; that be my introduction

Sudhir , our Ef of elated mind, coined a few words keeping the sentiment of the words of my Father, but translating it to the Swachh Bharat Campaign, initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ..

स्वच्छ तन,
स्वच्छ मन,
स्वच्छ भारत मेरा परिचय  …

swachh tan, swachh man … swachh bharat, mera parichay

a clean body, a clean mind , a clean India my introduction

On a meeting with the personnel from the PMO, during the construction of the campaign for ‘Darwaaza Band’ for an Open Defecation Free India , I shared this with the Administrative Officers, who loved it to the extent of sharing it with the Prime Minister, who, most generously, spoke about it on his ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme each Sunday morning on the radio ..!! Honoured !!

It is now clocking 3:15 am .. and those early morning apprehensions seem to have evaded the mind .. I relish these late hours with the Ef and the Blog .. and may the sleep induced mind be as clean as the drive for a clean India ..

My love ….

Amitabh Bachchan 

I don’t usually post personal stuff but...

So, lately, I haven’t been posting on this blog as much as I had previously been posting. There are a lot of reasons for this. Mostly, just because life gets in the way of recreation. It seemed as if my luck would be changing when I attended my favorite band Soundgarden’s gig last night. It was a high energy show and the crowd loved it. Most importantly, it was a time to have fun and briefly ignore my responsibilities. 

Of course, that was until I went on Twitter a few hours after the gig and found Mark Lanegan’s tweet about Chris Cornell’s passing. I did not believe it at first. I had just seen him six hours prior. After the news articles began to double and triple in their numbers, I knew it was true. I am deeply saddened by Cornell’s passing and am still in shock. My thoughts go out to his wife, his children and the surviving members of Soundgarden. I know it hurts for me to even think about it, so I can only imagine what they are going through. 

I’m not actually sure when I will ever get over this. While other premature deaths of musicians have effected me on a personal level, it has never affected me like this one. It feels like someone has pulled the rug out from under me. I was lucky enough to get to hear him perform on four different occasions and realize others never had the chance to hear him at all.

I’m not really sure what is going to happen with me now. Posts will probably remain sporadic for now, until I can get the motivation to post more. 

Thank you for even bothering to read my silly little thoughts,


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Hoi.. Its your awkward potaeto Nero and… I’m just ??????????

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I made a blog on Tumblr long back but started using it at the end of April and wow..I didn’t even have a follower goal in mind.. I cannot thank everyone enough for the positive response I’ve received like thank you so much I’m ???? ; ;

I’ve never been someone who interacts much socially but BTS has helped me with this.. I’m more open to people now ^^. I’m taking this chance to thank all of my followers and the blogs I’ve loved following.

Firstly MIMOSAAA who you all know as @mimibtsghost Basically the reason why I tried using Tumblr. LAY @laytmblr , MOZZARELLINA @ofhairandthighs ,NANA @heavenlyn ,HANNANA @nimijcrap , ASHTON @crim-inal-men moi lovely fam ; ;

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Also, a little info

The ask box is always open so if you feel like it, just drop by with any random topic you got or we can just complain about stuff together or just appreciate memes (P.S I LOVE MEMES)


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anonymous asked:

How would the band react if their s/o was getting hate from their fans? I love this blog sm !!

2D: Like I’ve previously stated, one of 2D’s hot buttons is insulting you. He cannot stand it, and especially coming from his fans, he figures it’s just proof they don’t care about him as a person but instead about the image they have of him in their heads. He makes it clear his opinion of you is high, and isn’t going to change because of their nasty words, and blocks most haters on social media completely (and encourages you to do the same). 

Murdoc Niccals: It annoys him, but he sees it as being all part of show business. He tells you to just ignore them, block them, yell at them and call them a right cunt, do what it takes to make you feel a bit better as their opinions are not his own. If someone is endlessly harassing you is when he takes action, and it’s likely he’ll hunt them down and scare them within an inch of their life if they don’t stop bothering you. 

