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how do you think the egos act when they get flustered/embarrassed? i think you said that googs would have steam come out of his head or something instead of blushing so how would the others be like? this is self-indulgent i just love flustered characters who are usually serious or in control uwu

well i like it now too! so here you go, sweetheart! 💜

  • wilford - cheeks burn pink, probably twirls his mustache, gets all giggly.
  • bim - goes bright red, twists his hands a lot, can’t make eye contact, stutters while he tries to speak.
  • dark - remains silent, blinks quite a few times while he stares like in shock, his red/blue tint seems to get brighter.
  • host - narrates while he blush is barely visible underneath his cloth. “the host suddenly feels flustered and does not know what to say, but instead narrates how he feels.”
  • ed - pulls down his cowboy hat over his eyes or completely takes it off to cover his face with it to hide his embarrassment.
  • dr iplier - tries to play it off like a joke, scratches the back of his head, smiles like a dork.
  • silver shepherd - “i’m blushing super hard underneath the mask”.
  • king of the squirrels - makes himself feel small and covers his face, apologizes profusely even though he most likely didn’t do anything wrong
  • bonus: anti - blushes green! (a personal favorite hc of mine)
Come on Home (To Me)

Daryl//Daughter Imagine

Imagine: Being stuck at Alexandria while the group attempts to take Maggie to the Hilltop and avoid the Saviors.

Warnings: Angst, language

A/n: There will be more parts to this

Originally posted by omgkcjade

If there was one thing the people of Alexandria could agree on, it was how you were hands down the most beautiful out of them all. And the one and only Daryl Dixon had the great honor of calling you his daughter.

“I don’t like this, Dad.” You confessed, shaking your head with an unsure look resting in your eyes. “These Saviors seem dangerous and I don’t like the thought of you being out there.” He was all you had left. All you ever had.

“Rick needs my help.” He spoke in return, never stopping from his movements as he packed what he needed for the journey. “So does Maggie.”

And I need my Dad. Home. In one piece.” Reaching outward you lightly placed a hand in his forearm.

Usually, there were no worries in your mind that your father could care for himself. He was Daryl mother fucking Dixon. The strongest man your ever known. The bravest. But there was this strong feeling in your gut like somehow, some awful way, your Dad wouldn’t be coming back home.

“I’ve lost Carol, uncle Merle…I don’t know how many more losses I can take.” Tears dared to sting your vibrant eyes, but you somehow managed to hold them back. “Just promise me you won’t do anything stupid or reckless.”

Daryl gave you a slight smile just before he pulled you into his chest. The hug was normal, showing he had no intention of not returning to you.

“Promise.” He said in reassurance. But that pit in the bottom of your stomach still sat, and it grew as he and a good majority of the group drove out of the gates to take Maggie to the Hilltop.

Hours had passed since everybody left. So many hours in fact that you became an unnerving wreck both physically and emotionally. Shaking unsteady breaths. Heart pounding at the pace of a machine gun.

While Rick and everybody was gone, you were put in charge of watching over Judith. Winch truth be told you didn’t mind. She had taken a fond liking over you as you had her. But as she lay in her crib, you found yourself pacing outside the front door. Waiting the gates to open. But they never did. No cars ever approached. No RV. No Daryl.

They’d all been gone well over the estimated time, so assuming the worst. Assuming your family and friends were in dire need of help, you packed your bag. Asked Father Gabriel to watch Judith. And walked to the gates. As you opened them, something heart easing came into sight. They were back.

Dropping everything, you ran to the RV as it pulled into Alexandria. The blood and bullets resting on the shell of the vehicle brought the heart racing pace back into your chest.

“Dad?” Everybody came out slowly, all looking so defeated. So weak and torn down.

Dad?” Your voice and call grew more frantic. Begging for him to show his face.

Rick stepped pass you, head hanging low. Face covered in sweat and shame.

“Where’s my dad?” Your chest rose and fell heavily. Tears of anger and fear formed in your eyes.

“Y/n…” He spoke your name in a barley heard whisper, unable to look you in your eyes.

