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I understand the need for rebranding but both Louis and Niall have been successful without having to distance themselves. It seems to me that Harry is willing to alienate the very people that got them into the position he has today just so he can move on to be more famous.

I know people think that and I disagree. I think Harry is the most tied to the band and he bands former brand as the face of 1D, and I think I think he has the biggest hurdles to overcome in terms of gp perception. I mean the go HAS a perception of him. The other boys are much less visibly connected to 1d.

For example I had never heard Louis or Niall’s names before I joined the fandom and I certainly couldn’t pick their faces out of a crowd, and I know the same for a lot of my peers. Peers who enjoyed both Niall and Louis’s singles because they didn’t have that initial “ew he’s from 1d” kneejerk reaction. Harry doesn’t have that sort of anonymity to appeal to the gp, so he HAS to distance himself.

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This is not a real question. I've just read someone complaining about MC sugar routes and I don't think it's fair to discard them all. They're with playing even more than the obvious-happy-ending Honey routes, which always make me bored. Sugar routes are full of drama, and bittersweet moments. The princess and the suitor will always find their dimension of happiness, and it's nice to see that. Louis' Sugar Ending, for example, it's my most favourite. It restores the right order of things. Jillia

Jillia, my love! I think you are one of my oldest MidCin allies, from when I started playing the game! 

Everyone is going to have a different opinion. The math is against us all. There are too many people out there for us all to have the same feelings about everything, or even about just one thing, and that’s fine.

I love SLBP Ieyasu to itty bitty bits, and there are players who would never, ever give his route a chance no matter what. I cannot stand Alyn and IkeSen Masamune, but they are other players’ absolute favorites. The thing I hate the most is Alyn’s EA, meanwhile someone else loved it.

It is important to remember that people play these games for many reasons, and that there are themes which some players may wish to avoid. 

Maybe these themes come up in a Sugar route, maybe they come up in a Honey route. It might even be in a main route.

I do not recommend that anyone sit through any route out of a feeling of obligation. 

There are many reasons why a person plays otome games, and wanting– or even needing –an escape is one of them. Everyone can’t do angst. There will be players who cannot handle any drama at the moment, even if it is fictitious.

I think that everyone should choose for themselves what feels right.

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Hi!! I was reading your IWTV/TVL analysis (I loved them btw) and you mention Lestat having bipolarity. Could you explain more about it? ( It never occurred to me, but I think is interesting )

Yeah! For sure. 

In his epilogue chapter of The Vampire Lestat, our narrator tells us, “Read between the lines.”

Very well, Lestat, I shall. 

Incidentally, I do take IWTV into account for all this. While Louis is certainly someone who keeps happy memories very close to the chest and who was probably exaggerating some things based on his bitterness and self-loathing, I think there’s a baseline of truth there. Likewise, I’d say Lestat almost certainly glossed over his own mistakes and abuses (including but not limited to CHEATING ON HIS PARTNER) to create a rosy memory. They’re both liars and both guilty, and between them is the truth. 

Lestat was born in an era where mental illness wasn’t recognized (outside of throwing people into asylums or onto the street), and in the years since his death he’s rationalized it with a good old dose of martyr complex (and Anne would never admit that her favoritest bestest most amazing hero has a “”””””””weakness””””””” like battling mental illness so it’s never going to come up explicitly in the text). But he definitely meets the criteria.

Bipolar disorder is characterized by days-long periods of mania and depression (some diagnoses have only one or the other, some are cyclical; I’d say Lestat’s the latter). The main criteria of a manic episode are: 

  • Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity
  • Unusual talkativeness
  • Racing thoughts
  • Distractibility
  • Increased goal-directed activity (either socially, at work or school, or sexually) or agitation
  • Doing things that are unusual and that have a high potential for painful consequences — for example, unrestrained buying sprees, sexual indiscretions or foolish business investments

I….don’t have to point out the importance of the first one in particular, yes? Lestat at his most manic is the king of the world, the sexy rock star everyone falls in love with. He does things impulsively, not understanding why other people might be cautious (I’d say scooping Louis up and flying to see David at the end of QOTD is a good example of this; and much earlier in TVL when he shows off for the theater audience in an attempt to prove…something to them, even he’s not sure). 

In IWTV, Louis describes Lestat having mood swings pretty directly:

He was positively friendly, in one of those moods where he wanted my companionship. Enjoyment could bring that out of him. Wanting to see a good play, the regular opera, the ballet. He always wanted me along…But this effervescence was frenetic and likely to vanish in an instant; just a word or two of amiable feeling on my part, some suggestion that I found his companionship pleasant, could banish all such affairs for months.