Noodle: Noodle’s in disbelief that some of her own fans don’t like and appreciate you like her, but at the same time, rationalizes it’s because they don’t know you very well. She responds to the hatred calmly by asserting facts here and there, and sometimes telling people to go get a life. She’s more worried about how you’re taking it and makes sure that you know she loves you dearly no matter what, and she doesn’t care what her fans have to say about it. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel, who’s normally relaxed and can handle the hate dished out at him, is more annoyed at the fact it’s directed at you. You may be more in the spotlight now that you’re dating him, but it didn’t mean a single person online knew who you actually were. He chooses to completely ignore the hate and focus on making you feel better, posting a few things here and there about having a happy relationship and how others opinions don’t matter to show his support of your relationship. 

anonymous asked:

you are not in an eighties band. I believe that you have a false perception of yourself as well as everyone else. your identity very well may turn out tobe null because of them? some of your folks are the most pretentious I have seen and its disgusting, and really not healthy, for anyone.

Ok first of all, HAHA what the actual fuck is this message? And I sort of have an idea of who this is, and if so, please fuck off and Move On.

Second of all, when have I ever said I believed I was actually in a band? Why do you think I have a false perception of myself? I mean, this blogging about bands and borrowing some of their aesthetics is just called… being interested in a thing….

I have many interests, this is one I particularly like at this moment. I do a lot of things, I go to school and study something I actually like (which have nothing to do with 80s bands mind you), but it takes up a lot of time and energy and I have to do and think about other things on the side, and that’s not necessarily bad. Don’t come and police my identity, I’ve struggled enough with it in the past and I have had enough with people trying to dictate what I AM. (again, nothing to do with bands from other decennia).

And really, talking shit about my friends? Sure they might be a little pretentious but who isn’t? Actually I’ve seen WAY WORSE, when we do it it’s mostly just for fun. I believe making assumptions about someone else’s identity (whom you don’t even know) and telling them what to do is a bit pretentious, but that’s just my opinion.

Look, there might be many unhealthy things about the way I live my life but liking music bands is not one of them.

hi! i need to freshen up my dashboard, and most blogs i follow apparently have become inactive - so if you post about any of the following, make sure to like this post so i can follow you:

- games: life is strange (prequel and/or normal game); overwatch; guild wars 2
- aesthetics; photography; art; positivity blogs/anything else along those lines
- musicals: heathers (the musical and/or movie); hamilton; any other musicals in general
- shows: orphan black; wynonna earp; riverdale; sense8; 
- bands/artists: paramore (!!!); pvris; the 1975; dodie clark; flatsound; halsey; hayley kiyoko; tegan and sara
- any kind of gay shit honestly

Little Kitten (NSFW Request Blog) :~

I decided to make this blog as a NSFW request blog! I’ve been writing since two years now and publish stories on aff and ao3 as well~

Here are some guidelines rules you need to follow to request, and these aren’t many as I’m not really very strict ♡

-> This is a LGBT+ blog, so I only accept male reader or member × member requests (basically anything except female reader requests, but I will take female reader requests, if you’re requesting for a girl band member) ♡

-> I accept nsfw requests only.

-> I do drabbles or short one shots, as well as most to leasts (MTLs), reactions and scenarios. You can send in prompts too :)

-> the only sensitive topics I’ll be ready to request about are self harm and abuse.

-> sorry but I don’t write for underaged members

-> groups I write about are:




Monsta x









These are all, I hope you request for more!

