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do you think raven had already planned to ditch taiyang and was just waiting for yang to be born, or do you think she just got disillusioned with motherhood and decided to ditch her husband and baby sometime after yang was born?

I don’t think any of it was planned. I think something happened that drove her away. Some moment in Raven’s life where she realized she couldn’t be a part of that world anymore but she knew well enough to know that Yang would be better off in it. Raven is one of the most interesting characters in the series because she’s such a unique one. The choices she’s made, the seemingly lack of remorse she has - yet there’s still something undeniably “mom” about her. 

Raven: I was there for her in her darkest time.

Qrow: You were a bird on a branch outside her window! She didn’t even know it was you!

Raven: I was there!

Qrow: You pooped on the side of Tai’s house!


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Hi ama. i'd like to say you're the most interesting and wonderful void creature I could ever hope to come across. you do such a good job at existing. I see you in the night blooming jasmine, in candle smoke, and in the cracks in my mirrors. i hope you have many good days. you are loved.

o̷͖̦̯̼̖͈̥̼̲̪̣̟̜̘̩͈̯̜̓̍̐̑̋ͥ̑ͩͯ̈̏̎̍ͭ͑ͨ̚͡͞͝h my,,,, yo̧͙͉̼͔͇͚̙̥̱̺̯͐̓́ͧͪ̀̍̃̈̎͂̇ͯ͆͢͢ur words are sȏ̷̡̧̗̙̰̩̤̮͓͕̗̖̩̤̜͉̓̽ͯͩ̈́̇͋̓͗̍ͦ̑͡ sͥ̆ͤ͊̃͑̽̔͐ͧ̐ͧͣ̑͑͛͜͞҉̯͎̪͈̜̤̫̺͠w̷̘̻̟̘͙̳̦ͧ̋̿ͬ̌ͭ̒ͫ̉̐ͧ̋̐̕͝ë̵͎̥͇̙̘̣̬̮̠͓̞̩̹̥͇̝̳́̀ͩ̾̏ͯ̑ͩ̑̇̾͝e̯̠͉̬̪̰̼̬̫̱̦̬͓͕͋̅ͥ̄̆̃̎̀͝t͖͖̜͔͖͈̺̜̥̰̻̬̗̘̿ͫ̏͗̀̎͂͌̈́̄͑͟


A few neighbors decided to visit and Penny was the most interested in the salad…

Penny: Is that salad for us?
Liz: Nooo! Johan made it and he’s a very bad cook. He can’t even make salad!
Penny: No one can possibly ruin a simple salad.
Penny: Why does it…metallic?  (⊙_⊙)

Johan whispers: Don’t say a word  ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)
Liz: Heh heh heh...

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you are, my dear, without a doubt, the most beautiful, wonderful, interesting, funny, and perfect girls i have ever laid eyes upon or spoken to. i just hope you're having the kind of awesome day you deserve <3

Uhm… that’s gay.

I’m having a pretty rad day though. Rain and chill notwithstanding. ❤💕❤💕



     penny     is     one   of   the   most   dynamically   interesting   characters   of  the   entire   series.   although   she   is   introduced   far   later   in  the   series         (         in   lies   ,   if   i  am   correct          )         than   many   of   the   recurring   characters   ,   her   development   adds   to   the   overall   plot   in   an   unexpected   way.   her   deranged   descent   into   madness   leaves   the   audience   chilled   in   a   way   that   none   of   the   previous   antagonists   have.   her   contribution   to   the   series   is   the   impact   she   has   on   other   characters   ,   rather   than   her   own   development   throughout. 


     she     is     a   three   bar   ,   with   the   ability   to   create   extremely   realistic   hallucinations.   because   of   her   unfortunate   personal   issues   ,   she   is   an   antagonist   ,   leaving   people   blinded       &      clawing   into   their   own   skin.   to   say   she   is   powerful   is   an   understatement   ,   though   i   would   have   liked   to   see   a   penny   who   was   unscathed   as   a   potential   hero   figure   ,   even  a   redemption   arc.   but   she   served   her   purpose   in   the   books.   not   only   that   ,   but   penny   is   one   of   the   few   late   developers   of   a   power.    she   proves   that   with   consistent   practice   ,   ones   abilities   expand.


     penny     has     one   of   the   more   upsetting   backstories.   unlike   other   villains   ,   such   as   drake      &     caine   ,   her   past   contributed   to   her   misdeeds.   understandably   ,   her   pedophilic   father   was   the   cause   of   her   miseries.   she   did   not   receive   any   attention   ,   which   led   to   her   attempt   to   bleach   her   sisters   throat.   that   ,   in   itself   ,   is   a   pitiful   cry   for   attention   that   was   met   with   nothing   but   bitterness.   penny   has   the   most   potential   of   any   antagonist   in   the   series   for   a   redemption   arc   ,   but   the   damage   had   been   done   before   anyone   could   love   her.   too   sinister   ,   too   far   gone. 