Louis attributes the change to his daring to respond positively, but I’d say that’s his inability to read peoples’ motives striking with a vengeance. What it DOES sound like is Lestat having a manic episode where he wants to DO ALL THE THINGS and Louis simply MUST come, it’ll be GREAT (and of course everything is a good idea when Lestat is manic; see also his great need to buy all the fancy aesthetics for himself or his loved ones at various points in his life), and then cycling into a depressive episode that he doesn’t understand and neither does Louis, and they both suffer for it. 

Meanwhile, signs of a depressive episode include: 

  • Depressed mood most of the day, nearly every day, such as feeling sad, empty, hopeless or tearful (in children and teens, depressed mood can appear as irritability)
  • Markedly reduced interest or feeling no pleasure in all — or almost all — activities most of the day, nearly every day
  • Either insomnia or sleeping excessively nearly every day
  • Either restlessness or slowed behavior that can be observed by others
  • Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt, such as believing things that are not true, nearly every day
  • Decreased ability to think or concentrate, or indecisiveness, nearly every day
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or suicide planning or attempt


  • Anxious distress — having anxiety, such as feeling keyed up, tense or restless, having trouble concentrating because of worry, fearing something awful may happen, or feeling you may not be able to control yourself

This is a little bit harder to pinpoint because Lestat tries so hard to hide his self-perceived weaknesses from Louis and from us (because, let us always remember, he’s writing his own book and has total editorial control). 

BUT his “dark moment” (which as he chillingly reminds us, “never did pass, really”) sounds quite cleanly in keeping with a depressive episode/anxious distress.

I walked and talked and gestured like a contented human being, but I was flayed. I was shuddering. My teeth were chattering. I couldn’t stop it. I was staring at everything around me in horror. The darkness terrified me. The sight of the old suits of armor in the hall terrified me. I stared at the mace and flail I’d taken out after the wolves. I stared at the faces of my brothers. I stared at everything, seeing behind every configuration of color and light and shadow the same thing: death.

He can’t take pleasure in anything, he’s fearful of something he can’t define, and he sees death in everything. During these periods he goes into what Nicki snidely calls his “malady of goodness,” where he worries obsessively about whether human beings have created anything good in the world, whether life has any meaning – obsessive thought patterns that DO feature worthlessness and guilt, if in a cosmic sense. What does it all mean, what is the point, how have I added anything to the tiny reality of our existence (and he feels intense guilt periods too – note when he talks about Claudia and says “Oh, Lestat, you deserve everything that ever happened to you”). 

And when he comes out of these episodes, particularly as he gets away from Nicki (around whom he was quite open and vulnerable, because Lestat was a good sweet boy at one point and it hurts me), he likes to pretend that these cycles never happened. 

Worse, because his whole life seems to have consisted of these cycles and because he himself is SO fucking bad at perceiving the thoughts and motivations of others (pot and kettle with him and Louis on that point), he’s working from a worldview where it’s not that HE has abnormally intense positive and negative feelings, it’s just that EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD INSIDE, AND NO ONE UNDERSTANDS. Which he then uses as an excuse to dismiss their concerns (again, particularly with Louis). 

His total lack of awareness as to how uniquely his mind functions (THIS BOY NEEDS MEDICATION) and refusal to believe that he isn’t the baseline of emotional processing that other people should follow hurts his ability to connect with others or even to get a handle on his own emotional issues. It’s part of what’s stalling him out and getting him to make the same mistakes over and over and over (and of course if the books would ACKNOWLEDGE any of this we could have a talk about whether it’s even possible to medicate the dead or if behavioral therapy would be of any help, but such things were not to be even in the good early books). .  

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Ok, so this ask is inspired by your post about Harry's song writing influences. A lot of people seem to want a duet album of Harry and Louis. Do you think they would make a good team, considering their choice of topics, their approach to song writing and their musical taste?


This post took me quite a long time to think about and write, and it is LONG ASS. I have to apologize if the answer isn’t exactly what you had in mind, but there are so many ways to answer the questions. I have to mention how much I want to thank you for this ask, because the questions are integral to the primary questions in my blog. The following answers are from my tiny brain.

In answering this question, I am considering my previous posts about Harry’s writing style, Louis’s writing style, their influences, their performance styles, their vocal abilities, and the evolution of One Direction albums. I’m dubious that a duet album between Harry and Louis will be forthcoming soon. I believe in their partnership, professionally and personally. But I also feel a bit like Penelope from The Odyssey, weaving and unweaving every day, waiting for them. You know? I’m not complaining– just getting old.

