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*if u have the time*could you possibly make an imagine where 2d reacts to finding out his s/o has ocd? Like they keep doing rituals and trying to hide them but he notices?( Im having a bit of a rough time with it myself. N Thank u for existing love❤)

(You can always message me if you need someone to talk to, love.)

~ You’ve lived with your OCD for your whole life and you’ve gotten rather good at hiding it. You always check your phone three times to make sure it’s charging before going to sleep. You check that your front door is locked three times. Whenever you’re feeling particularly anxious, you mutter special words to yourself to calm down. You’re able to do most of this discretely but while living with 2D, it got harder.

~ He was always around you so you would make up excuses like, “Oh I just have really bad memory.” Or “I thought I heard my phone go off!” but he gets suspicious. 2D lets you perform your rituals because he knows it helps you but when you mutter things to yourself, he takes action.

~ “Wha’ was dat, love?” 2D asked without looking up. You tensed up, you didn’t know he had heard you. You coughed and said, “N-nothing! I just think I might be coming down with something.” You laughed awkwardly and turned around to see 2D staring at you. He wore a look of concern on his face. You looked away and started whispering your happy words to yourself. You felt the bed shift and 2D wrapped his arms around you. “I know ‘bout ya lil fings. Bu’ it’s oka’! I know dey help ya, bu’ ya coulda jus’ tol’ me. Deres no shame in dat.” He kissed your cheek and you sighed. “I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to worry with all the things I do.” 2D got off the bed and kneeled in front of you. He grabbed your hands and kissed them. “I’d be mor’ worried if ya didn’ tell me.”

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Can you do the RFA + V with an MC who CANNOT sleep in a house alone. Like she's paranoid about someone breaking in, watching her in her sleep, etc. So by the party she's sleep deprived and close to passing out.

Wow look at cat mom actually doing stuff!! Much productive such write!! Sorry for not being active lately due to some personal matters and overall crappy health, but I promise to try my best from now on.

Onto your request: Yikes I want to wrap this MC in a blanket and put her to sleep like omg who gives a damn about this party lol. Anyways, here you go, love! I ignored everything that happened in each party because that would’ve changed… well, your entire request, especially in certain routes. Just think of it as a neutral party? Taking Jaehee’s route as an example.

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • the moment is perfect and this baby boy is more than ready to become a Manly Man and give you that well-deserved kiss you both have been waiting for.
  • and he’s going for it, he wraps his arms around you and leans in for a kiss, but right before closing his eyes he notices how drained you look.
  • the bags under your eyes can be seen from space oh dear god.
  • of course the stupid kiss doesn’t matter anymore.
  • and he beats himself up for not noticing it before?
  • immediately starts interrogating you.
  • sweetie you’re not helping let poor MC at least process the questions.
  • instead of answering any of them, you mumble something unintelligible and hold tightly to his arms.
  • you got like two hours of sleep last night, your eyelids are heavy and your whole body feels like jelly so you’re thankful for the extra support.
  • but while your busy letting yourself go in his arms, he straight up freaks out because—are you passing out right now, MC?
  • oh god oH GOD PLEASE DON’T.
  • once he takes you somewhere quiet, gets you a chair, and makes certain you’re somewhat more stable, he squats down in front of you and holds your hand, stroking it softly as he listens to what’s been troubling you.
  • if only he would’ve known sooner…
  • “I’m so sorry you had to go through that by yourself, MC.”
  • you can see true anguish in every corner of his face.
  • after a brief discussion with the rest of RFA, he offers to take you home and promises to stay with you until you feel better.
  • and even though he doesn’t say this out loud, he would gladly, ahem, sleep right next to you if it’ll make you feel safe and sound.


  • this place is so crowded and noisy and holY SHIT you look like you’re dying, MC, what the hell happened?
  • he’s eavesdropping on you and it’s quite evident you’re trying your best to make conversation with guests but you’re so disconnected from everything, stuttering and fidgeting and spacing out.
  • so he approaches you and carefully places a hand on your shoulder to help you out a little and pull you back to earth.
  • and… you startle at his touch and screech, he screeches as well and backs up, everybody goes quiet, things get awkward, suddenly the concept of spontaneous combustion sounds nice and fitting.
  • in order to avoid making things worse, though, he smiles for the guests, suggests them to try the food and takes you somewhere less crowded.
  • it’s not really a pleasant talk because you feel so dizzy and you’re afraid he may start nagging you for not getting enough sleep.
  • yet not surprisingly enough, he gets mad at everyone but you.
  • he’s mad at seven and v for leaving you all alone in someone else’s apartment and refusing to reveal your location
  • what was the point of that anyway?
  • he’s also mad at himself for not being there for you.
  • and while he rattles on and on about RFA’s irresponsible and careless members, your legs start feeling heavy and your vision gets blurry.
  • whoops, there goes MC who is now all passed out on the floor.
  • OH SHIT.
  • nope nope nope he’s getting you out of there rIGHT NOW.
  • not a chance he’s letting you stay at the party, you need a good ol’ beauty sleep to recharge and get better.


  • she’s been in your position more times than she can count.
  • it’s pretty obvious she recognizes all the signs of a sleep deprived individual.
  • and she’s honestly the sweetest and most caring of them all?
  • like honey, you’ve done more than enough for this huge success of a party, you’re even trying to socialize and interact with guests while struggling to stand and walk.
  • everything’s been taken care of and the guys are handling the party just fine, you don’t need to worry and you’re going home right. now.
  • because having you wander around while close to passing out could do more harm than you leaving early.
  • when she mentions driving you somewhere nearby rika’s apartment so you can get some sleep, your face immediately drops.
  • oh…?
  • she’s quick to pick up your reaction and asks for an explanation.
  • after you provide her one, she deadpan nods and grabs you by the arm.
  • okay then it’s settled, she has no choice but to take you to her place.
  • when you both arrive, she puts you to bed and offers you a warm cup of tea to help you relax before heading out.
  • except she barely makes it two inches far from her bed because there’s something desperately pulling her sleeve.
  • she hesitates for a moment and urges you that you’re safe here, there are no bomb threats or possible intruders or hackers slash kidnappers waiting for the right time to take you away.
  • plus they’re expecting her at the party.
  • but… you’re persistent and you seem genuinely distressed thus she can’t just go on with her day knowing you’re feeling unsafe.
  • so she lies down next to you and lets you rest your head on her chest, and she promises to stay by your side until you wake up.
  • her heart is pounding like crazy and her cheeks are bright red, poor thing may explode at any given second but it’s okay it’s all good, it feels nice having you this close.
  • you soon fall asleep together and it’s the cutest thing.