CAINE.     penny   has   a   crush   on   caine.   although   yes   ,   he   is   portrayed   as   physically   appealing   ,   there   is   no   other   redeeming   qualities   about   him.   her   feelings   are    probably    nothing   more   than   a   little   crush   ,   but   it   devolves   into   the   realm   of   obsession   throughout   plague   most   notably.   the   most   important   dynamic   of   their   relations   is   that   in   fear   ,   she   leaves   him   vulnerable.   this   is   the   first   time   in   five   books   that   caine   is   seen   as    physically       &      mentally   destroyed.   her   parading   of   him   through   perdido   beach   leaves   an   extremely   strong   impact   on   readers. 

DIANA.     because   of   penny’s   crush   on   caine   ,   she   comes   to   despise   diana.   this   is   strange   , as   diana   is   the   only   person   to   ever   show   her   kindness.   throughout   plague   ,   diana   singlehandedly   takes   care   of   penny       &       is   met   with   only   resistance.   this   contributes   more   to  diana’s   character   development   as   a   nurturing   person. 

DRAKE.      penny   briefly   meets   with   drake   before   her   demise.   she   asks   him   if   he   thinks   she   is   cute.   this   shows   how   starved   for   attention   she   is    -   asking   a   known   sadist   if   he   thinks   she   is   cute.   nothing   is   more   pitiful   than   this   moment   of   vulnerability   ,   this   fleeting   last   attempt.      &     the   most   surprising   factor       ?      it   works.   drake   says   she   is   cute.   i’m   not   quite   sure   what   to   make   of   them   ,  a   strange   murderous   pair   ,   to   say   the  least.


❛        i   am   fear       !         ❜
❛        fuck   you.         ❜
❛        you’re   getting    soft.        ❜

Just a random confession about myself

When I first was introduced to Bigbang back in 2011 Im not gonna lie but I found GD the most interesting. Especially after watching his ‘Heartbreaker’ MV 😂 My friend had emailed a list of links to Bigbang vids and also the solo projects for each member. GD was first on the list so I guess maybe that was why??? Then I watched T.O.P’s 'Turn It Up’ and I was pretty meh about it the first time around (it eventually grew on me). She didn’t send anything for Daesung, Taeyang’s was 'Wedding Dress", and for Seungri she sent 'VVIP’ MV because she thought I would like the concept (at the time I was really into J-Pop and stuff. Even then I ended up not liking VVIP. OTL). Based on that email I became very GD & TOP biased. Then 2012 rolled around and I became greatly interested in TOP mainly because I related a lot to his personality and his deep booming voice, mayn. I also took the time to research a bit more about Bigbang as a group (at this time their solo works didn’t particularly catch my interest) because their music really got to me.

It was then when I attended Bigbang Alive concert in LA that I realized I was wrong all along. The moment Seungri graced us all with his presence and his fun and friendly personality and his incredible talent I fell in love. I left the venue head over heels in love with Seungri. I sat at home for weeks feeling beyond upset that I had never given the boy a chance based on my impression of one video. I didn’t take the time to research more on his solo projects back then. I never knew 'Strong Baby’ or 'What Can I Do’ and all his other songs of his freaking album existed until that concert! I felt like a blinded dumbass.

Although each of the members have their talents and their own charms, it didn’t compare to how I felt about Seungri. After reading more about his life, his struggles, his will to learn and to live life to the full extent, I felt admiration. I don’t care what people say, he has his flaws but he has a lot of strengths that make me wish I were more like him. Seungri is the kind of person I wish to be, the kind that puts themselves before others and that regardless of his insecurities he still has a smile on his face ready to take the world head on. The kind of person that goes beyond the limit to learn and see how much more they can do.

Long story short, Seungri is my lord and savior who’s word has saved me from eternal damnation. Amen.

Ok no, but really. I feel so dumb because I was very shallow before. My mind was set on GD & TOP but their style doesn’t fit me in the least. Their music is great, they are great. But Seungri is far greater in my heart ❤️ I love his catchy beats and his sweet voice. It makes me upset when he hardly gets lines in songs. I think that was another reason why I slept on the boy before. I realized that Seungri wasn’t able to show his full capabilities. That is why I am super excited for his new album :O I want to hear my boy sing SIIIIING!!!

If Seungri ever sees this I want him to know that my biggest regret in life will forever be the fact that I thought I was a TOP stan, when in reality Seungri should have always been #1 😭👻 I will repent for my sins.

