most memorable final scenes

Dom talked about how the S2B finale was his most memorable moment on the show yet, the scene with him and “other two actors” that he didn’t want to name as to not spoil it, but then he started mentioning “that’s when…” and he stopped himself. (x)

I think that it’s the scene with Jace, Clary and Valentine from the books, the one where Valentine kills Jace to summon Raziel. But if that’s the FINAL scene, then a) what’s the “one parabatai will react to the other one hurt” bit and b) what’s the tear/divide between Jace and Alec? 

Add a: I think we’ll see that in 216. Alec mentioned in the promo that something was wrong with Jace. I think that Jace - not Clary like in the books - will swallow some water from Lake Lynn and it’ll make him hallucinate. And Alec will send Iz after him - see Jace, Clary and Izzy all in Idris in the promo.

Add b: If they follow the books here, then Jace will go on a suicide mission to murder Valentine, and we might actually see Alec finding the note Jace left him in the books or Jace might actually go to Alec to say good-bye. I could actually get behind this divide.

this is the only thing i will acknowledge from the finale, its the most memorable and heartfelt scene in the entire episode. of all the cast members who lost themselves and all that they have grown throughout the series because of how the writers wanted to wrap everything up in a nice little bow, Barney was the one who got to keep his growth, yes he had a laps but this brought him right back