And, if I’m honest, I am thinking about the evolution of their moral and ethical development as well, throughout their touring years. Specifically, because Harry and Louis have made explicit statements about social justice, I don’t think we can ignore that aspect of their songwriting. I think songs like Home and End of the Day can be viewed as LGBQTA+ anthems. Both Harry and Louis have been explicit in their support of LGBQTA+ issues. I’m not going to provide links, but here, for the sake of representation, are two photos. If you know my blog, you know my stance on this issue.

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Zouis fights

All of the rumours, all of the fights. But we always find a way to make it out alive.

Friends fight, brothers fight, lovers fight and no one knows for sure what it might lead to or if it spells the end. But one thing is for certain and that is that Zouis have fought plenty of times, and that personally I see that as a sign of a close relationship more than antything. Also, we’ve seen Zouis squabble a few times even on stage and in interviews, and I just want to say that they’ve never stopped being close and they’ve never stopped loving each other. And I am certain the same applies to the twitterfight, if it even was real. So here is a masterpost of Zouis fighting, for real and for play. Enjoy~

This is a LOOONG masterpost.

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I’ve been looking at some debunking posts and I remember I avoided them like the plague when I was a larrie. Sometimes when I read an “anti” post that accidentally had appeared on my dash I just thought “no no no this is not real how can they not see it”. Big larries make it seem that “antis” are just bitter people who hate gay couples, hate Louis and want Harry for themselves. Now that I’ve been communicating with said antis in the last few days I have met some of the nicest, most open-minded people so far in my time in the fandom. Nobody hates Louis, in fact everyone wants to support him in his endeavors. And I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much, for example enjoying Elounor while it lasted. Those two were cute af together but all I saw was “weird hand-holding” and Louis making a sad face whenever he was with her. Turns out all the happy pictures and gifs just didn’t appear on my larrie centric dash.

So fucked up.

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Can you explain how louis was getting attacked by his team/Ben Winston in this livestream? I honestly want to know please!! I just want my louis to be happy and calm and soft.

It was very clear early on about the intentions of this interview, it had a light feeling of ease for about 12 seconds before it turned into an interrogation. 

Exhibit A: Louis at the beginning talking about his X factor fashion choices.

He came into this interview somewhat at ease. Until Ben Winston decided to use him as his punching bag. The questions that were asked were completely set up for their personal gain, expect it probably didn’t pan out quite like they expected. 

Right out of the gate it seemed as if Ben was gunning for Louis. The other boys had to deal with uncomfortable questions but in my opinion Louis was slammed with them and then the other boys, mostly Liam BLESS his soul, fielded most of them. Ben was trying to get a reaction out of him, get him riled up to say something, anything that could put some of these to rest. I mean the questions that were asked were so unneccesary but clearly there for a purpose. 

For example (and I’m paraphrasing most of these because I don’t have direct wording) :