Anyways that is all I have to say :’D I don’t even know why I am doing it. 😂😂😂

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But dahmer is incredibly boring

How is he boring? He’s a very unique serial killer and very open about a lot. You’re entitled to your opinion but idk he’s most interesting to me

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I don't think you'd want to use this, but about the whole 16 in last year thing in the U.S. - I'm in that boat and the reasoning is switching school systems between countries? So someone could if the moved / did a exchange year, which can sometimes be at younger ages in specific programs

Actually! One of my bffs is like that, so it was on my radar as a possible explanation. I just wasn’t in the mood to get into the bureaucratic details at that point, especially since I figured no one else cared. But here you are, hi! :’) Anyway, this actually might be the most interesting explanation. Also it picks up a loose plot thread that I accidentally dropped like, a damn year ago lmao. While I never intended the main Fett bros to be total “military brats,” I did envision them as having moved a few times due to their father’s military career. But I never elaborated much on that because I preferred to let their history come together a bit more organically. By now though, I’m getting comfortable with the events that have glued themselves onto the timeline, and the gaps that have been created between them. At this point, the earliest thing I have regarding the family’s location is the idea of Fives and Echo going to school and summer camp with their Tipoca City based cousins, starting when they’re all in elementary school. So it’s entirely possible that the main family lived in other places before that, including abroad.

Another reason I like this explanation is that it doesn’t bump Jesse ahead of his brothers academically purely on merit. They all do exceptionally well in school (due in part to their parents’ high and strict expectations), so it would be odd to me that one was considered qualified to skip a grade but not the others. Especially not Jesse, no offense to him. Like, he certainly earns his high GPA, but relative to his bros his modes of intelligence in this AU lie more with common sense and working with your hands. So I prefer the thought that he’s a bit out of step just due to other circumstances. [Aside: If I did feel like having a bro skip a grade on merit, I’d pick Kix. But he’s already on the young side for his grade (July bby) and has enough academia-induced emotional damage as it is  so I should probably leave the poor boy alone.]

I’m starting to feel like I’ve fallen into a trend that I’ve seen so many guys mid to late 20′s fall into. Although there is no shortage in potentials for satisfying a quick urge, there is clearly a lack of potentials for partners. But the most interesting thing may be the lack of need or want for an interaction with anyone at all.

I’m not particularly attracted to anyone nor seeking someone to call my own. I don’t think that is a result of years of hoe-ism or failed attempts at dating. It could be perhaps that in this age bracket, anyone too young is, well, too young to settle. And, anyone that is too old, is too desperate to make a rushed commitment for. 

Or maybe it’s just me with my desire to settle.. but the fear of failure that holds that thought back. 

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Are Dan and Phil your favorite youtubers? (I know sometimes people slowly lose interest in things and I was just wondering if they are the top on your list)

Dan and Phil are my only youtubers! That probably sounds insane hahaha, but the only real reason I watch youtube at all is for Dan and Phil. They’re literally the light of my life sometimes. I have days where I kind of lull or slowly lose interest in them, but I don’t actually think that’s because I don’t love them. I lose interest in most things these days haha. 

But yeah, I have no interest in being a huge fan of other youtubers. I do watch other youtubers from time to time, but Dan and Phil are like, my one and only, and the top of my list :)

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You'll get a wand based on some aspects of your personality (Think about how flexible a person you are regarding ideas, how big of a personality you have, and what type of magic you'd be most interested in.), a pet (of your own choosing), and a house (If you value bravery most, Gryffindor. If you value intelligence most, Ravenclaw. If you value ambition most, Slytherin. If you value loyalty most, Hufflepuff). That's... kind of it in a nutshell. You know yourself better than we do probably so...

if you know where to look I post every time I take a dump so some of you probably know me pretty well at this point


D&RGW F3 5531 by Chuck Zeiler
Via Flickr:
D&RGW F-3 5531 at Denver, Colorado on August 26, 1965, Kodachrome by Chuck Zeiler. Built in November 1946 as D&RGW F3 553A ( c/n 3546 ) on EMD Order E692, it was renumbered to 5531 during 1950. The appearance of this F3 may be confusing, and on page 56 of Joseph A Strapac’s book, “Rio Grande Diesels, A Pictorial History - Vol. 1”, he explains: The most interesting of the F3’s was this rebuild. Number 5531 was wrecked at Dos, Colorado, on November 20, 1953, and was sent back to EMD for a totally new carbody featuring the then-current rounded door corners, F9 side panels, and Farr-air grills. Considered a F9m by EMD, it carried all the latest electrical gear, but was still rated at 1500 horsepower. The F3, F7, and F9 roof fan modules were interchangeable. I believe this is Train # 7, The Prospector, scheduled to depart Denver at 6:25 PM, arriving at Salt Lake City at 8:40 AM. Included in the consist is a cafe-lounge car, standard sleepers, and chair cars.

Okay but did anyone else notice

that Victor had his eyes on Yuuri

even before

he got drunk and went off the rails?

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