most lovely part of the ot3

I feel like the entire Shannara fandom is just really under-rated. Not just the Princess Rover part, because if I’m being honest, the Princess Rover part of the fandom is probably the most vocal and active on social media. But the fandom as a whole is just super lovely and there’s no drama or ship-hate. Like no matter if you ship Princess Rover, Wiletria, or Wilberle, we all just want our trio together and happy. Hell, the majority of us actually want an OT3 (WILBERLETRIA FTW!) because come on, it’s obvious they all love each other. (Plus poly rep is so important and it’s lacking!) This is probably the least problematic fandom I’ve ever been a part of and I really wish more people would watch the show. I just hope that if/when that happens, they won’t bring problematic people with them hahaha. But yeah, WATCH SHANNARA GUYS, WE’RE GETTING A SEASON TWO!

Leverage Fic Recs

Nothing says “fandom binge” like posting a fic rec list before you even finish the show ~*~*~ 

Descriptions here are by me, with apologies to the authors. (sorry/not sorry these are basically all ot3)

Odd Jobs (series) - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 18,026 words, Explicit - this is a gloriously charming ot3 get together series. Part slapstick, part romance, part casefic, each of the three (as well Nate and Sophie) are so in character and so disgustingly in love. Also there’s kittens.

Shelter Me (series)Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 21,193 words, Explicit - there’s this recurring theme in this fandom of “Eliot is watching Parker and Hardison’s relationship and wants in but doesn’t think he deserves love” and this fic is probably the most amazingly well done example of it. For all your angst and very hot, slightly weird porn needs, look no further.

Odd One OutParker/Hardison/Eliot, 27,697 words, Explicit - my notes on my bookmark of this one just read “Yessssssssss” because this is such a satisfying read. It’s a get-together ot3 fic, but with Parker and Hardison in a romantic relationship and Eliot as casual third, but where they all love and take care of each other (as in canon). Each one of them has complex needs and emotions and it makes such a good read watching them all figure it out together. 

Nerds of the Earth, take note! - gen, 7951 words, G rated - Hardison POV MCU crossover in which he’s kidnapped by SHIELD to stop one of Tony Stark’s AI’s from taking over the world. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, this is an excellent, fun Hardison-centric fic with lots of team-feelings.

like a map of a place you’ve never beenParker/Hardison/Eliot, 24,549 words, Explicit - this is what the fake!married trope was made for. While Parker and Hardison are already together, Parker and Eliot have to go under cover as a married couple. Sexual tension, angst, and feelings ensue, with a happy ending.

Fair ShareParker/Hardison/Eliot, 9,579 words, Explicit - starts out with cute comedy and friendship through food sharing, winds up as an equilateral get-together with excellent porn + feelings.

The Safe and Sound Job - Parker/Hardison/Eliot, 15,721 words, Teen - Eliot-centric case fic + ot3 get together. Eliot is injured on a job and then hurt/comfort, angst, feelings, and romantic realizations ensue. Excellently plotted and fantastic characterization of all three of them.

It’s a Long Way to ZanzibarParker/Hardison/Eliot, 11,722 words, Explicit - circa season 2, the trio go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. I love a road trip fic, and I love a porny fic, and I love a slow dawning of feelings fic, and this is all of those.

Finale of feels

So first off hearing Suna scream was amusing!

Takeo friend has to have him stand behind him to act tough

Dude chill…

He’s self-aware

They’re just way to cute I can’t even!

Suna’s just the best!!!

She really loves him!

He called her by her first name finally!

And it looks like the pervert has learned to be more respectful

These guys are so OT3!!!

So in all, this entire show was a feels trip! But I never came away feeling sad. Honestly one of the most mature romance shows in a while, thanks in part to Suna saving us from so many misunderstanding tropes! Everything is ending this week and next, and I’m just not ready for my summer to end!!

cleaning out my wips folder! I found this adorable sketch from over a year ago and decided to throw some color on it

Back in the day I was deeply discussing OT3 headcanons with someone- I can’t remember who message me- about Parmak/Garak/Bashir, but mainly focusing on the Parmak and Bashir part. Somewhere along the line, we decided that Bashir went to work at the same hospital as Parmak, and Bashir told Parmak of an old earth tradition of doctors giving children patients lollipops after a visit. Parmak was absolutely delighted by this, and decided to start doing this for cardassian children. 

It’s still one of the most delightful ideas and I love it