  • as soon as he arrives, he eagerly starts looking for you.
  • an alluring being among the crowd he simply cannot wait to meet, where can they be? you can tell how anxious he is just by looking at his left cuff.
  • he’s fidgeting with it nonstop.
  • he asks about your whereabouts to every RFA member and guest he encounters without any luck.
  • until he bumps into seven and pops out the same question yet again.
  • “there,” he answers while pointing at his back.
  • five seconds later you crash into him, both of you losing balance for a moment.
  • “are you drunk, MC?”
  • though harsh and quite direct, he tries to be discreet about it.
  • and in his defense, you do look a bit drunk and disoriented.
  • this isn’t how he imagined getting to meet you.
  • still, he’s a gentleman resolved to help you avoid embarrassment and discomfort, and instead of dwelling on the reasons behind your current state right there, he escorts you outside to have a talk.
  • what? what do you mean you’ve barely slept in the past two weeks?
  • he refrains from lecturing you because 1) you look like you could faint at any minute and 2) he doesn’t want to upset someone who’s already upset enough, it’d be no help.
  • “you should’ve called, why didn’t you? I would’ve kept you company.”
  • you know it’s serious when executive director jumin han is willing to sacrifice his sleep and tight schedule just to make sure you’re having a good night’s sleep.
  • but since “it’s no use crying over spilled milk” his words and he has zero fucks to give, he suggests fleeing from the party.
  • no worries he ends up calling jaehee to let her know you’re feeling unwell.
  • after getting into his car, you fall asleep on his shoulder.
  • he stays still and watches you sleep in silence, a cute, barely noticeable smile across his face.


  • oh noes.
  • he’s seen that “do i want death or am i already dead who the hell knows at this point” look you’re pulling off.
  • where, you may be wondering? oh, that’s right, in the fucking mirror every goddamn night for the past fifteen years of his life.
  • you look like a zombie wandering around the room, you’re bumping into people and making a mess your way.
  • you haven’t even realized there’s a wine stain on your pretty clothes.
  • otherwise, he’s afraid you’ll pass out cold and the last thing you need right now is a concussion, so he comes up to you and greets you with one of his dumb jokes in order to lift your spirit.
  • it kinda works but you’re still looking… well, dead, and moody.
  • a moody zombie? yeah, that’s about it.
  • refusing to give up on you just yet, he grabs your hand and promises to stay by your side throughout the whole night so you can lean on him, literally, whenever you feel like you’re about to faint.
  • what was that? do you want to leave early instead? that’s cool too, jaehee will take care of everything don’t you worry, my brave soldier.
  • defender of justice seven zero seven’s got your back!!
  • you eventually leave the party together but you don’t go very far, instead, you lay down on a park nearby to contemplate the sky.
  • he’s telling you stories about the clouds idly passing by when he hears a sweet little snore.
  • it’s you!! you’ve fallen asleep on his chest, aw.
  • all the blood in his system gathers on his cheeks and he is now all red, you can’t tell his hair apart from his face.
  • and in order to keep you warm and well protected, he embraces you with both arms and kisses your head.
  • later on he falls asleep too because he’s just as sleep deprived as you.


  • surprise surprise! much to everyone’s expectations, lovely boy has decided to show up to the party!
  • and he’s so excited to meet you after hearing so many positive things about you and how you’ve put every ounce of energy into RFA’s party.
  • he needs to thank you properly!!
  • spotting you amidst the guests isn’t really hard as there’s a bunch of people gathered in the center of the room making commotion.
  • apparently, someone has fainted? he can hear yoosung screaming and asking people to make some room, zen is yelling something about CPR, and jaehee is rushing to the crowd while dialing what it seems to be 119.
  • what in the world…?
  • determined to do some damage control, he hurries to reach jaehee and tries to find out what the hell is going on.
  • “it appears MC has passed out and we don’t know the reason.”
  • no need to say more.
  • he kindly but firmly asks people to stay back so that you can get some air, and he also sends yoosung to get you a chair to sit on.
  • zen is in charge of bringing you a glass of water because boy needs to calm the eff down.
  • five minutes later he manages to sit you upright in a chair, away from the crowd and where you can get some fresh air.
  • six pairs of concerned eyes are piercing right through you while you try to regain consciousness, only one of them hidden behind sunglasses.
  • you may not see those eyes clearly, but they carry the most guilt out of all of them.
  • in his usual soft caring voice, he does an attempt to ask you what’s wrong, and as he gets the answer he was expecting, he frowns and strokes your hair.
  • “why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve helped you.”
  • were it not for the mess he’s sunken in thanks to rika, he would’ve gone to the apartment himself to make sure you were getting some sleep.
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i must really love you guys cause this took me forever


BABY #3 “oh, god, i love you more.”

BREAKDOWN “do me a favor, okay, baby?”

MONDAY MORNINGS “please tell Hazel she needs to wear underwear to school.”

LONG WEEKEND “maybe I’ll give you a foot massage?

LITTLE SISTER “I don’t want to break her.”

SOCCER SCARE “oh shit, that does not look good.”

SUMMER DRIVE “can you believe you didn’t like Ed Sheeran before we met?”

SUPERBOWL 2017 “you’re just cute.”

FIGHT FOR YOU “did you just put your hands on my girlfriend?”

FUTURE PLANS “I would never force you to do something you were that uncomfortable with.”

TUTOR “it’s just-I’m sorry-it’s just…you have the most beautiful eyes.”

OVER SLEEPING “have you been sleeping okay lately?”

PARALLEL PARKING “don’t worry about it, love. you’ll get it eventually.”

STUCK IN BED “it’s a good thing I brought ice cream, then.”

ROAD TRIP “just promise we’ll be together.”

TE AMO “did i say that right?”

BABY GIRL MENDES “baby girl is going to have the most beautiful name in the world.”

DANCE COMPETITION “did you really think I’d miss this?”

PHYSICS TEST “you’re not breathing, baby.”

BACKSTORY “just trust me, baby.”

COMING OUT “promise you won’t hate me?”

RED IN THE FACE “we’re gonna get so much shit for this.”

DUE DATES “just relax. I’m coming. I’ll be there soon.”

A THOUSAND PIECES “then fucking stay!”

ROSES “this bed is too big without you here.”

INJURED “you scared me a little, you know that?”

divide series

PART ONE // ERASER “my mom says I’m cynical.”

PART TWO // DIVE “baby, are you okay?”

PART THREE // PERFECT “you didn’t have to do this.”

13 reasons why series

TEASER “what do you mean she disappeared?”


“you’re seriously like a man-child”

“welcome to fatherhood.”


am selek, means beet in hebrew! used to be stray kitty when was smol kitten, then hoomann brought me home. grandma likes me, but my momma loves me the mostest! she kiss me and pet me and hold me and give me treats, calls me good, kind, gentle girl, the most beautiful girl she ever see, the love of her life. i love my mama and i sleep with her every night. if i need anything, i just go to mama and ask, and she gives me. i follow moma everywhere she goes. i am happy kitty! soft and warm like mashed potatoe!!!!

I’m currently reading Thud!

There is this talk between Vimes and Vetinari which is FULL of touching moments and ITS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL

“What would you do if I asked you an outright question, Vimes?”
“I’d tell you a downright lie, sir.”
“The I will not do so,” said Vetinari, smiling faintly.

Then they proceed to communicate through Looks which is
He gave Vetinari a look that said: If you take this any further, I will have to lie.
Vetinari returned one that said: I know.
“You yourself are not too badly injured?” the Patrician said aloud.
“Just a few scratches, sir,” said Vimes.
Vetinari gave him a look that said: Broken ribs, I’m certain of it.
Vimes returned one that said: Nothing.

And then Vetinari throws compliments at him left and right like “Sam Vimes once arrested a dragon. Sam Vimes once arrested two armies to stop a war. Sam Vimes once arrested ME. He is an arresting fellow. Sam Vimes cannot be bribed, cannot be corrupted, he keeps digging until he has the truth!”
Vimes is like ??
And Vetinari: “… that’s what the people out there are saying. This is why you need to find the murderer.”
Like, sure, Havelock.
It just becomes beautifully clear that Vetinari, in a way, ADMIRES Vimes. Definitely respects him.

Made even clearer by the next part:
“But if his death can be turned into a casus belli-” here Lord Vetinari looked at Vimes’s sleepy eyes and went on, “-that is, to a reason for war, then suddenly he is the most important dwarf in the world. When did you last get some proper sleep, Vimes?”
Vimes muttered something about ‘not long ago.’
“Go and have some more. And then find me the murderer. Quickly. Good day to you.”
Vetinari KNOWS Vimes can translate casus belli. But he sees that the man is dead on his feet and TRANSLATES IT out of CONSIDERATION
And then he is worried that he isn’t getting enough SLEEP


Every scene these two have together is BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL

(look at me, i typed practically the whole scene here lmfao
But literally all of it is SO! IMPORTANT!
I just need to have it on my blog I NEED EVERYONE TO SEE IT

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YES YOU CAN. Have some domestic!otayuri headcanons:

  • Otabek is The Worst Cook™, like Yuri literally doesn’t know how Otabek managed to live before he had Yuri around to cook for him. The last time Otabek tried to make breakfast for Yuri, the microwave exploded; he’s been banned from the kitchen since. 
  • Yuri keeps stealing Otabek’s clothes, but Otabek doesn’t really mind. He takes to buying clothes that he thinks will also look good on Yuri, and it’s a double win for him since 1) he secretly (”It’s really not a secret, Beka.”) likes it when Yuri wears his clothes, and 2) no more animal prints. 
  • Otabek really needs to learn how to say no to Yuri adopting more cats, but every time he tries to, Yuri just gives him those eyes, and Otabek melts into a puddle, and resigns himself to having to pick out a name for the new cat.
  • Otabek has to read before he sleeps, and Yuri often has trouble falling asleep, so most nights, Otabek reads Yuri to sleep. 
  • Yuri is a morning person, and Otabek would hate him for it, but it’s impossible to get upset about waking up early when Yuri wakes him up with kisses. 

Summary: Ryan sweeps into Gavin the Third’s life, turns his world upside down, and then has to pick up the pieces.

(Eleven Little Roosters fic)

a/n: Silly thing I wrote to practice their characterisations, but I’ll post it as my gift to all of you freewood people waiting for them to interact in the show LOL

c/w: brief mentions of suicide, nothing actually happens


Ryan met with Gavin the Third in a small but painfully expensive restaurant overlooking the Thames. The agent was already there when he arrived, sitting by the window with a glass of red wine in hand and three plates of tiny appetisers in front of him that Ryan was quite sure had already amounted to several hundred pounds despite seeming to barely contain more than a mouthful of actual food.

“Gavin,” he said as he approached, and the other man’s eyes flicked up to him.

It still gave Ryan a jolt, how fucking identical he looked to Ryan’s old coworker. But not just to the two Gavins who he’d met back at Rooster Teeth. To the student he’d met while investigating the wormhole that’d opened in some university science lab. To the Golden Boy who worked with gangs over in Los Santos. To that idiot running around with a Union Jack on his chest claiming to be a superhero who’d been in all the papers lately.

They were all over the fucking place, and maybe Ryan should’ve been used to that same giant nose popping up everywhere, but somehow - every time - it still made him feel an odd guilt. A flash back to his life before all this.

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Reid x Reader

Ten days he’d been in intensive care and ten days you’d been by his side.

He was breathing by himself now at least, although his injuries were still incredibly severe. The combination of pain killers he was on meant that he was doped up to the eyeballs and asleep for the majority of the time. But at least he’d woken up. It had taken five whole days but he’d woken up. That was something.

You’d been at headquarters helping Penelope when the call had come in from Emily. Spencer, your colleague and boyfriend of two years… fiance really, had been shot. It had been a routine house call looking for witnesses, but they’d stumbled upon a drug den quite accidentally. Emily had been injured as well, but she was up and had been discharged. Spencer had taken the worst of it. You didn’t even listen as they listed his injuries, all you wanted was to see him. And when they’d finally let you into his room after a four hour agonising wait whilst he underwent life saving surgery, you’d been shocked. He was unconscious, looking pale and fragile in a hospital bed, tubes and IV’s streaming from his body and a breathing tube in his throat.

You’d fallen to the floor and both Derek and Aaron had needed to drag you out of the room, you clinging to your supervisor as you sobbed.

When you finally managed to compose yourself you’d been allowed back in and had taken up residence by his bed side, not moving for the next ten days.

The nurses were kind and compassionate towards you and the team kept you well supplied with clean clothes so you didn’t have to leave. You slept on a tiny cot the nurses had found and showered in the small bathroom available for families with members in critical conditions. The team took it in turns to sit with you, trying to keep you company and bringing you Spencer’s favourite books for you to read aloud to him. He may be unconscious but numerous studies had shown that he’d still be able to hear you, Spencer himself would tell you that if he’d been awake.

After five days he’d stirred and your heart had lifted. He’d coughed and spluttered as the Doctor had removed the tube from his throat, pleased that he was able to breathe by himself. Spencer had croaked out an “I love you” and had fallen quickly asleep again.

Since then he’d been in out of consciousness, holding lucid conversations with you one moment, and slurring from the morphine the next. He hated being drugged, but he had very little choice given the state he was in.

He’d had to be rushed back into surgery once more two days ago. A piece of bullet that hadn’t been removed had shifted inside of him, causing internal bleeding and a build up of fluid in his abdomen. Since then he’d been back on oxygen. Not a tube down his throat this time, just a mask. But it was scary enough.

You hated this. This wasn’t meant to happen.


Ten days he’d been in this bed he’d been told. Ten days. Sometimes he was in pain, sometimes it was like he was floating on a white fluffy cloud.

There were times when it seemed like he was looking down at his body, looking at the beautiful girl who hadn’t left his bedside for ten days. The girl who he’d asked to marry him only two months before.

Spencer loved her so much, and her pleas for him to keep holding on were all that was keeping him here, making him fight. His body was weary though. So weary and tired. During the moments he was awake he relished the feeling of her hand on his, the touch of her soft lips on his forehead. When he was asleep he could still hear her, reading his favourite stories that he knew off by heart, her voice soothing him. She was everything to him.

Yet… He knew. Somehow, he knew.

She wouldn’t leave him though, he’d heard the team, his amazing teammates that he loved and adored, they’d all begged her to go home and get some proper rest. But she wouldn’t leave. Sometimes in the night he’d wake up and see her curled into her a ball on the cot in the corner of the room. Oh, how he longed to crawl next to her and to wrap his arms around her and never let her go.

She was dozing now, her head on the hospital bed next to his hand. His best friend Morgan was sat by his bed, keeping her company.

Derek glanced over, seeing he was awake.

“Hey buddy,” he scooted his chair closer to the bed.

“What time is it?” Spencer couldn’t see the clock on the wall. He didn’t have his glasses and his contacts had been removed days ago.

“It’s about 11pm. I came after work, hoping I could convince Y/N to go home. She’s not having it though.”

She needed to leave. Spencer needed her to leave. He was so tired, in so much pain.

But he couldn’t.

“Derek, if anything happens to me here, you’ll take care of her won’t you? You’ll keep her safe for me?”

Morgan noticed the urgency in his friends voice and reached out and patted his hand.

“Course I will Kid. But nothing’s gonna happen. The doctor’s have got you covered.”

Spence gave a weak smile, “Will you wake her up. I’m going to try to get her to go home. Will you… will you stay with her if she goes?”

“Sure thing, Reid,” Derek stood and walked around to where Y/N was sleeping, nudging her gently.

“Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Lover boy is awake. He wants to talk.”

She rubbed her eyes, raising her head from the hospital bed and immediately taking Spencer’s hand, not noticing how cold it felt.

Derek sensed that Reid wanted to be alone with her and left the room, hovering outside the door.

“Hey,” Y/N smiled her beautiful smile at him. A smile he’d take with him. Even in her sleep deprived state she was still the most amazingly beautiful creature he’d ever seen.

“Hey… Y/N, I need you to go home,” his voice was clearer than it had been before, had more power and strength behind it.

She shook her head, just like he knew she would.

“Please Baby… You’re so tired and it hurts me to see you like this. You need a good nights sleep. You need your strength to look after me. For when I come home.”

He gave her hand a squeeze, not letting the effort it took for him to do that small motion show on his face.

“I don’t wanna leave you alone. What if….?”

“Nothing’s going to happen. I feel much stronger today, I’m not in as much pain, I think I’m starting to heal. And I’m surrounded by doctors. Do you think they’d let anything happen after all the effort they’ve put in? I’m fine. In a few weeks, I’ll be home and in a few months, this will be a distant memory. I promise.”

The Bureau had taught him to lie and he hated how easily the words were slipping from his mouth.

She studied his face. His voice did sound stronger and he wasn’t slurring. She glanced at the machines by his bed. She’d learnt to read the vitals that were displayed over the ten days she’d been here, and they seemed stronger than ever. Maybe… Maybe he was right.

Spencer could see her wavering. “Please. Go home. Derek will go with you. Get a good night’s rest in our bed and have a nice hot bath. When you come back tomorrow I want to see you fully rested. Okay? Please…”

She stood from her chair, leaning over the bed and pressing her lips to his dry chapped ones.

“Are you sure?” she asked quietly.

“Yes. You need to sleep properly, I’ll be fine.”

She kissed him again, whispering “I love you” to him.

He repeated the words to her, savouring the look on her face as he said them.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, bright and early. I love you.”

“I love you too. Now go!” he feigned a chuckle, trying not to cough. His chest felt suddenly heavier, like it was drowning in fluid.

She grinned and picked up her bag, exiting the room.

The next time Spencer saw her, she was asleep in their bed. Her hair had fallen over her face and she was clutching his purple scarf that he loved so much.

Softly, I will leave you softly
For my heart would break
If you should wake and see me go
So I leave you softly, long before you miss me

He hated himself for lying to her, but he needed her to leave. If he heard her beg and plead with him again, he wouldn’t be able to stand it. And he just hurt so much, he couldn’t take the pain anymore. He just wanted it to end.

Long before your arms can beg me stay
For one more hour or one more day
After all the years, I can’t bear the tears to fall
So, softly as I leave you there

He reached his hand out, brushing her hair back and watching her chest rise and fall with each breath. She’d be okay. They’d take care of her. Derek had promised and he knew the others would make sure she was cared for.

The few years they’d had together had been the best of his life. He’d been lucky to have had those few with her. Never in a million years would he have ever expected to have shared the joy and love that he had with her. He’d take those few years, it was more than a lot of people had.

He sat and watched her, running his hand along her arm and seeing her shiver and pull it under the covers.

Softly, long before you kiss me
Long before your arms can beg me stay
For one more hour
Or one more day
After all the years, I can’t bear the tears to fall
So, softly as I leave you there

He heard the faint ringing of a phone down stairs, Morgan’s cell.

He needed to go. He moved away from the bed, to the corner of the room as he heard a loud “NO!” from downstairs, followed by the sound of footsteps charging up the stairs.

Derek flung the door open and Y/N awoke instantly, turning to look at him.

Her face crumpled immediately, she knew. Derek didn’t need to tell her. “No no no no no. Oh god no.”