No.” The word came out as if telling him not to say what you feared. “Where the fuck is my dad, Rick?” Heat rose to your cheeks in a sick twisted form. Swirling your insides like a blender.

“They took him.” Rick somehow managed to tell the frantic mind before him. “The Saviors- Negan, they took him.” He too had tear filled eyes. Replaying the trauma that they had all experienced.

With a swift motion you wiped the tears from your offending cheek. Picking your bag up once again you began to head towards the gates. Only to find Carl running in front of you to stop your movement.

“Move Carl.” You spoke plainly and with determination.

The boy sheriff merely shook his head. Seeing the hurt in your eyes brought out the hurt in his.

“Carl, move.” Once more you demanded a free passage. This time he took a step closer to you, making you only inches apart.

“I’m not letting you leave here to get yourself killed.” His voice tried to show strength, but taking one look in his eyes you could see his crushed soul. A soul who would do anything to protect his friend.

With a shake of anger you pulled out a small gun. Pointing it directly at him.

Move!” You screamed as loudly as you could. Tears blurring your vision completely.

Carl made no movement to go out of your desired path. He just stood there with a plain face and open heart.

“Fucking move, Carl!” You screamed ounce more.

Suddenly arms strongly yet gently wrapped around you from your backside. One hand took the gun from your hands, throwing it to the side.

“I can’t live without him.” Still your voice screamed with fear, anger, so many emotions.

Rick only seemed to hold on tighter to the shattering heart of a teenage girl.

“He’s going to be okay, but we can’t loose anybody else.” His body went to the ground with yours as your knees gave out in sadness. Holding you closely to his chest from behind still. One hand on your head for comfort.

“He promised! Without him here, I’m already lost…” you weren’t screaming any more, but you were still crying harder than ever. “I’m already lost….”

The Overlooked Art of Sonic Boom

Perhaps you instantly scoffed the moment you read that title, “Sonic Boom? THAT pile of rubbish?” and while I certainly won’t disagree that Sonic Boom was beyond flawed, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the absolutely gorgeous art that went into it’s creation. You don’t have to like Sonic Boom as a game, by all accounts it’s a buggy broken mess and fails on most ‘game design aspects. But the art poured into it is so lovely, I find myself using it for inspiration than a lot of other art at the moment:

It is such a shame that Boom was so rushed and became bogged down by SEGA and difficult working conditions (AND a ridiculous console swap at the last minute which stuffed a huge beefy engine into the console equivalent of a slapchop) because when you see what was planned, the game could have really changed the face of Sonic for years to come. So while the game wasn’t great, do take a moment to appreciate the brilliant art direction, because it has a wealth of great design and stylized art:

*sighs* What could have been.

The environments are lovely but do check out the artists Artstation page as well, his name is Martin Ocejo and you can find it here, there’s a whole wealth of textures, props and even some enemy models, it’s well worth a look!

A Rare Day Out

It’s rare that I ever get the chance to attend any kind of event to do with my work - conferences, meetups, that kind of thing. About two weeks ago I received an email at work - not so much asking if I would like to go - more telling me that I was going.

I set the alarm clock for 5am this morning. It interrupted an incredibly entertaining dream - only I can’t remember what it was about now. I switched it off, and my other half rolled away from me - taking most of the bedclothes with her. After staring at the ceiling for a while, doing mental calculations about how long a shower and shave might take, I eventually slithered out of bed and tiptoed down to the bathroom.

The journey into London was unremarkable. Paddington railway station is like an old friend - it never really changes. I still remember the two years I spent working in the city like they were yesterday - it’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago.

My destination today was a faceless conference venue a little walk from The Tower of London. I found a Pret a Manger nearby and stopped for a coffee before making my way in and shaking hands with a number of familiar faces - the world I work in can be very small sometimes.

While standing on my own during one of the breaks during the day a boisterous blonde girl from New Zealand wound her way through the crowd towards me. We had sat together at a similar event some months ago. While everybody else nerded out about the technology stuff we were there to see, we talked about her experiences of living in London, and the various places she had visited in the UK so far. After a few minutes some of the presenters came over too, and we may as well have not been at a conference at all.

