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So it's normal that I am 18 and never kissed/dated anyone? All my friends are making fun of me for it

Aasdlkhsalk, I want to give you all hugs. I was 24 and had never kissed anyone and I thought it was mortifying and that it would be this huge problem and I spent years agonizing over it, but do you know what? I met A and not only had he not dated either, but he hadn’t kissed anyone either. And it was lovely and wonderful. There are so many out there in the same situation and you’re not late or behind or anything. I promise you all that it’s perfectly okay. It’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. 

do the camp camp animators take turns on animating a certain character per ep or are they assigned to one character for the whole series 🤔

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Nickname: Em or Emma 

Zodiac: libra

Height: 5′11″ or 180 cm

Last thing i googled: stan urban dictionary (alright I’m basically a grandma when it comes to slang so I had no idea what it meant and everyone kept saying it)

Favorite music artist: Either Billie Eilish, The Neighbourhood, or Lake Street Dive (I have an issue with deciding things)

Song stuck in my head right now: Valerie by Amy Winehouse (or The Zutons? I’m not entirely sure who wrote it…)

Last movie i saw: Before We Go (romantic movie marathon with my mom while my dad’s gone for the weekend with my brother to take him to college)

What am i wearing right now: lavender-grey shirt that’s about four sizes too big, some plain black leggings, and slippers

Why did i choose this url: Well, I write ships quite often so I felt like this url made sense. Cause you know “ships sail”…yeah it was actually probably a pretty bad pun now that I think about it.

Any other blogs? I technically have a personal blog ( @mylittleinvisiblewords ) that I haven’t actually used in awhile. Maybe I’ll go back to that blog soon.

What have you learned from your last relationship: Don’t get in a committed relationship with a 12th grader when they’re moving across the country for college in a few months while you’re still in high school.

Religious or spiritual: Nope

Favorite color: Red and maybe a bit of blue

Average hours of sleep: Like 4-6 hours, insomnia sucks.

Lucky number: 24

Favorite characters from books, movies, series: Finnick Odair, Minho, Leslie Knope, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Ant-man/Scott Lang, Spiderman/Peter Parker (recently), Starlord/Peter Quill, Sam Winchester, The Devil (from the Devil is a Part-Timer), Jim & Pam (from the office), Archie Andrews, Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Elijah Mikaelson, and Kol Mikaelson (I could list more but I’ll stop myself before this is like ten pages long).

Dreamjob(s): Novelist

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How did you and A meet?

His university hosts a “Chaucer in the Alps” weekend every year where the medievalists go spend a few days in a chalet reading a medieval text, and two + years ago, one of my friends/colleagues was invited (despite being from my university) and met/connected with him there, and then a month later she invited us both to have coffee with her and accidentally set us up. 

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I have an INFJ male friend and I want to know more about him. He's exceptionally quiet and doesn't always say much. What do I do? Do straight-to-the-point questions work?


Us INFJs are often like onions; peel back too many layers at once and you may cry.

That aside, I’ve noticed that INFJs tend to make you feel as if you know them without you actually knowing them. I do this almost subconsciously. We do this to blend in. It’s not often that someone takes interest in finding out anything more.

In the case of your INFJ friend, I think you should spend some time with him one-on-one; it’s the way we work. With one other person we don’t have to divide our attention and we can be more connected. Spend a day with him around town and I garrante you will learn something new about him. Asking him questions will most likely work, but only after he’s comfortable.

I wish you the best of luck, Anon!

I’d like to thank internet security for being so vigilant that I’m slowly being locked out of all of my online accounts, one by one. I’d also like to thank Past Me for somehow thinking it would be a good idea to put fake answers to most of my security questions. It wasn’t.

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Do you think 1.Camila will come out this year? 2.L/C will admit Camren? 3. LAND and C will show a little love to each other on social media platforms amytime soon? Sorry for so many questions in one but I really love the input you give out!💖

No worries, thanks for your questions! 

1. Most likely not, no. Her team are really forcing a certain image on C. Unfortunately, straight sells. I think there’s hints to her sexuality fans are picking up on, but definitely not a confirmation. I think we’re gonna get a “boy” in her life very soon.

2. At some point, it’s inevitable that something has to be confirmed. You can’t deny something went on between the two. Romantic or not, I think it will be addressed more seriously in years to come. At the minute, circumstances/contracts won’t allow it.

3. I really hope so to be honest. I think the VMA’s on Sunday would be the perfect opportunity for their team to put all this drama to bed. All we have to see is the slightest interaction between the girls and C, a wave/smile will do nicely. However, fans pick up on/pull apart everything and management know this. If their respective teams allow them to publicly interact, we will see straight through it. It then confirms our speculation that the girls are still friendly/ in contact and all this bullshit over the past 9 months has been a manufactured narrative that we have been sold and expected to believe.

The most important question

So I have a lot of questions after The Defenders episode 5, the most burning being- Why is there a painting in Matt Murdock’s bedroom? Who is that possibly for? He’s a blind, paranoid, self-hating, antisocial ninja. And it doesn’t look like something Foggy would have put up as a joke or to try to liven the place up. We only see it in the background of scenes, but it fills me with endless questions. Did he get it as a gift from a well meaning client and he felt too awkward to say no? Did it come with the apartment? Did he put it up in a valiant attempt at interior design and just decided not to take it down when that failed? Did his conversation with Vanessa in season one of Daredevil inspire him to purchase art? Does the set designer just not care? I need to know.

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Who do you love the most: Matt, Tord, or Bing?

how dare you even question this, my bing is the only man in the world i truly love, and the only one i ever will love.

Resurgence Chapter 2 - Blank Slate

Hello my lovely people! I’m very tired but I’ve finished the second chapter for Resurgence which you can read on ao3 here!

I just wanted to mention that I had two ideas for where this story was going to go, but I decided to go with the slightly more complicated. I really want to explore how Mark influences and effects the egos as much as the fans do and what that means for the egos in question, so that’s the basis for Dark’s character in this fic!

It wasn’t the first time in the last couple of weeks that Anti had forgotten how to breath, but the question definitely prompted the most painful occurrence. His lungs completely seized as it sank in, Dark’s blank expression not helping as his red eyes bored into Anti’s. Their colour was dulled from their normally bright and calculating gaze, and Anti could see nothing behind them, no confusion or concern since he clearly didn’t know who Anti was. Even as he felt his heart do some strange and painful movements inside his chest, his panic was overwhelmed by his own confusion and concern.

Something was wrong.

Dark’s aura had been swirling around him only moments before, but as soon as the ego had moved and sat up, the aura disappeared completely, leaving him with a body that looked too human for who Dark was. No shell, no layered effect, no uncomfortable ringing sound, there was nothing left of the aura that made Dark seem so threatening and so powerful.

And it wasn’t the only thing, Anti realised as his breaths came in shorts bursts. There was no emotional output from Dark at all. His entire posture was relaxed as he watched Anti, and there was no anger that the glitch hadn’t answered his question, or interest in what had happened to him or where he was. It was as if Dark was just a blank shell of an ego sitting there waiting for Anti to speak, unconcerned with what was going on.

The numb feeling that Dark’s appearance had chased away began to slowly creep back into his bones, and Anti had to fight the urge to punch something. What was going on? His lungs burned from the effort of Anti forcing himself to breath properly and focus on the now. He needed to keep his head, with the situation so grave and so strange, and focus on what he knew.

Dark had no idea who he was.

And in turn, Anti had no idea who the person sat in front of him was.

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Hey kuma, if you don't mind me asking, what do you use to make your mp100 videos??? Love your stuff by the way! 👌👀

Hey!! this is probably my MOST asked question *sweats* but its fine!! it’s also in my F.A.Q! I use sony vegad pro 13 to put my drawings together! and thank you so much!! ^^

10 Questions #8

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I was tagged by @foreversimsxo, thank you  ♡( ◡‿◡ )

1) What are you most proud of?

This is probably the most difficult question that I was getting. I am proud that I always develop.

2)Whats the best personal quality you have?

I think… It is that I’m a good friend.

3)What question do you hate to answer?

“When will you have a boyfriend?“ Aaaah. I wanna kill everyone who asks me that!

