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The Team Players - Amanda Abbington and Rupert Graves

These are some rough notes I took during the talk with Amanda and Rupert. They are mostly new facts we haven’t heard about. Feel free to add more if I missed any! Most notes are Rupert-centred

Lestrade has been alone for far too long, although he does spend time with other people (I think he was hinting towards him sleeping around a lot)

Everyone looks thick next to Sherlock, so being ‘The best of a bad lot’ doesn’t mean much.

Amanda: I got the part because I was sleeping about with one of the cast members.

Rupert: So was I…. NOT REALLY (Yes, he actually shouted that)

Lestrade is mostly based on Rupert himself. He says he basically plays himself

On the difference between Victorian and modern: It was interesting to put your character in a different time/culture, and having to try to reimagine your character was quite interesting. He also believed Victorian Lestrade was of a higher class than modern Lestrade

The muttonchops made it quite hard to laugh. One odd facial movement, and they would come off.

Rupert basically forgets the script as soon as filming is over.

Amanda loves the ‘I believe Sherlock Holmes is a great man…’ quote. Rupert wasn’t able to recite it.

Rupert doesn’t particularly like being in detective shows; he just likes the scripts.

At one point, the microphone started to give a loud feedback noise. Rupert blamed it on his b-flat charisma

Life philosophy: ‘Be nice’ - Amanda

‘Have fun, and enjoy it. So many people want you to bend you to their will. Don’t let them do it.’ - Rupert

Rupert and Martin say nasty things to Una. Like really foul things. She gets all flustered about it.

Lestrade doesn’t really have an opinion of Mycroft. He probably thinks he’s a bit of a ponce. ‘Everyone hates Mycroft’. Lestrade loves Sherlock for his mind - and body (added in a filthy tone), but he feels he gets in the way of him and Mycroft. 

Lestrade himself is surprised he feels attracted to Molly. It came really unexpected. Deep down he really fancies here but he’s really confused about it.

highkey want a boy who’s taller than me and has messy hair and nice eyebrows and is strong enough to lift me and carry me when I’m tired and is intelligent and can carry smart conversations and calls me beautiful and treats me right in front of his friends