You used to make me feel like I could walk on water
Now most nights I’m just sinking down
You’re the reason why I can’t listen to the same songs I used to
I write songs about you all the time
I bet I don’t run through your mind
I’ve given up on you but it still hurts to know you’re not alone
—  Real Friends~ I’ve given up on you
bonjour y'all

Hi, I’m Ari! I’m new here so I thought I’d make an intro post :) 

About me:

> my name is Ari and I’m 14, going into 9th grade 

> he/him or they/them 

> my blog is studyblr-focused but there will be some other stuff (like writing prompts, art, aesthetic, etc) 

> I’m in the AICE program 

> English is my first language; I’ve been teaching myself French for a while and can understand/get the gist of most written things and sort of grasp spoken things; I’m at a beginner level in both Spanish and Romanian

> Really into languages🌍, witchcraft🔮, mythology💫, and art+animation🎨


> Aquarius, INFJ, Ravenclaw

> proud band geek 😆🎶 I play percussion and I’m in front ensemble

> I’m friendly and I’m almost always up to talk :) 

I love the studyblr community and I’d love to be a part of it! 

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I’m sure I’m forgetting a few but yeah, hello Tumblr! 

100 Questions to drop in my ask box.

1. Height:
2. Age?
3. Shoe size?
4. Sexual Orientation:
5. Do you smoke?
6. Do you drink?
7. Do you take drugs?
8. Age you get mistaken for?
9. Any tattoos?
10. Want any tattoos?
11. Any piercings?
12. Want any piercings?
13. Best friend?
14. Relationship status:
15. Biggest turn ons?
16. Biggest turn offs?
17. Favorite movie?
18. Someone you miss?
19. What I hate most about myself:
20. What I like most about myself:
21. My relationship with my parents:
22. My relationship with my sibling(s):
23. My biggest pet peeves:
24. What my last text message said?
25. Last thing I ate?
26. Ten facts about myself:
27. Favorite animal?
28. Where I would like to live:
29. Favorite ice cream?
30. Celebrity I would love to meet and why?
31. My insecurities:
32. What I find attractive in Men/Women?
33. Favorite quote:
34. Age you want to die?
35. Top ten tv shows:
36. Top five favorite tumblr blogs:
37. What I want to be when I grow up:
38. A book or film that changed my life:
39. Five bands that I like:
40. Three things I think about the most:
41. Five things I want to do before I die:
42. Favorite book?
43. Favorite color?
44. Last person you hugged?
45. Addiction:
46. Hobbies:
47. Favorite band?
48. Favorite singer?
49. Zodiac sign:
50. eye color:
51. hair color:
52. Birthday?
53. Where were you three hours ago?
54. One food you hate:
55. Biggest fear?
56. How many followers do you have?
57. Five people you find attractive:
58. Top song played on your ipod?
59. If you went back in time what would you change?
60. Have any pets?
61. Favorite subject in school?
62. How is school?
63. Lucky number?
64. Your name:
65. Favorite body feature?
66. Favorite flower?
67. Cats or dogs?
68. Boats or trains?
69. People or animals?
71. Favorite holiday?
72. Favorite season?
73. Favorite candy?
74. Ten likes and ten dislikes:
75. Self harmed?
76. Worst mistake?
77. Last time you cried?
78. Any scars?
79. Best day of your life?
80. Special talents:
81. Watch the movie or read the book?
82. Obsession:
83. Kiss or hug?
84. Ever dated someone?
85. Do you love someone?
86. Nicknames people call you:
87. Favorite sport?
88. Suicidal thoughts?
89. If today was your last day on earth how would you spend it?
90. Something I would like to change about myself:
91. Worst thing I’ve lied about:
92. Best thing I’ve lied about:
93. Favorite cuss word?
94. One of my bad habits:
95. Favorite childhood toy?
96. Story of my first kiss?
97. Favorite celebrity?
98. What I’m doing tomorrow:
99. Favorite disney movie?
100. If you could be any animal what would it be?

anonymous asked:

Sonja, can I ask you a question? Do you really think that you know more about Louis' career thant Louis himself? Do you think that you love Louis more than Harry? Because that's what I'm reading. Don't get me wrong I don't like some things about Harry's promo and I share some opinions with you. How the Azoff's manipulated the fandom? Did thet pay bloggers? They inflitrated here? Why Liam can't speak how he wants about Zayn. Do you know what happened between them? Cause idk and I think you don't

what is this condescending nonsense. how many times do i have do say i don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes and that i am reacting to what limited information we do have before people like you actually read what i’m saying.