Derek crawled onto the bed next to her, wrapping his arms around her and she repeated the words over and over, tears spilling free from the both of them.

Spencer watched, his still heart breaking. This was why he’d needed her to leave. He couldn’t leave with her in the room. She’d never let him.

As I leave I you there
As I leave I you there

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wHere does this discreditation for keith as leader come from anyway ? tbh space dad fanon is so gross .

I dunno, if some people out there are able to see Shiro as a fatherly figure or even a “daddy”, then that’s cool, everyone has their own interpretation. (I might be even a bit jealous haha) 

I personally see too much of Shiro’s vulnerabilities so its very hard for me to see him as any kind of parental figure when my reaction to his character is mostly “omg what the hell is he doing?? is he ok? is he eating right? is he sleeping enough? does he need a hug? a good back rub?” most of the time I just wanna wrap him in a blanket and kiss his forehead and tell him he dun have to go lead voltron if he dun wanna, and I like get super proud of him whenever he makes any kind of progress. Shiro is totally my space bby.

And even though I agree that Shiro has these strong parental feelings towards the paladins, he’s definitely more like the older brother that has to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die and has to sacrifice his youth for that… not that I think he actually has too, but more like he feels like he does. And hopefully one day he will get over it and will allow himself to be a little more carefree. (Cuz I think you can see Shiro wants to have fun and be young and also be more who he really is, but doesn’t really allows himself to (with a few exceptions ofcourse), because he can’t, cause you kno, he lived through shit, he’s not as innocent and clueless as the rest of them, he knows what they’re facing.

Tho I have to admit sometimes it’s a bit funny to me, because I watch the show with kids sometimes (I love introducing kids to voltron) and you got all these kids who are like 5-10 year old and they mostly just kinda see Shiro as one of the guys. Atleast from my experience they don’t really perceive him as a father figure or even see any kind of age gap between him and the rest of the paladins. He’s just “the leader guy” and he looks all muscular and serious cuz he’s “the leader guy” and therefore obviously has to be the strongest or something (and some of them are young enough to probably see a 20+ guy as a dad) And then I go on tumblr and there’s all these teens and twenty year olds who call Shiro dad and are convinced Shiro is like an actual father to the paladins and has like 10 year old age gap with them. But again every interpretation is valid as long as you remember not to force your own on someone elses and insist that it’s the only way to see things. Not all interpretations make sense.. but they’re all valid.

And I kinda blame the mullet for Keith’s discrediation haha, cause like he definitely acts like a leader (not a very nice one, but still a leader), but he just dun look the leader part. Like ofcourse the square jawed, hero looking, dorito build Garrison golden boy with the marines haircut is a good leader! But that guy with the dirty mullet who wears his collar up, lives in a murder shack in the dessert and sleeps with a knife under his pillow, he’s trouble! 

People are just being mullet prejudice

And Keith and Shiro always seemed kinda like a duo of leaders anyway. Like Keith is basically Shiro’s second in command. I dunno, to me atleast it always seemed that Keith is not at the same place Hunk, Lance and Pidge are. He’s a bit more where Shiro is.  even if it’s just him trying to be more where Shiro is. (they kinda have this thing of you know how like the sargent will always be a dick and his role will be discipline and the officer would be this very calm friendly angel.) Like if Lance didn’t say he and Keith were in the same class, id think Keith was closer in age to Shiro than to the other paladins just from the way he acts. I think I had this discussion before how LHK have a very highschool mentality, while Keith and Shiro have a military one. (He does get super childish and immature with Lance tho, Lance is like his weakness haha, thats like the only thing that gives him away)

So I think Keith being leader is like the natural choice, i’m not sure why it even had to be mentioned by Shiro. or why Keith is surprised by that… ofcourse the person that’s been basically acting like second in command all this time gonna take over. Who else?

Keith’s so funny with his “but why would you make me leader, Shiro?” as if he didn’t probably freaking put his everything into getting where Shiro is until now…

Like you can see him being all “good job, Lance! good to have you back on the team, Pidge!” and just giving orders and encouragements and taking control of situations left and right, and then he has the nerve to pretend he didn’t TRY and doesn’t actually aspire to be a leader. I dunno if it’s all just natural talent he never noticed he had and only Shiro can see… Or if Keith just really thinks that even tho he tries really hard he still sucks…  Probably the last one.

And I think that maybe “Keith, I want you to lead Voltron” is something he wanted to hear Shiro say someday and was working hard for it, but definitely not under these particular circumstances. Not because Shiro is dying or might die in the future, but because Shiro will see him as a capable leader and as an equal, because I think that’s where Keith has been trying to get. (although to me he’s still clearly the better choice for voltron leader) So I dunno, I think that Shiro’s request might have been a little bittersweet to him. Shiro should have left the “death” part out haha. (it should have been “Keith, im getting tired of this bullshit and occasionally need a break, and you’re an amazing leader so how about you take over for me for awhile sometime” but no he just had to be all morbid and dramatic about it..)

But yeah I blame the Mullet for people missing Leader Keith. The mullet got all of you fooled! 

Breaking the Rules (Hamliza Soulmate AU)

Eliza Schuyler had never been one for breaking rules.

She knew the way things were supposed to be. She knew how the world worked, the structures and paths that were all laid out for people to follow and she saw no sense in trying to go against all that. Of course, some people called the system restrictive. It did cause its problems. When one person’s world suddenly exploded into colour when the others stayed resolutely black and white. For two people on opposite sides of some divide or other, some imaginary line, to only find themselves staring at each other in full colour with just the brush of their wrists. When two people brushed up against each other in a train station, in a busy crowd on an apparently normal day, for one person’s world to suddenly tilt on its axis, for the black and white to jolt away only for them to turn around and find whoever had caused it just gone. Lost in the crowd. A person’s life could change at any moment, with no warning and no way out of it.

But those stories were few and far between. For most people the system worked fine. At some college party or maybe at your new workplace or maybe even the grocery store on some drizzly Saturday morning, a brush of skin and the black and white world you’d known since you first opened your eyes would slide away and that was it. Your soulmate. And your new life along with them. You introduced yourselves and made arrangements, simple as that. There was no awkward fumbling or uncertainty in most cases, just the knowledge that you and this person were meant to be together, in whatever capacity they saw fit. Love and marriage, in the majority. Unshakable friendship in others or a brotherhood stronger than anything, just a deep rooted, bone level bond between two people. It was security and safety and it couldn’t be denied, not with the evidence right there in front of you. Everyone knew that as soon as you made contact with your soulmate, then the black and white world became full of colour. Couples who had been together for years spoke fondly of the wonder that was colour, of being able to apply the simple concept of the word green to the leaves on the trees, of blue to the roiling sea, of red to the sky on a particularly beautiful evening. Of having abstract words become a gorgeous reality, all thanks to the one person who understood you and loved you in a way no one else could, thanks to finding your soulmate. From that very first touch.