At the end of the day we were invited to have a drink with our hosts. The same girl somehow found me making awkward conversation with a fellow nerd, and talked me into drinking glass after glass of champagne - or at least I think it was champagne. Let’s call it fizzy wine. I kept looking at my watch, worrying about how long it might take to get back across London, and quite predictably ended up missing my train. I’m blaiming her.

Before leaving, another guy I’ve come to know pressed a leaflet into my hand - a user group meeting in a month or so, in central London. Hosted where the girl works. There will be drink. That’s going to go well then, isn’t it…

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i feel like a freak for this but i actually hate aliens. like the original alien is one of my favorite movies ever but aliens just struck me as a generic action monster flick... i also feel like the writing took a step down. but everyone loves aliens and i dont get it

I think the thing is, Alien and Aliens are in completely different genres, so there’s a bit of compartmentalization involved when comparing them. As a straight-up sequel to Alien, Aliens is awful - but at the same time, repeating the same approach as the original would just result in a sequel that (most likely) would feel like an inferior retread. So taking it in a different direction was the most logical choice for a sequel, and while its appeal is very different, Aliens absolutely nailed the whole sci-fi action flick. I have my share of issues with Aliens in relation to the franchise as a whole (mostly with how it started the whole “giant ants” approach to the Xenomorphs), but when taken as its own thing, it’s a great-ass action movie - just one that’s such a departure from its predecessor that it makes complete sense that some folks would like one over the other.

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yo! where would the first kiss between s/o and the band members be, and how? thonx beb

(ur welcom beb!)

2D: It would probably happen whilst you two were watching a movie together. It was sweet and unsure, like they were in films

Murdoc: He’d probably try to be suave and do it whilst dropping you off after a date. It was rushed and he tasted like an ashtray but you weren’t complaining

Noodle: Normally she isn’t big on casual relationships so it takes some time, it’s well worth the wait though. It was quite passionate, she took her time getting to know your body and you were still thinking about it long after it happened

Russel: He’s the most romantic one out of the group and it definitely showed. It was intense and fiery and left you with shivers down your spine

on a lighter note

Scenario: Peace has turned Une into a hopeless busybody. For example…

Une: Ah, Zechs. Sit down.
Zechs: What’s this all about, anyway?
Une: I’ll come straight to the point. When are you going to propose to Noin?
Zechs: Er, I thought you called me in here for a performance review. Is this really the most appropr-
Une: She’s been putting up with your moping for far too long; she deserves something special. I know, you should take her to some sort of sporting event and do it on one of those big screens. Everybody likes a grand romantic gesture. It would be sure to go down a treat.
Zechs: Noin and I have been engaged for five months.
Une: …
Zechs: …
Zechs: May I leave now?
Une: Am I invited to the wedding?
Zechs: *edges to the door*

Scenario: Now that it’s peacetime, Une recognizes that a management style based on instilling fear is no longer the most appropriate or effective. However, her every effort to ingratiate herself with her underlings backfires. I envision something along the lines of the American version of The Office, except I haven’t actually seen that so I don’t know what I’m talking about…

Une: *standing at window, looking wistfully at the city* What would you do in my position, Mr Treize?
*ghostly whisper in her ear*: Go big, or go home.
Une: Yessss.

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I am so sorry for whatever fresh hell of anti-hate you're going through :( I am such a huge fan of your writing and live for the anthologies that you help create. Don't let the bastards keep you down, but also do what you need to do to take care of your lovely self :)

Thank you, hun. I would love to say it’s antis that have me so upset but it’s not, it’s the reylo community. I know I’m not the most agreeable person in existence, but even when I am being nice I get treated like I’m scum. The condescension from people has become too much for me to handle.

I pour lots of time into the anthologies because I enjoy creating, along with so many others, content that celebrates freedom of expression. The Reylo community has a nasty habit of trying to control content that is made because some label it problematic or its content that they don’t enjoy. Instead of ignoring said content, harassment and condescending comments are dolled out, to the point where I’ve had artists and writers tell me they don’t want to post their content because they are worried about being mocked by members who are so self absorbed that they can’t process that not everything has to cater to them. That’s why the Sin Anthology was created and why we will continue to have them, to advocate for freedom of expression in the community.