  • “How do your girlfriends deal with the hate”. And LOL if you think Ben Winston gave one damn about how Sophia and Perrie dealt with the hate. That question was intended for Louis to use as a name drop for his “girlfriend”. Liam and Zayn quickly jumped in. Liam ALWAYS addresses Sophia by name, I’ve noticed even when they ask about girlfriends he will respond with her name, he goes on to talk about how she doesn’t really use social media so she’s okay blah blah blah, Zayn says Perrie “has thick skin”. The question could have been left there and another asked but nope Ben isn’t done yet. He brings it back to Louis to the point where if he didn’t say something it would have been even more uncomfortable. He responds with “we’ve got great girls”. Not mentioning any names. It stopped the question and idk about you but El isn’t the only girl in his life that get’s hate so I like how he left it kind of vague. 
  • Ben goes on to bring up girlfriends again in the interview, again prodding Louis. He asks about the songwriting process (which wohoo for a split second you think he is actually going to talk to them about their music but nope no such luck, I mean they are only musicians but nahhh) and essentially if their girlfriends are an inspiration for songs. Liam goes on to talk about the song that Niall wrote for Sophia LOL. And Louis doesn’t say a word about Eleanor. Which is funny because wouldn’t this be a great time to clear up some rumors or how much your girlfriend means to you. Nope guess, not moving on. 
  • Next because as if this interview wasn’t awkward enough Ben thinks it’s time to bring up Fan fiction because that isn’t uncomfortable for anyone.. nope. Basically he asks about how they feel about fans writing fan fic about them? Do they think it’s weird? Have you read any of them? Another question to alienate your fans, good job Modest your making everyone feel loved. It’s another question he directs at Louis, its just one after another after another. Zayn answers and says he hasn’t read any. He goes back to Louis, and lets be honest when you think fanfic involving either Louis or Harry your not thinking about het imagines where they meet at an ice cream shop and the girl doesn’t know he is in a famous band because she lives under a rock, clearly the question was based around louis and harry fanfic because lets face it, it’s a majority in this fandom and on sites like Ao3. Another chance for Louis to acknowledge what Ben really means with his question and shut down the rumors. And nope, we get “some of them are cute”. Alrightt…onward.
  • We get the “any crazy rumors about yourself”? Which come on, wonder what he’s getting at there. This would be a point where Harry could jump in and talk about “not that important”, shut that down. Or Louis with the apple shirt, or idk Larry in general and NOTHING. Harry responds with “we died a few times”. Ben is angered, me thinks this isn’t what he was looking for.
  • We get the “do you make your own decisions question” which once again Liam fields, bless. BUT not before they all quietly answer “no” and then Liam jumps in with “just kidding of course we make all our own decisions blah blah blah” another question he takes so Louis won’t have to answer. And again LOL what’s the first thing 1DHQ tweets after the interview, the quote from Liam saying they make all their own decisions because why not haha. I always kind of imagine their handlers off to the side holding plastic dolls of the boys with like a knife up to their neck, but that’s just me. 

I did quite enjoy the end they were taking about music videos and of course Ben said he likes all the ones he made and thinks their good and Louis looks him right in the eye and says “Gotta Be You is my favorite” haha THE SHADE. 

But honestly, it was one thing after another. Louis was clearly the target and yet no matter how Ben set up the questions and how hard he pushed they all weaved around them so well. It just aggravated me to watch how shitty this was for Louis, he was pushed and pushed and pushed, and not only his own questions but to watch Ben ask Harry fucking annoying ones too, like Taylor Swift (because that needs to be brought up again??) and the party bus, and jabs at his hair. And people wonder why Louis’ personality is the way that it is, why he’s so defensive all the time, why he’s short, and snappy sometimes. Well if you can’t relax around the people who are supposed to be representing you then who the hell can you relax around. 

Exhibit B: Louis towards the end of the livestream. Body language is everything my friends:

hhhhoooo boy

The other day I went to start up my game, and it just wouldn’t launch. I tried repairing the files, taking off mods- nothing would get it to work. So, I had to just bite the bullet. I un-install and re-installed the game, which ended up working perfectly, only now all my saves are gone.

All my worlds, all my lots, and all my sims are gone.

Now this isn’t the end of the universe! They aren’t gone-gone! I have most of the families and houses saved in the gallery, so it’s just a matter of putting them back into the game, but all skills/aging/relationship progress will be wiped out. So for example: Marinette’s level ten cooking skill is back down to one. Hugo, who was about to turn into a young adult, is now a young teen again. Piper and Louis don’t even know one another. It sucks, but I have mods that can help me to fix these things much quicker than attempting to re-build them in-game.

Still, it’s going to be a process.

So! While I attempt to re-build the entirety of the Miracusims universe, feel free to go through the archive and remember the good ol’ days. Fanart and fanworks are still greatly appreciated and will be reclogged if you tag me in them. Also @neighslayer has begun writing a fic series based on the next gen kids, which I recommend all my followers check out!

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What are you meaning with the paternity bombshell?

I mean that in the public’s view, this has already been confirmed. They’re not questioning it like we are. Some people are saying the press coverage seems odd or off, but most of the gen pop, if they do note it, note it as “someone from One Direction having a baby”. They remember Louis’ name because of repetition and coverage. For example, my mom, who knows nothing about One Direction turned to me in the car the other day and said, “So that guy from One Direction is having a baby?” 

A positive paternity test wouldn’t be reported on because in the view of the public, it’s unnecessary. A negative result, though? It’s a scandal, and tabloid readers/entertainment media followers LOVE scandal. They flock to it like fruit flies to vinegar. They present it as a “bombshell”. A shocker. She LIED. WHY did she lie?! Stuff like that.

It’s going to generate huge amounts of press. I’d say even more than the original story, just because it’s much more scandal-ridden than the original.

Elounor X Larry

I do not speak English and this translation is a big shit, sorry.

