most of his lines don't even fit him

anonymous asked:

Complaining about Jin not getting lines honestly won't get you anywhere. Almost every group in kpop has a member that doesn't sing much or barely gets more then one line there's nothing to do about it. They put him in the group for his visuals . TBH his voice really doesn't suit a lot of their songs and he got a lot of lines In spring day. Since half of the songs are rap there's nothing to do but enjoy his presence before you keep complaining and they don't give him shit

you’re wrong. i’m going to keep complaining as long as he doesn’t get any lines. how do you know complaining won’t help? if we are loud enough thing’s will change. It’s funny how you say they put him in the group for his visuals yet they don’t give him any screentime. And half of their songs are not just rap.. they always have vocals in their songs who do you think gets the most lines in every song? jungkook who is a vocal.

and don’t even try to say his voice doesn’t fit their songs that’s bs.