Back to what I was saying before. I spent hours working on the PDF yesterday and in return I received condescending comments from someone who I considered a close friend. To the point where I was crying hysterically and that person didn’t even care. The comments weren’t about the anthology or anything, but I just realized that I pour my time and heart into the reylo community, only to be treated like I’m subhuman. People who say they are my friends, people who claim we are like a family, sometimes treat me and others like we are worthless and don’t belong. I’m not the only one who feels that way here, other members feel the same way I do. So by the end of the night last night I was done, which is why I created that post. I’m tired and frustrated, my head hurts to the point where I don’t even want to get out of bed because of my anxiety. Something that I do for fun, has become anxiety filled because of the negativity myself and other members endure. I love Reylo and most of the community, and despite my frustrations, will probably continue to make content because I don’t allow people who treat me badly to win in the end.

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So sometimes patrons would single me out as a favorite and always came in while I worked to ask me for help or chat, and some of them were pretty weird... Tell me how each of the Voltron characters react to patron stalkers lol

oh dear LORD I have patrons like that it’s so weird ghfgdhsghf at least none are creepy, they’re just annoying jgfgdsh

  • Allura: She’s very friendly with people and gives them a lot of chances but it if you’re a regular and you are known to talk on and on when she needs to be doing work or help other people she’ll just nod and smile and try to shut down the conversation or try to give a signal to someone to come swoop in and help take her out of the situation 
  • Coran: Coran has a pretty high tolerance for patrons like this, but most of the time the patrons get scared of him anyways because he puts his good Customer Service Skills to the test and try to derail the conversation with questions like “So what sort of materials can I help you find today” and it freaks people out
  • Shiro: Shiro only has a short temper about one annoying patron and thats SLAV. The dude always walks around trying to pry info from Shiro about the library and Shiro has come very close to losing it while at the desk. There’s now a codeword they all have if Slav enters the building and Shiro’s on desk so he can escape for a bit in the staff room
  • Pidge: Pidge works in the back so she doesn’t deal with stalkers thank god lmao
  • Lance: Lots of teen girls try to hit on Lance during work and follow him around and he doesn’t mind really because he loves to chat with people but sometimes he gets a little worried if any of they stick around after he gets off work and try to talk to him still
  • Hunk: Hunk does a pretty good job of staying quiet and getting himself out of the situation. He is very polite but doesn’t let conversations drag on long and he is like Coran where he can derail a convo pretty quick
  • Keith: Oh boy my poor boy Keith has it the roughest. He doesn’t want to upset people, so he usually just sits through the situation and tries to be polite, but people like Zarkon always come up to the desk and try to convince him this place isn’t worth working at and should come with him for a better job opportunity and Keith nearly loses it too like Shiro does. He is a very fast walker and tries to find times to dodge out of there if it gets bad

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Being Tig's teen daughter and trying to convince him to go with you to buy prom dress would include?

You telling him that you want his opinion

You wanting to make sure that he lets you know if he thinks it looks good or not

You telling him that since he’s most likely buying it, he should have a day and help you pick one out

You telling him that it will be a fun outing for the two of you

Him telling you that he’ll only go as long as it doesn’t take too long and he isn’t there for hours

Him telling you that he has club business he has to tend to and can’t be away the whole day

You telling him you’ve already narrowed it down to a couple dresses so it won’t take as long


ASCESHSVSISBJDCSJZRNEFSKS KILL ME NOW POUR BLEACH IN MY EYES JAM PENCILS IN MY EAR IVE SEEN THIS NOW YOU HAVE TO SUFFER TOO!!! They disrespected Zion.T 😒I can’t believe they actually think they are good like honestly. That boy in the blue hoodie just knew he was on it🤔😂😂 ah no😐

Credit to owner//I saw it on Instagram. If you want me to take it down I most definitely will just please ask nicely💕

majoredinhealing replied to your post:.


// 1. New content is always harder to heal than familiar content. Comfort in dpsing down.