Because those were the rules. First touch, a world of colour. Soulmates. Such a simple formula.

Eliza was more surprised than anyone to find that she was the one person who had broken the rules.

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Glad I Could Help // Moon Taeil


the prompt: can i request NCT Taeil scenario? the plot is what if his girlfriend is stealing a kiss from a sleeping Taeil, after she kiss him he wake up and tease her hehehe thank you hope my plot doesnt confuse you~♡

words: 568

category: fluff + blurb

author note: this is short but i like it short? idk like i feel like it isn’t meant to be rlly long it’s just meant to be short and sweet. if that makes sense. anyway, please enjoy.

- destinee

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anonymous asked:

May I request GOT7 Mtl to play with their gfs hair/stroke it when she is tired/sleepy? Thanks 💖

This request is so cute I’m dying











Youngjae was made to live on this earth to bring happiness to others. I could totally imagine Youngjae doing this to his s/o. omg my heart. If his s/o had a stressful day or as exhausted from a long day I could see him lying in bed with his s/o and coco. He’s stroke her hair as she holding coco and drift off to sleep with nice thoughts about her amazing boyfriend. Youngjae is also very playful so if his s/o was watching movie or reading he’d come next to her and play with her hair just to mess with her.

Jinyoung isn’t called prince Jinyoung for nothing. He’s a complete sweetheart and your classic boyfriend material. When it comes to his s/o he likes to be loving towards her. He’d stroke her hair when she needs comfort or in need of a good sleep. I’d see him doing these things out of love.

Jackson is the most caring human being alive and super goofy. I mostly see him just randomly playing with her when she least expects it. Like if they were cuddling on the couch he’d put his arm around her just to play with her hair for no particular reason and his s/o would fall asleep.

Mark has mentioned how he loves long hair on a girl so I can see him playing with his s/o long hair. They’d be watching a movie together and he’d just run his hand through her hair or just take pieces of her to play with for no reason. Mark is a really sweet boyfriend when playing with his s/o hair. He’d be cuddling her close a stroke her hair while they talk. This would be his favorite moments.

JB is a softy. Don’t let his chic exterior fool you. He’d be the sweetest most chill boyfriend ever. He’d be so relaxed with her and the atmosphere would be so chill that it would just happen naturally. If his s/o was sleepy or tired, he would naturally stoke her hair till she felt relaxed and feel asleep.

Yugyeom is a soft shy cutie. Being the youngest I don’t he’s been in a relationship yet. But I can see him being a cute loving boyfriend. Whenever he and his s/o hang out he’d play with her hair. He would do it when picking on her or privately at home when chilling. If his s/o was tired, he wouldn’t pick on her but just hold her close and play with her hair.

Bambam is a sweet boy but he’s also a little shit. Between him and Yugyeom, they live for picking on their hyungs. I feel like if Bambam was in a relationship he’d be playful about touching his s/o hair. He’d go up behind her and ruffle her hair just to piss her off. When his s/o is tired or sleepy he’d be sweet about playing with her hair but tempted to mess with her.


Thank you for the request sorry it’s late. This killed my heart. Please request more~~~~

Where Did You Sleep Last Night by @aknightfornawt

“Why don’t you ask Jon? For your new band. I hear he’s done with the Wildlings… You two would be good together.”

He says it like he’s matchmaking, like what he has in mind is a goddamn wedding. Her and Jon Snow. Sansa shakes her head.

(Or: Sansa needs a new guitarist, Jon needs a new band, and the two of them definitely don’t need each other.)

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Odd OTP questions with McKirk

Originally posted by steveetrevor

Who takes the trash out?

Whoever happens to pass by the trashcan when it’s full. Most of the time, it ends up being Jim, for whatever reason - he suspects that Len is guilty of squashing everything down with his foot in order to buy a couple of inches, but this has never been proven. 

Who is happier when they are out in nature?

Len, absolutely. Len’s a country boy through and through. 

Do either of them avidly follow a celebrity and/or fandom?

Jim’s a total fanboy. Jim loves to read. He loves theater. He loves poetry, history, the arts, philosophy. Jim fanboys over everything. 

Len’ll never openly admit it, but as a kid, he was obsessed with the old-earth classic Indiana Jones. 

Who plans the romantic date?

For the most part, Jim. Early in the relationship, it was Jim who pursued Len, and it’s Jim who constantly manages to pull off last minute swanky dining arrangements at 5-star alien restaurants. Len has the very best intentions, but he’s got awful luck with planning - every time he tries, something goes horribly wrong. This is a continuing source of frustration for him, and a continuing source of amusement for Jim. 

Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare?

Len has horrible nightmares. He’s suffered from insomnia ever since he was a kid, and the older he gets, the worse it is. He’ll sometimes wake in a panic, throat hoarse and tears in his eyes, and Jim has to hold him, pressing his body into Len’s and soothing back his hair and reminding him where he is. 

Who can’t sleep without the other?

They both suck at sleeping alone. Len openly admits that he needs Jim or he doesn’t get a lick of sleep. Jim, on the other hand, is a little less likely to admit it, but he’s equally affected. It’s a slow, creeping sort of unease, for Jim. Like something’s just not right, and Jim finds that he can’t stay in their cabin while Bones is away.

Who makes the first move to cuddle? 

This depends on the situation. Most of the time, Jim. Jim’s a little more physically needy than Len is, but Len loves a good cuddle, too, and he’s excellent at it. After a botched away mission, though, Len’s the one who needs physical reassurance that Jim’s still breathing.

Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters?

Jim filches Len’s sweaters all the time. Len bitches, but he doesn’t mind a bit. 

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Did you read any good Han/Leia foca this weekend? (Is it okay if I ask off anonymous? ^^)

Pffff, it’s more than okay, trust me, I’m already excited I got at least something! So I didn’t have a chance to read this Easter holiday bc i was in a do uni work/sleep/eat/repeat mood, but I have some all time fav fanfiction I feel like sharing. (None of them are new fics, but still, they are the sort of comfort reading? When I need some good hanleia to put me in a mood, basically?)

  • Identity, by @madame-alexandra​ (the concept, the portrayal of Leia, just everything! — and I haven’t even had the opportunity to finish reading it)
  • New Hope, Indiana, by @cicatrick​ (one of my most recent readings *coughs* by recent I mean probs by february bc college is been killing me but *coughs* and I don’t think I’ve ever been so consumed by a fanfic since a long, long time ago. Honestly the best AU I’ve had the chance to read and one of my favorite stories ever. A must read to any hanleia fan)
  • Shifting Impressions, by ShouldIGetOutandPush (i loooooooooove these ficlets. i love them very much. The scene where the other alderaanian insults her makes me want to punch everyone)
  • twin size mattress, by prequels (also another AU I swear by, it’s based on @wookiees sw modern au, and jfc, I wish there was more to read)
  • Forty Days to Bespin, by Leela Starsky (I’m not very keen on smut but hell yes sign me up for han and leia doing the do on their way to bespin)

Also anything that @theprincessleia has on her fic rec tag is worth your time and if it wasn’t for Ju’s rec, this list wouldn’t be available in any way so!!!!!! 

England Romance Headcannons

·His s/o has been turned into various animals due to his black magic.

·Super prude in public, like he will hold hands and maybe even a peck on the cheek. No further than that


·His house is very dark, and dust covers a lot of stuff because this boy doesn’t really care about cleaning. Arthur just needs someone to come in and change up his life. Make him want to open the curtains and let the light in. (You get what I’m saying????)

·All the nations come by because all of them have some sort of relationship with the grump. It might not be good, but most of them value it as respect your elders. Except China. He expects to be treated like royalty for he’s older and England has done a ton of shit over there. They probably would all admire his s/o for being able to put up with him.

·Loves reading his s/o to sleep. Especially the classics.

·Would enjoy someone who can play football (or soccer as us Americans call it).

·His s/o should totally run their hands through his hair. He loves it.

·Cooking isn’t that bad. Its just bland and boring.

·Probably knits his s/o scarfs so they don’t get cold.

·^He’s a fucking granny

·Sweet forehead kisses

·Arthur is flustered all the time, but boy when he gets his confidence his s/o is in for a hell of a ride

·Great to talk to when sad.

·But he also needs someone to talk to.

just a couple fluffy Bakugou-centric things for @saisai-chan

Bakugou tries to go out for early morning training runs, Dadzawa does not approve of mister-kidnapping-magnet being out alone. Cue Aizawa (in his sleeping bag) making Bakugou tow him around. The extra weight is good for strength and endurance, Aizawa is there if needed, and frankly Aizawa sleeps most of the time anyway. (Bakugou would like to know how their stringbean hobo teacher is so fucking heavy)

Kirishima is the designated Bakugou waker-upper if they need to get up really early because his hardening Quirk protects him from door explosions. The door exploding never happens more than once though, because Bakugou felt bad after the first time since Kirishima was just standing there covered in soot and grinning. “Hey bro! Guess you’re awake?”

A couple of the guys moan about there being no Christmas cookies. Bakugou makes a bunch in the night (because he couldn’t sleep, that’s all!) and the other guys think maybe one of the girls did. When they find out it was Bakugou, Mineta is horrified but the rest of the guys are delighted. Kiri tears up over Bakugou’s Christmas spirit, Satou compliments the quality of the cookies.

The Animal Within Chapter 4

Wolverine held his mate tight in his arms as he listened to her slow breathing. Her heat had passed and she was now completely exhausted. She had been sleeping for a good while before he had woken her so she would eat the small tray of food that had been slid into the room. After she had eaten some of the food he had not been surprised when she went back to sleep. Being matted to someone was a whole new experience, he felt the constant need to care for her to nurture her. He wondered if she felt the strong connection as well. Looking her over he could tell she was young, knowing Stryker she most likely wasn’t even legal yet. Just thinking about the man made his blood boil. He knew it wouldn’t be long and the man would be coming to collect him. Stroking the side of her hip he closed his eyes, he had to find a way to get them out of here. 

Hearing the door open wolverine’s eyes popped open and he growled, waking up his female in the process. Turing around he saw Stryker standing there with at least ten guards. Hearing the omega whimper he looked back at her. “It’s okay. Mate stay.” he said licking lightly at the claiming mark on her neck. Standing he slowly made his way over to the men, coming before them he stopped and held in his growl when they placed the collar around his neck and then wrists, making sure he couldn’t use his claws against them. Meeting Stryker’s face he saw him give a smile before nodding to the other men. When they advanced towards his female Wolverine snarled and went to attack them only to be pinned to the ground. “No! NO!” Y/n screamed as they grabbed her. Seeing small fangs elongate in her mouth and her nails turn into sharp claws. Wolverine thrashed under them at seeing his mate like that, when she was pinned to the ground beside him he looked into her bright yellow eyes to see tears welling up in them. When she tried to get away one of the men hit her over the back of the head making her pass out. Hearing a lock he watched as she was lifted up and thrown over one of the men’s shoulder. They had bound her ankles and hands behind her making it impossible for her to escape even if she was conscious.

Snarling he glared at Stryker, “We Had a Deal!” he growled making the man cock his head to the side and nod to the others to take her away. Getting pulled his feet he pulled with all his might to get to his mate. “Now Logan we can’t have her getting pregnant… at least not until we know how to control you. After the experiment is a success on you then I will allow you to breed her.” He said his voice making Wolverine shake with anger. “So what you can make my cubs into weapons as well?!” he roared and saw as the man gave a chuckle. Walking closer to him Stryker got face to face with the animal, “Exactly.” he smiled before walking away with the solders dragging the wolverine behind them.

Waking up Wolverine found himself in water. Pulling on his arms and legs he found them to be held in place by thick straps. A mask was over his mouth and nose giving him air while other wires were hooked to him. Looking around he knew he had to be in a tank of sorts as he saw all the other people walking around on the other side of the glass. Seeing a man walk up to the glass he growled and pulled on the restraints. Smiling the man held up a screen of sorts. Looking at the screen he saw a woman. She was strapped to a table with cords hooked up to her. The wolverine knotted his brows at the woman, he felt as if he knew her. When his head began to ache he tensed and trashed in the water. Suddenly it came back to him, that woman was his mate. They had taken her. Stryker. Growling he pulled on the scraps. 

Outside of the tank Stryker smiled at the mutant inside the tank. Looking at the tablet he saw as the woman screamed. “How is experiment going on the female?” he asked the group of scientist and saw as they shook their heads.“We have yet to figure out what connects the two sir. Whenever she is induced to pain he seems to react.” “Hmmm. we may be able to use that to our advantage. Bring her here.” he said and saw as two solders went to go collect the woman. Looking back at the Wolverine he smiled. When he heard the small whimpers of the woman behind him he glanced back at her before flipping the switch, turning on the Wolverine’s speaker so he could hear them. 

As soon as the cries of his female hit him Wolverine again began to thrash. “Alright Wolverine. Now you are going to clam down for us.” Stryker said in a cocky tone but only managed to make the animal angrier. Lifting his chin Stryker sighed, looking to one of the men he nodded his head and heard a loud smack as she was struck across the face. Growling Wolverine glared at the man, “Now tell me what your purpose is.” Stryker said, When the wolverine said nothing Stryker again shook his head, Time to go to more drastic measures.“ he said to himself before walking over to the solder by the woman and whispering something in his ear. 

Wolverine watched carefully as Stryker said something to the solder making him give a smile. Seeing Stryker face him once again he kept his eyes on his omega. Seeing the man move closer to y/n and place his hands on her shoulders he clinched his fists. When the man’s hands moved down to grope at her breasts under the hospital gown she let out a sob. Pulling at the binding he met her fear filled eyes as the man’s hands moved lower on her body. When the man cupped her sex she cried out in fear and Wolverine lost it. Unsheathing his claws he gave a loud roar and ripped his hands out of the straps, tearing the skin from his hands. He didn’t register the pain as he slashed at the glass tank, breaking the thick glass. Falling from the tank he ripped the mask from his face and snarled up at the people in the room. Stryker looked in shock as the Wolverine was released. "Shoot Him!” he yelled. Seeing the man grab y/n Wolverine pounced, cutting the man down. Lifting y/n into his arms he felt her wrap her bound hands around his neck. Seeing the solders go to shoot he turned around and ran down the hall. Feeling some of the bullets hit his back he groaned but kept running. Making random Turns he tried to find a way out of the place. Going through a door he held up his hand to shield his eyes from the bright light of the sun. Looking around he saw they were in a very cold place and snow covered the ground. “Alpha there coming.” She cried into his neck. Breathing hard he began to panic. Looking out he saw a cliff with water at the bottom. Hearing the sound of running behind him he held onto her tight and ran towards the cliff. “NOOO!” he heard Stryker yell as he jumped over the side of the cliff. 

thatloserkian  asked:

For the ship thing: ~solangelo~

who hogs the duvet: Nico have you met the boy

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Oh a normal day it would be like Nico checks in once and Will checks in twice but if Nico even has like the slightest cold Will texts him on the hour to make sure he’s not dead lmao

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Nico will spend so much time trying to come up with a meaningful and creative gift and just can’t do it and ends up feeling bad while Will just always has the best ideas or knows exactly what he needs lol

who gets up first in the morning: Will gets up at fucking dawn whether he wants to or not. This ends up being a good thing because if left alone Nico could probably sleep three days straight lmao

who suggests new things in bed: they are fetuses

who cries at movies: Will tears up but doesn’t full out cry. Nico acts like it doesn’t effect him but he’s crying inside every time he hears ‘I’ll never let go, Jack’ 😂

who gives unprompted massages: Will tried that once. He was not expecting to startle Nico so badly. Demigod reflexes. Elbow to the face. Never again.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Obviously Will lmao that’s all we’ve seen him do so far in the books 😂. On the flip side though, I feel like Will would be SUPER dramatic whenever he’s not feeling well and would start diagnosing himself with the most ridiculous deathly diseases while Nico just rolls his eyes at him like ‘You have allergies and a paper cut calm down” 😂

who gets jealous easiest: They both do but Nico is way more obvious about it whereas Will’s the kind of ‘smile and talk to you in a friendly tone while holding intense eye contact and aggressively chopping vegetables with a butcher knife’ guy lmao

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Will Solace listens to country music and Nico almost dumped him when he found out.

who collects something unusual: Will has like 30 rubber band balls for no reason whatsoever. Nico has an entire drawer filled with random bones that poke out of the ground at him and he just decided to keep. Nico is certain that Will’s collection is much weirder. He also refuses to admit that he still collects mythomagic cards even though he has like 5 different special cases for them and everything shoved into his closet lmao.

who takes the longest to get ready: They’re both pretty fast I mean Nico only owns like 3 outfits and the only thing that takes Will time is double checking he’s got everything in his travel first aid kit

who is the most tidy and organized: Will’s more organized but Nico is surprisingly the cleaner of the two

who gets most excited about the holidays: WILL. Nico is more excited to see him dork out than he is about the holiday itself

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Has anyone ever been more of a little spoon that Nico di Angleo

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: They’re both competitive to disturbing and unpredicted degrees so usually they just team up together to avoid drama/destroy their friends

who starts the most arguments: They don’t argue much but if it happens it’s probably Nico’s fault lmao

who suggests that they buy a pet: One day Nico just came home with a stray cat he found and before Will could even ask he just said “this is mine now”

what couple traditions they have: Every last Friday of a month, date night is replaced by ‘trying to kill each other in Mario kart’ night.

what tv shows they watch together: CUTTHROAT KITCHEN AND KIDS BAKING CHAMPIONSHIP. Nico also likes to put on medical dramas so he can laugh when Will gets annoyed and starts yelling about inaccuracies

what other couple they hang out with: Percy and Annabeth are the most, like, low maintenance couple to chill with so they usually go for them. Like if they hang out with Jasper, Jason will just want to know EVERYTHING while Piper tries and fails to subvert the conversation off them. Frazel, the entire evening will be spent with Frank deathly afraid of somehow invoking Nico’s wrath while Hazel gets progressively more annoyed. Caleo wouldn’t  work bc neither of them were ever actually friends with Leo and those two just want to spend 80% of their time going on adventures. Meanwhile, you go hang with Percabeth and they’re like “what if we ordered four pizzas, marathon reruns of Castle, and blatantly ignore any urgent iris messages until the gods take the hint” and that’s like a PERFECT double date for Nico and Will lmao

how they spend time together as a couple: Sarcastic banter, going to Panera Bread at least once a week, and cuddling while watching Harry Potter movies

who made the first move: I’m positive it was Will I don’t think Nico would’ve quite had the nerve to do it

who brings flowers home: Will. Nico tried to bring some home once and the entire bouquet died in his hands so he called it quits lmao

who is the best cook: After three years of Will burning dinner every single night, Nico decided to make Will an authentic Italian meal for their anniversary and Will almost got mad like what the fuck do you mean you could cook this entire time???? He refused to go into the kitchen for like a month after that lmao