4)What is your favourite book?

“ Montezuma’s Daughter ” by  Henry Rider Haggard.

5)Who is your hero?

Audrey Hepburn

6)Whats the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Don’t rush to live. Enjoy every moment.

7)Whats the one thing you tried but will never do again?

Playing the violin. I played it for 5 years. But I will never play it again.

8)What do you value most in a friendship?

Understanding and respect.

9)Who could you not live without?

Without me. Any person can live without everyone. It’s not right when someone says “I can not live without you.” You can. It’s just that you will be sad without this person.

10)Where would you haunt if you were a ghost?

I don’t want to be a ghost.  (⇀‸↼‶)


My questions:

1) Do you sleep with a soft toy? If so, which one?

2) Sweets or meat?

3) Do you like dramas or comedies?

4) Favorite quote?

5) If you had to choose between friends and love, what is your choice?

6) When the last time you jumped for joy, and why?

7) Where have you traveled?

8) Your best gift ever given to you?

9) Why do you play the Sims?

10) Have you ever sent a letter by snail mail? To whom?

I tag everyone who wants it ;) If you want, you can just write that I tagged you. Or message me and I will add you here. :)

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If you were given complete creative control over Silicon Valley season 5, what 5 things would you most want to do?

Wooooow. Huge question.

Getting D&G together would be the obvious and I don’t think would be difficult because there’s so much groundwork. It could be literally Richard just walking in on them and suddenly they’re together since you don’t really see their POV. Or just a simple progression of first third of the season: Dinesh is annoyed, doesn’t know why Gilfoyle is shitting on him so much; second third of the season: he starts to realizes and holds it over Gilfoyle’s head; end of the season: they actually come together, in some way that antagonizes Richard.

I’d also like to see a return to Jared as the actual business-savvy person, maybe at the beginning of the season Jared is like “I can save everything but you have to do EXACTLY what I say” and that’s difficult for Richard to handle.

To get Richard back to genuinely being the underdog and to have realism, Verizon et all quickly completely stomp out the “new internet” but there’s some completely longshot that could save them to make the crux of the season.

I’d also like to see Laurie and Monica as reluctant direct competitors to Pied Piper competitors to give their firm’s scene a little fire beyond a general sense of loyalty towards the guys.

Ask the Fic Writer: Part 1

Hello, everybody, and welcome to “Ask the Fic Writer” - Part 1!

To celebrate writing 500,000 words of fanfiction, I had followers submit questions for me to answer in video format. You all sent in such awesome questions–and so many!–that I had to split this into two parts! Part 2 will go live Labor Day Weekend, so stay tuned!

This video covers general writing questions and questions about character development. It was a lot of fun to record and edit, and I hope you all enjoy it!

(I also apologize for the occasionally awkward editing. I’m kind of new to the whole thing. I hope it’s not too distracting! I plan to write up a transcript and/or captions one day, but I lack the time to do so right now.)

I also realized after I’d recorded and edited most of the video that I forgot to record an answer to a question about villains, so I’m adding it on in text form here!

Desiree: [What is the] trickiest part about writing a villain? and how do you overcome it personally?

For me, the hardest part of writing a villain is two-fold: making them just as well-rounded as the protagonist and making sure the reader sees them as a threat. My villain in Unrooted is a sly, behind-the-scenes figure, but I needed to make the reader feel the threat he posed earlier than the protagonists did. It took lots of trial and error to figure out the best way to do this, and it got really frustrating at times. It actually came down to making sure I’d developed his personality–what is a somewhat innocuous trait on its own (he hates messiness) actually became quite terrifying when combined with his ruthlessness. This allowed for a scene to develop that I really think helps cement his wickedness to the reader even as he remains an almost abstract, distant threat to the protagonists. So, my advice when writing a villain is to make sure that they’re not solely defined by their goals, but that they do have a personality and are fleshed-out, because this will give you a lot more to work with when you have to establish your stakes.

My apologies for neglecting this answer in the video, Desiree, but I hope this satisfies!

Enjoy Part 1, and I’m excited to share Part 2 with you in a couple of weeks!


Sarah Viehmann