2. New abilities for both healer and other jobs to learn makes healing harder. Comfort in dpsing down.

3. Add points 1 and 2 together. Comfort in dpsing down.

These things are things that affect most healers, from masters to beginners (though some may replace the word comfort with ‘difficulty’ or ‘challenge’ or something to that effect)

BONUS POINT: For those who currently have anxiety about stance dancing, taking away the stance dancing part does not necessarily mean the anxiety will also be taken away. It will take time to overcome as well, most likely AFTER the main points above have been overcome.

I understand where the people who are comfortable DPSing as a healer are coming from when they say, “Stance dancing is no longer required so it should be easy for everyone now!” I’m an old pro at stance dancing. I know how much easier not having to switch in an out of Cleric stance will make things. But have some empathy for the people who haven’t been able to get the hang of it. Gently encourage them. Let them know it’s okay to take their time. Don’t shove it in their faces saying they have no reason NOT to DPS. That’s not constructive and that’s not true.

And above else, do not expect every single person to be able to pick it up, even with the cleric change. It is still very possible that certain degrees of disability could prevent people from being able to fully master both healing and DPSing on healing jobs.

HELLO ( can u tell i’m excited ? ) co-admin emily here bringing Ur Fav Drama Queen, sloan azimi. i’ll also be playing literal honey apple jordana booth but i haven’t gotten around to posting her app on the main yet & i’ll wanna do a separate intro for her anyway bc i tend to ramble bUT YES here’s some stuff about my bby sloan ? she’s new to andalusia so idk how much room there is for plotting past connections but i’m always down for planning future stuff so hmu or give this a like if you’d be into that !

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and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth
and the stars exploding
we’ll be fireproof

—troye sivan “youth” / © hoshi majoo

Combat Medic Waifu <3

A quick few hours sketch practice with reference help from Kyrie. Her girls make me fall in love, do check her out!

I want to take a break from drawing doods and I haven’t been drawing any girlies in forever. Although Im mostly a mercy main I almost never draw her much. X’D But hell yeah the new skin and hairstyle is so hellaaaaaaa prettehhhhh. Although im slightly sad I din manage to get her in game skin. D:  

P.S: Edited her a bit cux I realised I overlooked some flaws while rushing her out. :P

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So, I did some height comparison stuff with the reapers and this is what I came up with

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I know we're all dead but can we talk about how cute it was that he said thank you when she took her top off? And how intimate that moment was when he just took a second to look at her, to breathe her in, to confirm that this was really happening? Cause of death: Olicity.

Oliver was the perfect gentleman throughout that entire scene. 

Starting from the beginning, he was… everything. He was a man who was clearly still in love with this woman, but he’d also heard her last season when she said she was, for all intents and purposes, done. He was a man who was willing to get every tiny scrap of her natural sunlight, no matter what the cost for himself. Y’all are lying to yourselves if Felicity wasn’t doing exactly what Curtis suggested when the idea of her trying the salmon ladder came about. She’s all cute and flirty and doing something that shows a lot of skin, and yet, the entire time, Oliver was just so sweet. He didn’t push it, he didn’t take what are pretty obvious signs, he didn’t do anything without her explicit permission and direction. They went through two bottles of wine, my friends, they were quite a few sheets to the wind and still, he was the perfect gentleman. Even when she asked him to help her down, when he grabbed her waist, when he held her close, letting her down gently, cradling her like she’s the most important thing in his entire world (she is)…


He was just… 


… so Oliver and so respectful and I loved it so much.

But then it gets better.

Felicity finally makes the first move, she kisses him and remember the way he responded? 


(wow they kiss really well like damn well done a+)

He gives it his all because that’s all he wants to give her. He messed up so much in the past, and while the source of those issues are deeply buried and require a fucking bulldozer to unearth, it doesn’t change that it effectively ruined the best thing in his life. But now, now he has her back and it’s everything. Yes, the wine has stripped their inhibitions, but it just scratched off the surface, revealing what they’ve always, always wanted.



(This was cute af, anon, I so agree. He’s so totally getting swept up in the sensation of having her in his arms again, of kissing her, tasting her, feeling her, and it’s intoxicating. It takes over everything, leaving no room for anything but continuing to feel those wonderful things. We see that in the way he suddenly spins her, with so much intent, so much purpose - I know I’m not the only one who thought that was going somewhere else - but then he’s so painfully gentle with her. He could absolutely rip her sweater to pieces if he wanted to and he knew she probably wouldn’t complain one bit until later, but he didn’t, because remember, this is the Oliver who has been in love with this woman forever and he lost her and he’s been respecting her wishes in not pursuing a relationship and suddenly she’s here and she’s with him, but that doesn’t change where they are mentally, where he’s at mentally. (Wow, tangent.) It’s marked with that soft, adorable smile of his - that happy smile of his - and the way he says, “Thank you.” It’s really as if he’s thanking her for giving them this chance again.)

And then…


The passion is back, brimming over, all-consuming, burning them from the insides out, taking over everything, pulling them together like the magnets that they are…

But that’s not all it’s about, not quite. It’s about that, oh yes, but it’s also about connecting again, not just physically but emotionally and mentally, with their very souls. This isn’t just physical for Oliver, nor is it for Felicity, which is what he needs to double check, he needs to see, to make sure that… 

Well, that this is happening, that it’s what he thinks it is, that she’s on the same page, that she wants this, that she wants it as badly as he does, that she’s doing it for the same reasons, that… 


(the way he whispers her name, a gasp, a breathless plea… a prayer…)

He has to make sure. He has to. One, because it’s Oliver and when it comes to Felicity, there’s never been a halfway. 

Which is so very interesting considering what happened tonight - thinking about it from Oliver’s perspective, he honestly thought he was giving Felicity everything he could. He didn’t know at the time that he was only giving half of himself, only giving her the pieces he felt worthy of her, not realizing that he was hiding things from her, all under the guise of trying to protect her, in his own warped way. He has been broken, in his mind, for so long, but it’s only when he’s whole within himself that he can finally be with her, which we’re finally seeing, thank goodness.

He’s all in or he’s all out and he needs to know that Felicity is there with him.


But not a simple “Are you sure this is what you want,” no, it’s more than that.


It’s about them, and their love for each other.


And there it is. She’s right there with him, her love for him shining through, bathing him in its purity, a cleansing feeling that shines light in the darkest corners of his being (even if he doesn’t recognize it until much much much later). 

Cause of death: Olicity 

Indeed, anon. Indeed.

must’ve been born with two right feet

Nursey doesn’t usually go to these things alone. He can usually find a date - or at least a friend - to make everything a little less awkward. This is Jack and Bitty’s wedding, though, which means that all of his friends are already here. It also means that the only person he would want to bring as a date is already here, too, looking unfairly dapper in his grey suit.

He’s jumping around on the dance floor with Chowder and Farmer when the DJ announces that she’s switching over to a slow song, and he ducks out to sit down at the table.

He doesn’t mind sitting and watching the couples dancing, Chowder lifting Farmer off her feet to spin her around, Ransom with his face tucked into Holster’s neck, Jack leaning down so his forehead rests on Bitty’s, but he’s spent the whole damn day fantasizing about what might’ve been if he had the balls to just ask -

“Do you want to dance?”

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Appreciate OCs

Before I remake this blog, I got to get one thing off my chest. Appreciate and interact with original characters. Yeah, I know there are douchebag OCs who are overpowered or only want romantic ships, etc.. BUT DON’T LABEL THE MAJORITY BY THE MINORITY. Especially, if it’s a person you know who has a canon muse and is a nice mun. They aren’t going to change into a completely mean person just because they have an original character. 

As a person with quite a few original characters, lemme tell you: 

  • It takes time to get their personalities just right so they don’t come off as a mary sue/gary stu
  • If you have a female OC, good luck getting interactions because it’s 4x as hard for them [us]
  • It takes time to get a faceclaim that works just right OR if you draw your characters you will be forever in icon hell. 
  • And once you get that faceclaim. The manga/comic/anime caps can take DAYS if you are doing them by hand. Then you have to resize them, color them, put overlays on theM.
  • A LOT of times your faceclaim doesn’t have renders so you gotta do that yourself and design a flipping background for a container so you look “cool” because some reason you will be overlooked just because you don’t have it [WHICH SHOULD CHANGE!]
  • Backstory. Backstory. Backstory. It takes days of research to come up with this stuff and if you are building a world…holy guacamole. Some people draw maps, do languages, and even draw EVERYTHING. 