the azoffs infiltrated the fandom via harry in 2013 (people got anons talking about how irving was going to take over the band) and made sure we all kept talking about them like the ‘saviors of the fandom’ when in reality it’s clear they’ve only ever cared about harry. they’ve done nothing for the band and they’ve especially done nothing for louis and if you can’t see that then i wish you luck with the serious case of cognitive dissonance you’re dealing with but i can’t help you.

and you’re right - you don’t know either. so why don’t you keep your patronizing tone to yourself and stay out of my inbox. and don’t forget, my track record lately has been far better than most of the blogs here when it comes to predicting and speculating what’s going to happen. i may not be privy to all of the behind the scenes details but my head’s not firmly lodged up jeff’s ass so i can actually look at things more objectively.

ID #47518

Name: Michael
Age: 16
Country: USA

I am a nerd that has somehow become slightly popular in school. I enjoy reading books and I am passionate about learning. I play Football and I am interested in playing Baseball. I play the Baritone in my Band Class.
I want to become a college professor after getting my doctorate in Biology. I enjoy helping others with their classwork because it makes me feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life. I like having long conversations late at night (it’s when my mind is most creative) and I am the kind of person that wants to hear about your day.

Preferences: I would like to talk to people around my own age (15 to 18) and I want people who are open to new ideas and would like to share their own thoughts.

My blog is slowly going to become illustrations of all my favorite book characters.  But seriously, I want each and ever one of you to read “Whatever: or how Junior year became totally f$@ked” by S.J. Goslee.  The main character Mike is the most lovable, awful stoner, who plays in a crappy garage band, and forgets to shower, and is BISEXUAL.  They even address him as bisexual and his sexuality isn’t erased it’s sooooo good.  And his best friend is his ex-girlfriend and their relationship is perfect.  Honestly, I can’t sing enough praises about this book, it was so dear and I laughed so much while reading it.  Even his rag tag gang of dude bro friends are endearing.  (And heads up, if you like the whole fake rivalry of klance, Mike literally has an entire made up rivalry in his head with a boy he’s pining over)


// o k a y //
if tumblr mobile stops being a fuck and lets me properly post this;

i’m kayla, also known here as kay. i’m the original creator of the blog and discord server and also typically the one around most often (except for recently)
there isn’t a lot to learn about me that i haven’t said before, since i’m quite a bit of an open book, but oh well!
i’m a student in grade 10 (yes i know i’m smol okay Listen) and i also just got my first job at tim hortons 🇨🇦
i’m part of the tech crew for drama productions, and i also play bass clarinet in our school band. alongside that i’m a library helper cx
on discord i’m ✨ shockingly ✨ known as dark’s pet ok listen-
as for general fun facts, i could go on and on tbh xD probs ‘cause i’m a lil shit ^-^
either way, i love questions, so always feel free to shoot me an ask over on my main! it’ll be linked alongside my signature ;b
thanks for reading, friendos!!
((also sorry for how many times i had to repost – tumblr mobile was being a little shit and everything 😅))
~Kay // @passionpoetics

wwwdotugh  asked:

Hiya! I'm new to your blog & I'm curious about Janis and her parents lol. that picture (and the way her father died) reminds me of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love and their daughter, was there any inspo from them??? ❤ love it so far! ❤

yes! Kurt and Courtney are huuuuuge inspirations in my art, Hole is one of my favorite bands and I like nirvana too haha there’s definitely a little Kurt inspo in benji’s death and leaving behind a daughter but most of my Courtney love inspo went into Veruca and Janis. in their clothes and fashion, in posters in the background of Ruca’s room, in attitude and in bad habits in Janis! thank you!