most nights bridgeport


There arent words or pictures to describe the flawless performance fun. put on last night. their energy was at the best ive ever seen (and theyre always over the top). between them messing with each other and straight up laughing on stage, the banter, the confetti cannons, and their overall EPIC stage presence. there wasnt anything more i couldve asked for.

a special thanks to the VIP team we made on line. you guys were by far the BEST line crew i’ve ever met. we all had each other’s backs when people tried to steal barricades and made sure we all got good spots. we made friends with the important owner/manager of the arena to secure wristbands for all the people who deserved them. it reminded me of why we’re the best fandom. you guys fucking rock. 

to say this band has changed my life forever is the understatement of a lifetime. <3

see you on your next tour, boys!! (and emily) :D