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04.10.17 // hello!1!! first day back from spring break and it’s been pretty gud tbh. these are some pictures of a mind map i did for history and to help prep for a test :))

some people say that you should take your medications, but I (an expert) recommend ancient Greek self-care routines, such as

  • rolling a boulder most of the way up a hill until it rolls down again
  • standing neck-deep in water with fruit hanging above your head, but not eating or drinking anything
  • strapping yourself to a flaming wheel and just rolling around
  • using jugs to fill a cracked tub; or using sieves to fill a normal tub, depending on your preference
  • having your liver eaten by vultures
Crank and Dispatch real life identities

Crank is Ace, and Kate is Dispatch. This is something I’ve known since the first reading of the comic, but after talking to my friends and rereading the comic multiple times I found more evidence then them just looking similar. And its fun to find as much proof as possible for something.

1) Obviously first clue; Ace and Crank both have the Mohawk ™

2) In an about character robo did “daddy” is  included in his pronouns. He can be seen referring himself this way to his dog, and Crank refers to himself the same way when fighting Redshift

3) Crank got hit in the chin; Ace has a bruise on his chin…

4) Ace talks about getting into a fight with a short person. Elliot is short…

5) Kate says her and Ace work in private security…. hmmmmm…

6) The Crank and Dispatch uniforms conventually cover up Ace’s forearm tattoos and Kate’s shoulder tattoo…

7)Kate refers to a mysterious source of cash to pay for her mother’s medical bills, one that she wouldn’t approve of… like ‘private security’

8) We know Kate is mexican and she spoke in spanish to Elliot at the beginning of the comic. Dispatch says adios when her and crank leave Elliot and Redshift. I know that two character speaking spanish does not make them one character but with the heaps of other evidence coupled with this it’s pretty much guaranteed Ace is Crank and Kate is Dispatch unless there’s some major plot twist and these are a red herring

But now the question comes down to why? We kind of have an explanation for why Kate is in the business, but why is Ace there? Is he just there for support or does he have his own reasons? Also How did they get into this business? And do they know that Elliot is sharp zero???? Because they saw the weird tattooed arm and Elliot has those tattoos. If/When they do what are they going to do about it? Are they going to ignore it until it becomes a problem? What happens if they get in a fight with sharp zero again??? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN ELLIOT FIGURES IT OUT???

I wonder what’ll happen next if Amish Kapoor somehow manages to gets his hands on the Glitteriest Glitter. Would Stuart Semple come up with some other thing (Say, I don’t know, the Goldest Gold. Just as an example.) Or would he pull off some crazy heist in order to steal the glitter back from Kapoor? These are the kinds of things I like to think about. 

Either way, the Vantablack and Pinkest Pink and Glitteriest Glitter saga is reaching whole new levels of petty.

some thoughts on the gay astronauts

so i really didnt expect the painting to blow up like this. i anticipated at most 100 notes and now its almost at 15k and i cant wrap my head around it. so first off yes there will be prints, i wish i couldve made them available already but the paint is still drying so i cant take a proper photo yet lol! 

2ndly, i love astronauts. one of the many reasons i love them is the anonymity of their spacesuits. you can look at a photo of a person in one of those suits and have no way of knowing whos inside (which is a great topic for horror scifi, but thats for another day). i always found this anonymity to be inspirational. because if it could be anybody wearing that suit, why cant it be me? obviously the training and selection for who actually gets to go to space is no joke. but i can still dream. 

and this brings me to my point of representation. theres no denying the astronauts are gay. but their gender is a different matter. as it is a personal piece, i do have my own gender in place for the space explorers. but im ok with people projecting themselves onto them because as i said, thats why i love the spacesuit aesthetic. the problem i have is when people say things like ‘theyre definitely lesbians’, the keyword being ‘definitely’. because that disregards an important part of the piece. im 100% ok with things like ‘this is me and my wife’ because thats personal and i respect that. it makes me cry actually. but when the context is a gay piece made by a gay artist, i only ask that you respect that and dont deliberately strip it away. all of us are still greatly lacking lgbt representation, some more so than others. trust me i know this. but i dont believe that to be a free pass to take away representation from others in our own community. 

but these are all nuanced personal thoughts. artist commentaries mean next to nothing, and the matter is out of my hands. more importantly uhhh why does tumblr still let people remove artists’ captions? :’(

one last thing; i was already planning on making this a series of paintings so you’ll be seeing them again! this is only the start of their adventure! 

Full moon.

A loud, annoyed growl breaks the quiet of the night as she struggles to get up. Her limbs are shaking, they feel weak, as if they were like jelly. And, after what seems like an eternity, You can finally stand … On all fours.


She lowers her head to see what is so wrong right now, and her eyes land on two paws, resting on a tuft of grass. A surprised yap escapes her mouth as she stumbles backward. Once she’s come to a halt -meaning that her butt met the ground once she had tripped over a visible root-, she shakes her head and internally sighs.

It happened again.

Glancing up, You closes her eyes after seeing the moon in her full phase, irked.

The full moon sucks.

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