most likely wont get any notes on this

artist tip: if you see something like wallpart or payposter that has a LOT of stolen art on it, it’s a phishing site

sites like those tend to pull results from whatever you type in, and they WANT you to file a DMCA takedown on them because their form isn’t legit. its a scam to collect your information. once you fill out their phony DMCA form, you’ve given them all the information you want

avoid sites like that like the plague. dont bother with a DMCA. dont try to report or interact with the site directly. just warn others about what kind of site it is and tell them not to go on it

just. pls. dont take sites like that at face value. thats exactly what the scammers running these sites want from you. they want you to see stolen art, get angry, and try to get it taken down so they can steal your info. dont fall for it

obviously art theft is a huge issue, but LISTEN please look at everything before taking action

sites like redbubble, society6, deviantart, etc are legit websites that art theft occurs constantly on.

but if its something like wallpart/payposter its a phishing scam

some things of note that might help you identify these sites:

  • as ive noticed, most of these websites pretend to sell artwork on posters or prints specifically. you wont find many if any tshirts or mugs or whatever at all.
  • most (but not all) of the time, their “report”/DMCA form is more obvious than other options on the site. every website has their report functions, but these phishing websites tend to make theirs much more obvious and more easily found (which sucks bc most legit websites SHOULD make their takedowns easier to access) because they’re counting on you to find it, click it, and fill out that information
  • if the website appears to have most or all of your art on it, this is a good indicator as well. some of these sites have a search function that operates like a google search, which pulls the images from various sources depending on the keywords you put in the search. the art isn’t actually uploaded or hosted on the website, it’s being pulled from external sources.

be careful out there yall, i know art theft is a huge problem and its an even bigger problem that scammers are taking advantage of the theft issue and conning artists into giving away their info


Some sad news

I promise i’ll get back to your questions. And thank you for the advice yesterday. The last few days have been a bit stressful and that particular issue became a bit of a tipping point.

Monty has been having some issues with mobility, and had an X-ray performed on Wednesday. At 8 months old he’s already developed some pretty nasty elbow dysplasia, thickened knees, and most likely dysplasia of the hips as well. There dont seem to be any neurological issues. Still, he’s not allowed any strenuous exercise: dog parks, agility, even long walks are out for him.

We have a meeting with a specialist next Wednesday to discuss options in terms of surgery and supplementation. I’m looking into possibly getting him a full support wheelchair as well.

This is kind of a hard pill to swallow as it means he wont be able to do all the things Romeo does. However, on a lighter note, he did graduate L1 junior obedience in the meantime.

I may be a bit light on content over the next few days.

anonymous asked:

You are my always. And as my always I have to tell you to snore less.

Dean walks into the bunker’s kitchen and leans on the counter, across from where Cas is sitting at the kitchen table. 

“Babe listen, as my always I have to tell you something.”

“What is it Dean? You know I always like our talks.” Cas takes a bite of the bagel that Dean had bought at the store a couple of days ago. 

“…You snore a lot” 

Setting the half eaten bagel back down onto the plate, Cas turns toward Dean. “I snore a lot?”

“I never wanted to admit it but you are loud sometimes.” Cas stands up and walks over toward where Dean is leaning on the counter. 

“You could have told me this Dean, why wait until now?” Cas looks into the green eyes that is the love of his life. 

“I dunno man, I just thought you might be mad at me for saying that and I-” Dean is interrupted by Cas putting his right hand on Dean’s left shoulder. 

“Dean, I would never be mad at you for something like that. Not ever, not now. I am your always and I am yours.” Cas leans in closer to Dean. 

“…Yeah, you are my always” Dean moves his hands up to caress Cas’ face and places a chaste kiss on his husbands’ lips.

“And you snore too Dean.” 

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