So. PLEASE. Respect original characters. Try interacting with them. If you’ve had a bad experience, I understand. But if it’s a person you’ve interacted with before [as in canon muses] then please try to interact with their OCs at least. Maybe expand your horizons after. Trust me there are so many fun OCs out there with the sweetest muns who deserve love and respect. 


An OC creator

SJM books ranked from least emo to most emo


okay yeah i know, rowan gets shot, and like, Chaolaena shippers probably cried a lot but Arobyn dies so over all it’s a good experience.


ALRIGHT LOOK I KNOW IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER BUT. No one important actually dies aside from Suri and Feyre is way more recovered from her trauma in this one so the first person PoV is just happier in general, and Nesta and Elain take down Hybern so really who can complain 


The emo book that started it all. Pretty emo bc it opens with the protagonist getting released from the slave mines and she is emaciated but Dorian and Chaol are Hot™ and Hetero™ so it’s all good


Pretty depressing that there are 5 books more emo than this one seeing as how in this one the protagonist goes from a shit home life to a shit boyfriend to dying in order to save the entire world. But you know, all in a day’s read??


Okay so this is where it really goes downhill. WTF Maas. Why’d you have to write Sam Cortlans’s death. I don’t think any of us really wanted it but you gave it to us anyway. But the rest of the book is like, not too emo, except it does hurt seeing Celaena systematically ruin all of her personal relationships. 


Um alright, so this one, idk….emo because Nehemia, like why why why?? I’ll be asking that question until my own death honestly. But also, the end of Chaolaena, the end of Dorealna/Doraelin, also, Aelin?? Who the f is that?? Well now we know, and Chaol’s not pleased about it, and Celaena/Aelin has to be sent away on a ship and wow, this book was just, not a happy read. (this is the only one with a starred review on Kirkus so go figure…)


Ik wtf, this should be last you’re thinking. But nah, I said emo, not painful. And without the last 100 pages, this would rank at idk, number 3 or so. But those last 100 pages. Fuck me up Maas. I’m still not capable of forming complete thoughts about it and I read it 8 months ago. It’s like she sat down and said, How can I write the MOST painful, bloody ending ever? Idk, maybe have Aelin whipped, have her refuse to count the lashes bc shes waiting for Rowan, but Rowan never comes, oh and here’s an iron coffin let’s shove her inside there too, and ps they are mates and carranam and husband and wife and also Lysandra is going to pretend to be Aelin forever because Aelin is the literal sacrifice to save the world, okay bye now thanks for reading. No, F u Maas. F u. 


Okay so this is a fan favorite but it’s also almost the MOST emo. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, this is emo because the narrator is suffering from PTSD for the whole book and also suffers through an abusive relationship and her ex bf tries to hunt her down and her new bf lies to her about being her Mate and Immortal Husband and she’s just…not pleased. Basically read this if you hate men but love bats. Not the most emo though because Mor is in this book, and also Velaris. 


Where do I even start? Aelin’s hella depressed and doesn’t really know what name she should use, she’s bitter and angry and depressed about the burden of being queen, and Rowan thinks she is a little shit. Except he is also bitter and angry and depressed, because his mate died, and they have to learn how to stop being bitter and angry and depressed together except it takes aelin burning herself out and nearly dying and then aelin almost dying for real again when fighting valg to get them to realize that. Also, Manon is in this book and she doesn’t know how to feel anything yet, so that’s pretty emo as well. Also idk, i think this might be when the wyrven dies? Not sure, but emo. Dorian and Chaol- also emo a lot. Emo because Aedion is alive?? And has no clue where Aelin has been all these years. Emo because Sorscha dies. Emo because it ends with Dorian enslaved to the Valg. just. Not a fun book. But also a fan favorite.