Currently, this has been the subject of fandom. So I decided to talk a little bit about it, but I wanted to make two things clear this is MY OPINION. I do not want to change anyone’s opinion, just wanted to state my opinion. So here we go. “Look at the way they look!” This is undoubtedly the most used argument of Larry Shippers. Guys, any friend looking at each other with affection and love. The problem is that some people focus so much on Larry that they forget that this happens with ALL the boys. Zouis: 



These were just a few examples, but I know you have probably seen several others. “Louis does not care about Eleanor!” If he does not care, why would he have commanded to do a birthday cake for her while they were at Disney?

Why would he have accomplished a custom tea with her ​​name?

“The boys never denied being gay!” but were denied:

In this video, Harry and Zayn deny they are gay and hiding his true sexual orientation. Harry denied being bisexual for GQ Magazine:

Louis has already said he is tired of all these ridiculous theories and thankfully there are kind people on Twitter:


Louis has said that Larry was the biggest shit he had heard: (And do not try to say it was the Modest he did it because they can not use the pimp language in tweets as “bullshit”!)

Harry and Louis have said that Larry Stylinson gets to be funny and deny who has ever kissed. Louis has responded to a DM from a Larry shipper saying: “If you shippa Larry, I do not have time for you.”:

Louis once “Me and Harry are best friends, but people end up watching our every move, it is affecting our relationship,” said Liam has said that this thing Larry has to end.

And he says that Louis and Harry are not hand in hand in this photo:

 And you really think that if Larry was real, relatives and friends would bother to deny it? Louis’s sister has said: “I’m not saying that being gay is something bad. It’s just kind of rude to me because I know he is not gay ”“ But Harry attends gay bar! "It is not as if that were a valid argument, because, folks, we’re in the 21st century! Any straight person frequents gay bar today and it does not mean anything! Guys, look what a friend of Harry says:

The problem with some people is that they simply do not see a very important thing in all this: the culture. All boys not only Larry, are treated with special care. They get together almost every day, staying away from the family, it is OBVIOUS that they will have a strange relationship to our eyes. But some people think they know of their lives and leave already saying what they want. The Sisters of Louis, folks, they’ve denied so many times, both on a twitcam, both in the comments of photos on Instagram. And THEY are, and not you, who live with both of them. So understand that. You can not tell anything about a person you’ve never met and probably will not know. "But tattoos combine them if complete!” Again, I say, you focus so much on larry that they forget about the other. “Harry and Louis have heart tattoo!”

And Zayn too:

And Lou:

“The tattoo “The Rogue” Louis is about a relationship that does not work.” No, the tattoo is the name of the first band that Louis was part.


“They both have tattoos bird" All Others (less Niall) have tattoos of birds or feathers and cages, which are associated with birds, Liam.:

The bird of Zayn:

“The quotes from Louis to serve sentences of Harry!” And also for Liam also:

ALL boys have tattoos that can make connections: Harry and Zayn, with the phrases with the same tattoo of Pink Floyd, respectively

Louis and Zayn, with “Bus 1” and the pound:

“But they go hand in hand and touching!” Harry and Niall also:

“If he had nothing to hide, they would not mind so much!” Oh, of course. Straight up because everyone is calm and accept when someone calls him gay, right? Think about it, if someone called you gay or lesbian, even though you’re straight, you’d like? It’s the same thing with them. They are men and heterosexuals when someone is called gay automatically masculinity of the person is despised. “Harry does not follow Eleanor on Twitter!” It also does not follow Danielle, or follow Little Mix. “But they married in secret!” I swear every time I read it, I just laugh at me. Certain Larry Shippers concluded that after “connect” these tweets:

Clarifying: Ashton tweeted that to Louis because Louis was sick and could not sing very well. Ed has not only the friend of Harry and Eleanor was talking about the hatred that Lottie received. Harry tweeted about a song from a father traveling with someone and Eleanor’s sisters Louis. This is a point that I always wanted to speak. If Elounor were false, do you really think that Jay would leave Els traveling from the UK to the EUA for a show boys? Do you think Jay would trust a person who has nothing with her son about to let her take her children to another country? Think about it. “Louis gets uncomfortable when Eleanor embraces” She was not holding him, she was trying to show he was strong, he could lift it.

“They never shared clothes as Larry!”

Well, this is NOT my text, I read on twitter and wanted to bring to you, can not remember the user, just want to pass on what I always wanted to show. I really do not think Larry is real because I do not think Louis, the stressed and explosive way that it would be able to keep this “secret” for 3 years and with so much pressure.

thank you, google translator (: